90210 s02e13 Episode Script

Rats and Heroes

I'm gonna read War and Peace.
Oh, yeah, one of my New Year's resolutions.
You know, why not? You know, it's like it's really long, okay, but it's not in Morse code or anything.
- I can read it.
- Send.
You're so not listening to me.
Sure, I am.
I'm just texting Liam.
For my New Year's resolution, I'm He's surfing.
And he misses me.
I have so much to tell him.
She just turned down La Cienega.
Somebody's text whipped.
- She's cute.
- He's cute.
We're cute.
This is so exciting.
So nauseating.
Irritating is the word that came to mind.
- Don't be a hater.
- I'm not being a hater.
I'm happy for you, actually.
I'm happy if you're happy.
All right? So did Naomi say anything about Silver in those texts? No.
What's up with you two anyway? I can't believe you guys kissed.
I know.
It was out of the blue.
It was amazing, man.
I can't wait to talk to her tomorrow at school.
I just really hope Dixon feels the same way.
- See you later, boy.
- All right, brother.
Look at all this.
Well, I figured we had cause to celebrate.
It's a new year, Annie comes home tonight, oh, and did I tell you that she called to say she missed us? - Seriously? - Seriously.
And last night on the phone, she was even laughing.
And it wasn't that snarky, derisive laugh.
It was the good kind.
It's a miracle I still recognize it.
Who knew Vegas was the answer? I'd say two weeks on the strip would have driven me crazy.
That's even if my mother wasn't living there.
Harry, is this that same boosters' reception we went to last year? Yeah, yeah, I think it is.
Well, did you not tell me about this earlier because you knew Kelly would be there? No.
Look, I didn't want you to be uncomfortable.
- Should I be uncomfortable? - No, sweetheart, of course not.
You know, I mean, I barely exchanged ten words with Kelly since we realized she had a crush on me.
Since you realized she had a crush on me.
But trust me, I've done everything I can to avoid her.
Well, I am not interested in avoiding anybody.
And I'm certainly not gonna let Kelly determine what school functions I attend.
I'm going to this, Harry, just like I did last year.
And if I think about it I can't even remember why me and Silver broke up in the first place.
Well, wasn't it because she liked horror movies and you're afraid of the dark? Okay.
Very funny.
All right.
Look, me and her, we both did our thing.
She's changed.
I changed.
Now maybe we can get back together.
I want to talk to her tomorrow at school.
Definitely before U.
History, though, because then she just gets hopped up on conspiracy theories and then there's no talking to her.
You okay? Yeah, I just I'm really not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.
That's all.
Look, it's not gonna be as bad as you think.
I mean, you already did the hard part and broke up with Jasper, - so it's already better than it was.
- Yeah.
I'll be right down.
Okay, are you sure I look tan enough in this shirt? Because at home I swore this was a blue-white, but it's more like a yellow-white.
Yes, Naomi, you look incredibly tan.
In fact, you look tanner than you did yesterday.
How is that even possible? Well, I may have gone to the tanning salon last night.
What? Okay, I really want a "wow" effect when I walk into Alison's sister's Yeah, well, I wouldn't worry.
Everybody's gonna be like, "Wow, she's got leather skin.
" Oh, that's like 20 years away.
The party is tomorrow night.
It's gonna be a total blowout.
She rented out the Beach Club.
I cannot Hey, guys.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
- Oh, no, you didn't.
- How was your break? It was good.
You know, just laid low.
How about yours? How was St.
Barts? - You look really tan.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it was great.
- Tan-tastic.
That's great.
I should probably get going.
- I'll see you guys later? - Okay.
What did I tell you? So I don't know if it's gonna be cold, but I'm going back.
And I got the 3-2, so sorry.
- Hey, what's up, dude? - What's up, kid? So Northern California was cool, huh? Dude, it was awesome.
I really like Berkeley.
Cool place, man.
I even brought this really cool souvenir.
Navid, is that? Navid, what the hell you doing with cocaine? Okay, I think you need to put that away.
What is wrong with you? - Will you relax? - We will not relax.
What are you doing with cocaine? You don't do drugs.
Hope you don't.
Of course, I don't do drugs, man.
I was gonna plant this in Jasper's locker.
Then I would have called that tip number.
They'll find the stuff.
It'll be all bye-bye.
Just like the poster says.
I'm not a rat.
- I'm a hero.
- Yeah, well, you're not a hero.
You're an idiot.
Seriously, Navid, this is a really bad idea.
Worse than your Boys of Blaze fundraising calendar.
Okay, look, Jasper is already a drug dealer.
Okay? I'm bringing that to the attention of the powers that be.
- Simple.
- All right, fine.
How do you plan on getting it in his locker? Okay, well, there's this master list of all the student locker combinations on file in the principal's office.
- Me? - Yeah.
No, sorry.
Dixon, I understand.
You wanna think about it.
No way.
All right? I'm not helping you with this.
It's stupid.
- Dixon.
- You're on your own, kid.
- It's your funeral, man.
- It's not that big of a deal.
So did you get my flowers? Yeah, look Look, I really missed you.
Jasper, stop.
We're not dating.
- What are you talking about? - I'm breaking up with you.
- You don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do.
- Annie.
- It's over.
Then I'll tell.
What? I'll go to the police, and I'll tell them what you did.
All they need is a lead in the case.
You know, they'll probably start combing through your Internet history to see if you have any special interest in the case.
Annie, I'm guessing that it's not gonna be that hard to find evidence.
I mean, you probably took the car to a local body shop that night, right? After you ran over my uncle? Why are you doing this? I love you.
You love me.
I know you do.
Look, we've both made mistakes, but I want to put them behind us.
Just say you can do that, and I'll keep your secret.
Okay? Come here.
Well, if it isn't the fancy Caribbean jet-setter.
Oh, yes, that is me.
So, look, I want to talk about what happened at the dance.
Yeah, me too.
Look, it was obviously a mistake.
Yeah, exactly.
That's exactly what I was gonna say.
Yeah, we broke up for a reason.
I mean, like you said, you could never really be yourself around me.
That's what I said.
I think I was just feeling vulnerable.
I mean, I was feeling rejected by Teddy when I saw him with that other girl.
But the truth is maybe I just jumped to conclusions.
You know, maybe that girl was just his friend.
Anyway, I'm gonna talk to him and see if we can figure things out.
Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.
So I'm gonna let you get back to work.
- And I'll talk to you later? - Yeah.
Hey, lves, what you reading? The Violent Messiahs.
It's actually really rad.
It's Lieutenant Major Cheri, who's apparently a schizophrenic now, and she's chasing after this gnarly masked vigilante named Scalpel Spoiler alert.
So, listen, I wanted to thank you for sending that text the other night - to go to Liam's.
- That was nothing.
It wasn't.
You guys were, like, together.
What? Me and Liam? No, please, that was nothing serious.
And I knew he liked you so Well, it meant something to me.
And in appreciation, a little thank-you gift from St.
Yeah, you really didn't have to do that.
Go ahead, open it.
It was not easy shopping there, by the way.
Everybody kept yammering away in French.
But if you spoke loudly and slowly enough, you could eventually get through that you did not want their island junk.
I hit the jackpot at duty-free.
Isn't this something? - I hope you don't have one already.
- Yeah, no, definitely not.
But, you know, I've always wanted a pocketbook.
Oh, it's a Fendi baguette.
But no worries.
But it's the least I could do.
Anyway, thanks again, lves.
I'm not saying kick him in the groin, but near the groin would be great.
So how was vacation? Oh, a blast.
Time of my life.
Aspen, right? We're really gonna pretend everything's fine? I saw you kiss Silver at the dance.
Man up.
That was a lame-ass move, bro.
You know I liked her.
Oh, man, it can't be that big of a deal.
Bet you got over it pretty quickly in Aspen.
Right? No, I didn't just get over it, because I like Silver.
And I thought I made that fairly clear to everyone by the night of the dance.
Is there something going on between you two? I think I deserve to know.
Okay, I'll be straight with you.
I don't think me and Silver are over yet.
What happened the night of the dance, it just happened.
Will it happen again? Probably.
Look, we're trying to keep it on the DL, but you know, between me and you, we're talking about getting back together again.
Come on, man.
- Hey, Annie.
- Hey.
- How was your break? - It was good.
How was yours? - Too short.
You know? - I hear you.
So, listen, we haven't really talked, you know, since the dance.
Wondering what's going on with you and Jasper.
Annie, please tell us you broke up with him.
- It's complicated.
- What's complicated about it? - He's a drug dealer.
- He lied to you.
Annie, he's a really bad guy.
And he's pretty greasy looking, honestly Stop.
Okay? Please, just stop.
You don't get to do this.
- Annie? - Leave me alone.
All right? It shouldn't be hard.
You've done it before.
Teddy? - Hey.
- Silver, what's up? Not much.
I want to talk to you about what happened at the dance.
Because I thought about it a lot.
Yeah, about that.
You know, you were right about me all along.
Once a player always a player.
Your words, right? I can't be tied down to one person.
- It's just It's not in my DNA.
- Why are you telling me this? Because you saw it before I did.
I mean, I can't even decide who to take to this Beach Club party on Saturday.
I mean, Amiko's hot, but, god, Elise is She's easy.
- Dilemma, right? - Yeah.
I'm sure you're gonna figure it out, though.
Hey, Jasper, how's it going, man? Dixon, wait.
I need to talk to you.
- What's up? - It's about Annie.
She's still dating Jasper.
What? Yeah.
I saw them in the hallway holding hands.
I went to talk to her, but she said it's not my right to interfere.
And she's right.
It isn't.
But maybe you can do something about it.
You're her brother.
Maybe she'll listen to you.
Hey, you.
Hi, Gia.
I didn't know you were in AA.
Sort of what the "anonymous" is about.
- It was a joke.
- Right.
- I was kidding.
- Right.
A couple of us always go bowling after the meetings.
You wanna come? - I don't think so.
- You sure? Last week we had it down to the last-frame match with some dentists from Culver City.
Very exciting.
That sounds tempting.
But the thing is AA is a part of me, but I don't want it to be my whole life.
- You know? - Yeah.
I just like having friends around who understand what I'm going through.
- I mean, I figured - My friends do.
Or they did.
Things are kind of weird with us right now, but I'm working on it.
Thanks anyway.
Well, if you change your mind or you ever want to talk or anything, give me a call.
I'll see you around.
Thank you.
This is great.
Well, I've been planning this night for a long time.
I wanted it to be perfect.
- Well, good job.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
- How was your break? - You want to order? - What was that? L - Sorry.
Nothing, l Yeah.
- Well, here we are, at last.
- I know.
Right? Finally.
- How was St.
Barts? - How was your vacation? - Sorry.
- No, go ahead.
Oh, I was just asking you about St.
- Did you have fun? - Yeah, it was gorgeous.
- Did you go snorkeling? - No.
Well, how about parasailing? I hear they have amazing parasailing there.
Yeah, no, I really just kind of laid by the pool the whole time.
- It sounds fun.
- Yeah, it was great.
- What about you? What did you do? - Well, I worked on the boat.
The hull's been planked and ribbed, so I just gotta finish the framing, sheet the deck panels, you know.
- This is boring.
- No, it's not boring.
Deck panels are rad.
So, what's new with you? - I'm redecorating the house.
- Oh, yeah? Yeah.
I'm working with this feng shui expert.
At first I thought it was another Chinese scam like tai chi or acupuncture.
But I really think she's onto something.
She's helping me remove all signs of Jen.
So that's good.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have mentioned Jen.
- No, it's okay.
- No, it's not.
I just want to really forget about her and everything she did.
Look, I'm really sorry again Can we not talk about it, please? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Have you seen the waiter? You will love this.
Okay, so, see, now you shake and it's gone.
So Dad can't bust me for reading about Jude Law's latest love child instead of writing my Hamlet paper.
Though, technically, because Jude Law is playing Hamlet on Broadway, can't you just argue that it's research? Not bad.
Hey So I heard through the grapevine that you're back with Jasper.
- Dixon, stay out of it.
- Annie, look, I just don't get it.
Yeah, well, you don't have to.
Guy is bad news.
You gotta see that.
Yeah, look, stop.
Okay? Seriously, I don't want to talk to you about Jasper.
And we've been getting along lately.
Let's not mess it up.
Okay? Okay.
I actually kind of like that we've been getting along.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Good night.
- Hello? - Hey, Navid.
- Dixon? - Yeah, yeah, it's Dixon.
About the Jasper plan, I'm in.
- Liam, what's up? - Hey.
- So how are things? - Good.
Yeah, and how was the big date with the big N? - What? - Nothing, just isn't it kind of weird that we talk about that? No, not for me.
Liam, get over yourself.
What? Because I did.
Seriously, what, you think I'm, like, in love with you or something? Get real.
I'll just ask Naomi myself.
You know she gave me a pocketbook? - Seriously? - Well, yeah, we're, like, buds.
Okay, look, between you and me, the date didn't go so well.
- You serious? - Yeah, just awkward and just weird.
- Wow, I'm sorry, man.
- Yeah, it sucked.
Okay, but, you know, you win some, you lose some.
It's worth a shot, I guess.
- Yeah.
- Right? It was worth a shot.
- Dude, I got it.
- I got it.
Hey, Mrs.
List, do you mind if I go leave a note on my dad's desk? Go right ahead.
I'll wait right here for you, bro.
Nice blouse, Mrs.
The paisley's really working for you.
All right.
Hey, have you seen Silver? - No.
- Shoot.
I really need to talk to her.
- Is everything okay? - No, it's not.
What's going on? Come on, you can tell me.
I had my first date with Liam last night, and it was terrible.
- No.
- Oh, yeah.
We had absolutely nothing to say to each other.
I don't get it.
How could things between such good-looking people be so boring? You're probably nervous.
And he was probably nervous.
You both just wanted it to be perfect.
- You know? - It wasn't perfect.
It wasn't even passable.
Maybe we lost our spark.
Maybe we have no chemistry anymore.
Don't give up.
This is Liam we're talking about.
- You've waited so long.
- Maybe we waited too long.
- Maybe we missed our moment.
- I don't believe that.
I think there's just a lot of build-up, that's all.
And if chemistry is what you're worried about, I think there's a pretty clear way to test that out.
Well, you could be right.
- Thanks, Ade.
- Of course, anytime.
Silver and I are going to Alison's sister's 21st birthday party.
I think you should come with us.
I'd love to.
Come to Papa.
Look who's here.
Principal Wilson in the house.
You look like you lost some weight.
Could be.
Might have dropped a couple of pounds.
Well, wow, you look fantastic.
Just fantastic.
Well, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, Dad.
Now, I was just about to leave you a note telling you I was going to Navid's house, but, you know, you're here.
Guess I don't have to.
See you later.
I will see you later.
Annie, hey.
Are you ready to do some sucking up to the superintendent? - I'd be delighted.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Hello, Kelly.
- Quite a turnout.
- Yes, this is quite a turnout.
You know what? I was just on my way to talk to some boosters.
So I'll see you guys later.
See, that wasn't so bad, was it? No, it wasn't.
But I'm gonna go talk to her.
What? Happy birthday! - Can I take your coats, please? - Sure.
I am fine, thank you.
Aren't you gonna be warm? I'd feel naked without it.
- Why? - Because I'm naked without it.
- Naom, what? - Really? Okay, Ade and I came up with this master plan to test mine and Liam's chemistry, didn't we, Ade? - This was your idea? - Not exactly.
Did you even ask Liam if he was coming tonight? - Why wouldn't he be? - Because he's not exactly Mr.
Ade's plan wasn't completely thought through.
"Ade's plan"? I did not tell her to come to the Beach Club naked.
- Yes, you practically did.
- Shut up.
To enforced dress codes.
Oh, my God, there's rum in this.
Yes, there is.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I wasn't thinking.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, totally.
I'm fine.
I mean, it happens.
So no Liam? No, I haven't seen him.
- Shoot, I'm getting warm.
- Keep that jacket on.
I'm gonna run to the ladies' room.
I will be right back.
We will be over here.
Hello? - Hey, it's Adrianna.
- Oh, hey.
Look, something just happened.
And I was wondering, maybe you'd want to meet up, because I could really use someone to talk to.
- Sure.
- I'm at a party at the Beach Club.
Well, you're in luck.
That's a nice sweater.
It looks good on you.
- Everything okay? - I don't know.
I accidentally drank some rum and Coke.
Just a sip, but the taste I'm freaking out.
Of course you are.
It triggered something.
I mean, you start second guessing yourself.
You know? Like did I know there was alcohol in the drink? Did I want to screw up? I took a sip and I'm still here.
It's not the end of the world.
Okay, stop torturing yourself.
No, I should have been more responsible.
This is my fault.
I'm at a party where people are drinking.
Look, this whole sober-living thing, it's a process.
It's gonna take some time.
Okay? Excuse me.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Can I borrow you for a second? I would love to talk to you alone.
Excuse me.
Let's talk about that little crush you have on my husband.
Okay, look, there is no reason for you to feel threatened.
No, I'm not threatened.
I'm annoyed.
I'm sorry that you're annoyed.
That was not my intention.
Well, enlighten me.
What was your intention? What? To break up my marriage? No, absolutely not.
I've been through a lot with my mom lately, and Harry ended up being someone that I could talk to.
Someone that I could lean on.
And you're right, I shouldn't have.
But you have to know that the minute I felt that there was anything like a crush I hate using that word.
- I steered clear of him.
I did not want to cross that line.
You have to believe me.
I'm not that person anymore.
You see that buoy down there? Damn.
That was close.
Not really.
Okay, you try.
I don't want to throw rocks.
You want to go see a movie? They're playing this Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots.
- Since when? - Since forever.
I like to watch movies, not read them.
You should have told me.
I mean, we've seen so many foreign films.
Now you know.
Oh, and just so you also know, most of the movies that we have seen I actually kind of hated.
- What? - Yeah.
I could barely keep my eyes open for the most part.
I guess I was trying to impress you.
But I just found them incredibly boring.
I mean, the plots are all convoluted and pretentious.
Just stop it.
Just stop! I know what you're trying to do.
You're trying to pick a fight.
But it's not gonna work.
Okay? I'm not gonna fall for it.
I just Annie, I love you no matter what movies you like.
Okay? Because we're not like other couples.
I mean we're soul mates.
And you know what that means? Well, it means that soul mates, they're forever.
Wait, aren't you forgetting something? See you at school? Good to see you, Harry.
You know what we need to do? We need to find you a nice available guy.
Preferably not an actor.
Or a teacher.
- And, ideally, straight.
- Straight.
That's not gonna be easy.
There's this great yoga class you should try.
I'm gonna go tomorrow, if you want to come.
Sure, I'd love to.
Good, because I think I have someone you just might be interested in.
Oh, you work fast.
Okay, the three letters "WTF" spring to mind.
- What? - What the frick just happened? Oh, it turns out her crush wasn't about you at all.
- It had to be a little bit about me.
- Nope.
Could have been anyone.
Could have been you, Coach Cooper, Lou the gardener.
But Lou has the mind of a child.
It's not even the worst part.
Naomi, okay, she unbuttons another button because now she's sweating.
- Oh, no.
- Yeah.
I'm like, "Please, do not let the AC go off tonight.
" She is Silver, you okay? Look, it's gonna be okay.
I didn't see you at the Beach Club.
So I figured I'd come here.
Is it hot in here? Yeah, maybe a little.
Let me see if the heat's on.
I can easily turn it off.
That was: I know, right? - Anyway - So No, what were you saying? No, nothing.
You? Nothing.
And if you like country music, they have sober line-dancing, plus sober roller-skating and sober bar-hopping.
- Really? - Not really.
I'm just kidding.
Yeah, I was gonna say.
Are you feeling any better? I'm feeling so much better.
Thank you so much for everything.
My pleasure.
- Oh, no.
- What? My ex-girlfriend just walked in with the new girl she's seeing.
Oh, no.
I can't believe this is happening.
She is totally flaunting that she has moved on.
God, I must look such a loser.
Trust me.
You don't look like a loser.
- But - But what? Your ex looks jealous.
I think she thinks we're together.
I'm sure she doesn't.
I bet she does now.
- Why did you do that? - I don't know.
You helped me out tonight, and I wanted to help you.
I can't believe I was actually thinking about giving him another chance after the break.
Why can't I just get it? He's a player.
Silver, wait.
Look, there's something I got to tell you.
The truth is I like you.
What? Look, when I said our kiss didn't mean anything, I was lying.
I couldn't stop thinking about it during the break.
- Dixon - No.
Anything and everything I said during the break-up, just forget about it.
Because I'm crazy about you.
Silver, can you just give me another chance? Know what? I think you're gonna like Kai.
He's very cute, very available and very coming towards us right now.
- Debbie, how are you? - Hey.
I noticed you weren't in class yesterday.
Is everything okay? Oh, yeah, it's fine.
Harry and I just had a function.
Kai, I want you to meet my friend Kelly.
Kelly's first time here.
I told her all about you.
Nice to meet you, Kelly.
So, have you given any more thought about the Ojai retreat? I think you could benefit from those classes.
You know, I don't think I'm gonna be able to swing it, but Kelly might be free that weekend.
Well, I better start class.
- Well, cute, right? - Totally, yeah.
But he's obviously way into you.
Oh, no.
No, don't be ridiculous.
He He's a little touchy-feely, but that's just his shtick.
He does that with everybody.
Let's all take our first position, please.
Arms to your side.
Let's close our eyes.
Breathe in.
Breathe in.
What's going on? Apparently they're doing random locker searches.
Something to do with drugs.
Now, what do you suppose could have prompted that? No idea.
This one's clear.
- Found something here.
- Wait a minute.
- Navid? Is this your locker? - Yeah, but that's impossible.
You better come with us.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Okay, it's not what you think.
Can I please explain? Mr.
Wilson, this is a huge mistake.