A Round of Applause (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

The lady texted me, honey.
-I told you not to do that, Mehmet!
-What did I do?
I told you a million times
not to watch me meditating.
What lady?
The lady from the stroller shop.
Oh! What did she say?
"The model you liked is in stock.
You can come and see it."
What did we forget?
No! What did we forget?
For the baby. Think about it.
I'm thinking.
Are you talking about the baby monitor?
We didn't forget that, honey.
We'll buy it online.
More options, remember?
We didn't have sex.
How are we gonna have a child
without having sex?
Holy shit!
Come on, get up.
Get up before all that formula expires.
Mehmet, get up!
Get naked, get naked!
It looks so cute.
It's gonna be a boy, huh?
Yep. I'm thinking
we'll have a girl later on.
Memo's put in the order.
Get to work, Chief Zeynep!
Girls are fond of their fathers.
I want someone who loves me the most.
Oh! That's my mom!
Exactly, I want my mother
to pass the torch to my daughter.
We're gonna starve here.
How long has it been, Mehmet,
can you check?
I texted support. They put me on hold.
Call them.
Pıno says hi.
You know Pınar, the yogi girl.
Right. Say hi back.
Did you see her hair, by the way?
Why did she do that? Crazy.
What did she do?
Ashy brown. You didn't see?
She posted a million pics
with the hairdresser guy.
Like, we get it.
You're besties with everyone.
I wouldn't be surprised
if they're hooking up.
Whoa, that's a reach, girl.
I mean, I'm sorry, but whoa herself.
That girl's really been getting around.
Wasn't she dating an actor?
What was his name? Sarp?
My friend Sarp?
He's your friend?
Yeah, we always hang out in Bozburun.
What's Bozburun like? We've never been.
Pretty standard, celebrities and wannabes.
Did you hear it? Zeynep mentioned Sarp.
I wonder what he's up to.
I should call him.
Such a crazy guy. Sarpo.
-There's our food.
-Bro, I'll take care of it.
All right.
Handle the tip, Burak.
Let them remember that.
"Our kitchen was
unable to serve vongole today."
"Instead, we've sent you
small portions of all our pasta dishes."
"If you let us know your favorites,
we'll send the rest on the house."
"Our apologies. Crying face emoji.
Enjoy your meal."
No vongole?
No vongole, sir.
Don't put it on the menu, then.
It wasn't me, sir.
You should've told us beforehand.
Calm down, man.
We have tons of pasta. Relax.
-Well I'm upset, dude!
-It's okay. We'll eat it another time.
I'm allowed carbs one day a week,
and they fucked it up, man.
-Give that tip back.
-No, man! There's no need.
What are you doing, Burak?
-You're right, but
-What good does it do that I'm right?
I ordered vongole, buddy!
I saw it on the menu and I ordered it.
It's that simple.
I'll strangle you to death
with my bare hands, sir.
Honey, this one?
Or this one?
This one.
Enough already, Sevda.
You're such a killjoy. Right?
Enough, man. Enough.
Chief Zeynep says it's enough.
Chief Zeynep, huh?
Tell me about it.
How about Sarpo?
Come on now.
Why do we hang out with these people?
We like them.
Do we, though?
Don't we?
I mean, she's a bit spoiled and all,
but everyone is spoiled nowadays.
Otherwise, she's a good kid
I mean, person.
But having them stay over
I guess that was a bit weird.
You hear that?
Is it fear or lust?
It's lust. No, it's fear. She's scared.
She must be scared.
Because of the thunder.
Burak is screaming too. I don't get it.
Were you asleep?
No, we're awake, what happened?
I'm sorry, Zeynep,
but can we just come in?
It's all right, but what happened?
Are you okay?
I'm scared, Chief Zeynep.
Didn't you get scared at all?
The thunder is so loud.
What the heck, man?
Is there anything we can do?
I mean, if we could
sleep with you tonight
Would it bother you?
-What do you say?
We're really sorry. We didn't mean
No, it's okay, but
What do you say, boss?
Can we just squeeze in there with you?
I mean We can get up too if you like.
We can hang until the weather calms down.
No! I'm so sleepy. I want to sleep. No.
I'm cold too.
What should we do, Zeynoşke?
Come on. I'm losing sleep.
She's losing sleep.
-Let us just Let's go.
It's all right. It's okay. Come on now.
Enough! I need it to be over already!
It's just thunder, honey. It's fine.
Enough. I want it to be over.
All right. It's okay. It'll be over soon.
We'll have vongole later, right?
Go to sleep, man.
Just close your eyes and sleep.
We'll have some though, right?
Try to sleep now, come on.
No lullaby or anything?
Sevda wants a lullaby, Dad.
Either a lullaby
or cringe videos on my phone.
Don't. You're on your phone a lot.
It's enough.
The display light
isn't good for you, Sevda.
Well, so?
Are you waiting for a round of applause?
-Twinkle, twinkle, little star
-Hush little baby, don't say a word
-How I wonder
-How I wonder
Oh no.
They've given aggravated
life sentences to those activists.
Just as we all thought
they'd be released soon
I'm applying for Portuguese citizenship.
You could've finished eating first.
That's how this country
became what it is, Dad.
Yes, honey, it became what it is.
But it's not that easy, you know.
You can't solve anything by leaving.
That's the real issue.
Leaving doesn't solve the problem.
Can you do this?
See, like this.
Can you do this with your tongue?
Mom, hey!
Mama Chief!
Like this. Try it. Just try it, come on.
Like this, look. Like this.
Come on, Mama Boss. Give it a try.
Hey, Mom. Try it! Like this, look.
Dad, that's easy. But can you do this?
-Dad, can you do this?
-With your tongue, Dad. Like this, look.
-Like this.
-Dad, please do it.
Dad, please, I'm begging you,
just do it once.
Dad, please, for God's sake.
-Come on. Please do it. Dad, please! Dad
-Please, please!
What is it?
Do you need help?
-Are you sure?
I'm taking care of it.
Are you sure, son?
I'll wipe myself.
But it's been half an hour.
How many protein shakes did you have?
I had to pry the fourth one
from his hands.
Oh, son.
What's the girl up to?
-Are you knitting that for me?
Undo that hillbilly blue right away, then.
I mean, yuck.
Oh, don't cry now.
What kind of guilt trip is this?
You're like those corny soap opera moms.
Hey! Can you hear me?
What's this supposed to be?
You're not talking to me?
I mean, how touchy can a person be?
I swear, when I have my own kids,
I won't be like you.
You might as well stab me
in the heart too, Sevda.
-You impudent brat!
-You're such a drama queen.
Why is your mom crying?
Sevda, why did you make your mom cry?
Answer me!
You're screwed!
I'm going to complain about you
to my therapist. That'll show you.
Zeynep, look at me!
Please look at me, Zeynep.
Zeynep, look at me.
Zeynep, please look at me!
Zeynep, don't do this.
Look at me, Zeynep!
Zeynep, look at me!
Look at me, Zeynep! Look at me!
Please look at me!
Zeynep, Look at me!
-Should we not have let them into the bed?
-Well, I wouldn't have.
I looked at you, you seemed okay with it.
-Where are you going?
-I'll go apologize.
-You'll spoil her. Don't!
-Let her be spoiled, Mehmet!
They'll exclude her if she's not spoiled.
Come, let's go together.
Let's talk about things she likes.
Praise her hair.
Zeynep, stop. Please don't go.
I'm begging you. Don't go.
-Please, stop!
-Let me go!
Mehmet, wake up if you want,
I'll go be with my child!
I'll go be with my baby! Wake up, Mehmet!
It will be like them!
What if it becomes like them, Zeynep?
What are you talking about, Mehmet?
Did you have a dream? Who are "they"?
You know, them! Sevda and Burak.
Who will be like them?
What's the matter?
What are you going through?
This is how it is.
Most people are like this.
-Our child will be more or less the same.
-Our child?
Don't be crazy. Don't scare me.
Ours is going to be like this too!
Born in the city. No money problems.
It's our kid after all. What else?
She can't even pose
without her tongue out!
She's such a gossip too.
And she's not even a celebrity.
I'm scared, Mehmet. Stop scaring me.
Oh no. No, honey. It's okay.
Don't be scared.
The kid's almost here.
What are you saying?
Oh no. It's okay. Don't mind me.
There are all sorts of people, you know.
Let's see how ours will turn out.
Let's see how ours will turn out.
Let's go back to sleep. Are you sleepy?
Not anymore, thanks to you.
You'll feel sleepy again soon.
Let's go to sleep.
Come on.
Don't cover me up. Ugh.
Let's sleep.
Let's get a good night's sleep.
Let's sleep, honey.
Come on now.
Let's just talk for a bit,
please. Come on.
We'll start arguing once you open
your eyes. Let's have a chat now.
What do you say, Zeyno?
Come on.
Please, let's have a chat
before we start arguing.
Let me in your head, for God's sake.
Let's have a heart-to-heart.
Please. Let me pull up a chair
and sit in your head.
Just let me sit there, please.
I'm so lonely, Zeynep.
Mehmet, if you're watching me again,
please get up before I open my eyes
and fuck off.
All right, honey?
I came here being this pregnant.
I hope it's worth it.
-It's 1001, right?
Sit over there. Come on.
Keep this for me.
Here. Go ahead, sit down.
-There. You okay?
-Yeah, I'm okay.
All right.
-You good?
-I'm good.
Time to pop out?
You ready to be born?
Let's meet. Kudret is my name.
No matter what silly name
they have in mind for me,
I'll always know that my name is Kudret.
Beautiful sunny days
are ahead of us, brother.
This corrupt system
will surely collapse one day.
We shall meet again on a brighter day.
We shall name a rose together
on a breezy summer night.
Cool. Sounds like you're pretty much set.
You found your thing.
Listen, don't you leave this place
before you find your thing, brother.
Don't pop out before you figure it out.
Don't be one of those
who look for their thing all their lives.
Find your thing while you're in here.
Otherwise, be a miscarriage.
So many babies become miscarriages.
Are you any different?
Don't be arrogant.
If you can't find your thing here,
just be a miscarriage, brother.
It's too late for that, brother.
My room is probably already decorated.
You know what I mean.
Find your What was your name?
I haven't thought of a name.
I'm fine with whatever they'll call me.
Even if I think of a name like you did,
I bet I'll forget it
by the time I pop out.
It'll just escape me.
I can't be a man dedicated
to a cause like you, mate.
What are you going to be, then?
A nihilist or something.
I don't know, we'll see.
Many nice, new styles around.
I don't have styles,
identities, or any of that.
I don't even want to be born anyway.
I like that you believe in a cause.
It's awesome. I admire it. I respect it.
You found your cause before
even finding your voice. Respect!
I wish you the best. You know,
lighters in the air and stuff
That's all amazing, but I don't have it.
I don't have anything like that.
This woman hasn't been happy
a day in her life.
Not one single day.
She hasn't been truly happy.
She's never felt
truly unburdened, relieved inside.
Look at this place.
Look what my poor mom's like
on the inside.
Looks like a burglar's house.
She kept bottling everything up.
Everything. It's so cramped in here.
Look at this mess.
She could meditate all day
and it wouldn't help.
It hasn't even been nine months
since I've been here.
Anxiety, depression,
restless leg syndrome,
temporary blindness
I've been through it all here.
If I had only known how comfortable I was
as a vitamin in that orange.
How carefree I was.
I don't want it, I swear. I neither
want to be born nor to die.
They go on and on and on about life.
It's so overrated!
Life, life, life!
They talk about getting to experience
all those sweet moments.
I don't want them.
To hell with their sweet moments.
It's not a big deal.
It is what it is.
It's clear already.
I guess we'll have to live
and see, brother.
Yeah. You're right.
Look at this!
Look at me!
Look at this.
She's like this all day every day.
Why would you bottle everything up?
Why would you keep crying on the inside?
My umbilical cord is still attached!
Would you look at all the trauma
she has left me with?
You could've at least waited
for me to be born.
How inconsiderate can one be?
Can you pass me a cig?
Almost. Come on.
Wait a second.
Here you go, mate.
Here, give it here. Give it to me.
I'm going to quit
before I get out of here.
I promised myself.
I miss it.
I miss it so much.
I miss the cheerful and energetic life
I had as a vitamin in that orange.
I miss the peace I had
between those orange membranes.
I was extremely happy there.
You know, she has a glass of orange juice
in the morning sometimes.
I swear to you,
I feel refreshed
and I cry at the same time.
It's tough, man. It's so tough.
Longing is an awful thing.
Longing for home is so awful, brother.
Listen to me carefully now. Mehmet Ali
You gave me a name too?
No, wait. I'm listing names.
Mehmet Ali, İbrahim, Şencan,
Nuray, Ali Namık and I.
We were six friends.
Not vitamins in an orange like you were,
but fibers in a sour, green apple.
It was humid, but space was tight.
We were under pressure.
So we became tightly bound to each other.
You know the benefits
of a fiber-rich diet.
This unjust system
is exploiting us, brother.
It is us who work like mules,
and without seeing the light of day,
without even catching our breath,
it is us who are digested first
and turned into shit.
But we believe in our cause, nonetheless.
So this woman put the apple in her mouth.
I was on my way.
On my way towards the mouth.
Just as I was about to touch the teeth,
I looked behind me.
All my comrades, all five of them,
had their fists in the air.
Not a trembling in their hands,
nor a single tear in their eyes.
Then comes the bite,
and with it, this horrible dizziness.
I was going through some dark tunnels.
I couldn't open my eyes.
A narrow corridor, and then
I found myself here.
Behind bars,
even in my mother's womb.
This whole dramatization
is mandatory for this cause thing, right?
There needs to be some collective
emotional outburst, right?
There's always some drama.
You mocking me, brother?
Go ahead, then.
Are you're going to be one of those pricks
who care too much about themselves?
Go ahead, then.
It's life, after all.
We'll live and see. It is what it is.
If you're already taking yourself
so seriously, even in here,
it will only get worse.
But I'm going to have a cause.
A purpose.
While you wander the streets
like a mirror on wheels.
You're going to write a long and
overly self-involved novel in some café.
Maybe I'll pass by that café,
I will see you and recognize you.
I'll feel like calling you
my first friend.
But I won't be able to say it.
Am I going to recognize you?
You won't recognize me, brother.
You'll always look down on people.
You'll make your traumas your identity
and annoy us all.
You'll try and correct everyone.
Some, you won't like the way they talk,
others, you won't like their ideas.
You'll see someone's boots and go,
"Think those socks and boots go together?"
But you'll be unhappy.
Because this is
what you've already chosen.
Come on, listen to me.
Don't be a cocky prick
that only wishy-washy people look up to.
Find yourself a purpose. A struggle.
Be it politics, agriculture,
law, basketball, religion,
model planes, arts, whatever.
Find your thing, brother.
Don't be a pain for us all outside.
You think so?
Look. Today's election day, brother.
Just listen to me.
This might be a blessing in disguise.
See, we met here today.
You make your choice too.
If you don't like my struggle,
find something else.
Write your own story.
Create your own world.
Find a struggle.
Fight for it for a lifetime.
Then kick the bucket.
Then it's back to apples
and oranges again.
Don't you worry.
One day you may not be able
to afford therapy, brother.
I don't wanna see you on the news someday,
jumping off the bridge.
Please don't cause a traffic jam.
I'm begging you. Huh?
People have stuff to do.
What happened?
-I think my water broke.
-Oh no!
It's all right. Don't
-Wait. Okay. Get up. Wait.
Okay, okay.
Is it really bad?
Wait, Mehmet. Wait.
Come on, honey. Let's walk faster.
Can you walk faster?
Here we go!
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