A.D. The Bible Continues (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

The First Martyr

The assassin came for me.
every day until I have the man who tried to kill me.
His name and where to find him.
If I've found you, they will find you.
His name is Boaz.
Nowhere is safe.
There is somewhere.
There are people who can forgive my sins.
I'm Stephen.
Move aside, boy.
What's in your heart, Ananias, to make you lie to the Holy Spirit? When you and your husband sold your house, did you keep anything back for yourselves? There might have been something, but what does that matter? You've lied, not just to us, but to God.
Run! They're afraid of me.
What happened to Ananias and Sapphira was not your doing.
It was the will of God.
Then why does God want the people of this camp to look on me with fear in their eyes? Do you see fear in mine? They have faith.
In time, they will understand.
This is supposed to be a place of happiness.
How can it be a joyful place when, every day, more of our people are being crucified in Jerusalem? There's so much pain and despair.
That's why my son came.
To free us from it.
Any news of Boaz? Nothing, governor.
There is a wedding today in the Western quarter.
I'm sure that between both families, you will find the people justice demands.
Take 10 women And crucify them.
Yes, governor.
You have something to say? Have you no mind for compassion? I have not.
I do no more than I would to insubordinate soldiers.
Ananias and Sapphira were punished by God for lying to the Holy Spirit.
And this camp is focusing on that.
And this Fear is paralyzing all of us.
But our message is one of love and hope.
So, what are we to do? There are people suffering in Jerusalem, and we can offer them safety here.
Share what we have.
If not, we're no different to those God has punished.
Then we must go to Jerusalem, no matter how dangerous it is.
Out of the way! Maya.
This is Tamar.
She's lost everyone.
She really needs a friend.
Shall we go find a place for you to stay? There's hope.
They've given us a name Boaz.
They're closing in.
They've already found his fiancée.
She could lead us right to him.
We know it was Boaz who murdered the Roman soldier.
And so do you.
I can't help you.
It's Jerusalem that's asking for help because every day its people are being put to death in his absence.
If he truly loves his people, then he will be ready to give up his life for theirs.
You're wasting your time.
Then I beg you, Eva.
If you know something A name or a place, anything You must tell me.
I'm sorry, there's nothing.
It isn't a betrayal to save the lives of hundreds of innocent Jews.
Forgive our intrusion, but these people are desperate.
Can you help them? Even those who do not share the belief? What is your name? Philip.
How did they know to come here? I brought them.
I heard you speak.
And I was baptized by James.
And somehow, I knew you'd come.
We need to get these people out of the city as quickly as possible.
How? Romans are out there looking for people to crucify.
Take them to the camp.
Go in small groups.
Use different routes.
Yes, sir.
Can I trust you to organize these people? You can.
Now! It was you, wasn't it? The Jewish wedding You tipped them off.
Be careful how you speak to your governor's wife.
I wonder how he'd react if he knew she'd attempted to sabotage his order.
You and I were the only ones who heard it.
I saw your distaste for it.
No, I'm a soldier.
I don't have opinions.
And Rome only thrives because men like me obey orders.
Yes, of course.
And how convenient that such an attitude absolves you of any responsibility.
What did you think would happen? We took them from the market instead, and that's on your head.
Were they any more or less deserving of death? She was holding something back.
I know she was.
And she'll come.
Trust me, she'll come.
I understand things didn't go entirely to plan today.
Do you suppose it's possible that they knew you were coming, that someone had alerted them? I don't I don't think so.
There there was no sign that anyone had fled our arrival.
But, um There were no women at the market today? The men seemed to have decided to keep women out of sight.
I trust you, Stephen, which is why I want you and Philip to look after the camp.
Really? It's growing so fast, and we have so many new converts.
Peter, I've been reading and studying scripture since I was 13.
I know entire pages by heart, and I can speak, read, and write in four different languages.
Now, God has a purpose for each of us.
You've got yours, and I have mine.
And that is not it.
I'm meant to preach.
Maybe I can put your knowledge to good use.
Eva? Believe me, I don't know where he is.
But he He said he was going to a place where people would forgive his sins.
Come with me.
Why have you brought me here? I-I've told you what I know.
Yes, but If my husband returns empty-handed, I will be forced to consider whether you deliberately misled us and then what truth you might conceal.
I've told you the truth.
Let's hope he's there, then.
God said, "let there be light," and there was light.
This is the word for "God"? Mm-hmm.
Very good.
We believe the man Pilate wants is here.
His name is Boaz.
You know him don't you? He once sought an alliance.
If he's here, you must allow him to face justice.
If he's here.
Need I remind you that if you fail to hand him over, Rome will come for him and wipe this camp from the earth in less than an hour.
If the Romans thought he was here, we'd be dead already.
You are welcome to look for him yourself.
Do not test me! There are hundreds of innocent people here.
I pray to God for their sake you're truthful.
You you've taken a man's life.
You're a killer.
As are you.
I hear a husband and wife were murdered.
Do you really think that was me, that I have that power? Only God decides who lives and dies.
God and Romans.
How many Jewish lives have fallen to the man I killed? That's not good enough.
You cannot justify murder! Then why didn't you give me up to Caiaphas? Because only God decides who lives and dies! I will not be compelled to decide a man's fate! I will harbor you.
But I cannot and will not force you to surrender.
The foundation of what we believe in here is love For all people.
All I can do Is forgive you.
Even though you know Rome will surely come for me and destroy this place? My faith is in God.
If that's his will, then so be it.
High priest.
Who are you? What do you want? I'm the man you're looking for.
Why is it that some men are determined to pull the serpent's tail? Is it a death wish? Or is it some vague notion of heroism? "I'm the man who" This, that, or the other.
Heroism It's for children's stories.
But monsters Monsters are real.
And they cannot be slayed.
Try, and they grow another head that bites back twice as hard.
So, what to do Placate them, flatter them, feed them until they're fat and indolent, and forget that they're monsters.
And in time, they move on.
You despise Pilate more than I do.
And I know that deep down, you wish with all your heart that I'd succeeded in killing him.
He's here, if you want to see him.
So that he'll die knowing that I betrayed him? For what it's worth, he didn't.
He wasn't found through you.
He surrendered.
You seem taken with her.
I remember how it feels.
I was about her age when my mother died, and I didn't ever want to be left alone again.
You've been wonderful with her today.
But you mustn't think she's your responsibility.
But I know how it feels.
I know what she needs.
And do you think you can give that to her? Somebody should.
Why not me? Because you're still a child yourself, Maya.
Maybe that's why she wants me around.
Because I'm like her.
I'm not an adult.
I'm a friend.
We have Boaz, finally.
Thank you for coming to me.
It was a risk.
Anything to at last get back to normality.
Normality? What is that? The murderer will be punished for his crime, and the reprisals ended.
And the natural balance of things will be restored.
Is that it? I'm sorry? You seem to think that before Boaz, everything was as it should be.
Well, there was stability.
I know our nations have their differences, but We live under the heel of Roman tyranny An occupying army that drains us of resources and doles out murder on a mass scale.
We are enslaved.
But you stand here freely with me now, don't you? Only because you allow me to.
And in return, you expect me to play the role of the grateful subject because you are one of them a Roman.
Yo are the problem.
Bite your tongue, little snake! Don't presume to know me.
That might prove a costly error.
You see? At least we know where we stand.
How did you find him? Knowledge can be as effective as force.
You are the murderer.
Prove it.
Show me where you struck.
On me.
That's it.
Now show me.
At least he died quickly.
Whereas you will die Very slowly over many, many days as an example for all to see.
How does it feel to get this close? Tempting.
There will be no end to your pain for what you did.
Not only is Boaz dead one week sooner than I'd like him to be, you somehow have contrived to allow his killer to escape.
Explain yourself! It was my failing.
I should have anticipated an attempt to stop him talking.
I should have placed men on the rooftops where he struck.
Failure to do so gave him an easy escape.
Is this cloying city finally getting under your skin? A single mistake could be forgiven, but this isn't a single mistake, is it? I accept whatever punishment pleases you.
Get out of my sight.
Who was he? A man of great conviction, but tragically misguided.
Leave us.
Save me, o God for the waters are come into my soul I sink in deep mire where there is no standing I am come into deep waters where the floods overflow me I am weary of my crying my throat is dried my eyes fail while I wait for my God they that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs on my head Do not judge this man displayed here.
That's for God to do.
All we can do is forgive him, as we must forgive all people, and show love to all men.
Only then will we find salvation when our Lord, Jesus Christ, returns to establish a new kingdom of God in Jerusalem.
Take him.
Shall I stop him? No.
Let him tell the others.
They'll come for their friend.
And we will be waiting.
All right.
All right.
What is this? We haven't done anything.
But you will.
Arrest them! Peter.
Are you all right? Get out of here! You too! Peter.
This isn't good.
They were waiting for us.
Something awful is going to befall us.
But it will mark the beginning of something wonderful.
Thank you for making it swift.
It was not done out of kindness.
It was to save lives.
Boaz knew that.
He was expendable.
You'll need to replace him.
I'm in this now, too.
Teach me, like you taught Boaz.
Show me how to kill.
My friends It's time.
Where is he taking us? To the temple.
Our nation is poisoned.
Turn away from hate.
Turn away from violence.
Jesus is the light of the world.
Amen! Open your hearts.
Hear our message of hope and love for all people.
Jesus is the good Shepherd.
People would not act this way if they knew the kingdom of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is coming to Jerusalem.
He is the resurrection Him.
Take them! And the life! I suppose it's thankless to ask, but I'd very much like to know how you escaped your cell.
Then I can only assume that you have some experience of lock-picking, a skill which most reasonable people would associate with criminality.
Very well.
You are accused of continuing to teach the name of a false prophet.
You defy the temple and conspire to lead the lost souls of this city astray.
What have you to say to this? Answer me! Out of respect for the learned elders of the Sanhedrin, we will not seek to defend our beliefs.
We only know them to be true.
There can be no defense or clarification or mitigation of the truth It simply is.
And what is the truth? That God raised Jesus from the dead to sit at his right hand as prince and savior.
And it was his spirit that freed us from your chains.
You are aware that saying such things condemns you as false prophets, according to the law.
There is only one outcome.
You are to be put to death by stones.
So few words spoken For so many lives to be clipped.
Rabbi Gamaliel, do you find fault in our application of the law? No, no, no, probably not.
But as president of the Sanhedrin, I'm obligated to poke a finger into matters that pique my interest.
Of course, but what more is there to say? They've been found guilty of Yes, yes, yes, yes.
It's all very upsetting.
But I wonder, do you not recall the enthusiasms of your own youth and being carried away by them? Your wisdom is highly valued and recognized by all, but But I should sit down now, should I? No, no, I cannot.
My conscience pricks at me for us both.
Let these men alone.
They are not dangerous.
If what they claim is false, then nothing will come of it.
And in time, they will simply fade away.
But if it is true and you destroy them, you will find yourselves in opposition to God.
Having considered the wisdom of Gamaliel, it is agreed that the sentence shall be commuted.
But you're to be taken to a public place and flogged so that everyone may know your guilt! If you do not obey the Lord, your God, and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees, you will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.
The fruit of your womb will be cursed.
The crops of your land, the calves of your herds, the lambs of your flocks.
You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.
The Lord will send on you curses, confusion, and rebuke in everything you put your hand to until you are destroyed and come to sudden ruin because of the evil you have done in forsaking him.
We all knew we'd have to make sacrifices.
That's what Jesus told us, Stephen.
Not like this.
Shall we go home To Galilee? You mean to live? Why not? The camp's set up.
It's growing.
You don't need to be here anymore.
Is that what you want? Yes.
But you can't do it, can you? When you're at home You catch fish, you sell them.
You clean a boat.
I can do that.
Anyone can.
But it's different here.
You're different.
Even your name's different.
You're Peter.
No one else can be.
And that's why I'm going home.
When? Tomorrow.
Tamar's decided that I'm the only one that can keep her safe, and And I can't do that here.
I'm going to miss you more than you will ever know.
We must govern ourselves according to our law so that this city and its people are never again subjected to Roman justice.
That's all well and good.
But as far as I understand it, this Boaz surrendered of his own accord.
Are these the men that claim to keep the law of Moses? You you who have received the law through angels but have not obeyed it! You're all just like our ancestors.
Was there ever a prophet they didn't persecute?! Enough! What is the cause of this? The unjust punishment of righteous men.
Hush your tongue.
The sentence was levied under the eyes of God in his house.
Oh, you mean this temple? Do you really believe that God would confine himself to a house built by men, when he made all of creation?! Oh, you be careful.
You're alone in here.
And didn't Jesus say, "I will tear down this temple and rebuild it in three days" before he rose from the death you condemned him to?! Silence him.
Shut him up.
Look here with me! I see the heavens open and Christ standing at the right hand of God! Aah! Aah! Kill the blasphemer! Kill him! Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.
Do not hold this sin against them.