A Gentleman in Moscow (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

The Fall

[OSIP] You must never leave this hotel.
If you do, I'll be waiting.
[OLGA] You can't have been
much older when I found you.
[OSIP] We all do what's
necessary to survive,
so our loved ones survive.
[SOFIA] Will she ever come?
[COUNT] I don't know,
but until she does,
you'll stay here with me.
Even forever?

[COUNT] Now, don't worry if
it takes time to make friends.
Don't try too hard, but
don't be aloof either.
Don't be aloof. Got it.
Just let your natural charm
come to the fore, understand?
Yes, yes, I know, Papa.
- Don't worry. She'll be fine.
- I'm not worried.
What have I got to be worried about?
And don't forget to have fun.
She didn't even look back.

[COUNT] Ah, there you are.
Papa, you really don't
need to wait for me anymore.
Nevertheless, I shall
do so all the same.
Did you get lost on your way home?
Did they close down all the roads?
- We're not doing this.
- Doing what?
I was with my friends. Talking, walking.
Oh. More the former than the
More the former than the latter.
You're so predictable, Papa.
Do you have any time for afternoon tea?
Sorry, I have homework.
All right, then I shall let you
be on your way.
[VASILY] At our age, it
all goes by so quickly.
Don't suppose you've heard from Anna.
I would've thought
Olga would've been able
to fill you in on her movements.
She's not speaking to me. [LAUGHING]
I think I did something rather rash.
I was hoping you might
be able to advise me.
Stand back.
Clever. It's very clever.
Yes, isn't it beautiful?
You see, this, this is why
America never had a revolution.
Get me back to my wife and kids.
They're all brainwashed into
believing the American dream.
Traditionally, the merits of a film
are discussed when it's finished.
And for the price of a nickel,
the people are indoctrinated
into the lie if they're
good little citizens
If they just stay in their place,
they'll be rewarded for their hard work
and kindness.
Oh, is that such a terrible idea?
It's a lie to maintain the status quo.
Oh, here we go.
Ten years,
America's Depression lasted ten years.
The proletariat were left
to fend for themselves.
Did they take up arms? No.
No. No, they shuffled to
the nearest movie house,
where the latest fantasy
was dangled before them
like a pocket watch
on the end of a chain.
Yay! Hello, Bedford Falls.
Merry Christmas!
- [WOMAN] Merry Christmas.
- [MAN] Merry Christmas, George.
[MAN 2] Merry Christmas, George.
[GEORGE] Merry Christmas, movie house!
Merry Christmas, Emporium!
All the people he touched along the way.
[GEORGE] Building and Loan!
[COUNT] Makes us think
about our own lives.
The things we've done.
What the world would've been
like if we hadn't been in it.
[MAN] Happy new year to you.
Turn it off.
[COUNT] Well, it's nearly finished.
I choose next time.
Mary! Mary!
Well, hello, Mr. Bank Examiner.
- Good morning.
- [BOTH] Morning.
You're no doubt aware of
the incident this morning
in the third floor corridor.
No, no, no, I don't believe so.
It appears two geese
have escaped from a cage
in the pantry of the Boyarsky.
Or they were released.
Do you think Emile might've
had something to do with it?
N-No. I don't.
Two animals are now on the
loose somewhere in the hotel.
- Running amok.
Does this amuse you?
Absolutely not.
If I see either of them,
I will report it immediately.
So you know nothing about this.
Well, how would I?
These antics suggest
a certain childishness
and a knowledge of the
service areas of the hotel.
Did Sofia pay a visit to
the kitchens this morning?
Well, how could that have been?
I saw her off to school
this morning, as usual.
Of course.
Well, if that's all.
This hotel's reputation
is my reputation.
I won't have it tarnished by anyone.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Good grief. [GRUNTS]
All that walking, my ankles
have grown ankles on them.
I thought for a moment
I'd be taking tea alone.
Oh, well, the Metro was down again.
Ah, gin spritz. Hmm.
Heavy on the gin, light
on the spritz. Perfect.
Yes, well, Vasily insists on it.
Although, I have to admit it's useful
for swatting children out of my way.
Oh, it's sweet he wants
to take care of you.
No, he wants me to look old,
so that other men won't be interested.
Last night, silly fool proposed.
- He proposed?
- [OLGA] Mm. He was drunk.
Well, at least I assume he must've been.
[ANNA] You didn't accept?
Well, he'd want me to move
in with him permanently,
and where would that leave us?
How's our girl doing?
A natural, apparently.
[COUNT] What on earth?
- What is the meaning of this?
- [ANNA] Oh, no.
[SOFIA] Papa.
Sofia, go to your room.
This gentleman and I
have matters to discuss.
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
No, no, no, no, I
understand perfectly well
- what's going on here.
- [SOFIA] You don't.
Viktor's teaching me piano.
Well, that's what they all say.
It's the oldest trick
in the book, isn't it?
Alexander, you're making
a fool of yourself.
I can promise you, sir, hand on heart,
Sofia and I have been
playing scales and sonatas.
Scales and sonatas?
Papa. [SIGHS]
Do you see what I mean about him now?
- Sofia!
- Just leave her be.
I'm not finished with you. Sofia.
Apologies, Viktor. [CHUCKLES]
Old age is getting the better of him.
Young lady, stop.
I apologize
if I might have misconstrued
what was happening.
Might have?
Viktor isn't even my type.
You have a type?
You completely humiliated me in there.
Viktor might not even speak to me again,
let alone teach me a lesson.
Why didn't you tell me you
were learning the piano?
It was supposed to be a surprise
for your birthday,
but you ruined it.
And when did you get back?
The tour was cut short.
Not a moment too soon,
by the look of it.
She says she has a type.
Yes, I believe she's
rather fond of Gene Kelly.
But how?
Surely you understand that
she's becoming a young woman.
Yes, of course. It's not that, but
it's just, nobody told me.
What, that children grow?
Yes. No. I
I don't know. I had no idea
you were talking to
her about any of this.
All what?
Being a woman.
You know I've always cared for Sofia
and been there for her
whenever she needed it.
Until such times as you're not.
And what exactly does that mean?
Well, you're here, then you're there.
You're here for a month
and then off on tour again.
Excuse me?
I'm her day-to-day guardian.
It's up to me to keep her safe.
It's up to Sofia to keep herself safe,
and she's never going to learn how
if you keep feeling
the need to protect her.
Well, I don't know that
it's any of your business.
Since the moment she
arrived in this hotel,
I've been a part of Sofia's life.
And you have absolutely
no appreciation for
the strings I've had to pull,
for the sacrifices I've had to make,
not just for her, but
I think you should leave.
No. Look
I'd like you to go.
I'm so sorry.

Alexander, something happened.
- [COUNT] What is it?
- Sofia.
- Where is she?
- Here.
Oh, my God! Oh my God.
- [ANDREY] How is she?
- Alexander!
We've called for a doctor.
She won't wake up.
[COUNT] No, no, no. She
needs to go to a hospital.
Help me get her up.
[MARINA] Wait, where are you going?
[ANDREY] Alexander, you can't.
The doctor will come here. Alexander!
[COUNT] I've got you, my darling.
Get the door.
[ANDREY] Alexander, no.
Stop! Stop!
take me to the hospital.
St. Anselm's.
Please, be quick.
[VASILY] Alexander, wait!

Quickly, please.
[DRIVER] I'm going as
fast as I can, comrade.
It's all right.
It's going to be all right. Papa's here.
Please, as fast as you can.
- Yes?
Excuse me. Uh
There's been an accident.
Sofia's been in an accident.
Where is she? Take me to her.
She's not in the hotel.
Alexander took her to St. Anselm's.
Alexander took her?
He-he left the hotel?
I have to go to the hospital.
I have to be with them.
No, no, no. You need to stay here.
People will recognize you.
I will go.
Make sure Sofia's all right.
Thank you.
How many people saw?
He carried her out
the front of the hotel.
It was late, so not many guests,
but the staff
How many?
I think there are at
least a dozen witnesses.
Including Manager Leplevsky.
Leplevsky? Yes, um
Manager Leplevsky, at your service.
Captain Abashev, I presume?
We spoke on the phone.
When did Rostov leave?
An hour ago.
His daughter was injured.
He left in a taxi, I presume to
take her to a hospital.
Which hospital?
Oh, uh, I don't know,
but he-he was carrying her.
She was definitely injured.
Search all the hospitals.
Post men on all hotel
entrances and exits.
Show me to his quarters.

Thank you.
Come on.
Oh. Sorry.
I need some help.
I need some help! My My
Sorry. Please. Please, help me.
My daughter's hurt.
My daughter needs some help.
Please Will you look at her, please?!
What happened?
She fell. She's hurt her head.
I need I need a
doctor to look at her.
[NURSE] I'm sorry,
there's no one available.
- You'll just have to wait.
- There must be somebody
to look at her. Please!
Somebody must look at her.
Okay. Wait over here.
Yes. Of course.
Stay here with me.
Someone's going to come and help us.
Someone's going to come.
A-As you can see, neither
bed has been slept in.
Yes. Um
were there any other witnesses?
Well, myself.
There were several members of staff.
Round them up.
[ANNA] I don't ask any of
you to do this lightly,
and I'll understand if
you want no part of it.
Alexander would, too.
But you are his only hope,
and it will need all of you.
I don't care what you do to me,
but, please, please, help my daughter.
Come with me.
Come on, darling.
Come here, my love.
Uh, lay her on there, please.
Who is he?
[OSIP] He's the finest
surgeon in all of Moscow.
He's going to take care of Sofia.
All right.
[SURGEON] How far did she fall?
How far?
Twenty feet, maybe 25.
Her skull is certainly fractured.
Most probably there's
a cerebral hematoma.
What does that mean?
W-What are you saying?
She's suffered a bleed to the brain.
This is a very serious injury.
There's only so much I can do.
Or any other doctor, for that matter.
Then do it, and do it well.
We need to operate immediately
to reduce the pressure.
Darling. It's all right, sweetie.
[SURGEON] Uh, you'll
have to wait outside.
No, I'm staying with her.
No, I won't be blamed if his presence
causes an infection.
[OSIP] He's right.
All right. I love
you. I love you, Sofia.
You need to leave.
No, I ca I can't go
until I know that Sofia's all right.
My men will be here in 15 minutes.
You need to leave now.
[STAMMERS] I can't go back.
It will reflect very poorly on me
if I'm found to have helped a fugitive.
Well, I understand your
predicament, and I am sorry.
Well, it's not my
situation I'm worried about.
I have a wife to consider.
And a daughter.
So you know why I can't leave
until I know that she's safe.

[BISHOP] Tell the captain
everything you know.
Well, uh, where to start?
Uh, I was born in the Caucasus.
The last time I saw him,
he was in the Boyarsky kitchen,
arguing with my husband.
He told me, Chef Zhukovsky,
that I should use lemon
instead of vinegar for my Borscht.
You would do well remembering
who you're talking to.
Gang of clowns.
For anyone wanting to
get into the hotel trade,
it's very understanding that
you understand the business
Borscht is served with vinegar
He and Andrey have been
known to sneak down there.
- [MARIAN] Have you checked
the wine cellar?
If, if we could just stay
on the matter at hand.
[ALL] Alexander?
- He would never.
- No. Never.
Captain, might I speak with you, please?
It concerns the man
you're searching for.
Um, I, um
yes, fine.
Over a drink, perhaps?
This is a delicate matter,
and I'd appreciate your utmost
discretion in this.
But Alexander Rostov did not
leave the hotel last night.
How can you be so certain?
Because he was with me.
All night.
I'm loath to admit it.
I understand he's an enemy of the state.
Perhaps that's what
makes it so exciting.
Don't you find it's the
dreadfully wrong things
that feel so incredibly right?
I must agree with you, um, mm-hmm
Oh, oh, no. No.
It's a family heirloom.
Whose family?
I know someone like me shouldn't
associate with such people,
but, um he is an amusing diversion.
Someone like you?
Forgive me, [CHUCKLING] but I, um
I have no idea who you are.
Well, I'm
I'm Anna Urbanova.
Yes, so you said.
See, I know your name,
because I wrote it down.
I just, um, don't quite understand
who you are, and why it's so important.
Alexei Nachevko, the,
uh, Minister for Culture.
He's a friend of mine.
You should call him, he knows who I am.
Citizen Nachevko, yes, he used to be
the Culture Minister. Mm-hmm.
Anyone else I should call?
Oh, Nachevko's gone?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
Oh, yes. Permanently.
What time did you say
that Rostov came to your quarters?
I didn't.
After his shift.
Um, 10:00, 10:30.
Around 10:30.
You know,
I have to ask.
And forgive me if it
sounds like I'm doubting
your version of events, but
if what you say is true,
then where is Rostov now?
I couldn't tell you.
I think you're lying.
I think Rostov left the hotel
just as the manager described.
And if you are found
to be aiding and abetting
a fugitive of the state
then you'll be sent to Siberia.
I'm going to give you
one last chance.
Alexander was with me all night.
Then we shall check your room together.
My room?
You can show me everything.
Where you undressed.
Where he took you.
Show me something,
and I might
give you something in return.
No one took,
or is taking anything.
We'll see.
Don't let her out of your sight.


I've searched this floor already.
You, you. Check the basement.
You, you.
You start at the top,
work your way down.
My men are here. It's time.
You have to leave.
[PANTING] I don't think I can.
If I am forced to give one
of us up, it will be you.
You're no good to your daughter dead.
Sofia will be punished, too.
Why? She's done nothing wrong.
She's your family. It's what we do.
How will I know what's happened to her?
When you see me, you will know.
Now go back to the hotel.
I've made arrangements.
A van is waiting for you.
Red Star Bakery.
All right.

You'll go that way.
- Metal doors at the end.
- All right.
You. You, come with me.
Basement now.

[CLEARS THROAT] Metropol Hotel.
I understand, comrade.
Those rooms are en suite, yes.
I'll see to it immediately.

My men have completed
their sweep of the hotel.
And, uh, there's no sign of him.
Then we wait.
Bread delivery's just arrived.
It came over an hour ago.

[OSIP] Captain Abashev.
Have you got him? Where's Rostov?
Uh, my men were searching
the hotel from top to bottom.
We also have soldiers on every door.
There is no way for
him to get back inside.
I told the captain exactly
what happened last night.
And I witnessed him leaving.
So, whatever anyone says,
Alexander Rostov is not in this hotel.
Good morning, Vasily. Do
you have today's paper?
Thank you.
How did you get there?
A very interesting question.
Well, if you insist
I opened the door, I
climbed aboard the elevator,
pressed the button, and voilà.
[CHUCKLES] I, uh, I-I can assure you,
he was not in his quarters.
Where were you?
A gentleman would never tell.
As I explained.
I was told Rostov had left the hotel.
And you
You said you saw him leave?
A-As he was leaving. Yes.
Did you see his face?
It was definitely him.
[ABASHEV] My apologies.
It appears that you've wasted
your time, Commander Glebnikov.
A word.

[GROANS] Papa?
Don't-don't try to get
up. Don't try to get up.
You're in hospital.
You've had a fall.
- I don't remember.
- Oh, no.
Who brought me here?
Don't worry. He's safe.
He's back in the hotel now.
You're safe.
He's never gonna let
me do anything again.
You gave us all quite the scare.
You just rest.
Leave your Papa to me.

[ANNA] Olga's called me from hospital.
- She's awake and talking.
- Oh, God!
Thank God.
She's afraid you'll never let
her out of your sight again.
She's right. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you.
I don't know exactly what it
is that you did, but thank you.
Well, it wasn't just me.
Everyone played a part.
They all did it for you.
I'm sorry
if I ever gave you any reason to feel
that I-I didn't appreciate
you enough in the past.
Didn't appreciate you enough.
That it was hard not
being able to go anywhere,
while you gallivant around the country.
The tour wasn't cancelled.
I came back, because
for some absurd reason,
I missed you both.
Ever since I left home as a child, I
I found the idea of staying
in one place terrifying.
Until now.
I miss you.
But it doesn't have to be that way.
[STAMMERS] You could
stay here in Moscow.
You could You could move in with me.
Goodness no.
I'll take a suite in
the hotel. [SNIFFLES]

- Sofia
- Papa.
Oh! My darling girl.
- Papa. Papa, you're crushing me.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
[OLGA] You're sure
this is what you want?
It's what I want for you.
I will never forget the
years we've spent together.
You've been my mentor, my mother.
You've been a pain in
my backside. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, go on. Put him out of his misery.
[OLGA] Vasily
I accept.


[NARRATOR] Olga and Vasily spent
five happy years together
before old age took
our beloved Olga from us.
She had been like a grandmother to me.
The Metropol staff were my family.
It was the last time I
remember us all being together.
Happy birthday.

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