A Million Little Things (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

The Rosary

1 Would you believe me now? If I told you I got caught up in a wave Almost gave it away Would you hear me out? If I told you I was terrified for days Thought I was gonna break - [CAR DOOR OPENS] - Oh, I couldn't stop it Tried to slow it all down Crying in the bathroom Had to figure it out - With everyone around me saying - Sophie! - Is that you? Hey.
- "You must be so happy now" It's Emma from the Give an Hour 5K.
- Sheri introduced us.
- Ah, sorry.
I I met a lot of people that day.
Yeah, i-it was quick, but I was just so moved by your family's story.
Sheri filled me in a little bit a-about what you guys have been going through.
Well, I was pregnant when I lost my husband, too, just like your mom.
- I'm so sorry.
- That's okay.
It was a long time ago.
But thank you.
How is she, your mom? Some days are better than others.
Well, if you think it might help for her to have someone to talk to who's been through it, um, I'd be happy to.
Yeah, I'm sure she'd really like that.
- Is she around now? - She just left.
Oh, shoot.
Well, I'll tell you what.
- M-Maybe I could leave her a note.
- Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] I don't have a pen.
Oh, well, I can grab one.
- Oh, you don't have to do that.
- No, no, no.
I-It's fine.
- Yeah? All right.
- SOPHIE: Come on.
[DOOR CLOSES] You know, if you would've been here two minutes ago, you would've seen her.
You all look so happy.
- [SIGHS] - I'll go get a pen.
DELILAH: No, anything for Maggie.
I just wish we could be there.
Here's the lasagna.
Please promise me you'll text us updates.
I just wish we could be there with you.
Yes, lots and lots of text updates.
She loves Regina's lasagna.
It's a new thing.
Oh, hey, Mom, there's somebody here to see you.
I met her outside.
She said she's from the 5K.
Hey, Emma, uh, my mom's back if you She's gone.
That's weird.
ROBIN: And this is a consent for a blood transfusion, - should the need arises.
- Which it won't.
- She still needs to sign the form.
- I understand.
You're all set.
We'll be in shortly to take you to the O.
We'll be here.
- You canceled Pilates, right? - [CHUCKLES] Don't worry about her.
Compared to your mastectomy, this is nothing.
- This is child's play.
- Yeah.
Lymph nodes? Come on.
- May as well be taking out my tonsils.
- [CHUCKLES] Um, hey, um, could you grab the Post-It notes so I can write down my parents' number so you can update them? Oh, you don't have to do that.
We'll just call 'em when you get out of surgery.
You can give me their number when you wake up.
Ye I might be groggy.
You might be a little groggy.
[CLEARS THROAT] Ugh, the rosary.
I'm sorry.
It sounded like you said "the rosary.
" Relax.
It's not mine.
It's my mom's.
[SIGHS] When I told them I didn't want them to fly in for this they've just been through too much with Chad my mom sent me her rosary.
She swears it got my dad through his double bypass, and I Ugh, I forgot it at home.
I'll go get it.
- No.
- You sure? Yeah, it's just beads, right? But if you ever meet her and she ever asks you, I was holding it this entire time.
- Deal.
- Deal.
You know, if you want to do an errand, you could go get me some more ice chips.
I was born to do stuff like that.
- Yeah.
- You want salsa with your ice chips? - I apologize for that joke.
REGINA: Ooh, what have I found in the printer.
Look at this.
My man's opus, hot off the press.
No, no, no, no.
No, baby, baby, it's not ready.
- I still got to proof it.
- Oh, come on.
Just the first scene.
- No.
- I'll look past the typos.
Wouldn't you rather be reading about that hip new - "culinary jewel" in Inman Square? - Oh, my God.
- Is it the restaurant review? - Mm-hmm.
It's here? "Culinary jewel"? It said that? - Yep, and it also says how, like - Wait, did you buy all the copies? Well, I figured we could pass 'em out to people - entering nearby restaurants.
- Smart.
"With its mouth-watering food and up-and-coming location, I, for one, am glad 'Someday' finally came.
" Ooh! Someday is today, baby! "Its warm ambiance and stylish design are outdone only by the bold, ingredient-driven menu.
" Yes, they are.
"You may have had grilled octopus before, - but never like this.
" - I can attest to that.
- [SCOFFS] Whoa.
- What is it? "The talent behind this delectable confection of flavors is mastermind Andrew Pollock, who seems to have done it again.
His elegant style is never more apparent than in" "in the saffron risotto.
" O-Okay, wait a minute.
That's your dish.
My signature dish.
I got to be in here somewhere.
"Pollock's team in the kitchen is led by executive chef Regina Howard.
" Okay! There's my baby.
What else does it say? That's it.
Just one line at the end.
I'm a footnote.
Admittedly, very frustrating.
But, baby, you wanted to give back your uncle's money.
- [SIGHS] - And Andrew made that possible.
Babe, you can't take on a huge investor like that and not expect there to be, you know, a few strings attached.
This is an amazing review.
You basically got six out of five stars.
[CHUCKLES] You're right.
You're right.
My last place never got press like this.
And this one puts you on the map.
We are definitely framing several of these.
MAN: Welcome, my little flounders of E.
Melvin Elementary School, to the aquarium and what promises to be a fin-tastic day.
[CHUCKLES] Okay, uh let's just put our lunches in the cubbies over here.
- [LAUGHS] Okay? There we go.
- All right, guys, let's go.
- Yes, there will be fun, okay? - THEO: Mom? - Yeah? - I left my lunch at school.
Oh, uh, okay.
We can just share my lunch.
It's turkey.
- Oh, no.
- Why, honey? You like turkey.
I got another nosebleed.
Yeah, just keep pinching it.
All right, hurry up, everybody! You know what they call slow fish.
Shark bait! [GROWLS] - They're leaving! - It's okay.
We'll We'll catch up.
Put your bag in the cubby, and let's just get some ice for the back of your neck, okay? But I'm gonna miss the 4-D penguin movie.
- The fourth "D" is water.
- Oh, okay.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Our first official rave review! They called "each dish more enchanting than the next.
" - Which they are.
- [CHUCKLES] They called your decor "elegant and stylish.
" Which it is.
Are you okay, though? I mean, I know the critic loved us, but they didn't exactly give you the credit that you deserve.
Yeah, of course I'm okay.
- Oh, what's with the tables? - Oh, we ordered four more.
But when I suggested it last week, you said you didn't think we needed extra seating.
I know, but now with this great review, Andrew thinks we are gonna get a lot busier, so LUIS: Hey, Delilah.
Where do you want these? DELILAH: Uh, You know what? - Just put them all over there.
- [SCOFFS] Hmm.
"Mastermind Andrew Pollock does it again.
- Gary? - WOMAN: All right, ma'am, just take some deep breaths.
No, no, no, no! Here I am! I'm right here! - Look.
I-I brought you these.
- I tried to make them wait.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Why didn't you tell me about Linda? Oh, hold on.
Please, please.
- WOMAN: One second.
- How How did you know about that? [VOICE BREAKING] I didn't want to say anything, but I texted her this morning, and her daughter called me.
She was so sure that she was gonna beat this.
You listen to me, Bloom.
What happened to Linda is not gonna happen to you.
- You hear me? - [EXHALES SHARPLY] I'm gonna see you later.
GARY: [SIGHS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Dude, unless you are powering this hospital - with your foot - [CHUCKLES] Sorry.
You need a distraction.
How 'bout this? How 'bout you let me read your script? "Untitled.
" That's That's mysterious.
I'll let you read it as soon as you wash your hat.
I know you think that thing got you through cancer, but when's the last time you actually washed it? If I wash the hat, I might wash out the good luck.
It doesn't matter if it makes sense to you.
See, it only needs to make sense to me.
You can hold down the fort, right? There's something I got to do.
- Now who's being mysterious? - I'll be right back.
I just got to get something.
Text me any updates.
- Where are you going? - I'll be right back.
- What are you gonna get? - Just text me updates.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] How great was that review? Yeah, it was pretty great.
I think you're one step closer to a Michelin star.
[CHUCKLES] All right, Table 12.
- One octopus, one steak, one salmon.
- Now, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Maybe put a little balsamic drizzle on that, just a little pop of color for balance? It's perfect, Luis.
Table 12's waiting.
- Please.
- LUIS: Yes, Chef.
Church and state.
Kitchen's your domain.
- [SIGHS] - Oh, uh, which reminds me "Fenway Foodies" is gonna come by.
They want to do a profile.
They'll interview you later today.
They do? Yeah, of course.
You're the chef.
GARY: I am never gonna find a spot.
Uh, talk about miracles.
Thank you, Virgin Mary.
Now remember where we parked.
2B or not 2B.
Come on, Gramps.
Don't make me wait your whole life.
[CHUCKLES] What the hell? Oh, no.
No, she's not.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
This is not happening! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah! Excuse me.
Excuse me! Absolutely not! You saw me.
I was here first.
I know you I know you saw me.
I was waiting.
I-I was here first.
No, you you weren't here first.
If you were here first, then you would be in this parking spot.
Oh, please don't don't be that don't be that person.
Not today.
Are you okay? No, I'm not not today.
'Cause you seem like maybe you need the psych ward, and if you do, that's just three blocks - down that way, okay? - A psych ward?! - Get out of my spot.
- This isn't your spot.
I'm sorry.
Get out of my spot.
- It's my spot.
- Please get out of my spot? [CAR HORN BLARES] How about that? [BLARING CONTINUES] [CAR HORN BLARES] - I could do this all day.
- Yeah, whatever.
I could do this all day! Unbelievable! Oh, hey.
If the box is empty, I need it.
Don't break it apart.
You know, if you can't afford a crib, I can always build you one.
[CHUCKLES] No, I, um I actually have to pack Jon's things up tonight.
Oh, wow.
- Yep.
- You know, when Debra died, I couldn't face it.
So I ended up giving all her stuff away.
[CHUCKLES] Now, most days, I-I just I wish I had it back.
I get that.
This is This is different, though.
Jon had, uh had an apartment that I didn't know about.
I don't know if I'm ready to deal with a past - that I never knew about, you know? - Yeah.
Well, when you are, I want you to know that you don't have to do it alone.
Deal? [CHUCKLES] Deal.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Dude, and then this lady comes and by "lady," I'm being very generous down the wrong way, zips in, steals my spot, pretends like she doesn't see me sitting there with my indicator indicating.
- What is he upset about? - Everything.
But, uh, right now, someone stealing his parking space.
- Who wants coffee? - We have a humanity problem.
Getting you decaf.
Rome? No, I'm good.
Uh, Patricia's getting me one.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Patricia? Who's Patricia? Rome, here's your coffee.
Oh, thank you.
Gary, this is Maggie's mom.
Y-Yeah, we have, uh We have already met.
Dude, what exactly happened in that parking lot, man? Well, let's put it this way I lost it, okay? - And things were said.
- What things exactly? Eh, the word "liar" may have been used.
"Liar"? That's That's That's pretty harsh.
But still, not a total loss.
No, y-you can bounce back from "liar.
" What else? - "Shriveled.
" - "Shriveled" is not good.
A lot of people don't bounce back from "shriveled.
" Okay, "shriveled" is problematic.
- Come on.
- Is that it? No.
I called her Dick Cheney.
What's so bad about - I left off the "Cheney.
" - Oh, no.
- Oh, no, you didn't do that.
- That's not good.
I didn't know it was Maggie's mother, obviously.
But come on, man.
She stole my freaking parking spot! You just go over there and be the most caring, concerned version of Maggie's boyfriend you can be.
And whatever you do, do not mention the parking spot.
I'm proud of you.
10 bucks says he brings up the parking spot.
The nurse says Maggie should be out by 3:00.
By the way, your daughter is amazing.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's been so great getting to know her, and I'd like to get to know you, too.
You don't have to do this.
I live seven hours away.
[CLEARS THROAT] Anyway, I just want you to know how much I love your daughter, truly.
I am here for her day and night.
I mean, not all night.
Not Not through the I mean, I stay over some Trust me, my toothbrush does not reside in your daughter's bathroom.
Well, that's good to know.
[SIGHS] Look, Patricia, let's just call it like it is, okay? You're angry, and you have every reason to be.
I was a jerk in that parking lot, I overreacted, and I apologize.
- Wow.
That's good.
- Okay.
I appreciate that.
And I'm willing to move forward if you are.
Well, I certainly will try.
What? What? It's just [CLEARS THROAT] I have very I have very strong principles.
- Oh, God, he's doing it.
- Oh, no.
W-What does that mean? Well, it means that I came over here and and I admitted that I was wrong, and now, perhaps, you would like to do the same.
What? [LAUGHS] I didn't do anything wrong.
Are you kidding me? - Patricia, I know you saw me waiting.
- ROME: Gary, Stop! Stop.
I know you saw my indicator indicating.
And I know that you know that you went down the wrong way and you stole my spot.
Wow, wow.
You are quite a catch.
Wh Hi.
[CHILDREN SHOUTING, LAUGHING] - It's so cold! - I know, T, but you know it helps stop the bleeding.
I want to play with my friends! I should be wearing that shark hat.
Okay, how about we just sit here for a few minutes.
We can share my lunch.
It'll be fun.
Nothing about this is fun.
This was unexpected - If I blinked, I'd've missed it - Hey, isn't this Dad's song? Come on, let's call him.
Wasn't looking for the fall [CELLPHONE VIBRATES] Hey.
Everything okay? No, it's not! I got a bloody nose, I forgot my lunch, and Mom won't let me play! Other than that, it's great.
- [CHUCKLES] - Hey, the reason I'm calling is because we're listening to the radio and a certain song came on.
'Round and around like a satellite KATHERINE: It's your song! Well, that's not me singing.
That's That's KC.
It's your song.
It's so cool.
I mean, I know you sold it, but hearing it play in a public place And on a seashell speaker, no less.
It's amazing.
Mom, my ice bag broke! Believe me, hearing your song has been the highlight of my day.
Me, too.
GARY: Hey, D.
[SNIFFS] No real updates.
She'll be out in an hour or so.
She's not out of surgery yet.
Oh, I know, I know, but I'm here for both of us, Eugene, so you should just go back to your conference, and I'll call you later, okay? I have a lot to update you on.
I have a lot to update you on.
You didn't happen to see a script laying around here? Um, I'm sorry.
I-I haven't seen it.
Uh, but Maggie told me that you're a writer.
- ROME: Yes.
- That is so creative.
Yeah, well, I wouldn't call myself creati Could you excuse me? Oh, sure.
Well, I'll keep my eye out.
Thank you.
- What? - You two pals now? Come on, man.
Really? I'm looking for my damn script.
Yeah, she probably stole it, like she stole my spot.
Hey, maybe you left it over at the vending machine.
I was just gonna take a Little Debbie break.
I could do that.
Hey, hey! You guys don't have to go together.
You leave me all by myself with her, that's just gonna make things worse.
Dude, relax, okay? It can't get any worse.
Blood bank on stand-by.
MTP to O.
Excuse me.
- Is Maggie Bloom in O.
3? - NURSE: I'm sorry, sir.
They don't give us that information, but Excuse me.
What was that announcement? W-What's an MTP? I'm not allowed to give out that information.
What does MTP stand for, please? Massive Transfusion Protocol.
I-Is Maggie Bloom in O.
3? I apologize, sir, but if there's anything you need to know, your doctor - 20 units of A-negative? - Yeah.
That's Maggie's blood type.
Is Maggie okay? We heard there was a an emergency transfusion.
That was for another patient.
Oh Oh, so so she's okay? The surgery's taking longer than expected because of the positioning of the tumor.
The doctor will update you as soon as he can.
Thank you.
What if they find more cancer? I mean, that was what happened last time.
They found more cancer, and then then she had to have the mastectomy.
She's She's gonna be okay.
You don't know that.
MAN: The scan under-called this mass.
- Give me more gauze.
- NURSE: Yes, doctor.
This appears to be more advanced disease.
MAN #2: Yeah.
- Keep Path on stand-by.
- Will do.
Are you seeing this? Let's see if we can get a closer look.
Are those margins clear? EDDIE: Hey.
Any luck finding that screenplay? Nah, it probably got tossed out.
ROME: Where you going? Oh.
Yeah, I told Gary.
Um, I promised Katherine I'd swing by and sign the divorce papers.
That's got to be rough, man.
It's weird.
Like, she and I are getting along better now than we have in a long time.
Well, it sounds like it's for the best.
Well, let me know if there are any updates.
Will do.
I think that's mine.
Sorry, I-I just, uh I found it in the waiting room.
I've been here all day.
You want to swap out for an "Us Weekly," because I'm gonna need that back.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
My bad.
Thank you, man.
Hey, can I ask you, does Leo ever tell Nina the truth? What? I got to know, man.
You liked it? Yeah, it's great.
So, does he tell her? You know what? Make yourself comfortable.
Finish it.
I'm-a get you a blueberry scone or whatever else this vending machine is hocking.
- [LOUD CHOPPING] - WOMAN: Two more.
[CHOPPING CONTINUES] Okay, what's going on? Why are we angry chopping? We're not.
Regina, come on.
Talk to me before another carrot has to die.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] It's just, everywhere I turn, there's Andrew stepping on my toes.
I know.
The guy's been an investor for all of two weeks, and he's already weighing in like an equal partner.
I know, but, Gina, he's the reason we were able to open in the first place.
And he And he pulled a favor and got the critic here.
Yeah, but that review makes it sound like the restaurant is his idea.
You know, D, we worked so hard on this place and I am barely mentioned, and you're left out of it entirely.
That doesn't bother you? No.
No, it doesn't, because we're so busy, we're turning people away.
So if that's partly due to Andrew, then great.
I'm grateful that we have somebody in our corner who knows what they're doing.
- I didn't mean that - Really? Because you didn't think it was a good idea to bring in more tables when I wanted to, but as soon as Andrew suggested it, then it's fine.
That's not fair.
You know, this was supposed to be my do-over.
How am I supposed to believe in myself when my own partner and best friend doesn't? Gina, I didn't I have to get ready for the dinner rush.
- Really? - Yes.
All right.
Excuse me.
The woman that was sitting right there has been gone for quite a while.
You have any idea where she went? - No.
- No, of course not.
] [CLEARS THROAT] I swore not to tell you this, but Maggie forgot it.
And I went back to her place to grab it, and that's where I was coming from when we when we met.
I thought you might want it.
Thank you.
Sit with me.
Okay, we made it.
[KEYS THUD] How about I make you a snack? THEO: I don't want one.
Just so you know, you did a bad job today.
Actually, I did a great job today.
I studied up on manatees, and I helped Maya find her inhaler, and I spent some quality time with my son.
But you didn't cheer me up.
Well, I tried.
But you didn't! I knew it should've been Dad.
You know what, T? That's not okay.
I took the day off to spend with you.
I helped you stop your nosebleed, I gave you the big half of my sandwich, and I'm sorry you're in a bad mood, but that doesn't mean you get to take it out on me.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Give me a consequence.
Should I take out the recycling? Do you feel bad about what you said? That's your consequence.
- You're not religious, are you? - [SCOFFS] Um, my father is Mexican.
I was raised Catholic.
Church every Sunday, twice at Christmas.
When my mom left, it was just me and Pops.
He wanted to go more, I wanted to go less, and by the time I left home, I was - You were over it.
- I was way over it.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I bought this from a woman in Calcutta who swore that it was blessed by Mother Teresa.
[ROSARY RATTLES] I don't know if it was or it wasn't, but in my family, whenever anyone was sick or in crisis, we would pass it around.
I don't know if it helped.
Yeah, but you don't know that it didn't.
There was time that I was a lapsed Catholic there for a while myself.
Maggie told me about Chad.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Yeah, it wasn't till Maggie got sick that I found my way back to God.
Guess it's true what they say there are no atheists in a foxhole.
[VOICE BREAKING] I can't lose another child.
[SIGHS DEEPLY] [SNIFFLES] In the third act Oh, and and the part with the anti-depressants, you know, when, uh, when when Leo told his dad, - "That That's me trying to fix me.
" - "Trying to fix me.
" [CHUCKLES] But his dad, he didn't want to hear it.
He didn't want to go there.
That felt so real.
Is this based on your life? Kind of, yeah.
That really spoke to me, man.
I've had days like that.
Like Leo, when When I [SIGHS] When I couldn't breathe.
And And And sometimes, it's just, like, what I'm going through is invisible to everybody but me.
But But reading this, it made me realize that maybe other people feel invisible, too.
They do.
But they're not.
And neither are you.
I see you.
I'm PJ.
Nice to meet you, PJ.
Table 9 wants to talk to you.
Can you send Andrew out there? He loves to hobnob with the guests.
I would, but they specifically asked for you.
Welcome to Someday.
Is there something I can help you with? Uh, actually, yes.
It's about the risotto.
- Is there a problem? - GRACE: Well, not anymore, but we had to wait two years to have it again.
We used to go to your old place all the time.
And then it closed.
And then this one tried to make it at home, and it was a disaster.
[LAUGHS] Well, thank you, and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
- What are you drinking? - Pinot Gris.
Two more glasses coming up.
- Two glasses of Pinot Gris, please.
- Yeah.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Well played.
How could you think for one second that I don't believe in you? I'm your biggest fan.
I guess my insecurities just got the best of me.
If you're saying that your past can haunt you, I am familiar with that concept.
[CHUCKLES] - Ready to go? - Is it okay if I skip out? Andrew's gonna help me move the boxes - out of Jon's apartment.
- Oh.
Of course.
Of course.
- [SMOOCHES] - Um, thank you.
That's really nice of you.
Well, we help each other out, right? - Good night.
- Good night.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] [ PHONE RINGING] WOMAN: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Hello? Are you there? Yeah, uh I'm not calling for help.
Um, I'm calling to see how I can volunteer.
Hi, honey.
So I met your mom.
I stole his parking spot.
I'm sorry again about how I behaved today, Mommy.
I want you to remember something really important.
You know earlier today when you were mean to me or when I was upset with you? You know what's true about both those times? I never stopped loving you.
You know, sometimes, you and I are gonna be upset with each other.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.
Just like you and Dad.
Just came by so we could sign the papers.
[CHUCKLES] What are you smiling about? Our son just learned remorse.
Ah, well, I guess Theo and I both learned that one this year.
Maybe we all did.
When I called you today [CHUCKLES] I saw you light up.
And I realized it's been a long time since I made you feel good about yourself.
Maybe that's why you and Delilah Maybe that's part of why it happened.
I guess after that, I wasn't feeling so good about myself, so Hunter and I I know you saw the plates.
You don't need to explain.
I know.
I want to.
I needed to feel noticed.
[VOICE BREAKING] I guess we both did.
KATHERINE: [SNIFFLES] Katherine? You are amazing.
In every single way.
And I am sorry - that I didn't tell you more.
THEO: I don't want to be shark bait! I'm the slowest one! It's gonna eat me! - It's a night terror.
- Night terror.
- It has sharp teeth! - It's okay, bud.
- Get it away from me! - You're having a bad dream.
[SAM SMITH'S "HOW WILL I KNOW" PLAYS] Oh, it's you I know - You're the one I dream of - KATHERINE: Hey.
Hey, we fell asleep.
- Look into - Oh, God.
My eyes We better get out of here before he wakes up.
Take me to the clouds above Oh, I lose control Can't seem to get enough This is for you.
- When I wake - [CHUCKLES] Really? From dream Mm.
- Tell me is it - "Invisible.
" - Really love - I like it.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] [CLEARS THROAT] How will I know If you really love me - I say a prayer - [EXHALES, CLEARS THROAT] With every heartbeat - Um, babe? - Oh.
- I fall in love - Yeah, I'll give you space.
- Whenever we meet - You can get me some coffee.
That, too.
I'm asking you what you know about these things I'm sorry.
I just I didn't want to confuse Theo.
- No, no.
I totally get it.
- How will I know If you're thinking of me I try to phone But I'm too shy Can't speak Falling in love Is so bittersweet - This love is strong - This table has been a part - Why do I feel weak - of every big moment in our lives.
I will say I enjoyed the other things we did on this table more than this.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, wake me I'm shaking Wish I had you near me now - Said there's no - [CLEARS THROAT] Mistaking What I feel is really love How will I know - How will I know - Nine years, boiled down to one signature.
- How will I know - It feels like it should've been a bigger deal.
- Yeah.
- How will I know How will I know if you really love me I'll file it as soon as I get to the office.
- I say a prayer - Thanks.
With every heartbeat - I fall in love - KATHERINE: Okay.
- Whenever we meet - Okay.
- If you love me now - [EXHALES DEEPLY] Oh, hey.
You up? [WEAKLY] Yeah.
You get discharged at noon.
[SIGHS] So, what do you want to do today? I don't know.
What do you want to do today? I want to rent a truck [CHUCKLES] and have you move in with me.
- You're serious? - Yeah.
I don't want to go home to my place.
I want to go home to our place.
Gary, we're still holding our breath waiting for the pathology report, - 'cause we don't know - We don't know what? That I love you? We know.
However many moments we have left, I want to spend them with you.
I don't want to not live because I'm afraid of not living.
Besides, you're already packed.
[CHUCKLES] This just makes sense.
Mm - [GROANS] - What's the matter? - Are you gonna throw up? - [GROANS] God, every time I say something nice to you, you throw up.
It's okay.
I'm not throwing up.
[GROANS] How will I know You're in? I'm in.
How will I know [KNOCKING ON DOOR] How's it going, Mom? Just going through it all.
Oh, my God.
Dad looks so '90s.
Who are all these people? I have no idea.
Wait, um Oh, my God, that's Emma.
What? That's That's Emma! That's That's the woman that came to our house yesterday.