A Gifted Man s01e05 Episode Script

In Case of Loss of Control

Eye on the ball, Michael.
All the way to the racquet.
Good, good.
Racquet up.
Racquet up.
Come on, uppercuts.
Jab, jab, jab, jab, jab! Focus, Michael.
Okay, Michael, just let your mind go blank.
Climb as fast as you can.
It's a perfect day And it's taking its toll It's a perfect day to waste away, a perfect plot to play Great, Michael.
I'll take it.
Just another perfect day But before you know, it's gone.
So how'd I do, Ed? Did you really come to me just because you placed third in the Miami Triathlon? I placed second last year.
Dropped two brackets in my pro-am tennis tournament.
So what's the deal? Why am I slipping? Well, it's definitely not your form.
Our first session showed that it's kinetically excellent.
Second session showed that your muscle function, glucose conversion and your O2 consumption are at their peak.
Okay, so what's my problem? You're scared.
Excuse me? Today, I'm seeing a split-second of hesitation at the moment of commitment.
Some type of emotional block.
Is that why the other docs call you E-Mo? Go straight for the touchy-feely? Well, I'm double-boarded.
Psychiatry and neurology.
Well, I don't do couches.
Well, fear is what's stopping you, Michael.
I stick my hands inside people's skulls all day and never blink.
Well, in your personal life.
I'm okay there, too.
Maybe it's something you haven't faced yet, a part of your past coming back to haunt you.
You're a real pain in the ass, aren't you? I can be.
So how'd you like to consult for Holt Neuro? Took you long enough to ask.
Well, I'm looking for a new neuroshrink.
You've worked for the Giants, Jets, three Olympic teams.
Maybe it's time you step up your game.
I can come by later.
Do that.
We'll chat.
Hey, Michael.
You never did tell me what you were scared of.
I'm not your patient, E-Mo.
I'm so proud of you for seeing a psychiatrist.
You're starting to open up.
I'm so proud of you for Finally, a perk to being dead Please talk to me.
Michael, don't ignore me.
Can you really not see me anymore? Michael, please.
Yes, I can see you.
Oh, thank God I'm not crazy.
Wish I could say the same thing.
Don't do that again.
You are my only contact to the living.
Do you mind? I have to shower.
We were married; I've seen you naked.
Now, about that fear that your shrink was talking about He's a sports medicine doctor.
And why are you eavesdropping? You know I still can't control when I show up.
Do you want to know what I think you're afraid of? Do I have a choice? I think you're afraid of ghosts.
Well, I'm not afraid of them.
I don't believe in them.
I think you like your life when it's nice and neat and predictable, and the moment that something you can't control shows up, you get spooked.
You know, when you're done, can we talk about your faults? 'Cause I have a list, too.
Don't believe me, ask your new shrink.
He is not my shrink and I'm not afraid! Who are you yelling at? Sorry.
Just thinking out loud.
Well, you're looking chipper.
Did we top our personal best? We offered the guy a job.
Oh, to, uh, work here? You think the clinic could afford him? Ed Morris, New York's best neuropsychiatrist? He goes by the name E-Mo.
Speaking of doctors the Clinica can't afford, you're due there for a few hours today.
You also have a vertebroplasty, a translateral interbody fusion, and in your office right now is an emergency consult Monica Lee, 17, a senior at Riddington Prep.
What's wrong with her? Her dad asked the same question.
Apparently, Monica had some sort of spell at school yesterday.
Surprise! So this happened yesterday? Make a wish, beautiful.
Yeah, make a good one, like "I actually graduate.
" Monica, you okay? I think she's ignoring you.
No, something's wrong.
Monica? Say something! Someone go get the nurse.
Well, that must've scared you.
Yeah, freaked my friends out, too.
Not enough to keep one of them from putting it on the Internet.
Dad, it's no big deal.
Tell me what happened, Monica.
I don't really know.
I felt fine all morning, and then at school, my friends surprised me, and all of a sudden I couldn't move.
Any headache? No pain at all.
I just went blank and then passed out for a minute.
Dad's acting like I'm gonna die or something.
PJ said you were out for three minutes and no one could wake you up.
I'm fine now.
Well, it appears what you had was a mild seizure.
Oh, my God.
But I wasn't shaking.
It's called an absence seizure.
The brain momentarily freezes and the ability to speak gets interrupted often triggered by a bright or pulsating light.
Like the sparklers? That's right.
Video games can do it, too.
Sometimes just watching TV.
Every time I turn around, she's watching TV, on her computer, texting with her friends.
Can you help her? Well, first I want to confirm the diagnosis by doing an electroencephalogram.
Will that hurt? Only because you can't text during it.
Come on, let's get you to Diagnostic.
Uh Monica? My arm feels weird.
It's tingly.
Okay, right or left? Monica, talk to me.
What's going on? Monica, can you hear me? Are you in pain? What the hell is happening here?! Time to find out.
How you feeling, Monica? Not so good.
Was it another absence seizure? Well, this time you had the arm numbness and the head pain, but no bright light to trigger it.
So I'm thinking it's what's called a transient ischemic attack.
What's that? It's a ministroke.
It's when the oxygen to the brain is cut off briefly without any lasting effect.
But clearly they're getting worse.
Well, TIA can be a warning sign for a more serious stroke.
But I'm too young to have a stroke.
Well, that's why I'm keeping you here now.
There are a number of things that can cause TIAs, like using cocaine or methamphetamines.
Both can constrict the arteries in your brain.
I don't do drugs.
Any family history of clotting disorders or early strokes? Um, Monica's mother died of lupus a year and a half ago.
Well, autoimmune diseases can also be a trigger for clots.
We'll run a rheumatology panel and see if lupus is the culprit.
And, um, what if it is? Dad, you always think the worst.
I'm just worried about you.
If it's lupus, we'll treat it with medication.
Just try to relax.
Both of you.
Answer it.
Too early for visitors? Seems a gaggle of Ms.
Lee's friends have invaded our lobby with balloons and ice cream.
Did you text them to come here? Maybe.
All right, Monica can have visitors, but only for a minute.
Then have a nurse take her for an MRI and run a sed rate and an ANA.
Will do.
I'm serious.
One minute.
Thank you, Dr.
Holt? About Monica's drug use She's done drugs before.
I saw the way you looked at her.
Well, it was last year, after her mother died.
I noticed she was staying up all night, talking real fast.
So I did one of those home drug tests on hair from her pillow.
Found cocaine.
Did you confront her? And she admitted it.
Said the past year of losing her mom was just so hard.
And she promised she'd never do it again.
I'll test her blood.
Holt, Monica is a brilliant cellist.
She wanted to go to Vassar on a music scholarship, just like her mom, then a few months ago, she just stopped playing.
Bombed on her SATs.
And then last month, she broke up with her boyfriend.
Hey, Mr.
Hello, PJ.
I-I know Monica thinks I'm way too controlling.
I don't know what's gotten into her.
I'll let you know the results of her tox screen.
PJ, can you leave? I just want to make sure you're okay, Monica.
We're all really worried about you.
Okay, I'm fine, really.
Monica, it's okay.
Let PJ stay.
Dad, I told him not to come and he came anyway.
Just get him out of here.
I just want to see you.
Can you tell him to leave? You don't want to stay and referee? I believe the Clinica needs me.
Missed you last week.
Hey, Anton.
You were on tour, right? Kate said you're, um, you're in a band.
The Credible Hulk Man.
You've probably illegally downloaded all our stuff.
Hard to quit when you're on tour, huh? Crowded vans, loud bars.
Who says I want to quit? A spirit flies freer when we make free choices.
My spirit's afraid of heights.
Zeke, there are ways to stop your addiction.
Herbal tinctures, meditation.
Sometimes even substituting a stalk of celery can work.
But how do you light it? Good work.
First step's the hardest.
I got a patient.
I'm Dr.
Looks like your boy's not feeling too well.
Yeah, Davíd's been throwing up all morning, and he has diarrhea, too.
Well, let's get him inside.
When did you start throwing up, Davíd? After I got out of bed.
He couldn't even eat breakfast.
So it was just dry heaving? No, I'm pretty sure I saw some Halloween candy, too.
Even though I told him to throw the rest of his out the other day.
I did.
I swear! Then why am I here instead of work? Huh? Deep breath.
And out.
Give me one more.
Buddy, did you eat too much candy last night? Maybe you also stayed up too late watching that monster movie marathon on channel two.
Your shirt gives you away.
I stayed up last night eating candy.
Davíd! You do get props for being a werewolf man, though.
Yeah, 'cause vampires are stupid.
A few hours of IV fluids for the dehydration and he should be ready to rock and roll.
I got to to go to the bathroom.
You have to throw up? No, the other way.
Come on, I'll show you where it is.
Holt, another day, another dollar.
Only if you mean I'm losing one.
Getting ambitious there, Little Creek? I thought the car only wrecked into the lobby.
Well, Clinica's expanding, Brother Mike.
Since when? Since someone got $100,000 from the Alarcón Foundation.
Unrestricted grant.
Can spend it however we want.
With all those ER's closing, got to be ready for sicker patients.
She already rented the storefront next door, put down payments on an ultrasound and X-ray machine.
Told me to start building a trauma room, and critical care bays.
Kate express is rolling, fellas.
Get on board or get your ass run over.
You did not just say that.
Did she just say that? Zeke, how's your patient? Barfy, but recovering.
Something's wrong with David.
Where is he? Locked in the bathroom.
I went to see how he was and he didn't answer.
David, everything okay in there? Baby, are you sick? Open it.
Find the key, Zeke.
I'm trying.
Davíd?! You know what, Anton can fix the door.
He's got a weak pulse.
But why? Well, buddy, you gave us a pretty good scare in there.
Are you okay? My stomach hurts.
Davíd, I'm Dr.
You remember falling down in the bathroom? Uh-uh.
There are no bumps or bruises or cuts.
He didn't hit his head.
How did he present? Dehydrated from diarrhea and vomiting.
Look at this.
You know, I did see some blood in the toilet.
Me, too.
Then everything went dark.
I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier.
He was up all last night eating leftover Halloween candy.
Maybe something was tampered with.
Davíd, did any of the candy you ate last night taste weird or feel weird in your mouth? Uh-uh.
He needs an X-ray of his stomach to make sure he didn't swallow anything that damaged his insides.
And that, my friend, means you get to take a ride in an ambulance to the hospital with lights and sirens and the whole shebang.
If I swallowed something bad, is that why there was blood in the toilet before? Before when? Earlier this week? A month ago when I was sick.
Did you know this? No.
I thought he had the flu.
I kept him from school for a couple of days.
Honey, why didn't you tell me about the blood then? I was embarrassed.
So probably it wasn't the flu or candy.
More like food poisoning undercooked meat, unsanitary food preparation.
No, no, no, my kitchen is clean.
Do you ever go out to eat or give him fast food? Well, sometimes when my mom works late, I'll buy a taco or some fruit from the stand on the corner.
We have a winner.
Okay, start an antibiotic for the diarrhea.
I'll run a stool sample for salmonella, shigella, cryptosporidium, the usual suspects.
Here, knock yourself out.
That's all you.
I'm going to take it to the lab.
E-Mo, welcome to Holt Neuro.
I see you've met my lovely assistant.
Yes, and, uh, got some juicy stories.
A gift for our lab.
Always so thoughtful.
And one for you.
Thank you.
Monica Lee's labs and images.
We'll continue this later.
What do you got? female with TIAs.
You start her on aspirin? Yeah, 325 milligrams.
Question is, why's she clotting? Tox screen is clean for cocaine and her labs are negative for lupus even though her mom died from it.
She's all yours, Patient Room A.
I'm pinch-hitting already? Well, something's going on that's making it difficult to get to the neuro problem.
She's wound too tight.
Dad's a control freak.
So you want me to get in, root through the neuroses, find the answer and you take all the credit.
Think of it as a tryout.
I don't have lupus? The rheumatology panel that Dr.
Holt ran came back negative.
As did all other tests.
Can you feel this? Yeah.
Thank God.
Monica, put that down.
I can't tell people the good news? After we talk to the doctor.
Morris, if she doesn't have lupus, then what's causing her TIAs? There could be other factors putting your daughter at risk.
Smoking for one.
Monica doesn't smoke.
Right, honey? What did I say? Don't take my phone.
You're lucky I don't throw it out the window.
Now, the doctor wants to know if you smoke.
Well, there could be other behaviors causing this.
Some of them are personal.
Would you like your father to leave the room now? Why would I leave? She's a minor.
Sexual matters are considered private, even for minors.
He can stay.
So, I've got to ask, are you sexually active? I don't even have a boyfriend.
You did until you broke up with PJ.
That's why I broke up with him.
Because he wanted to.
He did? Dad, get real.
So you're not sexually active with anyone else? No.
Her mother and I raised her to wait.
How was your first patient? She's a pretty good liar.
You're going to want to test her blood levels for estrogen and progesterone.
Birth control hormones? Yeah.
The pills might put her at risk for blood clots a TIA and even a full-blown stroke, especially if she's smoking.
How'd you figure it out? Did you see her getting texts every five seconds? Diagnosis: 17-year-old girl.
Mm-hmm, but did you see her send a text? I don't remember.
Well, I did.
Her face was flushed, pupils dilated.
She's involved with someone.
Even though she says she doesn't have a boyfriend.
Results for that gift you gave me.
Your food poisoning patient, David? E-Mo, Rita will show you how to order more bloodwork on Monica.
I've got to go call my other job.
What other job? Don't ask.
I swear, I'm trying to quit.
Not before I borrow your lighter.
Oh, excuse me.
Hey, I found out what's making David sick.
It's E coli 0157.
That's not good.
I better double-cover him with another antibiotic in case it's spreading to his blood.
You stock ceftriaxone? That one we do have.
Thank you.
What's not good? Is it Davíd? It's just a little bump on the road to recovery.
Please, make him well.
He's all I have in this world, okay? He'll be fine.
We're just gonna give him a little bit more medicine to make sure, okay? Hold it, Renata! What the hell are you doing? Immigration.
Back up.
Renata's coming with me.
Her name is Corina.
Her name is Renata Ruiz, from El Salvador.
ICE hit the factory she works in this morning.
She's so important you had to track her down? Illegals stop coming when you make an example of 'em.
Workers and their families.
Wh-where's Davíd? No, he's not with me.
You told your boss you're going to be late because Davíd was sick and you were bringing him here.
No, I'm sick.
I'm sick.
I didn't want Mr.
Reyes to know.
Davíd is in school.
- He didn't come with me.
- She telling the truth, Doc? Yes, she came here alone.
For a bronchial infection.
And we really need to get her back inside.
That's right, sir, you can't take this woman, she needs treatment.
Jailhouse doc will see her before we put her on a plane.
Let's go.
What the hell do we do? Mom's been deported, kid's left behind.
And E coli making him sick.
Then he needs to be in a hospital.
Can't take him to County, not with ICE hot on his heels.
You brought him here? I know, he's uninsured.
I'm just thinking, you know, he passed out earlier, maybe he does need a neuro workup.
Zeke, I'm not some golden ticket you can cash in whenever you want.
I tried taking him to County.
They were full up.
I was gonna load him with antibiotics, send him home with his mom, but she's working tonight.
Look, if I'm lyin' I'm dyin', this kid needs to be here.
As long as you send him to County the moment a bed opens up.
You know, dude, if you weren't an uptight surgeon, we could be friends.
Zeke? Hi, buddy, what's wrong? Can't breathe.
I'm hearing diffuse crackles.
Fluid in his lungs? That's flash pulmonary edema.
It'll drown him if we don't treat him.
Come on, follow me.
SUX is in.
Why's a kid with food poisoning suddenly got lungs full of fluid? Let's solve it after we get him breathing again.
Central line in? And flushes easily.
Nitroglycerin drip at 0.
1 micrograms per kilogram per minute.
Somebody re-page the respiratory therapist.
Says he'll be here in five.
Can't wait.
I'll have to intubate him.
Here I go.
Epiglottis is in view, but I can't see the cords.
Where's my anesthesiologist? Dr.
Lantz went off duty an hour ago already paged him.
Houston, we have a problem.
Yeah, I haven't intubated anyone since residency.
No, I mean this kid's got bruising all over his belly.
? Could be getting septic from the E coli.
Let's have dopamine standing by.
Zeke, gimme some cricoid pressure.
Pulse ox down to 78%.
Still can't see the cords.
He's suffocating.
We got to bag him.
Lot of resistance.
And his sats aren't coming up.
I need the GlideScope.
GlideScope? Never used one of those.
And you wonder why I complain when I'm at the Clinica.
Come on.
There's his cords.
Intertracheal tube.
Down the hatch.
I'm in.
Inflate the balloon.
O2 sats coming up.
Kid's out of the woods.
Now aren't you glad you let him stay? I will be, when we figure out what made him crash.
Platelets are low, and CBC shows elevated shistocytes, which damaged his kidneys.
Explains the bruising, and why his lungs filled up with fluid.
It was all caused by the E coli.
Hemolytic uremic syndrome.
He'll need to go on dialysis.
- We can do that here.
- Well, it's not going to be enough.
I'll get Doppler ultrasounds, check his urine electrolytes, and resend the CMP, but I guarantee you, - the kid's gonna need a kidney transplant.
- Damn it.
Well, at least there's a good chance his mom's a match.
Or? We'll put him on the list.
Right? Right.
Thanks for your help, Michael.
Talk to you tomorrow.
So did you prove your theory with Monica's bloodwork? Exactly what I thought it was.
You think I'm on the pill? We know you are.
Just like you knew before, and didn't say anything.
Whatever test you did is wrong.
Suppressed levels of endogenous estrogen is a reliable marker of someone taking oral contraceptives.
But I'm not.
Okay, fine.
You can lie to us all day long.
But you see this girl right here? She's going to die if you keep lying to her.
Listen to me.
You're a beautiful girl.
You deserve to live a long and happy life.
But you're the only one that can make that happen, by telling us the truth about being on birth control pills.
Yes, I've been taking them.
Yeah, well, not anymore.
You lie about these, too? Smoking cigarettes and taking birth control pills is what landed you in here with blood clots.
You're on birth control pills? PJ, what are you doing here? Rita.
Get him out of here.
- You slept with someone? - Come on.
- Let's go.
- You always said you loved me! Get out! Monica, please! Everybody get out! Young man, you need to leave.
Let me talk to her! Okay.
You got to leave.
Let me talk to her, just for a minute! Please! I love her! Okay, okay, that's fine.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Now's not the time, okay? You need to go home.
Crazy thing is, he'll be in love with some other girl by the end of the semester.
We'd better contact the doctor who gave her those, so this doesn't happen again.
"Clinica Sanad" What is that? Clinica Sanando.
It's a free clinic not too far from here.
You know it? It's my other job.
So your patient got the pills here.
Which one of your docs prescribed them? Doctor Anna did.
Girl must've lied to her about smoking.
Or Monica was never here.
This prescription is for Marisa Hernandez.
Looks like your patient was popping someone else's pills.
Time to lower the boom.
Excuse me.
It's Michael.
Yeah, you need to have another little conversation with Monica Lee.
Well, turns out it wasn't even her prescription.
Somebody named Marisa Hernandez Did you tell him? No.
I didn't get the chance.
We gotta tell him.
I know.
Let me know what she says.
So what's the plan with the kidney kid? His mom a match to donate? Michael, this is my fault.
I asked Zeke to withhold something from you.
No, you didn't, it was my idea.
Somebody care to clue me in? Davíd's undocumented.
And his mom was grabbed by Immigration.
And you knew this last night? That's why he couldn't go to County.
Oh, so your solution was to lie to my face.
Dude, I didn't know he was going to crash and need a kidney transplant.
Have I not gone out of my way to help this place? Ignored my own patients? I hired you, Kate, remember that! I I know.
I know, and I'm sorry.
And it really it really was all my idea.
No, it wasn't.
I came up with the lying part.
Oh, so it took both of you to hatch this brilliant plan.
What's next? You gonna you gonna knock over my pharmacy? Come on.
You think he'd really get a new kidney if ICE kicks this kid back to El Salvador? Right.
We really do need to help Davíd.
Oh, God.
Not me.
No, I'm done.
I am done with this place.
You'd really toss him out of there? I trusted you, Zeke! I trusted both of you.
I know.
Look, Michael, I really, I am so I'm sorry.
Please don't let Davíd suffer because of what I did.
I if the mom's a match, I'll pay for the transplant.
What? Aw, Kate, come on.
Even if he was a citizen, a transplant's $100,00.
My grant is unrestricted.
I can use it however I want.
And not have a dime left over? Davíd's life isn't worth it? That's ridiculous.
What about your other patients here, what about the new trauma room? I'll find a way to pay for that.
Somehow, some way.
But like I said, right? Get on board, or get your ass run over.
God, that again.
How long is she gonna keep saying that? Till we get it through our thick skulls, I guess.
Yeah, mine's too thick.
I could do five years and lose my license for harboring that kid.
I want him out of Holt Neuro within the hour.
Michael! What's wrong? Those two are liars.
Is that how you train your people to practice family medicine? Is that how you practiced it? You hired Kate.
Yeah, after your boyfriend recommended her.
Yes, I am completely crazy.
Talk to me.
What happened? Oh got tricked into hiding an illegal boy who needs a kidney transplant, Zeke and Kate have put my whole practice at risk.
That's just one of the many reasons I have to be mad.
No one should have lied to you.
That's right.
They shouldn't have.
I'll remember that when the Feds are carting me off.
Oh, you're not scared of that.
You didn't know he was illegal, so your practice isn't at risk.
But you are afraid of something, Michael.
Here we go.
Fear doesn't have to be the end of the world.
Take it from me.
I was as scared of death as anyone, but hey, look at me now.
And whatever Kate and Zeke did, that boy is twice as scared as you are.
You don't think I know that? - Really? - Oh, so you would have taken him in, if you'd known he was illegal? And deathly sick? Hey, Rita, what's up? All right, just stall him as long as you can.
What's going on? Exactly what I was afraid of.
You're not going anywhere till I'm done reading this.
So go back to Reception.
We got magazines.
Ma'am, you'll move, or I'll move you.
Please, lay a finger on me.
I haven't coldcocked anyone this week.
Rita? I got this.
Your lucky day.
It's time to go.
This is private property.
And here's my key to your kingdom.
I'm taking the boy.
You take Davíd off dialysis, he'll die.
Docs at the ICE infirmary said I can get him there safely.
Just like they said Mom didn't have a bronchial infection.
Which is why I went back to your clinic to talk to the security guard.
Nice guy.
Said he helped you put a kid in your car last night to bring here.
Which is exactly where he's going to stay.
Sir, you need to get out of my way.
And you need to listen to me.
He's a liar.
I'm as happy about it as you are, but the truth is, that boy's going to die unless he gets a kidney transplant.
Which is why you're not only going to leave, you're going to let us test the mom, because she's his best shot at being a donor.
What the hell are you people smoking? It's simple.
We get the boy, and mom.
You get them back when the surgery is done.
I'm reporting you.
Do you have kids? - None of your business.
- You've got a ring on your finger, you look like you know your way around a family dinner.
You know what I think? You gotta be a hard-ass at work, but when you get home, you're you're a good dad.
Am I wrong? Just let us have them long enough to do this.
When we're done, you can ship them off wherever you want.
Mom? I don't feel very good.
But you will.
Holt tested me and he says that I can help.
Okay? Okay.
This will work, right? The transplant surgeon I have coming over is the best in the business.
Both of you will be just fine.
Headed home? Wish I wasn't.
I called my dad to pick me up.
He must have talked to PJ, because he went to DefCon One before I even said hello.
Have Marisa Hernandez talk to him.
Who is she, Monica? The sister of my new boyfriend.
I stole her pills.
His name's Alex.
Does he go to your prep school? His parents can't afford it, but he's an amazing artist.
That's how he got a scholarship to Riddington.
Is that why you've kept him a secret from your father? Oh, he'd freak out.
My dad used to be so great.
And now all he does is talk about how I need to be with the right boy, like PJ.
And hang with the right friends, get into the right college.
And if he found out that Alex takes me to hip-hop clubs and not the Philharmonic He's just scared, Monica.
How do you know? 'Cause love can do that to you.
You know, it makes you the happiest you've ever been, and then suddenly it can give you something that I don't know, you're scared of losing.
My dad's afraid of losing me.
Just like he lost your mom.
What am I going to do? I love my dad, but I'm also in love with Alex.
Well, first of all, you and Alex need to see a doctor about getting some different type of contraception.
'Cause you can no longer take the pill.
I can't go to my family doctor.
He and my dad play golf.
Can you refer me to someone? Please? And because that wall adjoins to the clinic, eventually we'll remove it and put in a trauma room.
When I get another grant.
Hey! Corina and David out of surgery? Yeah, and recovering nicely.
Anti-rejection meds seem to be working.
Boy's gonna live, thanks to you.
You becoming a vegetarian? Nonsmoker.
Figure if David's brave enough to go under the knife, I can give up cigarettes.
Hi, Dr.
Hey, Monica.
Didn't expect to see you here.
Hi, I'm Alex.
How you doing? Dr.
Morris said to come see you about birth control, that this is your other job.
Look at that.
Word's getting out.
You two can talk to, uh, Dr.
Kate over here.
Why don't you guys come inside.
Monica! Why won't you love me? Somebody call an ambulance! She's gonna bleed out before we get to the ER.
Let's get her inside.
Call the cops! Monica, can you hear me? Pulse is weak and thready.
I'm betting the bullet hit her in the heart.
Charisse, hang two bags of IV fluid and run them wide open.
Is she gonna be okay? - What's the ETA on the ambulance? - Seven minutes.
- You got to get back.
- Please.
Lost her pulse.
Starting CPR.
Monica, stay with us.
Penetrating trauma with witnessed loss of vital signs.
Got to open her chest.
What, here? We got no other choice.
Somebody get me a thoracotomy tray! It's at Holt with your GlideScope.
Then get me a suture kit and a scalpel.
Uh, and a vaginal speculum.
Make it two.
- We can use them as rib spreaders.
- Works for me.
Zeke, take over compressions.
Cutting the skin.
I'll cut the muscle.
Come on, Monica, hang in there.
You can do it.
Start spreading.
I see the heart.
And the gunshot wound in the ventricle.
Damn it.
Got a suture? Cross-clamping the aorta.
I'm not finding the aorta.
Right here.
Let me guide your hand.
Feel it.
Clamping the aorta.
Holding CPR.
I got a weak pulse.
Cycling the pressure.
All right, hole's closed.
No bleeding from the ventricle.
Her heart's beating again.
This girl's gonna live.
Systolic up to 95.
I got to admit, first time I ever cracked a chest.
This whole place has gone nutty ever since this guy started hanging around.
All right.
Let's get her to an OR.
Monica came through surgery with flying colors.
Never wanted to hear the sound of her getting a text so bad in my life.
Thank you, Dr.
Thank Dr.
Holt; he's the one that saved her life.
Lee? I'm Alex.
You're the one she's in love with.
I'd say you both are.
How's PJ? Uh, arrested, in shock.
Maybe I'll go see him later.
Does that mean you're taking the job? I don't know.
I send a girl to get a diaphragm, she comes back with a bullet in her heart.
I was actually hoping for something a little less boring.
Welcome to Holt Neuro.
Is that really necessary? Until I uncuff them back in El Salvador.
At least he's not going back in a coffin, right? Yeah.
And you won't be going to jail.
You know that report I was gonna file on you? Got lost in the system.
Crazy day.
Yeah, they all seem a little crazy lately.
But I like that new E-Mo.
Oh, yeah.
He'll be a good addition.
So, what are my plans tonight? Two options.
Uh, Michael Cunningham's book party or the shindig at the Met.
Or you can join Len and me for ballroom dancing.
Good night, Rita.
Night, Michael.
Surprised to see you back here.
Yeah, just, uh decompressing after that thoracotomy.
I'm trying to scare up a new grant for this place.
Although Anton is gonna keep building.
Tell him to stop.
I tried.
His response was, "Sometimes you have to "step into the void and have faith the ground will appear.
" He wears socks with sandals.
I'm just saying.
Uh hey, you want to go grab a bite? Yeah.
No, I would love to, I just have a Hey.
You ready to go? Yeah.
Uh, Michael, meet Harrison.
My husband.
Good to meet you, Michael.
Great to meet you.
I don't wear a ring to work.
It actually, uh, it nearly fell down the drain while I was washing up.
Honey, we have a reservation.
We'll figure it out tomorrow.
Yep, we will.
Okay, good night.
Good night.
Take care.
Good night.
Didn't know you were still here.
Care to take the last patient of the night? Sure.
Room two.