Absentia (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


Conrad, how do you make up for five years in prison? How do you make up for five years in prison? - What do you think? - Would you like to say anything? What I have is empathy for Emily Byrne.
She's suffered worse than I have.
Emily, you and I have both been victimized by the same person.
He must be caught before he hurts anyone else.
Detective Gibbs, please.
Detective Gibbs? - Yeah.
- Kelly Price.
The desk sergeant said you were the one to speak to.
About? That woman on the news, the FBI agent, the one was kidnapped.
What about her? She wasn't kidnapped.
And you know this how? Because I saw her two weeks ago.
Where did you see Emily Byrne? Late at night.
The tents, on the marina I go jogging there.
She was arguing with a man.
Did you hear anything specific? Well, they were trying to keep their voices down, but they were arguing.
Can you describe that man? Tall, over six feet long hair, it looked dyed.
He was well dressed.
I'm gonna stop you there.
We've been I'm gonna show you a couple of pictures.
You can stop me when you want.
That's him.
You saw Emily Byrne arguing with this man two weeks ago? Yes, Detective.
You okay? Just remember the brake is the left pedal.
Look, we do not have to do this right now if we don't want.
No, I need to do this.
I wanna be able to take Flynn places.
Let's go.
- Okay.
- Nice and slow.
Careful! It's okay, it's okay it's okay.
Nice and slow, okay.
Watch it out! [MUFFLED.]
All right.
He's all right.
Okay, just very slowly pull off.
Em, you okay? - Yeah.
- It's okay.
Em, it's okay.
Look at me.
- Just look at me, Em.
- Jack! - Take a deep breath.
- I can't breathe.
It's okay, just talk to me.
Tell me what's going on.
- Jack I can't breathe.
- Just breathe.
It's okay, you're safe.
It's fine.
No, it's fine, look at me.
- You're fine, you're fine.
It's okay.
- Get me out of here! It's okay.
Emily?! Emily?! Hey.
I, um I can't be around you, or her, without feeling like I'm betraying someone.
Then why are you here now? I can't do this alone.
It's okay.
Now, we combed Harlow's correspondence, nothing there.
No prints on the card Emily received with those flowers, but the water in the vase, it's the same water in the tank.
We struck out on regional tank manufacturer, we're going broader, and the cabin is owned by a maze of shell corporations it ends at an Arthur Crespi, - who died in 1952.
- Look, somebody's gotta say this Could Emily have killed Semerov? No.
I'm incline to agree with Nick.
It's a frame job, and you know it.
If we confront her, her reaction could tell us a lot.
Okay, people, whoever killed Robert Semerov is still on the loose could strike again.
As to who held Emily, we work on that case too.
And if the two converge, so be it.
There's blank space where my memory should be and this rage that I can't control.
I lost in on the docks.
You can't stop thinking about Harlow.
Harlow's being retried for your abduction.
Yeah, well, tried isn't convicted.
How are things, with Nick? There's nothing with Nick.
He chose her.
He never chose, Emily, you were dead.
Yeah, well, he could choose now.
So, is that you want, now that you're back? Your old life? I don't know.
I don't know if I'd know how to live it.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Yes? Okay.
It's Nick.
Hey, you're gonna have to come into the office.
Nick, I'm supposed to see Flynn today.
I know, I know, but unfortunately, it can't wait.
I I'll tell Alice that you're helping with the case.
Boston PD is working with us now.
They have some questions for you.
Yeah, okay.
Should I be worried? I've hired you a lawyer.
What? What are you talking about? What's going on? What can't you tell me? You just said it.
I can't.
We'll get through this.
- I gotta go.
- Emily? I know how disappointed you must be about Semerov.
Look, um what I did, I'm sorry.
It's not me.
But it is you, Emily.
That's part of the problem that we are having.
You stabbed someone when you first returned and then Yeah, you heard what the doctor said about that.
You should have seen the look in your eyes, at the dock.
You'd have killed that man.
What what are we doing in here when Semerov's still out there? He's not.
Robert Semerov has been in our custody since the day you came back.
He's been in our morgue.
There was a John Doe a floater in the Charles and whoever killed him cut off his eyelids.
Semerov was dead for two weeks, when we found him.
So he couldn't have been your captor.
That's part one of our problem.
What's part two? Emily, your DNA was found on Semerov's body.
What you gonna say to murder? Was it in self-defense? - We obviously need to know - No, I don't know.
- If that's what happened.
- I never saw him.
- I mean, I don't even remember if - Ah, ask your lawyer in case you've forgotten, "I don't remember" doesn't float in court.
Come on, what's your theory? - She what kidnapped herself? - Maybe.
Maybe she was Harlow's accomplice all along.
You think I put myself in the tank? Is what you think? The tank had a timer.
Tell her.
Tell me what? There's a eyewitness who puts you with Semerov, weeks ago, - arguing.
- No.
- No, that is not true.
- How can you say that if you can't remember where you were two weeks ago? - Just make this stop, please.
- Or two years, or six Hey, come on.
Your witness really wants they're fifteen minutes, don't they? Yeah, maybe is part of the plan.
Who's plan? This man's? Whoever had me is Harlow's partner and that's who's behind all of this.
You like being a pawn? And you? You know me, Adam.
Are you arresting my client? 'Cause if not, we've done here.
But when we do, it'll stick.
Emily! Emily! Em, please.
Why did you let that happen? You were an agent.
You know what happens when there is an evidence.
Evidence? Who the hell is this witness? I've got this under control.
I need you trust me.
Can I see my son now? Yeah, of course.
- No, let me drive.
- No.
Just work the case.
There's someone at the door.
Yeah, I think so.
Sorry I'm late, Alice.
No worries.
Come in.
Thank you.
Nick said you were helping with the case.
- Ah, yeah.
- Any leads? Yeah.
He's up in his room I make some coffee.
I got you something.
This is cool.
- So, you like yogurt, huh? - Yeah.
I remember the first time that I gave you yogurt.
I had to smoosh some bananas in it because you needed, like, a familiar taste, and that was it, you were hooked after that.
You used to call out for "nangurt, nangurt".
That's what you called banana yogurt.
I like oreo yogurt now.
Well, I will, um I'll have to bring some oreo yogurt the next time.
Wow look at these.
That's amazing.
Are these all yours? I won that at regionals.
I got first place.
No way, that's that's so amazing.
Did your dad take any videos? Yeah.
Can I finish my game? Okay.
Um I'll just, uh Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Great credit.
No speeding tickets, CPA.
- Yeah, but does she seem too perfect? - Mmm? No links to Harlow, though, or Emily.
Hmm, she's on the move.
Hold on.
- Let's check some prints.
- All right.
ALICE: Of course this is hard for me.
Go on.
Maura, what can I do? It should be about what's best for Flynn, but she wants to see her son.
Of course I worry but Nick says the doctors cleared her, so I'll call you back, Maura.
Sorry, I thought I'd help cleanup.
Thank you.
I should get going.
Look at that.
Kelly Price is Regina Talbot.
Early arrest for drugs.
Looks like she made a big career move to money laundering.
Last arrest was for laundering six millions for the Russian mob.
So much for the credibility of BPD's witness.
Let's bring, uh, bring up her known associates.
Mmm, she laundered money for a dead guy another locked up the last 10 years.
What about this one? Jonathan Cooper, last arrest was for false imprisonment and battery.
There's no connection to Harlow, though.
Oh, yeah? Guess where Cooper worked.
He's a goddamn florist.
Let's go.
- Come in.
- Yeah.
What do you think? It's nice.
I got tired of living in that big house all alone.
I see you brought your old chessboard.
Oh, before I forget been hanging onto something for you.
So Harlow walks.
- We'll get him.
- Yes.
We will.
I missed you.
Gonna be right there, okay? Jesus.
Fuck! - Jonathan Cooper? FBI.
- What? Fuck! Get back here! Get back here! Get him! Get him! Stop, Cooper! Stop! Stop! We just wanna talk, Cooper! - Get out of the way! - Cooper! - Get him.
- Get away! Move! Stop! Cooper! Come out! We just want to ask you some questions, Jonathan! [WHISPERED.]
You'll have to go round the block.
- Cover the front, I'm going up.
- Okay.
Don't move! Ah! Argh! Did you have her in that cabin? Where? Who? No.
No, no, no, no! Stop! Argh! I will throw you out of this window, so help me, God.
Nick! Nick?! Cover the exit! Cover the exit! I don't know what the hell you're talking about? - Dammit! - No, no.
No, no, no, no Regina Talbot, what do you know about her? She just cleans my money, man! - For what? - No, no! Okay, okay.
She's laundering money for the Russians.
- You're saying Semerov? - Yeah, sure.
Sure, if one of you gets to do me.
What? A fed.
A crooked fed out of the Boston office.
Nick?! - Who's the fed? - I don't know.
I swear.
I swear.
I don't know! After being released from prison earlier today, Conrad Harlow paused on the courthouse steps to make this statement speaking directly to the FBI and to Emily Byrne herself.
What I have is empathy for Emily Byrne.
She's suffered worse than I have.
Emily, you and I have been both victimized by the same person, who must be caught before he hurts anyone else, Heir to the Harlow banking fortune, Conrad Harlow was the prime suspect in a series of murders where the victims were all young women.
In a legal twist, the recent reappearance of Emily Byrne vacates the murder verdict.
It is expected that Harlow will be retried for kidnapping, but there is no word on when that might happen.
Are you gonna come out of the shadows or are you just here to watch me? I was expecting you at some point.
You missed the camera on your way in.
Are you here to kill me? I wanna know how you did it.
You could never prove that I killed anyone.
It was you.
You were there.
How did you do it? Who helped you? The answers are in your head, Emily.
If you could only remember.
I want a name.
You could see that look in your eyes.
We both have it.
You're sick.
Yeah? Come on in, it's unlocked.
Boston PD.
I gotta say the stunt you just pulled not the smartest move.
Yeah, well, I had to.
Nobody else is interested in finding out who had me.
What would you've done if we didn't show up? I wasn't there to hurt him.
Just thought that if I could get a look at him, maybe I'd remember.
You still think he had a partner? He called Nick and he knew where I was so I think he had a partner.
And I think that partner killed Semerov too.
I've been reading up on you.
Asking round.
So then you'll know I didn't kill anybody.
I think you may challenge me for the title.
Of? Most stubborn cop in Boston.
Personally I prefer "relentless" or "best".
But what kinda cop are you? You the kind that closes cases or the one who actually solves 'em? I like it.
Can I use it? Go right ahead.
That's what my dad told me when I said I wanted to be just like him.
Well, we have that in common.
My dad was a cop.
Harlow called before.
He's not pressing charges.
And your ride's here.
I'm the second-type of cop, by the way.
I hope you are.
Wait here, one sec.
You need to talk to your witness.
- Relax, she didn't ask for a lawyer.
- Yeah, I would talk to her, Gibbs.
Look, I know this is close to home I'm just sparing you the embarrassment.
Ask her about Regina Talbot, you can thank me later.
- Stay out of my business.
- Do your job! What the hell were you thinking? I had to do something.
- It was my only move.
- You're not an agent anymore.
And with what you've been through, you can't you can't trust yourself in a situation like that.
I don't need a lecture, Nick.
Do you have any idea what this is like? I lost everything, Nick.
You know me.
Is this me? BPD's witness isn't who she says she is.
Who is she? Her real name is Regina Talbot.
She's got a sheet.
Drugs and money laundering.
Are there any ties to Harlow? No but she laundered money for Semerov.
Um, she became Kelly Price with the help of one of us.
An FBI agent, from the Boston field office.
Someone she laundered money for.
What is it? I think I know where this is coming from.
When I was working Semerov's case he was always one step ahead of me.
Every raid, every move I made he was always there just before.
Where you looking at anyone in particular? I just started digging.
Whoever did this, when they thought that Harlow killed me they thought their problems were solved.
But then I came back.
Listen, first I think we should go after the crooked agent in the office.
Now, I'm taking you back to Jack's and that's where you're gonna stay.
No more stunts.
Agreed? Yeah.
We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
I'll call you tomorrow, let you know where we're at.
What? We'd still be together if none of this ever happened.
You ever think about that? I do.
Thank you.
[ON TV.]
In here.
We're less likely to heard.
You'd think it was only your husband you wanted to kill.
Why don't you try to understand? - [MOVIE CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND.]
- Come on.
[ON TV.]
Well, dear, you aren't the only one that wants me to die.
- Where were you? - Well Picked up Emily and I dropped her off at Jack's.
Stopped for a drink.
I think someone was outside.
Rex was growling.
It's probably probably the neighbor's dog.
We didn't get to talk last night.
Emily came by yesterday.
How was she? She makes Flynn uncomfortable.
That'll pass.
They just need to work it out together.
She makes me uncomfortable.
She needs compassion from us, - after what she's been through.
- I know, Nick, I'm trying.
You've been away so much lately.
I just need to see this case around.
And once it's over, well, thing can get back to normal.
Don't lie to me.
There is no more normal.
I'll take him to bed.
Hey need to put arms up.
Arms up.
Tommy, we're at the apartment.
No Kelly Price here.
Her car's gone too.
Put an APB on her and the car.
All available units, stabbing victim, possible DOA, at 721 South Brooklyn.
Did you say 721 South Brookline? Roger that.
3 William 56, I'm on it.
You've reached Nick Durand, please leave a message.