90210 s04e10 Episode Script

Smoked Turkey

Previously on 90210: I found this awesome rehab facility.
We just need to come up with $10,000 for the deposit, and we can tell everyone that you were on tour with some music person.
Where are you getting $10,000? I've been having a lot of financial problems lately.
Would $5,000 help? Ten would be better.
- The treatment worked.
- There's no sign of cancer.
Ivy, I'm gonna live.
Oh, my God This year's winner of the grand prize and trip to New Guinea Ivy Sullivan.
I applied to Johns Hopkins.
Oh, God, I don't know, that's just, like, really, really far away.
Yeah, well, so is New Guinea.
Are we a couple, or did you just have sex with me in Vegas - to keep me away form drugs? - I like you.
But Annie asked me to stay away.
I'm sick of you trying to control my life! I want to help you! A is the most important person in my life right now, not you.
Oh, has it ever been this hot? I saw a news report this morning-- someone roasted a turkey in the trunk of their car.
I can't wait to get home, take off my clothes-- not just because of the weather.
Hm, Austin's finally coming home from Vegas.
He was supposed to spend the weekend with his mom and dad and have Thanksgiving there, but, apparently, he can't stand to spend one more minute without me.
Sounds like at least one of us has a date for Liam's random Thanksgiving extravaganza.
What is up with Liam having a dinner party? Oh, my God-- you don't think the turkey in the trunk was him? He just said that he wants to bring people together.
That's not happening.
I have zero interest in getting back together with Navid.
He could just go spend Thanksgiving with his screwed-up family.
Navid and I are done.
Which is why you said "Navid" a hundred times in the same sentence? I'm not hiding anything about my love life.
Annie's the one that has the secret boyfriend.
I do not.
I broke up with Patrick.
Okay, who exactly are you sneaking out late at night with, then? Please tell me you're having rebound sex with random people I'd be very proud.
I am not having sex with strange men.
I am doing charity work.
Well, it usually is.
I am talking about being busy with activities in school, okay? And now I have to pick up Dixon and not go have a secret rendezvous.
Protest much? Excuse me Are there any more fliers for the food drive? Um sorry, I guess my friend took the last one.
That's okay.
I think I can remember that the student union Thanksgiving food drive is in the student union.
On Thanksgiving.
You know, I should write that down.
Yeah Well, uh, maybe we'll see each other there.
Excuse me.
Mm-mm! If I wasn't about to have four solid days of makeup sex with my boyfriend, I'd do a little charity.
You're such a giver.
Annie! There you are! Dude, do you have a sec? What's up? Uh, nothing big, just a couple girls kind of - got arrested last night for - prostitution.
What?! How is that possible? You told me that escorting was legal.
Yeah, totally! So long as you don't have sex and then take money for it.
So you're totally cool.
Look, the cops are asking a bunch of questions, and there's a small chance that they might try to, you know, talk to you and your friends, blah, blah, blah.
Look-- they can't do anything without evidence.
What kind of evidence? Eh, you know, uh, catching you in the act, unexplained cash flow, stuff like that.
I don't want you to get spooked, okay, Annie? Because you have nothing to hide.
Okay, call me if you need me.
Aw you brought me back a clay thing.
It-It-It's it's a vase.
It's part of my hands-on therapy.
It looked a lot better in my head.
But, anyway, it's just to say sorry for everything that I said before I left.
Dixon, you do not need to apologize.
Yes, I do.
Another part of rehab is making amends, so I know you were just looking out for me and keeping my best interests at heart.
I was out of line and I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And I'm really glad that you're doing so great in rehab that they let you out for a visit.
It really makes all that we're doing worthwhile.
Speaking of which, I have your next payment.
It's due when you get back.
Are you gonna tell me where you're getting all this money? Hey, look who rode into town.
What's up, guys? Aren't you supposed to be doing Thanksgiving with your parents? I was, but Mom couldn't make it and Dad's back-up plan was tacos and tequila, so So, your back-up plan is Liam's Thanksgiving dinner? Because I'm expecting hot dogs and beer.
At best.
Wait a minute-- you guys aren't spending Thanksgiving with your folks? Our parents split up.
Mom and her boyfriend are in Paris, and Dad and his girlfriend are at some weirdo tree-hugger retreat in the desert.
Yeah, well, divorce sucks, huh? But, hey at least you got the weekend off from your big music tour.
How's it going, superstar? Oh! Uh, th-the music tour.
Um Yeah.
I'm actually Really, really tired.
Right? I mean, Dixon, you played, what, like ten shows in two weeks for something, right? No way.
Yeah, yeah, something like that.
And, uh Naomi's looking for me, so see you guys.
Okay, now, um I know I said I wanted to keep my drug problem a secret, but that was just weird.
Another part of rehab is being honest.
Well, honesty is great, and, again, I'm really glad that rehab is working so well for you.
But, I mean, I covered for you when you didn't want everyone knowing about your drug problem, so maybe we just keep it in the family until it's all over.
Okay? Fine.
But when I come back from"tour", you're going to have some explaining to do.
Oh, my God, Raj, New Guinea is going to be amazing.
Come on, you have to come.
We can just take some extra time after my photo internship and go, I don't know, backpack through Australia or something-- look at this.
Are you kidding me? Or check this out.
It's like the O.
of the East Coast.
And it's only a three-hour drive from Baltimore.
Yeah, that definitely puts the Great Barrier Reef to shame.
Ivy, look, I can't go on this photo internship with you, okay? I have to be at Johns Hopkins next week for my entry interview.
Then I have to complete my undergrad degree this semester.
Okay, I get it.
You can't come with me.
I'll just go to New Guinea alone.
Or with Nick-- whatever.
Or you can go to New Guinea some other time and come to Baltimore with me.
Raj, you're not serious, are you? Come on, that's ridiculous.
I have worked so hard for this.
Yeah, and I'm working really hard to get my life started again, but you don't mind asking me to dump everything and go to New Guinea.
Yeah, okay, I'm sorry.
I just, I don't know, I thought you'd want to be with me, that's all.
I do.
And we will.
We'll just have to work this out, okay? Together.
Other couples do it, right? Planning A lifetime together is a good problem to have.
Okay? Sure.
Uh I guess turkeys can fly, huh? It's this heat again, man.
My AC's busted.
Yeah, I think it's an excuse tot during the big Thanksgiving dinner, "Ab Man.
" Hey, don't mock the abs.
I finally have money to do things I never done before, like have a really nice Thanksgiving.
I'm doing this thing right, man.
Catered meal, Naomi's mansion, maybe, uh, even a performance by a new musical artist named you? Hmm? Huh Um you know, the tour's been taking a lot out of me, man.
Next time.
That's fine.
Just leave me hanging.
I'll just take some of my modeling money and hire Jay-Z.
Heard he's not above taking a job.
Jay-Z? You'd be better off using that modeling money to get a centerpiece that's not from kindergarten.
Oh, man! I thought this was nice.
No? Fine.
I'll call a florist.
'Cause nothing is ruining this Thanksgiving.
When did Liam become so chatty? I thought he'd never leave.
Dixon, stop.
Okay, look, I was up the river for quite a while.
I need the lovin' of a good woman.
Come here.
Rehab isn't prison, okay? And you're not finished yet.
Okay, um, I thought you said we shouldn't trust my feelings while I was using I mean, I'm clean now.
No, that's good.
It's just, it's time to start the recovery process.
You're the only person that really knows what I'm going through.
Like, I need you.
No, what you need is to be able to tell the truth, instead of this whole "Hey, I'm a musical artist on break from tour.
" I'm sorry, Dixon you're still not ready.
Adrianna I know what you're going to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Hey, you sure you want to spend Thanksgiving with me and not your family? Are you kidding? My dad cheated on my mom, they got divorced, and I haven't spent a holiday with them in years.
Besides, we only have about 12 hours before Liam rings the dinner bell, so take off your jeans and show me how much you missed me.
Whoo! By the way, you should be aware that this little lingerie number was purchased in anticipation of being ripped off by you.
You know, uh this isn't all we can do.
We can talk.
Like, I don't know, if it if it bothers you that your parents aren't together, you know? The only thing that bothers me is hearing the word "parents" in bed.
So what if they're divorced, okay? They're old.
We're young.
And we're hot.
We should enjoy this while we can.
Nothing lasts forever, right? Except maybe reunion sex.
You want to find out? Um, you know, I'm sorry, I'm just a little tired.
You mind if I take a rain check? + Okay, well, I was supposed to go to the student union food drive, but apparently, every hungry person on the planet should come here.
Is that Patrick's ringtone? It used to be, but I use it for a lot of people.
I know it's tempting to try to make it work, but there's better guys out there.
And I'm sure there are, but you don't have to worry about it 'cause I'm not seeing Patrick.
How cool is this?! I bought the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.
Why why is it not brown? Uh, you gotta cook it first.
See? Instructions.
"Baste"? What the hell is that? I wish I could help.
I gotta go to the food drive.
And you know what they say about too many cooks.
Oh, that's not gonna happen.
How tired does one have to be to resist this? Uh, pretty tired? Yeah.
Try dead.
Which is what Austin is going to be if he does not explain to me why we didn't have sex last night.
Ivy, you're married.
How long it take your relationship to kill your sex drive? Okay, not talking about my sex life with you, babe.
Okay, what exactly happened before nothing happened? What happened? Austin was talking, I was kissing him, I told him to hurry up and jump me I don't know.
It doesn't make any sense.
Sex as a command performance? Not so romantic.
I mean, you were kind of like being the dude about it.
You know, guys like to stay in charge.
Well, I guess he does walk around in that stupid cowboy hat like he's the big man on the prairie.
Yes, he does.
Okay, fine, I just have to find a way to make him feel all manly and in charge.
But he'd better sweep me off my feet and onto my back before Liam's done with that dinner.
Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about that.
You got time.
Okay, I gave you the last flyer, but I will fight you for that corn.
A man who believes in a well-balanced meal.
I respect that.
I'm Silver.
So, what brings you here, when you could be parade-watching and giblet-chopping? My friends are pretty distracted with school and their own love lives.
Since I'm taking a break from both, I figured I'd try to help the world.
What about you? The Grapes of Wrath.
Yeah, I teach a course in American Lit, and Steinbeck basically guilted me into this.
Damn him and his compelling depictions of poverty and hunger.
I know.
Caring about people, how lame, right? Besides, I didn't have anything else to do.
And I was told this was where the cool single people hang out on Thanksgiving.
Really? Yeah.
It looks like I got some good information.
You know, if you've got no place to go go, and you're interested in meeting someone, my friends are having a dinner thing after this.
I wouldn't be imposing? Not at all.
I know one really cool, single girl who would love to have dinner with you.
That sounds like a date.
Where do you guys think Naomi keeps her meat thermometer? Dude, seriously? Naomi lived here a month before I even realized there was a kitchen.
That looks like a 30-pound bird.
Shouldn't it be in the oven by now? Oven's heating.
Why is the oven not heating? I think she uses that to store extra shoes.
Okay, scheduling problem.
I told my parents Ivy and I would be over after dinner, which is now looking more like midnight.
Why are we going to your parents' house? Because it's Thanksgiving.
It's a family holiday that you spend with your family.
I get that, but did you just make these plans and not even ask me and assume I was just gonna go along with them? Well, would you rather fly to Big Sur and spend the holiday with your mother, fasting and having some weird Native American prayer ceremony? I get it.
Let's just Whatever.
It's not a big deal.
We'll go to your parents' and bail out on Liam.
Sorry, guys.
- Thank you.
- Hey Sorry, buddy.
I made place cards! Dude, just order pizza.
No! You took a break from your concert tour to be here.
I'm making sure you get a home-cooked meal.
Yeah, Dixon, look, Liam even ordered the sweet potato casserole just like Mom used to cook.
Remember? Our first Thanksgiving as a family, you practically ate the entire thing.
Best Thanksgiving ever.
Um, what I remember is being eight years old and trying to act like having a new family wasn't terrifying.
a Thanksgiving tradition, too, pretending everything is all cool.
Can we stop talking about lousy family Thanksgivings and just try to save this one? Hmm.
Are you okay? Fantastic.
Why? I've just never done this before.
I wanted everything to be perfect.
More perfect than Thanksgiving with your family? Holidays were the worst, you know? When I was little, we were broke, my mom had to work.
It'd just be me sitting there home alone with a TV dinner.
Then she married my stepdad, thinking that would change everything.
Have you ever tried calling her? - No.
- She made her choice.
Anyway, I just figured now that I have money, I could at least fix a proper Thanksgiving dinner.
I guess I can't even have that.
Liam, you have a lot more than money.
And you do have this.
Everything is gonna be perfect.
Thank you for teaching me how to ride.
It's so scary being up on this big animal like this.
Let the horse know who's boss, you'll be fine.
Oh! Oh, my God! What is he doing, Austin?! What is he doing?! Oh, my God! What is he doing? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh! Okay, okay.
Whew! Oh, my God.
Oh! You saved my life.
Yeah, good thing I stopped you.
You almost rode a horse.
What the hell's going on? What are you talking about? Pretending you don't know how to ride.
Come on.
Your reins were up, your heels were down.
Hell, you ride better than I do.
Your lying needs work, but Okay, fine, I've been taking lessons since I was four.
I was trying to make you feel better about yourself.
You thought acting like an idiot would make me feel better about myself? No, I thought sex would, but apparently you have Issues with strong women! If by "strong woman," you mean pain in the ass, then yeah, I got an issue.
Hey, maybe, maybe nothing happened last night because I want something more.
Oh, yeah? Well, maybe I should find someone who wants me! Be my guest, darling.
Austin! Austin, don't ride away from me, you cowpie! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Are you kidding me?! Austin, my leg Austin I don't need you! I'll do it myself! Help me! Help! + I thought you'd want to go to my parents' house.
When we got married, you were so excited that I had this big family.
You know what, Raj? All of a sudden it's become all about you and your family.
It's your family, too.
You're my wife! Okay, don't pull that "wife" crap on me.
That does not give you the right to just start calling the shots.
It's just dinner! How does that mean I'm calling all the shots? You know what? Because it's not just dinner, Raj! I'm not talking about dinner here, okay?! It's talking about our lives together.
I did not marry you to have to choose between my dreams and yours.
I did not marry you to spend six years of my life in Baltimore! Then why did you marry me, Ivy?! I guess neither of us thought "forever" was gonna be that long.
Raj No, I-I get it.
We got married because I was dying.
But I've got my life back, and I'm not gonna give it up.
I'm going to medical school, Ivy.
I'm going to my parents' house.
And if you don't want to go with me, then maybe us getting married was a mistake.
Oh, there she is! Annie, this is Greg.
We met at the food drive.
Annie is my friend that I was talking about.
She's very cool and very single.
Right, Annie? Yeah, I guess I am.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, you, too.
It's funny.
When Silver said she had a friend she wanted me to meet, I had no idea that you would be so real.
Greg is an American Lit teacher at C.
He is also a published poet and a journalism major who loves New York.
Kind of perfect, right? Hmm.
For who? You know what? This should be put in the fridge.
Uh, the kitchen? Yeah, back there.
He's kind of cute, right? I mean, I know he's a teacher and you're a student, but you're not, like, his student, Yeah, so not what I need right now.
I'm sorry.
Look, I hope I'm not overstepping.
I don't know-- just you deserve to be with someone who's really nice.
Well, so do you.
Which is probably what Greg was thinking when you invited him to dinner.
He's clearly here for you.
What? Maybe you could actually see that if you were really over Navid.
Oh, thank God, water.
Come here, horsie.
Come here, baby.
What's your name? What's your name? Um, uh, Bessie, Tressie Come here, Chessie.
No, Jessie, Jessie, Come here, Jessie.
Come on, Jessie.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, that's right.
Oh, that's right.
Come back! Come back, Jessie! Please don't leave me! Who's gonna chew off my foot when I start hallucinating like that guy in the really long movie? Oh, man.
Would you like anything with that? Maybe a wall to punch? Are all you women crazy, or just Naomi? No good answer to that.
I think I already know, so Look, I know I'm just a waitress, not a bartender, but if you want to talk I'm good with drinking.
Trail map.
All right.
Granola bar.
Really nice, Austin.
I should call his father.
Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Mm! Okay There's got to be service.
Come on Damn it.
Oh Oh, I'm going to die here.
All right, oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Okay, no, no, no, no, no, no.
The key to survival is to stay calm.
Yes, yes.
Thank you.
Oh! Actually, I'm teaching literature at CU this year while I work on getting a second Master's in film.
Oh, film, huh? Well, you should talk to our friend Silver.
Yeah, I've been trying to.
Oh, I'll get it.
Must be the delivery guy with the centerpiece.
Yes, that's right: Liam Court, male model, ordered a centerpiece.
I-It's not the centerpiece.
Mom? Wha? + I am so sorry to surprise you.
I heard from one of the neighbors that you bought a bar, so I stopped by, and your waitress said you were here.
I haven't seen you in over a year, and you show up out of the blue? What do you want? It's Thanksgiving.
I just wanted to see how my son is doing.
I made it clear that it was Jeffrey or me.
And you made your choice.
I know.
And there's another reason that I wanted to see you.
Liam, I'm I'm not with Jeffrey anymore.
It's over.
Really? Losing you was the worst mistake that I ever made.
I never should've chosen him over you.
Maybe it just took being out of your life for so long for me to realize that.
Oh, God I don't want to ruin your Thanksgiving.
I'm gonna go.
Mom, wait.
I ordered a lot of extra food, so if you want to stay, you should.
- - and he still tucks it up, finds Hemingway, who is G-O-N-N gone! Hey.
So, uh, Raj isn't going to make it.
You should sit next to your date.
Oh, Greg's not I mean We just met You okay? Not really.
Raj and I just had some huge fight about where to spend Thanksgiving slash the rest of ouves.
Hey, divorced at eighteen, I could probably get my own reality show.
Not divorced.
It's just a fight.
Really? Just like you and Navid? Sorry.
He just came out and said it, you know? It was so weird.
He just said, maybe we shouldn't be married anymore.
Ivy, I'm sorry.
I just can't help but wonder if maybe he's actually right about it.
I mean, what if he is? I mean, what if what if him and I never actually thought any of this through? You guys love each other.
You have been through so much together.
Yeah, but Silver, this wasn't exactly supposed to last forever.
I know that sounds horrible, but you know what I mean.
I mean, of course I love him-- you know I-I love him-- But how many people do you know who meet the guy they're supposed to spend the rest of their life with while they're in high school? Maybe he is right.
Maybe we're supposed to let this thing go, and just-- I don't know-- see what we both want out of life.
There we go, man.
Yeah, maybe.
Oh! Here.
I can't really talk right now.
I'm so sorry, I must have grabbed the wrong phone.
Oh, Colleen is in the kitchen.
I can grab her.
I'll, uh be sure to give her the message.
Liam, the turkey smells wonderful.
I had no idea you could cook.
Well, yeah you just gotta remember to baste.
I can't believe how much you've grown up.
And what a success, with the bar, and those billboards everywhere That's that's kind of embarrassing.
Not for a mom.
That's Hey.
Uh Liam.
Uh, can I speak to you for a second? Yeah, sure.
Oh, speaking of pictures, I want to see if one of your friends has a camera, - because I would love a picture of us together.
- Yeah.
Okay, uh Here.
What's this? Your mom's cell phone.
It was Jeffrey.
What a jerk.
Can't leave her alone for Thanksgiving.
He wanted to know when she was going to be home for dinner.
She told me she left him.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
Uh Can I help you? Yeah.
There's been a brush fire sighted in the hills nearby.
I'm afraid we're going to have to ask you to evacuate.
+ The Parks Department spotted smoke up near one of the trails, and because of the heat and the wind, the risk of a brush fire is pretty serious, so we're just having everybody leave the area as a precaution.
So let's just grab the food and head down to the bar.
No, no.
Evacuation means you need to vacate immediately Unless it's an essential item, just leave it behind.
We've spent Thanksgiving at worse places than the beach.
I know.
See you there, sweetheart.
Hey, Ivy, where are you going? Um, I just gotta grab one thing.
But I'll catch up with you guys.
I think I'm just going to head home.
Annie's great; it's just, I thought that we were All right.
I guess I can stay and talk for a minute.
I'm sorry, I couldn't let you walk away.
I just got out of a serious relationship.
You know? And I didn't feel like I was ready to meet anyone else.
But I like you.
And I think I liked you from the moment that we met.
I guess I could have said all that before, but the kiss just seemed easier.
Yeah, well, kissing works.
So how about I call you and we have a nice, disaster- and holiday-free first date, huh? Yeah, I'd like that.
Last call for an empathetic ear.
You really like her, don't you? What does it matter? Like the lady said, nothing lasts forever, right? Not unless you try.
Look, I know Naomi is a lot of work, but if two people really like each other, then it's worth it.
Then why aren't you and Dix together? Oh, don't pretend like there's nothing going on between you two I live with the guy.
He practically carves "I heart Adrianna" in his toast.
Dixon doesn't know what he really wants right now.
Sounds like a cop-out.
Trust me, I've used every excuse in the book.
"It's not you, it's me "the timing isn't right I met someone else.
" I could get my heart broken.
And that's not an excuse, that's real.
Dixon's going through something.
He's scared and he wants me to be there for him.
But if he can't be honest about it I mean, sometimes you have to trust people enough to tell them the truth.
What happened to the big dinner party? Oh, we got evacuated.
Some lunatic started a brush fire near Naomi's house.
Where is Naomi? I thought she was with you.
Uh Hey, Liam, I need to borrow your bike.
Just yeah.
Well, it's not going to be fancy, but I bet we can whip up something to be thankful for.
This is such a great location for a restaurant.
And with your face everywhere, you know, it's like you have free advertising.
Not that you need my advice on how to make money.
Is that my phone? Jeffrey called.
Liam, I can You didn't leave him.
I want to.
I'm going to.
You told me you had.
Why would you lie to me? Because I didn't think that you would - let me back in your life if I was still with him.
- Well, you're right.
So why are you with him? Because I can't leave him without help.
So you need a place to stay, I will help you find an apartment I mean financial help.
So that's why you wanted to be back in my life? You looked up and you saw my face on a bunch of billboards, and you assumed I had money.
Well, so what's the plan? You just gonna live off me instead of, instead of him, now? I wouldn't put it like that.
There's no other way to put it.
What else am I supposed to do, go back to cleaning houses? At my age? There's It's all right.
Leave Jeffrey.
I'll write you a check.
You can have whatever you want except me.
Oh, Liam Where's, uh where's Ivy? Is she okay? Yeah.
She-she went to get something out of the house.
But she called from the car, so she's cool.
When I heard about the fire, I practically ran here, man.
If something had happened to Ivy You'd be with her.
See, man? That-that's, that's love.
One person going through something, and the other person being there for them, no matter what.
Like when you had cancer, Ivy was there for you.
That wasn't love, man.
That was me being a selfish jerk.
What? What I felt right now when I was afraid for Ivy? She's been feeling that way for me every day for a year.
I married her without thinking about what that would do to her life, what she would be giving up.
I didn't think about her at all.
I was just scared to be alone.
Um, okay, so-so, uh, maybe you were a little selfish, but, dude, cut yourself some slack.
You were Dying.
I'm better now.
And I have to start thinking about what she needs.
Happy Thanksgiving dinner.
No double dipping.
Hey, at least we're all together, right? Ade, wait.
Uh, guys, uh, I have something I got to say.
Um, okay, um, as we know, the holidays are about being with family.
So, you guys are my family.
So, I have to be honest with you.
The truth is.
I'm a drug addict.
Happy Thanksgiving.
+ To Annie Wilson, I leave my entire wardrobe.
My shoes, my dresses, my designer bags-- on one condition.
Kill Austin Tallridge! Help! Help! Hi.
I'm trapped here.
Can you help? Oh, it's you.
Happy to see you, too.
Had to bypass two roadblocks to get up here.
So Drop the attitude and tell me what happened.
I am stuck, you idiot.
That's what happened.
And it's all your fault, because of your-your male pride and your weak cell phone signal and your illicit narcotics.
And your pigheadedness had nothing to do with it? You know what, you don't need you to save me.
Okay, I'm sure there's a truck full of firemen on the way up here right now who would love to do the job.
You don't get to be rescued by a fireman! You're getting to be rescued by me.
- Well, then stop talking and start rescuing!- We never started talking! We never talk.
Okay, that's the problem.
If you want to talk, talk! My parents are getting divorced.
My mom met someone else.
That's why she wasn't in Vegas.
No matter what you think about my dad, he loved her.
And she just walked away.
So you were right-- nothing really does last forever.
You really are an idiot, Austin, you know that? What else do I have to do to prove to you that I want to be with you? I've crossed state lines.
I have streamed an Internet confession to every college student in the entire country.
Austin, would you listen to me? I miss you.
And I'm not going anywhere.
And not just because my foot is stuck.
Well, are you going to rescue me or not? You ready? Come on, pull your little foot out, okay? Come on, pull! Oh! Oh! Oh! Come on.
Oh! That was kind of sexy being rescued.
You still got that lingerie at home? Mm-hmm.
To family holidays.
They suck.
So, what happened with your mom? I told her I'd rather spend Thanksgiving with my real family.
I'm sorry.
I mean it.
I've got a lot to be thankful for.
I've got this place.
I've got friends.
ways used to feel like I didn't have anyone, you know.
Then seeing Dixon telling us about what he's been through, I realized that guy's like a brother to me.
I'd do anything for him.
Me, too.
Man, I just can't believe he didn't think he could tell us the truth.
I mean, if you can't rely on your friends, who can you rely on? Holy moley.
Looks a little dry.
At least the pie's still good.
Oh, you guys are back.
Uh, hey, if you're looking for whipped cream for that, we're out.
Hey, Dr.
Happy Thanksgiving.
So Dixon's rehab sounds expensive.
Yeah, but I got it covered.
Really, don't worry about it.
Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it.
You didn't break up with Patrick, did you? I mean, come on.
The secrets and the ringtone and coming up with that kind of cash? He cheated on you.
I mean, you can't stay with a guy because he's got money.
It's just wrong.
I know.
And I'm not.
So where's the money coming from? Annie, I'm your friend.
You can tell me anything.
I got the inheritance.
What?! Yeah, Marla's inheritance.
And my lawyer told me not to say anything to anybody, but it came through.
So, you really don't have to worry about me.
anybody, Everything is under control.
I don't understand.
The blood tests were good.
They said I was cured.
The rise in your blood cell count appears to have been temporary.
Unfortunately, the preliminary tests don't always show the whole picture.
Your treatment didn't work, Raj.
I'm sorry.
I'm glad you're here.
Ivy No, listen, I have something to say, and I know how I feel and what I want, and this is it, Raj.
All right here in our wedding album.
I couldn't leave the house without it.
It was like I was losing you or something.
And that is not something that I want.
Sure, it was a mistake not thinking about the future, but that doesn't mean that it was a mistake being with you or loving you, and and I married you because I wanted to spend the rest of your life with you, and I still do.
But I don't.
What? Ivy, we were only together because of my cancer.
And it's gone.
So I think that me and you need to live our own lives.
I'm sorry.