90210 s01e24 Episode Script

One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer

"Previously on" 90210: - Your father called yesterday.
|- My stepdad.
He requested your records.
|He's looking at military schools.
I'm in a bit of a pinch financially.
- I went through a lot of money quickly.
|- I'm glad to help.
I got like 20 cases of beer and Tofer's brother brought|vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon Thank you, Phoebe Abrams.
I am really stoked about the after-prom party at|Phoebe Abram's house tonight.
I will be there with|the Beverly Hills Police Department.
- Who the hell told him?|- I know who it was.
- Why'd you tell your dad?|- Is that what everyone thinks? They don't think, they know.
|You're a rat.
The sophomore prom queen|is Erin Silver.
I don't know exactly who I am|but I do know who I am not.
Some weird zombie|prom-loving loser.
Why you get me this corsage? You looked on my Facebook page,|didn't you? You like me.
Dude, I'm so sick of looking at you.
- Navid.
|- My water just broke.
I think I'm going into labor.
So anyway his dad left|when he was a kid.
It was just Liam and his mom|against the world.
She was the housekeeper for this|billionaire family out in Long Island, whatever, long story short last year Liam walked in on the|billionaire screwing his mom.
- Oh, how awful.
|- I know, right? Then she marries the guy.
Turns out|he's a complete son of a bitch.
I mean, no wonder|Liam has trust issues.
- Are you listening to me?|- Absolutely.
Liam sounds great.
|You had me at "trust issues.
" No, Jen, you don't get it.
Tonight everything changed.
- Everything.
|- Well, honey, that's great.
Naomi? Total emergency.
Not only has my party been ruined|thanks to principal loser, but now nobody's stepping up|and there And that's a good thing since|after-proms are highly illegal and will lead to suspension|which will lead to missing finals which will lead to summer school.
Did you fall on your head or? Jen's not a grown-up.
She's my sister.
|Jen, Phoebe.
Phoebe, Jen.
- Hey.
|- Hi.
Jake Maditsky said that he could have|the party at his house but his parents said that they're|not going to their beach house Oh, well, there's no parents|at my house.
I'll throw it.
I don't think so.
Sweetie, I'm sorry, there's no way|I'm gonna have a bunch of high school kids|trashing my house.
Spilling beer all over my furniture|and vomiting wine coolers on my rugs.
Actually, my furniture and they're my|rugs since I'm paying for everything.
What's that supposed to mean? In fact, since I'm the only one|paying rent, it's actually my house.
If I feel like throwing a party|at my house I'm gonna throw a party|at my house.
But you are more than welcome|to come.
You don't want to do this, Naomi.
- So?|- Let's do it.
After-prom party at my house,|spread the word.
Party at 174 West Hollybrook.
Penelope?|Party at my house tonight.
Keep it on the DL.
Benedict Annie is right there.
Drop it, Penelope.
|Annie's not the one who told.
Don't worry about her or them.
I like that wrap, by the way.
You look good.
Like a model, a really,|really short model.
Like a regular model standing|in the distance.
Well, thank you, Naomi.
Oh, my God, everyone who's anyone's|gonna be at my party tonight.
- Oh, my God.
|- What? Ade just went into labor.
Oh, my God! - Well, I have to get to the hospital.
|- Yeah.
Please, you have to take care of|my house.
Make sure that nobody vomits|on the rugs, okay? Absolutely.
Don't worry.
Thank you so much.
- Okay, I gotta go.
|- Go, go, go.
Oh, is this it? No, no, wait, ours, it had|different rims than this one.
Man, is it just me or do most limos|look very similar? - We'll find it.
|- Eventually.
- Congratulations, Prom King.
|- Thanks.
Dixon, why do you have to|be like that? You can be enjoying the fact|that you won.
- What's that mean?|- Nothing.
It's just hard to enjoy something|when your girlfriend thinks it's stupid.
Guys, guys, Adrianna|is having her baby.
- Now?|- Yeah, Navid is with her and Naomi is going to meet her at|the hospital.
We gotta get to Naomi's.
|Promised I'd take care of her house.
And there's 200 people on the|way now.
We got to hurry, guys.
All right, but the only problem is|someone stole our limo.
Navid and Adrianna probably took it.
Hey, yo, Duncan,|can we get a ride, man? Yeah, no problem, man.
|Hop aboard the white stallion.
- You are the man.
|- See you at the party, Phoebe.
Wait, she's coming?|I don't want that rat in our limo.
Phoebe, I swear I didn't tell anyone|about your party, okay? I swear.
Come on, Pheebs, be a sport.
|They need a lift.
If you could drive me|to my house, I could get my car.
- It would be so great.
|- Fine, don't talk to me or look at me.
- Honestly, Phoebe|- You're talking and looking! Thank you.
I'm sorry I have to abandon you.
|I mean, on prom night and everything.
Don't worry about it.
I'll see you later tonight.
You'll go to the party? It's your party, of course I'm going.
You know what's crazy? What's that? My mom has been sending me|to this therapist for months now.
This chick costs $200 an hour|and I barely say five words to her.
I spend one night with you, I end up telling you|my whole life story.
Well, 500 bucks|and we'll call it even.
This probably goes without saying but that stuff that I said,|that was private.
Of course.
Doctor/patient confidentiality.
- Dude, come on.
|- Come on, move it out! Finally.
- Oh, my Lord, that is just crazy talk.
|- Excuse me.
Yeah, I thought so.
|I told Karen I thought so.
Ma'am? This is pretty urgent.
What's the matter, kid?|You get in a fight on prom night? Well, I feel your pain|but it's not urgent.
Okay? So take a seat and I'll get to you|when I get to you.
Anyway, she says I never said a word|to her, which is ridiculous because I went back to her, told her.
Oh, my God, Navid,|what is taking so long? My girlfriend is having a baby! - Oh, she's having a baby?|- Yes, she's having a baby! I am having a baby.
Beautiful dreamer wait unto me Starlight and dewdrops|Are waiting for me I am going from sprinkles,|Heath bar, chocolate chips, chocolate fudge,|yogurt-covered raisins on top.
Diabetic coma.
- Think I should lose the yogurt raisins?|- Yeah, that's the problem.
Who knew you were|such a sugar fiend? What can I say,|it's the only vice I have left.
Oh, left? Really?|What vices did you have? A huge barbecue chicken problem.
But that's a conversation|for another time.
When there aren't so many|impressionable minds around.
Sounds intriguing.
All right, let's give it up for|the Wildcat Crooners.
- Hey, honey.
|- Hey.
- Will you save my spot in line?|- Sure.
- So, what do you think?|- Oh, it's great.
Everyone looks like they're having|so much fun.
Yes, they are.
Hey, how come you're not|wearing your T-shirt? Oh, shoot.
I completely forgot.
What are you doing?|You lost our place.
I just got a text.
Adrianna is in labor.
Oh, guys.
What on Earth are you doing? I'm cleaning.
Naomi asked me to keep|an eye on the house.
She throws this party|and she's not even here.
What are you looking at? If you're supposed to be cleaning,|clean.
I'm going outside to resist|taking up smoking again.
It's never easy.
Me and Silver, it's I don't know.
Relationships are work.
That's what|they always say, right, man? Well, this one is a lot of work.
I mean, sometimes I just wish I had a|regular high school girlfriend who likes stuff like prom and going to|see her boyfriend play lacrosse and didn't think walking|on the 3rd Street Promenade meant she was|a consumerist sell out.
Silver isn't easy, man.
Of course not.
I mean, who wants|some boring regular high school girl? I mean,|Silver's got spirit and attitude.
Life force.
You know? Yeah, all I mean is I think you and Silver are great and everything worth anything just|takes work and patience.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you, man.
What can I do? I love her, man.
I mean, when she's across the room|I miss her.
Speaking of which, I'm gonna|go see how she's doing, all right? Go, man.
I'm gonna run to Adrianna's room.
- Can you hold this?|- Sure.
We'll wait here.
I can't believe we haven't heard|from Annie or Dixon.
Well, I'm sure they're on their way.
|Hey, where'd you get those, piglet? I may have snuck them out of|the Post-Proma-Palooza.
Come on, share.
After the piglet dig? - Yeah, okay.
|- Oh, thank you.
I'm not ready.
It's too soon.
I was|supposed to have three more weeks.
- It's gonna be okay.
|- Greg and Leslie aren't here yet.
They're getting a flight.
|They'll be here.
Tell Ty to sign that parental waiver.
|He hasn't signed it.
I will call him.
I'll get him here.
- Have you called my mom?|- Yeah, on her way from your aunt's.
|She'll be here.
I don't even have a toothbrush.
Don't worry,|your breath doesn't smell gross.
- Kelly, did you get a hold of Brenda?|- No, I left her a message.
- She must still be in China.
|- What? What is she doing in China?|She's supposed to be here.
It's too soon.
See? I'm not ready.
|Nothing is ready.
Calm down.
- What's that?|- I don't know.
Baby's heart rate's dropping.
- What does that mean?|- We need to do a C-section now.
Just stay calm.
- What's happening?|- You'll be okay.
- Navid?|- Just stay calm.
- Navid.
|- Just go.
- Okay, watch the jackets.
|- And - Go.
|- Go.
Go, go, go.
What are you doing? It's you, erupting like a volcano.
Is the lava not reading? I need to do|some more cross-hatching.
She's beautiful.
Do you want to hold her? Come on, Ade, just take a look.
No, Navid.
Just take her out of here.
Just get some rest, okay? Hey, it's okay.
There you go.
It's okay.
There we go.
- Hey.
|- Hey.
It's a girl.
She's great.
Healthy,|6 pounds 2 ounces, 18 inches.
How's Ade? She's good.
She's fine.
|She's resting.
- Can we see the baby?|- Yeah.
She's down in the nursery.
|I'll go with you.
Hey, Navid? Quick question.
Do you know where Dixon and - Annie.
|- Annie.
Yeah, do you know where|Annie and Dixon are? - Me? No.
|- What, you don't think - they're still at your house?|- My house? Right, yeah, my house.
They might be.
I'm gonna go see the baby.
Okay? - Clearly they lied.
|- Looks like it.
You think they went to an after - They must have.
|- How are we gonna find them? They're not answering their phones.
Maybe we should get in the car|and drive around.
- Drive where?|- I don't know.
Oh, man, suddenly I am so tired.
- Why are you laughing?|- The way you yawned like a lion: Did you just? - I did.
|- Did you just make yourself yawn? I did.
I did, now you have to try it.
Come on, try a fake yawn.
- Oh man, I feel weird.
|- Me too.
Almost like I'm stoned or something.
Yeah, that's how I feel.
I keep losing my train of thought|and I I have the munchies.
The brownies.
- You think they were?|- Pot brownies? Seriously? - Hey.
|- Hi.
- Where's Dixon?|- In the other room DJ-ing.
Always the life of the party.
- Can I ask you something?|- Sure.
What do you think about me|and Dixon? I think both of you guys are great.
No, I mean like as a couple? We're just so different.
And he's like prom royalty,|you know? And I'm not.
Actually, technically you are.
Come on.
Is that who you think I am,|a prom queen? No.
No, and I'm glad that you're not.
Dixon loves you, Silver.
And prom is like a once a year thing,|which means there are still - So you think we work?|- Yeah.
I think you guys|make a great couple.
|I just needed to hear that.
Are you wearing Dixon's jacket?|I bought him this boutonniere.
You must have picked up his jacket|by mistake.
Yeah, I guess.
I got you.
Hey, Dixon, I think we mixed up|our jackets.
Oh, man, I knew this felt|a little tight.
You know, with my broad shoulders|and everything.
- Yeah.
|- Thanks, man.
- Hey, you want a song?|- No.
No, man.
You're great.
- Good job.
|- All right.
See, the problem is we can't drive|anywhere because we're stoned.
- Right.
Maybe we should call a cab.
|- Okay.
Should I call one|or should I put on the list to call one? - Why are we whispering?|- I'm not sure.
Hey, is everything okay? - Yeah, just making a list.
|- Oh, yeah.
- Should we tell her?|- Yeah, okay.
I grabbed a few brownies|from the Post-Proma-Palooza and we suspect that they contain|cannabis.
Now see, that, you should have|whispered.
- What?|- The nerds had pot brownies.
You two are high? Yes, we are.
We are.
And it couldn't be worse timing because we cannot drive|to find the kids.
Where would you drive, exactly? I have no idea.
Okay, everything is gonna be okay.
You have great kids.
|I'm sure they're safe.
There's nothing you can do.
Can we get some snacks? Yes, I will go to the vending machine|and get you some snacks.
Can't be sure there's barbecue chicken,|but maybe they'll have barbecue chips.
Oh, barbecue peanuts? Pork rinds? - She has a crush on you.
|- Yeah, right.
- I'm serious.
|- That is the pot talking.
It makes you paranoid, remember? You see that guy over there? Fifteen minutes ago I thought|he was a narc that was onto us.
- Is he staring at us?|- Yes.
Hey, are you okay? Oh, look, Annie the rat.
Look, Phoebe I'm cool.
I'm fine.
I'll just head home.
- Phoebe, how you gonna get home?|- I guess I'll walk.
I don't know.
Can you drive me? Yes, I can drive you.
All right.
Wrap around.
- Having fun?|- Oh, yeah, sure.
Really? Because you look bored.
You caught me.
I'm Naomi's next door neighbor, Zelda.
- What's your name?|- I'm Liam.
Liam, Liam, Liam,|why do I know your name? Because I just told it to you.
Oh, I know.
I heard a crazy story about you.
You're the one whose mom|was a maid, right? Until she ended up|shagging her boss.
- Where did you hear that?|- A bunch of girls were gossiping.
Is it true? Or was Naomi|just exaggerating? Because she does have|that tendency.
I mean, you know.
- She's your girlfriend, right?|- No.
Naomi is not my girlfriend.
You know, I think that you and I|could find a way to make this night a lot more fun.
- Oh, yeah?|- Yeah.
Adrianna? - Brenda, hi.
|- Hi, sweetie.
You're here? I thought you were|supposed to be in China.
My show got extended.
|I leave for Beijing tomorrow.
When I heard that you were here|I rushed over after curtain.
You're playing Cleopatra? That's crazy.
I just played Cleopatra.
Well, that doesn't surprise me.
You and me, we're two of a kind.
I mean, think about it.
|We both love drama.
We both live pretty dramatic lives.
- Yeah, we do.
|- How's the baby? Fine.
You know, she's fine.
Do you want to go for a walk? I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that.
Who's gonna stop you? You are with the Queen of Egypt.
Let's go to the cafeteria.
Maybe get some Jell-O.
Jell-O? I love Jell-O.
Me too.
See? We are two of a kind.
Jim Walsh.
That's not a relative of yours, is it? Yeah, that's my father.
He's dying, actually.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, you know what I hope they|have? Jell-O with those|little marshmallows.
- Your dad's dying?|- Could go any minute.
But shouldn't you be with him? - Oh, too painful.
|- Of course it's painful.
- I'm just not ready.
|- But you'll never be ready, will you? I just think if you don't say|goodbye you're gonna regret it.
Have you met my dragon? - Handsome, isn't he?|- Yes, sure.
Brenda, you have to say goodbye,|Brenda.
If you don't, you're gonna|always regret it.
I've got to go to China.
Brenda? Brenda? I want to hold my baby.
Okay, on three.
One, two, three.
So how long have you had a thing|for my girlfriend? What? The way you're looking at her, man.
Now? No, I wasn't looking at Silver.
|I was just staring off.
I think actually something got|caught in my contact lens.
The way you were talking|about her before.
Look, come on man, I think Silver's|great, you know, but as a friend.
As my friend's girlfriend.
You swear? Of course.
So why do you have a picture of|her in your pocket? Well, I got it for you.
You're lying to me.
Dixon, just let this go.
So you're just gonna lie to me? - I thought I was your friend.
|- I am your friend.
And I didn't do anything,|so just back off.
But you wanted to.
- You wanted to do something.
|- Says who? - Just admit it.
|- Admit what? Okay, you guys have to come|swimming.
The water's fine.
What's wrong? Don't lie to me, man.
Drop it, Dixon.
- Admit it.
|- Drop it.
I mean, you're king jock, right? - So man up! Admit it!|- Fine.
I like you, Silver.
What? Thank you so much.
|I really appreciate it.
You sure it's okay if I go? Come on, you've been here all night.
And you have about 200 people|waiting for you at your house.
Well, I'll be back here|first thing tomorrow.
And by first thing I mean|mid-afternoon, definitely before dinner.
- We'll be here.
|- Okay.
- Hey.
|- Here's the form.
I also want to give this to you.
- A cigar?|- Yeah.
That's what they give|new fathers, right? So here.
You're a good guy, Navid.
You've really been there for Adrianna,|which I respect.
And I also respect your left hook.
Yeah, sorry.
So thanks.
- Trail mix?|- Oh, no, I'm good.
You sure? It's really good.
I'm sure it is.
But I'm not high.
Oh, yeah, right.
It's weird.
I forgot how this makes you feel.
You know, earlier I actually thought you had a crush|on my husband.
What? Oh, I know it's insane.
Just we women get a little jealous|and you know, add pot into the mix - Debbie, I|- Oh, I know.
It's me.
I'm stoned.
That's why I swore off the stuff|in college.
Hey, Savanna,|have you seen Liam? - Oh, my God, this party is amazing.
|- Thank you.
- Liam?|- I think maybe he went upstairs.
You're back.
What have you done? Who is she? She's nobody and she's gone.
I don't ever want to see you again.
Golly, my sister can be|so high-strung.
And she has such hilariously|bourgeois ideas about fidelity.
Now, where is my Louboutin?|Here we go.
Your sister? Are you kidding me? - Naomi is your sister?|- Yes.
She was getting|a little full of herself.
She needed to be knocked down|a peg.
Trust me, it's good for her.
You used me.
Hey, it's not like you didn't have|fun, right? If I were you|I'd consider myself lucky.
But she is your sister.
|I mean, she's gonna hate you.
Well, she'll never know it's me.
I mean, you're not gonna tell her|because she'd be devastated.
And you're just not that cruel.
Give me my shirt.
Oh, I forgot how cute|teenage boys are when they're upset.
You are a bitch.
Don't be vulgar.
And yes, I am.
|Only when it's absolutely necessary.
- How could you?|- What? You slept with Liam in my bed.
What are you talking about? Don't lie to me.
Naomi, I didn't do anything.
- What is this?|- It's my wrap.
Which I found in my room.
- How did it get there?|- I don't know.
I haven't been in your room.
|Must be somebody else.
- I was with Phoebe Abrams.
|- Yeah, right.
She hates you.
Look, I know she does but she|got so drunk so I had to drive Stop lying to me! Stop it! Naomi, I wouldn't do that to you.
What are you talking about?|You already have.
- What?|- Ethan ring a bell? And I forgave you, because|apparently I was an idiot.
Okay, Naomi, please stop.
|Okay? This is crazy.
She acts like she's this innocent girl|from Kansas.
That is not what she is.
Maybe at one time, not anymore.
- She ratted out the party.
|- No, I didn't.
No one wants you here.
- Why are you still here?|- Get out of my house.
- Kansas skank.
|- Hey, Annie.
That's for Charlie.
Get out! Get out! Screw.
Screw you, Naomi.
Screw all of you! Hey.
Hi, I was calling I was concerned about|some underage drinking going on at a party near my house.
The house belongs to Naomi Clark.
Hey, you.
Not again.
Where's your dragon? Did they give you painkillers? Wait, am I awake? No, I am not awake|because you're in China.
I got back a couple hours ago.
- I'm real.
|- Sorry.
Ade, she is beautiful.
It's hard to believe|it was her all this time.
You know? Inside me? Pretty amazing.
Yeah, really amazing.
Sorry to interrupt you guys,|but Greg and Leslie are here.
- Already?|- Yeah, they're parking downstairs.
See, this This is why I didn't want to hold her.
This is why.
Oh, now I have to say goodbye.
How am I gonna say goodbye? How? I know that this is tough|and this is your decision.
All I can say is that adoption|is a wonderful gift.
And I'm speaking from experience.
That's why I was in China.
I adopted a little girl.
- Really?|- Yeah.
She's with my mom and dad now|and I cannot wait for you to meet her.
Trust me, that couple you chose, you are making them so happy.
And they are gonna make her|so happy.
Yeah, I know they are.
You're gonna be really happy.
Okay? You're gonna be happy.
Ethan? Ethan?|Where have you been? What's going on? What was that? I never wanted to say anything.
I don't know|what to do with this, okay? I mean, you're one of my|best friends but that's it.
Right? We're just friends.
I don't think we're just friends.
Ethan, no.
And I don't want to be just friends.
I don't think I could take it.
I want to be something more or I don't want to be anything.
It's up to you, Silver.
Just think about this.
Why are you out here|talking with me instead of inside|talking to your boyfriend? It's okay, darling, it's okay.
I'm here and I'm gonna take|good care of you.
I promise.
I promise.
It's the cops! You ready? Yeah, I'm ready.
Thank you.
What's her name? - Hey.
|- Maisie.
That's a really pretty name.
Goodbye, Maisie.
I did the right thing, right? You did a really good thing.
Hey, Naomi, it's Liam.
Look, I know I messed up.
I need to talk to you.
- Get out of bed.
Get dressed.
|- Well, what the hell? You're coming with us to Stembrook.
|It's a wilderness therapy program.
- Get dressed.
|- Mom! - You can't make me do this.
|- Yes, we can.
Your stepfather's fed up|with all the skipping school, stolen credit cards.
It's over.