9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

Child Care

1 Ugh, gross.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? I live here.
Who are you? Jenni.
Jenni with an I.
With an O.
What's going on down here? I thought I heard a scream.
You heard a few of those last night.
Believe me, we all did.
The walls are very thin around here.
Uh, that's my ride.
Oh I had fun.
Don't judge me.
No judgment.
Just disappointment.
What, just because I wanted a little personal interaction? You've been personally interacting every night this week.
You are exaggerating.
And by the way, I don't think that's very sex-positive of you.
I'm not exaggerating.
And I'm not the only one.
Like, you know people at the firehouse are starting to call you One Night Strand? How would they even know that? If I keep a secret, I bloat.
Yeah, fine.
I don't have any secrets.
You know what? I'm not ashamed, either.
No one thinks you should feel ashamed.
We all know where this is coming from.
Oh, yeah? Where's it coming from? Pain.
You got pain, Cap.
Emotional pain.
Why do I feel another intervention coming on? We all saw it, okay? You with Gwyn at the reopening with that adorable child.
The adorable child you thought was yours, but totally isn't.
And now you're acting like a child, you know, to drown the pain.
- And now you're pushing it.
- I'm just saying.
I get you wanna find a connection with someone new, but that's not gonna be with some fresh kill that you drag home from a singles bar.
I don't know, we made a pretty good connection last night.
Oh, really? What do you know about her? That she likes vodka tonic and The Cure.
- And she's Jeanie.
- Jenni.
- Really? - With an I.
Something we can help you with? I'm looking for Mr.
Judson Ryder.
Yeah, he should be around here somewhere.
Yeah, he's the big guy in the back reading the paper.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me? Excuse me, Mr.
Ryder? Yeah.
My name is Wyatt.
Uh, Wyatt Wyatt Harris.
Oh, Wyatt.
You used to kinda run around with Garrity's little brother, right? No.
No, sir.
I-I don't know who that is.
What can I do for you? Well, I was actually hoping I could have a moment or two of your time.
In private.
Sure, come on.
Sir, it's come to my attention that, uh You're a lot taller than I expected.
Uh, okay, well, there's no easy way to say this, but I think I think you're my father.
Wow - Hi, Grace.
- Hi, guys! - Hey! - I know.
- Can I take her? - Yep.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
I didn't know y'all were coming.
Well, um, we thought it might be nice to surprise you.
Well, this day is turning out to be full of surprises.
Wyatt, this is Grace, this is my wife, this is our daughter Charlie.
Grace, this is Wyatt.
Nice to meet you, Wyatt.
You too, Mrs.
Well, I guess I will leave you guys be, then.
Ryder, maybe we can talk about this some other time.
No, I'll tell you what, why don't you stay right here? We'll talk about it right now.
Are you sure? Yeah, I don't keep secrets from my wife.
Baby, what's going on? Wyatt seems to be under the misapprehension that, uh I'm his daddy.
Excuse me? Hang on, we're about to clear all that up.
Because I think that if I'd gotten somebody around here in trouble over the last 20 years, I'd know about it.
Wyatt, what's your mom's name? Marlene.
Marlene Harris.
I don't know no Marlene.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
Pretty sure she didn't get your name either.
She's a barrel racer.
Always told me she met my dad at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in 2005.
Here, this is what she looked like back then.
I don't know.
Uh, could be 2005.
I don't know.
I don't know.
What How-how did y'all draw my name out of the hat? I didn't DNA-OK did.
It's this genetic ancestry site.
It's pretty remarkable, actually.
I mean, they've even used it to catch serial killers.
I ain't no serial killer.
And I also don't have my DNA on some website.
Yeah, you do.
Remember, after we got engaged, we wanted to learn more about our family trees? I had you spit in that tube.
Listen, I am not trying to blow up anyone's life or anything.
I don't want any money.
My mom, she doesn't even know I'm here right now.
You know what? It's probably a mistake coming here like this.
I r I really do appreciate your time.
Alright, thank you.
- Wyatt.
- Ma'am? Do you have a number or some way we can contact you? Yeah.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Alright.
- Grace - We'll talk about this at home.
Okay, little miss.
Do you want Otto or Bun-Bun tonight? Can't you just sleep with me instead? I don't want Mr.
Whispers keeping me up.
Then you'll just have to tell him to go to sleep, too.
He never listens.
Well, Daddy and I are just down the hall.
If Mr.
Whispers bugs you, you just look into that camera right there and you call us, okay? Okay, then I'll take Bun-Bun.
Good night, Katie.
Sleep tight.
Good night, Mommy.
Not tonight, Mr.
Wake up.
It's time to play.
I'm too tired.
I got you a present.
A present, really? Uh-huh.
Where is it? Look behind your curtains.
What are these for? Those for having fun.
- Don't you like having fun? - Yeah.
Then do exactly what I say.
Alright, Gallagher, Frakes, you're on the ladder venting the roof.
The rest of you, grab the one-by-one, you're going inside.
Yeah, Cap.
Alright, we're going upstairs, y'all take the main level.
- Roger that.
- Let's go, let's go! Marwani, we got two bodies right here.
Okay, got it.
We need hands to grab 'em, to get 'em outta here.
We need to keep moving close to the source.
Ma'am, can you hear me? Let's go.
Two, three.
Cap, we got two patients.
Tell EMS we're bringing 'em out right now.
Copy that.
How's everybody else doing in there, Bravo team? First floor's clear.
Heading out.
Good work.
Keep it up.
Ryder? It's hotter than a burnin' stump up here, Cap.
We're movin' as fast as we can.
If you think it's gonna flashover, you get out of there.
Hey, over here.
Over here! Watch your step.
- Alright, keep it steady.
- You good? They're both unresponsive, but breathing.
Thanks, we'll take it from here.
Watch it.
Pull 'em up.
Nice and easy, gentlemen.
- Got it.
- Great.
Get 'em on 02 and LIFEPAKs.
Blood pressure's low, but heart rate is holding.
She's steady for now, Cap.
Sir, can you feel that? That morphine would be great right now.
- Copy.
- You've been in a fire, but you are okay.
Where is she? Where's Katie? Alright.
Try not to move.
Your wife, she's right there.
No, no, no.
Where's my daughter? Katie.
Where's my daughter? Where's your daughter's bedroom? Bravo team, we have a six-year-old girl who maybe upstairs, her name is Katie.
Bedroom closest to delta wall.
We're on it, Cap.
Yo, it's hot.
Everybody stand back! One, two, three! Captain Strand, we've got fire in the attic.
It's spreading fast, moving on to the rafters.
Katie! Katie! Katie, we're firefighters! Call out if you can hear us! Need an update.
We're in her room, but we don't see her.
Look under the bed and in the closet.
Katie! Katie! Hey Cap, structure's not gonna hold much longer.
Abandon your equipment and evacuate now.
Structure is unsound.
No, we're not leaving a little girl behind! Strickland, you copy? Yeah, Cap.
I want you and Ward to remove Judd from the scene.
I don't care if it means you drag him out.
Charlie is not losing her daddy tonight.
Hey! Hey! You heard the man.
We gotta go! You guys go, but I'm staying! Hell, we-we gotta go! Judd! - Judd! - Katie! I know that, uh, last night's call it was a tough one, but, um I just spoke the arson investigator and there were no remains found in the house.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
So you're saying that girl got out of there? That's what they're telling me.
- Praise God.
- See, there.
Aren't you glad you didn't get flame-broiled trying to save a bunch of dollies, man? Yeah, and thank you for dragging my ass up out of there, too.
- Any time, player.
- Wait, Cap.
If she wasn't in there, then where is she? APD is treating it as a possible abduction.
But when they find her, just know that she will have a family to come home to, it's 'cause you guys.
- Hello.
- Can I help you, officer? We're canvassing the neighborhood asking if anyone saw anything suspicious last night.
- Is it about the fire? - Mm-hmm.
Did they find the Conrads' little girl yet? - No, not yet.
- It's horrible.
Have you noticed any vehicles lately that you didn't recognize parked or cruising the street? No.
I passed out on the couch at 8:00.
Sorry, I didn't see anything.
Well, what about this? This is a door cam footage taken across the street from Katie's house the night of the fire.
Just after the fire started at 12:38 a.
Katie walks right out of the front door.
Yeah, the point of origin was the child's bedroom.
We already know she started the fire.
Here comes the most interesting part.
More interesting than a seven-year-old arsonist? - There.
See that? - See what? - She's running away.
- There.
It doesn't look like she's running away from something.
It looks like she's running to something.
Like she was seeing someone she knew just off-camera.
Well, she didn't drive herself out of the neighborhood.
What do you think, she knew her abductor? Yes.
And that person convinced her to set the fire.
It's an interesting theory.
I'm happy to start running checks on friends and family, see if anybody throws a red flag.
I appreciate the initiative, officer, but I think I got this.
So if you could leave all your canvassing notes before you go.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Howdy, howdy.
Did you get inspired? Did Charlie already go down? - You just missed her.
- Hmm.
I guess I'll try to see her when you feed her at 2:00.
Baby, just real quick, I'm just gonna grab a beer.
No, Judd, can you step off the floor, please? - Yeah - Just stay out of the kitchen for a second.
I'm sorry, um, I just mopped all of this.
Can't keep anything clean in this house with you in it.
You wanna talk about this? Give it to me straight.
What are the odds that you're that boy's father? They ain't zero.
Now, that was a long time ago.
And I was very different then.
Were you? Hell, I wasn't even me till I met you.
Judd, I know you had a past before we met.
I know I shouldn't be mad.
But I am, Judd.
And I can't help it.
That's fair.
It's not fair.
Who's it fair to? It's not fair to you.
You didn't know you had a son out there.
That kid had to grow up without his dad.
It's not fair to him.
It's not fair to me.
It's not fair to our daughter.
From the day I met you, Judd, all I wanted to do was have children with you.
A family.
And I find out you have I know it's not rational, I don't need anybody to tell me.
But I can't barely look at you.
Don't say that to me, Grace.
Whatev Whatever happens, it ain't gonna affect our family.
Yes, it is.
It's okay, baby, mommy's comin'.
So I just wanted you to know that I heard you the other day, I mean, really heard you, so I'm gonna take your advice and I'm gonna make a connection before I make a connection.
- I'm proud of you, Cap.
- Right? So there's this girl, Becky from Round Rock.
She's beautiful.
She's smart.
She likes hiking and college football.
Is she younger? Yes.
But not by decades.
- That's great.
- Right? And so we've been texting all day.
And what does it mean when she sends me a video game controller and a movie camera? It means she wants a video of your junk.
Um, Cap, how exactly did you meet this person? On a, on a, on a dating app.
A dating app? That's what you got out of our conversation, that you should join a dating app? - Which app? - Plow.
Plow? Cap! No! Plow's a garbage app.
Look, Becky from Round Rock could be Boris from Moscow trying to blackmail you.
You know, I knew it was weird that she wanted to know the names of all my childhood pets.
You need to change all of your passwords immediately.
Look, if you wanna use a dating app, you can't be using one of these bottom feeders.
You think Ben Affleck would be caught dead on Plow? What would Ben Affleck be caught dead on? - He's on Ascent.
- What's Ascent? It's an app for all the VIP's and movie stars.
Channing Tatum's on it.
So's Drew Barrymore.
Well they don't need a dating app.
A dating app for people who don't need dating apps.
I love it! How do I sign up? Sign up? You can't sign up for Ascent.
You gotta get invited.
Okay, well, how do I get invited? You can't.
Look, you need a celebrity or an influencer with millions of followers to vouch for you.
How many millions? This fattoush salad is out of control.
Now, where did you learn how to make all this Lebanese food? Oh, I've been a fan of Levantine food for years.
He watched like nine YouTube cooking videos today.
That's so sweet.
You didn't have to go through all that trouble.
Oh, no, he did.
No trouble.
It was no trouble at all.
I-I just realized that I'd been remiss in not inviting the one person who saved the 126 to break bread or gluten-free pita and say thank you.
So what's the ask? There's no ask.
He wants you to get him on Ascent.
I I was getting to that.
Ascent, like the dating app? - Mateo says you're on it.
- Yeah.
I mean, I never really use it, but it's fun to see who's on there.
So would you put in a good word for me? We're talking about my street cred here.
You know, you rate your dates on the app.
So if I get you on there and you go all One Night Strand on someone, that-that could blow back on me.
That is a very hurtful moniker.
Marj, come on, have some mercy on him, okay? - He's desperate.
- Yeah Uh Uh, I'm not desperate.
I mean, John Cusack's on the app.
I'm cooler than John Cusack.
Way cooler.
Well, John Cusack now.
You get me on there, no kitchen duty for two weeks.
Bribery? I thought you knew me better than that.
Okay, no kitchen duty for two months.
- Done.
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Have you seen Detective Washington? No, I'm sorry.
What are you doing? Nothing, I was just straightening the clutter.
Oh, there's no clutter.
That's my system.
I was just leaving, uh this.
I pulled up all the traffic cam within two miles of Katie Conrad's home around the time of the fire.
Um, I've been running plates.
Got through about a third of them.
That must have taken hours.
It's no trouble.
I've been doing it on my own time.
There's a note in there explaining everything.
I'll just get out of your way.
Officer Reyes.
Why don't you come have a seat? Come on.
So I've been doing some digging into that theory of yours that Katie knew her abductor.
You agree? I do and I don't.
Katie had a nanny cam in her room.
It was destroyed in the fire.
But we pulled the footage that was stored on the cloud.
Take a look at this.
Katie? Katie? Wake up.
It's time to play.
Not tonight, Mr.
But don't you wanna play with me? I got you a present.
She-she talked about Mr.
I thought it was her imaginary friend.
How Well, it seems someone hacked into your nanny cam.
Do you recognize that voice? - No.
- No, no.
I've never heard it before in my life.
Whoever this is took our daughter? It's likely, yes.
Do you ever share your Wi-Fi passwords with anyone? Friends, neighbors, maybe workers at the house? Yeah, sure.
We, uh, we redid our kitchen, our master bath last year.
We gave it out to the whole crew.
Troy, we have the password written on the router.
We have parties, people over all the time.
I wouldn't even know where to start.
Start with the first name you can remember and go from there.
Conrad? Do you remember when Katie first mentioned her imaginary friend? I don't know, but He'd been talking to her for months.
What you thinkin' on so hard? Kids growing up without their daddies, I guess.
And somehow they make do.
You're gonna get a paternity test, right? Tommy, if I did it would just be a formality.
That kid's mine.
Well, how can you be so sure? Because I am.
Well, Gracie says you don't ever remember even meeting the Okay, well, then that's not quite accurate.
Well, hang on now.
I remember what happened.
I remember how she made me feel.
Was she special to you? She was for one night.
It was yeah.
She was the prettiest thing you ever saw on a quarter horse.
And she had just won, uh, - first prize in the barrel race.
- Mm.
And she came strutting into this bar where me and my brothers Sam and Nate were at, we were just getting drunk.
She walks right up to me and grabbed me by my bolo tie.
Oh She pulled me out to the parking lot, and, you know, I'm 22 years old with a mouth full of marbles going, "Okay.
" How am I supposed to say no? Hell, I don't know if I would have said no.
And, uh, protection wasn't a thing.
She was older, so I figured she had that taken care of.
Oh, yeah, you really were a dumb kid.
I thought I had a few more years before I screwed up this whole being a daddy thing.
You didn't screw up a thing.
But you are gonna do what's right.
The problem is, how do I do this right without hurting the woman I love? Aah.
This is the one that's loose.
Oh, wow! Katie-cat, I see it.
- You know what this means? - What? Somebody is gonna get a visit from the tooth fairy.
This is the one that's loose.
Oh, wow! Katie-cat, I see it.
- Oh! - Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
You're not the scary one.
Baby, it's 3:00 in the morning.
Will you come back to bed? Uh Not sure I could sleep even if I did.
This is This is kind of terrifying.
Scoot over.
What exactly are we looking for? Anything that can help us identify who might be behind this.
How do we know it's not just some Russian hackers? Hackers don't usually kidnap children, especially without a ransom demand.
You'll see, this feels different.
Are you sure I'm allowed, Mr.
Whispers? Of course, you are.
It'll be fun.
I don't know.
Do what I say.
That's a good girl.
That is so messed up.
He's grooming her.
And the itsy-bitsy spider Went up the spout again Very nice, Katie-cat.
Thank you.
Who are you talking to, honey? Mr.
Okay, well, tell Mr.
Whispers it's bedtime.
Okay, Mommy.
Good night, Mr.
and she lived happily ever after.
Can we read another one? - It's gonna be fun.
- Do you like it? That's a good girl.
Sleep in here tonight.
Just until you fall asleep.
- I don't know.
- Katie, do what I say.
What are you still doing up? Good night, Mr.
What a cute little rabbit, Katie-cat.
Who Who said that? I did, silly.
Who are you? My name is Mr.
Whispers, and we're gonna be best friends.
What a cute little rabbit, Katie-cat.
Oh, my God! What? What? What? I think I know who did this.
Don't forget to pour some for your guests too, Katie-cat.
Sorry, Otto.
Sorry, Bun-Bun.
Her name is Danica Hendry.
She was Katie's nanny until last year.
The Conrads said she moved out of state to be with family during the pandemic.
She did.
Until she rented an apartment in Austin two months ago, the same time the voice started on the nanny cam, and she's the only person who calls Katie "Katie-cat.
" Her accomplice must have picked it up from her.
There's an accomplice now? Well, the voice on the nanny cam is a male voice.
Except it's not.
Digital Forensics just sent this to me.
The unsub was using an audio filter.
This is what we heard.
Katie? Katie? Wake up.
It's time to play.
And this is without the filter.
Katie? Katie? Wake up.
It's time to play.
That's her.
I'll see if forensics can make a match.
I wouldn't wait for that.
Officer Reyes, I'm gonna need more than a lady's voice on a nanny cam to get a judge to issue a warrant.
There's also this.
Remember the traffic cams I pulled? Mm-hmm.
This is Danica Hendry's jeep leaving Katie's neighborhood two minutes after the fire started.
Austin PD! Anyone here? Quick, check the back room.
Go, go, go, on your right! Move, move, move.
This is the police.
Show yourself if you're here.
Closet's clear.
- Check under this bed.
- This room's clear.
No sign of anyone.
Bedroom's clear.
House is clear.
We must have just missed Danica.
Stuff in the dry rack is still wet.
Wherever Danica went, she took Katie with her.
She was here.
That's the rabbit from the video.
I want two unmarked units on this house in case they come back and put an Amber Alert on Danica's jeep.
Let's just hope we didn't miss our chance.
Don't cry, sweetie.
You're getting ice cream for dinner.
I don't want ice cream.
I want my mommy.
I'm going to be your mommy now.
Remember? What can I get you? Can we get two sundaes with Chocolate or caramel, honey? Chocolate.
Extra sprinkles.
I wanna go home.
Shut up! Just shut up! I have been wanting to come to this restaurant since I got into town, I can't believe you got a table so easily.
My boss comes here all the time.
They never know if I'm making a reservation for him or myself.
Your boss being the governor of Texas.
That's right.
Well, so Deputy Chief of Staff, that must be really exciting.
If your idea of excitement is red-lining speeches about stagflation.
Bet you put out more fires a day than I do.
So I always imagine the world of politics to be really smart people walking briskly down corridors, talking real fast and all sort of sounding alike.
I-I don't know about smart, but there are definitely some fast talkers.
- Oh, Amber Alert.
- Wow.
Something wrong? No, it's related to a call we had recently.
It was an arson and the girl went missing.
- I heard about that case.
- Yeah.
Poor thing.
I hope they get her back safe.
Me too.
So your profile says you like hot yoga, Art Deco, and Scorsese? So do I.
We like the same things.
- I mean, what are the odds? - Pretty decent, actually.
Ascent has the best algorithm on the market.
So what's your favorite Scorsese movie? I know this sounds sacrilegious, but probably Wolf of Wall Street.
I love Wolf of Wall Street.
- You do? - Oh, yeah.
And we're supposed to say Raging Bull or Taxi Driver, - but those movies are so - Grim.
Did that just happen? I believe it did.
Wolf just has style.
- Yeah, and swagger.
- Yes.
Yes, so much swagger.
I If it weren't for Matthew McConaughey stinking it up, it would be the perfect movie.
You don't like Matthew McConaughey? Let's just say I am not a fan.
Oh, God, he's-he's not like your golfing buddy or something, is he? No, no, no.
I mean, that would be awesome.
He's the finest actor of his generation.
Oh! You're-you're serious.
Uh, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.
- Eh, it's all subjective.
- Hmm.
That's what makes a horse race.
Have you seen Dallas Buyers Club? I tried twice.
It's just like, we get it, dude.
You only ate one can of tuna every day for a month.
I I just find his acting a little pretentious.
Well, if by pretentious, you mean absolutely not pretentious at all.
I mean, the man is the antithesis of pretentious.
He's genuine.
Why? Because he says, "Alright, alright, alright," and he plays the bongos naked? - Partly.
- Pure shtick.
I know what this is all about.
- You You do? - Yeah.
You're scared he's gonna run for governor.
And then you and your boss would be out of a job.
You know, based on tonight, I think he might have my vote.
Sounds like he had it before.
No, no, no.
I would never have voted for him because that would have only corrupted him and take him off the screen.
Since you put it that way, he might have my vote.
Okay! What can I get for you? - Just the check.
- Just the check, please.
But you haven't ordered anything.
I just wanna say one thing more before you go.
Hey, bad dates happen.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna blast you on the app or anything.
Thank you.
No, I was just gonna say Have you seen the first season of True Detective, because if you don't like him in that, then I Goodbye, Owen.
Hey! I'm gonna take your car.
What the hell? Hey! Call the cops, he is stealing my car! Get out of the way or get in.
What? I I'm calling 9-1-1.
Put 'em on speaker.
You think this is funny? This is kidnapping.
That's kidnapping.
This is carjacking.
That's the jeep from the Amber Alert.
I need you to hold the phone up.
What's your emergency? Yeah, this is Captain Owen Strand, AFD.
I'm an active pursuit of a vehicle matching the description in the Katie Conrad Amber Alert.
It's a red jeep headed northbound on Houston.
Copy that, Captain Strand.
APD is en route.
I think they may be headed for the freeway.
I'll relay to APD.
Do not attempt to confront the suspect at this time.
I'll try.
- You'll try? - You better buckle up.
I want my mommy.
- Oh! - I told you! I'm your mommy now.
Did you see that? We're not waiting for APD.
Hang on.
What the hell is wrong with you? I have my daughter in the car.
That's not your daughter.
Get away from the car.
Oh, my God.
Drop that knife! Go check on the kid.
Honey, are you okay? I wanna go home.
Oh, you will soon, I promise.
I need you to come with me, okay? You're safe now.
Hands! Let's see your hands! - Captain Strand? - You know him? He's AFD.
Captain of the 126.
And my father-in-law more or less.
- Carlos.
- Owen.
Detective Washington says you can come by the station tomorrow - to give your statements.
- Thank you.
I know some worried parents are going to be very grateful to you both.
Well, uh, this was the first date I ever had that ended with handcuffs.
Yeah, why does that not surprise me? I will say this, it wasn't boring.
I do know how to show a woman a terrifying time.
It was a little like being on a joyride with Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused.
You like him in Dazed and Confused? Who doesn't like Dazed and Confused? No.
That wasn't the question I was asking.
Are you hungry? I could eat.
I'm driving.
and Mrs.
Conrad, there's somebody here who'd like to see you.
Go on.
- Hi, Mommy.
- Katie, come here, my baby.
Baby, we missed you so much.
Oh, baby, come here.
I'm sorry I burned our house down.
You did good work, Reyes.
- Thank you, Detective.
- Mm-hmm.
Anyone ever tell you you are a pushy bastard? Well, my boyfriend thinks that I'm a control freak.
He's not wrong.
You ever think of taking the detective exam? Really? Yeah, why not? We could use a few more pushy bastards.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
Is that pork roast I smell? Yes.
With some mashed potatoes.
Grandma Essie's green beans with smoked turkey leg and a little cornbread.
So what's the occasion? Family dinner.
I say we got some things to talk about, wouldn't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I just didn't know when we were gonna get back around to that.
Like, talkin'.
You were right about what you said, though, Judd.
You are the same man that I married.
A good man.
That's gonna do right by that boy.
That's your family, Judd, and that absolutely makes him my family.
Have I told you lately that marrying you was you know, by far the smartest thing I ever did? Yeah, but to be fair, you don't set the highest bar.
Come here.
You're mean.
- I love you.
- Love you.
Go get changed, we're having company.
Babe, you gonna get that? No, sir, you are.
Is - Hi.
- Howdy.
- Well, just come on in.
- Yeah, thank you.
- I'm Grace.
- Hey.
So Thank you for agreeing to come see us.
I'll be honest.
When you called and told me Wyatt had been out to see y'all my first instinct was to tell you to throw away my son's number.
Forget all about this.
Pretend like it never happened.
I understand.
Well, um We'll talk more about it after we eat.
Sorry, I-I just realized I-I should have asked if y'all even drink.
No, no, don't worry about that.
We do.
We're gonna tonight.
Why don't you open the wine, Judd? Let it breathe.
Yeah, I'm gonna let it breathe.
We're all gonna just breathe and Good.
Y'all really do have a lovely home.
Thank you.
- Why don't you sit down? - I'm sorry if if what I said came off rude.
I just When it comes to my son, I think I may be a little overprotective.
You know, Wyatt's always been a sensitive kid.
Always led with his heart.
I need you to understand that I love that boy more than anything in this world.
And I'll do anything to keep him from gettin' hurt.
Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.
So who's-who's this? This is our daughter.
She really is so precious, isn't she? Do you wanna hold her? Yeah, I I would love to, thank you.
Hello, darlin'.
Oh, she's beautiful.
Hi, darlin'.
Thank you.

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