90210 s01e08 Episode Script

There's No Place Like Homecoming

"Previously on" 90210: This is Kimberly Maclntyre.
She's transferring to West Beverly|starting today.
You guys are coming tonight, right? Why does this feel like|a double date? I can help you deal with this,|but you gotta let me.
Your department|made quite the scene today.
We did this because they'll figure|the bust already happened.
Can I talk to you for a second? - Sure.
|- It's about our son.
Whoa, Tracy.
- Tell them that the drugs were yours.
|- Okay.
If she confesses, it should help.
|But, you know, there's no guarantees.
Adrianna's gonna be here.
|Give her a few more minutes.
I can not believe you did this to me.
|We're done.
I hope you got that.
You're dead to me.
Well, you and Tracy|certainly made an attractive homecoming king and queen.
It's funny how you look older|and she looks just the same.
Maybe I should pay a visit|to Dr.
Believe me, that's the nicest thing|I've thought since she kissed you.
Well, I appreciate your holding back,|at least in public.
Yeah, yeah, you're the principal,|so I'm like a politician's wife, she's the head of the parent board,|so I have to be nice.
- But I don't like her.
|- I don't blame, but thank you.
All right.
The speed limit, unless otherwise|posted in residential areas, is? Twenty-five miles per hour.
|Come on, give me another one.
All right.
|Parallel parking on a level street? - Eighteen inches.
|- Up a hill? Turn your wheels|away from the curb.
- Damn.
|- Looks like somebody - is ready to get her driver's permit.
|- Yep.
And if you pass your test tomorrow,|you can drive your mother and I to the homecoming dance.
Come on, for real?|You guys are really chaperoning? Yes, we are chaperoning.
- You're taking Silver, right?|- Yes, sir.
I'm asking her today.
Got it all planned out already,|you know? Got the suit, the shoes, restaurant.
|You know how you taught me.
- Yeah, yeah.
|- What about you, honey? - You gonna go to the dance?|- Yeah, I would have to be asked first.
- Running out of time.
|- Thank you.
Thank you for that.
Of course Ethan will ask you.
He's not going to homecoming|with Naomi.
And you did share a|What did you call it? An almost-kiss.
When the almost-wedding is,|just let me know, - because I'll buy you an almost-gift.
|- Shut up.
And look, there he is now.
- Why don't you just ask him yourself?|- Not with her looking right at me.
- Hi.
|- So wanna go to homecoming? No.
Really? Why? Because it's everything wrong|with this place in stark relief.
It's like a big popularity contest|set to music.
- You don't wanna go, do you?|- Oh, no, no, no.
- No, I don't like that crap.
|- Yeah.
I thought it was, you know,|stuff girls like.
Other girls maybe.
So, I mean, we can go, you know,|make fun of people, if that's what you want.
Well, I am actually scheduled|to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.
So maybe you could come over|and make fun of me? I'm gonna have a big chipmunk face.
Sounds kind of kinky, but maybe that's your way|of asking me to take care of you.
No, this is.
Really? You're here a week and those are the people|you wanna be friends with? Are you jealous? - Do you wanna be my friend?|- No, I don't.
So Are you going to homecoming,|teacher? I'll be there as your chaperone.
And what are you gonna wear?|Something sexy? You know what, Kimberly? You're crossing the line.
- Knock it off.
|- Did I hurt your feelings? Just get to class.
- Hi.
|- Hi.
Just brushing up|on my rare road signs.
I'm taking my permit test.
Well, if you need any lessons,|I could probably help you out.
- People tell me I'm an excellent driver.
|- Oh, people tell you that, do they? Yeah, it gets a little embarrassing,|all the acclaim.
But I got the skills.
You've got something.
So anyway, I wanted to tell you that I would like to|invite you to homecoming.
But I'm not going to.
Are you gonna take Naomi? No.
No, we were gonna go together,|but we're broken up now, so Which is good.
But it just feels like a little soon.
Not to be going out with you.
I mean, to be going|to homecoming with you.
- Does that make any sense?|- Oddly, that all made sense, yes.
But just because|we're not going together doesn't mean that|we can't dance together at the dance.
Yes, well, if we were gonna do that,|then it would be the place to do it.
Okay, so here's the plan:|You show up, then I show up.
Then it'll be total surprise, like: "Oh, my God, you're here.
|Oh, my God, I'm here too.
" - Then|- We dance? - So I'll see you at homecoming.
|- I will be there.
- I am not your date though.
|- Oh, no.
- No, no, no.
You are not my date.
|- No.
Well, Adrianna's mom|contacted us first.
And what did she have to say? That I'm the druggie and|I'm bringing her poor little girl down, and, oh, Adrianna's so fragile,|she can barely talk about it? Adrianna almost died.
- What?|- Oh, no.
Of a drug overdose.
Not always about you, is it, Naomi? - Well, is she okay? What happened?|- EMT's resuscitated her.
They took her to the hospital|and pumped her stomach.
Is she gonna be all right? Yeah, she's gonna be fine,|but she was lucky.
And since it's her first offense,|she's going to court-ordered rehab.
As for you,|when the police took her statement, she said that the drugs you flushed|were hers, and, since it's your first offense,|you're not gonna be expelled.
So will Naomi be facing|any drug charges? Police said we could handle it here.
School board has suggested afternoon detention|for the rest of the semester for lying about the drugs.
How's that sound to you? Take it and run, Naomi.
Thank you.
- I'm not going in there.
|- It'll be okay.
- You'll be okay.
|- Don't say that.
You don't know that.
Baby, you are at one of the most|famous rehabs in the world.
I don't know what we're doing here.
|We can't afford this.
Yes, we can.
Bill is a great lawyer.
He said he was able|to pull some strings and he got you in gratis.
|Isn't that great? I mean, I just|I don't want you to worry about that.
I just want you to focus|on getting better.
- Mom, please don't leave me here.
|- You're gonna feel better.
L I just want you to get better, okay? Will you do that for me? Doing some redecorating? Just getting rid of some trash.
- You okay?|- I'm great.
My best friend almost let me|get kicked out of school before she OD'd.
My boyfriend|isn't my boyfriend anymore.
My parents are getting divorced.
|It's been a fun month.
If there's anything that I can do I mean,|I really don't know what to say but Thank you.
You know you've only ever been|really nice to me.
- I don't think I've ever appreciated it.
|- Anytime.
Know what? The girls are coming over to my place|to get ready before homecoming.
Gonna go as a group.
|You wanna come? You're probably going|with somebody else.
- Well, no.
|- No? Great.
Then you can come with us.
|It'll be so much fun, I promise.
You know what?|That does sound like fun.
- Good.
|- Thanks.
With Naomi?|You gotta be kidding me.
I'm serious.
|It was really nice of her.
And I felt bad, I couldn't say no.
|And I think it will be fun.
What? No, that's just weird,|you guys hanging out.
- Oh, don't be jealous.
|- Oh, yeah, yeah, that's what I am.
I'm still gonna dance with you.
I know you're gonna dance with me.
Because, you know,|dancing's, like, my thing.
Oh, is it? Dancing's your thing.
|I thought driving was your thing? You know, I got a lot of things.
|I'm a very well-rounded individual, so - Oh, all right.
|- Whatever.
- Okay, I gotta go.
Mom's here.
|- Yeah, me too.
Gotta go find a new thing, so Hi, I'm Naomi Clar Sign in, please.
What'd you do to get in here?|You sleep with a teacher? - No, I turned them all down.
|- Oh, what? They didn't pay enough? Not nearly.
What's your deal? You know, I saw your big poster|out there in the hallway.
You're probably gonna go|to homecoming with one of the other big posters.
You know, you one-dimensional|creatures usually stick together.
It's a good thing.
I'm Ozzie, by the way.
Oh, see, now, that's your first mistake.
|Because now that I know who you are, it's gonna sting so much more|when I never talk to you again.
- Mexican nanny?|- Honduran.
Hello? No talking.
Fasten your seat belt,|Make sure your mirrors are adjusted - and your parking brake is off.
|- Parking brake is off.
- And?|- I got it.
And And don't play the radio too loud,|don't drive when tired, and don't get distracted|by the other kids in the car.
So did Ethan|finally ask you to homecoming? Way to slip that one in.
Kind of.
We're gonna hang|when we get there, - but we're not actually going together.
|- Annie, I just distracted you.
- Oh, well, that was sneaky.
|- That's my point.
Okay, onward.
Now, always remember your license|and your insurance card.
We're with State Farm.
|If you ever get pulled over - I won't.
|- You never know.
- The insurance card's|in the glove box.
Got it.
Can we talk about|what kind of car you're gonna get me? Can we talk about|what kind of job you're gonna get? Right.
Adrianna, you have a visitor.
I do? Navid? What are you doing here? I'm actually here to do a story|for the "Blaze News," let you tell your side of the story.
Inside the walls of Currents,|it's a privilege.
That's one weird way of looking at it.
- Give me your phone.
|- What? They don't let us have our own.
They let us use a payphone|once a day.
It's kind of like prison in 1970.
You're not texting any lowlifes?|I really can't have I'm texting Naomi.
I left her like 15 messages|before I came here.
Hey, well, look, I got you|some really great reading material.
Check it out.
So how you doing in here? I'm not doing your stupid story.
So you can just|get the hell out of here.
Hey, well, listen,|if you ever wanna talk, you know, off-the-record, just give me a call, okay? And just tell me|what you're thinking.
I'm thinking I don't wanna talk to you.
I'm thinking|that you are not my friend.
I'm thinking|I wanna talk to my real friend, Naomi.
That's good.
|You're claiming responsibility.
Claiming responsibility, yeah.
So, what? Obviously, it was my fault.
I don't wanna miss her.
She was trying to help me,|and then I hurt her so badly.
So deeply, that she's never gonna forgive me.
And I can't live with myself knowing that I did something|that awful.
All you can do right now is be here.
This is the last place I wanna be.
Do your ears hang low?|Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a? - You know what?|- What? It is easy|to get your wisdom teeth out.
I loved it.
It was pretty fun for me too.
Except you've been singing that song|for the last half hour.
It's, like, a perfect song.
It's, like, my favorite song.
Yeah, okay.
Well, you stay here.
Gonna go get you some water,|all right? The doctor said take two more of these|in three hours.
But I think I might have to|cut the dosage in half because you seem pretty responsive|to the medication.
Thank you so much.
I'm just so happy right now.
Aren't you so happy? Pretty happy.
But probably|not as happy as you are.
I'm so glad|that we both hate homecoming.
This is so much better.
I'm gonna lie down.
Take Guess not.
- Hello?|- Hey.
How'd it go? I got my permit.
I got a hundred percent on the test,|and in a few weeks, when I turn 16 - I don't even wanna think about it.
|- I will be cruising down Sunset.
Yeah, see, now,|that's where I got in my first accident.
- Me and my buddies were|- Screwing around and got distracted? - Something like that.
|- Yeah, see, I know not to do that.
- Because women are better drivers.
|- Not true.
Here, you could learn a few things.
|It's never too late.
Don't you have a dance|to get ready for? - Congratulations.
|- Thank you.
Thanks for calling.
It was nice to hear from you.
So, what's up? There's some country western singer|that's supposed to be some big deal.
- Yeah?|- She was snoring so loudly last night, I couldn't sleep.
I figured you could use that|for your story.
That's pretty good, but I'm not actually|doing that story anymore.
Just wanted to check up on you.
And I figured since I was coming,|I'd bring you some supplies.
Not the kind|I'm dreaming about, I bet.
Brought you some sketch paper,|colored pencils.
I don't know if you draw, but I figured|everybody likes to doodle, so And Oh, yeah.
|This is gonna be awesome, right here.
Oh, yeah.
I brought you a gift box with shampoo, lavender extract,|and conditioner, and toner.
Which I honestly don't know|what that is, but my mom suggested it.
Oh, one more thing.
|I got you a couple DVDs.
Do they let you watch DVDs? Yeah, as long as we don't|sprinkle coke on our popcorn.
It's all good.
Oh, great.
- Enjoy them.
|- Navid? I need you to do something for me.
Yeah, what's that? Bring Naomi here.
Okay? Get her to talk to me.
I can ask her,|but I don't know if I can make her Please? Please, can you bring her here?|Will you do that for me? I need to apologize.
It's killing me.
I hate thongs.
They make me feel like|I have someone's thumb in my ass.
Well, you'd certainly know|what that feels like, Nina.
Forgive us.
|We don't exactly censor here.
- It's fun.
Like sisters.
|- Oh, yeah, not my sister.
I would beg to get to go out|with her girlfriends, and she'd be like,|"Oh, yeah, go get ready.
" I'd run upstairs,|do my hair and makeup, you know, get all dolled up.
Come downstairs, she's gone.
|Thanks, sis.
|I always wanted a brother instead.
Me too.
|I didn't get mine until I was 8, but it was worth the wait.
Yeah, we fight,|but he's probably my best friend.
That's cool.
I always thought|a older brother would, you know, look out for me, - kick anybody's ass|- Yeah.
Who hassled with me.
|That sort of thing.
All right, look.
- You look gorgeous.
|- You are going to get some action tonight, girl.
|Big smile.
Too bad Adrianna's not here.
Can I see that before you put another|picture of me with my eyes closed - on your Facebook page?|- Annie? Shoes time.
|I'm gonna wear these, I think.
- These will look great for you.
|- Really? But they look so expensive.
Oh, whatever.
They're just shoes.
Naomi, can I ask you something? Yeah, of course.
What's up? Is it weird that you're not going|to homecoming with Ethan? Ethan and I broke up.
It would be weird|if I was going with him.
Oh, I know but Look, we've broken up|so many times.
And so many times afterwards,|I've just wanted him to be miserable.
This time is different.
|I just want him to be happy.
And I wanna be happy too.
Is everybody decent? Ask Nina.
Oh, yeah, I am.
Well, Naomi,|you have a gentleman caller.
- What? Who?|- Come on in.
- Thank you.
|- Sure.
Can I talk to you for a minute? Baby, you awake? No, I'm asleep, but I'm talking to you.
Oh, my mouth is so freaking bad.
When was I supposed to take|another pirate? A what? A pill.
What did I say? Don't laugh at me.
I can't help it.
But you were supposed|to take another pill about an hour ago,|but you were asleep.
You should have woken me up.
Now it's gonna take an hour|for this one to kick in.
Sweetheart, which one? Well, the green one goes better|with what I'm wearing.
And I wanna remind Tracy|that we go together, - just in case she gets confused.
|- Don't worry, I won't be confused.
Well, I'm sure as hell confused.
Why don't you say something|to her? - To who?|- To Tracy.
Good Lord, Debbie.
I didn't know Kansas women|had no cojones.
- I've got it, Tabitha.
|- That woman kissed your husband.
Yes, and my husband and I|have dealt with it and it's over.
I understand what happened.
What else would you do in Wichita,|bake her a cake? This is Beverly Hills, sweetheart.
You really shouldn't be drinking,|Tabitha.
It's Kool-Aid.
I could squash you with an eye roll, but you could take on Tracy.
When it comes to class,|brains and beauty, my dear, she's no match for you.
Tabitha, I think that's the nicest thing|you've ever said to me.
Oh, that's okay.
I won't remember it in the morning.
I take it in stride, one day at a time If I ask no questions, I hear no lies How come blessings|Only come in disguise? Try that on for size as I vocalize Ain't nothing gonna get|Between me and my flow Ain't nothing gonna come|Between me and my Afro My man just left|What do you know? Easy come, easy go.
He came out of the blue|And went right back into it Had to forfeit|'Cause he couldn't get with it Can you fill out your ballots|for king and queen, please and thank you? Boy, life is full of irony, isn't it? Come on,|let's get closer to the band.
Thank you.
This band is so great.
Oh, my God, they play|at The Viper Room all the time.
It's so amazing that you guys|get such good bands to play at your school dances.
I mean, in Kansas, there was usually|three stoners playing - for munchie money.
|- Oh, God, that's so sad.
- Excuse me.
|- No excuse.
Oh, hey, rude.
You look cute.
Keep in mind, less isn't always more.
Guys like it when you leave a little|to the imagination.
Thank you.
Who was that? That was my detention buddy.
- He's a smartass.
|- With a hot ass.
Sounds like something I would say.
I'm gonna go get us some fruity,|non-alcoholic, crappy drinks.
Where is she? She's not feeling very well.
|She had a really bad migraine.
She said she might not even|make it to homecoming.
You're a terrible liar, Navid.
I know she's going to be there.
She doesn't wanna talk to me,|does she? - Hey, I'm here.
I'll talk.
|- Right.
It looks like|I'll have to take care of this myself.
- Hello?|- Silver, how are you feeling? I'm good, I think.
It's all bit of a blur.
And for some reason, I'm wearing|a leather jacket over my pajamas.
Is Dixon taking|good care of you though? Apparently.
Yeah, well,|he must be really into you, girl, because he really wanted|to come to this dance.
- He did?|- Yeah, he loves this stuff.
Anyway, feel better.
- Oh, my God, you're here.
|- My God, you're here too, - and so am I.
|- I told you that'd work.
Well, there's still part of the plan|to be enacted.
Oh, are you saying|that you would like to dance with me? I would.
So my friend bet me 50 bucks that I couldn't get you|to dance with me.
I'll split it with you.
I'll give you a hundred bucks|to go away now.
Come on.
You're standing alone|on the dance floor.
Look around.
Naomi Clark can't be the girl|with two cups.
You better not touch my ass.
So maybe I was being ridiculous.
|We should have just come together.
Oh, no, it's okay.
|I had fun getting ready with Naomi.
So, what do you think|of my dance moves? Pretty sick, huh? Oh, yes, I am stunned|by your one move.
Oh, no, no, no.
|I have more than one move.
How much longer|are you in detention anyway? - The rest of the semester.
|- Damn girl, you are bad.
I was just in there for one day.
Maybe I can get some more time if I go and steal your big face picture|out in the hallway.
A pasty-white girl|who speaks fluent Spanish.
That's very sexy.
- So I will get us some drinks.
|- And I will get us snacks.
- Annie, can we talk?|- Sure.
Oh, my God, Adrianna.
Hey, how are you? I've been better.
- Looks like a pretty fun party.
|- What are you doing here? They gave me a night pass|so I could come to homecoming.
It's not jail.
|They let you come and go.
No, they don't.
You're a liar.
|You can't come and go out of rehab.
Naomi, can we go talk? No, we can't talk|because I'm not talking to you.
- Why not?|- Just go.
No, I need you|to tell me why, okay? I have tried apologizing to you.
I have tried to tell you|how sorry I am.
Please, I need you|to tell me why and Because it's too hard, Adrianna.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't keep trying to save you when you won't even try|to save yourself.
I think it's easier|if we just stop being friends because I can't take it.
L I'm glad that you're okay.
|I really am.
But I can't keep watching you|do this to yourself, not anymore.
This better be good stuff,|because I know the difference.
What do you got there, Kimberly? Jeez, am I the only damn kid|in this school? Is there nobody else|that you can harass? Not at the moment, sorry.
What are you doing with this?|What are you doing with this stuff? I guess I just get bored easily.
|Why do you care? - Let's go.
|- Where to? Just start walking.
The private investigator|should have some information for us.
Yeah, that's great.
|I have to get back to the party Harry, you will never guess|who I just ran into.
I'm so sorry I stole him away.
|We were talking about our son.
We'll have to finish that later.
- Sorry.
She caught me.
|- Harry.
This has to stop.
I am tired of smiling and pretending|that everything is okay when it's not.
I know.
I know.
|But she is a piece of work and I don't know what to do.
I've been thinking.
And her behavior|makes me realize that I am right.
- About what?|- We need to tell the kids about your birth son|sooner than later, Harry.
Okay, yeah, you're right.
I mean, I haven't told them|because I don't wanna hurt them.
It's gonna hurt a lot more|if they hear it from someone else.
How do we know|she hasn't told people? Harry, need you.
Hey, can we finish this later?|I have to take care of something.
Yeah, me too.
- Caught her buying drugs.
|- Okay.
I will take these.
- And?|- Take care of it.
- That's it?|- And you can go now.
No, I'm not going anywhere|until you tell me exactly what is gonna happen, okay?|She comes into my classroom Ryan, I told you before|to stay out of this.
Maybe that's why the problem's|getting worse, Harry.
- I got it covered.
|- You have it covered? That's why there's dogs|running around, sniffing lockers at school.
And you busted the wrong kid, and now you've got kids|buying drugs at dances, okay? Can you please|keep your voice down? No, I'm not gonna keep|my voice down.
I'm tired of this crap.
You don't know how to deal with kids,|you don't know how to protect them.
And I'm going to the board.
|You don't know what you're doing.
If they don't listen,|I go to the "L.
" Oh, for God's sakes,|I'm a cop, you dumb-ass.
What? This stoop is my throne This hood is my home And the sky's always blue|By the brownstone We in Brooklyn|It ain't no Beverly Hills Basically, we pay bills, then chill Hey.
That was pretty intense.
Welcome to my life.
You don't think there's any way you can be friends|with Adrianna again? Just like I said,|it's too much drama, you know? I just don't need that anymore.
That's why I like you.
You're so - Boring?|- No, not at all.
I really wanna be your friend, and I know I haven't acted like it,|but I do.
I would really like that.
It's just this one thing.
I don't think we can be friends|if you're with Ethan.
- But you said at your house|- I know, at my house.
Not here, watching you - Him, both of you dancing, together|- But you broke up with him.
I know.
And I can't stop him|from dating other people.
I know that.
It just can't be you.
Not if we're gonna be friends.
Friends tell each other everything,|you know? And if you're with Ethan, I'm not gonna wanna hear|about your first kiss, or going out on dates with him.
|You know? These are things|that we're supposed to share together.
It's just I mean, how would it feel|if I went out with your ex? Weird.
Annie, boyfriends come and go,|but friends stick together.
Do they? - Through everything?|- That's different.
No, it doesn't have to be.
You don't know what it's like|with Adrianna.
No, no, I don't.
But if it hurts you this much|to watch Adrianna do this to herself, then what are you gonna do|if you really lose her? What? Don't sleep through your opportunity|to take a chipmunk to homecoming.
For real? For real.
I thought we hated homecoming.
I'm on to you.
Let's go.
All right, well, I gotta stop home|and get my stuff but But don't be afraid|to tell me stuff, okay? We don't have to agree|on everything.
Hey, come on now.
Who said I was afraid? I was just being nice.
Well, then don't be so nice.
- Okay.
L|- Just shut up and kiss me.
- Oh, that hurt.
That hurt.
|- We'll get some aspirin on the way.
- Take care.
|- Bye.
Tracy, I wanna be very clear|on something.
Just because|you're on the parents' board and I'm the principal's wife You know, I actually was gonna go talk|to some people over there, so would you mind|just getting to the point? If you ever kiss my husband again,|or touch him, or look at him in the wrong way, you and I will have|a very big problem.
Gosh, I don't know|how I would get through the day knowing that you were angry at me.
Let me define "big problem"|just so we're clear.
I will hit you in the face so hard,|I will knock your teeth out.
You enjoy the rest|of your evening, Tracy.
I know I will.
- Hey, Eric.
|- Hey, Adrianna.
How was your vacation? It was very relaxing.
But I could get more relaxed.
Well, all right, then.
Get out.
Get out, Adrianna.
Get out.
- What the hell are you doing?|- Get out.
Don't you ever sell to her again,|you lowlife.
You hear me? Control your woman, A.
|Or next time, it's gonna get a lot worse.
- Navid, are you okay?|- Why are you doing this? What do you mean|why am I doing this? Because I want to.
|Because it feels good.
Why are you doing this? Are you blind? You're always doing|this woe-is-me crap and how you have no friends,|and I'm sitting here in front of you.
- What are you talking about?|- I like you, Adrianna, okay? I like you.
There, I said it.
Because God knows|you wouldn't notice.
- Stop.
Stop it.
|- I've liked you since middle school.
When we were kids,|and we used to hang out.
Making stupid versions|of big movies together.
- Don't do this.
I need|- Normal stuff.
I need you to stop.
- I'm not gonna stop, okay?|- I need you to stop.
Hey, I can't stop.
We used to be so close.
Then you got in the seventh grade,|and got that sitcom, and it was like you didn't even know me anymore.
But I never forgot you.
I never forgot who you used to be.
Who I used to be.
Do you remember|when I agreed to do "Lord of the Rings" so that you'd do a scene|from "Princess Diaries?" - Do you remember that?|- Yeah.
I will always do anything for you.
Oh, my God.
Did you pay to get me into Currents? - Oh, my God.
|- Yeah, I did.
Well, my dad did.
|I just had to get him to do it.
Hey, hey, hey.
|I just want you to get better, okay? I want you to get back|to who you used to be.
All right? Adrianna? Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
|- I know.
I know.
I know.
I'm not gonna let you down, okay.
I'm not gonna let anything|happen to you.
I'm gonna make sure nothing does.
I can't do this.
Can't do what? I can't do us to Naomi.
I get where she's coming from,|and I like her.
- Do you like me?|- What? Do you like me? Yeah, but But look, obliviously,|this needs to be kept a secret.
This is very serious, very real.
I hope I didn't screw anything up.
You won't|if you keep your mouth shut.
You know you can stop|the whole sassy act now, right? It's not an act.
How old are you anyway? I'm 25.