9-1-1 (2018) s05e15 Episode Script


1 Hey, everyone, it's your girl Selene.
As you guys can see, I am back in La-La Land.
I actually just flew in on the PJ today, because I just got the keys to my brand-new house! Ah, it's so amazing.
Look at it.
It's like a Barbie dreamhouse, which is literally what I told my realtor.
How do they do their job like that, you know? Without further ado, let's go inside.
Ah, you guys.
Okay, wait.
I see another question.
"Why were you on a Cessna today? I thought you had a G5?" You guys, I take the big plane when I'm going to, like, Europe.
Today I was flying domestic, so I took the little plane to be more environmental.
Okay, plane police? And this is the kitchen.
No, I won't be doing any cooking in here, but my personal chef has already signed off, and they love their new office.
And then, while the chef is cooking up the gourmet du jour, I will be spending all my time our here.
Would you look at this view? Honestly, better than the Observatory because nobody's here begging me for a selfie.
Love you guys.
Oh, sorry about that.
That's just some construction I'm doing on the garage.
Got to make some room for my new ride.
I'm thinking a blacked-out McLaren.
Let me know what you guys think in the comments.
This is the primary.
But the real, real reason why I wanted this house in particular Okay, wait for it.
Wait for it.
My own personal sauna.
Come on in.
In Scandinavia, people use saunas all the time.
Like, they use them literally if they want to unwind, or just, like, relax.
I guess they're really stressed there.
Okay, check this out.
I have a cute little ladle.
See you ladle.
Oh, my God.
So fire, y'all.
So cute.
I told them to keep it down while I'm working.
I might need to have a little word with the construction guys or whatever.
What the hell? That's not okay.
Um Oh, my I'm gonna check on that.
Her name's Selene.
We were taking a tour of her new house, and something happened when she was showing us the sauna.
She fell and hit her head and she's not moving.
You have to send help.
Okay, we'll be out there as soon as we can.
- What's the address? - I don't know.
I just saw it on the Internet.
Sue, we've gotten six other calls about this girl so far, but no address or last name, just Selene.
We're getting calls from Maine, Arizona, Colorado, all of them just as clueless.
So everyone's seen this video, but no one can tell us where she is or-or who she is? I looked her up on Instagram.
She was in the middle of touring her new Brentwood mansion when she fell.
She's a big luxury influencer.
- A what? - A luxury influencer.
It's her job to be rich.
- And that's it? - Pretty much.
Eddie, let's tweet out a picture of that girl from the sauna, see if anyone can ID her.
Uh what is her name? Selene.
I just sent you her profile.
Got it.
Adding to tweet.
You need a hand looking through her socials? Well, it can't hurt to have another pair of eyes.
So far, I can tell it's a house in Brentwood.
You can see The Getty from the pool, which means it's on the opposite side of the street.
So it's on the southern side of whatever street it's on.
Try looking through a topographical map.
Looks like the house is on a ridge.
All these houses are on ridges.
- It's impossible to tell them apart.
- Got it.
Curb number, right across the street.
Okay, now we just need a street.
Looks like I'm going viral.
She does have over a million followers.
And one of them claiming to be her mother.
Wait, what? They're saying online that she's hurt.
I-Is she hurt? We can't tell from the stream.
They're also saying that she's in Brentwood.
Any idea where she might have gone? She doesn't know anyone in Brentwood.
Or, at least, I didn't think she did.
She's supposed to be at school, up in Santa Barbara.
But that account, it goes so far back, and-and she's been everywhere.
- This isn't her.
- Clay, you have to stop.
This is not my daughter.
This is my daughter.
Not Selene.
We see her almost every other weekend.
And, clearly, she's been lying to us every other weekend.
She's made a mistake, and whatever happens next, she's going to need her parents.
What do we do? We have no idea where she is.
You said she was up at school.
- How would she have gotten down here? - She drives.
We bought her a car when she left for college.
We didn't find a car in her name.
Because it's registered in ours.
You're looking for a red Mini Cooper.
License plate Charles-Adam-Adam-6-9-3.
Belongs to our victim Rebecca Neyer.
Havenhurst clear.
Beadens Brook clear.
Olympus clear.
Vantage is clear.
Engine 118, proceed to Mountain Avenue.
Copy, Dispatch.
On our way.
There it is.
Dispatch, we found it.
Hey, you guys working on this house? We need to get inside.
There's a girl trapped in the sauna.
What girl? This place is empty.
We've been here all day, working on the foundation.
Can you let us inside to check? Yeah.
Sauna's through that door.
Lucy, cut these hinges.
We're gonna have access in a second.
Okay, Cap.
Power and gas is off.
All right, let's get that door off.
Pulse is steady.
Pretty severe contusion on her head.
Most likely looking at a concussion.
Third-degree burns, 45% of her face.
We're gonna have to debride to start separating the flesh from the rocks.
Saline ready.
All right.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna try to pull her off.
- Oh, God.
- H-Hold it, hold it, hold it right there.
All right, we can cut the rest free.
Dispatch, notify First Presbyterian we're ten minutes out.
Have the specialty burn unit standing by.
She's on her way to the burn unit now.
High price to pay for living a fake life.
You think her regular life was that bad? Maybe she felt like she was missing out on a life she could have had, if she'd been born someone else or made different choices.
Don't you wonder about stuff like that? Not really.
Well, some people Most people, other than you Worry that they're not getting the full experience.
- The unknown is scary.
- You know, FOMO.
Fear of missing out.
You make it sound like a sickness.
- I guess it kind of is.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Uh-oh.
You were right about the juice box.
- Told you so.
- Yes.
She likes to squeeze that thing like it's a stress ball.
Don't you? She didn't even care that she was covered in fruit punch.
Poor little baby.
Oh, baby, it's okay.
Oh, there you go.
- There you go, honey.
There you go.
- Hey.
What's this? Why is her baby box out? Uh, I just found some stuff I brought back from Boston.
I want to put it in there.
That's a lot of memories.
Yeah, you should see the camera roll on my phone.
It's like a flip-book.
Watch the baby grow, right before your eyes.
I missed so much.
It's okay.
That's why I tried to document everything.
So you can catch up.
It's really sweet of you.
Let's go, messy baby.
It was so sweet, but I was just looking at the pictures thinking I should've been there.
Look, even if you were here living your normal life, chances are you probably would've missed some of those moments anyway.
Right? I mean, you-you can't be with her 24/7.
A few moments, sure.
But every early milestone? Only a bad mother misses every one.
Hey, you're not a bad mother.
You were in a bad place, but you're better now.
You know, and Jee won't even remember that you were ever gone.
You knew something was wrong with our family, even though you were a baby when Daniel died.
It haunted you your whole life.
I don't want that for her.
That was different.
Okay? Mom and Dad never dealt with their feelings, and that's what affected us.
You're not doing that.
I'm scared that I've scarred her for life.
You haven't.
You know how I know that? 'Cause this is not the first kid you raised.
That was me.
you don't need to do this, I know how to feed myself.
Oh, but do you? Because there's an awful lot of takeout containers in that trash can.
Aren't you prohibited from using my trash as evidence against me until after I've put it at the curb? Well, the evidence was in full view, Counselor.
You ever think what life would be like - if you hadn't met Emmett? - What? What do you mean? Well, you were in law school.
You had a whole plan for the rest of your life.
You met a cute guy, you dropped everything and decided to be a police officer just like him.
That is not what happened.
Emmett was not the reason that I became a police officer.
Uh-uh, that was a crazy idea that I had been carrying around most of my life.
But he was the one that showed me that I didn't need anyone's permission to do what I wanted.
- Oh.
- I mean, Emmett taught me to be brave.
So you don't regret not becoming Ms.
Athena Carter, Esquire? Oh, I am Sergeant Athena Grant of the Los Angeles Police Department, - and I am good with that.
- Mm-hmm.
May? Is everything okay? I heard from USC the other day.
My deferral's over.
So I have to confirm that I'm attending school in fall, or I lose my place over there.
Well, can't you defer again? No, they already gave me an extension.
This is it.
So, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
I mean, I like my job, and it can be really rewarding But? The thought of saying no You know, giving up the idea of attending USC forever I don't think I'm ready for that.
- Hmm.
- Um What do you think I should do? Oh, baby.
Be brave.
Do the thing that you want to do.
I'm a big move ♪ You can't learn a lot of things that I didn't do ♪ It might take all night for the feeling in my hands to come back.
I thought ice bars were over in 2007.
That was not an ice bar, that was an igloo, and it was supposed to be a magical dining experience.
Yeah, well, it was none of that.
Are you texting your coworkers? Tell them we're never taking a recommendation from them again.
I am ordering Chinese.
You want scallion pancakes? Oh Just when I think I can't love you more.
Crispy noodles.
Should be ready for pickup by the time we get there.
- Oh.
- All right, then we can go home and put on our pajamas.
And eat actual food.
Maybe we should watch that new moody British crime show.
The one with the guilty couple or the innocent kid? I think there's a submarine.
Isn't exactly the the adventure I thought we'd have tonight, but, uh Oh, no.
Oh, great.
Too bad our magical dining experience didn't come with valet parking.
Oh, my God.
Guess we should be happy they didn't take the whole car.
I think they got something better than the car.
What? My purse.
You-You're wearing your purse.
Uh, this is my cute little purse for a phone and a lipstick.
I'm talking about my actual purse.
You left it in the car? Please tell me your wallet is in that little purse.
How would you feel about pajamas, Chinese and making calls to all of our credit card companies? Five minutes to places.
Nervous? Me? No.
- No, of course not.
- All right.
That is what I like to hear, my man.
We got the band out there, they're all ready.
The audience is settled.
- Mm.
- All we need is the green light from the bride's camp, and we are gonna get this show on the road.
- Sound good? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Wedding day.
- Yeah.
- My favorite.
You're gonna do great.
All right, let's go, people.
You can do this.
You got this.
The groom came in at 11:00.
We did a final fitting on the suit.
Then a little shave and a haircut.
He went to the green room for breakfast Tea, honey, plain bagel, toasted with butter.
We walked him down the aisle at 1:15.
He said he was fine.
I called for action at 1:36.
Bride started down the aisle at 1:42.
Groom went down at 1:44.
You call for action? For a wedding? Wait.
I-I know what this is.
It Speed Wedding.
Two people who've never met before are matched by a team of experts and they meet for the first time at the altar.
So they can marry someone they've never met? People watch that? Yeah, Athena and I watch it to unwind.
Amazing the lengths that people go through to justify their guilty pleasures.
No, it's-it's a sociological experiment.
It's a crapshoot.
- Like all marriages.
- Sir, my name is Bobby.
We're gonna check you out and find out what's going on.
No, no, no.
Don't get up.
You've had a nasty fall.
I was just nervous.
I'm okay now.
We'll determine if you're okay, sir, please.
So, how do they pick the couples? Oh, it's all based on compatibility tests.
You know, science.
Like online quizzes? Uh, we're still getting married today, right? What's the rush? I can't end up like my sister, a sad, lonely, middle-aged woman.
- I'm 32.
- I'm fine.
- I just want to get married.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Your heartbeat is muffled, which-which could be cause for concern.
Do you have any medical conditions? Are you taking any medication that we should know about? No, no, nothing like that.
Except - Oh, oh.
- Easy.
Okay, okay.
- Let's get him on oxygen.
- Talk to me, Hen.
His heartbeat's muffled.
I-I can barely hear it.
But when-when I listen to his right lung, - I can hear it more.
- What could be causing that? Well, when I palpated his abdomen, his spleen was missing from the left side.
- It was on the right.
- Heart on the right, spleen on the right.
They're supposed to be on the left.
Approximately one in 10,000 people present with dextrocardia, and I think he might be that one.
All his organs, including his heart, are on the wrong side of his body.
That's not in his questionnaire? That's a huge thing to leave out.
Well, we do a standard medical screening.
There was nothing in his physical or his history.
We've got jugular venous distention.
Muffled heart sounds and low blood pressure.
That's three for three for Beck's triad.
Cardiac tamponade.
He's bleeding into the sack around his heart.
It's filling up, and the pressure is keeping his heart from beating fully.
Please save my husband! I can't be a widow.
Hang on, you're not married yet.
Oh, my God.
You're right.
I'm never gonna get married.
Oh, my God.
This is a sign.
He's coding.
I need to drain the blood.
Wait, from his heart? What if you're wrong about the dextrocardia? I'll collapse his lung, but I thought I'd try not to do that.
- Huh.
- Buck, start ventilating.
I'm gonna drain the blood.
All right.
Here we go.
I can hear his heartbeat clearer now.
He's returning to normal sinus rhythm.
Let's move him.
I'll call it in on the way to the hospital.
Oh, he's okay.
I'm just gonna need you guys to sign these releases on your way out, so we can air the footage.
- Yeah, yeah, great.
- No.
Carissa and Ephraim are never gonna last.
But that compatibility score is off the charts.
- Numbers aren't everything, Henrietta.
- Oh.
Says the scientist.
Uh, this is not science.
It's more like a car crash in slow motion.
Let's watch the finale.
- We can see who's right.
- Mm-mm.
Tomorrow, babe.
Ah, I'm too tired tonight.
Actually, I was thinking that maybe tomorrow we could go downtown again.
There's this digital art walk happening.
Oh, please tell me this is not something else your coworkers were talking about.
Well, I read about it in the Times and they said it was a modern urban adventure.
It sounded fun.
What's going on, Karen? First, you want to go on this culinary expedition.
Now it's an artistic adventure.
What's next? A shopping safari? Did you know we have 11 subscriptions to streaming services? Since we had to cancel my credit cards, I've been getting emails to update our payment information.
- 11 emails.
- All-all right.
Well, clearly, we need to cut back.
Or maybe we need to cut loose.
- I feel old.
- W-What? At work.
Everyone in my group, most of them are a decade younger than me.
Some are double that.
- Well, Karen, you're their boss.
- Uh Of course, you've been doing this longer than them, so you're older.
Their lives just seem so different.
They go out almost every night.
Road trips on the weekends and backpacking through exotic places on their vacations.
They work hard.
And they play hard.
They're making the most of their lives.
And you're not.
Don't get me wrong.
I love tea parties with our foster kids and watching terrible TV shows with you, but But you miss being that age.
Not sure I ever was that age.
You know what I was like when we met.
Work hard, work harder.
And now I can't help but wonder, what did I miss out on? I mean, I-I get it.
She spent her 20s going after a very specific goal.
You know, she didn't waste time trying to figure out what she wanted like I did.
Now she's feeling like she missed out on a key part of life.
I thought Karen liked her job.
Yeah She does.
It's-it's not really that.
It's like She never got to be really free.
So she wants to be 20 again.
Work all day, party all night.
Wouldn't go back to my 20s if you paid me.
- Same.
- I don't know, if you could do it all over again, you wouldn't think about doing something different with your life? No chance.
In my family, there was only one career option for boys: firefighter.
I didn't know you were a legacy, Cap.
- Fourth generation.
- I got it.
Uh, come again? Cryptocurrency.
If you would've bought back in 2012, you'd be set for life by now.
I can't believe I missed out on that.
That's your big regret in life? Oh, I mean, basically did everything else before I became a firefighter.
So, yeah, no, I feel pretty good about my 20s.
Hen, you think Karen is just, I don't know, maybe just going through a midlife crisis? When did I become middle-aged? Uh, w-well, you know, the life expectancy for women is-is, what, like, 80? So You know, if you keep talking like that, I think this is about to be your biggest regret in life.
Or what's left of it.
Hen, you and Karen love each other.
You have a good life together.
Is it possible you're overthinking this? I mean, she seemed worried that she'd missed out on something important.
I'm not sure how to fix that.
You can't.
No matter how much we wish we could, there's no such thing as making up for lost time.
Hey, Mom.
I see a common warbler.
That's not a common warbler, dummy.
That's an orange-crowned.
Don't call your sister names, Dani.
- Wow, look at that.
- Come on, let's go.
You're awful quiet today.
What's going on? Come on.
You used tell me everything.
Not anymore.
We only see you on weekends now.
I know I'm not there as much as I used to be, but I am still your mom 24/7.
Whatever's going on, you can talk to me.
I don't want to live with Dad anymore.
Okay? I want to live with you.
Oh, honey.
You know why we did it this way.
It's easier for you to stay with your Dad during the week while I'm working.
And then we get to do fun things together on the weekend.
But you're never there when I need you.
I'm just a phone call away.
Any time, day or night.
Even after midnight? Especially then.
Hey, look at that.
Race you up there.
Wait for me.
- Mom, look at this.
- What do you think it is? - Why is it here? - I don't know.
Hey, Dani.
- Tag, you're it.
- Hey! Got you! - You're it.
- Hey.
Be careful, girls.
I'm gonna get you.
Gonna get you.
I'm gonna get you.
- Mom.
- Elena, move! This whole area was a missile base right up through the Cold War.
My guess? It's been 50 years since they capped these silos and they're not holding anymore.
All right, Buck, you got this.
Hi, I'm Bobby.
What happened here? We were just playing and, and, I don't know, the ground moved and she just disappeared.
We called for her, but she's not answering.
- I want to see Mom.
- We are gonna do everything we can for her.
I tell you what, let's go wait by the engine while they get her out.
Come on.
Might be as much as 80 feet.
There's some kind of gate over there.
Maybe it's a tunnel.
We could get to her that way.
Rappelling down is gonna be the quickest way to get to her.
But it might be safer to bring her out that way.
Okay, you grab saws, I'll grab harnesses.
Yep, go ahead, take a seat right there.
What are they doing? Well, it's kind of like rock climbing.
We put the harnesses on, we attach them to cables so we can lower ourselves to get to your mom.
And then you pull her out? Won't that hurt her? We're gonna get her out in a different way.
We're in.
Hen, we're on our way to you.
Visibility is zero.
Okay, wait, wait.
I have a visual.
I can see her.
Okay, I'm on the ground.
The kids Where? They're fine, they're fine.
Let's just focus on you right now.
- Cap, we got her.
- Copy that.
Heart rate's way up, blood pressure's really low.
Running fluids.
Can't really feel much.
Could be the adrenaline.
Likely a pelvic fracture.
Abdomen is warm to the touch, belly's full of blood.
Need my kids.
They're waiting for you up at the surface.
I'm not gonna make it back to them, am I? Well, your organs may have sustained some serious trauma.
It's-it's hard for us to know just how severe it is from down here.
Once we get you to the hospital, they can assess.
So dumb, being out here.
Trying to make up for lost time.
I'm sure your girls understand.
Can I talk to them? If we delay getting you to the hospital Please.
I need to tell them.
Cap, can you put the kids on the radio? Mom needs to speak with them.
Can't we do that up top? I think it would be best if she did it now.
Copy that.
Hey, hey, hey, I thought we were moving her.
She wants to talk to her kids first.
She doesn't think she's making it out of here.
She doesn't want their last memory of her to be screaming.
All right, Cap.
Copy that, Chim.
You want to talk to your mom? - Yeah.
- All right.
All you have to do is push that button right there - to talk to her.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
- Mom? Mom, are you there? I'm here, sweetie.
Are you girls okay? We're scared, but we're okay.
I know.
I'm sorry that I'm scared you.
No, I'm sorry, Mom.
If we hadn't been playing, you wouldn't have fell.
Not your fault.
Just an accident.
I know it's hard when we're apart.
When it seems like I'm not there.
But the secret is, I'm always with you.
Even when you can't see me.
You girls are the best parts of me, so whenever you feel sad or alone, just reach for each other and that's when you'll feel me with you.
And remember that I love you.
But we'll see you soon, right? Yeah, baby.
Cap, she's ready to move.
Copy that, Chim.
What are we gonna say to her kids? Nothing.
They don't hear this news from strangers.
We transport her and them to the hospital.
They're gonna need their dad.
You guys go ahead.
We'll we got it.
The other night, dear ♪ As I lay sleeping ♪ I dreamed I held you ♪ In my arms ♪ When I awoke, dear ♪ I was mistaken ♪ So I hung ♪ My head ♪ And I cried ♪ I'll always love you ♪ And make you happy ♪ And nothing else ♪ Could come between ♪ But if you leave me ♪ Yes, this is Howard Han with the Los Angeles Fire Department.
Is this Mr.
Cruz? Your girls are fine.
But your ex-wife has had an accident.
My dreams ♪ Sorry for your loss, sir.
You are my sunshine ♪ My only sunshine ♪ You make me happy ♪ When skies are grey ♪ Why aren't the sirens on? You'll never know, dear ♪ Mom doesn't need them anymore.
I love you ♪ Please don't take ♪ My sunshine away.
♪ So my message to all of you out there is don't worry so much about what you might be missing out on.
Instead, remember what you have.
Family, friends.
These are the most important things.
I was afraid of being who I really am, and because of that, I hurt myself and the people that I care about.
Don't live your life for anyone else.
Live your life for you, and as always, you can follow my profile at the link in my bio.
That was unexpectedly deep.
I guess it took a near-death experience for her to appreciate her actual life.
Are you okay? I just can't believe she got to me, but I'm wondering if I'm living my life for myself.
I came to work here after my mom almost died.
I was so afraid something else like that would happen again.
And I felt like she needed someone to look out for her.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to protect your family.
But before all that, I wanted to be someone, a very specific someone and I think I'm losing that person.
Trauma often causes us to turn inward.
I guess therapy is rubbing off on me.
Look, you hid in a place you knew, where you could feel safe and keep your family safe.
I understand the motivation.
Does that make me a coward? I don't think cowards usually ask that question.
So how do I get back to that person I wanted to be? I'll let you know when I figure that out.
Feel like I could sleep for a week.
Well, I was gonna see if you still wanted to go to that art walk thing.
This is the last weekend.
I've decided to embrace being old.
Maybe tomorrow we can go find ourselves a nice early bird special somewhere.
But what has caused the pendulum to swing so far in the other direction? Marching band bake sale.
87 cupcakes.
I know, that's an odd number.
I ate three of them.
Karen Fraud alert.
Someone's using one of our credit cards at a club on Sunset.
What? We canceled all my cards.
They're using mine.
Oh, God.
The credit union account.
Your card was in my wallet.
- I'll just decline the charge.
- No.
I'll go change.
Tell Toni we're going out.
- Where are we going? - To catch a thief! To catch a what? Hi.
I'd like to close out my tab.
- Name's Henrietta Wilson.
- You got it.
So what do we do when we find this person? Make a citizen's arrest? Glad to know we have such a solid plan.
Here you go.
Oh, wait a sec.
- You're not Henrietta Wilson.
- Nope.
But neither is the girl in this picture.
Henrietta Wilson.
Nice to meet you.
All right, they're calling the cops.
What On me or the girl in the picture? - That was unclear.
- Huh.
There's no sign of our perp.
- Maybe our perp is on the lam.
- Maybe it's so dark in here I could trip over my mother and not know it.
Do you have your phone on you? Yeah.
Why? Good tribe, got a good vibe ♪ No.
Drop top just to let the hood watch ♪ No.
- Ha, ha.
- No.
Sorry, sorry.
Not her, either.
We're gonna be here all night.
Never told but everyone knows ♪ Maybe.
- Ha! - Hey! Who the hell are you? Henrietta Wilson.
And you? - Oh, crap.
- We got you.
Whatever your name is.
What is your name? I'm not telling you.
Her name is "Klowee," with a K, a W and two E's.
What kind of idiot picks that spelling? My mom.
Is this is your actual driver's license? Hard to get a good fake ID these days.
Faking that little hologram bear costs a lot of money.
Klowee, no offense, but you should probably reconsider a life of crime.
Why, 'cause it's wrong? 'Cause you suck at it.
Officers, hello.
We have apprehended the suspect and she just made a full confession.
I'll need to go down to the station in the morning.
Talk to a detective, probably sign some paperwork.
Eh, that's the boring part.
The takedown's where's it at.
You sound pretty amped for a woman who was about to pass out an hour ago.
The thrill of the chase.
Which is probably gonna wear off soon.
So we should get home before that happens.
Or Or what? Pretty sure we didn't close out that bar tab in my name.
Work hard, play hard? Okay, let's do it.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Uh, your daughter has decided that she no longer wants to eat.
Am I doing something wrong here? She's been real fussy about food lately.
Yesterday, she wouldn't eat out of her bowl.
So I just poured some dry cereal on her plate and she finally ate that.
She liked oatmeal a week ago.
Fish sticks for breakfast? She never says no to those.
I will get you some fish sticks.
What Oh.
Wait, are-are Are you Has she - No, no, no, this is the first time.
- Oh, my gosh.
You're doing something for the first time.
Who's a smart cookie? You're a smart cookie.
- Yes.
- Oh, God, this is a huge moment.
- I should document it.
- No, no, no.
Let's just enjoy the moment together.
Do it again.
- Yeah, do it again.
- Come on, do it again.
You can do it.
- Do it again.
- Come on.
- Ah, yay! - Yay! - You're so smart.
- Are we going back to the set? Look, I know your heart's in the right place.
Or I guess yours isn't.
But due to your undisclosed medical condition, you won't be able to participate in the show.
What about Alyssa? I know she really wanted to get married.
She still does.
What about love? ♪ What about trust? What about us? ♪ Hey, you.
Looks like someone is taking a little walk down memory lane.
Yeah, something like that.
They were my best friends.
And we were gonna change the world together.
Well, didn't you? Aren't you still? Maybe not in the way you thought you would then.
You know, there are so many other ways my life could have gone.
I mean, just a decision or two would have made it all turn out differently.
You have regrets? No regrets.
I know that I'm where I'm meant to be.
Oh, what about us? ♪ What about all the times you said you had the answers? ♪ What about us? ♪ What about all the broken happy ever afters? ♪ Oh, what about us? ♪ I miss Mom.
It's okay.
She's right here.
What about all the plans that ended in disaster? ♪ Oh, what about love? ♪ What about trust? What about us? ♪ What about us? What about us? ♪ What about us? ♪
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