A.D. The Bible Continues (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

The Spirit Arrives

The Nazarene spread rumor that he would rise from his own death after three days.
Post temple guards outside.
And I will post Roman soldiers.
- I saw him.
- Who? Jesus.
Do you believe he has risen from the dead? It's what he promised would happen.
It's time we shut this story down.
Kill all the tomb guards.
The emperor's seal is broken.
Do we stay or go? I told my friends to make their way to the city gate - so we can find a way out.
- We can help.
- Go now.
- Why are you helping us? An enemy of theirs is a friend of ours.
The priests guarding the Nazarene's tomb.
What of them? Two of them found murdered, and the others are missing.
Go back to Jerusalem and wait.
And the power of the holy spirit will come to you.
__ How do I tell my daughter I can't stay, hmm? How can I tell my child I love her and then leave? She's safer here with her grandmother.
Jerusalem is a dangerous place.
Peter We have to go back to the city and wait for the holy spirit.
She's starting to look like her mother.
God rest her soul.
Father, take care of my child.
Let's see what Jerusalem holds for us.
Come, John.
Let's hope things have calmed down now.
My husband has been murdered! And I'm left alone in the world with three children.
You have the sympathy of all at the temple who worked with and loved a most trusted temple guard.
Most of those whom he worked with have been killed, too.
You had them guard the Nazarene's tomb? We'll leave no stone unturned in pursuit of their murderers trust me.
Charitable food and gifts from the temple will be delivered to your home.
You heard? She suspects.
She's in mourning.
She's looking for reasons.
That's all.
Six men six priests murdered by our Roman master! You know why Pilate did this.
He had to remove all witnesses to that night To ensure that the ridiculous story of the resurrection garners no credence amongst the gullible.
It dies along with the soldiers and the temple guards, as it should.
Their deaths are a necessary sacrifice.
But the families We'll see to it that they're looked after.
Drink up.
We must close now.
Come, come.
We need to get the rooms ready.
The streets are filling.
Unlike my cup, which remains resolutely empty.
Marcus Drusus, you do this every feast day.
You're a good man, Arik A lousy landlord, but a good man.
On your feet.
Come on, come on.
Come on! Forgive me, friend.
No harm done.
It was an accident.
Boaz? Follow me.
No harm done.
Boaz! Not yet! The Nazarene's men might use this moment to stir up more trouble.
Keep patrolling the streets, at least until the festival is over.
What happened in here? Politics.
Nothing more.
I've been with you long enough to know when something's troubling you.
I'm not troubled.
Don't confuse me with other people's wives.
How could I? If you deal honestly with me, I'll stand beside you.
Claudia What happened? I was troubled for a time by a minor irritation.
Which you dealt with by having the Nazarene's tomb guards killed? Here, in my house? We shouldn't keep secrets from each other.
No, we shouldn't.
Today is a new day, with a visit from Herod and his wife.
Let's welcome them together.
Make way! Make way for king Herod Antipas! The king! Make way for king Herod Antipas! Herodias, is it me, but since the crucifixion of the Nazarene, are there more Roman soldiers in the streets than usual? There's definitely more soldiers, yes.
Guard! What is the meaning of this?! Tell the centurion we always process through the streets! The people expect it! I am the king.
They must let us through.
Centurion, what is this? No one passes.
Those are our orders.
The king must be allowed through.
Are they letting us through? Let the king pass! I don't care! No one! No.
Caiaphas, tell me, why does the city feel like it's about to erupt? Nerves are jangling.
Nothing more.
It couldn't have anything to do with the execution of the Nazarene, could it? He's gone, and his followers are dispersed.
Then why are the streets crammed with Roman soldiers? The governor's Unsettled.
Oh, the governor's unsettled, is he? It couldn't be that you mishandled the whole thing?! You tried the man at night, in secret, contrary to Jewish law, and then you had the Romans execute him! I did what was necessary.
You made him far more important than he need be.
Our continued use of the Romans could be seen as collaboration by the average man in the street.
You understand the average man in the street now, do you? One doesn't need to be average to understand the average man, Caiaphas.
With thousands of pilgrims flocking into the street for Pentecost, we must not be seen to be too closely aligned with Rome.
Ensure we are not, Caiaphas.
We couldn't have chosen a worse place to be.
- It's dangerous.
- It's suicidal.
Matthew! Oh! - Are we all here? - Nearly.
I hope you come with a plan.
Only the one he gave us To return to Jerusalem and wait for the holy spirit.
For how long? I know as much as you, Simon.
He said he'd build his church.
How? With what? I don't know.
He'll build it with two things that are lacking in this room Belief And patience.
Look who I found.
Then we are agreed on what is necessary? Yes.
An uneventful Pentecost.
So we understand one another, my position is unassailable.
Yours, however, is reliant on the loyalty of the Sanhedrin and one other thing my endorsement.
Any more mishandling and we shall have to seriously reconsider your role.
Anything for a poor cripple? A few coins for a poor cripple? Anything for a poor misfortunate? Give him some money, Caiaphas.
God bless you! You buy one? You buy one from me? Wait.
I am here to help.
God bless you.
My husband's hands are tied, as far as the temple is concerned.
However, contrary to their suggestion, we would like to come to a private arrangement and give you an annual income, at least until your children are old enough to earn for themselves.
Why would the temple not want to help? My husband was a well-respected priest.
He was trusted to guard the Nazarene's tomb.
He was What is it? Nothing.
- What aren't you telling me? - I should go.
Why would the temple not endorse support for his family? Had he done something wrong? Please, tell me.
I need to know why he was murdered.
You must leave Jerusalem immediately and never return without suffering the same fate.
As well as the annual income, we will find you a new home.
Somewhere far away enough so that you and, more importantly, your children can start again.
When I was here last, you had musicians from Anatolia.
From Cilicia, yes.
Cilicia, yes.
Yet another example of the advantages of living under Rome's influence.
Along with the improved ports, trading routes, shipping, laws, music, poetry.
We like to think that our cultural interaction goes both ways.
This festival of Pentecost, which we are currently celebrating, commemorates our link back to the laws of Moses, and yet enhances our role in the modern world.
A role that, thanks to Roman tolerance, you're free to express.
To a degree.
I am warden and guardian of the temple, and as such, I feel I have a small request to make.
Go on.
Roman soldiers around the temple this time of year do not help to make the people feel your tolerance.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
We are all too aware that we are an occupied country.
And what do you suggest? I would suggest that you remove your troops from my temple and let my people celebrate their festival in peace.
Your people and your temple? I understand your intentions are not to incite unrest.
No, no, no.
It's not your city.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll double my patrols around the temple, and I'll attend the festival myself, in person.
The party's over.
I urge you to counsel him.
No governor has ever attended a festival.
It will be highly provocative.
I support my husband in all he does.
You traveled here alone? I set off soon after I saw you by the river.
I knew we had to leave again.
I didn't want to hurt you.
And then you did.
I told grandmother I'd bring you home.
She misses you.
I can't come home yet.
Then I'll wait until you can.
- You can't stay here, Maya.
- Why not? We're moving again, ourselves, soon.
I don't mind.
What we're doing here It could be dangerous.
What's so dangerous about following a rabbi? You're still wearing it.
Tell me a story from home.
Avner's son, Joshua, thinks he's a great fisherman now, but he's only been out in the boat three times.
You'll have 300 men on the temple mount, and you'll be accompanied by 500 bodyguards.
We go in fast and get out as quickly as we can.
If I'm in the middle of 500 men, how can I be seen? You and 50 men shall accompany me, no more.
As you wish.
I hope this is more than just a case of "look at me.
" I should have done this ages ago Show them who's really in charge.
You should listen to your centurion.
What I should do is take you to bed.
You need to rest before tomorrow.
Can't we go out? We'll leave Once there are less soldiers on the streets.
If we don't get back out there soon, everyone will have forgotten who we are.
No, they won't.
Do you really think we scared the authorities? We'd scare them even more if they knew.
Knew what? That we'd seen him.
Seen who? Jesus.
We've spoken to him, all of us.
You don't believe this, do you? I was scared at first.
I think we all were.
But he was as real as you are now.
Then why aren't you out there telling people? Why are you all shut away up here? We're waiting.
For what?! The holy spirit.
How will that help? We'll Know when it gets here.
And when does it get here? You don't know that, either? So many questions! You taught me to ask questions, remember? She's definitely your daughter.
Friend You have information? Yes.
Cornelius has recalled all centurions, and I hear Pilate will visit the temple on Pentecost.
This desecration of our sacred space is the abomination the prophets talked about.
Then our time has come to kill him.
It's nights like this I wish I was back in Caesarea.
I cannot sleep here.
This used to be my father's palace.
Before us.
Before you.
I was going back to bed.
I wish you a restful night.
You too.
What's keeping you awake? The same thing as you, I'd imagine.
Concern about tomorrow, for the safety of Pilate.
Promise me you'll take care of him.
That's my job.
Do it well.
Do you remember in Galilee, this man here, he caught No one ever saw it.
No one ever saw it.
This was the biggest trout If they find you will they kill you? No.
They killed him.
So? Will they? I don't know.
Pilate intends to visit the temple himself tomorrow.
Well, he has to be dissuaded.
- Why is he coming? - To prove a point.
To you? To all of us.
Well, the people won't stand for it.
We outnumber the Romans.
We could always bar the doors.
At Pentecost, to our people, as well? It would be mayhem.
You must do something, Caiaphas.
Perhaps we should receive him as our honored guest.
Pilate cannot be allowed to turn our festival into a bloodbath.
You should be sleeping.
So should you.
Are you afraid? I am.
Not of the Romans or the priests.
I'm afraid I may not be the person that Jesus thinks I am.
I always felt safe when you were home, like you knew exactly what you wanted and how you were going to get it.
Back then, all I wanted was fish.
Fish meant money, and money meant food and clothes.
Life was simple.
And now it isn't? What would he do if he were here? He'd pray.
John, wake up! All of you Wake! Come! What are we doing? We're praying.
__ Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth Give us today our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread, and forgive us our debts Now we can leave this place.
Now we spread his word.
At all times, we shield the governor! The first person to step forward I'll have his head.
Governor, the high priest would ask that you follow me and enter the temple through one of the south gates.
Why? The beautiful gate leads to the court of the women, which is for Jews only.
He also requests politely that you leave your weapons outside.
I decline both requests politely.
We enter here.
Cohort! Where are we going? The temple.
Where else? I do hope you know what you're doing, Caiaphas.
And you really believe this will work? If it doesn't, they'll tear us apart along with the Romans.
Quiet, please! Quiet.
What's he saying? Trouble to the right! Go! Get out of the way! Move! Cornelius! Make way! Get out of my way! Up.
I hope your cause is worth dying for.
I hope yours is.
A few coins, master? Look at us.
We have no money.
No silver, no gold.
But what I have I give you in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.
Rise up and walk.
It's through Jesus that this man walks again.
God sent us his servant, Jesus, and God raised him again from death.
We are his witnesses, and the holy spirit is with us and makes us strong.
Jesus is alive.
Let all Israel know God made Jesus Lord and Messiah.
I thought you had dealt with these followers, Caiaphas.
Join us, and you, too, will receive the holy spirit.
Silence them now, before he starts another riot.
Come, save yourselves from this cruel wo Peter! Jesus is risen, and God will perform wonders in the sky above and miracles in the earth below! The sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood! Marcus Drusus was found murdered.
We've arrested a group of men in the immediate area.
Execute them.
W-we don't think the killer's among them.
Execute them all on the steps of the temple.
As you wish.
All the others are safe.
Your wounds They're nothing.
What's happening out there? Word has spread like a fire, like the spirit itself.
Many, many people are coming to us, perhaps thousands.
She says she won't sleep until you're safely back.
Mary, please take care of her.
We may never leave here.
On your feet Come on.
No! No, no! I'm innocent! Deliver the assassin to us, or this will become an all-too-familiar spectacle.
They are going to be looking for you.
They're executing suspects at the court of the gentiles.
It's the way of the world.
Blood will have blood.
Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.
Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God.
The Lord is one.
Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.
Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God.
The Lord is one.
Blessed be the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.