A Round of Applause (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

How's it going?
-Good. You?
I mean, as good as one can be,
considering the circumstances.
What circumstances?
Please don't do this.
Do what? What did I do?
I feel this emptiness inside, Ahu.
I'm restless.
I want to share,
have a heart-to-heart with you.
Don't act like nothing's wrong,
like everything's normal. Please.
You're so sure of yourself.
About what I did,
why I did it, how I acted.
Stop making decisions
on my behalf already, please.
We broke up long ago. It's over.
It's been almost eight hours.
Please get over it already.
We'll be running in the same circles too.
Please don't do this.
Let's just move on with our lives.
It's certain that it's over for us, then?
Come on, Metin! We talked about this.
We didn't, Ahu.
You did.
You said, "I'm not well.
I need to figure some stuff out."
"I'm not ready
to be in a serious relationship."
"It has nothing to do with you."
"Don't take it personally."
And you walked away.
See, I said everything there was to say.
You only left out "I don't deserve you."
That's the only thing you forgot.
Otherwise, you hit me
with all the clichés. Don't worry.
And then you walked off on me.
Ugh, I'm starting to feel suffocated.
Look, the girls are jumping rope.
We felt nostalgic.
We found chalk and drew on the pavement.
There's such a cute vibe.
Everyone's gathered
in front of Alara's place.
I left them
just because you wanted to talk.
Please say what you need to say.
Don't do this.
Let's not bring the mood down. Please.
I mean, okay, just go.
I'd hate to detain you.
What are you even saying?
Why are you being so serious?
What's with the sarcasm?
"Detain"? Are you trying
to talk down to me with your vocabulary?
What a word to choose, for God's sake.
What difference does
my choice of words make, Ahu?
All the difference.
Your choice of words
shows how you approach things.
You suffocate people with your words.
Life's right here, man.
Life's right here, Metin!
Right there.
Right in front of Alara's place.
We're jumping rope.
We learned
how to play hopscotch on YouTube.
The boys found marbles
at the abandoned grocery store.
We're having an '80s party.
Everyone's having a great time.
I'm sorry, Ahu.
I can't sweep my problems
under the rug like you do
and play in front of apartment blocks
pretending to be an old-timey kid.
The past isn't
just a theme for a party for me, Ahu.
You can't face the past
by playing marbles and jumping rope.
You can't just
take the fun parts of the past
and toss the rest of it like a used rag.
Oh, you're such a bore.
Your work is cut out for you,
I'm telling you.
If you're in such a dark place
at this age, it will only get worse.
You'll end up lonely.
I'm already lonely.
We're all lonely, Metin!
We all are, don't worry.
It's not just you. We're all lonely.
But we're not arrogant like you.
We all feel the same emptiness inside.
But we throw an '80s party
instead of drowning in that emptiness.
We just choose
not to wallow in self-pity, that's all.
We don't take ourselves
as seriously as you do.
You'd hate to detain me, huh?
Such pedantic vocabulary!
But see, you said "pedantic."
You taught me this stuff, Metin.
Pedantic, sarcasm.
I learned them all from you.
I didn't know any of this.
I was growing up just fine.
I learned it thanks to our relationship.
I got it from you.
And it didn't feel good.
I don't want it. I'm sorry.
Just accept that we're done. It's over!
I'll change my school bus, by the way.
I wanted you to hear it from me.
Don't! I'll change my bus if need be.
Don't disrupt your routine for me.
Who was that boy?
What boy?
Mom saw you at Alara's birthday party.
She told me you were pretty intimate.
She didn't think you'd do such a thing,
so she kept it from me.
But then she saw. She saw everything.
The boy pulled your hair,
and you blushed.
She said your cheeks
looked as red as an apple.
She followed you until the party was over.
She wanted to be sure.
But she said, "I'm sorry."
"The party was over, the parents were
helping the kids put their coats on."
"And Ahu and the boy's gaze
never broke, not for one second."
Your mom seriously told you all that?
I was mad at her at first.
I told her she was paranoid.
I told her you wouldn't.
But then I got to thinking, Ahu,
and pieces of the puzzle
slowly started fitting together.
Your mom never liked me.
And she always made sure I felt it.
But it's all right. It's all in the past.
I have no resentment either.
If I ever run into her somewhere,
I'll still let her pinch my cheek.
But I'm sorry for you,
and there's nothing I can do about it.
Maybe there's no need,
since pieces started
fitting together for you anyway.
I'm sure you'll dive
into those precious thoughts of yours
and come up
with a horrible scenario in your mind
and then believe your own made-up story.
In your head,
you'll keep judging me and missing me,
judging me and missing me again.
But I'm going to move on
with my life. I'm sorry.
Since you're so keen on
putting the puzzle together,
can I give you
the last piece before I leave,
for the sake of
all the good times we've had?
At Alara's birthday party,
while my gaze with that person
never broke, not even for a second,
where were you, I wonder?
Ever give that a thought?
I think you should.
Your mom wasn't supposed
to be watching me. You were!
You should've never even
let me out of your sight.
But you were always busy.
Too busy delving into your thoughts.
You have all the thoughts, all the words.
You do have a way with words.
You got me with your words as well.
But you should've left your words there.
You loved me with words,
you suffocated me with them,
and now you're judging me with them.
You'll miss me with your words,
write breakup poems.
Keep all your poems
to yourself, Metin. I'm leaving.
I won't write any. I promise.
Please give me another chance.
Too late. Mom wants me home
in half an hour anyway.
You went back after you were born,
then they took you back out.
Oranges and stuff,
remember what you told me?
I don't have this bohemian mindset, Metin.
I came to this life willingly,
and I want to live.
If you'll excuse me,
I'll go jump rope now.
I urge you not to sit here like a loser.
Either go home or come join us
and play like everyone else.
We'll be in front of Alara's.
Sadness, from time to time
Comes in giant waves
Crashes on the shore of my heart
Sadness, from time to time
Comes in giant waves
Crashes on the shores of my heart
My soul, like worn down rocks
Quiet, tired, just lies there
Stories written on wet sand
Fade into the ocean
Erased one by one
Stories written on wet sand
Fade into the ocean
Erased one by one
Every wave takes away
A piece of my life
Every wave takes away
A piece of my life
It doesn't disturb you anymore.
Me staring at you while you meditate.
It used to disturb you.
What do you mean, "nah," Zeynep? It did.
It doesn't disturb me.
Why would it? Don't be silly.
I'm sick of this, Zeynep.
Enough is enough. Please.
What? What's going on?
I'm not okay.
Let's really talk about this.
I swear I'm not okay.
Please don't be like this.
What's gotten into you, Mehmet?
Zeynep, please!
Please what?
Please stop hiding it from me already.
Look, I'm really not okay.
Just tell me. We're adults. I can take it.
Whatever it is, I'll be mature about it.
I promise. Please just tell me.
Tell you what?
For God's sake, don't do it. Please.
You're acting like you don't understand.
You do it every single time.
What do I do?
You dodge the question.
Tell me if there's something.
Come on. Don't be ridiculous,
for God's sake. I just got it.
-You're still hung up on that?
-There. Say it.
You mean the guy?
The customer who sent me flowers?
You know, when you do that
You know
I just get You know
You consistently do
the same thing over and over again.
Please don't, Zeynep. I'm begging you!
What do you mean?
He got delusional
and sent me flowers. Idiot.
-Don't, please.
-He has no boundaries!
Please don't change the subject.
Zeynep! Please, I'm begging you.
Please don't change the subject.
Stop repeating the same stuff.
Finding flowers in the trash
made you anxious, but it's nothing.
I didn't toss them to hide something.
I told you. It's nothing like that.
I threw them away
the moment I saw the guy's name.
There was a card I didn't even read.
I tossed it since it had no meaning.
Did you get hung up on that?
Zeynep! See, I memorized it. Just stop.
Don't do this. You do it every time.
-You keep changing the subject.
-Mehmet, enough!
That's what you always yell when cornered.
"I'm tired of this," you go on,
and with "Mehmet, please,
enough already," you end the discussion.
We should wash these curtains.
I memorized it all.
Don't change the subject.
Give me an honest answer.
-Stop hiding it.
-Stop hiding what?
What you talked about.
With whom?
With me!
With me!
The day you left the room
and spoke with me in the corridor,
when we took the boy back out.
I stood there with the nurse
and the doctor like a moron, remember?
Go on, act like you don't remember.
Make this shit worse.
I've asked you many times,
you never told me.
It's been years. The boy is five.
I've asked you so many times.
I've asked nicely, I tried pressing
Mehmet, honey, I told you,
we made small talk.
It was no big deal.
-As if I'm dumb enough to buy that!
-That's hurtful.
Something happened
on that call that day, Zeynep.
And you chose to hide it
from your lawfully wedded husband,
your other half for so many years.
That call changed you, Zeynep.
There's been a distance between us
ever since then.
Whatever you talked about with me.
I want a divorce.
Metin, sweetie.
What's up with him?
Mehmet, honey.
Whatever. Never mind him.
What have you been up to?
I'm fine, dear.
What have you been up to? Tell me.
I could hear kids playing outside.
You were with them, right?
No, I had business to take care of.
Oh really? I thought you were there, dear.
They even rang our bell, asking for chalk.
I said, "Why do you need it?"
Don't tell me you gave it to them.
I did. We had some.
You must've asked for it.
Maybe we got it for you.
I found it and gave it to them.
And you're telling me this with a grin
on your face! It's all your fault anyway!
What happened, dear? Let me look at you.
What's my fault?
The chalk wasn't for drawing on the ground
and jumping over the lines like idiots.
It's supposed to give you a fever.
I asked for it
so that I could eat some and get a fever.
I asked for it so that I'd get sick.
And you gave my chalk away.
Are you crazy? Why'd you want that?
I am crazy. So what? I am!
Son! Oh no, no.
Oh dear. It's okay, dear.
It's all right. You're okay.
Just an owie.
-It didn't cut you, right?
-I wish!
It's okay, dear. It's all right.
Oh, my sweet little lamb!
-You okay?
-Don't step there! There's glass!
Don't come over.
Why would you do that? Stay away!
Why are you yelling?
Go away! I'm handling it!
I get it, but you don't need to yell.
Don't make me yell, then.
Come on, Zeynep.
This is selfish.
You are selfish, go away!
Just go. We've got this.
How about we make some hot cocoa, dear?
Do you want some hot cocoa, son?
Hot cocoa, you say?
Yes. Would you like
Mommy to make you some?
What are you waiting for?
Oh yeah?
Of course. Let's have a hot cocoa party.
Let's, sweetie.
Let's splash hot cocoa all over the place.
Well, I guess?
Screw the '80s party!
Let's throw the wildest party ever,
you and I.
Let's paint the doors
and the walls with hot cocoa.
Let's swim in hot cocoa here!
-Leave me alone!
Why are you surprised?
You're just like them.
You're all the same.
You cover up everything you're ashamed of
by throwing parties.
I'm sick of it. Leave me alone already!
Metin, honey.
With all due respect,
I just offered to have
two cups of hot cocoa, that's all.
You brought up the party thing.
I've never mentioned any parties.
You have to correct everything I say.
You always know best.
You always say the right things.
Not at all.
I'm telling you, leave me alone.
Leave me alone,
and leave this guy alone too.
You're in the wrong here.
The way you're treating him is wrong.
I'm warning you, you're on the wrong path.
Don't be like this.
He just wanted to help.
He wanted to comfort his child.
You didn't let him.
You kicked him out of his own home.
You didn't let him show love
to his own child. Don't do this.
That's hurtful.
When you told your father, "We got this,"
I figured you were on my side.
I'm hurt.
Do we have to take sides?
Are you out of your mind?
Do you want us to be polarized?
Is that what you really want?
Countries, currencies have collapsed,
wars have broken out because of that.
And what good was it to anyone?
Listen to yourself!
I'm not on anyone's side, Mom.
I'm exercising my right to remain neutral.
You're my best friend in this life,
Metin, you know that?
You teach me so many things. Am I right?
You've become
a levelheaded, eloquent person
who always knows
how to express himself clearly, dear.
So early on.
Please, just stop with this nonsense.
Stop with the flattery.
Don't butter me up, I'm begging you.
Don't do this. Cut it out.
"You're so mature for your age."
"You're so wise."
"You're so very special."
Just cut it out.
But dear, I wanted you
to develop self-confidence
Please, for God's sake.
Is this how I'll develop self-confidence?
If the nonsense you're spouting
is the way, to hell with that confidence.
Don't make me
live through scenes like this.
If you want me to develop self-confidence,
make me believe
that two people can get along.
Stop fighting in front of me all the time!
Who do you think you're fooling
speaking in a foreign language?
You think I don't get what's happening
when I don't understand the words?
Are you two that naive?
Also, I do understand that much anyway.
"Fuck you" and stuff,
I get it when I hear it 100 times.
Thanks to you two,
I cracked English before starting school.
Go make some hot cocoa or whatever.
Just get up.
We've been sitting here for too long.
Get up.
The dude's brilliant.
What is this awareness at his age?
It's because of us.
No. He's way ahead of us.
-He's unhappy.
-With a bright future, though.
I hope he goes into politics.
I like his ideas.
It's all because of us.
Let's stop fighting
in front of Metin, please.
That's what I was saying.
It'd be better if we didn't argue
or fight in front of him, but
We can do it. We can pull it off.
Let's not argue in front of Metin.
The more he witnesses, the wiser he gets.
It's too early.
He figured out polarization way too early.
This pace is scaring me.
But we live in the same apartment.
The doors are thin.
He hears us everywhere.
It's physically difficult
not to argue in front of him.
I don't want it either, but
Let's figure something out.
We could just not fight at all,
but it'd be
too severe.
Or let's get another place.
We can't rent a place for him at his age.
For God's sake.
He's wise, but he can't even
reach the light switch yet.
Not for the kid.
For you.
What do you mean?
I want a divorce.
Holy shit.
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