Ackley Bridge (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 9

1 This can't work.
Your family hated me for being who I am.
- Let the lezza have it! - This is what you get for touching my sister! That job was our last chance! I just stood there and watched him do it.
They've finally agreed to place you in emergency foster care.
Just cos they live in some posh house, - don't mean they're better than us.
- I assumed you would be the busy one trying to stop your factory from closing down.
- Looking good, Alya.
- Hi, Cory.
Learned how to spell condom yet? Donating.
Oh, thank you, Alya! Such a kind girl! Second time this week, Auntie.
You are a very good Muslim.
No problem.
I'm afraid we can't give you a parcel without a voucher.
- It's all right.
- Wait.
Take these for now.
SHE SINGS ALONG TO MUSIC: You call me all friendly Telling me how much you miss me That's funny I guess you've heard my songs Well, I'm too busy for your business Go find a girl who wants to listen Cos if you think I was born yesterday, you have got me wrong So I cut you off! I don't need your love Cos I already cried enough I've been done I've been moving on Since we said goodbye I cut you off I don't need your love So you can try all you want Your time is up I'll tell you why.
Mummy! Mate! Good to have you back, man! - How are ya? - Yeah, skiver! It's public speaking, not reading.
- Mate, hey.
- Mate! You stink! Hey, I'm just I mean, come on let's just say Cory did not have time for a shower this morning.
You're unbelievable! How was she? - You got any photographic evidence? - Wow.
Taking after-school activities to a whole new level.
What? I was just, I'm doing my Biology homework.
I didn't see that on the syllabus.
Well, that's cos you're all theory and no practice, Alya, aren't you? There he is, risen from the dead.
I'll give you that one.
WHISTLE BLOWING Girls, this is netball, you can't bounce the ball.
Netball's rubbish, sir! How come the boys don't have to play? It's well sexist! ALL SHOUTING ANGRILY Sir! Give me, give me the ball! Get the ball, get the ball, Tahera! Get it! Aargh, I broke a nail! I don't want it! Seriously? Can you not see that I'm stood here? - You totally did that on purpose! - Not my fault you're a clumsy cow.
Get your lezza hands off me! Right.
That's it! - You and her.
- Yeah, I'll fight you! Bring it on! So ladies, the three Ps of public speaking Prepare, practice, present.
Remember, it's not all about the winning, it's about taking part.
It's all about winning, Miss.
Miss, is this, er, really about public speaking? Or improving the image of the school? Er, well, Nasreen, the school could always do with improving its image.
However, this competition is a platform for my brightest year 12s to shine.
We won't let you down, Miss.
I've got this, Miss.
Yeah, there's no I in team, Alya.
Yes, Miss.
- But there is in win.
- The Hebden Park lot are here.
Oh, they're here.
What are you doing here? Ah, the powers that be decided to send my Head of English to one of the other schools in the trust leaving me to run today.
Still, that's life working at The Valley Trust for you.
Suck the life out of you.
- Darren, this is - Javid Shah.
Deputy Head.
Yeah, Mr Shah, why don't you show the Hebden Park pupils to the hall? Thanks.
- He's a bit - Tell me about it.
And as Anne Frank said, no-one has ever become poor by giving.
Does charity start at home? On the one hand, there are those who would argue that, there are those who would argue that, because times are rough that Does charity start at home? Now, as someone who regularly volunteers at food banks, I can pick up on what my lovely team mate - Don't worry about it.
- was trying to say, before she sadly dropped her notes.
If, like me, she spent all her spare time helping others, she would know that an economically deprived town like Ackley Bridge, - charity is vital - and should most definitely start at home.
Give us a tenner then, love! It's not as simple as just handing out cash.
A recent government poll showed that, as well as turning to benefits, a large majority of low income families are even forced to use food banks.
Don't leave charity up to other people.
Every single day, I ask myself, what more can I do to help those in need? Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam! I need to talk to you about Razia.
Oh, so now you want to talk to me? Razia needs to watch her mouth.
Hey up, guys.
What's up? Aren't you going to congratulate me? Congratulate you? For what? This?! - How did you get that?! - Leave it, Riz.
All that talk about charity look at you.
You're just so full of yourself.
Just a stuck up, spoilt little brat.
First we need to identify the cells of the rhubarb.
Can't see anything through this piece of crap.
They're all the same and, well, everyone else's works, so - So what? You saying I'm thick? - Shut up.
Well, what if I am? What are you going to do about it? You and me, after school.
She's a Murgatroyd! Well, I'm a Paracha! Excuse me.
This conversation concerning the vacuole, is it? No, sir.
It's about the difference between the living and the dead.
Can anyone remind me of the purpose of the nucleus? That was meant for a private WhatsApp group.
Now you know how it feels to be publicly humiliated.
Is this about that competition? No, it's about you laughing at people's desperate situations.
MUSIC BLARES THROUGH HEADPHONES Least now, everyone can see what you are.
CLAPPING You stuck up cow.
Get lost! Ken, come on.
I need this, come on.
Whatever happened to loyalty? I've been supplying you for ten years! I'm sorry, Sadiq, but business is business.
Ken! Dad? Why you home, what's going on? Nothing! Why aren't you at school? Cos the school's a joke.
I can't stay there.
Please can I go to private school? I just can't do it! That school, it's special to me.
How's it going to look if my own daughter doesn't want to study there? But what's more important? My happiness or your community project? CHANTING: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! It's not too late, you know.
This is what happens when you mess with a Murgatroyd.
- Come on! - Please! Please! I'm not doing this.
You what?! What you doing? Smack her! Just go home.
I'm not fighting you.
- Go home.
- Get off me.
Let's go.
Ow! Oh, my God! - Are you OK? - Nas? You'd better have a very good explanation for this.
Nas, you all right? What's happened? We'll get you to hospital.
Have you even been out today? Hi.
SHE MOUTHS Mum! Mum! Mum! Wait till I get my hands on that Sam girl.
I knew she were trouble when she walked in.
Like your Taylor Swifty.
I mean, what kind of parent bring up their children thinking it's OK to carry a weapon, huh? That song's well old.
Three hours in casualty! Three hours! Bloody government! More cutting than in hair salon.
Lucky it was just a scratch.
A week?! Miss Carter, is this really necessary? Sadiq, she humiliated Cory Wilson in front of the entire school.
I am not staying in isolation for a week.
I have exams to pass.
Don't I, Miss Carter? She won't be here long.
She's asked Dad to send her to private school.
Full of stuck-up cows, she'll fit right in.
Seriously?! My dad literally puts food in your mouth.
We all know who gets the free school meals round here, don't we? Do you never learn?! Bunch of sheep, the lot of you.
Oh, but it's all right when they're following you, isn't it, Alya? Oh, so you're speaking to me now? I thought you only had time for white girls.
Don't you think you should be quiet, young lady? Oh, come on, it's embarrassing watching you crawl.
Alya, that's enough.
Mr Simpson.
If you want to be taken seriously round here, you might want to grow a pair.
And as for you, surely that care in the community scheme has come to an end.
You need to stop your mouth now, young lady! Come back to me when you've learnt how to speak English properly.
EVERYONE EXCLAIMS Mate, I'm literally a foot away from you.
Oh! Wait til me dad finds out, not only have you had me mum, nicked all the food out of the fridge and all! You OK? What was all that about? Mate, want me to see if Mrs Paracha has some frozen peas for that? No, no, it's OK.
I don't think there's any lasting damage, anyway.
Is it true, though, what she said? I mean, that's like using women for food.
Pretty messed up.
Mate, things can't be that bad.
Can they? Everything alright? No.
No, it isn't.
What's wrong? I've lost my factory.
My business, I've lost everything.
I've been trying so hard to keep things going but then this week I lost a big contract.
Well, how long's this been going on for? - Six months.
- Six months?! Sadiq, why didn't you come and see me earlier? I haven't even told my family yet.
- I still want to be sponsor.
- What? We both know this is about more than just money.
I've invested years into this school.
It's important to me.
The mattress business I inherited from my father, but this place, I built it from scratch.
If I lose this, I'll be a laughing stock.
How's the school supposed to survive with a bankrupt sponsor? I'll be letting all the families down.
I promised them a better future for their kids.
We don't need my money.
We can just make the government money go further.
I need I need to think.
- I just need to think.
- Mandy? - The Paracha-Murgatroyd meeting? - Yes.
Thank you, Javid.
Again! You're no better with your bullying.
Well, for three girls who are never short of conversation, you're suspiciously quiet.
- We can sit here all day if you want.
- Oh, hang on, sweetheart.
I've got things to do.
Right, well, in that case, Sam, I'm going to make arrangements for you to be transferred to a pupil referral unit.
- A what?! - We should be calling the police.
I'll call them for you, huh? I knew this was a mistake.
You coming to this school.
With that lot.
- That lot?! - You can't say stuff like that, Grandpa.
My granddaughter has been radicalised by you bloody Muslims! You don't even know what radicalised means?! You're happy to eat our curry - or have the doctor save your life.
- I hate curry, - Mr Murgatroyd, please! - and I wouldn't have a Muslim doctor - anywhere near me, love.
- Grandpa, that's racist! Call yourself a Murgatroyd! - I know what I'd call you! - Oh, please stop! It was not Sam's fault.
Look, she's just confused, Miss.
Must be Must be all the blood she's lost.
Miss Carter, Sam didn't stab me.
Razia did.
You're a snitch and I hate you! She'll be transferred to a pupil referral.
I'm sorry.
Razia! How could you do such a thing? I didn't know we had guests.
I invited him.
Mr and Mrs Nawaz.
This is amazing.
How do you eat this stuff?! With these! No, seriously, Mrs Nawaz.
You should go on MasterChef or something.
I mean, this is amazing.
I have to go.
I've got a meeting.
But what about dinner? Sadiq! Could I use your bathroom? Yeah.
This isn't Through the Keyhole.
Toilet's that way.
You just think you're so much better than everyone else, don't you? What are you saying, you expected me to lie? - For your sister! - You actually stabbed me! I didn't do it on purpose.
Soon only dogs will be able to hear them.
- With any luck.
- This is all your fault! How's this all my fault? You stabbed me! And you got me put in a pupil referral unit! What is going on with you two and this girl? Missy Booth, tell me.
What is happening? - That Sam girl! She's a violent.
- Well violent.
And she's a moody.
- Well moody.
- And she's Sam's my girlfriend.
She's your girlfriend.
Mum! - How are you not kicking off? - It's alright, putre.
I been to Hebden Bridge.
Sam Murgatroyd's your girlfriend? - You're a lesbian? - Raz, come on.
This isn't easy for her.
Are you a lesbian as well? What ? No, shut up! Look she isn't exactly my number one choice for you either, but You can't help who you fall for, can you? No.
No, you can't.
Jaa-o, jithay tuhaada dil karda hai.
Jaa-o, par apnay sur noo lai kay.
What does that mean? Follow your heart and take your head with you.
That's what that means.
That's beautiful.
That one of them ancient sayings? No.
Fridge magnet.
- Well, I'm going to pack anyways.
- What? Why? Cos I'm moving into Nana's room.
Raz! - I'm gay! - Get over it.
Shut up! My jewellery! It's gone! All of it! Even the ring Dadi left me! Cory! - He was upstairs! I caught him snooping around.
- Where's my phone? Where are you going? - Where's my phone? - To Cory's! You know where he lives don't you! Call Dad! KNOCKING KNOCKING Where is it? Mum's jewellery's been nicked.
And you think I took it? You've done it to get back at me.
What's she on about? I didn't take your poxy jewellery, OK! Then why does she think you did? Because you're skint! Yeah.
Yeah, we are.
Why is that, Dad? Eh? It's cos you just sit on your backside and do nothing! You've got one kid in foster care and another one picking up women and nicking their food! We'd be better off without you.
Hang on.
Cory didn't take the jewellery.
How could you let it get to this? You pawned the ring Dadi left me.
I was trying to save our home! I needed the money to keep up with the mortgage payments.
But we paid off the mortgage.
You remortgaged without telling me? I was trying to make both the business and the school a success.
You overpromised, Sadiq.
You always do.
I'm sorry.
I really am sorry.
I'll make it right.
You'd better tell your sister we're on our way.
Aunty Zehra? We can't go there.
Come, all of you.
I've made chai.
Welcome home.
You've put yourself in isolation? Sadiq's gone bust.
What?! What do I do? - Find another sponsor? - You're joking, aren't you?! Who? Where? Keep him without the cash?! I don't know.
Maybe? What's the alternative? We get taken over by a multi-academy Trust? They won't care about you or me or any of the staff who worked so hard to give these kids a chance.
You heard Darren.
It's all about money with them.
What are you gonna do? Miss Carter! - Miss Carter! Miss Carter! - Jordan? Miss Carter, it's me dad!! - Dad! - Get down from there, you daft git! What is he doing? Dad! Get down! Get down now! Has anyone called the police? Come on, Dad, what you doing up there? Please just get down, will you? What's he doing up there? Well, I don't think he's fixing the roof.
Do you remember when Mum left us? You know, when she walked out.
Do you remember what you said to us? I said I'd never leave you.
Can someone do something, man? I'm sorry for what I said before, OK? We do need you.
Just come down, Dad.
All right.
I'll come down.
I need an ambulance, please.
Dad? Dad? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, lads.
Come on.
Come on, Dad.
SIREN WAILS Auntie Zehra - what's your Wi-Fi code? - Shh.
- What's your Wi-Fi code? - Shh.
We don't have it, sweetie.
But everybody's got Wi-Fi.
TV BLARES You OK, puttar? Cory's dad just tried to kill himself.
I'm getting a jumbo battered sausage, I'm done in after all that.
I'll have meat and potato pie, chips peas, gravy and a buttered teacake.
Diet going well then, Gramps? Yeah, very funny.
Don't even.
I wasn't even going to say a word.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
So how was the hospital? Y yeah, he, er - he's been sectioned, so - Oh.
How is the new place? Well I mean, I'm sharing what can only be described as a shed with my dad, mum, brother, uncle, heavily pregnant auntie, three cousins and some random old lady that I'm probably related to but I have no idea who she is.
Ah, and we only have one toilet.
So no pool, then? Over swimming.
Chlorine dries the skin.
Anyway, I'm glad you came.
Cory, you and me, we could I just I came to say that I I really Do you want gravy with these? Nice.
BABY CRIES Erm, what did she want? She just came to say sorry.
Dad why are you doing this? The governors are meeting today.
I need Mandy to back me.
- I've put so much into this place.
- But you've got nothing.
Your grandad, when he started the factory, had nothing.
Me, I'm building back up.
Everybody knows what's happened.
So? All the more reason to show them that I'm serious about getting back on my feet.
You do the same.
I shouldn't have made you look bad at the competition.
I'm sorry.
I'm sticking around so You've got way too much attitude for private school anyway.
- THEY ALL LAUGH - So what did I miss? Another episode of Tahira's Hideous Hijabs.
- Take a look at that! - Oh, my God! - It's disgusting.
- Yeah, I know.
- Missed you guys.
- We missed you.
- Aww.
- Yeah.
It is.
It's just hideous.
Hey, bro.
Hey, you ought to see the amount of food at ours.
The whole estate's been round.
We've got all sorts there.
Lasagna cake, some weird soup kind of thing Can't eat it all by myself, like.
Jord, you belong at home.
With me.
What about Dad? He's getting fixed.
He's going to be OK.
What type of cake is it? Carrot cake.
No, I'm all right then, I'll stay out, mate.
Not if I have anything to do with it! THEY BOTH LAUGH Look at that mardy face.
Come on.
Come on! Er, do you want to tell me where you're taking me? Oh, love it when the sun's out.
- Where are we going, Missy? - You'll see! I'm really not in the m no, I know exactly what you're doing.
Come on.
See if you can do something about this - SCHOOL BELL RINGS - will you, eh? Come on, have fun.
Sorry about my grandpa.
He's old school.
You mean a racist.
Well - Yeah.
- Mm.
I told my family that you're my girlfriend.
- What? - OK.
It's not funny! No, you can't seriously be considering this.
The governors aren't going to agree to a bankrupt businessman as a credible sponsor! - Now just a second.
- No.
Our best bet is to put ourselves forward for a multi-academy trust.
They pick up failing schools all the time.
We are not a failing school! You run this place like it's social services! Now hold on a minute.
A trust have the talent and the resources.
They could make this place a real success.
Some corporate type in an office who doesn't understand the kids like we do.
- To them, they're just numbers.
- KNOCK ON DOOR AND DOOR OPENS The governors are here.
I am going to do everything in my power to save this school.
Now, if you truly believe that, you'll go out there and beg a trust to take us on.
I'm here for a meeting with the CEO.
- Hi.
I've convinced the governors we need to stick with you.
It's a huge risk I'm taking, Sadiq, but you took a gamble on me when we first started all this so - I really appreciate it.
- Yeah, well now we just need to make it work somehow.
Look, I know we've got our work cut out but I'm going to get back on my feet and you and me, we're a team and a really good one.
Well, we'd better be because, er, I'm going to need a school to come back to when I finish my maternity leave.
Wow! - Congratulations.
- Yeah.
What's one more challenge, eh? - Thanks, Mandy.
- Yeah.
Give me two seconds, give me two seconds Hey, Alya.
- Hi, Cory.
- So, erm so I was just thinking, you know, seeing as though you're not going to private school or anything well, I just sort of maybe Alya, you know this whole integration thing that everyone bangs on about Mm, you know what? Integration, it's overrated.
Some things just don't go together.