9-1-1 (2018) s05e17 Episode Script

Hero Complex

1 I sit around and watch the tube ♪ But nothing's on ♪ What is that? It's the French Revolution.
They beheaded all the rich people with guillotines.
I heard that it happened so fast sometimes that the bodies were still moving.
Like, they didn't even know they were dead.
Cool, right? You're such a weirdo.
I'm in a house with unlocked doors ♪ Bite my lip and close my eyes ♪ Take me away to paradise.
♪ Get up.
We got to get off the bus.
Is he dead? I think he had a heart attack.
Hey, are you okay? You, run to that pay phone and call 911.
Go! - One, two, three.
- What are you doing? CPR.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Two, three, four, five, six, seven Oh, my God.
He's alive.
You saved him.
You're a hero.
Just three days ago, this quiet neighborhood was rocked by a near-fatal school bus accident.
Thankfully, none of the children aboard the bus were injured when it crashed.
The driver's life was spared thanks to the quick thinking and incredible bravery of one young man.
Where have all the good men gone ♪ And where are all the gods? ♪ Where's the streetwise Hercules ♪ To fight the rising odds? ♪ Isn't there a white knight ♪ Upon a fiery steed ♪ Late at night I toss and I turn ♪ And I dream of what I need ♪ I need a hero ♪ I'm holding out for a hero ♪ Till the end of the night ♪ He's got to be strong ♪ So, what's it like being a hero? It's freaking awesome.
I need a hero.
♪ Anyone want a cup of tea? Yeah.
How about you? Maybe some lunch? I noticed you didn't eat anything at the reception.
It felt weird eating at Claudette's house after her funeral.
It's a weird custom.
It's to comfort the family, remember the deceased.
You know, share some stories, maybe even laugh.
How are you? You look tired.
It was my first time going to her house.
Meeting her family.
You know, I'm not sure if she'd ever talked about them.
Well, a lot of people like to keep their work life and home life separate.
I just always thought she was this awful person who only existed to make my life hell.
But she was a wife and a mom.
She had a family that loved her.
And if I hadn't gotten into that argument with her May, no.
There's no way you could have known that building was gonna catch on fire.
Your mother is right.
Whatever happened to Claudette is not your fault.
Feels like it should be somebody's fault.
Never understood these things.
You know? I mean, what are you supposed to do with them after? I don't know, put them in a drawer and throw them out five years later? What were you even doing at her funeral? Seemed like the right thing to do.
She died on our watch.
It's not the first time that that's happened.
We don't normally go to a funeral.
All right.
I had this crazy idea in my mind.
Some questions about Claudette's death.
So I went to the funeral to try and get some answers.
What kind of questions? Just didn't make any sense, Chim.
She was fine.
And then she coded.
And then she was dead.
We see weird stuff every day.
That's probably all this was.
Except for the spiders.
Are the spiders where the crazy comes in? There was another call.
Right before you came back to work.
It was a kid who had multiple tarantula bites.
He was stable.
So I left him alone with Jonah and then he coded.
Just like Claudette.
It's most likely a coincidence.
I mean, Claudette had hypertension.
How would you know that? I may have looked in her medicine cabinet during the post-funeral reception.
But I High blood pressure.
High blood pressure combined with smoke inhalation would put a lot of stress on the heart.
Could cause a cardiac event.
Except her BP would have been stable at the scene.
Wait, how do you know that? Because you did her assessment.
If her vitals hadn't been stable, you would've shipped her out priority.
I think you're onto something here.
You believe me.
Chris, hurry up.
We still got to pick up Tía Pepa.
Shouldn't take that long to pack a toothbrush.
Why don't you just take a later flight? You were at a funeral, you know? Y-Your parents will understand.
They should understand.
What is the dress code at a retirement party? Tie is probably too much.
It is my parents we're talking about.
I'll just grab it all.
Are you sure this is a good idea? I have to go.
My mom made this huge deal about this party.
He did work at the company for 40 years.
And Chris He's excited to see everyone, he misses them.
40 years that's a long time.
Uh, you said he was in oil, right? Petroleum engineer.
Spent his whole life driving across the state.
Living everywhere but under his own roof with his own family.
Listen, uh, as-as someone who also comes from a screwed-up family My family isn't screwed up.
Just my dad, okay? Plan is get in, get out without any drama.
Say congratulations, have some cake and call it a day.
And what about when he starts to get in there and push your buttons? There's a hotel 20 minutes away, three-and-a-half stars.
Chris is really gonna like the pool.
Chris! Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Can't believe you're having us break into Cap's office.
All right.
All right, come on, Chim.
We need to find a copy of the paramedic transfer forms that Jonah submitted for Claudette and Perry, our spider bite pet sitter, see Jonah's account of what happened to them.
Or we could log on to the computer, pull up Jonah's personnel file.
- Here.
- Oh, how are you gonna get in there? Did you become a computer hacker while you were gone? Well, I was living in a basement, but not exactly dealing with the Enigma machine here.
Here we go.
Found 'em both.
All right, Perry Nivens.
"Patient was found unconscious "following multiple tarantula bites, "no other symptoms present.
"Paramedic Greenway pushed steroids.
"Prior to transport, the patient went into cardiac arrest.
"Paramedic Greenway quickly and ably "was able to restore a normal rhythm "through the use of defibrillation.
Patient was transported for follow-up care to the ER.
" Sounds just like you told me.
Language a little more flowery than I'm used to.
Claudette Collins.
"Patient suffering from smoke inhalation, "no other symptoms were observed.
"Paramedic Greenway administered nebulized albuterol, "during transport patient went into cardiac arrest.
"Despite Paramedic Greenway's valiant efforts, "defibrillation and manual compression "did not restore normal rhythm.
Patient was pronounced DOA at the Emergency Room.
" Well, there's definitely a pattern.
In his reports, if nothing else.
Did you know Jonah's only been with the LAFD for 14 months? What? Before that, he was a paramedic in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Denver, and now L.
He moves around more than a carnival worker.
Oh, no, they're here.
Oh, no, we're caught.
We're not caught.
Just act cool, follow my lead.
I make no promises.
Hey, Hen, Chimney.
Thought you guys were off today.
Yeah, we are.
Then what are you doing here? And what's with all the 902Ms? Oh, we were just, uh, working on A special project for the mayor.
W Seriously? Well, what kind of project? Beta testing a new piece of equipment for us to use in the field.
We just needed to, uh, go over some of the data from our transfer forms.
- Just need data.
- Data.
Sounds official.
Well, we better get going.
The mayor's office is gonna want that report ASAP.
- Have a great shift.
- See ya.
- You're a terrible liar.
- And you're too good.
What do you think they're hiding? 'Round here, I find it's best not to know.
What are we doing? I'm rummaging through a dead woman's medicine cabinet.
I've got you breaking into the captain's office, looking at confidential personnel files.
We're trying to prove whether or not Jonah was a bad paramedic.
What if we're wrong? What if we're not? He's out there right now.
Someone's calling for help, and that guy's gonna show up? He's holding their lives in his hands, and we don't know what he's gonna do with them.
Why don't I give you something for the pain? You sure that's okay? Trust me.
Oh, something's wrong.
I haven't even shut off the engine.
- Mami.
- Hi.
¿Que paso? Nada.
Where's Christopher? Out like a light ever since we left the car rental place.
Ay, pobrecito mi angelito.
Abuela, it's so good to see you.
feels a little less like home without you there.
Same here.
- Mm.
- So, now, what's wrong? Your mother is in there doing all the cooking.
What? I thought my fancy brother hired caterers for his big parranda.
The caterers are only allowed to warm and serve the food.
Helena insisted on making everything herself.
You didn't help out at all? I was allowed to make the tamales.
Ay, gracias.
Thank you.
- I'm gonna go wake Chris, okay? - Yes, of course.
Mom, come on.
You got to take a break.
No, leave me alone, I'm almost done.
- Everything looks perfect.
- Yeah, okay.
I'm sure it tastes great, too.
I'm kidding.
It's so good to have my boys back home.
It's been too long.
You should come visit - more often.
- Pretty sure planes - fly in both directions.
- Well, now that your father's retired, we'll have time to visit more.
Yeah, I can't believe it's actually happening.
Oh, God.
Oh, did you show him the watch? - Oh, it's nothing.
- No, no show him.
- It was a nice gesture.
- Show me.
Here, it's Wow.
"In recognition of your 40 years of service "helping us reach new horizons for our company, "and for all of our stakeholders, the board thanks you.
From our family to yours.
" It's not quite a Silver Star.
But it-but it's something I guess.
Ah, it's, uh, nice.
Congratulations, Dad.
Feels strange.
Being unemployed, it's No meetings to rush off to.
No phone calls to juggle.
No no reason to get out of bed at 4:00 A.
I-I I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself.
I bet.
Why live if you're not working? So, how's life as an operator? Love you.
All right, talk to you in the morning? Okay, bye-bye.
How many times are you planning to check on May? Until I'm sure she's okay.
That you're both okay.
Oh, it's my turn in the hot seat now.
You pulled a woman out of a fire and then she died in front of you at the hospital.
I know that's not easy.
Her husband came to find me at the funeral.
Wanted to shake my hand, thank me for doing what I could.
What'd you say? That I wish I could've done more.
But there has to be something you can do, right? Chimney and I put in a few calls, talked to some other paramedics that Jonah worked with.
Almost everyone says the same thing.
That he's a little odd, that he's overeager, but he's a good paramedic.
Almost? Well there was this one guy over at the 122 Him and Jonah responded to a fender bender.
- Mm-hmm.
- They were treating the driver for a concussion and some airbag abrasions.
He left Jonah alone with the driver.
And when he came back, the driver was in full arrest.
He died on the scene.
Okay, babe, once is a mistake.
Twice is a coincidence.
Three times is a pattern.
- You need to tell someone.
- I don't have any proof.
I file a complaint, he denies it, moves on and becomes some other department's problem.
Okay, well, what about those other cities? Well, if he'd had a trail of suspicious deaths, I don't think the LAFD would've hired him.
Well, doesn't have to be deaths.
Just a pattern of suspicious behavior.
I mean, nobody starts with murder.
Hang on, I'm coming.
They never start with murder.
I'm sorry, Pat, I'm gonna need to buy a vowel.
They never start with murder.
People like Jonah, they always have some kind of origin story.
"The mayor called 13-year-old Jonah Greenway "a 'hometown hero' "for successfully resuscitating his school bus driver after a heart attack behind the wheel.
" So Jonah was, like, a kid hero? Yeah, th-there's dozens of-of articles, interviews.
They gave him the damn key to the city and paid for college.
Saving that driver made him an overnight celebrity.
I got full of myself after I'd ace an English test.
I can't imagine what something like this would do to a kid's ego.
Or how he'd feel when the attention went away.
He'd probably miss the adulation.
So much so that maybe he'd try to recreate the experience.
Over and over.
A malignant hero.
He didn't want to kill people.
He wanted to push them to the brink of death so that he could have the glory of saving them.
You could only do that for so long before you slip up.
People would start to suspect.
And then you move on, from city to city.
Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Denver Los Angeles.
We've been doing all this sleuthing and he's been hiding in plain sight on the local news.
He still is.
Uh, hi.
Is everything okay? We need to talk to Taylor.
Good morning.
- Sorry, I-I know it's early.
- Yeah.
It was even earlier when she woke me up.
We were hoping that, uh, we could watch some of your footage from the call center fire.
Is that something you could access from here? Theoretically yes.
- Why? - Yeah.
Well, theoretically, I want to see what happened before Claudette coded.
The dispatcher who died on her way to the hospital? I-Is something going on, did the family make a complaint? Yeah, it's-it's fine, Buck, I'm happy to help.
Why don't you make us some coffee? I'm sure we all could use a cup.
Is this what you're looking for? You know, I'd say you don't really have, uh, have the looks to be a phone operator.
It's crazy she-she seems fine.
How do you go from laughing one second to coding the next? Wait a minute.
Can you rewind? Yeah.
Stop it right there.
What do you think that is - Potassium? - I'm not sure.
O-Okay, come on, guys, wh-what's going on here? Buck, we're not sure.
We're not gonna tell anyone.
Right? Off the record.
Claudette was alert and conversant.
Her BP and her heart rate were stable.
Protocol dictates that the only treatment necessary in that case is respiratory, to treat the smoke inhalation.
- Meaning? - Meaning Jonah had no reason to push drugs of any kind.
Are you saying her death wasn't related to her injuries? Whatever drug Jonah was pushing on that video caused her heart to stop.
What on-on purpose? - Maybe.
- Come on, Hen, I I-I know you didn't always like the guy, but he-he's still one of us, you know? It cou-it could've just been a mistake.
Buck, did that look like a mistake to you? He injected her with something, and she had a heart attack.
How-how can you be sure? Claudette wasn't the first time.
Other people have died on his watch under suspicious circumstances.
Okay, so-so, maybe he's a-he's a bad paramedic.
Or maybe he is a serial killer.
I-I picked out a nice bolero.
And then we-we just get up and we say thank you and then-and then we do our little dance and that's it.
- What's going on? - Your father's nervous about giving a speech.
- Oh! - Oh! Por favor.
Ramon, you never met a microphone - you didn't love.
- Yes.
I'm surprised you're not singing, too.
- Oh, what? - Yeah, come on, Aunt Pepa's right.
I'm sure there's a story you could tell.
Actually, I was gonna tell one about you.
You know, the-the day I came home and found that the entire side of my truck had - been scraped off, - Oh.
including the side mirror and the front bumper.
Oh, my gosh, yes, when Adriana was born.
You never told me about that.
When Adriana was born, and, uh, Ramon was off on business, I told that Eddie that my water broke.
And he jumped up, he ran out of the room, and I thought, of course, he's going to call someone to drive us to the hospital.
And then I hear a loud - crash, right? From the garage.
- Ah.
I walk in there, there's Eddie behind the wheel of Ramon's prized pickup.
Barely seeing over the steering wheel, with the whole side of the truck, like, just completely torn to shreds.
He was trying to drive me to the hospital.
Why I'm not surprised, huh? Eddie to the rescue, my little hero.
Didn't have much of a choice.
Ah, you had many choices.
But you were just a kid, I-I forgave you for that.
No, actually, you didn't.
you-you grounded me.
Edmundo, - it's-it's just a story.
- Yeah, it's a real sweet one.
I Except he's just he's missing the whole part where he tore me a new one for ruining his truck.
You know, kind of like the time he yelled at me for setting off the smoke alarms for making eggs for the girls - when I was 12.
I'm sure - Edmundo.
There's a better story you can tell up there.
Oh, uh, why don't you tell them about the time you pulled your ten-year-old son aside and told him it was time to step up? Be the man of the house? Why don't you tell them about that time? Then we can all understand why you were never around.
I was providing for the family.
Providing? Providing what money? - Okay - Exactly.
I had to do what I had to do.
A family needs more than money.
Look, I never had a childhood, a dad who took care of me.
No, you were gone.
- The only thing you provided - Okay, - Eddie, Eddie, stop, stop.
- Ramon! - Dad? Dad.
Okay, just breathe.
- Mijo, mijo.
- Oh my God, Ramon.
- Breathe.
Is he having a heart attack? No, it's not a heart attack.
All right.
Open your mouth, under your tongue.
- You know the drill.
- What-what drill? - What are-what are these pills? - Nitroglycerin.
It helps open up his blood vessels, settles the circulation.
Just like the doctor said, am I right? - What doctor? - What's going on? Ramon, what did you do? I'm guessing you went to go see a cardiologist.
Probably on one of your business trips, am I right? How many stents do you have in your arteries? What? When? Three years ago.
I I went to Dr.
He's the finest cardiologist in Dallas.
Why didn't you tell me? Pride.
He didn't want us to think he was weak.
You know, I'd say you don't really have, uh, - the looks to be a phone operator.
- You're sure about this? C I'm not sure what was in that syringe, but it sent her into cardiac arrest.
And it seems like the guy's got a history of this.
It's not that I don't believe you guys, but these are huge accusations.
Do you think there's a way we can prove it? Claudette's autopsy.
The toxicology report is still pending.
If we can get it expedited, we can see if there was anything in her blood - that shouldn't have been there.
- You think this is some kind of angel of mercy killing? Putting people out of their supposed misery? I think it's more complicated than that.
This guy's bringing people to the point of death and then using his skills to bring them back.
Whe-When he was a kid, he he got to play the hero.
Now he wants to play God.
No, I am telling you, this is big.
I, um Yeah, just, um just take a look at the file and see what you can find out.
That'd be great.
Thanks, bye.
Hey, uh, what, uh, what are you doing? Work stuff.
Really? Buck, it's fascinating.
It's terrifying.
You-you know you can't run this story, right? You can't blame me for wanting to.
We don't even know if it's true.
And if it is, you can't tell it 'cause Jonah will know we're onto him.
That's gonna put people in harm's way.
They're already in harm's way.
How many calls do you think he's going to respond to between now and whenever they stop him? Hen said she was gonna go to Bobby.
- Bobby will do something.
- I can do something.
No, you can't.
Off the record, remember? Yeah.
Promise me.
I promise.
I won't run the story.
It's been much longer than five minutes.
I feel fine.
Strong, right? Yeah.
I had one myself.
Not a heart attack, but a panic attack.
Ended up in the E.
Why didn't you tell us? Pretty sure you know the answer to that question.
You didn't want to seem weak, either.
I spent my whole life trying not to be like you.
All these years, I, uh I tried to set a good example for you.
Maybe maybe it was the wrong one, I don't know.
But I never understood why you were so angry with me.
I-I Why it always felt like you were punishing me.
Think I was punishing myself more.
But I'm tired of being that guy.
I'm going to be better.
- For Christopher.
- Mm.
For myself.
Maybe we can we can both be better.
I don't want to miss out on any more of my son's life.
I'd like that.
All right, thanks.
- Chim leave? - Yeah, he had to go home.
- Maddie was dropping off Jee-Yun.
- Uh, Bobby, wh-what did the chief say? They've opened an investigation into Claudette's death.
Jonah's been put on light duty pending the results.
That's a relief.
Thanks, Bobby.
Hen, be careful.
If Jonah is who you think he is, he won't take kindly to being exposed.
Hello? I heard you've been asking people about me.
Jonah? Got the weirdest call.
They've opened an investigation into what happened to that dispatcher.
Did you file a complaint against me, Henrietta? Jonah, I don't-I don't know what you think is going on I think you never gave me a chance, Hen.
To prove myself.
To show you what I'm capable of.
But, hey, I'm not a guy who gives up easy.
So I'm gonna do that now.
I'm gonna show you.
Hey, baby, I was just about to call you.
Get out of the house.
Don't pack a bag.
Just take Ma and Denny and go over to Bobby and Athena's.
- What? - K-Karen, please.
Uh, Denny, come here.
Uh, your mom's not here, she's out with Clive.
Okay, call her as soon as we get off the phone and tell her do not come home.
- What's going on? - Uh, put your shoes on, and, uh, and get your backpack, and we're going out.
- Now? Where? - Yes.
I'll explain in the car.
Hen, tell me what's going on.
Jonah called.
He knows that I turned him in, and I'm just, I'm just worried he's gonna do something.
What, you think he'd come here? Why? What did he say? He said that I didn't give him a chance and-and that he was gonna show me.
Sounded like some kind of jilted lover or something.
He sounded jealous.
Well, this doesn't make any sense.
I'm not the one Jonah would be jealous of.
Chimney? Chimney? Aah! No Aah! No Ah.
Hey there.
Glad you could join us.
You were out slightly longer than I expected.
I guess I was just a little too generous with the propofol.
I'll try to be more careful next time.
Why are you doing this, Jonah? I guess the easiest answer is because I can.
You can get anything you want on the Internet these days.
Medical equipment.
The real answer is you gave me no choice.
Snooping around, checking up on me? We're supposed to be on the same team, Henrietta.
We're definitely not on the same team.
Oh, I think we are.
Now, you and this guy? Eh.
We don't put our patients' lives in danger just for our own ego.
You put your hand inside someone's chest, for Pete's sake.
If that's not ego, - I don't know what is.
- The patient would have died if I hadn't One sec.
No, J-Jonah, please.
- No - Relax.
- No No, Jonah.
- It's just a little adenosine.
You're stopping his heart.
Don't worry, I'll get it back.
Nothing some epinephrine can't fix.
No, no! Please, no.
Oh, God.
No! Guess we got to shock.
Oh! Come on.
Come on, Chim, come on.
There's nothing like it, right? The rush of watching someone walk right up to death's door and snatching them right back? It's like being God.
We are not God! Aren't we? Okay, excited to see Daddy? Hey, Chim, we're here.
Chim? Okay.
Karen? Maddie? Where's Chimney? I-I don't know.
I just brought Jee here, but he's not here.
But his phone is.
Is Hen with you? - Wait, is she supposed to be? - Well, she was afraid Chimney might be in danger, so she went to the apartment to check on him.
Why-why would he be in danger? Well, there's this paramedic that was working for a few weeks with Hen at the 118.
Um, I have to go.
- What? - Yeah, I-I need to get Jee out of here and call 911.
Do you think she's right? Chimney's in danger? I don't know, I think they both are.
Jonah, listen.
Your beef is with me, okay? Plea-Please let Chimney go.
What No, no, no, no.
Jonah, Jonah.
Jonah, please.
No, plea-please, please, Jonah.
Oh, I thought you wanted me to let him go.
My bad.
Let's-let's get him back.
Come on, Chimney.
I've got nothing.
Let's give it a go again.
I really don't know what you see in this guy.
You need a partner who's more your speed.
You You really think you're my speed? You're sloppy.
I'm not sloppy, don't say that.
Even if I wanted to do some of the horrible things, horrible things that you did, you really think I would have let myself get caught? You killed people.
It wasn't on purpose.
They weren't supposed to die.
I was gonna save 'em.
I'm a hero.
You might have been.
Once, when you were a child.
But not now.
All you are is a murderer now! No, I'm not.
Then why is Chimney not breathing? Chim.
Easy, easy, easy.
Easy, Chim, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy Easy, Chim, easy.
Easy, take it easy.
Careful, Chim.
Careful - Are you okay? - Not even Okay, come on, buddy, come on.
All right, buddy.
Good idea with the defibrillator.
You saved us.
It was a team effort.
They're saying it was Hen and Chimney, a-and they were attacked.
What? By who? - Slow down, slow down.
- We need to get in there.
- We need to get in there.
- This is a crime scene.
- Hey, Cap.
- Wait, Cap! - Bobby.
- You son of a bitch, I trusted you.
He's not worth any more of your time.
Nice punch.
Thank God you guys are alive.
I am so sorry about what happened to you.
I'm just glad he got caught, and in the act.
Hopefully this evidence will be more concrete than what we were working with earlier.
With this evidence, that man will be going away for the rest of his life.
He won't ever hurt anybody ever again.
Then it was worth it.
How were you guys able to get the police here so fast? I thought we were out here on our own.
Karen called, told us everything she knew.
You know, you're a lucky woman to have a wife like that.
Don't I know it.
We're gonna contact Karen and Maddie, let 'em know what hospital they're taking you to, and we'll be right behind you.
We're good, Cap.
I got him.
- Hey, uh are you okay? - Yeah, we're fine.
They cleared the apartment, they took my statement, they're gonna leave a few guys behind for the night.
But isn't Jonah in custody? They were worried about press showing up or something.
Anyway, I really need to get to the hospital and just - make sure that he's okay.
- Yeah.
I mean, it seems like he's okay.
You know, making jokes and being Chimney, but Are you okay with her for a few hours? Yeah.
Come on, me and Jee will have a little slumber party.
Is that him? Uh, well - Turn the volume up? - Yeah.
Sources close to the case say Firefighter/Paramedic Greenway had multiple suspicious incidents in the field.
They have his name and personnel photo already? How did she get it so fast? even several deaths.
Good question.
The LAFD has declined comment at this time, but we will continue to keep you updated as this story evolves.
Back to you, Jim.
This is Taylor.
Leave a message.
What did you do? I don't think I need to tell you how lucky you are.
No, but I'd love to hear that I'm okay and that you're sending me home.
Your heart stopped and you were shocked back to life twice.
We're keeping you overnight for observation, Mr.
Doc, I feel okay, really.
But, to make sure you stay that way, we got to make sure you don't have arrhythmias or any other permanent damage.
You'll spend the night on the cardiac floor, then we'll send you home with a Holter monitor for a couple days.
Can't wait.
Chim, she's right.
You can never be too safe.
Especially after what he did to you.
I'm glad you feel that way, 'cause we're keeping you, too.
Why? My heart is fine.
We need to do a full workup and a tox screen, make sure he didn't inject you with anything else besides propofol.
The nurse should be here soon.
Got to say, I didn't see our victory lap going down like this.
Oh, my God.
Ooh, hey, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Are you sure? What did he do to you? I'm okay.
Chimney took the brunt of it.
Oh, God, - Chim.
- I'm fine, we're both fine.
Doc said we're both gonna be okay.
God, the whole way over here, I just I was mentally preparing myself for the worst-case scenario.
I didn't know where you were, or if you'd even make it out alive.
What would I tell Denny? Your mother? It's okay.
Everything's fine.
He can never hurt anybody again.
Should I get you a steak, too? Is that just for black eyes? Ice will be just fine, thank you.
You know, I'm not sure I've ever seen you snap like that.
Well, you don't remember.
When you were attacked at the storage unit? I thought about doing something that night.
Then I saw you and realized you needed me more.
My hero.
Hitting Jonah, probably not the most heroic of actions.
I certainly let my emotions get the better of me.
- Oh? - Just couldn't help myself.
Yeah, well, it's hard seeing the people you love hurting like that.
Especially when you feel responsible for it.
I let that man into my house.
This isn't your fault.
I let that man into my house.
I'm breaking out of this joint.
Are you with me? I'm all in, ride or die.
Just unhook me and help me find my pants.
What? You almost did die.
I'm sorry for roping you into all of this, Chim.
The only reason he went after you is because of me.
I wish I had never gotten you involved.
Come on, now, that's not how we do it.
You jump, I jump.
Or something like that.
Think I was gonna let you go after that creep by yourself? I knew you'd have my back and there'd be no stopping you.
So what are we even talking about here? You know, I never liked him.
Jonah, I mean.
Not much of a fan myself.
Everyone thought I was crazy, that I was being too hard on him because he wasn't you.
But you you never flinched.
You were on board from the start, ready to go to battle with me, even even when I had no proof, no idea if I was even right.
You're always right.
That's kind of our schtick.
You're the genius, I'm the comic relief.
You're so much more than that.
You're the best friend that I've ever had, Chim.
And I can't imagine my life without you.
And you're never gonna have to.

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