A World of Calm (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Living Among Trees

1 [birds chirping.]
[tranquil music.]
[water trickling.]
[soft scraping.]
Reeves: This is a story of a man in Latvia who lives among trees.
Rihards' workshop is a treasure trove of ancient woodland crafts.
Rooted in the natural world, he knows the forest's many secrets How all life here gently ebbs and flows.
Using only traditional tools, he works to the slow and steady rhythm of this world.
Rihards only takes a tree in winter before the new growth of spring.
Since he was a boy, he's dreamt about making a canoe from a single trunk.
Some fellow woodsmen have gathered to help.
They're reviving a centuries-old design that's almost disappeared.
He's so familiar with the tree's growth, its grain.
It's like a conversation with a friend.
Rihards learned these skills from his father and passes them on to his son.
Absorbed in his craft Patient and focused.
Rihards connects to a much slower time.
A time that trees live on.
[waves crashing softly.]
[birds chirping.]
Trees exist on their own timescale.
These California redwoods are over 2,000 years old Descended from an ancient forest which covered the entire coast millions of years ago, long before we were here.
Redwoods have weathered droughts, fires, and storms.
Almost ten times more genetically complex than humans, they can adapt to survive.
These trees are monuments to endurance, standing the test of time.
Living among trees opens the path to working with wood.
[gentle music.]
[fire crackling.]
Rihards has left the trunk for a week underwater to soften the wood.
He's mastered an art with a beautiful name, steam bending Combining fire and water to sculpt the wood and forever change its shape.
He senses just how much pressure to apply And how much heat before the hull begins to split.
Slowly, he coaxes the trunk to unfold.
It takes just hours to mold the wood, but months for it to set.
No machines just a skilled pair of hands conversing with the tree.
Over time, we've come to understand the language of trees.
Like us, trees like to keep in touch.
In the Colorado Rockies, these aspens are communicating with each other.
Above ground, they rise as individuals, but below, they're all connected to a vast, subterranean social network.
A single web of fungi weaves in and out of their roots and runs throughout the entire forest.
[woodpecker tapping.]
Trees use it to send signals Share nutrients And pass messages to each other.
Mother trees nurture their saplings.
Healthy trees send extra food to the sick.
Together, the forest works as one for the good of all.
[soft music.]
Rihards has discovered the magic stored in a tree's roots.
He makes this tar from old pine trees.
At the end of their lives, trees pump all of their resin into their roots.
Rihards heats them up to release the sticky, black gold used to waterproof the canoe.
[blowtorch whooshing.]
Tar is the essence of the forest with its rich aroma and protective power.
It's a parting gift to the woodsman.
He takes only what he needs.
The forest always provides.
[birds chirping.]
The forest yields another gift to anyone who spends time there.
[birds cawing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku.
Forest bathing.
It's nature's remedy.
As we walk among trees We open up to them with all our senses.
They shower us with natural oils.
Our heart rate slows.
Blood pressure falls.
Trees naturally call upon us to slow down To stop and listen To be in the moment.
Trees take care of us as they take care of their own.
This is the wisdom of trees.
The life of a new boat begins.
An ancient tradition continues.
Rihards' story is now written in wood Carried away by the water.
Living among trees.

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