Absentia (2017) s02e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Absentia" [Nick.]
I think Alice is cheating on me.
I don't believe that.
She would never hurt you.
You never really know someone, do you? [Alice.]
You've been a stranger for months.
It's like I don't exist to you.
You barely even look at me.
Does someone else have that covered now? It's like everybody's lying all the time.
The only person you can control is yourself.
We're looking into Oduwale.
I need you to keep him away from Flynn.
Did you ever work on something called Project Quill? I've been thinking that Flynn doesn't need to go to therapy.
He needs to spend time with us.
Rex Wolf does not and cannot exist.
Who do you work for? Your own backyard's a mess.
What the hell does that mean? You really should lie down now.
No! We think Oduwale ordered Rex Wolfe to kill Tyler Brandon Mills.
And then used him to do the fentanyl murders.
How did you develop the serum? [Oduwale.]
Your blood was the genesis of the serum.
You are connected to all the fentanyl victims.
Your blood was in their veins.
- [blow thuds.]
- [man.]
Hey, Byrne! - [fire crackling.]
- [Cal.]
[Emily grunts.]
No, no.
- Quick.
Quick! - Hold on! [grunting.]
Watch his leg! Oh, God, no.
- Call 9-1-1! - Yeah, yeah.
On it, on it.
Stay with me, Doc! [Cal panting.]
Where's that ambulance? [sirens wailing.]
I'm FBI! I'm in pursuit! Don't move! Stay still! I do not want to have to shoot you.
Stop! Stop! [Emily grunting, screaming.]
- [Emily.]
FBI, goddamn it.
- Stop! Hold still! Stop fighting! [grunting.]
I'm FBI, goddamn it! Get off of me! We'll get on those phone records.
We'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
Crime scene techs haven't found the gun used to shoot Dr.
BPD is helping us canvas the neighborhood for witnesses and evidence.
They're also checking on his phone records at Boston Mercy, his home, his cell.
If there's anything to find, we'll find it.
Well, blowing up that vehicle is one hell of a diversion.
You guys, they wanted to silence him before he finished his confession.
- What did he say? - It's all on this.
He's the one who ordered the fentanyl killings.
And he had Tommy murdered.
- Did he mention an accomplice? - No, he didn't.
- An enemy? - No.
Well, somebody wanted him out of the way.
[police radio chattering.]
- [Cal.]
Anything? - Nothing yet.
- [Cal.]
Here, have at it.
We're still - [Nick.]
All right.
combing through all the evidence we pulled from Oduwale's place The guy was a pack rat.
What? Shen had tons of tapes like this.
Emily let's talk.
Close the door.
Just so we're clear, you had us interview Dr.
Oduwale so that you could stage a performance piece? We needed information.
He wasn't being f So that makes all this okay? He was stonewalling, Derek.
People are watching you, hoping that you screw up.
Hoping that my decision was a mistake.
What happened tonight hurts us both.
I'm sorry.
Look, I recorded everything.
He was alive when we left the house.
But he's dead now.
Just, please, I need you to buy me a little bit more time.
I need to figure out what he did to my kid.
You are gonna have to answer for this, Emily.
I'm sorry.
I can't protect you.
I get it.
[phone buzzing.]
[phone beeps.]
Hi, it's late.
Why are you calling me? Uh, yeah, you've, uh, you've not been answering my texts.
Uh I have some news I wanna share.
Can can you make it fast? 'Cause Nick could be home any minute.
I got reinstated.
I thought it would take longer but That's great, Jack.
I'm happy for you.
I really am.
Thank you.
Um, listen, you wanna grab a bite? I can't.
I'm watching Flynn.
He's old enough.
He can watch himself.
Stop it.
We're not doing this anymore.
[chuckles nervously.]
So that's it? Hmm? Just 'cause you say it is? You haven't even given us a chance.
I'm gonna hang up now.
If you do, I'm coming over there.
What did you just say? You can't just drop me like I'm nothing, okay? We're good together.
- You'll find someone else.
- I don't want someone else.
I'm a different person when I'm with you, okay? Before I was in a really dark place, and I did things What are you talking about? It's just a world I don't want to go back to, and I'm worried if I'm not with you, Alice, I will slip.
I can't help you with that.
We had a good thing for a while and we both got something out of it.
- But it wasn't love.
- So what was it then? You came onto me, remember that? You kissed me.
What are you getting out of it? Or are you just running away? I have to go, Jack.
[phone beeps.]
[tremulous sigh.]
Are any of those files from Flynn's session with O? [Nick.]
Nothing like that yet.
The only thing I've seen are pretty standard medical files.
You know, it's possible Dr.
Oduwale was just a regular therapist for the kids.
I was there.
Nothing strange happened.
And Alice says that his whole focus was on helping kids cope with trauma.
He was in the catacombs with me.
None of this is a coincidence.
Well, I don't get it.
Look, we swept those catacombs, Em.
There was no trace DNA evidence of anyone else there.
But he was.
You heard him.
And I remembered.
[knocks on door.]
We found something.
All right.
- [loud thud.]
- [gasps.]
[footsteps running away.]
[owl hooting.]
What are you doing awake? What are you doing with a cigarette? You caught me.
Uh I maybe have one every few months.
Don't tell your dad.
- You seem sad.
- No.
No, no.
I I just it's been a long day.
Just trying to unwind.
- Want something to eat? - Yeah.
We found a cache of encrypted emails embedded in a file - labeled "home improvements.
" - [Nick.]
Clearly bogus.
We've been trying to decrypt them.
No luck yet.
But here's the thing.
They all have the same IP but different email addresses, so we think the sender's changing them regularly.
Oduwale never responded.
But they were saved and hidden? Yes.
Seven years' worth.
Seven years? Strange that Oduwale never replied to the emails.
Well, he never responded, but he was uploading them to a server in a remote location.
And we know this how? [Crown.]
Tech team found a server receiving regular backups from Oduwale's home computer.
Okay, saddle up and watch your backs.
We have no idea what's waiting for us.
[computers whirring, clicking.]
[loud metallic slam.]
[man 1.]
All clear! [man 2.]
Thank you, gentlemen.
- [man 1.]
- [man 2.]
All clear.
I thought he only had limited access.
Look at all these old Catalyst files.
Calling in forensics.
Let's suit up, everyone.
[keys tapping.]
These go back years.
This has to be Clay Bishop's file.
It's not under his name, but that's his description.
Two ACL injuries, 6'5", spousal abuse.
Yep, that's him.
[beeps, whirs.]
We're in.
Thank you.
No problem.
If he was communicating with anyone else, maybe we can find some addresses.
Let's see.
These are all encrypted.
It will take days for the techs to figure this out.
Okay, here are the home improvement backups.
Looks like he has some saved messages here.
[distorted voice on video.]
I'll show you the process the donor undergoes, but only if you are prepared to abandon your moral principles.
Oh my God, it's Laurie Coulson.
This is a unique opportunity to study a remarkable subject with your help, designing additional experiments.
- [gasps.]
- Hey, hey, it's me.
Oh, yeah.
Did you want some thing? Do you need some coffee? Um, no.
Although, thank you.
It's probably the last thing that I need right now.
Did you find something? Alice, Dr.
Oduwale is dead.
He was killed.
I know that he was a mentor to you, but he was a terrible person.
He was behind the fentanyl murders and he experimented on Emily.
Oh, my God.
He looked Flynn right in the eye, and he told him that he was there to help him when he was one of the people trying to destroy this family.
We let the devil in.
I'm so sorry, Nick.
If I knew, I would never have involved him in our lives.
How could you know? He was everything to me.
[school bell rings.]
All right, I'll see you guys next week.
Alice, your paper about the effect of neglect on brain development inspiring.
I loved it.
In fact, I should have it right here somewhere.
I wanted to tell you first.
I I'm leaving the program.
What happened? I'm just not sure this is the right path for me.
The field is where I feel I can do the most good.
I I wanna help kids.
Kids who are like I used to be.
Alice, you're one of my brightest students, and you've got a promising future.
Now, I understand your concerns, but I feel that you should stay.
And if you do, I've been looking for an assistant to help me with my patient work.
Not in a lab.
I could really use somebody with your aptitude and your unique perspective.
So, please, consider it.
He put up this false front like he wanted to help his patients and students but but people were just lab rats to him.
Well, he's dead now, so he won't be able to hurt us anymore.
Let's just go to sleep.
I'm so sorry.
Do you think things will ever feel normal again? [exhales, groans.]
What's what's normal for this family? As long as we look out for each other, we'll be fine.
[knocks on office door.]
[clears throat.]
Something I can help you with, Gunnarsen? - Yes.
- Oh, please.
Please, tell me you you're going back to D.
No, Derek.
- [sighs.]
- Nothing like that.
Look, I'm gonna be clear and direct.
- Clear about what? - You were a good field agent.
I'm offering you the opportunity to give that another try.
Excuse me? Deputy Director Webb feels that the Boston Field Office needs new leadership.
Someone from the outside who can assess things objectively.
So the time has come to kick me to the curb.
- You're not being fired.
- Oh.
Just demoted.
Webb's gonna give you a call shortly.
I suggest you take a few You know, I I'm not gonna go quietly, just so you know.
You've got friends in high places.
Well, I got friends too.
From the beginning, your handling of this crisis has been questionable.
You jumped the gun on DeLeon.
Your handling of the TBM transfer got him killed.
And you've let your personal relationships - with your agents cloud your judgement.
- No.
Now, I'd advise you stand down quietly and let it happen.
Oh, I'll give you a few days to clean your things out of my office.
Go to hell.
Nick, can I talk to you? [TV announcer.]
Just in, details regarding the late [mutes TV.]
I think we should go on a camping trip together.
You, me, and Flynn.
Really? The investigation's still open.
I'm not saying we should go away for a month, but we need time as a family.
To reset.
All right.
Let's do it.
Might be good to get out of town.
And I can keep my eyes on you and Flynn.
- But - What? [sighs.]
You hate camping.
I figured I'd try it.
Maybe I'll learn to love it.
[papers rustling.]
Find anything in Oduwale's files? No.
No, uh, clue as to who killed Oduwale.
There's no accomplices.
Until we crack the encryption on Oduwale's server, there's not much we can do.
You need a break.
Come on.
Let's go blow off some steam.
So, what's so special about this place? [pop music playing softly.]
And the radio It's quiet.
Still I can't escape the ghost of you It's nowhere.
What has happened to it all? Crazy, some would say I love this song.
Where is the life that I recognize? Yeah.
Here, wait.
Gone away But I won't cry for yesterday [music grows louder.]
There's an ordinary world Somehow I have to find And as I try to make my way To the ordinary world I will learn to survive You did good in Moldova.
I'm glad you were there.
I don't want to talk about it.
Passion or coincidence I don't want to talk about any of this shit! [shatters.]
- "Pride will tear us" - Fuck you! Well now, pride's gone out the window Across the rooftops Run away - Left me in the vacuum - Here.
of my heart What do you want me to do with that? I want you to try and hit this.
- Oh, come on.
- You ready? Yeah.
[Cal grunts.]
- [shatters.]
- Ah! [both laughing.]
Yeah! - As I try to make my way - Okay, wait, your turn now.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- To the ordinary world I will learn to survive - Sharp eyes, right? - Okay.
- Sharp eyes.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [grunts.]
Wha! - [gun blasts.]
[bottle thuds.]
I will learn to survive [Emily.]
You said you wanted to see me.
[indistinct chatter.]
I wanted to give you a heads-up on a couple of situations.
Derek Crown will no longer be the agent in charge of the Boston office.
I'm taking command.
We need to turn the page on the disorder and dysfunction within this place.
And why am I getting a personal announcement? Because I'll be handling how to discipline you for your actions the night Dr.
Oduwale was killed.
So you're firing me? Actually, no.
I've seen how valuable an agent you can be.
What you did to Oduwale, notwithstanding.
And what happens now? Your administrative review will be next week.
My recommendation for suspension, not a dismissal.
Look, I'm gonna do everything I can to keep you here, Emily.
I want you to be a part of my team.
[knocks on door.]
Hey, Byrne.
The techs just broke the encryption on Oduwale's server.
Come on.
Are you okay, Mom? [Alice.]
I'm not made of glass, Flynn.
Just not sure why you two like this so much.
It's man versus nature.
- We're testing our survival skills.
- [phone ringing.]
And Dad's teaching me some cool stuff.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Hey, Em.
What's going on? They got into Dr.
O's secure drive.
I'm looking at the decrypted files right now.
Decades of medical records and blood tests, all from Catalyst.
It looks like there were hundreds of patients.
Yes, thank you.
Oduwale's phone records.
Quick, quick, quick.
Thank you.
You guys need help going through all this stuff? You think I should come in? - Nick, please.
- No, wait, wait, hold I can't Let's not ruin this for Flynn.
Emily can handle this.
You'll be home tomorrow.
Let me know if you find anything, okay? - Okay.
- [phone beeps.]
Let's do it.
[mouse clicking.]
Byrne? Hey.
Hold on.
What? [groans.]
Oduwale was analyzing Flynn's blood just like he was analyzing mine.
There are years' worth of Flynn's blood tests here.
How could he pull that off? The only two people that could have known about this are Alice and Nick.
[all panting.]
You guys, I don't feel so great.
I think it's maybe something I ate.
So you wanna take a break? Uh [panting.]
You know what? You guys go ahead.
I'm just gonna head back home.
Come on, Mom.
You s you said you'd do it.
I know, I know.
I think I just need to lay down somewhere dry.
In my own bed.
I don't wanna ruin your trip.
So I'm gonna bail.
[thunder rumbles.]
Are you sure, babe? Yeah, yeah.
Mmm Well, take the car.
Do you think maybe you'll be able to pick us up tomorrow? [Alice.]
Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You be careful.
I love you guys.
There is something you need to see.
Oduwale called this number several times on the two days before he was killed.
That's the last number he called before he died.
That's Alice's number.
That's Look at the times.
We left his office.
There are four more calls after that, and then this one, right.
It's right after the interview with me and Julianne.
Why would he be calling Alice? [elevator dings.]
[woman over PA.]
Hughes to the NICU.
- Dr.
Hughes to the NICU.
- [man.]
Here you go, ma'am.
- Emily.
- Hey.
Are you leaving early? Uh, errands.
Uh, can we talk? Okay.
Do you mind if we talk here? Yeah.
[phone buzzing.]
- You need to get that? - [beeps.]
Where was she when he was killed? [Cal.]
I need to ping a cell phone right away.
[whimpering softly.]
[keys clatter.]
- [woman over PA.]
Hughes to NICU.
- [elevator dings.]
[woman over PA.]
Hughes to the NICU.
Alice, at least her phone, pinged a cell tower four miles away from Dr.
Oduwale's house ten minutes before he died.
She was there.
[coughing, grunting.]
Oh! Thank God you're here.
Untie me before she gets back.
- [coughs.]
Wait - [gunshot.]
Mom's missin' out.
Yeah, I know, buddy.
This is pretty insane.
[phone ringing.]
[phone continues ringing.]
Is Alice next to you? No.
No, she wasn't feeling good.
She went home.
What's going on? Where's Flynn? Uh, he's, uh he's with me.
What's the matter? [Emily.]
Alice was at Oduwale's house the night that he was killed.
No, there, uh there has to be an explanation for that.
Flynn was getting regular blood testing done.
Yeah, but it was it was routine.
No, it wasn't.
It was for Oduwale.
She, uh We've got to bring her in.
She she, uh she took the car.
She said she was going home.
Okay, I'm going to your place.
I'm stuck, Emily.
There's no way I can get outta here to tonight.
I'm gonna find her.
Hey, you keep tracking her phone.
Okay, what have we got here? [man.]
Traffic cam 72 has a visual.
[car alarm chirps.]
[Nick crying.]
Nick? Uh, may maybe if we had found the body I would I wouldn't feel this way.
Which way is that? Like she's still here.
Her things are where she left them.
- The memories are are - Memories can be a comfort.
A well to return to in moderation.
I just wish I could turn it off.
If her father heard me say that, he'd have my hide.
It's about what works for you.
Not Warren, not me.
You care for her deeply, that much is clear.
Did I tell you that? - Tell me? - Her dad's name? Warren.
He's listed on the insurance as a dependent.
Alice Durand's phone stopped moving.
It's not heading to Agent Durand's anymore.
Maybe she tossed it.
Where did it last ping? A tower near Route 1, north of the city.
Do you have any idea where she could be going? No.
Hold on.
[phone beeps.]
[phone ringing.]
I gotta take this.
Will you hold this? It's for work.
I'll be right back.
[phone beeps.]
Hey, what's going on? [Emily.]
Alice isn't going home.
She was headed north on Route 1 when she ditched the phone.
Do you have any idea where she was going? No.
Um wait, wait.
Her sister's office.
I'll text you the address.
- Okay.
- I'll head toward the phone.
I'll go to Maura's.
Officer, I need you to pull over right away.
Copy that.
Go, go.
[siren wailing.]
Well done.
Good boy.
Good boy.
All right, now you press on that.
Here, hold on tight.
Ah, good.
- [Oduwale.]
- Come on.
You wait outside.
I won't be long.
Just go sit down.
[Alice's voice.]
I can't keep doing this.
What you're doing is keeping Flynn safe and healthy.
That's really not what this is about.
Getting closer to the father guarantee's Flynn's safety.
Remember why you're here.
Remember your purpose.
I trusted you with Flynn.
I trusted you more than I trusted myself.
And you treated him like a lab rat.
No, that's not true.
I never knew the whole story.
I swear to you, Emily.
I thought we were monitoring stress.
I thought I was helping.
What did they do to him? I don't know.
I believed him.
I believed he cared and that we were gonna save people.
I'm so sorry.
I knew he had a secret project.
I knew that he was using the blood tests, but I didn't know what it was for, I swear.
- You know what he did to me.
- I thought you were dead.
I didn't know it until I heard him say it.
And I killed him for what he did to you! To Flynn.
- To our family - That's bullshit.
You killed him to protect yourself.
That's it.
This is over.
It's all over.
- No.
You can't - I have to take you in - No, you can't - Damn it.
Alice! - You killed a man.
- He was a monster.
- I'm not sorry for it.
- Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
All I ever did was love Nick and love Flynn.
It started in a lie, but it was real.
You have to know that.
I fought for them with you.
You have to know that.
- I do.
- I can't face them.
I can't look in Flynn's eyes and try to explain.
- They will never forgive me - Just put the gun down Please.
I love them.
Please let me go.
Just please.
Oh, goddamn it.
If you leave right now, you can never see Flynn again.
I understand.
- Take care of them.
- Yeah.
[gun blasts.]
What? No.
[Emily grunts.]
No! Alice! [echoing.]
Alice! Stay with me! Stay with me! Come on! Come on! No, no, no.
[Emily's panicked chatter echoing indistinctly.]
Alice! [Emily chattering.]
Stay with me, okay? You're gonna be just fine.
We're gonna get you help.
Look at me.
You are not going anywhere, okay? You stay with me.
Come on.
Alice, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Talk to me.
Just say something.
Say something.
I'm not going anywhere, all right? Oh Alice, look at me.
You're gonna be okay.
Call for help, goddamn it! Alice! - Look at me! Alice! - [Gunnarsen.]
Suspect is down.
We need paramedics.
We're on the roof.
Oh, God.
Come on.
I got you.
You're okay.
Just look at me.
Alice! [indistinct chatter echoing.]
[siren wailing.]
[wind whooshing.]