A Million Little Things (2018) s02e16 Episode Script

Change of Plans

1 - I want to adopt a baby.
ROME: When we bring new people into our lives She could really be our birth mother.
I said I didn't know where the father is.
But I do know where he is.
I just don't want him to know where I am.
there's always a risk.
You haven't met your Aunt Lindsay yet because she has a problem.
I have the same problem.
Some break our hearts You keep saying that you need to know who you are without cancer.
Maybe I need to figure out who I am without you.
and others Are you a musician, too? You ever hear of the Red Ferns? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did the band start without me? - threaten everything.
That was Oxford.
I didn't get the fellowship.
- Oh, my God.
- What's wrong? That's him.
That's Derek.
I'm gonna go with him, and get him to sign the consent form.
GARY: Can't believe she's coming.
There's actually a visit on the books.
The last time I saw your sister was at your wedding.
And if memory serves, Lindsay was drunk and trying to force-feed me a piece of wedding cake.
And that was 30 minutes before the ceremony.
That's my sister.
Oh, dude, remember? She threw up on that little flower girl.
She filled that whole basket.
Oh, I remember.
She promised me she's sober now.
Oh, the alcoholic says she's sober, and we're taking her at her word.
- That's smart.
- Dude.
I'm sober.
Yeah, the first time you tried to get sober ended with you throwing nachos into the penalty box at the Garden.
That was both juvenile and a waste of 18-dollar nachos.
I can't believe Katherine signed off on this visit.
This is good.
You get all your comments out now, before we get back into the house.
Look, Katherine and I have a plan.
Does it involve a wicker basket? [LAUGHING.]
I mean, she filled that whole thing.
I am going to be the only one home when Lindsay gets here.
If she's not really sober, I'm going to tell her to leave.
We didn't even let Theo know she's coming, just in case.
But isn't he in the house? Wasn't that your fourfoot-five child butler that offered me a Dr Pepper? He's leaving.
Katherine's taking him to that new laser tag place.
Ooh, Planet Lazer? I mean, I've I've heard good things.
You are a 36-year-old man.
In two months, I am, and I know where I'm having my birthday party.
Pew, pew! Okay, I called Planet Lazer.
The 5:15 game already has 12 reservations.
This is gonna be epic! Legendary! Monumental.
You got me.
- Thank you, flashcards! - [LAUGHS.]
Ooh, I'm gonna change into stuff that looks cool under a black light.
Good idea.
- Hey, Carter.
- Hey, girl.
Carter, it's Katherine.
Did you mean to call me? Y-Y-Yeah.
I was trying out something new.
Didn't work.
Anyway, bad news.
Did you see your e-mail? Dale wants you to come in.
What? I told everyone I was taking the afternoon off.
And I reminded them.
But he wants you in this meeting with a new client they're trying to woo.
Cheryl Higgins.
Dale finally got Cheryl to come in? He's been trying to get her as a client for a year.
I know.
It's huge.
That's why he wants you in the conference room at 5:00.
But I promised Theo.
Yeah, it's just I know.
When the managing partner asks you to come in, he's not asking.
Judge show Different judge show Oh, here we go! Yeah! Look who's dancin' on her talk show.
Mm, mm.
Oh, my God.
What? I have the same haircut as Ellen.
What are we doing? We're basically wearing matching sweatpants, and we didn't even talk about it this morning.
We need to get out.
What are you talking about? When is the last time you went out? Uh, yesterday.
Some of the other basketball moms and I had coffee while Sophie was at practice.
Was it at a coffee shop? It was on the bleachers.
- Mm.
- Joyce had a thermos.
Okay, fine.
Where do you want to go? A bar.
Happy hour.
What? What about Charlie? Sophie's still grounded.
That's a built-in babysitter.
Let's do it.
Let me just go tell Sophie.
Great! And while you're up there, go change all of your clothes.
And put on a bra.
Or you know, don't.
Just depends on the outfit.
What's going on? Uh Have you never played laser tag before? The object is to shoot the other team, not sue them.
I have to go to the office.
- Oh, but I thought you - Told them that I was taking the afternoon off so I could be there for my son? - I did.
You have to tell Lindsay she can't come.
- Katherine - Eddie.
we just told Theo about your drinking.
I don't need him to see his aunt fall off the wagon and wonder if his dad's gonna do the same thing.
She's my sister.
If she is sober and I just cancel on her, it's not exactly sending a message of support.
I'm sorry, but I can't let her mess up our life again.
Way I see it, you have two choices here.
One, you give me that briefcase and that blazer and we let my charm and those shoulder pads get me through that meeting.
And what was two? The law firm of Newman, Duffy, & Han covers all my laser tag expenses.
Including quarters for the arcade.
Okay, fine.
I'll use the change machine.
Like an animal.
There's no reason today has to be hard on all of us.
No, Wendy, she said she'd call in an hour, and she hasn't.
What is she saying? Okay.
Thanks, Wendy.
- What'd she say? - [SIGHS.]
There's nothing we can do until Eve reaches out to us.
- She left with Derek yesterday.
- [SIGHS.]
And all we've gotten is one text saying she'd call us in 10 minutes, and that was three hours ago.
I just want to know where she is.
The phone.
We-We bought her that phone.
Are you seriously worried - about a phone right now, babe? - No! I bought it on our account, which means that I can - [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
- track it.
She's at a hotel in Cambridge.
- Let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know I said I want to know where she is, but what a what are we doing? What do you mean? When we first met with the social worker, she told us how important boundaries are between adoptive parents and birth parents.
And now we're gonna track Eve down? Rome [SCOFFS.]
we let her stay at our place.
We gave her a job at our restaurant.
Whatever it is you're worried about us doing, we're already doing it.
You and I sat next to Eve at that ultrasound.
Saw her hospital gown slip.
The person who gave her those scars? She's with him right now.
I'll drive.
- Hey, Linds.
- Mr.
You gonna invite me in and offer me a drink? Ohh! Too soon? Oh! [CHUCKLES.]
I thought maybe we could do some shots and then hit the wedding cake.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
Okay, get me up to speed.
They're in there with Cheryl and more pastries than I stress-ate during the finale of "The Bachelorette.
Uh, what about the trivial stuff, like, I don't know, who from the firm's in the meeting? Oh, right.
Phil, Dale, Chris Oh, thanks.
And, uh, Callie? No, Callie had that family reunion in Miami this weekend.
And that's why Dale called me in.
If you're gonna try to woo a female client, gotta let 'em know you have female attorneys.
- Gross.
- Super gross.
But you go in there and prove to them that you're more than just a lady with fabulously layered hair.
- Did you get a haircut? - I did.
Thank you.
But no part of me wants to be a lady right now.
Hi! You must be Cheryl.
You know, this might be my first time single at a bar in Boston.
The last time I was single at a bar was at an airport, and I met my husband.
Okay, you know what? Tonight, let's not talk about our past.
No exes.
Only talk about the future.
And if one of us slips, she has to do a shot.
- Wow.
Look who went from zero to hero.
And speaking of the future, here comes husband number two right now.
Looks like happy hour just got a little happier.
Mind if I join you ladies? Uh, n-nous ? Tu Tu veux boire un verre avec nous ? I'm sorry? Uh Paul va à la bibliothèque dans sa voiture rouge.
Who's Paul? And why is he driving to the library in his red car? That's everything I could remember from ninth grade French class.
Oh! You went to BC, too? - I sure did.
- Did you just graduate? Nah.
Nah, I've I've been out for a little while.
You know, just kickin' it.
Hey, can I have some money for Knock yourself out, little man.
Thanks! Oh, he's not mine.
I just help his parents out from time to time.
That is so sweet.
What can I say? I live to help people.
I'm Gary, by the way.
If you guys could just put a pin in whatever this is, my son and I would like two tickets to the 5:15 game.
This'll just take a sec.
Then you can get back to making plans for prom.
Well, for your information, I missed my prom.
I got chicken pox at a surprisingly late age.
You're doing a lot of things at a surprisingly late age.
- LIAM: Theo! - THEO: Liam! He goes to my school.
I think she does, too.
MAN: The 5:15 game is about to begin.
C'mon, guys, let's do this! - Guess we're doing this.
- Guess so.
Thanks, Dale.
I'll have my office reach out.
And, Katherine, here's my card in case you have any questions for me while we're moving our files over.
I-I am so sorry, Cheryl, I don't have a card on - Boom.
- Thanks, Carter.
I'll walk you out.
I had the valet bring your car around.
Oh, thank you.
DALE: Katherine, that was incredible.
It was just perfect.
- She loved you.
- Thanks, Dale.
Listen can I ask you a question? Do we think you're amazing? We do.
I appreciate that, Phil.
But did you ask me here to meet Cheryl today because you think I'm amazing or because I'm a woman? What? Because you're amazing.
You're one of our highest-billing attorneys.
- And you're one of our best litigators.
- Yeah.
So it's not because Callie was at a family reunion in Miami? No, it's because you are a fantastic attorney.
So fantastic that last month, you pulled me off the Polk case and put Ted on it? You put Ted on it, even though Carter and I did all the prep work.
And, like Phil said, I'm one of your best litigators.
So if it's not because I'm a woman, then what was it? 'Cause Cheryl and I would really like to know.
It's because the client was uncomfortable.
Martin Polk was uncomfortable? That is ridiculous.
Martin loves me.
Yes, he does.
But he was uncomfortable with Carter.
Who crushed it? She did! Pow! Carter, would you give us a minute? [DOOR OPENS.]
What? Nothing.
Why now? I don't know.
I'm about to turn 40.
My friends are all married, have families.
I saw the birth announcement you sent out for Charlie, and I thought "Why isn't that me?" Lindsay.
It's not too late.
You can have an affair and get someone pregnant, too.
Oh, uh, hey, I brought this for Theo.
Where is he? He's playing laser tag with Gary.
Uh, Katherine and I wanted to [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
We just weren't sure what to expect.
Hey, I get it.
You wanted to make sure I wasn't embarking on a solo booze cruise.
Katherine and I have been through a lot with my drinking.
Well with everything.
How you guys doing? It was tough.
But We're in a much better place.
Katherine is determined to make it work, and so am I.
Hey, the Hallowell.
I remember that concert.
Do you? Eh, uh, not totally.
Remember your first gig? Oh, you mean the time I had to watch my sister go to second base with the bouncer? It was first base, and it got you 10 minutes of stage time.
- You're welcome.
- Hmm.
Hey, I want to hear the new album you've been working on with, um - What's her name, again? - Dakota.
Oh, that's right.
You used to go to all my gigs.
Because I believed in you.
I still do.
We're looking for a hotel guest.
Can you, uh, tell us what room Derek Jones is in? I'm sorry.
I can't give out that information.
But if you like, - I can call up to the room and - No! The woman he's with We think she might be in danger.
- Should I call the police? - No.
The thing is, if If we do that, it could make things worse.
I'm sorry.
It's company policy.
I can't tell you the room number.
Hotel Walden.
Thank you for calling.
Thank you.
By the way, those photos you sent me of Theo are adorable.
And you're right He's Asian you.
That Halloween costume? I can't believe you made that.
Who goes as a pencil cup? What is this? Is this cocaine? - Uh t-that's not mine.
- Damn it, Lindsay, you told me you were sober.
- I am sober.
- Really? Then whose coke is this? You know what? We're not doing this.
- You gotta go.
- You're kicking me out? After everything I've done for you? Wait, Eddie Eddie! - You have to believe me - Just stop just stop with the lies.
- Eddie, please! - You need to leave.
No, you said it! You said Jon's favorite drink was an Old Fashioned.
- You got to drink! - I was referencing my dead husband! - Drink! - [GROANS.]
Happy Hour Maggie is so bossy! [CHUCKLES.]
- Good.
- Mm! Doesn't that guy over there with the beard look just like Gary? [CHUCKLING.]
- Oh, you bitch! - Oh, yeah.
Oh, God.
- Anyways, you were saying? - Whew! Um, right.
So, a bunch of my colleagues are trying to talk me into joining this research project about dreams and repressed memories, but I don't know.
After I didn't get the fellowship at Oxford, I just feel like I I'm afraid What are you looking at? There's this really cute guy over there - who's checking you out right now.
- What? No, don't look! Don't look! Don't, don't, don't, don't! [YAWNING.]
Oh, wow.
Oh, my.
Are you yawning? Really? Yeah.
I was I'm very tired.
- MALE VOICE: Shields down.
Pleasure doing business with you.
- Shields down.
Say hello Shields up.
Player ready.
- Shields down.
to my little friend! - [LASER GUN CHIRPS.]
- Shields down.
Nobody gave us nothing.
So we're gonna take everything.
LIAM: But I shot you! Doesn't count! Unofficial! Don't be a sore loser, Theo.
I shot you in the chest fair and square.
While you were running! A direct violation of Rule Two.
Game Master Dave! Those were unearned points, Liam.
- Unearned! - Shields down.
Can you settle this, please? Sorry.
I didn't see it.
I'm out! Shields down.
Well [GROANS.]
Good game.
Enjoy your afternoon.
Where are you going? He's leaving.
Thought it'd be better if I went with him.
He's my ride.
You can't let him leave.
The boys need to talk.
Yeah, I'm not a real parent.
Really? Well, I am, and I know Katherine would want them to work this out.
So go find him, and we'll meet you at the change machine.
We'll meet you at the foosball table.
- Thank you.
- BARTENDER: No problem.
You've been pretending not to look at him for, like, 10 minutes.
Why don't you go over there and actually talk to him? Because it could lead to more than just talking.
Which is exactly why you should go over there.
Right? Let loose! You hook up with a guy.
So what? Have a little fun.
Um, you realize that's the exact opposite advice you gave Sophie? Oh, you're right.
Now smoke a joint and go have sex with that guy.
You know, it turns out that every decision you make does not have to last for the rest of your life.
Hmm? That research project or this extremely cute guy They can be things you just do for a while.
For a year.
Or one fabulous night.
'Cause if there's one thing we've learned from losing your brother and Jon, it's that life can change in a moment.
- I know.
I have to take a shot.
- Yep.
You know what? Change of plans.
You stay here.
I'm gonna go get him.
- What? No! - [CHUCKLES.]
- Watch me.
- Don't! - [CHUCKLES.]
- I'm a matchmaker [GIGGLES.]
Does this usually work for you? The hanging back and doing nothing approach? Apparently.
Well played.
Uh, but if you're done playing Bug-A-Boo, why don't you buy me and my friend a drink? Bug-A Oh, do you mean Peek-A-Boo? I do.
I'm Miles.
I'm Delilah.
But, more importantly, - that's Maggie.
- Oh.
I thought I made myself clear.
I don't want you here.
Looks like the honeymoon phase is over.
I thought you were my sister.
Well, as long as you're only talking that way to your family I just came by to get my capo.
I got a gig tonight, and I know I left it here, so - You okay? - Yeah.
Hey, if you want, you can just, uh, borrow mine.
- Mm.
- They're only like eight bucks.
How much does this gig pay, anyway? Eh, it's my lucky one.
I know I left it here.
Is this what you're looking for? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
It's 1218, right? Not 1812? - Yeah.
- You sure? I was.
There it is.
There it is.
EVE: Stop it! [LAUGHS.]
No, seriously, Derek.
- Stop it! - Are they laughing? - We have to go in there.
- No.
- Gina - I'm not sure that's the right thing to do.
No, you're right.
We should We should call Wendy.
She can get someone from the shelter to help us.
We're not calling Wendy.
We're not doing anything.
Do you hear what's happening? Yeah.
They're laughing.
No, no.
He's sucking her back in.
You're the one who wanted to come here.
Yeah, to make sure that she was okay.
And it sounds like she is.
We are not gonna let her go back to him.
- We're not gonna stand here - [DOOR OPENS.]
EVE: Come on, D, let's go downstairs.
- What are they doing here? - You alright, Eve? Of course she's alright.
Why wouldn't she be alright? Wait, what the hell is going on? D, look at me.
These are the people that want to adopt our baby.
Remember? The couple that I was telling you about? I told Derek all about you guys.
W-Why don't you two come in? I want you guys to get to know each other.
Just because you have a problem, Eddie, doesn't mean that I do.
No, but because I have a problem, I can identify when someone else does.
You gotta stop, Dakota.
Okay, Dad.
Look, we talked about this.
I'm the same way.
I drank.
I did coke.
I never performed sober.
Part of me felt like I wasn't talented without it.
But trust me, you don't need this.
Eddie, we are about to finish this album.
I'm not changing what we're doing now.
What are we gonna use to get through it, your mentoring? Look, you said so yourself You need this just as much as I do.
So I will see you tomorrow at ten.
Or I won't.
You let me know.
No, I'm not gonna calm down! There are rules, and if we don't follow them, it's chaos! Liam, do you hear what Theo's saying? Yeah, but it's just a game.
A game with rules that were clearly established.
Rules were made to be broken.
is what I would say if I was joking.
But I'm not.
Obviously, you're right, pal.
Rules are important.
But, at the same time, it's good to be flexible You know? We can't let someone else breaking the rules keep us from being happy.
Right? What do you say we play again? Yes, and this time, we can all be on the same team.
Great idea! Okay, red team, here's the plan When we get in there, Theo, Liam, you take left flank.
Gary, you go straight down the center.
- Cool.
- Straight down the center? But I'll get shot.
You're the bait.
"Bug-A-Boo"? [LAUGHTER.]
I wasn't born here, okay? And Peek-A-Boo does not make any more sense.
Well, I think the idea is that you look - Peek - And then you scare them.
- Boo! - [SCREAMS.]
You know the expression "scapegoat"? - Uh-huh.
- She thought it was "escape goat.
" Yes, because I thought they got you out of trouble by escaping.
I a-stand by that.
You "a-stand" by that? [LAUGHTER.]
Well, as much as I love you two making fun of me, I'm, um, gonna go get us another round.
You two stay here and just keep on talking.
Miles is an EMT, and Maggie is a therapist.
You fix people on the outside, she fixes them on the inside.
You're like two kernels on the same corn cob.
She means two peas in a pod.
DEREK: And look, I know you guys have probably heard some stuff about me.
Sometimes I can get a little heated.
But I'm gonna get some help.
Take some anger management classes, right? EVE: Yeah, we want a fresh start.
Derek has a great job at DevCon Pharmaceuticals.
So we're gonna go back to Philly together and have the life we always wanted.
And then maybe in the future, when we're ready, we can have a baby of our own.
Wow, Eve, it seems like you've given this a lot of thought.
Yeah, Wendy.
I really have.
Linds, it's me again.
I am so, so sorry.
I don't know what else to say.
- Um, please call me back.
- KATHERINE: Eddie! The greatest thing just happened.
I've been waiting eight years to tell them off, and I finally did it.
Suck it, Dale! Suck it, Ted! Suck it, Phil! Individually and collectively, you can all suck it! Whoa, whoa.
What are we talking about? - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
- I quit! I quit my job! Oh, she didn't just quit.
She went out in a blaze of glory! Remember that Polk case The one I told you that they took me off because I was a woman? - It was because you were a woman? - No! It's 'cause they're homophobic and they didn't want to work with Carter.
And the firm just let that happen.
- Can they do that? - No, they can't.
But they did.
And I quit! She quit! - [BOTH LAUGH.]
- Isn't that exciting?! So exciting! [MID-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS.]
What are you doing?! You're supposed to be flirting your ass off.
Uh, actually, you're supposed to be flirting your ass off.
What? Bug-a-boo! He likes you.
Oh! - He can't like me.
- And yet, he does.
What? No! I can't just You can't go over there and have fun with a hot guy who's into you? - Why not? - Well, because, for starters, he's, like, what, 10 years younger than me.
And And And And he doesn't know anything about me.
It turns out, every decision you make doesn't have to last the rest of your life.
Just get out there and see what happens! It doesn't have to mean anything.
Just let yourself have some fun for one night.
- Just tonight.
Do you need one of Sophie's joints? - [LAUGHS.]
- Get in there! Go.
REGINA: It's lucky that the hotel had a notary so we can make this official.
I think that's just standard boiler plate stuff.
So that you're not financially responsible for the baby.
Legal jargon.
That's a word, right? Jargon.
Doesn't sound like it.
Can you try saying it? Jar Evie, are you sure we're doing the right thing? This is our baby.
Is this what you want? What I want is to have a fresh start with you.
You have an amazing job.
We're gonna move back in together.
I just don't think we need this added pressure right now.
- Mm.
- Hey.
And latern when the time is right, that's when we'll start a family.
And now I'll just notarize this.
I love you.
We still have to get her out of here.
And you are signed as witnesses.
Uh Oh, sorry.
Regina, this one's yours.
DEREK: Regina? I thought your name was Wendy.
Regina's my first name.
My middle name's Wendy.
Please don't call her Regina.
It means queen.
You don't want that going to her head.
Am I right? [CHUCKLES.]
Okay, baby, we should, uh, get our stuff and check out.
Want to get to Philly before traffic, alright? ROME: Wait.
Wait a minute.
You cannot leave town without taking him to that ice cream place we took you to.
Ah, yeah, Cabot's.
She's been having these cravings.
I mean, you will, too, when you try that place.
What do you say, babe? Yeah, sure.
Let's do it.
The last time, the baby kicked so hard, I was in the bathroom for 20 minutes.
Worth it for that mint chip, though.
Mm, mint chip.
She knows me.
- Alright.
You take care of yourself, okay? Okay.
Hey, Wendy, it's Regina.
We found Eve.
Here's the plan.
- Red! Red! Red! Red! Red! - Blue! Blue! Blue! Blue! Blue! GARY: Show it to me! Yes! Yes! - Sorry.
There could only be one.
- Good job! It's okay, people.
It's not your fault.
We're just better.
Oh, 94% accuracy? Who's Phoenix? Last time, I got 96%.
I blame the gun.
How often are you here? Just that one other time.
Where did you train, Fallujah? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, technically, Fort Devens.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, seriously? I'm on reserve now, but I was active duty for 18 months.
- Thank you for your service.
- Mm-hmm.
Uncle Gary, can Liam and I play Skee-Ball? - Knock yourself out, dude.
- Yes! Whoa! But not really! I'm self-employed and uninsured.
He called you Uncle Gary.
Are you Eddie's brother? Kind of.
I don't know if Katherine told you, but we, uh - we lost a friend last year.
- Oh.
I heard.
I'm sorry.
I've also We've lost too many vets to suicide.
Yeah, I'm sorry, too.
Wait a minute.
You're Guardian Gary.
Yeah, I am.
Wait, how do you know that? Katherine told me.
She leaned on me a lot this last year.
The moms at our school, they can be rough, and when Steve and I split, they were ruthless.
Oh, my God, no.
Steve didn't cheat on me.
He's the best.
We just We got married young and divorced young.
So we could be hot single parents.
I like that.
Uncle Gary, you playing? You know I am! Sorry, Phoenix.
Duty calls.
Okay, that's the last of it.
Hey, lady.
About what you did today [VOICE BREAKING.]
No one's ever stood up for me like that before.
You've had my back for eight years.
Well, nine in April, but point taken.
Thank you.
What did I just do? [SIGHS.]
We We can figure it out.
I'll start looking for a job.
And we have some savings, right? The money coming in from Dakota.
We'll be okay, right? We are gonna be fine.
But there's something that you need to know.
When I was with my sister today Oh, yeah.
Where is she? I kicked her out.
I found coke when she was unpacking.
Oh, Eddie.
I am so sorry.
It wasn't hers.
It was Dakota's.
What? Apparently, she's been using the entire time we've been working together.
Well, you have to stop working with her.
I just quit my job.
I'll, uh I'll call Dale, I'll apologize, I No.
Dakota has a problem, but I can handle it.
From now on, we are gonna work in the garage or the recording studio.
Theo won't be there.
She will never be inside of this house again.
We are going to get through the album, we're gonna get the money, we're gonna get Dakota help, and we're gonna find you the job that you deserve.
ROME: What is she saying? The police have the restraining order, and Eve is at a safe house.
Thank you, Wendy.
And please thank everyone at the shelter.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
And everyone there has our number, for when she goes into labor? DEREK: Where the hell is she?! Eve! Hey! Hey! Where is she?! Eve! Eve! Tell me where she is! - Eve?! Where is she?! - [GRUNTS.]
Excuse me! - She's not here! - Eve?! We don't know where she is.
But we do know where Gerald Buckley is.
How do you know my boss? We looked you up.
Eve was right.
You have a very impressive sales job in Philadelphia.
Be a shame if Gerald found out about your restraining order.
Or that you like to hit women.
If you start this, you better be ready to finish it.
Doesn't matter.
She's just gonna end up coming back to me anyway.
You so much as say her name out loud, and we will come for you.
And we will never stop coming for you.
You know what? She's not even worth it.
I'm just a little scared of you right now.
- Go, Liam! - LIAM: Come on! Come on! - Yes! - [BELL DINGS.]
- GARY: Alright.
My turn.
- MAN: Blue team, you're up in Zone 1.
- [BLOWS.]
- Boom! Crushed you! [LAUGHS.]
It was a very close game.
You both played well.
I'm gonna get more quarters.
We gotta go.
Liam's dad is taking him out to dinner.
It was nice to meet you.
Yeah, it's nice meeting you, too.
And thanks for what you did with Theo.
It was good for him to see that even though sometimes life doesn't go the way as planned, it can still be fun.
Speaking of which, I have something for you.
Oh! I'll be honest, I did not peg you for a Becky.
I'm not.
My name's Darcy.
That's Becky.
I felt bad about earlier.
Have fun at the prom.
BARTENDER: It's true You and I have the same job.
We listen to people's problems all day.
Yeah, except I only serve alcohol on special occasions.
Who's calling me from England? [CELLPHONE BEEPS.]
Hello? Uh, yes, this is Dr.
Yes, of course I'm I'm still interested in the fellowship.
But, um, I thought that Oh.
O Well, that that's great.
I mean, not for her grandmother, but Uh-huh.
You know what? Yes.
I would love to do it.
I'm I'm in.
I'm going to Oxford.
Okay, and this is my impression of a T-rex going clubbing.
- Everybody clap your hands! I can't! - Wow! - [LAUGHS.]
Okay, bud, I am giving you the light.
That's my time.
You guys have been great.
It was really nice to meet you, Aunt Lindsay.
Please don't wait another ten years to visit.
KATHERINE: I'll go tuck him in.
- I It was really good to see you.
- You, too.
I'm glad you're doing so well.
Mom! Search your feelings! You know it's time for cuddles! Don't worry.
The batteries come out.
- EDDIE: Hey, Linds.
I'm sorry again about earlier.
- I just - Oh, I get it.
And I really am trying.
I'm glad we're in each other's lives again.
Me, too.
I love you, Mr.
Love you, too.
You know, um, since I've been sober, I've been thinking a lot about stuff.
Do you remember the lake house? Yeah.
Why? Did you ever wonder why we stopped going? Not really.
I just thought after the accident After Alex Stewart died Mom and Dad didn't want to go back.
I should get going.
Dad! Time for cuddles! Yeah, coming! We haven't been to that lake house in 20 years.
Why are you thinking about it now? I No reason.
I guess I was just being nostalgic.
Dad! Go say good night to your son.
He's pretty great.

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