90210 s05e16 Episode Script

Life's a Beach

Previously on 90210 Annie and I, have a half-brother who was given up for adoption.
What makes you think you can even find this person? I already did.
He's right here.
He's our half brother? You still interested in opening that restaurant? I'll drop by tomorrow.
You can show me this amazing waterfront place.
Shirazi, you can forget about Cronus.
You're done.
I don't need help from a brother like you.
I don't have to lie, cheat or scam my way through life.
Wow, you're really a nice guy.
But I got news for you: nice guys finish last.
If we're about to do what I think we both want to do then we have to finally get it right.
I think I still love you, Liam.
Liam? You don't care about what's important to me, or anyone else.
You only care about what's important to you.
I figured out a way to make all of our dreams come true.
I want us to make a music video.
And I want you to be the director.
I got to find something that I love and just make it happen.
Dude, I'm telling you, this thing is so sweet if I had money, I'd pay for it.
- Really? - Yeah.
That was so dope.
The south swell really filled in last night.
Yeah, that was fun.
I'm glad you guys could make it.
Actually, I wanted to run something by you.
I've been thinking about what to do with that space beneath the Offshore.
I want to open my own surf shop, make my own boards.
Oh, man, that's great.
It's a pretty competitive business though, right? Yeah, but I got something that's going to make my company special.
I design boards just for women.
I get to shape boards, I get to meet cute girls at the same time.
Meeting girls? Well, that's not exactly a weak part of your game, dude.
Yeah, but after Ashley and Vanessa, a simple surfer chick sounds perfect.
Man, that's smart.
Do what you love, love what you do.
That's why I started the label.
Like, I may have just found the next best female vocalist.
Only problem is, her day job is having Silver's baby.
Pretty sure pregnant women can still sing, man.
Yeah, that song Michaela played at Mark's opening was really good.
Yeah, but me and Silver agreed that she wouldn't do any more shows until after she had the baby.
Plus, I only have about six months of money to keep the label open, so I have to do a music video that's career-launching, like yesterday.
- No pressure.
- Yeah.
Well, at least you two have it figured out.
I was hoping this Cronus Society would hook me up with some business contacts, but Man, screw them.
Trust me, you're better off without those D-bags.
That board is sick.
Where'd you get it? Um, actually, I shaped it myself.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm surfing in the Latigo Surf Festival this weekend.
You think you could make me a new board for the contest? Uh, actually, I think he can.
Especially, considering he just started his own company.
Um, you want me to take your board for you, Mr.
Court? Sure.
Yeah, congratulations, you're my first customer.
Uh, yeah, with your height and weight, I'd probably put you on a quad.
Maybe double concave with a swallow tail.
I think you'd like how fast and loose it surfs.
Well, you seem to know your stuff.
You looking for any investors? Uh, no, I think I'm going to keep it small for now, but, eventually I'll need some funding.
I might be interested.
Just as long as getting involved doesn't cut into my surfing.
I don't see why it would.
Hey, you know, I've never actually seen a board shaped.
Can I come by and watch you work? Yeah, uh, you can find me under the Offshore.
Come by tonight.
- It's a date then.
- Okay.
- It's a date.
- Yeah, it is.
- Yeah.
Surfboards for girls.
It sells itself.
Hey, the surf festival could be the perfect place to launch my company.
Oh, man, I'd jump all over that.
I I mean her, uh, offer, uh, to invest.
- No class.
- Hilarious.
Sure you don't want some? Oh, yeah.
Like a bowl of artificial flavors, a little cancer-causing dye and a sugar rush? I'll pass.
Silver, I promise you, no matter what comes along whether it's a music career, a cute boy I will always put your baby first.
- Hm.
- Really.
But just so you know, I'm not going to stop eating my favorite cereal until after I'm actually pregnant.
Fair enough.
Sweet, both of you guys are here.
So, I have some news that's going to change all of our lives.
You're pregnant, too? - I'm so happy for you.
- Really? Really, guys? No, uh, remember our music video? It's on.
Movie just lost its funding, the guy at the studio called me, told me we could have all of their sets for half price.
We just have to shoot the day after tomorrow.
Don't I need a song? You have a song.
I'll just put together a new mix for the song that you did at the Offshore.
We'll be good to go.
Look, after we do this video, I'll have everything I need to launch Michaela before she goes into mommy mode.
Okay, that sounds amazing, but Michaela has a checkup for her IVF tomorrow.
Okay, but didn't you say the appointment was just for lab tests? Well, we'll shoot the video, have everything done before she's even implanted.
Look, I'm telling you, if we miss out on these sets, I don't even know when we'll get another opportunity like this.
Sounds really cool.
Not that anybody's asking what I think.
I'm just the singing womb.
Come on, please.
Okay, let's do it.
Yes! Yes, perfect.
Mmm, so delicious.
Oh, that is good.
Told you.
Me next, me next.
Sorry, that's it.
All done.
Well, that was incredible.
Your food is amazing.
I'm glad you liked it.
That's why I wanted you to be blindfolded, so you could focus on just the taste.
Well, it was better than sex, if you ask me.
- Really? - Maybe.
It depends who you're having sex with.
Enough with the images of food and sex.
Well, in any case, it's superb, as usual.
Are these the new menu items for the Offshore? Not exactly.
Annie's hedge fund guy does business with the owners of Bijou.
Turns out they're looking for a new chef.
So, Annie pulled some strings and now I'm flying to New York next week to cook for them what you just tasted.
Excuse me, New York? It's a three-star rated Michelin restaurant.
Isn't that so exciting? Uh, no, it absolutely is not.
Yes, I ate at Bijou last time I was back East.
It is amazing.
In fact, New York is amazing.
I could live there in a second.
The Guggenheim, Broadway theater? - The Guggenheim's my favorite museum.
- Yeah? And New York is such a great city.
I love New York, too.
I, for one, don't know why anyone would move there.
I mean, it's a smelly, roach-infested city that, last time I checked, was halfway under water.
Okay, well, don't candy-coat it, Naomi.
Tell us how you really feel.
I just thought you were happy with the restaurant.
Oh, I am.
And the Offshore is off to a great start, but most new restaurants fail in first year.
That's just the reality of the business.
Don't worry, I'll find someone to take over Offshore, but this opportunity it's a once-in-a-lifetime deal.
So, who's up for dessert? Well, if it isn't everybody's favorite backstabbing traitor.
Oh, what do we have here? "Major global marketing firm looking for trainee on business track.
" Yeah, what do you want, Campbell? I'm always interested in a good opportunity.
Maybe this should go to someone who actually is a Cronus member.
- Mm-hmm.
- Plus, it says here only serious applicants need apply.
I don't think you could hack it, Shirazi.
I can take care of myself.
We'll see about that, won't we? Okay, what the hell was that? You mean Ade power-flirting with Mark? Oh, "Look at me, I want to have sex with your food.
I love New York.
" - Um, no, you trying to get Mark to move to New York.
- What? Naomi, Bijou is one of the best restaurants in the world.
You weren't seriously expecting him to pass that up to stay at Offshore, are you? Well, I didn't spend all that time trying to find our brother only to have him move away.
I'm tired of all the men in my life leaving.
Is it too much to hope that one of them will stay? Well, it's not for sure that he's leaving.
We both tasted his food.
They'd be idiots not to hire him.
Unless someone gives him a reason to stay.
Someone who is passionate about his cuisine and sex.
Oh, no, no, no, not Mark and Ade.
But I thought you and Adrianna were fine? I love Ade, but not for Mark.
Oh, okay, so I can't decide where Mark goes, but you get to decide who he dates? Because I am just trying to help him, and you are helping yourself.
Just because you have a clever way of saying it doesn't make it right.
Okay, you know what? There is no point in arguing about any of this, because in the end, it's Mark's decision.
Where and how he lives his life is entirely up to him.
So, you and I should both promise that we're going to stay out of it.
Thank you for being the voice of reason.
I promise I won't force Mark - to do anything he doesn't want to do.
- Yeah.
You need to go.
Drive safe.
Ade, you naughty girl.
Just building your board.
Ah, don't stop, I like watching you.
I start with the outline curve, and then I build in the rocker, which is the bend in the board.
It's what gives it its character.
Come here, check it out.
So, you make or break the board in the finish sanding.
By hand.
Can I try it? Yeah.
You have to be precise.
Softening the rail.
Adding the subtle concave that will give it its speed and drive.
See, what you need is a board that's built just for your body type.
Unique and personal.
You're pretty good at this.
I think I'm making a smart investment.
Then I better not let you down.
Thank you so much for doing this.
I needed to find a new suit for this weekend's surf event.
Well, it's your lucky day.
My event client just released this new line.
Isn't it fabulous? Speaking of fabulous, how great was last night's food? My God, your brother is, like, the best chef ever.
I know, right? Oh, my gosh.
And it totally seemed like you were into him last night, too.
Really? Was it that obvious? Well I guess I was kinda crushing.
- I don't know.
I feel like he liked Silver, though.
- Uh, no.
I mean, Silver's great.
No, I just don't really think changing diapers is on Mark's to-do list.
Besides, he Oh.
Uh, no, I really shouldn't.
What? Well, it's just Okay, when Mark was leaving, he kind of said he definitely is attracted to you and thinks that you have the most amazing eyes he's ever seen in his life.
I do have amazing eyes.
I never told you that.
Annie made me swear that I wouldn't meddle in his love life.
- Promise.
- Okay.
Oh, you know what? Um, that one-piece is not really doing it for you.
Why don't you try this on? Okay.
- Hello? Naomi? - Hi.
I got your text and came right over.
What's going on? Thank you so much.
It's my stupid printer.
It has this terrible glitch, and I can't seem to work it out.
You're a borderline blue collar fix-it kind of guy, right? You can take a look? Sure.
I don't know much about computers, though.
Oh, my God.
What time is it? I have a client meeting that I'm late for.
Can show you please show Mark where the printer is? Thank you so much.
It's this way.
Follow me.
So, I see you have incomplete transcripts from C.
Why no grades? All the undergrads had grades held up this semester for some reason.
Well, I can assure you I'm a straight-A student.
I take my academics very seriously.
You transferred from Princeton to C.
Not exactly an obvious academic trajectory.
I had a good friend pass away, and some other personal stuff.
So I ended up getting the chance to stay close to home.
You're not a mama's boy, are you, Shirazi? Excuse me? Our marketing trainee program is purposefully rigorous because we plan to hire you when you graduate.
I'm looking for someone who's gonna kick a little ass.
I certainly don't need anyone who is wrestling with personal stuff.
So, Shirazi, are you a mama's boy or an ass kicker? For this opportunity, I'd kick my grandmother's ass.
I like your spirit.
But I have to be honest, on paper you look like a dog with fleas.
Okay, if you just give me a chance I'd like to, but we only take on people with real marketing experience.
You need to be familiar with product launches, financial backing, branding.
I just don't see that here.
Thank you.
Uh Thank you for your time.
Any chance that you and your daughter would like two VIP passes to the Latigo Surf Festival this weekend? Yeah, sure.
Yep, hold on.
It's for you.
Some breathy chick named Sydney.
Tell tell her I'm not here.
Just just Okay.
Actually, I was wrong.
He's not here.
Sure, I'll tell him.
It's it's this woman who wants to invest in my surfboard company.
And you're dodging someone who wants to give you money because ? Because it's not that simple.
I really like her.
And things kinda got out of hand and we hooked up.
Yeah, I know.
Bad idea, right? I am probably the wrong person to be talking to about this.
But I will say the last time you mixed business and romance it didn't go so well.
I though you were supposed to be at work at the Offshore.
I know, I'm running late.
Naomi texted me 911 to help with her big printer emergency.
Turns out the emergency was that the printer was unplugged from the wall.
- Do you believe that? - Dude, what a waste of time.
It was, unless you count seeing Adrianna parade around in a bikini as a waste of time, which I do not.
So let me get this straight.
Naomi called you over to fix her unbroken computer and Adrianna just happened to be there strutting around in a very skimpy bathing suit? Pretty much.
So, is Adrianna seeing anyone right now? Not that I know of.
Oh, well, that's probably because she's been kind of a hot mess lately.
I kinda like me a hot mess.
Waiting for Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh So keep your eyes on me We're almost there Yeah.
And cut it! Yes! Yes! Thank you.
What do you think? Well, I think it's gonna look great, especially after we add the other 60 dancers tomorrow.
It's gonna be too expensive.
Well, I think we passed expensive about $20,000 ago, okay? Look, I told you this is gonna be huge, okay? - Silver, I love what you're doing.
- Thanks.
Michaela sounds great, the dress looks even better, - Thank you.
- And the song is off the hook.
Yeah, he's right.
I think what the three of us are doing is really amazing.
I bet you that's the future calling saying, "Welcome to the big time.
" Or my bank calling to repossess my car.
Hey, I'm not gonna let you start worrying, all right? That's Silver's job.
Silver worries about her baby, I worry about mine.
This video's our baby, Dixon.
Look, you heard her.
This whole thing, it's gonna be huge for all three of us.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess you're right.
Um, that was the fertility clinic.
They just got your latest hormone test back.
We need to move up the IVF procedure.
Uh, okay, to, to when? Tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Really, Silver? Oh, wow.
Okay, all right, so what does this mean? We can postpone the music video.
We can't.
I'm all in here.
The cast, the crew, the equipment.
If we postpone anything, I'm screwed.
There's nothing we can do, Dixon.
I'm so sorry.
Look, Silver, I'm happy for you, okay? I I really am.
But sorry isn't much help to me right now.
Hey! Oh, man, these look great.
I'm psyched.
My company actually has a chance to do well.
Yeah, about that, um, I wanted to ask you a little favor.
I want to head up the marketing for your surfboard company.
Marketing? Uh, I just plan on throwing a few boards on the beach.
Okay, listen, I just blew an interview for a trainee position because I have zero marketing experience.
Way to sell yourself as my new head of marketing.
But on my way out the door, you know, I thought on my feet.
So I invited the guy and his daughter to the surf festival.
He can see me in action promoting your surfboards.
Liam, please, I really need to impress this guy.
Plus, I want to land this job and then put the karmic smack-down on Campbell and his snob squad.
Yeah, I wanted to open a business.
Why not go big? Yeah? Dude, thank you so much.
Hey, I I promise you I will transform the Offshore into complete deluxe hospitality suite.
I'm talking board displays, press materials, the works.
Oh, and that cute investor of yours, she'll make our company totally legit.
Yeah, that could be a problem.
I kinda slept with her.
You banged the only potential investor you had for your fledgling company? In this economy? Well, I wasn't thinking about the financial climate at the time.
Well, you need to start if we're doing business together.
I mean, the last time you mixed business with romance I know! I know.
Annie already talked to me about it.
I guess I just need to decide if I want my relationship with Sydney to be personal or professional.
Let me help you out with your decision.
There will be a hundred women in bikinis on the beach tomorrow, okay? Only one of them wants to invest in your company.
Date the other 99.
You're back.
The IVF procedure went really well.
And we'll know in a few days if she's actually pregnant.
In the meantime, the doctor wants me on bed rest for the next 24 hours, so if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the TV remote.
- I'll make you some tea.
- Thanks.
You want some? No.
Uh, actually no.
I have to go wrap out the studio.
Um, look, before you go, uh, I want to thank you for being so understanding about all this.
Yeah, well, I don't really have much of a choice, do I? Dixon, we'll put the music video back together Silver, I had to eat the cost of the crew and equipment.
There's no way that the label can afford a do over.
I'm sorry, Dixon.
I'm so sorry about this.
But you know that I didn't plan for this, right? I know.
Silver, I can't blame you.
It's all on me.
See, I took a risk because I have a dream of having a music career.
But you have a dream of having a kid and beating cancer.
How can I compete with that? Seriously, I gotta go.
You're not actually mad at me, are you? No, Silver, I'm not.
I don't get to be.
And you know what? That's what's so frustrating.
It's unfair! And now I feel like a jerk for even saying that.
Look, sometimes somebody has to lose out.
In this case, it's me.
To promise.
Defined as "a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or a particular thing will happen.
" Thank you, Annie.
I know what a promise is.
Oh, really? So what happened to our promise not to get involved with Mark's life? You lied to me! No, you said it wasn't worth arguing about, and it was Mark's decision, to which I agreed.
I didn't force Mark to do anything.
I merely, like you, gave him a few other options.
- Mm.
- Hey, Annie! Hey, Naomi.
I'm heading to the Offshore to meet Mark.
In that? Ugh! I know, I feel kind of silly.
I'm the shot girl and Liam's celebrity spokesperson at their hospitality suite at the surf festival.
I'm gonna go show them my costume.
- Naomi helped create it.
- Mmm See ya.
Have fun.
You have no shame.
It's not my fault that Ade is smoking hot and Navid and Liam hired her as their pseudo-celebrity spokesperson for a little event that our brother happens to be cooking at.
Are you seriously gonna deny having anything to do with this? You're obviously manipulating Mark and interfering in his business.
So typical.
Whatever Naomi wants, Naomi gets.
You're right, it is typical.
Typical Annie.
"Posing" as a do-gooder.
When you're really just controlling and smothering Mark the same way you do Dixon.
This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life.
We all know it's why you lost Max.
You did not just go there.
Oh, I did.
Well, I will not lose Mark because I'm not gonna let him move to New York.
Well, I will not let you ruin his life by denying him this opportunity.
I'm warning you now, this could cost you our friendship.
Well, you know what? Maybe I'd rather lose one friendship over my only brother.
Liam! Liam, the board goes so good.
I'm through to the finals.
- Yeah? - I'm stoked you like the board.
Well, I like more than the board.
I think our company is gonna be huge.
Why don't you come by tonight, and we can talk about our business plan.
Yeah, um, about that.
I don't think this is gonna work out.
This, meaning our surfboard business, or this, having to do with us hooking up? Look, I've mixed relationships with business before, and it didn't turn out so good.
I really like you, but we either need to work together or date each other.
Well, um, I definitely don't want to date you.
Liam, I'm married.
What? He's a much older guy.
I was foolish and impulsive, and I made a mistake, and I'm in the process of trying to fix that mistake.
Look, I know that it all sounds complicated, but we don't have to be.
We can keep it casual and have fun.
I'm sorry, but you being married I don't think I can do that.
Then I'm sorry, too.
I'll see you around, Liam Court.
Dixon, hey.
Where you going? I'm going home.
I had a shocker and lost my first heat.
Whatever, I'm over it.
Just come on.
Don't leave yet, all right? Michaela's doctor said after 24 hours of bed rest, she's able to perform, so I, uh, booked her a little spot on the stage in a few minutes, and I think the crowd's really gonna love her.
Um, Silver, look, I I appreciate you feeling bad, I really do.
I even appreciate you setting that up, but do you really think Michaela performing for a beach festival is gonna make up for the music video I had planned? I don't really know what's gonna make it up to you, but, uh, I'll tell you what, as a friend, it would really mean a lot if you stuck around.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you seen Dixon? I really need to talk to him.
Yeah, he's over by the showers.
Please don't talk too long, okay? Michaela's playing soon.
Oh, don't worry, I just need to undo Naomi's damage.
Should only take Dixon about five minutes to scare Mark away from Adrianna for good.
Brock, so glad you could make it.
Hey, thanks for the invite.
Yeah, I thought we'd head outside, but I I can't tear my daughter away from those surfboards.
That's what I was hoping for when I put together the display.
- You did? - Yeah, yeah, I'm handling the marketing campaign for my friend's new surfboard company.
Pretty much handling everything you talked about, branding, launching, financial backing.
Pretty impressive.
Yeah, well, uh, not as impressive as this gentleman right here, Liam Court, CEO, board shaper, and star of Corporate Invaders.
Liam, meet, uh, Brock Page.
Nice to meet you.
I must say, it's impressive that you two managed to land start-up financing.
I'd love to meet your investor.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, listen, if you will excuse me, I just want a minute with my head of marketing.
Yeah, sure.
One second.
Uh, please tell me you straightened everything out with Sydney.
She's married.
- What? - Yeah.
Okay, uh, I did not see that coming.
No, um, but that's good news because, uh, now she can be our investor.
Right? I don't think so, man.
I don't think so? What does that mean? Everything okay, Shirazi? Yeah, fine, fine, fine, fine.
Uh, why don't we see if your daughter wants to hit the beach and, uh, test-drive one of our boards? Yeah, that'd be great.
Hey, Frankie.
Right this way.
Hey, Mark.
It looks so great in here.
Anyway, I was just telling Dixon about the chef job in New York.
Yeah, man, that sounds like it's gonna be pretty good.
If it pans out, I'll owe it all to Annie.
Well, I like to help my brothers out where I can.
Of course, sometimes you have to let them make their own mistakes.
Like what? Like getting a bad haircut or I don't know, dating Adrianna.
What's wrong with Dixon's hair? I don't know.
I think I look dope.
You see, Adrianna cheated on Dixon, practically while he was dying.
You can ask him yourself; I mean, who does something like that? The kind of person who would do anything to get her way.
Um, I don't think Adrianna's like that.
I'm talking about Annie.
Do not listen to a word that she has to say, you understand? No, not really.
Silver told me that you dragged Dixon here to fill Mark's head full of crap about Adrianna.
I only want him to know the facts.
The fact is that Adrianna is a great person.
I'm sure you were focusing on the fact that she was a cheater and a liar and a drug addict, but shame on you, Dixon, for getting involved in any of this.
- I I really wasn't.
- Yeah, he wasn't.
Unbelievable! Yes, I think Mark dating Ade is a terrible idea, but you're the one who's pimping her out.
Okay, maybe Ade is a tramp, but even she's a better option than Mark moving to New York.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Ade, wait.
I like the surfboards.
Yeah? And I have to admit, the girl angle is clever, but it takes more than that to launch a product.
Absolutely, that's why I'm so excited about our image campaign.
By aiming our product primarily at girls like your daughter, the face we put out there will be crucial.
Speak of the devil.
This is our beautiful and talented, uh, celebrity spokeswoman, Adrianna Tate-Duncan.
Uh, are you you okay? No, I'm not okay.
Apparently, I'm a whore! - I'll be right back.
- Uh So, how do you like your board? I can't believe Ade walked in on us talking like that.
She must think we're the worst friends ever.
Is she wrong? You said it, "What Naomi wants, Naomi gets.
" I never learn.
What about me? What you said about how I treat Dixon.
You're right, I do smother him.
I try and say it's because I want what's best for him, but maybe I'm just really controlling.
Why is it so hard for me to just back off? If I could've backed off and stop meddling, maybe I'd still be married to Max.
At least we can agree that we both suck.
You know, at first I was just trying to help, but then I really wanted to win.
I know.
I want Mark to stay, but at a certain point, I wanted to beat you more than anything.
What's with that? Why do we always do that to each other? I don't know; it's pathetic.
The only other person I fight with like this is Dixon.
And me with Jen.
Maybe the reason why we fight like we do and we can say anything to each other, which we normally do, is because we're like sisters.
Yeah, we are.
It makes sense anyway.
We share a brother.
And I'd hate to lose Mark to New York, but honestly, I'd feel a ton worse if I lost you or if lost Ade.
Come on, we have to find her.
Hey, Adrianna's practically in tears.
What happened? Annie and Naomi happened.
Don't ask me how or why.
This whole sister thing is new to me.
I never imagined it would be so complicated.
Look, they've both been through a lot lately.
And right now, like it or not, you're about the only family they have.
Insta-family dysfunction.
Lucky me.
Yeah, well, you got to know that Naomi would be crushed if you leave.
Although, I guess Annie's right.
You'd be crazy to pass on that job offer, huh? Crazy or just freaked out.
Look, I know I said I was interested in the New York job because most restaurants fail, but the truth is I've never had to depend on anyone.
With my truck, I could always just drive away.
Ah, the instinct to run.
I know about that.
And what if I fail? I've never had to worry about letting someone down.
New York's like driving away, making a clean break.
Well, you can't run away, 'cause they will track you down.
But I mean, isn't it better to know someone cares about you instead of being alone? I don't know.
For any relationship to be worth something, it's got to be a little complicated, right? At least, that's what it said in a fortune cookie I got once.
Well, Brock left, and I think my job left with him.
Whew, I'm sorry, man.
Speaking of leaving, are you taking that New York gig? Because I'm totally available if the Offshore needs a new manager.
Just saying.
You know, I haven't really made up my mind yet.
Hey, everybody, thanks for being here.
Hey, come on, let's get out there.
Put your hands together for Unfaithful Records' new recording artist, Michaela! This song is for that one special person who really believes in my music.
Dixon, this one's for you.
It's too bad.
I really think our music video would have rocked.
If I hadn't screwed it up? Hey.
I know it's not easy being my friend these days, especially with everything going on.
I've made everything about me, but the music video was for all three of us.
It was our dream.
And I think we could still make it come true.
Yeah? Yeah.
I mean, I want to believe you, especially watching these people listening to her music.
Look at them dance.
It's like - * Open my eyes now * - Wait, is this a flash mob? - * Am I awake or dreaming? * - And an apology.
Silver, come oh I've got a feeling Everything is changing Gotta start believing Nothing's impossible I'm what you waited for I'm what you waited for, oh-oh I can be a shining star If I want to No matter where you are Oh-oh Gonna be a shining star I'll take you places You've never been before Oh-oh I see your face Ade, what we did was awful, but Annie and I were just mad at each other.
You have to know that it had nothing to do with you.
- Really.
- Really? Because when you were saying all those awful things about me, I kind of took it personally.
Listen, Annie didn't mean anything that she said, okay? She was just she was just trying to stop me from being the typical stupid human bulldozer I always am.
And Naomi was just using you for bait because she knew that the only way Mark would give up New York and the opportunity of a lifetime was for somebody as great as you.
I mean, really, the only thing bad that we could possibly say about you is that your friends are total bitches.
We're so sorry.
You really have to know that nothing means more than our friendship.
I'm what you waited for Oh, Silver's flash mob! She's gonna kill us if we don't do our parts.
Come on.
I see your face - Please? - * You've been alone * Hoping any day now Something better comes - Come on, come on.
- * Up in the sky * Brighter than the sun See what we're willing to do for our friends? I'll do anything if you'll just forgive us.
Really? Anything? I'm what you waited for Oh-oh I can be your shining star We should be recording this.
We are.
Those are all the cameras that you rented.
I've got another dozen mini-cams shooting all over the beach.
- Silver, thank you.
- * You've never been before * Oh-oh I can be your shining star I can be your shining star Oh-oh Let me be your shining star I'll take you places You've never been before Oh-oh I'm what you've waited for Keep your eyes on me.
Just promise me when you get your job and you become the hottest chef in New York, that you'll get a place big enough for me to stay in when I visit.
I'm not going to New York.
What? I thought about it, but the thing is I already have a job.
This little restaurant might not be fancy.
It might crash and burn and bankrupt us both, driving me to insanity, but it's ours.
To brothers and sisters.
To brothers and sisters.
Leave it to Annie and Naomi to find new ways to fight over a guy.
I can't believe I got caught in the middle.
- What a nightmare.
- Yeah.
No kidding.
To be honest, after what they said, I can't believe you're already okay with it.
Yeah, it was hard.
But Naomi's letting me have a Pomeranian puppy in the house, and Annie's taking me to Maui, so Good.
The thing is, the whole time that Naomi was pushing me to flirt with Mark I thought he liked you.
Really? Why? What made you think that? The other night at dinner, you guys like the same things, like the Guggenheim, and stuff.
Not to mention, he is really cute.
Yeah, now that you mention it he ain't bad.
In like a hot, manly, "I-can-cook" kind of way.
I could totally go there.
Silver, we can't wind up in a fight to the death over Naomi and Annie's brother.
Are you kidding? Look, after what almost went down with Dixon, I am not about to lose another friend.
Well, then, let's make a pact.
All right? Mark is off limits.
Mark is off limits.
Liam I'm glad you called.
So, uh I was thinking about what you said earlier today.
And I think I changed my mind.
About me investing in your surf company, or about us? Both.
Yeah? It sort of came to me when I heard about a friend's fortune cookie.
I think I'm good with complicated.
Hi, uh, Navid Shirazi for Brock Page.
Uh, yes, I'm fully aware of how many times I've been calling.
Um, can you please just He will? Uh, that'd be great.
Thank you.
Just watched your video on YouTube.
Dancing girls with your surfboards? Pure genius.
I absolutely loved it.
No uh, yeah, that's, uh that's that's what I was going for.
A marketing device that would just reach out and grab our customers.
Well, it's great branding and shows real marketing expertise.
So, assuming your grades are what you say they are, you're my pick for our trainee program.
That'd be great.
Thank you.
Yes! What happened? That job manning the drive-through window at "Loser Burger" finally came though, huh? Huh.
Very funny.
No, um, that was me getting the job that you said - I would never get.
- Huh.
Guess I don't need your Cronus Society after all.
Later, dumb-ass.
Where you are, oh-oh Gonna be a shining star I'll take you places you've never been before Oh-oh I can't believe how cool this video looks.
I know.
Honestly, I think it turned out better then the video we had planned.
Uh Hey, thank you.
Hey, Michaela, come check it out.
You're, like, totally viral.
I think you have about 400,000 new fans.
Better make it 400,001.
It's official.
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant! Oh! They called? They said ? Yeah Oh, be careful with her.
Back up.
Oh, my God.
I need to ask you a little favor.
You need me to go.
It's just that my stepson's gonna be home soon, and - it would be - I got it.
Um and if you don't mind, can you use the back door, please? Yeah.
I know.
Yeah, I know.
They're withholding the semester grades because they know we were cheating.
It's gonna come out.
We've got nothing to worry about.
I've taken care of everything.
Everyone at Cronus is going to be okay.
Because I've set Navid Shirazi up to take the fall for the whole thing.
Okay? All right.
See you.