Adventure Time with Finn & Jake s08e15 Episode Script

The Orb

1 (MOUSE SQUEAKS) (PENGUINS CHIRP) (SCREECHES) (ALL CHEERING) (SCREECHES) (QUACKS) Adventure time Come on, grab your friends We're going to a very distant land With Jake the dog and Finn the human The fun will never end It's adventure time Oh bananas.
BMO, it's your turn to say "bananas.
" There is a strange cloud following us.
Come and see.
I'm too comfortable to move.
Can you just describe it? Forget the cloud.
Tell us a story instead.
A nice campfire bedtime story.
Once upon a time, there was this cool guy and a banana with sunglasses.
Please, no.
Literally anything but bananas.
Once upon a time, there was a bandana with sunglasses.
Eh? (BOTH SNORING) Good night, bed.
Good night, weird cloud.
Good night, weird orb.
(SNORING) - Hey, Jake home.
- (APPLAUSE) - Hey, Joshua home too! - (APPLAUSE) Whatcha doing, Dad? Scrambling eggs? Yes, in the refrigerator! (LAUGHTER) Oh, boy.
I can see where this is going.
(LAUGHTER) Man, that got old quick.
What's going on here, Jermaine? Wha wha What do you think? It's a dream, dum-dum.
Oh, right.
'Cause dream bro times.
And 'cause we burned this place down.
Last year.
Anyway, what's up, Jermaine? Fine.
What do you think all these blank canvasses represent? These are, um, mine actually.
I've really been getting into landscape painting.
Mostly, like, forests and seascapes.
Strictly representational art.
Dude, that's awesome! We should collab on an interdisciplinary performance or something.
Ah, that's not really my scene, man.
I'm into real things.
(SNORING) I'm flying! No more walking for this guy.
You hear that dudes? You're retired.
Just gonna float around like a chubby bat.
I made these cloud sculptures for you.
Yes! Flying Finn will never miss out on anything.
People will be all, "Too bad Finn's not here.
" And I'll be like, "Look up, surface dorks.
" (DISCO MUSIC PLAYS) Director! Where are your accessories? Let's get the director's accessories, please? Okay, time for the show! (APPLAUSE) We never have any fun when BMO's not here.
All we do is hit things.
(LAUGHTER) I love art.
Okay, boys, I got a job for you.
Think you can handle it? Of course you can.
Now, dig.
JAKE: Yeah, okay.
Why are we doing this, Papa? Never you mind! Dig.
(THUMPING) (SIGHING) Man, I'm out of shape.
I can hear my own heart palpitating.
Jeepers creepers.
Don't mind that.
Just dig faster.
Dig faster, you dew droppers! Brrr! Hey, it's PB.
Finn, what are you up to? Oh, nothing.
Just using my power of flight! It's scientifically impossible for a human boy to fly.
You're gonna wish it was scientifically possible to put those words back in your mouth.
Look! Huup! Huup! Grrr.
Huup! Stop holding me back! (THUNDER CRASHES) Huh? Aah! Finn, what are these? Aaaaahhhh! I'm bored.
I'm boring.
There's only one person who can save this play.
- Yay, he's here! - Yay, he's here! - BMO! - BMO! - (APPLAUSE) - A bootleg BMO? I'm bad! But you still like me.
Boo! This show is terrible! I want to talk to the director.
The director is right this way, director.
Director, the director's here to see you.
Listen, the play started out good, but it didn't have any relatable characters.
(GASPING) Football! I'm not Football.
Oh, good.
I'm AMO! Oh, bad! (DIGGING) (SHOVELS CLANGING) The heck! Dad, the hole is gone! - Boys? - Dad? JOSHUA: Boys, the hole is gone! Looks like you buried me.
Why'd you do it? - Aah! Dig! - Aah! Dig! - Mom.
- Mom.
What are you doing? Mm.
I'm sure this is all really symbolic, but it's dang comfy.
(GASPING) (SLURPING) I don't like where this is headed.
I'm out of here.
Mom, Dad (WHIMPERING) How does it look? I think it looks cool.
Oh! What the plop? - Help - Jake? JAKE: I'm aging up here! Okay, bird thoughts, Finn.
Eggs, nest, wings, worms! Jake? Jake? Jake! Finn (COUGHS) I'm old.
(BMO CRIES) Now it's too relatable! Cool, backup skin.
- Aah! - That's not what I wrote! Huh? I really respect that you do your own stunts.
You're brother's gonna have to step up his game to keep up with you.
We have to do something about these crow's-feet, or everyone's gonna know you're too old to play Jake.
But I am Jake.
(HISSING) What's he saying? Your lines.
Hss, hss, shss, shss.
Hss, hss, shss, shss.
Uh, hss, sshs, hss.
Hss, hss, shss, shss.
Just read the cue cards.
BMO: It's just a rehearsal, but it's not okay to be really bad.
BMO? What are you doing here? This is my nightmare! - No, this is my - No, this is my Oh, our nightmares, I guess.
And you're here with us.
- (RUMBLING) - I am? The unconscious is so complicated.
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Bird thoughts! Perches, birdseed, hooting! It's not working! That weird eye cloud again.
This fall's taking longer than I thought it would.
I wish I had a game to pass the time while we're plunging to our death.
Or, like, a puzzle or something.
A puzzle.
So what if I put this here? Um Uh, who are you? Okay, you're some kind of nightmare princess.
But where are we? We're dead.
I knew it.
I'm guessing we're still asleep on the boat.
I think she entered our nightmares and mashed them up in order to communicate with us.
What do you want to tell us? Banana? (GASPS) She wants to hear my banana story! (ALL GASP) She's harvesting our mind-fruits! Wait, do you just want us to give you some bananas? Well, there's loads on our boat.
You can take as many as you No, Finn! You have to negotiate first.
We won't trade them for anything less than something pretty and/or cool.
Enjoy those bananas! Pretty! What is this, like, nightmare juice? Let's drink it! (YAWNS) Hey, look how close to home we are.
Land ho! Hm.
Ooh, la-la.
How's it look, BMO? Like a dream.