A Man in Full (2024) s01e01 Episode Script


[tense music playing]
[man] I don't mean this as a criticism.
Maybe I do.
But when you die, will people notice?
When I go, there are gonna be
a lot of memories of me
by a lot of people,
many who hate me.
Even so,
a person needs to live with vigor.
Otherwise, what's the point?
End of the day,
a man's gotta shake his balls.
[tense music fades]
["Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" playing]
Let's go, girls ♪
I'm goin' out tonight
I'm feelin' alright ♪
Gonna let it all hang out ♪
Wanna make some noise
Really raise my voice ♪
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout ♪
[indistinct chatter]
No inhibitions, make no conditions ♪
Get a little outta line ♪
I ain't gonna act politically correct ♪
I only wanna have a good time ♪
The best thing about bein' a woman ♪
Is the prerogative
To have a little fun and ♪
Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy ♪
- Haha!
- Happy birthday, Charlie.
Ray, my good man.
Uh, what a wonderful uh
wonderful, wh wonderful night.
Isn't it? Honey,
you remember Raymond Peepgrass?
- Of Course, I do.
- Hi.
[Charlie laughing]
My Mr. Peepy. You look great.
- [man] Here's the birthday boy!
- Hey! [laughing]
- [man 1] Good to see you.
- [Charlie] Jerry, how are you?
- Mr. Croker, sir.
- Oh, look at you.
God, you've gotten big. Wow
Joycie girl, did I invite you?
[chuckling] The memory
is the first thing to go.
Why would I possibly?
[Joyce] So I'd be able to give
your ex-wife a full report.
I'll be sure to tell her
the party was pure you.
You're a hoot is what you are.
You look fantastic by the way.
- Did we have a little something done?
- Charlie.
Just a little dignity-ectomy,
you know, to better enjoy your party.
[chuckling] Man, she's good.
["TALKIN' THAT SHIT" playing]
I'm in rooms with politicians
Talkin' business and shit ♪
Hear you come with your opinion
Ain't solicit that shit ♪
Lola hit up DJ Paul
Went to Memphis and shit ♪
Rest in peace to Lord Infamous bitch ♪
[crowd singing, laughing, cheering]
I bob and weave and bust on beats
like Bun B in this bitch ♪
I'm feelin' like I'm Tony Draper
Ballin' G in this bitch ♪
On fire like hot boy Juvi
400 degrees in this bitch ♪
All that chatter that you chatter
'Bout my manner just don't matter ♪
- Yo, what's up, bitch?
- [car honking]
- [boy 1] What's good?
- Come on.
- [honking]
- [tires squeal]
[boy 2] Damn!
So stay in yo place, lil' man ♪
Commentin' on the TV channel ♪
- [crowd 1] Whose house?
- [crowd 2] Morehouse!
- [indistinct chatter]
- [intense applauding]
[Charlie speaking in the background]
[woman 1] Happy birthday, Charlie!
The man who built Atlanta.
[man] Herb!
[Herb] Roger!
How's the party? Miss anything exciting?
Full Charlie
with a splash of Shania Twain.
[Roger laughs]
- I wouldn't wanna miss that.
- Roger, Roger, you well?
How's things at Croker?
Can't complain. Same old, you know?
Hmm. Well, if things ever change
or become a little too much same old,
we're always on the hunt
for good attorneys at Definition.
I'll keep that in mind.
Enjoy the night.
Much to celebrate. [whistles]
["Looks Like We Made It" playing]
Looks like we made it ♪
[singer] Charlie.
Look how far we've come, my baby ♪
Might have took the long way ♪
But we knew we'd get there someday ♪
They said ♪
I bet ♪
They'll never make it ♪
[guests cheering] Whoo! Yeah! Whoo!
But just look at us holding on ♪
[Charlie kissing]
We're still together ♪
- I believe this is where we dance.
- You are so
You're still the one ♪
You're still the one I run to ♪
The one that I belong to ♪
You're still the one I want for life ♪
You're still the one ♪
You're still the one that I love ♪
The only one I dream of ♪
You're still the one I ♪
["Shakin' All Over" playing]
Thank you kindly, Gerald.
When you move in right up close to me ♪
- [moaning]
- [groaning]
That's when I get
The chills all over me ♪
- [Charlie grunting]
- Yes.
- [groaning intensively]
- [moaning]
["Shakin' All Over" fades]
[indistinct arguing]
[cell phone ringing]
[siren wailing]
[sighs heavily]
Raymond. Harry Zale. Bad time?
[Raymond] Oh, uh, no.
It's it's, uh it's fine.
So, how was the big party?
I'm told you were there.
Uh, well, it would have been weird
for me not to have been there.
He might suspect
something was up if I didn't go.
Well, you didn't tip him off?
Why would I do that?
Well, I saw in a few emails
where he calls you "Peepy."
A term of affection for his little friend?
He's not my friend.
He treats me like I'm his butler.
[Harry] That explains some of the
favorable terms Mr. Croker seemed to get.
Listen, Charlie is
a big client of the bank.
He is an even bigger asshole.
- What's his tell?
- I'm sorry?
His tell. I wanna know
when I got Mr. Croker on the squirm.
[Raymond] Well, if he starts going
all Baker County with his southern drawl,
that's good.
The more nervous he gets,
the thicker the accent. Hmm.
But saddlebags,
that's his tell.
Beg your pardon?
[Raymond] He sweats under his armpits.
He creates these perspiration blotches
that look like saddlebags.
That's when you'll know you've got him.
[chuckling, munching]
Don't fold on me tomorrow, Raymond.
I have been waiting
for this meeting, for this day,
for a long time.
I will not fold.
[phone thuds]
[indistinct arguing]
- [thudding]
- Shut up!
[eerie music playing]
[sucks lips, sighs deeply]
I will not fold.
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [man] He looks good.
- [woman] Right.
[security corridor beeping]
[elevator dings]
- [Charlie sighs heavily]
- You okay?
Never better.
[suspenseful music fades]
[man] You don't think
he's caught any wind?
Not from me, he hasn't.
[Harry] The air conditioner still on?
I asked for it to be shut down.
It's off. It's 79 degrees in here
and about go get hotter.
[Charlie] Can't hit people in the head.
Flags and video review on every play.
Oh my God, he brought his wife.
[Charlie] Not in my football.
How's my tie?
Never looked better.
[chuckles hoarsely, sighs]
[Harry] Can you do this, Raymond?
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's, uh, get started.
Uh, Charlie, I
I don't think you've met Harry Zale.
Harry is the head of our
Real Estate Asset Management Department,
so I asked him here
to, uh, get things underway.
Makes sense. Give 'em hell, Harry.
[Harry] By the way,
I understand you just had a big birthday.
- Congratulations on that.
- Why, thank you, Harry.
[pen scratching intensely]
[strung up silence]
[Harry] Okay, then.
So, Mr. Croker,
why are we having this meeting?
You called this meeting, my friend.
[Harry] Oh, I know,
but I wanna know if you do.
- You wanna know if I know?
- [Harry] Yes.
Think of this
as an AA meeting, Mr. Croker.
Now that the spree is over,
we wanna see some real self-awareness.
Beg your pardon?
There's a problem.
But I want you to tell me what it is.
[clock ticking]
[suspenseful music playing]
[chuckles softly]
Harry, I can't speak
to what your problem is.
I can tell you that I'm here
to address our situation
with a business plan.
[Harry] Our situation?
Do you mean the 800 million dollars
that you owe this bank?
'Cause that's my problem.
[deep, confident breath] Wismer.
What do we have for our new friend, Harry?
The underlying assets remain sound.
Despite market saturation,
the absorption rate of commercial space
in Metro Atlanta continues
to steadily increase.
What we're talking about here
is a cash flow situation.
All we need is
a temporary freeze on three big
[Harry] Can I stop you?
Mr. Croker, did Mr. Stroock just suggest
a freeze of principal payment?
'Cause let me tell you something
about loans.
A loan is not a gift,
and when we make loans,
we actually expect to be paid back.
We fully intend to honor our obligations.
And when can we expect
to commence with that honoring?
[clock ticking]
Harry, if I could draw your attention
to our commercial real estate projections,
which I believe
It's your projections, sir,
which led us into this ooze.
[Charlie] Now, you look here.
I didn't make these loans. You people did.
In fact, you came crawling.
Raymond Peepgrass over there practically
got down on his damn knees to beg me.
This is my meeting, not Mr. Peepgrass'.
That may be so, but my point is
he was your representative,
and his hope was for Croker Industries
[Harry] Mr. Peepgrass' hopes and dreams,
whatever they may be,
do not take precedent
over the obscene mess we now have.
This bank rose to its glory on my back.
And now we're looking
to recapture some of that glory.
Plus interest.
[suspenseful guitar strumming]
Let me ask you something, Harry.
You ever been huntin'?
Ever headed out
in the pickup early in the morning
listening to all those boys, talking
about all the bird they're gonna shoot?
People shoot a lot of birds
with their mouths
on their way out the field,
but there comes a time
when you finally gotta stop the truck,
pick up a gun and do something with it.
Down where I grew up in Baker County,
there's a saying,
"When the tailgate drops,
the bullshit stops."
[chuckles] Well [clicks tongue]
now the tailgate's done dropped.
We are here
with a goddamn serious business plan
and a proposal
for restructuring these loans.
What we are not here for is a lecture
about the nature of debt management.
I'm not sure who the hell
you think you're talking to.
I'm talking to a man
who owes this bank 800 million dollars.
A man who owes six other banks
another 400 million dollars.
A person who is
over a billion dollars in debt.
I'm talking to a shithead.
I am a legitimate and good businessman.
[Harry] Nothing here is legitimate, sir.
This here is one of the worst cases
of corporate mismanagement
that I have ever seen.
And trust me, I stare down the gullet
of malfeasance every day.
You, sir, have taken 800 million dollars
from this bank to do what?
Fly around in your private jets.
Buy big plantations,
so you can shoot quail.
Think you can just go hog wild,
that nobody can touch you?
Well, I've got news for you, sir.
[in southern accent]
This ain't Saturday night no more.
[suspenseful guitar strumming]
Party's over.
- [tense silence]
- [clock ticking]
[suspenseful guitar strumming]
You listen here.
[Harry] Actually, Mr. Croker,
we're gonna pause and take ten
to have a lender's cactus,
if you don't mind.
- Would you excuse us for a bit?
- You're gonna do what?
[Harry] Have a brief lender's cactus.
[Harry clearing throat softly]
You mean to say "caucus"?
No, sir, I mean cactus.
With all the pricks on the outside.
- [phone ringing]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Harry] We'll try not
to keep you waiting long.
[Raymond giggling, sniffing]
[clears throat softly]
I can't even say
you disappointed me, Raymond.
You tiny little bug.
Good to meet you, Harry.
[Harry] Pleasure.
You speak to me
like that in front of my bride
Sorry, I didn't realize she'd be here.
Maybe next time, leave the missus
back home in the trophy case.
[bones crackling]
[Serena] Honey.
[heavy panting]
- We'll be in touch.
- [Harry] We will.
Mrs. Croker.
[door closes]
[tense music playing]
There are things that we can do.
- Transactions that
- Gerald. Take me to DeKalb.
- [Gerald] Yes, sir.
- The airport?
I need to sit, figure some things.
- [Charlie] The Boeing.
- Yes, sir.
[Serena] Oh, Christ. [sighs]
- Ma'am.
- Thank you, Gerald.
[dramatic music playing]
[siren wailing]
Why don't we go home, Charlie?
I can take your mind off all this.
My mind can't afford
to be off it right now.
It's got to be especially on it.
Yours too.
We need to sell off assets,
and I have some ideas.
I don't wanna hear nothing
about selling off assets.
[Gerald] Sorry, sir.
Both jets are in repairs right now.
- Can I take you to the Concourse?
- That's fine. Thank you, Gerald.
Call Roger White. Tell him to meet me
in my office with the goddamn plans!
It'll be fine.
Hey, it's okay.
Things are not fine.
["The Life I Lead"
by David Tomlinson playing]
A British bank is run with precision ♪
A British home requires nothing less! ♪
Tradition, discipline, and rules
Must be the tools ♪
Without them ♪
Disorder! ♪
Catastrophe! ♪
Anarchy! ♪
In short, we have a ghastly mess! ♪
We'll have catastrophe and disorder
if you're late for school.
Get your backpack and your coat, please.
- Aw man!
- [mother] "Aw man!"
[mother chuckles]
You doing okay?
Let me ask you a question.
- [mother] The answer is no.
- You haven't heard the question.
Oh, I know the question,
and the answer is no.
Look, Croker Industries
has done a lot of good work.
- Mostly at your nudging.
- We haven't done half the things
[mother] And what's more,
as bad as Charlie can be,
he'd be so much worse
if you weren't there.
Oh, so that's my callin'?
Keeping Charlie Croker
from being at his worst?
Honey, you make
almost a million dollars a year.
- [Roger] Ouch.
- "Ouch."
- I'm just saying.
- [chuckles]
Okay. We have a nice house, a nice life.
One we certainly can't afford
on a judge's salary
should I get appointed
and give up my practice.
I could always go and work for a law firm.
[mother] But would you want that?
Roger, you have said many times
your job isn't boring.
You said it's even fun some days.
So, you make a ton of money
at a place where you have fun.
For most people,
that's like hitting the lottery.
Yeah, well,
I'm just not convinced it's my callin'.
[contemplative music playing]
- I'm ready.
- You're ready.
- All right.
- [mother] Let's go.
[Roger sighs]
Hut, two, three, four, five.
Concrete jungle ♪
Let 'em take us ♪
For a ride ♪
[soul music continues in the background]
[woman] I don't know exactly what.
All I know is it can't be good.
It has something to do
with a big loan restructure meeting.
I likely won't make it home
in time for dinner.
All right, I'll pick somethin' up.
You want my specialty?
[woman chuckles]
And get some milk too, would you, babe?
I was planning to go
to the market on my way home.
- Actually, can I just send you a list?
- No problem.
[woman] Thanks, honey.
I'll call you later. I love you.
- Love you.
- [woman] I know.
[indistinct chatter]
[elevator dings]
[Charlie breathing shakily]
[dramatic high-pitched music playing]
[suspenseful chalice drum playing]
[Roger sighs deeply]
[secretary sighs deeply]
[clears throat gently]
[Roger] Bad day?
I hope yours was better.
[inhaling] Unfortunately, the loan was
strictly constructed in the bank's favor.
Now, even if it was
to be deemed ambiguous, we'd be in a
I think you know me well enough to know
that I can appreciate that you appreciate
that I need to be told something good.
Telling me that the loans
were strictly constructed is not good.
I was ambushed
by the bank,
by Raymond Peepgrass.
I may not be a lawyer,
but I understand there
to be an implied duty of good faith
in any business transaction.
Now [hands thud]
good faith cuts a wide swath.
[exhales heavily]
It includes many things.
What it does not include
is an ass fucking.
Now, we live
in the United States of America.
As my attorney,
it becomes incumbent on you
to fuck these sons of bitches back.
Peepgrass. That cocksucker, Zale.
Especially Zale. [inhales deeply]
You are now the fucker-back in chief
of Croker Industries.
You fuck 'em up the ass,
you fuck 'em on the head,
you look 'em all straight in the eyes
and fuck 'em in the mouth.
- This is not an appropriate conversation.
- Well, these are not appropriate times!
[sighs heavily]
[footsteps receding]
[dramatic guitar music playing]
["Buss it" playing]
Two, three, four, three, two, three, four.
High knee. Shuffle.
High knee. Shuffle.
One more time!
I'm too lit saucy
Booty put him in a coffin ♪
[trainer] Push! Be better!
My status poppin
Got too many hoes watching ♪
[trainer] Good.
Independent I'm a boss bitch
Check me out bitch I'm gorgeous ♪
Toe, heel, clap. Toe, heel, clap.
Ass fat you can look
but please don't touch it ♪
Good! To the stairs. Let's go!
Don't be last!
Don't be last! Don't be last!
Buss it, buss it, buss it, buss it ♪
I told him eat up the cake
Like its a birthday ♪
Everything hurts.
- That's the point.
- Pain?
Introducing you to muscles
you didn't know you had.
By way of pain?
[Joyce chuckling]
Why are we in this class? Really?
I overheard nipple girl, Shirley,
whatever her name is,
talking about butt crack surgery.
- Who does that?
- [Joyce] Sweetie.
Oh, Miss Areola Grande herself. [gasping]
Would you look at that?
[woman] If I were her mother
Which we'd never admit
we were old enough to be.
Seriously, it's okay
to be out in public like that?
Okay, may I?
- Go ahead. I'm a big girl.
- Are you sure?
Okay. Well, your objection to her,
let's call it her visibility,
could be because you're feeling
some lack of your own,
and it's probably because of that
right there.
- Oh please!
- [Joyce] Never mind, "Oh please."
Why can't you just admit it pisses you off
that she's in the picture?
[indistinct chatter]
I have no desire to be in that picture
or any other with Charlie Croker again.
But you were in it with him
when he built Atlanta.
You helped make him. Not your best work.
And seeing her get credit
You forget, I was the one who left him.
Ugh. The ballet arts gala is coming up.
I bought a table.
That's pretty much the visibility ball
in Atlanta. You're going.
Honey, I donate good money
to not go to those types of things.
Besides, attending in person
won't make me feel any less superfluous.
Superfluous? Seriously, do you
really wanna be in that picture again?
Of course not.
Maybe I'd like to be in that one.
[Joyce] Sweetie, not everybody can be me.
Certainly you know that.
- [Martha] Such a brat.
- [both laughing]
Seven hundred thousand?
[lawyer] It's a fair number,
one which would include and erase
all future child support payments,
which, conservatively, at 35,000 a month
- What?
- [lawyer] It's a fair number.
[female lawyer] Present day value
of 700,000 far exceeds any structure
[lawyer] It's a very reasonable demand,
which we have extended
as reasonable people.
This is blackmail. It's extortion.
[lawyer] It's a fair number.
[breathes heavily]
You should be ashamed of yourself.
[scoffing] You should be shame.
You put un-prophylact penis in my vagina.
And you squirt desire. You feel shame.
- Sirja.
- Like fountain.
I haven't got that kind of money.
Not even close.
Then we do a deposition.
We ask you hard questions.
Make you out an awful person.
- [door slams]
- [female lawyer] Pay it.
[female lawyer]
Raymond, this could get a lot dirtier.
I mean, sometimes the best thing to do
is just to bend over and take it.
No. I have been bending over
and taking it for my entire fucking life.
I do not have 700,000 dollars.
And even if I did,
[Raymond sniffs]
[exhales sharply]
[dramatic music playing]
- [Martha] Wally?
- Hey, Mom.
Why aren't you at school?
I'm suspended.
- [bowl clinking]
- Again?
- [Martha exhales]
- [Wally] Didn't they call?
What did you do now?
I am not sure.
I may have talked a few kids
out of going to college.
So some of the parents complained.
- [Martha] Well, what exactly did you say?
- I don't remember word-for-word.
[Wally] Something about
how higher education is a bit of a racket
and now they lure applicants
under the guise of turning them
into poets and philosophers,
only to turn out bankers
and lawyers and high-income earners
predisposed to feeding donations
back into endowment coffers.
Something something like that.
Mostly the football stuff
that pissed them off.
What football stuff?
You know, when played correctly,
it causes dementia.
[Martha breathes deeply]
[siren blaring]
[cars honking]
indistinct chatter
[rap music playing over stereo]
Hey, that's my car. Hey!
Excuse me. That's my car.
- Well, your car is in a red zone.
- What?
No no, no, I didn't
Dude, I got pushed in.
- That truck must've pushed me in.
- Yeah, well, you're in, honey. See?
I didn't park in no red zone. Look, look,
look, look, look, look at the angle.
I'm half over the curb. Why would I park
my front wheel over the curb?
This is 3-2-1-7, request for backup
outside of Delmar's Market on Columbus.
- Wait. Did you just call for backup?
- Yeah, Delmar's Market, Columbus.
- [dispatcher] Unit 14 is close by.
- You're damaging it.
- [woman] 10-4.
- Stop!
Step away. You're gonna get hurt.
Hey, that ain't smart.
Take the thing off the truck, man.
I'm here. I can drive off.
You heard her. You're in the red zone.
Hey, you can't get in the car.
- Red zone!
- [man] This is my car. He's damaging it.
- All right. Now, deal with these guys.
- Sir!
- I was pushed into the red zone.
- You can take that up in traffic court.
- Traffic court? No.
- Get out, sir.
- You can't tow it with somebody inside.
- I don't got time for this shit.
- Out of the car now or I will remove you.
- [man] It's my car.
- I didn't park in the red zone.
- Get the fuck out of this car now!
This is not right.
[man grunts, groans]
[woman 2] This is not necessary.
Stop it, you're hurting him.
- [grunting]
- [woman 2] Let him go.
- [officer 1 grunting]
- [officer 2] Taser! Taser!
I I'm sorry, you're where?
[man] I'm at the police station.
I've been arrested.
Arrested for what?
[man] They were trying to tow my car.
A police officer kind of attacked me,
and I sort of fought back.
You did what?
- Are you all right?
- [man] Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
But I'm being held overnight
and arraigned in the morning.
Okay. Okay, well, just
Oh Hold on. Gi give me a second.
Let me figure something out.
[phone ringing]
[softly] Yeah. Okay.
[woman softly] I love you.
[dramatic music playing]
- [woman] Mr. Croker.
- [Charlie] Hmm.
[woman] I'm
I'm really sorry to bother you,
especially since today has already been
a really stressful day, but
- [whimpering] Um
- What's wrong?
Conrad has been arrested.
He is in jail, and I don't know what to do
other than admit I need help.
He was arrested for what?
He assaulted a police officer.
Conrad did?
[woman] There was a dispute
over a parking violation,
which escalated,
and the police officer got violent,
Conrad resisted, and now he is in jail,
and I'm so sorry to bother you with this,
but his arraignment is tomorrow.
- I don't know where to turn.
- Jill, I'll get you a lawyer.
Thank you.
[Charlie] Now,
take the rest of the night off. Okay?
We'll handle this.
Thank you.
[cars honking]
Mr. White, hi. [inhales deeply]
You can follow me.
The mayor's expecting you.
Thank you.
- Oh! Brother White.
- [Roger] Mr. Mayor.
My man. You dress up good.
You spiffy up for me?
[chuckling] I was at the Woodruff
for a client thing.
And you ducked out. Now, I feel special.
You hear we beat Tuskegee the other day?
Underdogs by three touchdowns.
I don't know, man.
I take that as an omen.
Of what, I know not,
but Morehouse beating Tuskegee,
it's got to be an omen.
Maybe me getting re-elected.
Kinda made it sound important.
It is.
Norman Bagovitch.
- What about him?
- [Wes] Oh, man!
[exhales sharply] I see,
you still walk on a on a tight string.
So that's it, huh?
No small talk. Shoot the shit.
What about Norman Bagovitch?
[Wes] Oh this motherfucker,
he shot up 15 points in the polls
the last three weeks
thanks to the good old boys,
all because he's riding the wave
of all this bumfuck populism
and it's my bum stands
to get fucked the most.
Still got your turn of phrase.
Here's my latest,
"When they go low,
I go Roto-Rooter."
Fight shit with shit,
which is where you can be of assistance.
- Not sure I follow.
- [Wes] Man, come on.
Anybody who thrives
as Charlie Croker's fixer
- I'm not a fixer, I'm of counsel.
- Okay. Let me get to the point.
I've been sitting
on this oppo research for months
because I was hoping
I wouldn't need to use it.
Seems like buddy boy Bagovitch
used to brag
about sexually assaulting
some woman like 30 or so years ago.
And back in the day,
he hung with your man, Croker.
They played in the same backfield at Tech.
I was hoping you could help me
track down the victim,
wherever she may be,
and get her to come forward.
[tense music playing]
It's not how I do business, Wes.
Norman Bagovitch
is the worst kind of racist.
- He will set this city
- This conversation's offensive.
Oh, like I give a fuck. It's me here.
And I'm giving you an opportunity.
It's a chance to make a difference.
I do not now,
nor have I ever needed you to matter.
Oh, I didn't say all that.
- I think you did.
- [Wes] Here's what I will say.
You wanna get in the game
you're gonna have to get some dirt
under them pretty fingernails,
'cause that's where it's at.
Bagovitch raped a woman.
Croker knows who.
You need to get him to tell me who it is.
[train screeching]
[timer ticking]
Why can't we just continue it?
[female lawyer] Because we can't.
She flew in from Finland.
She doesn't have to be
there for a deposition.
[female lawyer]
It's her right to be there.
- Raymond, look. What happened
- [shouts] Fuck!
[female lawyer] Ray?
- Fuck! Fuck!
- [female lawyer] Ray? Raymond?
- [male neighbor] Shut the fuck up!
- [female lawyer] Is everything okay?
Call you back.
You shut up. You shut up.
- [female neighbor] Do something.
- Both of you shut the fuck up!
[male neighbor] Oh, you wanna go?
Get the fuck out here!
I'm gonna fuck you up!
[Raymond panting heavily]
[intense door knocking]
Are you kidding me?
Are you fucking kidding me?!
How we doing, Raymond?
Expecting somebody?
[Raymond continues panting]
What do you want?
[Charlie] What I want
is for you and me
to have a little sit-down,
talk about the big mess you helped make.
- [Raymond] That was not my doing.
- Let's go sit.
[tense music playing]
[Charlie] Oh, Mr. Peepy.
[Charlie chuckling]
[Charlie] I am trying to understand
why you would not tell me this was coming.
when a suckerfish
lives off a shark's back,
licking all his sustenance
off that shark's back,
my guess is some appreciation
would accompany such sustenance.
I am not
a suckerfish.
Oh, sure you are.
[water splashes]
[Raymond panting]
I am a human being,
whether you choose
to think of me as one or not.
I'm not a tiny bug put on earth
to do your bidding.
The thing about being human, Raymond,
it can be vulnerable.
I don't think vulnerable is something
you wanna be right now.
Not with me.
You have belittled me for too long.
[Charlie] Belittled you?
I made you,
and I can unmake you just as fast.
Sit down!
You may think you've hit bottom.
You ain't.
'Cause after Mr. Zale and the minions
of PlannersBanc get finished with me,
they're going to start in on those
in the bank that facilitated those loans.
[Charlie chuckling]
Here's how this is gonna go.
You're gonna get the bank
to call off this default business.
[Raymond] I couldn't call it off
even if I wanted to.
And I don't want to.
I've taken your shit
for as long as I'm going to take it.
Is that what you think? 'Cause I don't.
Every story has
a beginning, middle, and an end.
[eerie whooshing]
What part of the story you think we're at?
of my home,
you fucky fuck!
Get out!
[panting heavily]
[Charlie breathes heavily, sniffs]
We'll see about them saddlebags.
[guitar strumming]
[door slams]
[cars engines revving]
[Charlie grunts softly]
[guitar strumming stops sharply]
["Devil's Whisper" playing]
You better run, run from the devil ♪
You better run, run from the devil ♪
You better hide ♪
Hide, hide from the ♪
Hide from the ♪
Young boy ♪
Trying to rule the world I see ♪
Well, young boy ♪
I can give you everything ♪
Diamonds ♪
Everything you touch can be ♪
Golden ♪
But first you gotta listen to me ♪
I'll tell the truth, I'll promise you ♪
This world may frown upon
The things I have you do ♪
But I got taste, and I got style ♪
I know the twists and turns
To make your life worth ♪
You better run, run from the devil ♪
You better run, run from the devil ♪
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