90210 s03e02 Episode Script

Age of Inheritance

Previously on 90210: Dixon, meet Oscar.
He's been staying with us, interning at the record label.
And I've just decided to stay the year.
Is it just me or is our sexual tension palpable? You don't have the gift.
See this? I've got ten songs in here that are gonna be huge hits.
I will I can't believe Javier's dead.
I have a lot of new material, stuff that no one's heard.
- Come on, Teddy.
- Unh! I may never play again.
It's time to have some fun.
To moving on.
My baby doesn't need a public school teacher as a father.
Hey Jen, it's me.
Look, I deserve a chance.
- No, no.
- If this is about Naomi, she's over me.
Friends don't date friend's ex-boyfriends.
I accused this guy of sexual harassment and I made it up.
Your whole harassment fantasy, you're trying to provoke me.
Get away from me, perv.
Stop or I will tell.
Who you gonna tell? - Yeah, yeah, Naomi.
- Come on, let's go.
Everybody out.
Ha, ha.
Why are you so uncomfortable? Is it because you wanna have sex with me? No, Silver, wait.
Edie Sedgwick, blew through her trust fund.
Dead of a drug overdose at 28.
Lindsay Lohan.
DUI arrests, rehab stints, a trip to jail.
- Next.
- Enough.
- This is freaking ridiculous, Jen.
- Language, Naomi.
Look, I think it's clear that when young people have access to large amounts of money before they're emotionally and mentally ready, they can't handle it.
Which is why I propose we push back the date of Naomi's trust fund till she's at least 21.
- What? - Twenty-five is better.
You are a psychopath.
- You - Watch out.
You see, this is exactly the kind of behaviour that I am afraid of.
- You should be afraid.
You should be.
- That's enough.
I think giving you access to so much money is a recipe for disaster.
I think your tie with your shirt - is a recipe for disaster.
- Please let me finish.
My personal feelings aside, I can't change the terms of your trust fund.
What? As of today, you are officially a very wealthy woman.
- Do exercise prudence.
- Ha, ha.
- I get my money? - You get your money.
I get my I get my money? I, ah Oh, my God, I get my money.
I get my money.
You can suck it Jen, I am rich.
I'm rich.
Ah! I love your tie, by the way.
I do.
And this is like the best day of my life because I'm so rich.
What do you think? Bed, chair or up against the wall? Oscar, no.
I told you it's over.
Now, come on.
I feel like we're just hitting our stride.
Why stop now? - Ma, you got my boots.
- One sec, hon, I'm just changing.
That's why.
Ivy's back home.
Now, I don't think she'd be into me screwing her classmate.
Isn't she a free spirit like her mother? Kid's way more traditional than she lets on.
When she was in grade school, she used to draw these pictures with a mom and dad and straight-up white picket fence.
But now that she's an adult with her own experiences She's not experienced, trust me.
That's good.
- Oh, my Go I'm I'm so sorry.
- Unh! - Oh, I'm so sorry.
- It's fine, really.
I've always hated these pants.
I've been looking for a reason to get rid of them.
- Must be some book.
- Uh, a play actually.
August, Osage County.
Right on.
- Definitely spill worthy.
- You know it? I'm a playwright, aspiring-slash-bartender.
But I just transferred to UCLA so I might have to transition to aspiring screenwriter, right? Well, you'd be surprised.
actually has a great theatre scene.
In fact, um Here.
It's playing this month at Abbott Playhouse.
- What, are you their publicist? - An intern-slash-theatre geek.
I've been hanging out at the wrong theatres.
- I'm Charlie.
- Um, Annie.
And can I at least pay for your dry-cleaning? No, definitely not.
But, uh, you could buy me a coffee sometime.
Call it even.
Better yet, you could take me to the theatre.
I hear there's a lot of great stuff at this Abbot Playhouse.
- Yeah, um, well, the thing is - You're seeing someone.
Not exactly, but, well, there's something kind of Something unresolved.
- Gotcha.
- Mm-hm.
Okay, how about this? Um, may I? Take my number and, uh, just in case, whatever it is resolves, you know, you got it.
- Well, it was nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Ha, ha.
Please just let me explain.
I know what it looked like, but Naomi hit on me completely out of the blue.
I was as surprised as you were.
Come on, you think I'd really do something that stupid? - Why would she? - I have no idea.
All I know is that I would never do anything like that to you.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you weren't a complete jerk.
Just because you go through a hard time doesn't mean you can take it out on me.
I know.
I was just drunk.
Yeah, I know all about mean drunks.
My mom was one.
It's not an excuse.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to bring that up for you.
Can we just forget about it? Yeah.
- I'd like that.
- Good.
- Nice necklace.
- I'm not wearing - Oh, what is this? - Ha, ha.
A little prezzie in honour of my birthday.
Oh, yeah, happy birthday.
And you're giving me a present because? Because you stuck by me when I was down and out.
Was driving a clunker, waxing from a kit, shopping off the rack.
Ha, ha.
But it's all in the past now because I have my money back and I'm going to throw the party of the century.
- Are you free tonight? - Uh, yeah.
It's gonna be a blowout.
Oh, my god, I'm 18 and I am ready for the 17-year-old kiddie crap - to be put behind me.
- Mm-hm.
Well, there's definitely still some you gotta deal with because Silver is very pissed.
You better come up with a really great explanation for hitting on Teddy because a necklace just isn't gonna cut it.
I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
When you're conducting interviews, it's critical to remain detached.
Where you think your interview is gonna go is rarely where it does go.
When a subject takes you someplace unexpected, when you find the depth, often the pain, well, then you found your story.
All right, ready to practice? - What am I interviewing you about? - Who knows? Find the story.
Oh, okay.
Um, ahem.
All right, what made you decide to be a teacher? Uh, my father was a teacher and I always looked up to him.
- Mm, that's nice.
- Detached.
- That's interesting? - Better.
Ha, ha.
Um Can you tell me a little about your family? Uh, mom, dad, sickeningly sweet marriage.
- Mm-hm.
- Older sister, hell to grow up with.
- Very nice lady now.
- Ha, ha.
Uh, what about your wife? Where'd you meet her? She was my next-door neighbour.
I'm sorry, you've, uh, hit a spot there.
She left me recently.
See? You never know where the pain's gonna be located.
- I'm so sorry.
This has been - No.
I'm sorry that, you know, you That you're going through this.
You don't deserve it.
You're great.
And smart and kind.
- I already said great, didn't I? - Hah, yeah, you did.
That's completely inappropriate.
But completely appreciated.
Everyone needs to hear something nice once in a while.
Well, I meant it.
- Same time tomorrow? - You bet.
- Hey, did I leave my scarf in here? - No, I haven't seen it.
- Weird.
See you later.
- See you.
- Hi.
- Gossip, please.
What? It can be about people I don't know.
Anything to get my mind off the fact that Laurel still hasn't called me back.
Hey, I'm sure she's gonna love your song.
Hey, you.
- Hey, Ade, let me call you back, okay? - Okay.
- Are you kidding me? "Hey, you?" - So it's true.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this.
When Annie said I needed to apologise for hitting on Teddy, I thought she was trying to make some kind of bad joke.
It wasn't a bad joke? Are you actually implying that you don't remember? Look, I know this might sound crazy, but I think someone might have put something in my drink.
What are you talking about? I remember the beginning of the party.
I remember when Teddy got there and we toasted.
And I was watching people dance.
This guy came up to me, said he was from Carver Westdale or something.
He had reddish-brown hair, plaid shirt.
Did you see him? He asked me if I wanted a drink and I said sure and he brought me one.
And I remember thinking that it tasted funny.
And after that, I don't remember anything at all.
- Not even stripping? - What? Oh, my God, I feel sick.
Listen, Silver.
I don't know what to say except that you know me.
Okay? I would never hit on Teddy, not in my right mind.
I mean, it was kind of out of nowhere.
Are you okay? I guess it's just better that I don't remember anything from that night.
You know? Yeah.
I'd like to help, but I'm not permitted to give the location of a student.
I'm sorry.
Can I write a note or? Dixon.
Hey, listen.
I feel like we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.
You and Ivy were apart all summer and her first day back, I completely monopolised her.
It was thoughtless, unconscionable.
No, listen, it's all good, all right? I was just in a bad mood.
Well, you had every reason to be.
I was a third wheel and a squeaky one at that.
It's just I don't know anyone except Ivy.
So it's fine.
I'm sure I'll find some mates eventually.
Hey, why don't I introduce you to my friends? Really? Yeah, that would be brilliant.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Um I'm gonna be working on my documentary later, taking advantage of West Bev's incredible equipment and, uh, I thought you might like to sit in.
Learn a little about the editing process.
Yes, I'd love to, but I can't.
It's Naomi's Oh, I didn't know you two were friends.
Yeah, look, I know she made a mistake last year.
- She's actually a good person.
- No, she's not.
She's a liar and she almost destroyed my life.
Who knows what she'll do now that I shouldn't say anymore.
Just, um Have fun at the birthday party.
It was a total debacle at the lawyer's.
I mean, really, how hard is it to put together an effective PowerPoint presentation? - I'm sorry.
- Oh, you're sorry? You are sorry.
You're a sorry excuse for an assistant.
What, am I paying you people to stare at me? Go get me a glass of water.
And do not make eye contact with me for the rest of the day.
Thank you.
- Perfect.
- Jen, we have to talk.
Ryan, you say that a lot.
I have the paternity papers and I'd like you to sign them.
No, I'm not signing anything.
Allison, where is the updated inventory? Jen, you can't avoid this forever.
I've had a really bad day and I am not in the mood.
Well, you're never in the mood, okay? You don't return my phone calls, my e-mails Ryan, I am not feeling well, okay? I have a bad stomach ache and I'm not Just one thing after another with you, isn't it? There's no more excuses, okay? I'm not leaving until you sign these.
- What's wrong? - I don't know.
- You're not going into labour? - No, I'm not going into labour, okay? I'm not due for another two months.
I'm sure it's not Uh, aah.
- Ow, was that a contraction? - How the hell am I supposed to know? Oh.
Oh, God.
Jen? I can't be going into labour right now, okay? It's It's too soon.
I can't believe it.
I mean, that's our That's our baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's a miracle.
Uh, look, can we wrap this up? I have things to do.
Oh, I hope they're things you can do from bed because that's where you're gonna be for the next two months.
What? Why? I mean, you said that my contractions have stopped.
They did, but your placenta has started to separate from your uterus.
So if you wanna carry this baby to term, you're gonna have to stay off your feet.
- No, l - Jen, this is serious.
No, we understand.
I understand.
My assistant will pick me up.
- Thank you for the ride to the hospital.
- Sure.
I think your cheap upholstery in your car gave me a rash, but, well, you got me here, so that's something.
- Okay.
- Bye.
One for you, one for you.
Better luck next year.
One for you.
Show me your abs.
The rest of you should lay off the Ho Hos.
All right.
Naomi, I gotta talk to you.
Ladies, make sure not to wear metallic as the queen will be wearing gold.
- What is it, Liam? - Hey, we're good, right? Unh.
Well, I just turned 18 and inherited a fortune.
I'm amazing.
I don't really know how you are.
No, come on.
I mean, I'm serious, Naomi.
We're cool.
We're friends.
No weirdness.
You're, uh, over me and all that? Oh, please.
I haven't thought of you in months.
So you wouldn't mind if I date someone else? - I couldn't care less.
- Even if it's, like, a friend of yours? Are you talking about Annie? Yes, but she wouldn't do anything because she's friends with you.
And, you know, you guys have the girl thing and l Naomi, wait.
Where are you going? Wait.
I just want you to know that I am totally over Liam.
If you want to go for it, go for it.
I'm serious.
I wouldn't care if you did it right in front of me.
Well, I would because that'd be really nasty to watch.
But I wouldn't care that it was Liam that you were doing it with.
- Capiche? - Capiche.
What is that heifer doing with my invite? So can I finally take you on a date? Okay, while I'm on bed rest, I'm gonna need your attention Okay? Screw-ups will no longer be tolerated.
As it is imperative that I stay calm and placated.
When I say "jump," you say "how high?" When I say, "I need a manicure," you say, "Round or square?" You got it? - I quit.
- You can't quit.
How dare you? You know what? Get back here.
You know what? You're fired.
- Let me get the first round.
- You must've thrown down 100 bucks - paying off the guy at the door.
- It was my pleasure.
- Four? - Oh, count me out.
- Yeah, I'll take one.
- Thank you.
Hey, uh, thank you, guys, for doing this.
You know, I figure the more people Oscar knows, the less he'll hang out with me and Ivy.
Our pleasure.
He seems like a bloody good chap.
Dude, seriously, please, no accent.
- How about a wee one? - I'll kick you in your wee one.
I'm just trying to make him feel at home.
Make him feel at? Navid? All right, fine.
- Bad news? - Depends on how you look at it.
Thanks to my last victory, I've secured the number one ranking in California.
- Oh, dude, nice.
- Congrats, man.
Of course, I can't play anymore.
- Here we go.
- Brilliant.
Ha, ha.
Now, who is ready to get wicked pissed? You know what? I think I will have a beer.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
Don't worry, Laurel will love your song.
- Then why hasn't she called yet? - She's probably busy.
Okay, let's talk about the gift bags for my party.
We got the Naomi water bottles, the Naomi temporary tattoos, the Naomi permanent tattoos for some lucky raffle winner Okay, don't you think this is a little over the top? Um, it should be.
This party signifies the start of my new life.
Ha, ha.
What was wrong with your old life? You know what we should do? We should get cute little tank tops with the Andy Warhol silkscreen of my face on them.
- Ha-ha-ha.
That's too much.
- No, it's not.
I'm going to do it and you will wear it.
Oh, I'm so not going to wear it.
I guarantee you that.
You couldn't pay me enough.
Maybe that's not true.
You could pay me, but it would break your bank.
Well, not your new trust fund bank.
I don't think there's any breaking that.
Oh, man, I wish your birthday party would get my mind off Naomi, slow down.
Naomi, you're gonna hit Stop.
Naomi, stop.
Naomi, stop.
What the hell was that? New car.
Jumpy acceleration.
Ha, ha.
Right outside the circle, dude.
Watch closely.
This is what a bull's-eye looks like.
Whoa! - Well done.
That was insanely close.
- Thank you, old chap.
- You are a bloody good bloke.
- Idiot.
Gentlemen, it would appear we have company.
- Yeah, go.
- I'll go with you.
- Oh, ask the other guy.
- Um I've been dared to ask you to sign my butt.
You know, I'd be happy to oblige.
Never been so happy to have such a long last name.
Okay, okay.
Next, you gotta take a body shot off that guy.
What's his name? This is Dixon.
- Dixon Wilson.
- Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! Dixon! You wouldn't wanna disappoint a bachelorette on her last official night of freedom, would you? - Do it! - Yo, bro, let's go! Well, since you put it like that, I don't think I really have a choice.
- Please.
- After you.
- Take it easy on me.
- I'll try.
- Yeah! - Okay.
Yeah, Dixon.
Don't be shy, buddy.
So here we go.
- Yeah! - Go! Go! Go! - Time for another round.
- Yeah! - Yup.
A pretty good life, huh? - Oh.
I can't believe you lived here this summer.
- It's such an amazing boat.
- She's such an amazing boat.
Ah, she is, huh? Well, she better keep her sails to herself because I can get very jealous.
Ha, ha.
I can't believe I just get to kiss you - as much as I want.
- Yeah.
Whenever I want, wherever I want.
What's going on here? Let's go.
We gotta go.
- Now.
- What are you doing on my boat? - Hey.
- Unh.
- What? - Come on, come on.
- Go, go, go, run.
- Hey, get back here! This isn't over! I'm calling the police! Ha, ha.
Seriously? Have you seen the birthday girl in, like, a non-reproducible capacity? No, not yet.
Hello, everyone.
Please put your hands together for Naomi.
Hello, everyone.
Thank you to the Honey Brothers for being here.
Adrian, play your cards right and you might just get a piece of this.
Ha, ha.
All right, everyone, let's party! One, two, three, four.
I can't believe the guys are missing this.
Navid texted.
They're around the corner.
Twenty-four miles North of the border Where sand meets The gravelly beach The seas run much lower And now they are risen Like some saltier you and me And on my way along I see things like ice into water Sun in the dawn of her patience Let's slip back Anyone have any mints? Uh, here.
All right.
- There you go.
- Thanks, man.
My girlfriend is a little weird about the whole drinking thing.
- Hey, you, I was just - You were just what, Dixon? Doing body shots off some slutty brunette? What? Wait, how do you? I don't know, Dixon.
Maybe because it's all over Facebook? Because three people texted me? You know how humiliating that is? - Ivy, wait - No.
Will you just stay away from me? She just needs some time to cool off.
It's all right.
Come on.
Let's go.
This area is clear.
- Shh.
- Look over there.
That was close.
I am impressed with your speed, girl.
Ever considered going out for cross-country? This is not funny.
You said you were boat-sitting.
Well, yeah.
Less boat-sitting, more boat-squatting.
I heard the owners were gonna be away for a few months but I Apparently, the cook at the Crab Shack doesn't know everything.
Where are you going? I didn't tell you because I didn't think it was important.
You didn't think it was important.
Are you kidding me? I just spent my summer on house arrest.
I'm on probation.
I could have gotten in serious trouble.
- I'm so sorry.
I didn't think about that.
- Well, you should have.
Look, I spent last year dating a guy who was dark and secretive, and got me in a lot of trouble.
It won't happen again.
You're right, it won't.
Look, I'm sorry, but I was wrong when I thought you and I could work.
Get lost, loser.
Authentic invites only, please.
Everyone else can celebrate my birthday at Arby's.
Naomi, wait.
Come on, let me in.
I lent you money for a cab home after Joanna's.
Remember? That's right, you did.
- It was 20 bucks, right? - Mm-hm.
Thank you.
Keep the change.
Have fun at Arby's.
How do you know she gave you a 20? I thought you didn't remember anything about that night? - I was just assuming - You were drugged, but you were with it enough to borrow money for a cab.
- You're a pathetic liar.
- Wait, Silver.
Gotta say, I wasn't expecting to hear from you.
Yeah, well, everything that was unresolved got resolved.
I'm glad.
Because another girl spilled coffee on me this afternoon, - and she's kind of funny-Iooking, so - Ha-ha-ha.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
They're better, right? Oh, I need some food.
That last car bomb is not sitting well.
Take a bite out of her head.
It's, uh, strangely cathartic.
Naomi knew what she was doing when she hit on you.
- What? - Yeah.
She lied and - Have you been drinking? - No.
Because you kind of smell.
Oh, well, the guys were drinking, but I wasn't.
- I don't believe this.
- No, stop.
Listen, the only reason I lied is because I didn't want to upset you.
Because of your mom and stuff.
You wanna know the worse thing about growing up with an alcoholic? When she would look me in the eye and swear she wasn't drunk.
Wow, I didn't think parties like this even existed.
Don't you watch My Super Sweet 16? - On MTV? - I read.
- Ah, a snob.
- Yeah, I'm proud of it.
Ha, ha.
So are you horrified that I took you here? Are you kidding? No.
I mean, snobs like to have fun while we quietly judge.
- Oh, judge, huh? - Quietly, yeah.
So let's hear the judgements.
Youth and excess.
Conspicuous consumption.
You can't just look at this as a birthday party.
You kind of gotta look at it like a moment in time.
Ah, a moment that a talented writer with a keen eye, grand literary ambitions, and a pretty cool blazer could turn into a stinging social commentary? - Something like that.
- Uh-huh.
Well, you're cute.
- For a snob.
- No, it's just this really cool blazer.
And the fact that you actually talk.
Oh, Mr.
Unresolved wasn't a talker? No.
Resolved, uh, was more a grunter.
Hey, uh, did you hear what happened between Silver and Naomi? Does the offer to watch you edit still stand? Is everything all right? No.
Come sit down.
What happened? Stuff with Naomi.
And my boyfriend.
Or ex-boyfriend.
I don't even know anymore.
He's been such a jerk lately, and part of me feels like I should just be okay with it.
He's going through a hard time.
Just because someone is going through a hard time - doesn't mean they can mistreat you.
- I know.
I'm serious.
You don't deserve it.
You're kind and smart and great.
Did I already say great? And, uh, if he can't see that, then he doesn't deserve to be your boyfriend.
- Ha, ha.
- You know what I'm saying? Let's grab a drink.
Come on.
- Can we talk to you? - Oh, you have terrible timing.
Adrian was just giving me the eye.
Why did you hit on Teddy and lie about it? - I'm trying to enjoy my party.
- What were you thinking? - I wasn't.
- Why did you do it? - I don't know.
- Has to be a reason.
- There isn't.
- What is wrong with you? Please, okay? You were a drug addict who got pregnant.
Didn't even know who the father was.
You're judging me? Really? Oh, this is not about Ade.
Stop acting like Pollyanna, you killed a guy.
Screw you, Naomi.
Happy birthday to you Happy Where is Silver? Can we please get out of here now? She's already taken off to work with Mr.
- Dear Naomi - What? Why is Silver with Mr.
Cannon? Because he's her adviser.
They're editing.
What's going on? Well, um, I made a few simple demands and, uh, Allison walked out.
So, apparently, I have a bad reputation in the personal-assistants community because I can't get anyone to work for me.
Hence, um, you.
So I am gonna need a sparkling lemonade, - a new cell phone, French Vogue - Yeah, you mean you're all alone.
Um I, uh, can't even force my sister to take care of me because she's got her money back.
So there's nothing I can hold over her head anymore.
Well, I'd be happy to help, Jen.
Just as soon as you sign these.
- Ryan, it's emotional blackmail.
- Regardless.
So then I'll just move in with you.
Move? Wait No.
I do not want you to move in with me.
It's not about what you want anymore.
It's about what's best for the baby.
I mean, that's what being a good parent is.
It's focusing on what's right for your child.
I don't want you to move in with me.
What if something goes wrong? What if you need something in the middle of the night? Or what if there's an emergency? Fine.
Look at us.
Two mature adults making decisions together.
Just like real parents.
Don't make me vomit.
- That's nice.
- Whew.
Laurel, hi.
You are in big trouble.
Why have you been holding out on me? That new song is unbelievable.
- What is she saying? - Really? You liked it? More than like, babe.
And, uh, I'd like you to sing it at Javier's memorial.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
Just a text from Naomi.
- I wonder what her problem is.
- Yeah, well, um, she's a very troubled girl.
You know, I wasn't gonna tell you this, but maybe I should.
After Naomi lied about the sexual harassment, she became somewhat infatuated with me.
Obsessed, really.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I just don't get why guys have to act like such idiots sometimes.
Look, however out of control things got, I'm sure it didn't mean anything.
You know, drunk people just do stupid things.
Trust me, I know, all right? My dad was the king of stupidity.
He was the life of the party, sure.
And he had some grand parties.
But, you know, all I ever wanted was a normal life.
A mom, dad.
White picket fence, the whole thing.
- Oh, sorry, I sound like a moron.
- No, no.
I It's just that I kind of felt that same way growing up.
- Really? - Yeah.
I mean, I love my mom, you know, but I just kind of Well, like, I hate her lifestyle.
Sometimes I feel like I grew up too fast.
Did some things before I was ready.
Did you do that too? No.
I think I kind of went in the other direction.
You're still a virgin? No, don't be embarrassed.
I envy you for that.
I mean, I lost my virginity at the wrong time and the wrong place with the wrong girl.
I wish I could do it over again.
Uh I should go.
Okay, so here goes.
- Silver, I need to talk to you.
- Uh, I don't wanna talk to you.
I'm not leaving until you do.
I'll be right back.
Look, you can't work with Cannon.
Why? Because you hit on him and he rejected you? - What? - He told me everything.
How you came onto him, how he turned you down, how you became obsessive.
- No.
- And after he shut you down, you became crazy and vindictive.
That's not true.
What do you know about true? - You've proved you're a liar.
- Not about this.
Did you or did you not try to run him over today? Yes, I did.
But that's because he - He what? - He - He rejected you? - No.
And you've never been rejected before and you just You can't accept it.
It's making you crazy.
I guess that's why you hit on Teddy.
You gotta make yourself feel better.
Silver, no.
Cannon did not reject me.
That is not what this is.
He He what? What? - He what? - He raped me.
It happened last year.
And that's why I've been so messed up.
I didn't think I could tell you.
It was too humiliating.
But I'm telling you now because you have to stay away from him.
I mean, you've done some really low stuff before, but this Silver.
Bravo, ladies.
Apparently, there are some good actresses in L.
after all.
I believe this was the fee we agreed on.
The note was a long shot.
I didn't think you'd show.
I wanted to tell you to your face.
Stay the hell away from me.
Come on, man, we can fix this.
We're brothers.
You don't deserve it.
You're great.
And smart and kind and I already said great, didn't I? Yeah, you did.
You're great.
And smart and kind and I already said great, didn't I? Yeah, you did.