A Million Little Things (2018) s02e05 Episode Script


1 I want to come home.
But it's not Jon's baby.
KATHERINE: It's crazy how one decision can change your life forever.
EDDIE: My daughter comes home today.
I can't even call her my daughter.
It's okay, Mom.
Our dad's not here.
All the plans you made slip away.
This is the car people get when they're having kids.
I think we should get it.
So you accept a new reality.
I'm directing this commercial.
- No, you hate directing commercials.
- No.
Let me help you, baby.
Sometimes that's a good thing.
Maggie, you're in remission.
Oh, thank God.
Other times About the night Chad died.
Eric has your brother's heart.
it's more of a shock.
Get in! It's pouring.
And how do you figure out your future when you can't forget your past? Maybe instead of trying to get back to what we were, we figure out what we're gonna be.
KATHERINE: Oh, cool.
Check this out.
It says here that a black hole can be billions of times bigger than the sun.
Guess what.
They finally finished the house across the street.
Yeah, there's an open house tomorrow from 2:00 to 4:00.
That real-estate lady from the bus stop bench came by.
You're not gonna believe it.
Her teeth really are that white.
Oh, read the section on dinosaurs.
Oh, here we go.
What the hell is this? - T! - Theo.
I'm sorry, but what do these two think they're doing? The woolly mammoth is giving its friend the pterodactyl a ride.
It's cute.
Cute?! Everybody knows woolly mammoths and dinosaurs didn't exist at the same time.
Don't look at me.
My only reference is "The Flintstones".
Look it up.
My iPad's right over there.
It's a commonly known fact, like koala bears and humans have the same fingerprints.
Mom knows what I'm talking about.
Apparently, koala fingerprints are so indistinguishable from humans that sometimes they get confused at crime scenes.
They can't even tell them apart even under a microscope.
Huh? Dad, what'd you find? Um Yeah, looks like you were right, bud.
Dinosaurs died 60 million years before woolly mammoths.
See? This book is full of lies.
I don't know what to believe anymore.
Yeah, me neither.
Hey! Hey, the floss is stuck in my teeth! How do I get that out? Ow! [GROANS.]
Cancel everything! I need you to cancel the whole day! Ohh! - Mayday! - [SIGHS.]
Oh, this is unpleasant.
Ow! Got it! All clear! Man, that was a ride, huh? And that is why I do not floss.
GARY: Aww! I just got a text from Gail.
Everyone in our remission group is very excited to see us today.
You know, I'm just gonna put myself out there and say that after the last couple weeks, I think it'd be a very good idea for us to spend a little quality time together.
- Oh, my God! - Oh my God! It is a good thing that I just peed.
You scared the crap out of me.
What are you doing? Looking for my other sneaker.
I'm trying to get a run in before I meet D at my old apartment.
Oh, I thought we were supposed to visit our support group.
There hasn't been a line at the doughnut table since I floated the theory that crullers cause cancer.
I can't.
I promised D I would meet her so we could stage the apartment to post photos.
We really need to find a subletter.
I'm sorry.
Are you mad? - At you? - Mm.
For fully moving in with me? And paying half my rent and utilities? By the way, you still owe me for April.
We can go next week.
Colin! Oh, my God! Oh, dude, come on! You have two perfectly good Oh, he's been licking those, too.
You, sir, have had a busy morning.
- DELILAH: Okay, Charlie, this is one, and this is two.
DANNY: I call first ball.
And again, one SOPHIE: Yeah.
I'm older.
and two.
- Hey, Mom.
- Mm-hmm? You do realize you uploaded the same photo twice, right? - [KEY CLACKS.]
- I do now.
Hey, you guys, before you go, what do you think about using this for Charlie's birth announcement? Wait.
We're not doing a photo of the whole family? Well, I was thinking maybe maybe it could just be Charlie.
But my birth announcement had you and Dad.
And Danny's had all three of us.
Why should this be any different? Uh, because Dad's not here? Uh, yeah, I know Dad's not here, but Charlie still has a family.
She has us.
It's tradition, so Yeah.
No, you're right.
You're right.
I'll call the photographer.
You're gonna love it.
And you're going down.
DANNY: Yeah, well, of course I'm going down.
You're like 6 feet tall.
You're talking to me, not to the car, right? [LAUGHS.]
And cut! Love it.
- But let's do it again.
Hey, babe.
Just brought you some coffee.
Oh, that's sweet, but you know that we have coffee at craft services, right? That's where I got it.
- But they don't have this.
- Mmm.
I'll be back for more of that in a second.
Yeah, yeah.
- And this is for you.
- Thank you.
Nate, quick note for this next take.
- Hey, Don.
Hey, Gene.
- Hey.
How's it going? Well, uh, actually, it's It's great.
Fantastic is what it is.
Your man is incredible.
He came in and put a whole new spin on the campaign.
All him.
Honestly, it was all him.
And us, as well.
Group effort.
I hear you're hosting a big anniversary lunch today.
Rome's folks are married 50 years today.
I've actually been married 30 years.
Not in a row.
Oh, sorry.
My dad's gonna be looking for a new wife if he didn't get my mom that cruise she's been asking for.
Oh, he got her that cruise.
- Right? - Of course he got her the cruise.
He'd be an idiot not to - Maybe give him a call.
- We're all set.
- Thanks.
Hey, Nate! Remember, she's your wife, okay? So it should be hard to tell her.
This way, when she's on board, it'll be that much more rewarding.
- Got it.
- Alright.
And action! Babe [CHUCKLES.]
the RX is great.
But it's just the two of us.
Well what if it weren't just the two of us? Are you saying what I think you're saying? That's exactly what I'm saying.
I love you.
You're talking to me, not to the car, right? [LAUGHING.]
And cut! - [BELL RINGS.]
- That is amazing! DON: I told you.
I told you.
Give me a second.
- MAN: Okay, everybody, take five.
- Rome is the best.
- No, Nate, we are the best, because - [HEADPHONES THUD.]
Hey, Gina.
Everything alright? No.
How could you not run that by me? It's just a commercial.
A national commercial.
About our life.
That everyone's gonna see.
I Hey, uh, how was that? Was it believable? Apparently.
Sweet dreams, Charlotte.
She's down.
Look, I pulled up Seymour's number.
Call him.
Maybe he can do something this week.
Hey, have you guys seen my wallet? - [LINE RINGING.]
- Oh.
I can help you look for it.
Uh, nope.
He's on.
SEYMOUR: Hello? Hello? Seymour, hi.
It's Delilah Dixon.
Delilah Dixon? What, are you kidding? You're the only Delilah in my life.
Terrence, you gave me the wrong contact sheet! How are you, honey? How's the family? Um well, actually, that's why I was calling.
I, um, just had a baby.
Oh, honey, that's wonderful.
No wonder I didn't hear from you at Christmas.
I feel like no one's helping me look here.
You do know Mom's paying for the photographer, right? So, what can I do for you, honey? Um, y-yeah.
The kids were wondering if you could come over and take a family photo for the birth announcement.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm leaving for Cozumel tomorrow for two weeks.
But as soon as I come back, I'm yours, okay? Just tell Jon don't cut the hair too short because it takes forever to airbrush and, to be honest, it's not Terrence's strong suit.
Uh, Seymour, actually, the reason you didn't hear from us over the holidays is, um is because Jon passed away in October.
Oh, sweetie.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Maybe we could schedule something for when you get back.
Terrence! Cancel my day.
I'm coming over this afternoon.
We're taking a picture of your beautiful baby today, Delilah.
ROME: One minute, she's kissing me, and then the next minute, she's storming out.
I don't get it.
The commercial's only loosely based on us, you know? Um, if anyone needs me, I'm just stepping out to make a quick call.
Thanks, Andrea.
Is that the actress playing the character who's "loosely" based on Regina? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
'Cause if Gina committed a crime, that woman gets stopped for questioning.
- Can we change the subject? - Absolutely.
I'm uncomfortable with any conversation where he's in the best relationship.
Well, then, you'll be glad to know that Katherine wants to leave again.
What? Last night, I saw her search history.
No, those guys are they're just bigger.
She was looking up the top 10 places to live.
How does that mean that she Number one was Austin.
She had all these searches open law jobs in Texas, real-estate listings.
What did she say when you asked her about it? I didn't.
I was afraid of the answer.
You got to talk to her about this.
Or produce a commercial about the exact situation that you're not talking about and have her visit the set.
And in two hours, he's gonna be over to take a family photo, which feels weird to do without Jon.
Well, you know, maybe don't think of it as a family photo.
Think of it as Charlie's birth announcement.
Which feels weird to do without Eddie.
Your life is very complicated.
It really is.
But the whole reason we decided Charlie was gonna be Jon's baby is so that things like this would be easier for the kids.
I get it.
Moving on is hard.
When my brother was still alive, every Christmas, my family would rent this cabin on Pontoosuc Lake.
And at 11:59 on New Year's, Chad would get us all to go down for a midnight swim.
- Oh, boy.
- Yeah.
It was freezing.
But we would all run down there, all four of us together, and jump in.
After After he died, we stopped going.
It just didn't feel right.
But, you know, a part of me always wished that we had kept doing it.
'Cause if we had, maybe my family would be in a better place.
So, when he presents her with the gift, - bring out the champagne flutes.
- Mm-hmm.
Unless the gift is not the cruise.
In which case, get anything made of glass away from that woman.
Got it.
The place looks amazing.
They are going to love it, babe.
So, you're just not gonna mention anything about what happened earlier? I'm sorry if the commercial upset you.
Don't say "if" like I'm crazy for being upset.
- But it's not our story.
It's a whole different ending.
Yeah, it is.
Which makes me feel like it's a real passive-aggressive way WALTER: Special delivery.
That's his way of telling you he parked in the Deliveries Only space.
$9 for valet parking.
That's what dinner should cost.
- Happy anniversary.
Who's ready to celebrate? MAGGIE: I still dream about him.
They're so vivid.
I only call them dreams so that people don't lock me up.
Do you ever dream about Jon? Mm.
I used to.
And then they just stopped.
Why do you think I had us go to that psychic? What is it? Um [SIGHS.]
Do you remember what the psychic said, that a part of Chad lives on? Yeah, of course.
Do you think that, um he meant my brother's heart? Do you think he meant Eric? I knew that I was going to marry this man the moment I first laid eyes on him.
You were so handsome in your dress blues.
I was going off to Da Nang, and I would have been fine if you were the last thing I ever saw.
REGINA: Ohh! Oh, Walter, that's so sweet.
Well, he's got the great lines.
Let's see if he's got the great gifts.
Ooh! Did somebody say "gifts"? I hope I'm getting what I hope I'm getting.
This is for you, Renee, for 50 wonderful years.
Is this clothes? Oh, God.
- Oh, thank God.
You didn't! - I did.
- He did.
- He did! Ooh, I'm gonna have to be really clear now.
This is the Alaskan cruise I've always wanted to go on? Renee this is the cruise you've always wanted.
The one you've been asking about every year for the last God knows how long.
You wanted to do this, so we're doing it.
Seven days, seven nights.
Ooh! And then we dock.
At which point, I never want to hear about it again.
- Really? - What? This is how you're giving me the gift I've been asking for for the last "God knows how long"? The point is, we're going on your stupid cruise.
- Let's toast.
- To 50 years! [CLEARS THROAT.]
RENEE: Well, you shouldn't have given it to me if you didn't want to give it to me.
Well, maybe the only reason I gave it to you is because you made me feel guilty not giving it to you.
- Dad! - Renee.
You just can't please this woman.
Walter Howard, you are wrecking my anniversary luncheon.
If you're gonna keep acting like this, you might as well leave.
Fine! ROME: No Regina, Rome, thank you for a wonderful meal.
I assume the house will get this.
Where are you going? Not on a cruise.
Dad Mom.
People! GARY: Nine months ago, I sat here as a-a breast cancer survivor.
Today, I'm sitting here as someone who is in love with a breast cancer survivor.
So, I gotta ask how do you support someone when their cancer is gone? Can I say something? Tessa.
I've known you for, what, like, two years now, Gary? Two amazing years.
And in those two years, you sat here talking about your cancer like you knew for sure it was coming back.
You always said, "It's not that I don't have cancer.
It's that" TOGETHER: "I don't have cancer right now".
Okay, so, apparently, I've said that before.
So, my point is, listen to your own words.
Which words? Tessa, I say a lot of things.
You said that for survivors, there is no life without cancer.
And you're right.
And some people want to sit here and talk about that, and other people don't.
Maggie didn't miss today because she was busy, Gary.
She missed today because she wants to move on.
What What's wrong? [VOICE BREAKING.]
- I just, uh I ju [SOBBING.]
G I'm sorry.
I just No.
No, uh I was looking up these pictures of this place that my family used to rent on Pontoosuc Lake, and I couldn't remember it, and I can't believe I can't remember, because all I want to do is remember.
I just miss him.
Yeah, I Here.
I just [SOBS.]
I miss him so much.
What's going on? [KEYS THUD.]
I saw your search history.
Last night in Theo's room, when I was looking up woolly mammoths.
I was afraid to ask then, but now I need to know.
Do you want to move to Austin? Yeah.
I do.
But I want you and Theo to come with me.
It's so hard to do this, Eddie.
And it's even harder with everyone knowing our business.
Sometimes I just wonder what it would be like if we had a fresh start.
We'd still have to deal with all our stuff, but at least it would just be us dealing with it, not a bunch of people wondering how we're doing it or why we're doing it.
So, the other night, I looked at some places that we could start over.
I've never been to Austin, but I wish we lived there.
But I know we can't.
'Cause you have to be here for Charlie.
We can't go to Austin.
But there is someplace we can go.
Come on.
Mom, h-h-here's the deal.
Right now, Regina's in the kitchen, talking to Dad, making him realize that he wants to apologize.
All I need for you to do is just put yourself in a position to hear it.
Well, I don't want him to apologize if he's not ready to apologize.
I see you have work to do there.
Why should I be the one to apologize? I gave her what she wanted.
Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's not what she wanted.
Yes, Renee has been asking to go on this cruise for years, but the reason she's upset is because she wants to go on it with you.
To take that journey together.
Don't you think she deserves to have this? Let me ask you something.
Rome ever ask you to do something you didn't want to do? He has.
And did you do it? I did not.
See? She's being ridiculous.
And this is not how I want to celebrate my anniversary, either.
Whatever it was with Rome, you were right to stand up to him, and I should do the same with Renee.
Walter Come on! Okay.
I've thought about it, and I'm ready to hear the apology.
Where are we going? Just trust me.
What are we doing here? - Hello? - Hi.
We're here for the open house.
I'm I'm Tammy Blakely.
Tammy, hi.
I'm Edward.
This is my wife, Kat.
We're thinking of moving here.
Oh, how wonderful.
Well, let me show you around.
Where, uh Where are you moving from? Austin.
ERIC: Max will help you take this to your car.
Yeah, I got you.
Eric's got no upper-body strength.
It's true.
Thanks, Max.
Oh, that's right.
You play.
You? Not even a little.
No guitar? God, no.
Do you play an instrument? Oh, you mean 'cause I own a music store? Yeah, I-I get that a lot.
- Nope.
Um, no, this was, um this was Chloe's store, so How'd you guys meet? [CHUCKLING.]
Um actually, I met her right over there.
Um, I-I would see her a-at this, uh the coffee shop around the corner all the time, but I didn't have the courage to go up to her, so, I, uh I did the less creepy thing and figured out where she worked.
And I took out a monthly rental on a clarinet.
It came with lessons.
From Chloe.
No, from Max.
It was very awkward.
But, um, eventually, I got up the courage to ask her out.
I used to play for my brother.
- Mm.
He would pretend to sit in the front row of a concert that I was playing for thousands of people.
And Chad would tell me - [KEYBOARD PLAYING.]
- to focus on him so that I wouldn't get stage fright.
Have you ever played a real concert? No.
I'm very rusty.
I haven't played since I got sick.
Why not? Uh Well, the first time, I focused all of my energy on getting better.
I stopped doing a lot of things.
And then I got sick again.
Well, you're not sick anymore.
Maybe it's time to pick back up where you left off.
You know, um there is a piano bar a couple blocks from here that does an open-mic night.
I can sit in the front row so you don't get stage fright.
Not gonna lie, this closet bigger than my first apartment.
- Oh.
Our first apartment was just outside Houston.
Oh, that's right.
That was right after you got into the academy.
Naval? Space.
You never really understand how beautiful the Earth is until you've seen it from where I've seen it.
MAN: Hello? Tammy? Oh.
Can you excuse me for a second? There's a couple that's back to look at the house.
I think they're gonna make an offer, so if you're interested, you should move quickly.
Hello! Welcome back.
Is it too late for me to adopt a Texan accent? [TEXAN ACCENT.]
I reckon it is, but I say go for it, par'ner.
Thanks, Edward.
This is just what I needed.
Can I show you the walk-in closet? Really? [NORMAL VOICE.]
Well, she did say we need to move quickly.
DELILAH: Let's just take this.
It's almost time for Charlie's nap.
Perfect! Just take a casual pose.
Daniel, you look very dapper.
I love that blazer.
I-I-I really don't want to take this not until I find my wallet.
Sweetie, I'll help you find it after, okay, but right now, we have a small window till Charlie just has a meltdown.
So please, okay? Come on, Soph, let's go.
Ohh! Would you look at that beautiful flower.
- You know what I would love to do? Put a headband on her so that we know that she's a she.
SOPHIE: I can go get one.
No, we're losing our window.
- Gosh! Okay, two seconds.
Danny, stay right there.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm looking for Jonathan Dixon.
I work at Electrazone, the arcade out in West Newton? Okay? Uh, this was the address on his license.
That's mine! Oh.
Well, thank you so much for returning it.
Oh, no, no, no.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
You had Dad's license? Sweetie? I thought if I had the license in my wallet, Dad could be in the picture without you knowing.
But the truth is, we shouldn't be doing this without him.
And I'm not going to.
No! I'm not going to! Danny, can we please just [SIGHS.]
Oh, Seymour, I'm sorry I had you waste your time.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Look, if you change your mind, I'm always here for you.
Except the next two weeks, when I'll be in Cozumel.
Which I really need right now.
I love you guys.
I'll call you when I get back.
SOPHIE: Come on! Fine! I was just trying to help! But just so you know, we already have a baby in the house! Okay, I cannot believe he won't come out of his room to take one stupid photo.
Well, honestly, honey I'm not sure I was ready to take it, either.
Oh Oh, so, what? Now we're just gonna never take a photo again? Soph! Come on.
Sophie, please.
That's not what I'm saying.
Maggie, hi.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
It's, uh it's good, actually.
Um, how'd things go with the photo? Not as good.
Danny's upset because we're doing it.
Sophie's upset because we're not doing it.
So not a perfect situation.
You know, you remember what I was saying earlier about my family's trips to the lake? I-I understand why we stopped going after Chad died.
I mean, it was just too hard for my parents to do something without their son that they used to do with him.
What we should have done was start a new tradition.
One that let us know that we were still a family.
DELILAH: And I know this is hard, and there are just so many things that we used to do with Dad that he's not here for anymore.
It just feels like we're trying to move on without him.
Well, yeah.
What? Are we just gonna sit around and be sad about what happened for the rest of our lives? I'm not sad.
I just don't want to forget Dad.
Don't you miss him? Of course I miss him.
I miss him all the time! Okay, stop.
Nobody's trying to forget him.
And we all miss him.
We all miss him all the time.
Danny, if you need to keep a picture of him in your wallet, you should.
But Sophie's right, too.
And it's so hard to imagine taking a family photo without him.
But Dad would want us to take a picture for Charlie's birth announcement.
Right? He would want us to still be a family.
'Cause I feel love See? Even Charlie agrees.
Throwing it all away I'm sleepless Can you come downstairs with me? I want to show you something.
DANNY: What are we doing? We're starting a new tradition.
Well, look who finally showed up.
- ROME: Come on.
It feels weird taking a family photo without you.
Thank you so much for dropping everything and coming over so quickly.
After last year, when the kids and I think of family, we we really do think of you.
All of you.
I just couldn't have imagined taking this photo for Charlie's birth announcement without you in it.
And, uh thank you.
Let's do it.
Come on.
- What's up, Charlie? - Kids in the front, please.
- Gather in.
- Perfect.
You got 12 seconds to find your smiles.
- Oh.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Dad needs to be in the picture.
Everybody say "Cozumel".
- What? - What? - Just say it.
- Just say it.
So I take it the anniversary lunch didn't go so great? It did not.
Sorry, pal.
- Here, Mom.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Hey, bud? - I know! [DEEP VOICE.]
"Couch pillows aren't a napkin".
I made the walk from Albany to Rome Hi, Charlie! - [CHARLIE COOS.]
- Hey! 'Cause I feel love Throwing it all away I'm sleepless Get a room, huh? We almost got a house.
I don't get it.
This is what we like.
We don't like shoes.
This is your charcuterie board.
What's going on here? I'm just giving him a snack to protect my footwear.
Your lucky day, bud.
Hey, can I can I ask you something? Yeah.
Why didn't you go to the remission group today? I told you.
I was busy staging the apartment.
Are you sure that's the reason? Because everyone in the group seemed to think that it's because you're avoiding it.
You solved it.
I mean, what do you want me to say? I want you to tell me what's going on.
Are we okay? What do you mean? I mean, y You You feel pretty far away.
It's just I'm I'm trying to figure out who we are without cancer.
Yeah, that's it, Gary.
Um I'm still trying to figure out who I am without cancer.
I mean, there's so many things that I wanted to do before I got sick.
I used to play music.
I wanted to travel.
You know what I did today? I, um I threw out all the plans I'd made for my funeral.
What song I wanted to play, who should speak, what dress I wanted to be buried in.
I mean, most girls my age are planning their weddings.
You don't need any of that stuff any No, I know.
I know.
I just Since I met you, I've been dying.
I really want to get back to living.
But I don't know how to do that.
Let me help you figure it out.
That's why I'm here.
Gary I love you.
This is something I need to do myself.
Maybe you should call him.
He knows how to reach me.
I'm not going home until he apologizes.
I guess I'll make up the couch.
For us.
Although I don't know what he could possibly say to fix this.
WALTER: Renee.
For 50 years, you've put up with me.
I don't know how you've done it or why you've done it, but I'm glad you've done it.
And you deserve everything you want.
So, I would be honored if you'd go on that cruise with me.
It's a good thing he left before dessert, 'cause that thing wouldn't have fit.
You can read for 10 minutes.
What do you guys think of the name Emerson? Well, uh, Emerson's the name of a great college in town.
It's also the name of the new girl in Theo's class.
Ohh! Is that why you're asking? No! I was just thinking if you and Dad ever had another baby, you should name her Emerson.
That's a beautiful name.
But I don't think Dad and I are having any more children.
Why not? Because we have to save all of our love for you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Gina, thank you for everything today.
And not just with my folks.
W-With me, too.
And I am sorry if I am sorry that the car commercial bothered you.
Rome, I want to be married for as long as your parents have, but I don't want to be like them, where they don't talk about stuff.
See, I don't want you to resent me, and I don't want to resent you.
You're right.
So let's talk.
Do you know why this morning bothered me? Because you don't want our personal life to play out in a high-end car commercial? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, yes.
And also I want to find a way to give us the happy ending where we're both happy.
Me too.
So, where do we go from here? I don't know.
- Ah.
Hey, bud.
Maggie? What? You already ate.
So did I.
Let my love open the door Let my love open the door Let my love open the door To your heart To your heart When people keep repeating - [EXHALES SHAKILY.]
- You'll never fall in love [FOLDER CLOSES.]
When everybody keeps retreating [SNIFFLES, SIGHS.]
You can't seem to get enough Let my love open the door Let my love open the door How about - [KEYBOARD CLACKS.]
- this one? [GASPS.]
"Our giant family just got bigger".
I love it.
When everything feels all over When everybody seems unkind I'll give you a four-leaf clover Take all the worry out of your mind Let my love open the door Thanks for an amazing day, Edward.
You're welcome Kat.
Let my love open the door To your heart To your heart I have the only key to your heart I know this isn't something you're supposed to say on a first date.
Try today, you'll find this way But I love you.
Come on and give me a chance to say Good night.
Let my love open the door Good night.
It's all that I'm living for Release yourself from misery Only one thing's gonna set you free That's my love That's my love Ooh That's my love That's my love When tragedy befalls you Don't let it bring you down Oh, love can cure your problems You're so lucky I'm around Let my love open the door Let my love open the door Let my love open the door To your heart Oh, to your hea-a-a-rt [SONG ENDS.]
That's my boy!