A.D. Anno Domini (1985) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- [Woman] Come in.
- Shalom.
- Your wine.
- Thank you.
(muttering quietly to self) - Shalom.
- [Man Black Beard] Shalom.
- You're from Jerusalem? - Yes, just arrived in Samaria.
- What news in Jerusalem? - Persecution of the Nazarenes.
- By the Romans? - By one Roman, but he's also a Jew.
- Saul of Tarsus.
- You know him? - He was hot against the Nazarenes, now he's persecuting them.
Well, do you know a man named Stephen? - I knew a man named Stephen.
- Knew? You say knew? - Stephen is dead.
He was stoned to death for being a Nazarene.
- Saul did this? - Yes.
You could say that.
- Stephen.
And Stephen's family, what's happened to Stephen's family? - He only had his mother, they could find no fault in her.
Not like the sisters of the zealot who was condemned but escaped during the feast of Pentecost.
- What's become of my sisters? - So you are the man? - Caleb.
What's happened to them? - Soldiers took them to Pontius Pilate.
Pilate sent them as a gift to his friend Sejanus along with camels and horses and-- - My doing.
- Don't blame yourself for Roman cruelty.
- I should have thought.
And my mother? - I heard something from Stephen, about the mother of Caleb being dead and very quietly buried.
You blame yourself for that too? I also heard that you're work went on here in Samaria.
- It was good work.
Did they know in Jerusalem who led the rising in Samaria? - Jewish names mean very little to the Romans.
But I should think that you're name meant something.
A name that Pilate broods over on his voyage back to Rome.
- Pilate's no longer in Judea? - He was recalled.
He made too big a mistake when he ordered the massacre of the Samaritans on Mount Gerizim.
- So who's ruling now in Judea? - In Jerusalem there was talk of setting up a client prince Herod Agrippa but now there's talk of a new Roman procurator on his way.
- I dream sometimes of going to Rome and striking at the heart.
- You Zealots are mad.
You want to go to Rome with a dagger under your belt.
Strike at the heart? Stephen's way was better.
- Stephen got himself killed.
You Nazarenes will achieve nothing.
I will go to Rome.
(rain falling) (people chatting) (easy music) - Sarah! Sarah! We met here the first time, remember? That was a sunny day.
Are you cold? - I'm always cold.
Rome is cold.
- I'm happy to be with you again.
- Why? - Did you forget? - To forget, one must remember.
I do not want to remember.
- You mean you never thought of me? - No, I've tried to keep you out of my mind.
- I did the same.
I didn't succeed.
- It's not meant to be, we're so far apart.
- Things will change, I promise.
You will leave your service.
- To go and serve another master? - Give me time.
- I cannot give you what is not mine to give.
And I should not see you anymore.
- Because I'm a Roman? I was given no choice.
The Gods decided for me.
- You chose to be a soldier.
- I followed my father, it's a family tradition.
- You carry a sword, you believe in its power.
My brother does, too.
He was fighting you Romans when he left.
We were punished in his stead.
- I have never used my sword against your people.
I often doubt its power.
- One day you could be called to use it against us.
What would you do then? - Then I would have to choose.
I don't know.
What I do know is that I couldn't hurt you.
- That will be dangerous for you.
You too are a slave and Rome is your master.
- Rome is like a mother to Romans.
I can speak my mind with her, tell her the truth.
- Truth? - About what I feel.
Being born a Roman means to have freedom in life.
- It was for me too being born a Jew, until your procurator turned it into a lie.
Nothing can change it.
- Suppose you love me, this will change it.
- How? - My freedom would be yours.
- You want me to belong to you? - I mean that the two of us should have a chance to find our own way.
- The Jewess and the Roman soldier.
- A woman and a man.
My being a Roman, your being a Jew, I know people may find this a difference that cannot be reconciled.
To me, it's just like this rain.
- I'll try to remember.
(shouting) - [Man] All of them! They're all Nazarenes.
(shouting) - Putting down the followers of the man from Nazareth comes into that category, they're trouble makers.
The Nazarenes have to be subdued, then the tranquillity of Judea will be acceptable even to the Romans.
- Unfortunately the new procurator Marcellus doesn't see it that way, he sees Saul and his little army as the real trouble makers.
After all they spill blood.
Saul must be stopped.
- Thank God for that.
- And yet he is doing good work.
- Then perhaps we must send him to do his good work somewhere else.
- What about Samaria? - Samaria's too near.
Damascus would be better, and we shall watch over him.
Seth will accompany him.
- There are a lot of Jews in Damascus who God help us have forsaken the true way.
- He will take a lot of persuading.
- Damascus of course is under Roman rule.
- Let the Jews of Damascus come under our protection and jurisdiction.
They must be saved from themselves.
- By having their blood spilled? - That will not be necessary.
I have faith in Saul's power of persuasion.
His way is a good way.
- Pitiless.
Hardly good.
(horses snort) (dramatic music) - [Man] Whoa, whoa.
Steady, steady.
They're falling behind.
He's taken a stone.
- Your hearts don't seem to be in this mission.
- Nothing to do with heart.
It's a matter of horses.
- We're still nearer to Jerusalem than we are to Damascus aren't we, Seth? - By my reckoning.
- Very well, you three may go back, rest.
Take your time.
Be kind to your horses.
(wind blowing) - Farewell.
(horses snort) (loud thunderous wind) (horses galloping) - Saul? Saul! Your eyes.
Saul? Saul? Saul what's happened? Can you see? Saul? Saul, what's happened, you're burning with fever.
- Your hand.
- What? - He has brought the night on me.
You must lead me, Seth.
- Back to Jerusalem? - To Damascus.
- Are you sure? - Damascus.
(easy music) - Hold on to me.
Careful, step.
Another step.
Damascus at last.
(animals grunting) The house of-- - Judas.
In a street that is straight.
- Does he expect us? - A Jerusalem man with lodgings for Jerusalem men.
What is this city like? - Like any other city.
Can you tell me yet? - You heard the voice.
- I heard only thunder.
- Twas his voice.
The Lord.
He said, "Saul, "Saul, "why do you persecute me?" "We're all by nature children of Anga.
No more.
I will persecute no longer.
You may go back to Jerusalem, Seth.
- Do we know our work is over? - My work? You are your own man.
- No.
No I'll stay with you.
No more persecuting of the Nazarenes.
- I happened to have become one of them.
Do you remember the name of their leader here? - Ananias? The one they call the asin? A recent comfort they say? - Find him.
Bring him to me.
Tell him I've a change of heart.
- Will you not take some food before you see him? Three days fasting is a long time.
- I may not eat.
- [Seth] You're weak, you can hardly stand.
Just a little bread? - I must take water first.
- I'll bring you water.
- No.
No I meant in another sense.
I am ready Ananias.
- I baptize you, Saul, in the name of Jesus to the remission of your sins and in the fullness of the grace of the most high.
- Saul no longer.
Saul is the name of another man.
Now dead.
I am Paul.
(birds chirping) - [Caligula] What is it with you, why do you keep trailing after me? I don't need protection.
- Be patient Gaius Caligula, please.
May I remind you of your promise? - My promise? Which promise? I'm thinking about realities now.
- It is about one of your sister's slaves.
- A slave? Hannan? - It's a girl, Caesar.
- Oh it's a girl? And beautiful too I suppose? Well.
The master does at least have the right to take a look at a beautiful slave before giving him up, uh her up.
We will discuss this later.
All these Gods You know what the Jews believe? - No, Caesar.
- That's there's only one God.
Cleaver people, the Jews.
I tell you what I want you to do.
- What Caesar? - I want you to cut their heads off.
All of them.
- Cut their heads off? - And put mine there.
- Even on (mumbles) Venus, Minerva, Diana? - Mine.
Well for those you can put more hair.
More hair.
- I see now what should have been obvious but was not.
I was chosen for zeal not virtue.
God's ways are dark.
- Yet they seem to have led you to light, Paul.
- And so.
- You would work here? - I have studied and learned, but I chose to hate before I learned to love.
My knowledge of love is insufficient.
Am I fit to teach in the name of Jesus? - Very often the words come out of mouth unbidden.
Only when I've spoken the words do I see what they mean? Yes.
Teach in our synagogues.
Tell them your story.
- [Man] Let your heart speak.
They will listen.
- I can't believe it.
I imprisoned.
I whipped.
I stoned.
I put to death the followers of the Christ yet all the time.
Like yeast fermenting in the dark.
The grace was lurking within me, unwanted.
In a thunder flash, the revelation came not in a pale dawn, but in a new day (mumbles).
- [Man] A what? - I was a horse, disdainful of its rider.
Kicking against the whip.
Now I sudden it to the horseman.
- You! Saul of Tarsus.
Known to all here and referred as the scourge of blasphemy and falsehood, were to come to Damascus to the joy of the faithful that the Heretic and infidel might be cut off from the house of Israel, now your revealed as worthy yourself to be seized.
(all talking loudly) Judged, and punished.
(all exclaim) - But may not a man change? Is it forbidden for the light to enter? What I was, I was, what I am, you see.
A man reborn.
We fashioned, even renamed.
I know that my redeemer lives and I know the name of my redeemer.
The anointed true son of the everlasting killed but come back to life.
With his blood he washed away our sins.
By dying, he closed the road to death.
A wonder beyond all times.
Life for all because one died.
Believe as I believe.
- Get out! Get out of Damascus! You shame our faith! You defile the house of the Lord.
(all shouting angrily) (bright music) (people talking amongst themselves) (bright music) (bright music) (children laughing) (bright music) (loud clanging) (people chatting quietly) - Good Vestal.
Wait! Good Vestal listen to me! Wait! In the name of Vesta, your Goddess.
Help me.
Help me.
Save me from the axe.
I'm innocent, innocent I swear.
Good Vestal, save me.
You can save me if you want to.
Look at me.
- Free him.
And you.
Thank the goddess Vesta who allows you to keep your head upon your shoulders.
Go! - [Man In Crowd] Congratulations.
(people chatting) (bright music) - [Man In Crowd] Oh look, the soldiers.
(people chatting) (drumming music) (people clapping) - Roman legions.
A glorious sight huh? A Jew, you're a Jew? - My people, where can I find them? - All over.
But wait, there's a tent maker called Aquila who lives nearby, in the street of the 10 shops.
Ask procular, they all know him.
- Shalom.
Peace be with you.
- Peace? - The Lord be praised.
He's given us bread and the fruits of the earth.
Welcome to our house my new friend.
Roman wine, (mumbling) they call it.
It's robust but cheap, it'll warm your blood.
She's a good cook my Priscilla.
She spoils me.
- He deserves it.
Besides, he's easy to please.
- So much for my praising her.
Now we were never happy, but she makes me happy.
- I'm grateful to both of you.
- The Lord wants us to help one another.
You finally made it to Rome.
You've come a long way.
- Longer than I expected and hard.
- I could use an extra pair of hands when I work.
Why don't you stay with us and help me? - Making tents.
It's not difficult.
You will soon learn.
- I'd rather keep faith to my trade.
I know how to handle a sword.
I'd like to join a gladiator school.
You'll have to make sacrifice to the Gods.
- I've learned how to pretend, that's how I survive.
- If you think that you'll ever get a chance to use your sword to free your sisters you're wrong.
A gladiator is little more than a slave.
- Yes but a slave in arms.
- Few gladiators survive their trials.
People always want new excitements.
The more victories you collect, the harder your competition will become.
- I'm not afraid.
Knowing my life is in danger makes me bare my humiliation better.
I want to pay for me cowardice.
- You a coward? - I should be in my land where my brothers fight and die every day.
I feel my being alive's a sin.
- Life is God's gift, never a sin.
We'll try to help you find your sisters.
Where to begin? - Pilate sent them as gifts to Sejanus, that's all I know.
- That was long ago.
All that Sejanus owned became the property of Caligula.
It'll be difficult but we'll try and find them.
So what's the news from Jerusalem? - I bring old news.
You forget I'll been away years.
Wherever I met Jewish travellers on the way was the same old story.
Sadducees, farasies.
- Zealots.
- What is it? - A fish.
- That I can see.
You're no fisherman.
- A Greek brother visited us and carved it.
A coincident he said.
(clears throat) The Greek word for fish is ichthys.
Each letter is the initial for other words.
(speaks Greek words) Jesus Christ son of God, the saviour.
- So the man from Nazareth is a fish? Strange.
A fish that caught fisherman.
Are you one of his followers? - No.
Were there many of them when you left Judea? - Too many.
They doctrine is contagious.
How do you know of them? - The man who left this sign, he came to Rome from Damascus.
He brought the good news, he told us of Jesus of Nazareth and of what he preached and Judea and Galilee.
- A mad man.
Romans nailed him to a cross.
- This man said he rose from death.
- His tomb was found empty, his followers must have taken the body away.
Anyways, it was good enough to fool the Romans.
What happened to this man from Damascus? - He was very old, he died last winter.
Many people believed his words, or the words he said were Jesus' own.
The followers of Jesus grow in number.
The wife of a Senator's even joined them.
- You seem to know a lot about them.
- I envy them, their faith.
- I remember the last time that man spoke to us.
He told us about Jesus.
Healing cripples, and a blind man.
- There're all blind until we find the true light he said.
He left us that evening as if he knew there would be no more days for him.
"Remember," he said, "soon it will be night "and we shall all be questioned about love.
" - Well done.
Come forth.
(grunting) (swords clanking) You are? - Metellus, a novice.
- Metellus? A novice.
(grunting) (swords clanking) Yes, you'll try as a retiarius.
You seem skilled enough to fight for the net, yes? Come, prepare yourself.
Help him change.
(grunting) (swords clanking) You're in the school now.
Remember, this is our family.
I see.
You are Metellus.
I am Julius Caesar.
Jew, aren't you? Hm.
Well we're no respecters of persons here.
Let's see what you can do, retiarius.
(grunting) (swords clanking) - [Caleb] That one looks strong.
- Yes, you can learn something from him.
Stop! I have a new match for you.
(dramatic loud drumming music) (swords clanking) (grunting) Hold that net tighter.
(grunting) Don't drop that shield.
Higher! Higher! (laughs) That's enough for today.
(laughs) (people chatting) - Waiting for me? - Just resting, and waiting.
Forgive me.
I did not know that a woman could train as a gladiator.
Are you a slave? - Only of fear.
I'm learning to defend myself.
- You have no one to fight for you? - No one brave enough.
My name is Corinna.
What's yours? - Metellus.
- Here! - Caleb! It's Caleb! (dramatic adventurous music) - [Man] So it has arrived.
Statue of our divine Caligula.
What do I do Cornelius? - Tempurus, delay.
Not a ship's responsibility.
A true art of the ruler.
On the other hand if you want a general massacre on both sides obey the man, or God as he thinks he is.
I needn't point out to you the utter blasphemy of this business.
- Blasphemy, I hear that word all the time from the Jews.
I don't understand it.
Perhaps I've had the wrong sort of education.
If they believe in one God, then why can't the image of this one God stand in their damn temple.
- Yes the wrong sort of education.
You mean they should pretend that the image of the deified Gaius Caligula is really the image of their only God? A God that has no images? - I understood that according to this new Jewish sect God had turned himself into a man.
A slave called Chrestus.
- It's like confusion there, procurator.
Chrestus, I grant it's common a name among slaves.
What does it mean? Cheerful, useful, helpful? The name you mean is Chrestus and that's attached to a man who is not a slave but a son of the royal house of David, Jesus of Nazareth.
This follows a good Nazarenes.
Chrestus means anointed with sacred or like a king.
They call him the king of the Jews, the messiah.
- I must remember to stop seeking information from you Cornelius, you give me far too much.
But I will take your advice.
The divine Caligula had better go into temporary storage.
I've got enough trouble with these damn Jews and their unholy temple.
You've also given me an idea.
Rome shall be told that this whole matter had be entrusted to our higher authority, to Publius, governor of Syria.
(laughs) Let him deal with it.
(dramatic music) - [Man] You there! Careful! (dramatic music) - Execute them, Macro.
The time has come for us to conquer Britannia.
Subdue the pagan Britains and I say that we lack the gold that will enable us finance our invasion.
So, now what is the opinion of our omnipotent prefect? - Caesar's proposal is unacceptable.
- It is acceptable to Caesar and that's enough, Caesar needs money! - Nevertheless, it would be unjustifiable and even dangerous to arbitrarily execute Roman patricians in order that their estates may be seized.
- It will not be arbitrary if you fasten crimes onto them.
Perfectly standard practice isn't it? See to it, Macro.
- No! With respect, Caius Caesar, why don't you sell something.
You can use a worthy example by auctioning off some of the imperial commodities.
You personally own a number of estates, slaves, vineyards - What I own is Rome's property.
Are you suggesting that I should steal from Rome? I who have always been so munificent.
I will sell my sisters' properties, lands, slaves, everything.
- Good.
- But that will take time.
- Perhaps you should postpone the invasion.
- The land alone will finance the invasion.
The rest will pay for my triumphant return.
- Very good Caesar.
Is that all? - No, Macro, it is not all.
You've seized to be of service to me, Macro.
I'm tired of having to think for you.
I want you to go away.
Leave your office and Rome and go somewhere very far away.
Mauritania perhaps.
Egypt for you.
- You--- Go.
If indeed he ever leaves his native (music drowns out speech).
(easy music) - What happened to you, little bird? You're ill.
You hardly move your wings.
(wailing) - [Woman] He's wasting his time.
He's possessed.
(mumbling) - I command you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to depart from the body of this man.
Go! And torment him no more.
(wailing) (gasp) - [Guard] Clear the street.
- Be well.
- [Guard] Out.
Out, you move.
Now, move.
- [Peter] Come quickly.
- [Guard] All of you.
- [Man] Another miracle! - Beware of that word, Simon.
Call it the victory of faith.
We did nothing, the grace of God did it all.
- But the power is in you, and Philip and John, it's a kind of magic.
- What do you mean by magic? - The power to change things that are not changed by the course of nature.
I once had the appearance myself, I called it magic but it was only trickery.
(laughs) I learned it in Alexandria.
- We learned this nowhere.
The power is not in us.
The power is in God.
- I would like that power.
- Why, Simon? Why would you like that power? - To, uh, do good in the world? To show the world I'm one of God's favourite people, like you.
- For your own glory? - I did not say that.
I do not mean it.
I learned to follow the Christ and abjure this Egyptian trickery.
But now I am no longer Simon the magician.
I have no skill.
You have a skill and a precious one, I would like that skill.
- Curing the sick, healing the lame and the blind, these are nothing Simon.
They are but sparks out of the flames of faith in God.
They show us God's power, yes, but it's more important that we should learn of God's mercy.
- Give me the power, I can pay for it.
(laughs) I can pay well.
I made much gold and silver out of doping the people.
Now that money can go to you to do with as you will.
But in exchange I ask that you give me the power.
You've understood nothing.
Nothing at all of our mission, of the faith that we teach.
You would buy God's grace, God's power, God's mercy.
- I only wish to do good, to cure the sick, to bring the dead to life.
- To your own honour and glory.
- The power is in your hands, I've seen you so often lay those hands upon the afflicted.
I wish to the glory of God to have that power in my own hands.
I can pay well, a thousand sestertius.
Two thousand.
- Damned is your money.
And damned are you too unless you repent of this wickedness.
- Wickedness? What wickedness? - You do not perceive wickedness.
There is as much wickedness in wilful ignorance as in wilful sin.
Sin is a kind of ignorance as ignorance is a kind of sin.
- But you told me the Christ himself made a bargain with God, he sold his life on the cross, he bought our redemption, the whole of life is buying and selling, therefore I say sell me the power.
- We thank you for the hospitality of your house.
- I can beat you at this miracle game anytime.
It's only trickery do you hear me? - I think Samaria can look after itself.
Back to Jerusalem.
- Together? - No not together.
That wastes our resources.
There are Samaritan villages to visit on the way.
You Philip, ought to go to Gaza.
- Saul, will be waiting for us back home.
- I hear different news from Damascus.
- I don't speak as a Nazarene because I'm not a Nazarene, at least not yet.
But I take it you still regard me as a friend.
- Friend and brother.
And you're concerned for my life, well, I'm also concerned for it.
I have much to do and I start late.
But the cause isn't helped by a show of cowardice.
- Paul, the streets are dangerous at night.
It's pure madness to venture out.
- They've asked for me haven't they.
A fellow Nazarene lays dying, in need of my words.
Am I to sulk here because of a few hot heads with daggers? Besides, I have a body guard, don't I? I'm going.
- [Man] Paul, listen, wait! - That's him.
That's Paul.
(all yelling) - [Seth] Paul, go! Run, Paul.
- We must help him.
(dramatic music) (grunting) - [Man] Come! Come away! - [Man] Escape.
Hurry! - He is led as a lamb to slaughter.
And as a lamb before his shearer he is dumb and so he opens not his mouth.
In his humiliation his judgement is taken away.
Who would declare his generation? For his life has been taken away from the earth.
(horses clattering on) Wait, wait, that man.
Will you Wait.
Stop, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
- Shalom.
- Will you ride with me? - You're very kind.
- Yeah, come, come.
You're from Jerusalem.
Are you comfortable? Good, good.
I suppose you could call me one sympathetic with the Jewish scriptures like my queen.
- Our Candace of Ethiopia.
Your office is higher I can see.
- I am state treasurer.
As a state treasurer we are expected to carry part of the treasury right on our backs.
(laughs) Whenever we travel that is.
(laughs) But when I'm at home I dress much more civilly.
I call myself a simple man.
Also a reading man.
My personal treasury is my books.
But there's still, as such a simple man there's still things I do not quite understand.
Like your Hebrew scriptures for instance.
These, these.
- The prophet Isaiah, yes.
He was led as a lamb to the slaughter.
- Who? Who's led as a lamb to slaughter? Who does Isaiah mean, himself or someone else? - Somebody else.
- Who, who? - It will take rather long to tell.
We have time.
Look around, nothing but desert.
(laughs) We got time, you tell me.
- It had happened as the prophet had announced.
A maiden will conceive and give birth to a son and they will name him Emmanuel, meaning God is with us.
And Isaiah said, "A voice cries in the wilderness, "prepare away for the Lord.
"Make his path straight.
" And John the Baptist appeared in the desert.
Baptizing people with the life giving water as Jesus asked us to do.
- You want me to go in the water? - Will you? I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ.
(water trickles) (easy music) - [Man] Caesar, Philo of Alexandria and his Jewish delegation asked to be heard about your statue in Jerusalem.
- Try it on um, on Jupiter.
- This traditional concept of a single God, not of many Gods, Jupiter, Juno, Venus, Saturn and the rest.
Well Caesar, it has long been accepted by the Roman state that the Jewish tradition is to be respected even if Alexandria and Judea are part of the Roman Empire.
- Only the Emperor exacts respect.
Your God, the God of my friend Herod Agrippa is merely tolerated.
It's bizarre, exotic, amusing, it adds its own colour to the glorious patchwork of our Empire.
Has even taught something to our Empire, this very notion of one God, God is the Emperor, the Emperor is God.
What could be more satisfying? - It is not very satisfying to the Jews.
Our God to us is unborn.
Even the Emperor must die.
- The Emperor is God, God is the Emperor.
Ergo, I'm immortal.
Don't you speak to me of my death.
- No, I beg Caesar's pardon.
Let me confine my petition to this.
Do not we beg for the sake of the tranquillity of your Palestinian possessions insist that your statue be installed in the holy temple of Jerusalem.
- It has already been installed to the great satisfaction of the Jewish people.
Now they can see their God.
Now they have a solidity to bow down to.
- I would be shaming the faith of our fathers if I said, "Yes Caesar, that is so.
" But it is not so.
Your procurator Marcellus is a man of good sense.
And a credit to Caesar's capacity for choosing good administrators.
- I did not choose him, the Emperor Tiberius chose him.
Has he disobeyed our orders? - He has very wisely delayed to obey them, but now the envoys from Rome on their annual visit to Judea have urged immediate compliance.
This may lead to unfortunate events, even a revolt.
- Why have I not been told of this? Why are things kept from me? - To conclude your procurator Marcellus may be forced to order that your statue, we beg of you to have the order rescinded.
- Get out of here you rioters, unwashed Jews.
I shall be rid of your friendly procurator.
I shall have him recalled and punished.
We will instruct Publius, our governor in Syria, to carry out this order without delay, and open his veins should he fail.
I also have a mind to give you a new king.
Herod Agrippa, when he returns to Jerusalem my image will greet him in your temple and the people will worship it according to the sacred imperial rights.
Now get your superstition out of here.
- With respect Caesar, in our tradition there is no room for superstition.
- Out! - We Jews do not practice magic.
- Out! - Nor do we resort to violence.
- Out! Out! Out! (shouting) - [Man] There is no place for Caesar here.
(people shouting angrily) (people shouting angrily) - [Man] Close them.
- [Man] Ezra! Ezra, wait! (donkey squealing) - Joseph Barnabas! - I must go.
- Has no news came from Damascus? - It is not news easy to believe.
- Nevertheless, you must believe it.
Will you take me to the brethren? Barnabas, I am alone.
I'm unarmed.
- Saul We heard talk of your sudden conversion but it's hard to accept.
A man doesn't change from a hater of the faith to a preacher of the faith, not like that, not overnight.
- It was much less than overnight, Barnabas.
Your faith told you to believe in miracles, does it not? You see a man, totally changed, even my name has changed.
- We heard that, too.
- I am one of you, help me.
- Come along quickly.
- What I don't understand is this.
If you're so frightened of arrest and retribution and all the rest of it, why have you come back to Jerusalem? You know we're in hiding.
- I came back for instructions.
- Well that's honest anyway.
Tell the chief priest you're pretending to be a Nazarene and what do I do now your holiness oh yes, very, very clever.
- Don't be a fool, Thomas.
He means instructions from us.
- From Jesus who lives among us.
- Jesus, who spoke to me, and blinded me.
And made me see.
You're the one they call his brother.
- James the just.
- I know this is a sudden change.
I am still an instrument but now for other hands.
What do you want me to do? - What I say to you, Saul-- - Paul.
- Paul.
Is that you should get away from here, think things over.
- Oh I've thought things over, or should I say it was done for me.
- You're no use dead.
It's dead you'll be if you stay here.
Now get home, you'll be safe there.
- Home? Tarsus.
- Yeah back to your father and your mother and your books and your tent making, meditate.
Prepare yourself better.
You can take ship from Caesarea.
Barnabas and Thomas - Not me.
- Barnabas and James will go with you as far as the port.
You have money? - Enough.
When do I come back to Jerusalem? - I don't know.
Perhaps never.
You're a travelling man.
You're young enough and strong enough for the big journeys.
Some of us here are getting too old.
You'll have much to do.
Go with the Lord.
(light music) Go in peace.
(laughter) (chatting happily) - They want you to fight in Pompeii.
There will be dangerous men there.
When are you leaving? - Zephaniah said that I should be in Pompeii by the end of the week.
They're staging these games to celebrate Caligula's future victories.
- Mockery after mockery.
Don't get hurt.
I find it easier to train my limbs for a man's game than my heart.
I can fight you in the arena Caleb, with the mad hope of winning one day, but when I am alone with you - I am little more than a slave.
You're a patrician.
- I was no more than a slave to be sacrificed at a banquet in Caligula's palace.
Fortune was with me.
Another slave girl was nearly killed.
- Speak of my nightmares.
I often dream of my sisters being beaten, killed.
- You haven't been able to find them? - Aquila, my good friend is still helping me.
He doesn't give up easily.
He lives by faith.
- Where does he think your sisters could be? - Anywhere.
In a palace or the country villa of some rich senator.
Sarah and Ruth.
They're both so young.
And beautiful.
A special beauty some of our girls are.
- Am I beautiful? - Your different.
Your beauty is different.
You are not my sister.
- Juno be praised.
I happen to like you.
- Recess is over.
Back to training.
(clapping) Let's go, back to work.
- You returned to Tarsus to tell me this? I cannot believe it.
I will not.
- You must.
And you must be reconciled to it.
Things change.
God ordained it.
The Empire, broken from within.
The Jewish law torn by the turmoil of sects with their different interpretations.
- Heresy.
Double heresy.
- Don't talk to me of heresy, father.
You mingle with the Roman pagans.
- I show no more than respect.
I remain a good Jew and a good citizen.
- So do I.
But I accept the messiah.
I have too much respect for Roman order to wish to see it collapse under a mad man.
- You speak of the Emperor? - I acknowledge only one master now, father.
I abjure the world's madness whether of Gaius Caligula or of Saul of Tarsus, your son.
- To abandon your own name? The name you answered to when you were called up to read from the Torah? Oh Saul.
Saul, you must know there's no room for you here.
- I expected that.
- Disinherited and disowned.
Your grandfather was honoured with Roman citizenship.
I served the tradition of our fathers when the very first dad could recite the verses from the Torah.
A good Jew and a good Roman gets his reward.
And you will get yours someday.
The headman's axe or the stones of the mob or the shame of the cross.
- Not shame.
Don't talk of shame.
(dramatic music) - Britannia, Britannia, Britannia.
I wonder what the natives call it.
- There's no one name Marcus.
Each tribe has its own little region which it thinks to be the big world.
- Now the real big world rushes in.
- The Roman eagle spreads its wings.
- [Both] Till it splits its.
(laughter) - This is known as building an Empire.
And this, this Valerius is the last part.
(wind drowns out speech) But what do we bring? - Law and order.
Roads, temples.
- And the worship of the divine Caligula.
Slaves, tribute.
- Gold and copper.
For a finish that depleted coppers of Rome.
As a cure for insolvency.
(trumpets playing) - We better take post.
(trumpet plays) (horses galloping) (dramatic music) - [Man] Hail, Caesar.
- [Man Hail, Caesar.
- [Man] Hail, Caesar.
- [Man] Hail Caesar.
- [Man] Hail, Caesar.
- [Man] Hail Caesar.
(drumming) (drumming) - Soldiers of the Empire, your brave hearts and fine bodies have reached the northern shore of the province of Gaul.
From here you will embark and sail to the shores of Britannia.
Britannia will fall to us and be ours.
- [All] Hail Caesar! - This is a solemn occasion.
The last province of the Roman Empire awaits our acquisition.
- [All] Hail Caesar.
- But first, there is an important thing that I wish you to do.
These shells spread all along the shore are the spoils of the ocean.
They are Roman property and as such they must be returned to Rome.
Gather them.
Put down your arms and gather them.
- [Cassius] All of them Caesar.
- You heard me, Cassius.
Gather them.
Gather them.
- This will do it.
- I know.
- We can't survive this.
The humiliation of the imperial army.
- We can't.
- The shame of it.
We can't.
- Beautifully made.
Aren't they? Exquisite workmanship.
That old God had remarkable creative gifts.
But the new God gets the benefit of them.
Just as it should be.
- Divine Caesar, when do we embark? - Embark? - For Britannia? - One conquest at a time, Cassius.
Today, Neptune's booty.
Another day, Britannia.
Let our ships sail back to Rome.
(animals making noise) (people chatting) (children playing) (cries) - Peter, help me.
- What is it? What is it creature? - Help me please.
Come, come.
(cries) - Why are they crying? - Tabatha.
- Tabatha? (mumbling) Tabatha yes.
- Please come.
- What has happened to her? - Tabatha is dead.
- Where is the body? (women crying) What were his words? - Tabatha Coomey.
- To bring the dead back to life.
That's not for us.
- No you have to do what he did, Peter.
He said we had to.
We saw him conquering death.
(light music) - Tabatha Coomey, rise little girl.
Tabatha Coomey, rise up in the name of the Lord.
(light music) (uplifting music) You can come in now.
- [Woman] Bless you.
(women crying)