90210 s05e20 Episode Script

You Can't Win Em All

Previously on 90210: I've been thinking a lot about the other night.
It reminded me of all our old drama with Silver.
Us hooking up is so not worth all that again.
You had a lot of great lyrics.
I just moved things around a bit.
It's exactly how I feel about Navid.
- Your crush is on Navid? - Yeah.
The entire country is on a witch hunt for Patterson's real identity.
If you hurt my family, I'll come after yours.
The stories in your book are allegedly based upon - true events in your life.
- Yeah.
Annabelle is me.
I woke up to find the press on my lawn this morning.
You brought this all upon yourself.
This bag belong to you, sir? - Yes.
- You're under arrest for drug possession.
I cannot believe we signed Cassie McCoy.
My mom's my manager.
She found out you live with Annie Wilson.
She doesn't want me associated with you.
You don't want to give you and me a chance because you don't think I can handle your mother? We're just getting to know the real Naomi Clark.
I don't have to care what you or anyone else thinks.
I've never seen any woman ever stand up to my mother.
Whether she likes it or not, I want to date you.
This TV contest is gonna be huge.
The only reason I let you try is because Dixon said there was no chance that you'd win.
I was just listening to our song.
Silver says it's so good we can't send it in.
Until I have this baby, Silver calls the shots.
Well, she doesn't get to call them for me.
* Welcome to California Correctional Center.
For your safety, please remove all outer clothing, jackets, sweaters, purses and place them on the table.
No drugs, weapons, cell phones, keys, or cash over $50 are allowed.
Enjoy your visit.
How could we not? It's like a first-class trip to Europe.
That was my lawyer.
I had him look into Mark's arrest.
Well, did you tell him there's no way those drugs could've been Mark's? Patrick must have framed him.
Mark's suitcase was in the lobby when Patrick threatened revenge.
I thought he was talking about Dixon.
But you didn't warn Mark.
The brother you forgot you had.
I feel awful already, okay? The important thing is is that this is Mark's first offense, - and he's innocent.
- Except he's not.
Apparently at the time of Mark's arrest, he was on parole for narcotics trafficking.
And right on cue, it's my mother.
I have a feeling she's not calling to see if we had a safe flight.
I got to take this outside.
Mark was on parole? What are we gonna do? We're gonna save our brother.
Miss, I need you to remove all metals, watches, and jewelry.
This could take a while.
Okay, Annie was a hooker and my rap sheet is, like, a mile long, okay? We still love you.
Why didn't you tell us you were on probation? It didn't come up.
Two years ago, I was working in a restaurant.
Some of the kitchen crew were dealing, I looked the other way, and when the place got busted, they found their stash in my freezer.
My lawyer said he could get me three years probation, no jail time, if I pled no contest.
I swear, I never sold drugs then, and I have no idea how they got in my suitcase now.
He must have done a background check and knew exactly how to set you up.
That creep from your book? For what it's worth, if I ever get out, he's gonna answer to your ex-con brother.
Not "if"" "When.
" We're your family.
We're gonna take care of everything.
Thanks, but I've got problems you can't solve.
You know that ex-wife I don't like to talk about? We sort of have two kids.
- What? - And, like your probation, that just - didn't come up? - Okay, you know what? I I am an amazing aunt.
Like, the greatest one in the world.
Why would you deprive your children of me? Because I'm a lousy father.
This weekend is their 11th birthday.
I promised them a special day and I'm missing it.
Well, that's not your fault, Mark.
It's Annie's.
It's mine.
For years, I said I was gonna be a better dad, but stuff came up, work got in the way.
When Naomi and I opened the restaurant, my life settled down.
I vowed to change.
I I started seeing them every other weekend.
And when we get you out of here, you will keep seeing them.
If I move to Vermont.
My ex got a job, and I can't stop her from taking the twins unless I show the court that I'm an active parent.
Missing their birthday because I'm in jail pretty much makes me the worst father ever.
Even you two can't do anything about that.
So, I figured we'd take our minds off of the missed opportunity and my half-brother in jail by doing something positive.
Like recording some background vocals to your song.
Or we could just record the sound of you getting diabetes.
There's free bear claws in the lobby.
Michaela, everything you eat is free.
Silver buys your groceries.
She doesn't buy me bear claws.
She's gonna be so mad when she sees this.
Are you serious? Even if you won the contest, okay which, by the way, was a one in a million shot Silver was never gonna let you go on that tour, okay? Silver wants a healthy baby; I want a business; you want a music career; and the only way we can have everything is if we all work together, okay? It's Silver.
Where's Michaela? I came by to pick her up for prenatal water aerobics.
Okay, um, I didn't know she had anything to do today, so I booked studio time.
How could you not know about it? I told Michaela about it last week.
She deliberately forgot because she's mad at me.
Come on.
Why would you even say Michaela's mad at you? She's not answering her phone and she's not speaking to me, and it's your fault.
All my fault? Uh I just defended you.
You wouldn't have to defend me if you hadn't talked me into letting her write that song.
It was a one in a million shot.
Yeah, well, I'm not exactly feeling lucky.
I'm sorry.
Look, I've got some things going on in my life, and I can't really deal with an angry surrogate, so - please fix this.
- How am I supposed to fix Uh Hello? Silver? S Okay, now I'm really starting to wish that I was the brother in jail.
Michaela? No, actually I'm trying to reach Dixon Wilson of Unfaithful Records.
Oh, I'm I'm sorry.
Uh, he's at the studio right now.
Can I take a message? Sure.
Tell him one of the producers of the Spencer Blane tribute concert called, and we wanted to thank him for e-mailing Michaela's demo.
I'm sorry.
Did you say that Dixon Wilson sent you the demo? Yeah.
In fact, Michaela's been chosen as one of the new artists we want to debut.
There's a televised concert this week, followed by a national tour.
Oh, wow.
That's amazing.
I can't believe you picked Michaela.
Unfortunately, her schedule just isn't going to allow it.
Hi, I'm looking for a lawyer.
Jordan Welland recommended your firm.
Oh, great.
Could one of the partners call Annie Wilson back at this number, please? Yes, that Annie Wilson.
Glad your mom liked my book.
Liam, stop.
No, Liam, don't stop.
Girls, girls, you know the rules.
The loser has to sip - or strip.
- Ooh, human body shot.
I'm on it.
My turn.
- Who wants to drink out of my - Okay! Uh, do not finish that sentence.
Liam, what the hell is going on here? Oh, my God! Is that my good interview blazer? In her defense, she wasn't wearing enough clothes to play strip poker.
I thought it was a sexy librarian costume.
Like Annabelle would wear to seduce Patterson.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? They're Leobelles.
Fans of Annabelle and Leo.
Hmm? Oh, my gosh! You're Author X! - Can we get your autograph? - Huh.
Maybe at a book signing.
But right now you two need to leave my house.
Annie, don't be such a wet blanket.
We were just about to reenact chapter 23.
Out! Out! Now! - Bye, ladies.
- You know what? Girls, you don't have to go.
This You owe me an apology.
And a new blazer.
Gee, I'm so sorry.
But when the surfer that I busted my ass to sponsor dropped out because of your stupid announcement, I had some time on my hands.
Did you know that hat our house is the first stop on the Undressed tour? Liam, I never meant to Lie to me? Use me? Join the club.
Apparently, it's what I'm here for.
I didn't lie to you.
I just didn't tell you about the book because it was personal.
Writing it had nothing to do with you.
Then why am I getting fan mail for Leo the brooding loner? Uh, because I write compelling characters? I'm sorry! You should be sorry that you ruined my life! And how exactly did I ruin your life? By being in it! Okay, look, I told the truth, and I stood up to Patrick because it was the right thing to do.
I hate that people I care about got hurt, but I'm gonna fix it.
Don't, because everything you do just makes things worse.
Why would Mark's ex-wife move their children to Vermont? It's only a matter of time before they get that horrible Canadian accent.
Don't worry.
We'll find a lawyer that can deal with Mark's custody issues and his narcotics charge.
Someone passionate about justice.
Speaking of someone passionate Yeah, my assistant was supposed to clean all this up before you got home.
Had a little romantic surprise planned for last night, but, uh, Annie's ex-boyfriend framing your brother for drugs kind of got in the way.
I really hate Annie right now.
Yeah, I kind of do, too.
But maybe our next date will be a little better.
- Maybe we should find out.
- Yes.
Another urgent call from my mom.
Does the woman have a kissing sensor on you or something, really? She keeps close surveillance on anything that might affect her reputation.
- Lovely.
- Yeah.
And Mark's arrest just put her in full damage control mode.
God forbid that it gets to the press that her top-selling auction item got busted for drugs.
So, thanks to your mom, no one else knows that Mark's in jail? If, uh, she feels like it's something that could hurt her political career, it's like it never even happened.
Okay, the woman officially creeps me out, but this is kind of helpful.
Mark's hearing is on Monday.
If he beats the charges, and his ex-wife never figures out that he was arrested, he can keep the kids from moving away.
But he'll be locked up all weekend, and kids tend to notice when their dad misses their birthday.
That depends on who's throwing the party.
Silver? Michaela's back.
You can take her to that water baby birthing thingamabob.
Why are my clothes in the living room? I thought I'd help you pack.
A producer from the Spencer Blane concert called.
He wants Michaela on stage this week.
What? They loved the demo Dixon sent in, and they think your song is going to be a big hit.
Are you serious? They liked the song? Whoa! Everybody slow down.
I never sent in the demo.
But Silver's packing.
That means I'm going on tour.
I got the job.
Actually, you already have a job carrying my baby, and that's never gonna happen on a tour bus, so I told them you were unavailable.
- to Washington, D.
- What?! Silver, you can't do that.
Actually, I can, because we have a contract, so I'm gonna supervise the rest of your pregnancy.
But from now on, you two aren't living together; you're not working together; and your music career is over.
Silver, you can't do that.
We just got started! This is gonna ruin everything.
Who the hell could have leaked that demo?! Adrianna.
Adrianna? She had nothing to do with the song.
How could she leak it? When Silver said we couldn't release the demo, I called her.
She said she was sick of Silver ruining things for other people.
So she decided it was her turn? Look, you're hot and all, but I'm exhausted, so hop back on your mommy-porn tour bus, and get a real life.
Nice blazer, by the way.
Uh, I'm Elena Burns of Burns, Seymour & Gray.
Annie Wilson called my office about her brother needing a lawyer? I'm guessing the charges are sexual harassment? Um, well Hi.
Burns, uh, thank you so much for coming.
Please, ignore my roommate.
He is a total ass, unlike my brother Mark, who's completely innocent.
Why don't I take a look at these files, and we can discuss - your brother's case? - Great.
God, you could have told me you were having a hot lawyer stop by.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I totally forgot that everything I do is about you.
"Australia's Top Surf Spots?" The cover girl is Maya Swan.
She's the *2 female surfer in the country, and I got you a meeting with her next week.
Consider your life unruined.
Hello? Oh, Liam.
Just the out-of-work movie star I was looking for.
I need your help hosting a birthday party for Mark's 11-year-old twins.
Mark has kids? Yeah, a son and a daughter.
He was planning a whole special day for them, but now that he's spending the weekend at Club Fed, well, he's not gonna make it, but we can! - It's gonna be fun! - For who? Naomi, if you're trying to cover for Mark, I think the kids are going to figure out pretty quick that Liam's not their dad.
Oh, Annie, it's so cute that you're keeping your sense of humor during this family tragedy you created.
Anyway, I talked to Mark.
Olivia, his daughter, loves princess parties.
But Dylan is a sci-fi fan, and the only thing that's gonna make his birthday dream come true is if Liam Court from Corporate Invaders comes.
Please! Naomi, nothing against Mark, but I don't do children's parties.
I totally understand.
By the way, I read online that Annie's book is a real hit with the retirement community.
You should stock up on calcium chews, because tomorrow, this place is gonna be crawling with geriatric Leo fans.
What time do we leave? I'll pick you up at 10:00.
I love you! Oh! Come in! What is wrong with you? My nails are wet.
Oh, your nails are wet? Your your nails are wet, huh? Dixon, you just ruined my French tips! Okay, well, now we're even, all right? 'Cause you ruined things with me and Silver when you leaked that demo to Spencer Blane.
How do you know about that? Because they called and offered Michaela the gig, and Silver blames me! Wait.
They want Michaela to go on tour? - Yeah.
- That means that they love the song.
Of course they love it.
It's a great song, but that's not the point, all right? Silver thinks that I leaked the demo and that I lied to her again.
Now, she's making Michaela quit the music business and go back to D.
What? She can't do that! Michaela singing on TV is a huge opportunity.
Was a huge opportunity.
If Michaela goes back to D.
, I can't record with her anymore, so, you have to tell Silver that you did it and apologize.
You want me to apologize to her? Ade, this isn't you and Silver fighting over some guy, okay? Look, I'm trying to make things work for everyone here.
I will apologize to the great and powerful Silver.
- Thank you.
- But that's not going to fix your problem, Dixon.
You said it yourself.
That song it's a hit.
Which means that you're letting Silver take away the most important thing in your life.
When has she ever given anything up for you? At some point, you're gonna have to stop trying to make everybody happy because Silver's only trying to make herself happy.
Seeing my head on a balloon is just disturbing.
Ugh! Don't over-inflate.
It makes you look jowly.
All right, Mark's ex-wife, Dana, is on her way here with Olivia and Dylan, which means that we have exactly five minutes here, give it to me.
We have five minutes to finish making this place look like every Yeah, 'cause what 11-year-old doesn't want to spend their birthday with two strangers in costumes? Hey, that's how I spent every birthday since I was 17.
Anyway, we have the indoor playground and the make-your-own-sundae bar provided by their new favorite aunt: Moi.
Trust me, they will never realize that Mark isn't here.
Wait, wait.
Mark's kids don't know he's not coming to the party? No, and if it comes up, just give 'em some candy, and distract them.
Well, what if they see through the distractions and feel even worse? Ah, then the face painter will turn them into happy little lizards or fairies or whatever the hell they want.
Why are you being so difficult? Because I don't like lies.
People have been lying to me my entire life.
My mom pulled the same stuff to impress me with my stepfather's money, and I hated it.
I know you think you're doing the right thing, but the person you lie to is gonna be the one to get hurt, just like me with Annie.
And our time is up.
Please schedule your next therapy session on the way out.
Liam, some lies are good lies, okay? It's what families do.
Hi! This is our party? This is amazing! You must be Olivia, and you must be Dylan.
Your dad's told me all about you.
He never told us about you.
Where is Dad? Oh, well, your dad is, uh, stuck at work, but he will be here soon.
You know what? I heard a rumor that there's an Xbox in that ball pit over there.
Who wants to go find out? This is going to be fun.
It certainly makes the bouncy house I got for them look like crap.
But like I told Mark, I don't like leaving the kids with strangers.
Well, we're not strangers.
I mean, I'm family, and Liam is a Well, he's our celebrity guest.
I'm gonna blow your brains out.
If it makes you feel any better about dropping the kids off.
I could call Mark right now if you'd like.
It it's fine.
It's not like I'd be able to drag them out of that ball pit anyway.
Just tell Mark to drop the kids off by 6:00 tonight.
Yes, he will drop them off in person.
Or he'll have them driven in a stretch limo with a pool.
It's a routine check-up.
I don't need a police escort.
I have a doctor's appointment of my own.
Plus, I need to get copies of your medical records for the new doctor in Washington, D.
Dixon is the one tagging along for no reason.
We need to talk about this.
Yeah, like we talked about submitting Michaela's demo? Hey, maybe when I'm not looking, you can slip it to the guy who picks the elevator music.
Adrianna leaked the demo, okay? She also said you only think about yourself, so, if you send Michaela to D.
, you're basically proving her right.
Yeah, well, I really don't care what Ade thinks.
And I think the stress of being the rope in your game of tug-of-war is actually making me physically ill.
I'm going to the doctor by myself.
Whichever one of you is still standing when I get home wins.
You hear that? We need to work this out, Silver.
Okay? It's not just about you.
All three of us have something at stake here.
Not three of us.
Four of us.
Michaela is having my child, and she promised to put that first.
That's the only thing I care about.
* Ade, hey.
Uh wh what are you doing here? Dixon asked me to apologize to Silver.
Is she here? Um, uh, Silver's running errands before she leaves town.
She asked me to, uh, put together some baby furniture while she's away.
Kind of an ace with an allen wrench.
That's nice of you.
Too bad Silver doesn't appreciate people more.
She just expects them to give up things to make her happy.
She's such a bitch.
Is that your apology? Because it sounds like you're trying to pick a fight.
Which is stupid, because, well, if you're gonna fight with Silver anyways, what's the point of you and me deciding not to sleep together? You're totally right.
So, I made copies of Mark's court records, bought a box of highlighters.
All that's left is for the wrongfully accused man to get saved by the brilliant lawyer.
Annie, I don't want you to get your hopes up.
Airport security found drugs in Mark's suitcase, and he's already a convicted narcotics trafficker.
I'll do what I can, of course.
Well, that sounds like legal talk for "your brother's going to jail.
" It's not over yet.
In the record of Mark's original conviction, some of the other defendants' statements were sealed.
Something in those sealed files might help Mark.
Well, then let's get those files.
I put in the request, but the process can take weeks.
And Mark's hearing is tomorrow.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm looking for Jordan.
His office said he was here.
He stopped by earlier.
I would offer to take a message, but to be honest, I don't think he wants to hear what you have to say right now.
You've gotten to know my brother pretty well.
Jordan told Naomi about the constant phone calls from your mother pressuring him to distance himself from Mark's arrest.
That's not what's been happening at all.
Our mom's been calling Jordan offering to help Mark.
He turned her down and hasn't returned her calls.
I don't understand.
Why would he do that? That's exactly what I was gonna ask him.
* Honestly! Oh, God! Slow! Oh! Oh.
Princess Naomi went through that obstacle course twice whole thing while alien warrior man did nothing but sit on his butt and drink slushies.
I'm not an alien warrior.
I'm a risk management executive caught between two worlds.
Bite me! You have to do the course again.
Yeah, you didn't touch base before you went down the slide.
Aw What? No, no, no.
I touched everything.
I touched every weirdly damp surface up there.
If my dad were here, he'd tell you.
When is he coming? Look the truth is, your dad Is stuck in traffic, and you don't have to worry about a thing, because he will be here very, very soon.
Who wants a big surprise? - Me.
- Yeah.
'Kay, you three need to wait here silently and I am going to bring you the biggest, best birthday treat you've ever seen in your lives.
So cool party, right? Yeah, so fun we're not supposed to notice our dad ditched us.
Look your dad loves you guys.
If there weren't a really good reason, he wouldn't miss this.
That's a lie.
If our dad cared, he'd be here.
I'm not lying.
Then where is he? The party's fun, but seeing our dad is the only thing we really want.
Ready for your big birthday surprise Uh Dylan? Olivia? Liam! Liam! Answer your stupid phone! You cannot steal children! Or my car with my clothes in it! If you do not bring my niece and nephew back right now, I will hunt you down and rip your magic cloak so that we can both escape the evil dragon together.
You're a dead man.
Ah Hey, hey.
My last romantic surprise fell through, so, uh, thought I'd try again.
Actually got the idea from your book.
What do you think? I think Naomi will feel just as betrayed as I did.
I was going for "commanding and sexy.
" Uh everything okay? No.
Mark's lawyer needs access to sealed files in the DA's office, but that would take an act of God or one word from someone like your mother.
By the way, your sister stopped by this morning and wants to know why you won't return your mom's calls.
- Look, yeah, you don't understand.
- You're right.
Uh, your family wants to help my brother, and you said no.
I don't understand.
The only person my mother helps is herself, and she doesn't do favors without expecting something in return.
I mean, I'd be, like, making a deal with the devil, Annie.
Believe me, you don't know my family.
But I know mine.
Mark could go to jail.
And if that happens, I will never forgive myself and Naomi will never forgive you.
So if that means making a deal and spending Christmas at Grandma's next year, then I think that's a pretty fair trade for the most important person in Naomi's life.
Hello? Okay.
Don't do anything until I get there.
That was the lawyer.
Liam just showed up at the jail with Mark's kids.
Oh, my.
Liam, what are you doing? Mark's kids think their dad doesn't care.
They deserve to know the truth.
You okay? I just hitched a ride with a family of nine who squeezed me into something they called the "way back.
" Naomi, I know you're upset.
Shh, Liam.
I don't know what Liam told you, but he's an actor and they lie for a living, so don't ever believe them.
Who wants to finish the birthday bash with a shopping spree? Dad! Liv.
What are you doing here? Mark, I'm sorry.
It's our birthday.
Yeah, I know.
I just didn't expect to be the one getting a present.
This feels really wrong.
Us being together, or that we just did it in Silver's bed? I don't know.
The Silver's bed part pretty much overshadows everything else.
Navid, I'm tired of walking away from things that I really want because Silver might not like it.
I know that you said that us hooking up seems like a mistake from the past, but I have feelings for you.
I've always had feelings for you.
And I really don't want to give them up.
Why didn't you tell me that before? Because I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Silver, I need to talk to you.
Oh, my God.
- Michaela, let me explain.
- Why? It's not like we're friends.
Yes, we are.
Okay, this thing between me and Navid started before I knew that you liked him.
But then you did know, and you didn't mention it, and then, what, you just slept with him again? Y yeah, but that just sort of happened.
You know what, this actually isn't my biggest problem right now, so if trying to hurt me or Silver - is what you're after - No, no, no.
I'm not.
Okay? I'm not trying to hurt anyone.
I didn't want to tell you about me and Navid because I didn't want to make you feel awful.
And hearing about it wouldn't make it any better.
So, yes, maybe I should have told the truth, but with everything going on, I didn't want to cause you any more pain.
Yeah, I actually get that.
It was so cool how Dad got the other prisoners in the visiting room to sing "Happy Birthday".
Very cool.
Though the the man who said he used to work as a clown at children's parties was a little disturbing.
But, Dad is gonna be okay, right? Yes, absolutely.
I am gonna do whatever it takes to make sure of that.
Hey, a present.
Oh, uh actually, this is for Naomi.
But, uh, I think I know something that she'll like a little more.
Excuse me.
Well, this was still the best birthday ever.
Just, uh, glad I could help.
Hey, kids, your mom is on the way, so why don't you have Aunt Annie show you around? Sure there's some presents around here somewhere.
That's right.
Aunt Princess Naomi's magic castle is full of hidden treasures.
Do you guys like designer shoes? Know what you're gonna say.
I shouldn't take them anywhere without telling you.
But you understood what they needed more than I did, because you know what it feels like to be the kid everyone lied to.
Yeah, something like that.
How dare you work out your messed-up psychological issues at the expense of my family? - Hey, Naomi - No, don't.
I don't care about how hurt you are, about all the women in your life, or how you refuse to be a part of a lie.
I was keeping Mark's ex-wife from finding out that he was in jail so that he wouldn't lose custody.
Thanks to you, there's nothing to stop the woman from taking those kids to the other side of the country.
So no matter what, Mark either loses them or I lose Mark.
Naomi, I'm sorry.
I And you are sorry.
What am I gonna do with you? Jordan just texted, asking me to stall the hearing until he gets here.
That gives me time to properly style Mark for court.
It's a probation hearing, Naomi, not fashion court.
Ah-ah-ah, don't don't make fun of fashion court.
If Naomi would've got a hundred more signatures on that petition, it would've been real.
Calling to order the probation revocation hearing for Mark Holland.
Counsel and defendant are present, Your Honor.
The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether the terms of probation were violated.
I've reviewed the recent arrest report, which states that drugs were found in Mr.
Holland's suitcase.
Your Honor, my client's luggage was out of his care from the moment he left the hotel until his arrest.
Well, unless you have some evidence of third-party involvement, that's still possession.
Which is why I'm going to revoke No, no! The drugs were planted by her evil former sex client.
Oh And you two are ? Um, Mark's sisters.
We were there at the time of his arrest.
Did either of you actually see this alleged evil former sex client tamper with Mr.
Holland's suitcase? Well no.
But we're certain his fingerprints are all over that bag.
- His luggage, not her.
- Hey! Uh, Your Honor, Mark Holland is not gonna contest the possession charge at this time.
Well, in that case, we can proceed to sentencing.
Before you do, some new evidence has just come to light.
Uh, Your Honor, I'm Jordan Welland, and I received previously sealed files from the DA's office this morning.
This one contains direct testimony, which was never entered in as evidence, stating that Mark Holland is completely innocent of the original charges.
Overturning the original charges is a matter for another court.
Which is why I'll be filing an appeal immediately.
And having already spoken to the DA's office, they're anticipating the original charges to be overturned, which means Mark Holland can't be sentenced for violating probation of something he's never been guilty of in the first place.
In light of this new evidence, Mr.
Holland, I am reinstating the terms of your probation pending your appeal.
Yes! I think.
What does that mean, exactly? It means he's free to go.
It isn't a party without the guest of honor and the champagne.
I I couldn't find a towel.
This is the most unprofessional kitchen I've ever worked in.
But you'll miss it.
Dana called to congratulate me on getting out of jail and to tell me that she filed paperwork so she can move with the kids.
Vermont is finally getting a decent taco chef.
I have to stay in their lives.
Thank you.
For what? For having you pour your heart and soul into a restaurant, only to lose it, or for getting your kids kidnapped from their own birthday party? Naomi, the truth is I never even tried to be a better father until I met you.
- I always did like watching you work.
- Sydney what are you doing here? If you hate me, I get it.
I lied about who I was, and I used you to get Campbell's inheritance.
Just tell me to get the hell out, and I'll go.
But I had to tell you that I'm sorry.
You know what? We all make mistakes.
I know I have.
So why don't we just forget this whole thing ever happened.
Because I can't.
Forget about you, I mean.
I left my husband, and and I don't care about the money.
This might sound crazy, but I just want to press the reset button on my life and start over.
I thought that, you know, maybe you might feel the same.
Hey! - To the best lawyer in Beverly Hills.
- Seriously, Jordan, we can't tell you how grateful we are for what you did.
Well I can.
Oh Hi.
Hey, I heard about Mark's good news.
The florist said nothing says "not guilty" like daisies.
That's great, but, um Mark's case had nothing to do with your baby, so why do you care? That's not fair.
I tried to be fair.
You only care about yourself, Silver.
I showed Michaela's surrogate contract to Annie's fancy lawyer, and, uh turns out as long as she has proper medical care she can go on tour.
It doesn't matter how many votes you and your baby have, the only vote that counts is Michaela's.
Our first and second dates were not so hot, but this one knocked it out of the park.
Well it helps when the police don't bust in and start rounding up your family.
Your brother, he, um kind of means everything to you, huh? I'm gonna miss having him here.
But nothing can keep Mark from being a part of my life.
Or you.
Mmm Oh.
Well It's my sister.
Then you need to take it.
Family first.
I heard things went well in court.
And tell Mom I said thanks.
Tell her yourself.
She says you owe her one, and she wants you back in New York tonight.
You know the deal, Jordan.
Kiss your new girlfriend good-bye and get on the next plane.
Are you ready for date number four? Yeah.
Uh, actually I just got an e-mail from work, and something really urgent came up, and I'm gonna have to leave town on business.
I'll call you when I get back.
You missed the celebration.
Mark's gonna be okay.
Those kids aren't gonna lose their dad.
No thanks to me.
Well, moving to Vermont isn't the end of the world.
It is to Naomi.
I did what I thought was right, and it blew up someone's life.
Sound familiar? But you didn't mean for anybody to get hurt, so eventually people will get over it and move on.
Right? That's what I want to do, too.
I am so glad that you said that because I really am so sorry.
And I I will set up a million meetings with surf stars for you to sponsor if that's what it takes.
That's that's not what I meant.
I Sydney came to me tonight.
She made me realize that sometimes the best way to get past mistakes is to hit the reset button and start over.
And so that's what we're gonna do.
Annie, I I want you to buy The Offshore so that me and Sydney can move to Australia.
Yes, I'm sorry I overreacted.
I get it.
I can't force Michaela to go to D.
, but you can't force Michaela to be your next singing star either.
I'm not forcing her to do anything, okay? The only thing that matters is what Michaela wants.
Michaela! Hey, her bags are gone.
So is she.