90210 s04e02 Episode Script

Rush Hour

Previously on "90210": This is the place! I'm sorry, it's too late.
An offer's been made.
I'm buying this house.
What do you say to an extra half a million dollars? What?! Hey, congratulations.
You got yourself a deal.
Will you marry me? No.
This is a private party.
No hillbillies allowed.
My new roommate invited me.
(over bullhorn): Police.
Nobody move.
No, you want to hide pot from the cops.
You don't want to throw it in the fire.
OFFICER: Whose narcotics are these? No, they're not.
They're yours.
My senior year in high school.
I told Mom a million times how important that is to me.
Maybe she'll let me stay with you.
Pull this crap again, and I will put you on a plane to Switzerland and so fast.
I hate both of you! Leila! She ran away.
Spent all summer on a fishing boat.
This is the first real money I ever made.
My check-- where's my check? Morning, boss.
(sighs) (chanting) Wow.
really takes the Pledge Week stuff seriously.
Who would volunteer to humiliate themselves like that? Hey, Naomi Clark, you suck! (laughter) (gasps) Trust me-- swallowing a tank full of goldfish is much better than being the most hated girl on campus.
You got to admit, you kind of earned it.
I mean, your party got busted by the cops, the dean banned all student social events for the next month and the football captain tested positive for pot because of the contact high he got from your bonfire.
Boo! Football season's basically over.
You know what we need to do? Join a sorority.
Yeah, why start college with one ounce of dignity left? It will be fun.
It will position us socially.
I've always wanted to join a sorority.
It's like a sisterhood for life.
Yeah, a sisterhood with a bunch of people I don't know or care about.
Okay, do you know who the cute frat boys date? Cute girls who are in sororities.
Do not be such a snob.
I have a feeling I'm really going to regret this, Naomi, but, fine, which one do we join? Oh, we're going straight to the top.
Kappa Lambda Eta.
They're known for the hottest girls, wildest parties.
It is the best house on campus, and it is where we belong.
(sighs) Hey, Dixon.
I was going to make pancakes, but you guys don't have any eggs or milk or pancake mix.
Seriously, Ade I know what you're going to say, but it's no trouble.
(whistling "Dixie") Oh, hell no.
You better not be whistling "Dixie.
" Hey! Good morning.
Hey, last night was, uh, was fun.
But I actually got to head to class.
But, hey, don't feel like you got to rush out of here.
Really? Yeah.
Yeah, totally.
Uh Bye.
I guess I'm going to go hop in the shower.
Dixon? (laughs) Dead man walking.
What the hell happened last night? You mean before or after your humiliating proposal to my sister? That's After.
I left you drowning your sorrows, at that old beach bar.
Why? Oh, I don't know-- I think I bought the place.
Are you serious? Yeah.
(laughing) This is hilarious.
No, this is not hilarious.
We got to find that old man and get my money back.
Dude, as much as I would love to, I I can't.
DJ 526 just hooked me up with this big meeting.
Juice Randall.
You don't know who Juice Randall is? Been on a boat all summer.
Was that boat in a cave, on another planet, in a black hole? Dude, he's only one of the hugest producers on the East Coast.
Look, I got to finish these tracks for Juice, just to prove that I didn't give up going to college for nothing.
Yeah, you know what, you're right.
That's as important as me losing $25,000! (sighs) This money is all I have, man.
I got to get it back, or else I'm going to be sleeping on your couch for the rest of my life and you're never going to get those tracks done.
Okay, all right.
We can go get it.
But after that, I have to get this music done.
No more distractions.
Hey, Liam.
Was that real, or am I still drunk? NAVID: Hey, Mom, what's up? Hey, honey, I need to talk to Leila.
Oh, you want to-- you want to speak to Leila? Uh Well, Mom, uh, the truth is (banging) Leila is in the shower.
Oh, she is? Okay, make sure Yeah, I'll tell her you called.
I love you, too.
Now I'm lying to my parents.
How am I going to tell them that I lost their daughter? Technically you didn't lose her.
She ran away.
How is that better? Check this out.
This is Leila's Twitter feed.
She's updated it five times in the last hour so wherever she is, I think she's probably fine.
Unless, of course, you consider tweeting "hashtag I heart Bieber" a problem.
No, you're right.
She's probably fine.
She is fine.
Trust me.
I used to pull this move on Kelly all the time.
So we're just supposed to go on with our lives? We're not going to go looking for her? Um, I'm not going to look for her, you know, 'cause she's not missing.
So What are you doing? Where are you going? Uh, I'm going to go cover for you at the office.
So you can stay here and focus all of your energies on the rescue effort.
Good luck.
I believe in you.
Look, give him his money back or we'll tell the cops that you've been serving underage kids.
Oh, okay, take it easy.
He can have his money back.
Really? Look, I'm not trying to screw anybody.
I'm just kind of surprised.
You were so set on buying this place.
I've seen guys crying in their beer, but never like that before.
Oh, you were talking about your summer and going on about some girl-- I think you said her name was Jane.
Jane? (laughing) Jane? No, I think you meant Annie.
Dude, how drunk were you last night? I don't know, man.
You kept saying buying this place would help you move on from your past and make sure you never went back.
You know, um, I don't think my friend was in his right mind last night.
So, uh, you know, just-just give us the money back and we'll be on our way.
I'll get him his check.
Keep the check.
I want the bar.
Uh (nervous chuckle) Uh, Liam, one minute you're proposing to Annie, the next you're buying a bar? When are you going to tell me what's really going on? Nothing's going on.
Liam, seriously.
What happened this summer, man? Summer's over.
I'm keeping the bar.
+ So as a member of Tau Pi Nu, you got any advice for a pledge? Yeah, don't fall asleep.
I made that mistake.
My frat brothers nailed my face with permanent marker.
Here you go.
That'll be $6.
Oh, I got it.
Actually, I don't got it.
I forgot my wallet.
Don't worry about it.
Here you go.
Are you sure? I feel like an idiot.
Oh, please.
You're giving me all this vital knowledge.
It's the least I can do.
Okay, in that case, let me tell you how I got revenge for that little marker incident.
You're here still.
Hey, what's that smell? Potpourri.
I bought a few things.
I mean, this place is nice, but it needed a woman's touch.
Don't you think? No.
I-I mean, I mean no, I didn't, until now.
Is Dixon even around? I don't Dixon, you home? (stammers) Navid, hey.
Um, Dixon's gone.
(softly): At least somebody is.
Uh, okay.
Well, can you tell Dixon, I just I just came by to hang out? And, uh, maybe hit the mall or the beach.
Wait, the mall? Do you plan on going to the food court and reading comic books? Uh I'm looking for Leila.
She's missing.
Oh, no.
What happened? We had a fight about her bringing you to Naomi's party, and, uh, she ran away.
I-I should have known better than to go to that party.
I feel terrible.
I really wish that I could help you find her.
Call her friends.
Um, remember Jenny, with the freckles? She and Leila were pretty close.
Jenny, yeah, yeah.
That's a good idea.
Thanks for your help.
Of course.
NAOMI: Here we are.
So do you think the flowers are a bit much? We have to look classy if we want to get a bid from Kappa.
Freshly picked from Mrs.
Rosen's garden.
You know that it is possible she wasn't the neighbor that called the cops? Oh, it was her.
Underneath that lovely housecoat is a total bitch.
How was your date with Jeremy? It wasn't a date.
We just got coffee.
He didn't buy you dinner? No.
Actually I paid.
He forgot his wallet.
(clearing throat) Gold digger alert.
First you're buying their coffee-- then you're charging their Porsche to your black card.
Trust me, when you're loaded, boys just come out of the woodwork.
Thanks for putting that in my head.
Would you look at some of these gals? We're so in.
Let's divide and conquer.
What? No, I I prefer strength in numbers.
I'm Bree.
I love your dress.
Well, thank you.
Why don't I show you around? Okay.
Naomi Clark.
Aren't you the girl who threw that party last night? You know what they say-- go big or go home.
Good idea.
Show a little hospitality.
Remember our motto-- "Sisterhood above all else.
" After what she did? Margo, I think your unibrow's growing back.
Did you forget you tweezers in Shaker Heights? I am so sorry about that.
They get so aggressive on Bid Night.
I try to tell them to eat less red meat.
(both laugh) Hi, I'm Holly.
Naomi Clark.
I know.
I suppose everyone knows.
Yes, but don't worry about it.
Aside from the drug bust, your party sounds like it was pretty legendary.
The kind of party a Kappa would throw.
Really? Definitely.
And if it makes you feel any better, I had a pretty rough week my freshman year, too.
I drank too much and threw up at the football game.
They caught the whole thing on the Jumbotron, then played it backwards so the vomit was going back into my mouth.
Oh, my That took a couple weeks to live down.
But thank God college isn't anything like high school.
This stuff doesn't follow you around forever.
Thank you.
No problem.
(sighs) So what does a girl have to do to get a bid around here? Uh, well, it helps if you suck up to the sorority president Okay.
(laughs) Okay.
You know what? Every year I take a pledge under my wing and I make her my Little Sister.
What do you say? I say yes.
Welcome to Kappa.
LIAM: Sure, it looks bad now, but with a little work, it could be great.
Just gotta figure out where to start.
Yeah, how about starting with a tetanus shot? I'm serious.
I'm gonna, uh get some old surfboards to hang up here.
Maybe build a stage over here.
Get some live bands to play.
Yeah, that's good for you.
Still sounds like a lot of work.
Oh, hey, speaking of, aren't you working on those tracks for Juice or Fruit? Randall.
(laughs) Yeah, but it's impossible to get any work done with Adrianna still there, so Ooh.
Maybe I could help.
You know, I can beatbox, right? No.
(beatboxing) Stop.
No, no.
No, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop, stop! I'm gonna get some surfboards.
(laughs) (coughs) Excuse me.
I'm looking for Liam Court.
Um, actually, he'll be right back.
Hi, I'm Dixon.
My name's Jane.
So, there actually is a Jane.
How do you know Liam? We were friends in Alaska.
What are you doing here? I wanted to see you.
Uh, I'll let you two catch up.
It was great to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
So, I talked to your boat captain.
Jane, why are you here? You left without saying good-bye.
You disappeared.
I was worried.
Worried enough to come 2,000 miles? You and Jim were so close.
You're the only person besides me who really knew him.
And you're the only one who really understands the loss I feel.
What you and I are feeling is is not the same thing.
Liam, please talk to me.
There's something I never told you about that night on the boat.
I was supposed to be working, but I was sick, so Jim offered to cover for me.
That's when the accident happened.
The siren woke me up.
And when I got up top, that's when they that's when they told me he was gone.
See, that should have been me.
Jim took my place that night.
Your husband is dead because of me.
Any word on Leila? No.
Well, like you said, uh, she'll turn up eventually.
Actually, she stopped updating her Twitter feed a few hours ago.
Uh, not that I'm worried, but Okay.
she's showing a lot more willpower than I ever did.
So I-I'm texting her every 30 seconds till I flush her out.
(text alert sounds) It's a it's a text from Leila.
Oh, thank God.
Worked like a charm.
It's a video.
Navid, they want $50,000.
And they said get the money ready and-and don't go to the police.
(sobbing): Please help me! I'm really scared! + NAVID: God, I don't even know where the hell I'm gonna get $50,000.
I mean, things are tight at the studio.
We can't call the cops.
I mean, they said don't call the cops, so what do we do? Do we call the cops? Calm down, all right? Don't you think this is a little weird? Compared to what? Compared to the kidnappings I'm used to dealing with? Come look at this video.
Leila, she's got an empty yogurt cup in the trash beside her.
Wherever she is, she's not exactly being tortured, you know? And everybody knows the Shirazis are loaded.
These guys ask for 50 grand? I'm not buying it.
Why, because that would mean you were wrong, that we should've been looking for her hours ago? Okay, you're right, you know? I should not have looked at this and taken it so lightly, but let's just stay calm and we're gonna look at the facts.
The facts are, Silver, my sister's been kidnapped! You know, I can't believe you're still not taking this seriously.
Even Adrianna offered to help! Wait.
What? When did you talk to Adrianna? She was at Dixon's when I went looking for help.
Ade didn't blow it off.
No, at least she cares.
Ever since my sister's been missing, you've been acting like it's no big deal.
Maybe you'd get it if your family was ever around.
Yeah, maybe I would.
(box thuds) (door opens, closes) Congratulations, ladies, you are now probationary members.
In order to become full-fledged Kappas, you have to pass the three Trials of Fire.
That doesn't sound so good.
It weeds out the losers.
Just go with it.
(laughs) Very good.
Very nice! Ew! Okay, I'm done.
You really sold that one.
Well, he's my favorite president.
Well, that is the completion of trial number one.
That was pretty easy.
Well, we're gonna be sisters for life.
I don't want you to hate my guts.
Here, I brought you mouthwash.
Oh, thank you.
(both laugh) All right, Little Sister, here is your first trial.
No problem.
(shrieks) Oh, my God! Really?! (laughing) Really funny.
What else you got? No problem.
There you are.
What do you want? I need your help.
I'm pledging Kappa.
Of course you are.
Yeah, you'll fit in great with the rest of them stuck-up princesses.
Thank you.
My second Trial of Fire is to have a candlelit, gourmet meal with a farm animal.
And since I loathe the thought of having dinner with you, I need your pig.
Ah, now why would I let you borrow Faulkner? 'Cause it was your stupid pot that got me in trouble in the first place.
You owe me.
Fine, fine.
But he's at a farm in Topanga, because my place isn't big enough.
Just tell them I sent you, all right? Good.
Thank you.
Hey, you know, maybe your parents aren't directly related.
They're just second cousins or something.
Hey, uh, if you want Faulkner to behave, try playing some opera, okay? He loves Rossini.
Got it.
Hey, Dix, Dix, man, I got What the hell was that?! Um, Adrianna.
Is she still here? Yeah.
She moved some of the furniture.
Better feng shui.
You should see what she's doing with your room.
Dude, when are you gonna tell her to leave? Me? Yes, you.
Why would I do that? Because, man, she came here to see you in the first place.
It was all you, buddy.
Okay, time-out.
Okay, if we're gonna be roommates, there's gonna have to be some rules.
Like number one, keep your smelly cowboy boots away from anywhere there's food, okay? Number two, don't be singing your ballads of the Confederacy in the bathroom.
It's not cool.
And three, don't have sex with random girls who show up at the door in the middle of the night.
We didn't actually have sex, okay? We just made out a little and fell asleep.
That's all.
Man, who peed in your grits this morning? (chuckles) Uh, nobody.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm just stressed out about this meeting with Juice.
And I just got some bad news about my friend Liam's bar.
It turns out you actually got to be 21 to sell liquor.
So now I got to go down there and tell him that we might have to turn the bar into a Chuck E.
Well, hey, uh, your buddy's not 21, but I am.
I'll sign his license.
Really? Really.
What's in it for you? I get all the free beer I can drink.
And you get to tell Adrianna to get out of our house, okay? 'Cause, hey, I got twins coming over later.
Know what I mean? NAOMI: Come on.
Come on.
There we go.
Come on, okay, okay, yes, good boy.
You are a real pain in the ass, aren't you? No, I don't want you here anymore than you want to be here.
Aw, you are just like your daddy.
Not on my tile! Oh! Austin! Come on! Okay.
Oh (Faulkner grunting) All right, Faulkner.
Good pig.
You like opera.
Rossini, I believe it is.
("William Tell Overture" plays) (squealing) Oh, no, no, no, no! No, Faulkner! No, no! Stop! Wait! No! No! + Don't get any ideas.
I'm here for Navid.
It's about Leila.
Is she still missing? Apparently, she's been kidnapped.
What? Not that I believe that for a minute.
But you seem to know crazy, psycho behavior better than I do.
And you know who she hangs out with, so Maybe you can figure out where she is.
LEILA: Navid.
They want $50,000.
They say "Get the money ready, "and don't go to the police.
" There's a reflection in that glass table.
Looks like a blue sky, with, white puffy clouds.
Do you remember that we used to go to after school? What was it called? Marcy's.
Yeah, we spent hours there.
And the walls were painted just like that, and I took Leila there a few times.
Oh, wait they went out of business.
They went out of business? No way.
I know.
Best French tips ever.
For sure.
They were amazing.
Silver, wait.
What you said the other night, about feeling like you wanted to end it all I never knew that things got that bad for you.
And I can understand if you can never forgive me.
I'm glad you understand that.
But if it is any consolation, I felt so guilty about the things that I did, that I thought about it, too.
Even if that's true, how am I supposed to believe you? Or trust you, ever again? Oh, my God.
You are doing great.
You're totally nailing these trials.
Two down, one to go.
Um you do realize the football team wants to kill me right now? You can do it.
I have faith.
Holly, um I don't want to sound like I'm complaining.
At all.
But it would seem that my trials are a little harder than the other girls'.
That's because they are.
I didn't want to tell you this yet, but I've got big you a Kappa.
And it's time to find the girl who can lead the sorority into the next era.
The Naomi Clark era.
I saw it in you from the moment we met, but I just, I need to know that you've got what it takes.
Starting with this.
I won't let you down.
So, how it go with Faulkner? Look at you! He hates opera.
He does.
I know.
I know.
Especially the "William Tell Overture.
" Hmm.
I, too, get ornery! Pow, pow, pow! Thought you were going back to Alaska.
Unlike you, I don't leave wiothut saying good-bye to me.
Thought you were going back to Alaska.
Liam Jim is dead.
Even if it was your shift, it's not your fault.
I should've been there.
That should've been me.
Do you really believe that? If you came all this way to tell me to not feel guilty, it's not going to work.
So I was thinking a.
staying in town for a while.
's a tough town.
Maybe so.
But I have a friend here.
I was your husband's friend.
But all that time we spent together after the accident I felt bad for you.
That's all.
Look Every time I see you, You can't be a par t of my life here, I I gotta move on.
Hey, Ade.
Listen, uh I was just leaving you a good-bye note.
I'm going home.
That's great! Uh No, I-I mean, 'cause, you could do way better than Austin.
You're sweet, Dixon.
I mean, that's the reason I came over here in the first place.
It's like When i lost Silver, I lost everyone.
You're the only person who doesn't look at me like I'm pure evil.
I guess that's why I've been hanging around, making a nuisance of myself.
Oh, no, no.
It's, it's It's fine.
Place looks nice.
Um I heard some of the music you've been working on.
Yeah? Thank you.
It's harder than it looks.
Well, unless you steal someone's songs.
But I don't recommend it.
(laughs) But seriously? She keep working on it.
- You could totally make it.
- Thanks.
You welcome.
Hey, Ade? Wait.
I think I have an idea.
Some painting on the wall, how'd you figure that out? I didn't.
It was Adrianna.
You went to Ade? Don't worry about it.
But Silver, I don't know what to say.
Let's just hope she was right, d Leila's okay.
Hmm? You know what? I think she's fine.
+ I hope you're getting a tattoo that says "grounded for life.
" Navid.
Thank God you found me.
Stop it, Leila.
You, you faked a kidnapping? How could you do that? Whatever! I figured it was the only way you'd give me the money.
But why would you need $50,000? For me and Darius.
Who the hell is Darius? This guy? No.
I'm Darius.
What? How old are you? He's 23.
And we're in love.
Aren't we? And we need the money to open our own tattoo parlor in New Mexico.
That's insane.
We're going home.
No! You can't make me! You're not Dad! Hey, you know what, "bro"? You better back off before I blind you with that needle.
Darius, I love you! Please wait for me! Come on, let's go.
(sighs heavily) Look, I though I made it clear that we didn't Sorry.
Thought you were someone else.
What do you want? Um Dixon sent me.
Said you might be looking for a waitress.
(scoffs) Wow, what is Dixon smoking? Um I actually want this to be a place that my friends like to hang out.
You're right.
I told Dixon it was a bad idea.
Thanks, anyway.
I'm sorry.
(sighs) Come on.
Let me get you a drink.
I don't really drink anymore.
Well, that's good.
All I have is root beer.
Let me ask you something.
Why would you want to be around a bunch of people who know you anyway? People who always (sighs) remind you of what you did.
I don't know.
I mean, I spent the whole summer trying to forget about what happened.
I even went to Africa.
And then I realized that I was really just running away.
So I decided to stop running and face my guilt.
That probably doesn't make any sense to you.
ANNIE: I had to make out with Abe Lincoln, and then I had to perform the Jabberwocky for a bunch of frat guys who wouldn't stop laughing at me.
And now you have to kiss me when the bell tower rings.
I don't know how stoked I am that kissing me is your third Trial of Fire.
(giggles) Okay, that's, uh, $7.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh! You really didn't have to.
No, I insist.
See, I really do carry a wallet like a respectable person.
Hm, good to know.
Now I can tell my friend that you're not a gold-digger.
What's that all about? Nothing.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Well, that would imply that there's some gold to dig.
Maybe I hit the jackpot.
You have a rich uncle or something? No.
Not quite.
Uh, she was a friend actually.
She left me some money when s passed.
Oh, well, you guys must have been really close.
Yeah, we were.
We actually didn't know ch other for that long.
But when I met her, I found out that she had Alzheimer's, and she was contemplating committing suicide.
So I wanted to show her why life was worth living.
I thought I had gotten through to her, but she did it anyway.
Annie, you can't blame yourself.
It sounds like there was way more going on than, than you could have ever known.
Feels good to just say it out loud sometimes.
I'm glad you told me.
(bell rings) I'm officially a Kappa! (chuckles) And by the way, you are a much better kisser than Abe Lincoln.
Thank you very much.
She's gone? She's gone.
She's gone! She's gone! Thank God.
(laughing) I love you, man.
I owe you one.
Hey, it's okay.
I just I just have to get busy.
I have this meeting with Juice Randall tomorrow and I only have two tracks done.
I been staring at this freaking computer program for hours.
I'm gonna have to pull an all-nighter, and I'm already losing energy.
Oh, yeah? That's no problem, man.
I can help you with that.
I got my, uh, ADHD medication in here somewhere.
Here you go.
I've been prescribed it since I was a kid.
You know, I just use it to study now, but, uh, that'll keep you alert and focused.
Gee, thanks.
Uh, but you know what, I'm actually, uh, taking this other drug right now; it's called enthusiasm.
(chuckles) Suit yourself.
Good luck.
COACH: Keep it tight! Keep it tight, guys! Let's go again.
Since your QB's been smoking doobies, you guys are gonna have to work twice as hard to beat the Bradleyville Panthers on Friday night.
Condors suck! The Condors suck! It's the Panthers mascot.
Condors suck! (players booing) The Condors suck! (screams) (gasping) That's the girl that got me busted for pot.
Let's get her! Did I say the Condors? I meant the Panthers.
They're the worst football team ever.
Everyone knows that.
Oh, my God! HOLLY: Bree, do you testify that Annie Wilson has completed the three Trials of Fire? I so testify.
Annie, with the lighting of this candle, I welcome you into Kappa Lambda Eta.
May the light of sisterhood burn for all eternity.
(chuckles) That concludes our ceremony.
But Naomi's not here.
I know.
I'm really disappointed.
I had really high hopes for her, but she didn't complete her third trial.
Yes, I did.
(panting) I did it.
And I got it all on video.
I'm in.
I'm sorry, but you're not.
What do you mean? (sighs) See, we've needed a bigger house for years.
We begged our parents for donations, we sucked up to the alumni, we finally got the national council to give us the rest of the money, and the perfect house came on the market.
It was all ours, and then you came along and stole it.
You were the other bidder? You had the audacity to throw a huge party the night we should've been moving in.
So you were the one who called the cops.
And you had me going through hell, even though I never had a chance to get into Kappa? Yeah.
You bitch.
It was fun.
Don't take it so hard, Naomi.
Your house was perfect for Kappa, but you never were.
+ LEILA (sobbing): I hate you! Leila "Back off, bro, before I blind you with that needle.
" Got to say, that was kind of hot.
I'm sorry, Silver.
I was upset, but I shouldn't have, shouldn't have taken it out on you.
I was upset, too.
I could've been, and I should've been, way more understanding.
Can't believe you went and talked to Ade.
Yeah, well, maybe you were right.
I've never really been close with my family.
My friends, they've always been my-my family.
And it was one thing to lose Adrianna, but I I can't stand the thought of losing you, too.
That's not gonna happen.
LEILA: I hate you, Navid! (pounding) Okay, well, I guess she, uh, she found out that we nailed the window shut.
What are we gonna do? (laughs) We can't keep her locked up forever.
Well How am I gonna keep her away from that guy? You're not.
Look She's your sister, you want to protect her, I get it.
But trying to come between a teenage girl and the guy that she loves, it's a no-win situation.
Okay? Okay.
(sighs) (keyboard plays) (groans) I'm so screwed.
(sighs) Uh, hey.
Excuse me.
Uh, do you know if Jeremy's around anywhere? Who's Jeremy? He's in Tau.
He's one of your brothers.
There's no Jeremy in Tau.
Uh, well, maybe I have the wrong frat then.
Hey, cutie patootie.
How's it going? Hmm, well, I spent the entire morning apologizing to Old Mrs.
Now I can get back to doing what I do best.
I'm planning revenge on that bitch Holly.
About that.
What she did was awful.
I'm gonna go drop out of Kappa.
No, no, you're not.
If I'm gonna destroy her, which I am, I need someone on the inside.
(cell phone ringing) I'm serious.
I know you are.
Oh, it's my lawyer.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Marla's family wants to see me.
Go get your money! (laughs) I am so sad and lonely being the only one who's loaded.
What do you want? Leave my sister alone.
Why should I? We're in love.
I'll have you arrested for statutory rape.
Oh, and I'm guessing a guy like you already has a record.
Right? Go for it.
By the time you do though, me and your sister will be long gone.
You will never see her again.
Look, buddy I know you don't love my sister, okay? What is it you really want? I would've settled for 50 grand.
But now that I know how much you love your sister, I want 75.
Jeremy? What are you doing here? I'm here to protect my family.
Your family? You knew my grandmother was suicidal and you didn't tell anyone.
You're responsible for her death, and I'm gonna make sure you don't get a penny of the inheritance.
Just so we're clear, this is a loan.
We're not going into business together.
Of course not.
It's a loan.
Thank you.
Be honest, after some of the things I said to you the other day, I thought you might say no.
We're family, Navid.
And family should never say no.
What are you doing here? You made it pretty clear you never wanted to see me again.
Yeah, I just needed to tell you the truth.
You are a reminder of what happened this summer.
But not just the accident.
I was supposed to be comforting my friend's wife (sighs) Instead, I started falling for her.
God, I've been hating myself ever since.
And I know that we can never be together, and I just