A Million Little Things (2018) s04e16 Episode Script

Lesson Learned

1 Anna, I love you.
We're done.
Previously on "A Million Little Things" I never should have gone to France.
Everything got messed up.
I want you to screen your documentary here.
I think it's exactly what the student body needs to see.
Dennings, I succeeded in spite of this place, not because of it.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
What I care about is how much she's drinking.
She's at a party.
And the guy she's here with is an alcoholic.
There's something I haven't told you.
I'm married.
We should just move back in together.
I think we should have a baby.
Guys, it's my treat, so go big.
I should have lumps removed more often.
Yeah, I'm kind of jealous.
Maybe I should start, I don't know, smoking a lot? That's a long game.
I admire the commitment.
Well, yes, this dinner is partially to celebrate Gary's all-clear, but it's also celebrating you two moving in with each other, coupled with my getting paid an obscene amount of money at this autograph convention tomorrow.
Yeah, me and all the other fading rock stars are cashing in.
No, no, no.
He is downplaying it.
The organizers begged him to be there.
My boyfriend is a huge get.
Tell everyone you know.
Dropping the B-word I like that.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I would like to make a toast.
To my friend, Edward.
I love you, man.
You forgot to undercut it with a joke at my expense.
No, no.
In the last night of us living together, you are going to get a rare glimpse at, uh sentimental Gary.
Everyone, proceed cautiously.
Don't spook him.
Here's to you, Ed.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, man.
Genuinely nice.
Well, Gary, that was beautiful.
And I have to pee.
I love a woman who owns it.
You can pop a squat right past the bar there.
Thanks for giving Anna another chance.
I live for second chances.
I like her.
And I love you two together.
And, um, completely unrelated, but, uh, I am never playing on her team at game night again.
- Understandable.
- Yeah.
Oh, um, it's Charlie's first day of preschool.
I'm gonna take this, okay? Well, it's duck, duck, then goose.
But in French.
That was a nice toast.
But as your new roommate, I have to remind you that, like your past roommates, I am not having sex with you.
Doctor's orders.
I can't believe we're paying a fertility doctor 135 bucks a pop just to tell us not to have sex.
My dad used to do that in high school for free.
Do you think they noticed that I'm not drinking? Nah.
I just I don't want everyone asking every five minutes if we're pregnant yet.
Less pressure on you.
More pressure on me, since we're not having sex.
You get it.
But you're not getting it.
Not until the doctor says so.
Hi, there.
Can I get a tequila neat, please? And can you just add it to my tab? That's great.
Carly? Anna, hey.
It's been so long.
What What are you doing here? I'm actually meeting someone.
Oh! That's nice.
How long has this been going on? - Hi.
- Benoit, party of two.
You You're on a date with Peter? How could you, after everything that I told you? Peter said that stuff wasn't true.
She posted a podcast and talked about it.
Carly, you listened to it.
Yeah, and that podcast was taken down because obviously that girl was lying.
What? Hello, Anna.
No, it's okay.
Thanks for trying, D.
Just, when Charlie wakes up, let her know Daddy loves her and, you know, don't eat the crayons.
Really, Peter? Wow.
And so, Sophie Dixon Was she just making that all up? How about Layla Gregory? 'Cause that girl died.
How many other girls were just "making it up," Peter, huh? I think you should go.
Yeah, I think he's right.
We're here to see one of my students play.
We're not going anywhere.
You're kidding.
Your s Your student? You're still teaching? Okay.
Hey, come on.
Let's just go.
- What? - Let's just go.
You look really familiar to me.
I think I know you from somewhere.
Wait, it's starting to come back to me.
I'm the guy that knows where you live.
I should've been checking in on him.
I mean, how many other girls is he hurting? I think I should cancel my autograph thing tomorrow, stay with you.
What? No.
Well, I'm sure the organizer only invited me because, I don't know, the guys from Chumbawamba turned it down.
It's gonna be great.
And honestly I could probably use a day to process.
You sure you're gonna be okay? You'll call me if you need anything? Yes, I promise.
Thank you.
Have fun tomorrow.
Good night.
You still thinking about that run-in with Peter? Last night in this bed and I spent it spinning out about that scumbag the whole time.
Should we postpone the move until tomorrow? Give you one more shot at a perfect last night's sleep? Or should we give this bed a proper send-off right now? Don't.
D You're just torturing me.
M-Morning breath and all.
I was just talking about breakfast in bed.
Will you at least put on a parka or something over that V-neck before you come back, please? How'd it go with PBS? Not good.
At the end of the pitch, the executive said, "Well told.
" - That's good, isn't it? - No.
"Well told" is the kiss of death.
It's the "I think of you more as a friend" of pitching.
I guarantee you my agent's about to call me and tell me it's a pass.
Good luck with that.
I'm gonna see if Josh has heard if any colleges posted their decisions yet.
Hey, Dre.
What's up? The kids can't stop talking about your documentary.
Thank you.
Means a lot coming from the vice principal of Sussex Prep.
Actually, you're talking to the Dean of Sussex Prep now.
What? Yeah, Dennings retired.
They gave me his job.
Whoa, man.
Wait, wait, when did Dennings retire? He announced it a few days ago, right after you were here.
It was all pretty sudden.
Did he say why? No, it's, uh, something personal, I-I think.
So, anyway, with everyone shifting around, I need to fill some key positions.
What would you say about stepping in to teach my elective arts class? Y-You want me to teach? You'd be a natural, and it's a dream gig.
You wake up early and get paid almost nothing.
Oh, my God.
USC just posted.
Uh, Dre, I gotta call you back.
I'm about to find out if Tyrell got into USC.
Tell him I said good luck.
And let me know about the teaching.
Let's get both of you in school.
W-W-We We will talk.
Let me get my camera.
Oh, my God.
Here she comes again.
That woman terrifies me more than my Great Aunt Tabby who used to look directly at whatever part of my pre-teen body I was most self-conscious about when she spoke to me.
Will you handle her? Of course.
Hi, Mrs.
This is the shrimp pasta? Yep.
And it's all the best quality.
We were first at the fish market this morning.
And the seafood croquettes? Right there.
We love the "Under the Sea" theme.
I can't believe you were able to make all of this gluten-free.
Uh, when we spoke on the phone, you mentioned the cashew allergy, but you never said anything about gluten.
I most certainly did.
My husband has a terrible allergy to wheat.
No, I There must've been a misunderstanding.
At Starting Fresh, we take allergens very seriously.
I'm sure you thought you told us.
Maybe we could whip up something else special just for him? Are you kidding? His entire family will be there and half of them have the same allergy, which I clearly stated on the phone.
There is no way that I am paying for any of this.
What? And you should find an employee who knows how to do their job.
This? What? No.
I made that for Grandpa.
We have to keep it.
Okay, w-we can't keep everything, Danny.
We're trying to empty the house.
And what is this even supposed to be? The hope and optimism of a 6-year-old? Or maybe it's a macaroni airplane It's subjective.
Okay, fine, be a hoarder.
So just because I don't want to put all of our family's memories in the trash, I'm a hoarder? I don't want to be doing this anyway.
I wanted to spend my last day here with Milo.
Okay, wow, I'm so sorry I'm asking you to do a fraction of what I'm gonna have to do when the house sells, while you and Mom are gallivanting across the French countryside.
We are not gallivan Wait.
What? No.
W-We have a zillion family photos, and I look like a zombie in this one.
Don't you remember that month Dad and I went around putting it in random frames all over the house just to bug you? Yeah, you might be surprised to learn that the month you tortured me with an ugly photo of myself is not a fond memory.
What's this? What? "Look in the land of green giants"? I-I think it's a clue from one of those scavenger hunts Dad used to make us.
He must've put it there thinking we'd move the photo again.
That was the summer you went away to camp.
W-We stopped messing with the photo, and we never found it.
Do you think whatever treasure Dad hid for us is still around here somewhere? Yeah, I can see that you wanted a scorpion.
It'll be about like four hours.
Just surprising Greta with lunch! Wait, she's You cannot drop by unannounced.
It's totally inappropriate! Katherine.
Hey, uh, I just dropped by with lunch, but you're busy so, uh, I'll come back.
No, uh, Katherine, um This This is my, u-uh I'm Julia.
Her wife.
Julia was just ambushing me to tell me she needs to sell our condo right now, and if I want to buy her out, she needs market value, even though we're not supposed to be selling until after the divorce is final.
The market is on fire.
Our neighborhood has tripled in price, and I want my share now.
That is not what we agreed to.
You know, I see disputes like this all the time.
I'm a real estate lawyer.
And, um, there are agreements that can be worked out.
See, even your new girlfriend thinks you are being unreasonable.
N-No, no, I don't.
You cannot just expect that you say sell and we sell.
Oh, my God, I forgot.
We always have to do things your way.
Well, when my way's the right way, yes, we do.
This is not the right way! I'm telling you we're gonna make money.
But it's not what we agreed to, at a more rational time, when we talked to each other in a more civil way than you showing up at my office.
Where women glow and men plunder ♪ Hi.
What's your name? Uh, Cate with a C.
Uh, my parents took me to your concert at the Forum on my 8th birthday.
That must've been, what, 12 years ago now? 18 years ago, almost exactly.
Uh, just so you know, my husband and I pray for you all the time.
We were really sorry to hear about your accident.
Oh! Oh.
Really, um, I'm fine, but thank you.
- Thanks.
- Have a good one.
Colin Hay? Oh, my God! I love Men at Work! What kind of person refuses to pay? It's gonna take us our next three jobs to make up for this.
And not to mention she lied.
She's a liar.
Lied right to our faces.
Gina, I-I have to show you something.
She was right.
It was my fault.
I I'm so, so sorry.
"Land of the green giants.
" Where else could that be? God, the expiration date on some of these is probably older than the treasure we are looking for.
How many cans of cranberry sauce does one actually need? One.
On Thanksgiving.
Another thing I missed being in France.
Well, are you and Milo gonna keep seeing each other long distance? Yeah, he's gonna visit.
And we're gonna try to make things work.
And if he cheats on me again, at least we'll be guillotine-adjacent.
Oh, my God.
I found it.
"Never mix red and white"? The wine rack.
Who can it be now? ♪ Come on, Anna.
Text me back.
Make no sound ♪ Tiptoe across the floor ♪ Can you sign it "to my biggest fan"? Oh, my goodness.
Where did you find this? The Internet.
Oh, boy.
Hello, from 2012.
Okay, now let me just get B cam up and running.
Dude, you're taking forever.
I don't even care if we film this.
If I don't capture this moment, your mom's gonna kill me.
I applied to five schools.
Are you gonna do this for every one? Oh, oh, yeah, yeah.
And when you do your touchdown dance, cheat to the left and catch that light, okay? And action! "We regret to inform you that you have not been accepted for admission to To the University of Southern California.
" O-Okay, that That's just one.
USC was my sure thing.
It's my mom.
What am I gonna tell her? Can you s-stop the cameras, please? So, uh, what do you think our kid's gonna be like? Hmm.
Perfect, probably? They'll love the Bruins.
And music, except techno.
Yeah, and they'll be super funny.
Yeah, they'll bring the world together in harmonious unity.
Which will be easy 'cause they'll be the President of the United States of America.
What else do we have on our vision board? Astronaut? Olympian? Honestly? I just hope they're happy.
Happy sounds good to me.
Hey, there! We haven't had any sex! Ah! That's great.
Yeah, and, y-you know, if, uh If today doesn't work, I have an opening tomorrow.
Of course he does.
Let's see how things are going with my favorite couple.
Ha, I bet you say that to all the couples.
Oh, no.
The couple I just saw is the worst.
You do not want to end up in a Gymboree class with them.
Trust me.
- Yeah? - Mm.
These are Maggie's eggs.
I gotta say They look like they're in the perfect spot today, guys.
As in, you can go home and have sex.
Time out.
Hold up.
Go home and have sex? For $135, I thought we'd have a deluxe suite with some fertility idols, a private performance from Kenny G The G stands for "Gary, shut it.
" Let's go make a baby.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank God the free cake is distracting him from the fact that I have no fans.
What are you talking about? It's a mob out there.
Yeah, for Colin Hay.
From Men at Work? He's here? Cool! The entire line was singing "Land Down Under" in harmony most of the morning.
I feel like such a poser.
Hey, I've seen you play stadiums.
Yeah, now you've seen me in the break room of a hotel Marriott, so rock star full circle.
Eddie, people have taken time out of their lives to get your autograph.
That's the real deal.
Well, I'm glad you two think so.
Thanks for bringing him.
Of course.
Where's Anna? Uh, she ran into Peter last night.
Oh, wow.
- Is she okay? - I don't know.
She seemed pretty rattled, and I haven't been able to talk to her all day.
I'm a little worried, to be honest.
Hey, listen, um, I'm really sorry for what I said at game night.
I overstepped.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
You know, it's a lot of pressure meeting the ex-wife.
Tell me about it.
I just met Greta's ex-wife, Julia, earlier.
She was upsettingly gorgeous.
Oh, well, now you know how Greta felt when she met me.
Yeah, well Do you remember when our therapist said that when couples are passionate enough to fight, it means they have something to fight for? Yeah, it's when they don't care enough to fight that you know it's over.
Why? Well, the way Greta and her ex cared enough to be fighting, it felt like I was looking at two people five minutes away from make-up sex.
Look, you and Greta seem like you have a really good thing going on.
Just don't overthink it.
I guess you're right.
Happens once a year.
Would you like my autograph? Huh? Hey.
Don't want to talk about it.
Yeah, I know.
But this is one of those parenting moments where what I think is best for you overrides what you think is best for you.
So scooch.
Let the parenting pep talk commence.
Rejection sucks.
And nobody gets that more than a guy who's in an industry where "well told" still means a big fat no.
But it's not just one rejection.
If I didn't get into my safety, there's no way I'm getting into my first choice.
Yale posted.
And I'm scared to hit that button because until I do, I can still at least pretend like I might have a future.
Y-You remember what you told Gina when Someday closed? You said, "Sometimes, the worst things in life lead to the best things.
" And I'm I'm not gonna tell you that every cloud has a silver lining.
That path in front of you is going to twist and turn in thousands of ways that you're not expecting.
But what matters is how you respond.
If Yale's not your next four years, we'll figure something else out.
'Cause Yale doesn't dictate your future.
You do.
Let's do it.
Hold on.
Let me get the camera.
And action.
I don't know what happened.
I must've just focused on the cashews and totally missed the gluten note.
I'm such an idiot.
My stupid mistake cost us that whole job.
Everyone's made them.
I've made a thousand of them myself.
She's right about the other thing, too.
You should find someone else to do this with.
Don't want to.
Not gonna.
The integrity you just showed is exactly why I want to work with you.
You could've said nothing, let me keep blaming that truly awful woman, but you didn't.
You owned your mistake and apologized.
I'd rather have someone I trust than someone with all the experience in the world.
Oh, wow.
They never have food trucks in this neighborhood.
Are you guys open? - Um, yes, actually, we are.
- Great.
We've got seafood croquettes, best in Boston.
Uh, how much? Uh, $4? For one order of them? $8.
I'll take two orders.
Let's do this.
We looked at every wine bottle.
There's nothing here.
Well, at least we can get really, really drunk.
Thanks, Dad.
"Never mix red and white.
" This is a pretty sophisticated clue for an 8 and 5-year-old.
But wait.
Do you remember when you put your Shazam Underoos in the wash with my first communion dress? You were so mad.
But, you know, at least we could pick you out of the crowd at church.
Yeah, the only pink in a sea of white.
Ohh! "Never mix red and white.
" - There he is.
- Yeah.
Oh! Oh, my God.
That's it! Wait, wait, wait.
That's That's Dad's handwriting.
That's Dad's thumbprint.
- Ready? - Yeah.
One root beer and two straws.
Oh, wait.
There's something else.
"Congratulations! You two found the treasure, and because you worked together, you get to share an entire root beer.
" "Sophie, I know Danny chews way too loud and that grosses you out, but we can't make him eat alone in the hallway.
Danny, I know Sophie steals your Halloween candy out of your bucket, "but you can't hide her guitar picks in your Play-Doh.
" I only did that like twice.
"And it doesn't matter who brushes their teeth the fastest.
" That is actually the opposite of what you should be doing, and these races have to stop.
Danny, I want you to know your mom and I decided to have a second child because we knew our family wouldn't be complete without you.
And, Sophie, you probably don't remember this, but when we brought him home from the hospital, you wanted to sleep in the crib with him to protect him.
And when we wouldn't let you, "you set out your sleeping bag on the floor next to him.
" You did that? I guess I did.
"One day, your mom and I won't be here" but you will always have each other.
" The greatest gift we could ever give you two is one another.
Don't forget that.
"Love, Dad.
" It is so like her to come in and just pull the rug out from under me like that.
That makes my blood boil.
I'm not selling.
It's the principle of it.
I'm so sorry if she made you feel uncomfortable.
Um, to be honest, it wasn't, uh, just her.
It just seemed like there's, uh, still a lot of passion there.
No! It's not passion, it's resentment.
It's bad.
You guys fought a lot? Yeah.
Yeah, back when we were first dating, I didn't know how to manage my bipolar disorder, not like I do now.
And it created a lot of chaos and drama in my life.
Which Julia fed off of.
I mean, it was toxic.
Once I started listening to my doctor, taking my meds, and taking care of myself, I think she just got bored with me.
Well, just so you know, I like the new and improved version of Greta.
You sure? 'Cause these days, all I want to do is stay home and do puzzles.
I love puzzles.
That's why you're exactly who I need.
Someone who's patient and reliable and someone who makes me feel safe.
Maybe it's time to let go of this fight, find a new place to live.
And just let her win? You know, I'm, uh, not one to toot my own horn, but, uh, some might say you've already won.
Oh, yeah, alright.
I mean, I I'd be one of those people.
I know.
Eddie's rubbing off onto me.
- I gotta stop.
- I like the confidence.
Hey, hey, Colin Hay! I'm sorry.
I sure you get that all the time.
Hi, I'm Eddie Eddie Saville from the Red Ferns.
What, you you know the Red Ferns? "Be My Katie," big song, and a great song.
Not always the case.
Well, the sax riff from "Who Can It Be Now?" was the first thing I learned in grade school band, and I couldn't stop playing it.
I know the feeling.
Gets in your head, that one.
Can I ask you something? I get why I'm here, but why does Colin Hay do something like this? With all of your success, I would think, you know, you wouldn't need to.
Well, it's not a case of need, is it? The truth is, these fans have looked after me very well all these years.
But I come here for selfish reasons.
Brings me joy, emotional nourishment, human contact.
Yeah, it's hard for me to find joy in the fans when I can't find joy in the music anymore.
It's just hard to connect with that guy.
Sounds like you're trying to connect to the wrong fella.
You need to connect with the guy who did it for the love of the music, not just the applause.
I get it.
No, it's hot, it's hot.
It is.
But look, this may be the most important sex we ever have, so I just I have to ask Is the shower definitely off-limits? Where you're gonna hog all the hot water and leave me out in the cold? Forget it.
It's missionary, and then I'm gonna lie on my back for an hour with my hips raised and my knees to my chest.
I love it when you're boring and bossy at the same time.
You gotta be kidding me.
10 bucks it's my dad.
I told you, he can just sense whenever I have a shot.
Oh, my God.
I need to talk to you about Peter Benoit.
Okay, what lies is that guy telling now? None.
He's dead.
Peter's cleaning lady found him at the bottom of his stairs this morning.
No signs of forced entry, so it was probably an accident.
But I do have to cover the bases, seeing as how he was attacked not too long ago.
You think she had something to do with this? She's been with me since yesterday.
That's very funny.
You're her alibi.
Got it.
You got anybody who can back that up? We We were at the doctor's earlier.
We don't want anyone to know.
I'm gonna need their information.
Going somewhere? Oh, uh, yeah, we're moving in together.
Today, actually.
We were just about to start loading up the car.
I'm gonna need the new address, as well.
New address, doc's name and number.
Knock yourself out.
I'll be in touch.
I can't believe he's dead, after we just ran into him.
It's crazy.
I opened the door and saw Saunders, I thought, "That's it.
Peter finally spilled the beans.
I'm going to jail.
" After everything he did to Sophie, is it wrong that I'm glad he's gone? Oh, my God.
I think I already found the perfect place.
It's only a couple blocks away from here.
Uh Ah! That's too close, isn't it? I freaked you out? Actually, I was thinking maybe you know, since the schedule is so tight, you could just stay here for a bit until that place is available.
Are you sure? The only reason I didn't ask you right away is 'cause I wanted to check with Theo first, but he is very excited.
He is? Yeah, he's already pulling out all the three-player games.
He's tired of the two-player games.
He said, "No offense, Mom.
" But, you know, to be honest, some offense was taken.
Well, I'd love to stay here with you guys.
You would? I really would.
What should we start with? T, I asked you to give me a moment to ask her.
I'm down for a classic like Monopoly.
Just to warn you both, I will own not only Park Place and Boardwalk, but there will be hotels.
Have fun with that.
Everyone knows it's all about the railroads.
Is it? - Here you go.
- Thanks so much.
So sorry.
We're sold out! We sold out! We made more money parked here than we would've on the catering job.
- Seriously? - Yeah, like Like a lot more.
Thanks to you! I thought charging $4 a croquette was crazy.
I can't believe you upped it to $10 by the end.
Basic supply and demand, baby.
If the line's growing, so are the prices.
You know, I sent my dad to Miami to patch things up with his wife.
He's basically just staying on as a silent partner, which means I need a really, really loud partner.
I think that's always been you.
Are you sure? Y-You guys put in all the capital.
Yeah, but I don't want to do this alone.
I never have.
Hi, uh, will you guys be back any time soon? Uh yeah.
Yeah, we'll be back.
I got in.
I got I got in! I got it, I got it.
Wait, wait.
I got in.
Come on! Yale, baby! Yale, baby! New Haven, I'm coming for you.
I'm coming for you.
Oh, my God.
You still editing that thing? You mean the video of my foster son getting accepted into Yale? Yep.
No, really, I'm almost finished.
Which means I can almost get started on the extended director's cut.
You know, I couldn't have done this without you.
You were always gonna go to college.
Nothing was gonna get in the way of that.
Yeah, but you didn't just help me get into college.
You helped me figure out who I wanted to be.
I never thought my fairy godmother would have a beard and be so bald.
You are gonna regret saying that when I upload this and your goofy dance goes viral on TikTok.
Well, I'm gonna go tell my mom the good news.
Rome, hey! Hey, Dre.
I've been thinking about your offer.
The timing could not be worse, and I'm in no position to take low pay, but I think I'm in, man.
Yes! Yes.
It tastes like a grandma sitting on an old couch.
Should we try the green beans next? What, are you trying to get botulism to avoid going back to France? Maybe.
You know, um I never had to worry about Mom or Charlie because I knew that you were with them.
But it wasn't fair of me to let you shoulder that whole burden alone.
You were going through a lot, too.
Yeah, but I'm good now.
So I was thinking, um, maybe I could talk to Mom and tell her you can live with me? If that's what you want.
What, is this a yes? It's actually a no, but thank you.
Wait, really? Are you sure? Today reminded me that I grew up with a great older sibling, and I think Charlie deserves that, too.
But you have to promise me that you'll both come back and eat the cranberry sauce with me this Thanksgiving.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a mountain of pasta-based artwork to pack.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? Soph, uh I I need to tell you something.
There you go.
I like drinking Irish tea ♪ You're gonna need some ice on that tonight.
Yeah, no kidding.
We'll be doing this again in a few months.
Are you interested? I like making my own tea ♪ You know what? Hit me up.
Will do.
My, my, my, it's a beautiful world ♪ I like driving in my car ♪ Hey! How's my favorite rock star? Have you talked to Anna? No.
I have been trying to get in touch with her all day, why? Eddie, Peter's dead.
Oh, my God.
Anna?! Anna? Eddie, hey, hi.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to get ahold of you all day.
I was worried.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
You know what? I-I I broke my phone.
Have you heard about Peter? Yeah, I did.
Um, the police, they called me this afternoon.
You're doing okay? I'm fine.
Come on in.
I'll be right back.
I was just gonna take the trash out, so Yeah.
You hungry? You know, most people label their boxes by the room.
Gary has his boxes labeled by importance? Who Who does that? Th This one says 4 out of 10.
Where am I supposed to put that? Anything six or below goes in the back closet, leave seven or higher out.
Thank you, Professor Howard.
I'm not hating that.
How did Sophie take the news about Peter? Not great.
I think she was pretty overwhelmed.
It's hard.
Not being able to get closure.
I never believed in karma, but maybe I need to rethink that.
You coming to help me move? You can grab a box, uh, rated six or lower and, you know, lift with your knees.
I spoke to your doctor.
He corroborated your story.
And I just want to say good luck.
Appreciate that.
- You good, man? - Yep.
I feel sorry for whatever vegetables have to be processed in this pitiful excuse for a processor.
Don't be judgey, Gina.
I make a mean hummus in that thing.
Must be a slow and painful death for each and every one of those chickpeas.
It is Maggie's favorite hummus.
Isn't that right, Bloom? You know I love a chunky hummus.
- Why were you at the doctor? - What? I heard the detective.
He said that you were at the doctor, and then he wished you luck.
What's going on? Uh, yeah.
Well, uh, the truth is We're trying to have a baby.
Ohh! Wait, you're You - Oh, stop it.
- Oh, my God.
Yes! Man, I was worried.
Yeah, you know.
I'm getting you a new food processor.
That baby deserves to eat purees that are actually pureed.
What is this? Do you want me to record your reaction to us trying to have a baby? No, no.
I recorded my foster son getting accepted to Yale with this today.
Hm? Now I want you to have it.
I want you to capture all of the magic, okay? Not Not Not all of the magic.
How we fill this memory card is entirely up to us.
If it's a boy, name it Gene.
- If it's a girl, Gina.
- Got it.
singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
" Twinkle, Twinkle Stop.
I'm gonna be an auntie! We're having a baby! Rome's gonna change the diapers!
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