90210 s04e22 Episode Script

'Tis Pity

Previously on 90210: PJ has to get married in two weeks, or he'll lose all of this money.
Sorry, Preston, I can't marry you.
I think you're the real talent, and I think you should go solo.
- I can make that happen.
- I'm in.
-Yes, you are.
About last night, that was Something we are never, ever - going to talk about again, right? - Right.
You and I belong together; We can overcome anything.
Can't do this.
I know, but don't tell me that you don't have feelings, because you and I both know that it's not true.
I haven't been honest with you.
I knew about your faith and I knew you were going into priesthood.
And I knew we couldn't be together.
I know you're upset that Raj died, but getting yourself killed because you're angry - is not going to bring him back.
- You can't stop me from doing what I'm going to do.
And you can't watch over me all the time.
Nobody can.
Ivy Sullivan, you need to come with us.
It's a warrant declaring you to be a danger to yourself.
Better luck next time, Gloria.
Ivy we brought you Do-Luxe doughnuts.
They're your favorite.
Gee, guys, one bite of a doughnut, and I'll probably totally forget that I'm being held against my will in an insane asylum because a crazy priest-in-training mistakenly assumed that I was suicidal.
Thank your boyfriend for me, Annie.
I'm having a blast here.
Caleb isn't my boyfriend; He was just worried about you.
Look, Ivy, I've been in this situation.
They would have let you go in, like, 24 hours if they didn't think that you were actually a danger to yourself.
And the doctor said you just sit with your arms crossed and won't talk.
You know what? Talking it out might work for some people but that's not going to make me feel any better.
Babe, they're not going to let you go until you just tell them what they want to hear.
Nobody here gets it, guys.
Okay, nobody understands what I'm going through.
And so talking about it is not going to help.
We just want you to come home.
Can you just please tell us what you want us to do? You know what you can do? You know what you can do? You can just leave me alone, guys.
And stop bringing me things like doughuts, okay? 'Cause I'm not, I'm not doing it.
I'm not baring my soul to they jerks, and I don't care about the consequence.
Okay? I don't care.
I'll just play checkers here for the rest of my life if I have to.
Gloria's actually not bad competition when she doesn't think she's the Queen of England.
That went well.
She's so angry.
I mean, I guess I can't blame her.
She's got a point.
Bad things happen.
You can be sad without having a mental illness.
Speaking of mental illness, you got to be insane not to try one of these doughnuts.
No, thanks.
I don't feel well.
Sorry, it isn't a cancer thing, is it? Naomi.
I'm really glad I told you guys about my cancer gene.
Made me take my mind right off of it.
Oh, Sil, I'm sorry.
I'm kidding, it's just I have my first mammogram today, and you know, it's a routine thing now that I know I'm at high risk, but I'm a little nervous.
You want us to go with you? No, thanks.
Navid's taking me.
Oh, he's such a good guy.
I know you guys have had your fair share of drama, but I'm really glad to see you back together and happy.
Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.
Ah! Doesn't anybody knock anymore?! Okay, I'm sorry, the lock's broken.
I didn't think anyone would be in here.
What, could have been murdered by a stoned surfer for my bowl of cereal.
I think you're going to live.
Um, okay, I just came here to get my lucky shoes because I think I forgot them when I packed up my things.
Oh, of course.
Uh, be my guest.
So, uh, breakups, man, huh? They are the worst.
But you look like you're dealing with it, all dressed up.
Ready to meet a new guy? Wait, Ade, are you trying to meet a new guy? Because if that's the case, I really think you should give Dixon a second chance.
No, I'm meeting Austin, my new manager.
He hooked us up with a really huge meeting.
Oh, great.
That sounds cool.
Navid, what is it? Look, I know that you guys had a fight, but he's a good person.
Look, and he's been helping me a lot.
Ade, do you ever think that just maybe he might be helping himself? What's that supposed to mean? I know, I'm sorry that I jumped to conclusions at Naomi's party.
I- I just I don't trust him.
Behind that cheesy country grin and that oddly fit torso is a guy that burned down a house and tried to frame his roommate for it.
All right, he panicked, but at the end, he ended up doing the right thing.
So, you're giving him a second chance but not Dixon? Hey, just do me a favor: Make sure he's looking out for you and not himself.
Now it's mushy.
Why can't all guys be like Navid? I mean, seriously, why did I have to fall in love with a dysfunctional billionaire? Huh! You're asking the girl who fell for a priest.
Oh, right.
Please don't tell me - you're still friends without benefits.
- Mm-hmm.
How is that possible? Didn't you have that amazing kiss after my engagement party? Yes, and it was one of the top three kisses of my entire life.
But ever since then, not even a peck on the cheek.
Okay, well, then you just jump his bones already.
I can't, he's been planning on being a priest his whole life.
It's not exactly like switching majors.
And after that kiss, we agreed that we wouldn't do it again until he knew he was ready.
So, what do you do all day? Just sit around and play checkers like Ivy and the Queen of England? Well, we don't trust ourselves in private.
So, we hang out in public to avoid temptation.
Oh, right, because people don't have sex in public places.
Seriously, you must have loins of steel.
I could never deal with that kind of sexual frustration.
Yes! Yes! Okay?! My loins are very, very frustrated.
But, you know, it's kind of romantic in a way.
I don't know, we have another date this afternoon at the La Brea Tar Pit.
Ah, that's easy.
I know five places at the tar pits you can have sex.
Okay, fine.
Enjoy your old-fashioned courtship and your cold showers.
As for me, I am going to keep my mind off of PJ by having a meeting this afternoon with a potential client, Madison Stewart.
- The cosmetics heiress?! That's great! - Mm-hmm.
I almost forgot you were a party planner.
Business kind of took a back burner to my whirlwind romance, but I am back, baby.
It's going to help me forget all about the fact that last week I was engaged and this week, I'm not.
Mm, eat your heart out, Brad Pitt.
Man, I feel like an idiot.
Well, strap in, because your life is going to be completely crazy after your premier tomorrow night, okay? Here.
I want you to have these.
What are these, like your good luck cufflinks or something? No, but I did look pretty great at last year's prom.
Just saying.
Hey, I wanted to ask you for your advice about Silver.
I wanted to apologize for not being there for all the gene testing stuff.
I'm glad you stepped up.
You're a good friend.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm just freaking out a little bit.
I have to take her to an appointment this morning, and I'm afraid I'm going to say something stupid, you know? You don't really have to say anything.
Just just be there for her.
Yeah, thanks, man.
Why is it so hard to be the strong and silent type? Sometimes I think it would be better for Silver if I took your advice: Left for Princeton and let you help her deal with this.
It'll be fine.
Got to get out of here.
Hate to keep you from your manicure or your chest wax, but, uh, I will see you soon.
Okay, you joke, but seriously, I'm in hell right now.
I know.
I'm sorry, bro.
You look good.
Madison, may I top off your bubbly? A second glass this early in the day? Oh, foo, why not.
Let's be naughty.
You are such a breath of fresh air, Naomi.
You have no idea.
I am so sick of stuffy old party planners.
Well, thank you.
Some people see me and assume I'm inexperienced, but I like to look at my youth as an asset.
I think we're going to have a lot of fun working together.
I was so thrilled when I found out you were available.
Yeah, as luck would have it, I had an engagement that was called off last minute.
Well, isn't that lucky.
All right, what can I help you with? Birthday party, graduation? I am getting married! - Uh-oh.
- Um That is so great for you.
Would you like some more of this? Oh, I'm There you go.
So happy for you.
It's going to be great.
Oh! A toast.
Whoo! Hey I am so nauseous.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My mom gave me this cologne for Hanukah, and it smells like a rental car.
- It's not your cologne.
- Yeah? It's, um, I think I'm just nervous about the mammogram.
Hey, for what it's worth, I hear it's painless.
And not that I would want to put my boobs in a machine.
Not that I have boobs.
Oh, yeah, this is exactly how Liam told me not to act.
When did you see Liam? This morning, I wanted his advice, because he went with you to the doctor's, and he was helpful and quiet.
Now you're stuck with a Persian Woody Allen.
Erin Silver? Yeah, that's her.
I guess you could figure that one out.
I just have a few standard questions - before we begin the procedure.
- Okay.
Do you abuse alcohol, tobacco or caffeine? I really love tea; I don't know if that matters.
Yeah, she's obsessed with it like a meth head, but for Earl Grey.
I have other patients waiting.
Oh, uh, sorry.
Uh, please.
Is there any possibility you could be pregnant? Oh, no, that's not an issue.
Um, we're very responsible.
Silver? I don't get it.
How could you be pregnant? I mean, we just got back together, and it's been a while since you broke up with that Greg creep.
He wasn't a creep.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's been a while since you broke up with that amazing Greg guy.
Silver, I'm not mad.
I just I feel like I deserve an explanation.
There was someone else.
Um, it doesn't matter who it was because he's not in my life.
It's just a random hookup.
You mean, you slept with a stranger? I was freaked out and vulnerable, and it happened.
Now, you might be pregnant with some random guy's baby.
We don't know that for sure, okay? I got to go back to the doctor tomorrow.
Can't we just go to the drug- store now and pee on a stick? No, 'cause then I'll have to still go to the doctor, have it confirmed, and I've just been through too much uncertainty lately to go through it again.
Okay, look.
Let's just stay calm until we find out the results, okay? There's no reason to freak out until we know for sure.
Okay? The fake mammoths are a little cheesy, but this is still one of my favorite places in L.
Yeah, me, too.
And you know what's crazy? These mammoths knew how dangerous the tar pits were, but every once in a while, they just get so thirsty that they couldn't help themselves.
And then they'd get stuck.
I guess, sometimes you want something so bad, you don't care about the consequences.
I was going to go in a completely different direction with the whole mammoth metaphor, but that works, too, yeah.
We're on time.
Believe me, I will never be late to another meeting ever again.
Well, for some people, being on time just isn't enough.
Okay, well, are you going to finally tell me who this meeting is with? The suspense is killing me.
Your dad? Uh-huh.
Well look who just rolled out of bed at the crack of noon.
And you must be what my son considers "getting a job.
" Hi.
Dad, this is Adrianna, my client.
Country music's next rising star.
Oh, this is so exciting.
I am such a huge fan.
Well, honey, you're as pretty as a prayer book.
But pretty sells magazines, not records.
Well, Dad, they stopped calling them records about 20 years ago.
And, uh, Ade here's got real talent.
Well, if she's got talent, she's got you.
What do you need me for? A premiere venue.
Listen, I've been talking her up to everybody in Nashville, okay? But one song at one of your shows is all I need to take her straight the top.
- Son, a Judd Ridge show is not open mic night.
- Yeah.
Now, honey, I've heard you sing.
I've heard your demos.
You're good, but if you're not ready for this, it's your butt hanging out there, not his.
Now, do you honestly think you can stand in front of thousands of my fans and win them over? 'Cause I'm going to be honest with you, You look a whole lot more country club than you do country star.
- Oh, well, I - Dad, Ade's not from Beverly Hills.
Yeah, she's been singing country music her whole life.
Hell, it's in her blood.
Well, in that case, I got a little show tomorrow night.
I think she'll fit right in.
I'll give your manager all the details.
Country is in my blood? Wha - Why did you have to lie like that? - Because I'm your manager.
Trust me.
Caleb Walsh, is that you? Sister Mary-Katherine, how nice to see you.
Sister Mary, this is, uh, Annie Wilson.
She's a friend from CU.
Lovely to meet you.
You as well.
Well, I must be going; I'll see you at Mass this Sunday.
Okay, so that was sufficiently awkward.
Caleb, we we can't keep going on like this.
It's just too hard.
I mean, what are we supposed to do? I have to make a decision.
Okay, since when do nuns hang out at La Brea Tar Pits? Ugh, no clue.
Are they even allowed to believe in dinosaurs? You know, because of the whole Noah's Ark thing.
Good question.
I'll be sure to ask Caleb if I ever see him again.
Oh Oh, no, okay.
Uh, if I see you in a wedding gown, you're going to become Ivy's new mental hospital roommate.
I have not lost my mind.
Well, maybe I have.
I agreed to plan Madison Stewart's wedding.
After the whole PJ thing? Are you sure you can handle that right now? I'm going to keep my emotions out of it and just get the job done.
Like an assassin.
Oh, Diego, hi.
Ivy hasn't been returning my calls.
Come in.
Look, I know that she's been going through and awful lot.
Um, I just, I got to talk to her, see how she's doing.
Can you, get her for me? Uh Okay, Ivy didn't want us to tell you this, but she's not here.
Where is she? Is she okay? There were some people who were concerned about what she might do, and she was put into a hospital for observation.
What do you mean, like a mental hospital? Oh, she's fine.
She's fine.
She's just mad.
What? Well, not, not like that kind of mad.
Like angry mad.
She doesn't think the doctors at Beverly Hills Psychiatric are helping.
She won't listen to us.
Maybe you could talk to her.
Talking's not what she needs right now.
Hey Mm.
Hey, I'm I'm not going to lie, okay? I've been trying in the past hour not to freak out in front of Silver, and I could really use a drink.
Silver okay? Mm.
Did something turn up on the mammogram? Oh, she didn't even take the mammogram.
Oh, why? 'Cause they don't let you if you might be pregnant.
What? Mm.
Oh, she said it was a random hookup, it didn't mean anything.
Well Oh, I guess it does now, right? Naomi, how did you come up with all this so fast? It's almost as if you've had this wedding planned before we even met.
Well, I'm just that good.
Okay, what are you thinking for napkins? Um, deep forest green, teal? Naomi, come on! It doesn't have to be all work talk all the time.
Well, I'm just doing my job.
Keeping my eye on the prize.
You remind me of my fiancé.
He's an entrepreneur, too.
I love him to pieces, but sometimes, it's, like, "Hello! Anybody in there?" He's so focused on work.
Ugh! He's so cute.
I just want to chop him up into little pieces and eat him up.
Oh, well, will you let me know if you do that before I hire the band? Naomi, everything you've shown me has been so perfect, so personal, but I'm not really sure about the venue.
What's wrong with Bel Air Villa? I mean, it's-it's big, it's beautiful, it has priceless art everywhere Yeah, but so does my house.
I was hoping for something super romantic, some place truly special.
An unforgettable spot where I can stand with my fiancé and take our vows and face the future, and know that we're going to be together for the rest of our lives.
Um that sounds really nice, Madison.
I'm in love, Naomi.
If it were your wedding, where would you want to get married? Um Okay there is a place.
Who told you I was here? Your friends want me to convince you to cooperate, so the doctor will sign your release papers.
Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.
I know that 'cause we're getting you the hell out of here.
Gotta love the guitar Love to hear it loud If you don't like what you hear You should leave this crowd We're keeping it country Keeping it country all the time Well, this Southern climate is my home I got a hillbilly heart Well, I been this way from the start I got a hillbilly heart Hillbilly heart Ow! Whoo! Good job, everybody! We'll see you at the show tonight.
Sounds great, guys.
That was a good set.
That was amazing.
That was just a sound check.
Kinda gotta save my pipes for the big show tonight.
Oh, come on.
Don't let this old man fool you.
My dad gives 100% if the only person listening is a deaf jazz fan.
Well, honey, tonight, it's gonna take 200%.
Half of Nashville's gonna be watching.
She's more than ready, Dad.
Well, I guess we're gonna find out, ain't we? Mm-hmm.
Tell you what I'll see you later.
Me and a few thousand other people.
I can't wait.
See you, Dad.
Hey Come on.
Don't let him rattle you.
All right? You're gonna be great.
I mean, you've performed in front of bigger crowds than this.
Yeah, crowds of teenagers.
I've never sung a country song in front of half of Nashville before.
- What if fall flat on my face? - You won't.
You only get one second chance, Austin.
This is mine.
Look, you know, what if your dad was right? If I'm not ready, this is my career on the line.
Hey, you're not gonna chicken out, okay? This is already a done deal, and I am not failing in front of him again.
Wow, you sound just like Dixon.
Putting your career in front of me? Hey, I am not like Dixon.
Yeah, maybe you're even worse, okay? 'Cause even Dixon wouldn't burn down a house and frame his roommate for it.
Hey I had to do what I had to do to protect someone, okay? There's a lot more to that story that you don't know.
Okay, I don't know anything anymore.
Except that maybe working with you was a huge mistake.
I gotta go.
Hey! Hey! Oh my God.
It's the perfect wedding spot! Oh, I've dreamed of getting married here ever since I was a little girl.
How is this available on such short notice? Uh, last-minute cancelation.
Okay, try to picture it: The music, the breeze, the sun is shining through the trees, and you're standing across from the man you love and thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life with.
It's gonna be like a dream.
I even have the dress picked out.
It's perfect.
I saw it this morning.
Of course, we'll have to make some adjustments, because I'm not as totally perfect as that girl, 'cause we can't all be supermodels.
Um PJ Hillingsbrook got married? Yeah.
Lucky girl.
He's the most eligible bachelor in Beverly Hills.
Do you know him? Okay, two weeks ago, I thought Preston was the love of my life.
We were gonna get married here.
I was dumb enough to think that he could love me more than his money.
Oh, my God.
Naomi, are you okay? No, no, I am not okay! Everything he said to me was a lie! I was a fool because I believed that that love like this instant, real, lasting love would actually exist.
And you know what? It doesn't! It doesn't exist.
So if you want to get married, go ahead, but do not say that I didn't warn you.
Are you okay? And do you really think that you're gonna be up to going to Liam's movie premiere? Of course.
I'm fine.
What a joke.
The guy I was stupid enough to think I found true love with married another girl.
You should have seen the look on poor Madison's face when I told her there's no such thing as true love.
You said that to Madison? Your client? The bride? Yeah.
It's better she finds out the truth now rather than later.
Naomi, I know that you got hurt, but it's not really your place to crush another girl's dreams.
Okay, first of all, they're not dreams, they're fairy tales.
And secondly, I can throw the most perfect wedding in the world, and it's still just smoke and mirrors that hide the truth.
Love does not exist.
Now, would you be a dear and fill up my wine glass? I'm parched.
Mmm Thank you so much for letting me borrow this.
It looks perfect on you.
Well, you'd think I would have gone and spent some time shopping for my big movie premiere, but nope.
Hey, you've been dealing with a lot.
I think it's okay that you don't feel like shopping on Robertson.
- What, is this what you're wearing? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, ouch! Yeah, you show up in this level of sexy with the new manager on your arm, you're just begging for Navid to murder an ice sculpture.
Okay, well, Austin is not coming with me.
I don't know if I'm ready to just jump into another doomed partnership, you know? Yeah, I do.
You're so lucky you have Navid.
He seriously is the best.
Yeah, he is.
I love him.
He deserves better.
What are you talking about? Nothing.
Uh, do you think that these will go? Silver, you can trust me.
If there's something wrong, you can tell me.
It's just between us.
I think I might be pregnant.
- It's not Navid's.
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, I know.
I told Navid that it was just a random hookup, but that's not true.
And I thought that I could just get the guy out of my head, but I mean, if I'm pregnant with his kid, then how can I keep pretending that I don't have feelings for him? Wait.
You have feelings for this other guy? I don't know.
I think I might.
Okay, but you just said that you love Navid.
I do.
I love Navid, but but isn't it possible to have feelings for two people at the same time? Yeah, it is.
But Silver, we're not in high school anymore.
If you really are pregnant, then you can't play games.
You have to tell the father of the baby and make a decision.
Oh, you have no idea how good it feels to be out of there! Couldn't stand the thought of you rotting in that place.
Yeah, well, I guess I just didn't know how to deal with how I was feeling, you know? I really freaked some people out.
Hell, it freaked me out.
Okay, so you broke me out of the nut house.
What's the plan? I mean, you want to get matching henna tattoos? A few years ago, my brother was killed.
He started messing around with a gang, thought it was the only way to make real money.
And then one day he, uh, he was gone.
Diego, I'm so sorry.
I was so angry.
Felt so powerless.
There was no way for me to tell anybody in words what I was feeling, so I started painting this.
And ever since then, whenever I have something I feel like I can't put into words, I come here.
And now it's your turn.
Those people think you're crazy, Ivy.
I know you're not.
How can anybody know how you feel inside? Liam! Okay, thanks for riding with me in this thing.
Liam! Liam, can we have your autograph?! Naomi sounded a little drunk on the phone, and I have no idea where Navid's at.
Well, I'm sorry.
He and Silver wanted some alone time together.
But I'm here, and I'm so excited for you.
Well, I'd be a little more excited if I could get this damn thing to cooperate.
Don't be nervous, okay? The movie is the hard part.
The premiere is the fun part.
I guess I just got a lot on my mind.
You miss Vanessa, huh? Not really.
There is someone else, though.
So soon? Liam, don't you think you should give your heart some time to heal before moving on? Yeah, I guess I should have.
I got involved with a girl who worked on this film, and, uh, she's with someone else now.
And she's gonna be here tonight, and I have no idea what to say.
And on top of all that she might be pregnant.
Hello? Uh, hey, if you're busy, I could No, I, uh I just didn't know if I was ever gonna hear from you again.
I didn't either.
I'm so sorry for putting you through this.
I've never been in a situation like this before.
I don't even know how to pray about this.
It hasn't been easy for either of us.
It's just, ever since I was a kid, I knew I was meant to be a priest, and then you came along and I'm starting to think maybe there's a different plan for me, which is confusing and it doesn't help matters you look really, really beautiful right now.
How do people decide on these things? Do they really decide or do they just let things happen? Believe me, I wish I knew.
Um Are you sure? No but sometimes you want something so bad, you don't care about the consequences.
So, I Googled her.
Uh, who? Who do you think? The new Mrs.
PJ Hillings-Skank.
Apparently, she's some supermodel blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Naomi.
Seemed a little too perfect, didn't it? That's because it was.
Ooh, where can you get a drink around here? Uh Hey, have you seen Silver? I really need to talk to her.
Yeah, I think she's by the end of the red carpet with some friends from the movie.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's just yeah, she, uh she told me about the pregnancy.
Yeah, we're still waiting for the doctor.
I'm gonna feel so much better when we know for sure.
Yeah, I don't know how much better you'll feel.
Do you believe it? Here I am in the same situation we were in three years ago.
I guess I'm destined to raise a stranger's baby.
You really are a great guy.
Silver's a great girl.
If the other guy meant nothing to her, then I guess I'm in.
Well, great.
I'm really happy for you.
Ade, hey.
What's going on? I don't know what you're talking about.
Uh, I know you, and I can tell when there's something huge you're trying not to say.
Did Silver say something to you? You need to talk to Silver.
That's all I can say.
I'm sorry.
Well so that happened.
Now that it did, I hope you don't feel like you made a mistake.
Annie, I'll never regret it.
It's beautiful, Ivy.
It's weird; it kind of felt like Raj was somehow with me when I was painting it, you know? Like I was actually finally able to say good-bye.
I'm sorry I didn't call, Diego.
Hey, you don't have to apologize to me, ever, okay? Congrats.
I gotta tell you something.
Um, look.
I'm not trying to ruin the night By telling me you're pregnant with my baby.
Yeah, Navid told me.
He thinks I'm his confidant.
I don't know that for sure and I should be the one to tell you.
It's just, I need some time to process everything that's going on right now.
Silver, I don't.
I- I let you be with Navid because I thought that's what you wanted.
But if you're carrying my baby, that changes things.
Maybe we're the ones that are meant to be together.
Liam, can we get a shot of you and your girlfriend? Oh Yeah, yeah, sure, go ahead.
Thank you.
I gotta take this.
Hello? It wasn't a stranger.
It was you.
You slept with Silver.
She told you? No.
You just did.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, my God.
Navid! It all makes sense now why you were trying to get me to go back to Princeton, all of it! 'Cause you were just trying to get me out of the way, - so you could sleep with my girlfriend.
- Wait, what? It was just one night; It's not like we were carrying on some secret relationship.
Oh, then never mind; It's all good.
You were thousands of miles away; I was taking care of her.
- You took care of her all right, buddy! - Stop it! And now, now it's too late 'cause she's having your kid.
Stop it, guys, stop it! I'm not pregnant, okay? That was the doctor, and I'm not pregnant with anyone's baby.
Can we just forget it? No, I don't think we can.
Austin, what are you doing here? Uh, we need to talk.
Hm? You know I've been working with Ade on some country music, right? Yeah, except for the brawl at Naomi's, seems like - you guys were off to a really good start.
- Until she quit on me.
Says she can't trust me because I framed Dixon for the fire.
Austin, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me, too.
And that's why I need your help.
Now, you and I both know what really happens, so I just need you to talk to her.
And tell her what? I mean, if I were to call Ade and say, "Trust me, he's a really good guy," why should she believe me? And I'd have to tell her the whole story.
Well, then tell her the truth.
Tell her I was protecting Dixon and protecting you.
Look, Austin, this is a really bad time for this.
I'm sorry, I-I can't do that.
What do you mean you can't? Are you kidding me, Annie? Listen, I got kicked out of school.
I made real sacrifices for you.
I'm asking you to step up and do what's right.
Talk to Ade and vouch for me.
Oh, but you don't understand, okay? I really can't tell Ade or anyone about that right now because there are other people involved, and having it come out that I was a prostitute is the last thing that I need.
I can't believe I thought you'd help me.
Oh, my God, did that really just happen? I know.
Love really screws people up, doesn't it? Yeah, it does.
When it's real.
Is this normal? Feels like it's a really long time.
Something's up.
I've been picked up for tagging before, but it's never like this.
Why didn't he give back your ID? Maybe because he knows it's fake.
Dude, why would you give him a fake ID? Because I don'tn' have a real one.
I'm in this country illegally.
Oh, my God! Oh, my Diego, how have you not told me this? Because it hasn't made a difference up until now.
Ivy, cops look the other way on tagging an stuff, but if they figure out I'm the one who broke you out of the hospital, - that's a felony; I'll get deported.
- Okay.
Looks like I got positive ID on the suspect in the 207.
I gotta get out of here.
No, Di Diego Wait! Come on! Hey! You ever going to tell me about Liam? I thought it was just a mistake that it didn't matter.
I didn't see a point in hurting you for no reason.
Navid, I love you.
Back when you told me it was a stranger, you said it didn't mean anything.
At least tell me that part was true.
What are you doing here? When you showed me that picture of PJ at his wedding, I thought I would never believe in love again, that everything was a lie between him and I, but today, I saw something that made me realize I was wrong.
I wish I never showed you that picture.
I feel awful.
Oh, no, don't.
Yes, PJ married another girl with me, but that would make anyone feel crappy about love.
It's not love that sucks, it's PJ.
Just because there's one horrible guy out there doesn't mean the rest of them are.
There are really good guys out there.
Actually, I loved a really good guy once.
What I'm trying to say is, real love exists, and it is worth fighting for.
Preston Hillingsbrook doesn't deserve you.
No, he doesn't and I hope his slutty bride gives him herpes.
So does it mean you'll still plan my wedding? Yes, of course.
I am so glad, because, honestly, I can't imagine anyone else doing the job.
I feel like we have some kind of connection.
I swear, you were meant to be at this wedding.
Speak of the devil, there's the groom now.
Naomi, I'd like you to meet Max.