Adventure Time with Finn & Jake s10e13 Episode Script

Diamonds and Lemons

1 [QUACKING] [WARBLE, ZAP!] [ROARS] "Adventure Time" Come on, grab your friends We'll go to very distant lands With Jake the dog and Finn the human, The fun will never end It's "Adventure Time" FINN: You sad mobs.
Y'all wish you had this sweet dang bucket! [GASPS] Hyah! Aah! It's mine time! Get beat, dead meat! My tool! Die! Oh, a little zombie carrot.
I should have washed it.
[BLEATS] [INHALES, EXHALES DEEPLY] [MUFFLED GROANING IN THE DISTANCE] Hm? Impertinence! Grow! Grow! Aha! - Heads up! - Oof! I got that bucket of pure river water you asked for.
Thanks, dude.
Whatcha doing down here, anyways? Digging up diamonds for a little project.
I'll help, buddy! Whew! Vanilla no mods! Vanilla no mods! Vanilla no mods! Vanilla no mods! What the heck, man? It's such a senseless waste! Au contraire, mon friend.
I'm extremely senseful.
See this bucket of water? It's case I fall in the lava and catch fire.
You could make something really good with these [UNDER HIS BREATH] like a better sword for your best bro.
Or I'm gonna take this shiny boy and show you the way.
You do you, buddy.
I'm sure you'd get it if you just took a moment to think about it! Uhhuh.
Look, guys.
It was totally epic.
I wrecked the library's glass ceiling, like, NBD.
Then, I pushed a creeper down there, and all the stupid, smart dorks cried like tiny stupid babies.
- Wenk, wenk.
- That's small potatoes! We should do something big.
I've got a storage full of live dynamite.
Hey, we should grief Finn and Jake! We could plant a tree on the tree house! Huh? Ugh, it's totally obvious you've never griefed anybody.
That's only technically true.
And, not to be that guy, but it's actually "aggrieved.
" You better grief someone, quick, if you want to stay in the Gravel Gang! Only cool mean girls allowed! I'm ice-cool, LSP.
No! Call me by my gang name! Okay.
Gravel Gal.
[SIGHS] Grooooow! Oh! Yes, of course.
Grow! No groooooowth! [LAUGHS MANIACALLY] Who here loves windmills? [CHUCKLES] All right! Now, get to work.
Yo, Marcie.
- That's a real nice windmill.
- Thanks.
When it's done, I'm gonna grind up a whole mess of bone meal.
What's that, boss? Keep working, buddy.
So, whatcha got there? A little lump destined for something big.
Just like your butt! Hah! Good one.
But no, I want to turn this diamond into something complex and awesome, to really "wow" Jake.
Well, I recommend building a windmill.
A diamond windmill.
PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: No, that's silly.
You need something more science-y.
Diamond, lapis, some gunpowder, juicy nugget.
Add the star to move gunpowder and paper.
There! I'm positive Jake will appreciate it for both its fleeting sensation of beauty and its false sense of purpose.
Up top.
He's been at it all day.
I should help him.
See ya later, Finn.
All right.
- Nyargh! - Hey.
Hey, it's okay, buddy.
Can't tree! You can't just hit something with a shovel and expect it to do your bidding.
- Yeah, you can.
- What? This is an oak sapling, this is a jungle sapling, and this this is a lot of bone meal.
Courtesy of Marceline the Bone Meal Queen.
Now, we don't actually need the bone meal, but it'll help speed things up.
And as for the space requirements on the ground, it depends on the species.
How many aces do you have? I got five.
Oh, shoot.
I only got two.
- Hey, y'all.
- Finn.
I was just passing through.
But I could sure go for one of your famous apple pies.
Say no more.
[HUMS] I'm no expert, but that kind of looks like a pumpkin.
Sorry about that.
I'm just plumb out of apples.
But I got lots of pumpkins Too many pumpkins.
[OVEN DINGS] Hot pie.
[SNIFFS] Uh, this might sound a bit weird, but I'm kind of tired, and it's a long way home Say no more.
Bye-bye, boys! Whoa! You know, you could just tell me where to go.
Don't look at it, and we'll What the heck is that?! [ROARS] Oh, glob.
Aah! - Hey! - Wee, wee, wee! Wee, wee, wee! Enderman! Fight me! Oh, no.
Aah! So, uh Do you have, like, another job, or is this what you do full-time? I saw you carrying that block back there.
You into building stuff? I bet endermen have hobbies just like everyone else.
Ooh! Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Phew! Good work! Let's call it a day.
Beans? Beans.
That noise.
Finn, I'm trying to sleep! [WHISPERING] Hey, LSP.
Don't be scared.
What are you even doing, just looking at this guy's toes? Yeah.
I have to.
I don't get it.
Does this guy even have toes? Are those his toes? I don't think I've ever even seen a toe, come to think of it.
What am I even talking about? Thank you! I've been stuck here for so long! Sure.
[SNIFFS] Ew! You're all smelly and wet! Get out of here! Fair enough.
[UNDER HER BREATH] But come back after you've showered.
Yoink! Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha! - Hey! - You got griefed! Oh! [ROARS] Aah! [MUFFLED] I'm not looking at you! I'm not looking! [BLEATS] [QUIET, GROGGY] Good morning.
How dare you.
Lemon seed babies! Oh, you shall be my true heirs! What?! A apple?! Unacceptable! Unacceptabllllle! Oh, gracious.
Good job, Lemongrab.
Pie me! Pie me for my apples.
Pie! You won't believe what I went through to get this.
Oh, yeah.
You were gonna make something, right? [MUNCHING] Whoa! You did it! You took the fruits of our labor and transformed them into something beautiful and unexpected.
Oh, come on! Diamonds are so hard to get! Oh.
Duh! Beauty is in the hard work itself and the Oftentimes false Sense of purpose we feel when doing it.
It's a fleeting sensation that drives us to repeat our actions in order to capture it again.
[SIZZLING, WHISTLING] That was supposed to be fireworks.
I like this better.