9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Friends Like These

1 TAYLOR: Fine.
You can tell your client I look forward to reading those emails out loud in the deposition.
You really gave him the business.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh, fudge me.
Could you please charge this for me? Oh, my gosh.
(LAUGHS) "Fudge me.
" Now I recognize you.
Taylor? Taylor Underwood? - Yes? - Tina Hoffman! Oh, my God.
Tina! (BOTH LAUGH) I haven't seen you since - Ninth grade! - Yeah.
What are the chances, right? Seriously! Do you remember having sleepovers and watching Lord of the Rings every single weekend? My mom would come in in the morning and see all the mess and go BOTH: "T and T went off again.
" Yes! TINA: Oh, my gosh, you should come by the house some weekend.
We could have a couple beers, catch up.
T and T could ride again.
Maybe, yeah.
I don't really drink, and I'd have to check my calendar.
Yeah, I get it.
Now it really is like old times.
What is that supposed to mean? - You're blowing me off.
- I am not.
Just like when you transferred to Tory Prep, and you blew me off for all of those stuck-up rich girls.
(HORN BLARES) SINGER: Come on and sit here by my side TAYLOR: Maybe I got sick and tired of spending every Saturday night watching fairies and wizards.
At some point, you have to get a life.
- Too late for me though, right? - I didn't say that.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - But I really do need you to charge this for me.
You got it, Your Highness.
Look, I didn't mean it.
- (TIRES SQUEAL) - Mm! - (BRAKES SQUEAL) - Tina! (METAL AND GLASS CRUNCHING) SINGER: Come on and take a free ride Free ride Come on and sit here by my side Come on and take a Free ride (SINGING ALONG TO GUITAR SOLO) Stop, stop! Oh, God, oh, God, stop! (SOBBING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) - TAYLOR: Oh, God! - Where's the truck now, ma'am? TAYLOR: Driving down Hollister Road! Okay, Hollister and what? TAYLOR: I don't know! My phone's about to die! (SIRENS BLARING) (FIRE TRUCK HONKING) TUCKER: Good Lord almighty.
Does he seriously not notice? OWEN: Can't see it in his mirrors.
Probably never even felt the impact.
Well, he can see us.
Hey, can you slide out? Yeah, but what about her? We'll get her next.
Come on.
Let's get medical to check you.
Hold on.
Do you have any idea when they can extract the driver? No, I don't, because the front half of this car is stuck under there.
It's crushed like a soda can.
(GRUNTS) Get in there.
We have to bring her out the same way.
I want these back two posts cut.
Let's secure the trailer with some cribbing.
Paul, Marjan, Mateo, get me the jaws, the spreaders, and a K12.
Let's go! (TOOL BUZZING) It's my fault.
I distracted her.
Ma'am, slow down.
This was a rideshare, correct? Yeah, but Tina's more than that.
I distracted her, and now she Let's not assume the worst.
PAUL: The hydronic ram is in place.
MICHELLE: Ma'am? Ma'am, can you hear me? - Am I - Can you see me? Just focus on me, okay? Look at my eyes.
How are her vitals? BP's 81 over 42 and dropping fast.
She's hemorrhaging.
Paul, how much longer? PAUL: The hydronic ram isn't budging it.
I'd say five, ten minutes.
Heartbeat's 140 and thready.
She needs blood now.
Gillian, call West Park Memorial and see how fast they can get a trauma surgeon down here and some whole blood, okay? Is Taylor okay? She's okay, honey.
- (MACHINE BEEPING) - Oh, stay with me.
- Can you hear me? - OWEN: Hurry up.
- We're losing her.
- I'm going as fast as I can.
- I'm gonna bolus this bag.
- She's coding.
North West just called.
They don't have any trauma surgeons and they can't get blood here for another hour.
- Damn it.
- I'm type O, O negative.
That means I'm a universal donor.
I can donate to anybody, right? - What's your name? - Taylor.
Taylor, field transfusion's risky, for both of you, understand? I'm just trying to help my friend.
Get the transfusion kit.
Cap, you're not seriously thinking of doing a person to person.
Protocol is If we follow protocol, she's gonna be gone before we get her out of this car.
Gillian, get a 14-gauge.
MICHELLE: Prime the line with blood, and keep an eye on her vitals.
- Stay with us.
- Come on.
I'm in.
ROSEWATER: Come on, come on, come on, come on.
MICHELLE: How's her BP? Taylor's good, but almost nothing from the driver.
Come on, Tina.
I got an uptick.
- Yeah! - Tina! (UPBEAT MUSIC) Taylor.
Your friend just saved your life.
(GRUNTS) Hey, that should do it, Cap.
Grab the c-collar, and let's get her out of there.
TK: One, two, three.
SINGER: And I've been seeing moments of us Where we're feeling like we're right on the cusp Tina, I'm so sorry.
About everything.
T and T.
Yes, T and T.
SINGER: Bright lights coming at you Been coming at me (LUME'S "EDGE OF MY SEAT") It's making me sit right on the edge of my seat MATEO: Have a good night, Marjan.
You sticking around after a 24-hour shift? Don't you have any friends, Probie? Well, that's the problem.
My academy written exam is this week.
It's hard to study with roommates playing beer pong all night.
Well, I'm sure you'll crush.
Glad someone thinks so.
Every time I've taken it, I've bombed it, so.
Well then, you better bust your ass.
Come on, there ain't nothing to be afraid of.
I promise you'll all have fun.
Yeah, said the wolf to Red Riding Hood.
What are you guys talking about? Well, I host a friendly little game of Texas Hold 'Em with some firefighters from around town, and we had a chair open up for tonight's game, so.
So who's in? TK? I'm good.
I know a rope-a-dope when I see one.
- Strickland.
- Nah, cards bore me.
It's too easy to see everyone's tells.
Also, I crave sleep.
Marwani? Oh, gambling's not really my jam, and don't even ask Probie.
He's gotta study.
Here I thought y'all were my friends.
I'll play.
Unless you don't want me to.
No, it ain't that.
It's just, you know, I don't This really ain't your scene, Cap, that's all.
It's just a bunch of Texas roughnecks talking smack and drinking cheap beer.
I thought it was supposed to be a friendly game, Judd.
It'd be fun to hang out with the locals, play a little cards, and Unless there's some other reason - you don't want me to come.
- No! Let's do it.
Hey, do you have any dried seaweed or kale chips? Sorry, Cap, but rabbit food ain't gonna fly with this bunch.
Hey, babe, the girls are almost here, so I'ma head out.
Whoa! Easy, cowboy.
Captain Strand.
I didn't know you'd be coming.
Neither did I, till an hour ago.
Well, with this crew, you are an even braver man than I thought.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I played no-limit in Atlantic City.
No, but that isn't what you're worried about, is it? Judd, you're not gonna tell the man? Oh, I was gonna tell him, but I just - It wasn't a good time.
- Now's a good time.
How about now? I vote for now.
So my buddy, Billy Tyson, he's a funny guy, he's a great guy, he's coming over, and he hates your guts.
I've never met a Billy Tyson.
All right, so maybe he doesn't hate you, but he hates the idea of you.
So me and him came up in the 126, and then he was on a year-long personal leave when we lost everybody, so he threw his hat in the ring to rebuild the house, you got the job, now he's captain over at 121.
121? Downtown? That's the biggest station in Travis County.
Worked out better for him.
Yeah, you could say that.
So it'll be a little awkward, but probably not personal.
Okay, my Lyft is here.
You're all playing nice, yes? Bye, Captain.
(COUNTRY MUSIC) All right, River's down.
Final bets.
Thanks for dropping a deuce on us, Judd.
I'm out.
Hmm Ronnie, do the smart thing.
Just fold already.
We all know Eileen will have your nuts in a jar if you keep giving me all your money.
YVETTE: Take it easy, Billy.
We don't want all of his hair falling out.
I fold.
Hey, Jim, I know we just met, but it's not too late to fix that.
Fix what? Male pattern baldness does not have to be your destiny.
I have a doctor here, Dr.
All right, let's focus.
Like a hair doctor? Like a hair savior.
Hey, New York, call, raise, or fold.
Raise 600.
Oh, the no-look.
Oh, man, that was cold-blooded.
Careful, Captain.
Wouldn't want you to go spending all your beauty supply money.
Judd tells me this guy's spending more time in front of the mirror than Faith Hill.
(LAUGHTER) Thanks, Judd.
Those weren't exactly my words, but It is kind of a long time.
BILLY: Yeah, me, I don't bother too much with surface-level concerns like appearances.
Yeah, the camo hat made the point for you.
YVETTE: Oh, it's on now.
All right, boys, just, you know, remember we're all friends here.
Speak for yourself, Judd.
You wanna get in the ring with me? What's the saying you Y'all use? Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered? You come off like Cool Hand Luke, but I see you.
Shallower respiration.
Them tiny little beads of sweat above your eyebrows.
You're bluffing.
I'm all in.
I call.
Oh, snap.
BILLY: Flush.
Ace high.
(OWEN LAUGHS) A little something I picked up in Atlantic City.
Squeeze your core, generate a little flop sweat.
Great way to get a workout and take a sucker's money.
Just I don't know about y'all, but I love this guy.
(LAUGHTER) That was poetry, man! Come in.
Sit down.
I made you a nutmeg kiwi smoothie as a token of my appreciation for coming in early.
Thanks, Cap, but you didn't have to do that.
So what'd I screw up? Screw up? Why would you say that? You called me into the principal's office an hour before shift.
I led the league in reprimands back in Miami.
I know the drill.
Relax, you're not in trouble.
Probie is.
His academy exam's coming up.
I heard.
He was like a walking tension headache the other night.
I want you to be his study buddy, on-shift, off-shift, round the clock, till he takes that test.
Like a babysitting detail? Look, you had the highest scores of anybody in this house when you took the test in Miami.
You only missed one question.
That's better than I did.
I appealed that, actually, and they amended it.
Don't gloat.
It's unseemly.
I'm just saying, nobody held my hand when I was a probie.
Chavez is severely dyslexic.
I had him tested when I hired him.
But thanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act, now the department has to let him take it orally.
That's a good thing, right? He still has 300 pages of material to get through.
And that's where I come in.
It's his last shot.
He fails this time, he's out for good.
I'm gonna need a major credit card.
I'm gonna have to make a lot of copies.
Whoo! That's game, baby.
No, it ain't, 'cause you spun! - I did not spin! - Yeah, you did.
- You spun.
- There's no spinning.
- That's house rules.
- Says who? Anybody who respects the game.
Doesn't matter anyway, 'cause you're calling it.
Everybody come take one of these.
What, that's the Austin FD Academy Manual? No.
I memorized that chapter and verse when I was 18.
This isn't a refresher.
It's for the probie.
He has his final academy exam coming up, so everybody has some reading to do.
And what are we gonna do? Teach him by osmosis? Besides, I just started this book.
Probie's dyslexic.
It came up in his interview.
This is his last chance to pass the test before he washes out.
What do you need us to do? Everybody is going to record themselves reading a different section of the manual for him to listen to.
TK, on-the-job scenarios, Paul, mathematics, and Judd, fire science.
No, how come I have to do the boring chemistry part? Because with that drawl, you read the slowest.
All right, I'm gonna need those audio files by end of shift, so everybody warm up those pipes and get reading.
"Sodium is an example of a combustible metal classified as D fuels.
" Hey, Billy.
What are you doing here? (OWEN HOG CALLS) - (LAUGHS) - (SNORTS) You're gonna keep rubbing that one in, huh? To the day I die.
Ain't you two a couple of fast friends.
Yeah, I figured Billy should come down, take a tour of the new house.
Hey, you want a cappuccino before we start? Cappuccino? La dee dah.
Well, just wait till he shows you about all the different kinds of milk.
What, like whole? Skim? I have so much to teach you.
Have fun.
OWEN: Cabinets are all white oak.
Pickled satin finish.
Counters are steel troweled cement.
I'm just impressed you managed to get out that dank-ass mildew smell.
Ooh, it took bleach.
A lot of bleach.
Showers are replaced with Rainheads.
Talk about living on high cotton.
Let me ask you something.
The steel-toed counter Troweled.
Pickled cabinets those make your people any better at taking doors? Running pipes? In my experience, people perform at a higher level when they feel valued.
Then what's that say I can't even get a plumber out to the 121 to fix a man's crapper? That your probie oughta watch a YouTube tutorial.
OWEN: Took a sledgehammer to the walls and let some sun in.
If Captain Braxton could see this now, he would be spinning.
I know an open floor plan isn't traditional, but it allows for a free flow of ideas and communication.
Benefits everybody.
Well, except for the introverts of course.
- What? - Yeah, for them, not having a closed, quiet space leads to stress, confusion.
There was a piece about it in the Economist last month.
OWEN: Oh, I must have missed that.
You read the Economist? Why do you say it like that? 'Cause I'm just a big dumb redneck? - That what you think? - No, no, no.
I didn't mean it like that.
I was just saying (LAUGHS) Y'all coastal elites are just so worried about offending people, you're scared of your own shadow.
I totally got you, New York.
You got me, Texas.
- Is that the Camarillo? - Yeah! - Metal-headed standup.
- Yeah, you know your putters.
So do you, obviously.
Where you play? I haven't had a chance to find a course yet.
Well, you're in luck, 'cause your new buddy just happens to belong to the best country club west of the Brazos.
Billy, I think this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
(SIRENS BLARING) - Help! - Please help! - (CHILDREN CALLING FOR HELP) - (DOG BARKING) - Please, help us! - Help! - Please, we're over here! - Please, we're right here! - Help! - Help, please! GIRL: Help us! Holy mother of Cujo, is that Yeah, it's blood.
Hi, girls.
I'm Captain Strand.
- What's your name? - Gabby, sir.
Well, you're very polite.
And you? Sophia.
We were walking home from the bus stop, and he started chasing us.
All right, you're being very brave.
Just stay there for a minute.
We're gonna come get you, okay? PAUL: What do you think? Extend the ladder, try to scoop him from above? Hey, if y'all give me ten minutes, I can get animal control out here with the tranq gun.
Just hang on a second.
You see, his hackles aren't up.
His ears are down.
You see how he's moving around like that? That's not a scary dog.
That's a dog that's scared.
Nah, it's plenty scary.
All right, when I say so, you guys move around quietly, slowly, and get those kids.
- Not till I tell you.
- Got it.
Cap, what are you (CLICKING TONGUE) How does your dad know so much about dogs? He loves them.
And Cesar Millan.
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
OWEN: Go, go.
Hey, hey.
Oh, I got you.
It's okay.
Hey, come on.
You can come down.
All right.
I got you.
You know you have really big muscles? Trust me, he knows.
Hey, it's okay.
What happened to you? OWEN: Mateo, stay back with those girls.
Everybody else, come with me.
- To where? - He wants us to follow him.
PAUL: Looks like we're doing that Lassie thing.
Yeah, I guess so.
(DOG BARKING) Judd, what the hell is that thing? JUDD: It's a Swather.
It's like cuts your field into rows like a big lawn mower.
OWEN: Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is it? What is it, boy? - Oh.
- Oh.
- Help me! - OWEN: Ladder 126.
We're gonna need you to move to our position ASAP.
Help me! We've got some impalement going on down there.
Help me.
It's okay.
(COUNTRY MUSIC) All right, she's fueled up now.
Should be ready to go.
JUDD: EMS 126, what's your 20? We're walking up now.
Hey, Cap, we're almost ready to roll.
OWEN: Hey, listen.
Just relax.
Team's about to come pull you out.
Still don't know what happened.
The reel jammed.
Tried clearing it, and it rolled right over me.
Somewhere up there, my wife's looking down, shaking her head.
She always used to warn me about doing field work without a buddy.
Well, I think you had one today.
Is he impaled? No, but I think he might be crushed.
We're ready whenever you are, Captain.
Roger that.
OWEN: All right, 126, listen up.
On my count, Judd is gonna raise the header.
I want TK, Marjan, and Paul pull him out.
We're gonna turn him over to medical.
Everybody good? One, two, three.
Easy, Judd! Easy! TK: You're doing great.
- TK: A little more.
TK: Gotcha.
TK: You're doing great.
We'll get the backboard.
- Ready, set.
- One, two.
(GRUNTS) Just slide it forward a little bit.
There he is.
It's okay.
It's okay.
MICHELLE: All right.
Gillian, start an IV.
Fast flow.
Let's get him into shock position.
Hi, I'm Michelle.
We're just gonna take a quick look at you before we get you to the hospital.
He's tachypneic.
Take some deep breaths, okay? - Cap.
- Can you get a distal pulse? Skin's cold to the touch.
MICHELLE: Sir, can you feel this? - I'm touching your shin.
- No, ma'am.
The rest of my leg hurts like hell.
Okay, it's not spinal.
I think this is Compartment Syndrome.
Get me some saline, alcohol, and a scalpel for a fasciotomy.
The swelling's too severe.
It's cutting off the blood flow to your leg, okay? I have to relieve the pressure now, or you're gonna lose it before we get to the hospital.
- Well, then, by all means.
- Push him a mil morphine.
If something happens to me, can one of y'all call my son? Ask him to pick up Peanut.
We promise.
Don't worry, boy.
He's in good hands.
Sir, you should look away for this.
Here we go.
Feel some pressure.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
We're all set, sir.
- Am I gonna keep my leg? - I think so.
(LAUGHS) Wait, wait.
Hey, Peanut.
- (DOG BARKS) - BARNEY: Come here, boy.
Come here, boy.
Oh, that is so not sanitary.
I love you so much! I'd be a goner if it wasn't for you.
Yeah, you would've.
Got yourself a good dog.
Best friend I ever had.
You know this is a hazard, Captain.
(WHISPERING) Don't distract me.
(LAUGHS) If you can't putt under pressure, you're not gonna be able to beat Billy.
(SIGHS) I heard you gave him a tour of the house.
He invited you golfing, didn't he? No, no, no, I just enjoy doing this 'cause I find it to be relaxing.
God What?! Yes.
He invited me to golf, but I haven't swung a club in quite a while, so I'm a little rusty.
Word of advice.
Keep an eye on Billy.
You're saying that I shouldn't trust him with our score card? (SMALL LAUGH) I'm saying he can be a little bit slippery.
I know what you're doin'.
Oh? Do tell.
You're poisoning the well of a potential friendship.
And why would I do that? OWEN: You really gonna make me say it? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
He told me you guys used to have a thing.
Who said I was the one scorned? Just be careful.
Thing about Billy He likes to win a little too much.
That makes two of us.
(GROANS) JUDD: All listen, up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
The ignition temperature of barium's 550 degrees Celsius, bismuth, 735 degrees Celsius, butane, 405 degrees Celsius.
Good God, how many of these are there? TK: During a fire in a high rise, firefighters may relocate occupants to another part of the building known as BOTH: "Safe area of refuge.
" PAUL: Back Pressure or Head Pressure is measured in pounds per square inch, PSI.
Come on.
(ALARM BLARING) MARJAN: When taking an infant's pulse, first responders should always start with the brachial artery.
Pop quiz, Probie.
Roughly 350 gallons just came out of that hydrant.
So how many pounds of water are running down the street right now? Come on, bro, tell me you know how much a gallon of water weighs.
- Nope.
- I'm high strung PAUL: Water weighs 8.
33 pounds per gallon.
It's 2,915.
How many feet in one section of an inch and a half hose? 40.
No, 50 50 feet.
- TK: There we go, there we go.
- What becomes difficult to ignite when the moisture content - goes above what percent? - 15? - Are you asking, you telling? - Telling! JUDD: Ooh JUDD: Paper 218 to 245 degrees Celsius.
Phosphorous 34 degrees Celsius.
TK: The range of an aerial ladder platform is 85 to 100 feet.
The telescoping aerial ladder is BOTH: 50 to 100 feet.
- Gah - Shh! Medical technique to remove an object from the throat.
- Abdominal thrust.
- At which phase of the fire - is evidence collected? - Overhaul phase.
The pressure you pump to the tip of - a 2-1/2-inch spray nozzle.
- 75 psi.
Ignition point of magnesium.
473 degrees Celsius.
Or 883 degrees Fahrenheit.
- PAUL: Mm.
- We ain't goin' out MARJAN: Don't be smart Probie.
BILLY: Now, this hole's a little longer than it looks.
It's, uh, about 35 to the pin.
But wind's comin' back at us today, so you're probably gonna need 8-iron? What, you a caddy now? I'll get there with a 9.
Go get 'em, tiger.
(LIGHTLY EDGY MUSIC) BILLY: Nice shot, New York.
OWEN: (WHISTLES) Lucky shot, Texas.
That'll do.
OWEN: Judd told me you took a year's leave from the firehouse.
How could you stand it? Judd's got loose lips.
Well, forget I mentioned it.
I was just thinkin'.
Wondering what it would be like if I had to take some time off.
Pure, unadulterated hell.
I had thyroid cancer.
It was lookin' bleak for a minute but, uh, I nuked it chemo.
I'm not a prayin' man, but I said, "Lord, give me full remission or give me death.
" Twice divorced, no kids.
I mean, without the job, what's the point, right? Damndest thing is if I hadn't gotten cancer, I'da died that night on the rig with the rest of the boys from 126.
So, in a funny way, might've been the best thing that ever happened to me.
MARJAN: Combustible metals are classified as what type of fuel Class B, D, F, or K? D.
No, K.
Or is it B? Class B.
MARJAN: Is that your final answer? Yep.
For sure.
(PEN SCRAPING) It's Class D.
Class B are for flammable liquid fires.
MATEO: I'm so screwed.
It's like I wake up and it's all gone.
MARJAN: That's not how brains work, Probie.
Do me a favor and just don't think.
Say the first thing that pops into your head, okay? Ready? BTU of paper.
12,500 to 1,500.
Example of reactive gas.
- Argon.
- (PEN SCRAPES PAPER) Okay, see, it's all still in there.
You just freak out every time I ask in the form of multiple choice.
Why? Seeing that test knowing what could happen if I fail That you wash out? You can't put that kind of pressure on yourself.
That I get deported.
- What? - Yeah.
I'm a Dreamer.
My parents brought me here when I was two.
I didn't even know I didn't have an American birth certificate until I was 17.
Look, my DACA status is up for renewal, and if I don't pass this test, I won't have a job or any employable skills.
(SOFT MUSIC) I don't know what I'll do if they kick me out.
So, yeah I'm feelin' the pressure.
(SNIFFLES) Memento mori.
It's a trick I learned from the stoics.
Whenever you get stressed, just remind yourself that soon you're gonna die anyway.
Everybody will.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? When you're in fight or flight mode, you can't think clearly at the same time.
If you can convince your brain that none of it really matters anyway, then you'll basically be a Jedi.
(LAUGHS) Well, as long as it's old-school Obi-Wan and not that weak-ass Qui-Gon Jinn.
Yeah, I have no idea what any of that means.
But I am gonna be in there with you by your side the whole time.
(SOFT MUSIC) Marjan? Thank you.
Hey it's what friends are for.
(MELLOW INSTRUMENTALS) Keep smilin' Keep shinin' Know when you can always Well, I guess this is the end of the road.
Joe, you were one hell of an angler and the best damn friend a fella could ask for.
Clint, you wanna say a few words? We miss the hell outta you, buddy.
See ya on the flip.
"See you on the flip"? That's all you got? I was friends with the man for 37 years.
He knows how I feel.
(SNEEZES, COUGHS) Don't gimme that look, Vernon.
Dragged my ass out here with a temperature of 1001.
Shame on you.
It was Joe's dyin' wish to spread his ashes at his favorite spot - where he caught - Caught the 19-pound largemouth.
I know.
Could it not have waited until June? - It's colder'n a witch's ti - Language! Show some respect.
I wasn't about to let our friend spend three months in a plastic bag.
Well, in the name of all things holy, let's do this.
(PLASTIC RUSTLES) Now what? I thought it was supposed to be ashes.
Why's it chunky? It's cremains.
It ain't powdered sugar.
There's pieces of teeth and bones and probably some metal in there from Joe's bum knee.
"Cremains"? Don't tell me you're gettin' squeamish.
I-I-I just didn't know it'd be chunky.
Aw, Hell.
Give it here.
You big baby.
(COUGHING, GAGGING) - (GASPING) - Clint! Ya all right? Okay, sir, who is Joe, and what part of your friend is he chokin' on? I don't know we were spreadin' his ashes out at Lake Travis, and the wind shifted and Clift inhaled a whole cloud of it.
- VERNON: He can't breathe! - Okay, sir, what part of Lake Travis are you on? VERNON: We're at the Cypress foot bridge at the northeast end of the lake.
Ooh, okay.
Help is on the way, sir, but it's gonna take 'em a minute.
In the meantime, I need you to take your friend and turn him on his left side.
Put your ear next to his mouth.
- Okay yeah.
- Can you hear or feel - any air coming out? - Barely.
It's like he's clogged up! - Come on, buddy.
- (WHEEZING) - Come on, spit it out! - Are you hitting him - in the back? - Yes, ma'am.
That could make the ash settle deeper.
- Is your friend an asthmatic? - No, but I think - he's got the flu.
- If his airways were already compromised, the ash could cause - his windpipe to close up.
- Oh, God.
He's turnin' blue, he's turnin' blue! Okay, remain calm.
We're gonna make a hot compress to open up his airways.
Do you have a towel - or a sweatshirt? - Uh, I think so.
- In my truck.
- All right.
I need you to wet it in the lake - and get it as hot as you can.
- How'm I gonna do that? I'm here in the middle of nowhere! Don't worry.
I have an idea, okay? Start your truck and let it idle.
- (ENGINE TURNS, REVS) - I want you to wrap the wet towel around the tailpipe until it steams.
Be careful not to breathe in any fumes.
Okay, it's steamin'.
What do I do? Press it directly onto his chest.
Come on, please.
Hey Hey, I-I-I think it's workin'.
Come on, Cliff, breathe! - Breathe! - (GAGS) (VERNON LAUGHING) Hey, Cliff! Ya all right, buddy? I almost just died, and I'm soppin' wet.
I got a mouthful of cremains.
What do you think? (VERNON LAUGHS) (GAGGING, COUGHING) - (COUGHING CONTINUES) - Is your friend okay? VERNON: Yeah, he's bustin' to fight.
I think he's back to normal.
GRACE: Well, he is lucky you were there.
You are a great friend, sir.
Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna be getting the meat sweats tonight.
Get at this, Captain? Have at it.
You ain't worried about your girlish figure? Looks like a poker table isn't the only table I can run you off of.
What are you doin'? You can't smoke that in here.
Why not? Do it all the time.
What are they gonna do, call the fire marshal? I was in his wedding.
Hmm? Mm, no.
I don't smoke cigars.
Well, that's probably because you haven't had the right one.
See, this here is a Cuban Cohiba.
One of the finest in the world.
Go ahead.
Give it a whiff.
(JAZZY MUSIC PLAYING) Nicaraguan leaves.
Aged two years.
In Spanish sherry barrels.
I know.
Thought you didn't like cigars.
I don't like 'em.
I love 'em.
Well, then, fire one up, my friend.
I've got lung cancer.
Oh, uh damn.
I'm sorry as hell to hear that, Owen.
That's why I was so curious about how you were handling the idea of maybe having to hang up your helmet.
Well, it is a gut check, for sure.
But you'll pass the test too.
Don't worry about it.
- When do you start treatment? - Already have.
Hold on.
You're doin' chemo - Mm-hmm.
- On the job.
- What are you, Hercules? - Ha.
Almost passed out doin' bench presses the other day.
Yeah, I have to sneak off to puke every now and then, but I'm gettin' through it.
You know what that makes you, Owen? What does that make me, Billy? - My damn hero.
- (LAUGHING) Deep breaths, Probie.
You okay? Yeah.
I think I'm gonna vomit.
- Oh - No, no, no, no, no.
I-it's passing.
I'm good.
- You sure? - Yeah.
I think.
Hey, look at me.
This is the easy part.
You've done the work.
Just stay present, listen to my voice, and I promise you, the answers'll pop right into your head.
Remember, in a hundred years, no one'll care what happens anyway.
Okay, it's go time.
Shoulders back.
Head held high.
We got this.
Say it - We got this.
- Mm-hmm.
Ma'am, you'll have to - wait outside.
- What are you talking about? I have to read his exam to him.
We don't allow firefighters from the same house to proctor each other It's Academy policy.
- But in Miami, I - This isn't Miami, sweetheart.
Besides, he's more accustomed to my dulcet tones than yours anyhow.
You know this guy? He was my old captain.
(WHISPERS) He sucks! Style points for creativity, though.
Nobody's ever played the Disability Act card to retread their exam.
Memento mori.
(CHAIR SCRAPES) Is the temperature okay for you? Can I get you a coffee, one of those fizzy waters? No, thanks, I'm I'm okay.
It's called sarcasm, Einstein.
(UNEASY MUSIC) (TICKING) Question one.
You guys are here? On your day off? Well, we may not be on a shift, but we never take a day off from being the 126.
Yeah, so if it's good news, we'll go get some beers, and if it's bad news, uh, we'll go drink some whiskey.
TK: Or mineral water.
Some of will be having mineral water either way.
- So how'd it go? - That guy was a total dick.
He tried to make me feel like a idiot with every question.
I mean, my face got all hot and everything started getting all blurry.
That's a bunch-a BS, Probie.
We can contest the results.
That's probably not a good idea, Cap.
I kinda told him we'd be dead soon.
Whoa! That is dark, Probie.
That's what Marjan taught me.
Monumental Moriarty, right? You mean like the Sherlock Holmes guy? I think some parts might have got lost in translation.
- Did it help? - Hell, yeah.
- I got a 92%.
- What? - Whoa! - My man! That's what I'm talkin' about.
Good job.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you, Cap.
It was all because of you, Marjan.
No, it was because of you, Mateo.
Hey, you called me Mateo.
Shh, don't ruin it.
(LAUGHTER, CHATTER) (PHONE BUZZES) This is Captain Strand.
Oh, hello.
Uh, I can be there in an hour.
All right.
Who was that? Deputy Fire Chief Radford.
Deputy Chief Radford.
What's going on? Captain Strand, thanks for comin' in on your day off.
New York.
ALDEN: Captain Tyson and I are old buddies, and he happened to mention to me at the club how much he admired you fighting through your, uh, cancer diagnosis.
He did, did he? BILLY: Yeah, sorry, bud.
I didn't know you hadn't told him.
You seem like such an above-the-board guy.
- Likewise.
- ALDEN: So it's true? Yeah.
ALDEN: Okay, what you've done in a short time with the 126 has been very impressive.
Throw in everything you've been dealing with, it's miraculous.
- Thank you.
- But I'm concerned.
Captain Tyson has told me about these fainting spells - and you getting sick on calls? - OWEN: That's an exaggeration.
I've been dealing with this for months without a complaint.
But it's not just your safety that I'm concerned about.
If your fitness is in any way compromised, that puts your crew and the public at risk.
Hey, there's no shame in takin' a break.
I sat out for a year.
Now I run the 121.
Look at Tiger finally took time off to heal, came back, won the Masters.
Yeah, well, I don't need a break.
Look, I'm as fit as anybody in this department to serve.
- I wanna believe that, Captain.
- I'll prove it.
How? Gotta run the CPAT.
Only I'll do it in full PPEs.
You're gonna do the entire Cadet Physical Ability test with an extra 75 of equipment on your back? 25-year-olds in peak condition can't do that.
Well, then there'll be no doubt, will there? I guess you've earned that chance.
But if you don't pass, I'm afraid that I'm gonna have to classify you as unfit for field duty.
You just set a date and a time.
I'll be there.
All right.
You'll be hearing from my office.
And I am sorry for having to drop this on you like this.
You'll be in my prayers.
Thank you, Deputy Chief.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) CPAT in full protective gear.
Good luck with that.
OWEN: Hey, Texas.
"Please" would be nice.
But I don't suppose they care about manners - where you come from.
- What the hell was that? Some elaborate grudge play? I promise you, ain't nothin' personal.
Opportunity arose, and I took it.
You already captain one of the biggest stations in Austin.
What the hell are you throwin' rocks at me for? 'Cause unlike you, pretty boy, I don't give a damn about the limelight or Goop Magazine or being on the 10:00 news.
All I ever cared about was the 126.
And now you wanna destroy it.
You think this is the 126? It is not.
That was the 126.
That's more'n just a bunch of faces and names.
That's my best friend.
My mentor.
And Harkes.
Harkes was a smart-ass, but I loved him anyway.
This is hallowed ground to me.
With all due respect to your brothers, the 126 is bigger than them.
There's a new team now.
My team.
Well, we'll see how long they last - after I get your job.
- Ah - there it is.
- There it is.
You want my job? Come and take it.
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh oh oh oh Bad things are comin' this way Get down on your knees and pray Best of you may be fightin' Better start runnin' Bad things are comin'
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