Afflicted (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Mind & Body

I wonder, "Is he imagining this to the point that it becomes real?" Is this in her head? Is it psychosomatic? There is emotional and psychological components.
Some of it's in her mind, I guess.
I do think there is a mind-body connection.
Illness is a dysfunction in the mind.
I view the distinction between the brain the body and the mind as artificial boundaries.
They're seamlessly connected to each other.
Patients who have emotional issues, that can translate physically.
And we find that to be true especially for chronic illnesses.
Your brain is capable of producing physical, real physical alterations by itself.
The notion of something being all in your head is interesting.
It's no less real than in the body.
- Hey.
- Hi, Beth.
Let's go ahead and get you feeling better.
Thank you, Beth.
- Say, "I want to be healthy.
" - "I want to be healthy.
" Okay.
Yeah, so you do test reverse right now, - so hold that belly point.
- Okay.
- Okay, say, "I want to be healthy.
" - "I want to be healthy.
" Okay, that's testing strong Hello.
I am Beth Daniel.
I'm the co-founder of Quantum Techniques.
I'm here to teach you the "Getting Started Quick" section that all of our new clients use to become prepared for doing our treatment codes.
If we check, I'm 100% over any blocks to accurate testing, Hundred percent free of any deception in my testing.
That's testing clear.
Go ahead and take the fingertips of one hand and hold them two inches above your navel.
What all have you eaten today? - French fries.
- Okay.
French fries did not test well.
So let's go ahead and clear and flush some of these toxins for you.
Cerebellum liver, kidney, urinary, bladder, colon, blood, saliva, lungs The energy healing, it definitely has made a difference.
- Say, "This product.
" - "This product" - Say, "More than one.
" - "More than one.
" Let's try two a day right now.
Well, it's just on the premise that there is The body basically retains a memory of Um I don't understand it completely.
And I was really skeptical in the beginning, 'cause it was a lot of money.
And how long does it take normally to do that over the phone? - Um, I'd say twenty to thirty minutes.
- Okay.
I didn't want to know what it was because I didn't want to be have an attitude of like, "Oh my God.
What are we doing?" Because the one thing I saw was that it was helping her.
Thank you.
Thank you, Beth.
You're the best.
You too.
Bye, Pilar.
I feel so much better.
I do.
This is my outdoor spa.
I mean, it's I kind of have to, like, crouch down, but it works.
I don't know.
This doesn't bother me so much.
Janine hates it.
So that's my shower.
How are you doing? I'm glad I didn't put aftershave on.
Oh, don't tell me you have that umbrella.
Just take it as far out of Yeah, get rid of that thing.
My name is Leonard Golson and I have known Jill for We don't actually remember when we first met, but it's been at least since the mid-'90s.
Jill was happy-go-lucky, friendly.
I mean, she liked to dance.
She liked to party.
Just I would say happy.
But something has gone askew, and don't know what it is in her case exactly.
She tells me that it's the mold.
So, that umbrella I bought it, one just like it when it was raining once, and I got on the train and, like weird taste in my mouth, my heart was speeding up, my feet were tingling.
Um My ovary was throbbing.
I'm not kidding.
My right ovary I mean, it happened over time.
How How did that even - How is that even - How is that a thing? Jill's not necessarily consistent about the intensity, nor the thing that actually bothers her.
I guess we've never had the umbrella conversation.
No, we've never had the umbrella conversation.
Last time I saw her, none of my clothing set her off.
I was fine.
The time before that, almost all of my clothing set her off, and it was virtually the same outfit, as far as I'm concerned.
- Cheers.
- What are we toasting to? You getting better.
That's it.
I wanna hang out with you more.
When Jill got sick there was a crap-load of stuff going on during that time period.
She was breaking up with her wife.
That alone is enough to drive anyone insane.
When Jill and I first met, she was still kind of immersed in her former relationship.
They had been broken up for quite some time, but they The living situation was complicated.
They weren't living together, but they were like roommates.
I was going in and out of that apartment and having these massive meltdowns.
And at one point, I said, "You know, I'm really upset about this relationship and everything but not this upset.
This isn't just all feelings.
" That apartment had stuff that was triggering me.
What do I think the root of Jill's illness is? It is probably due to all of the stress in her life.
The divorce moving out of the house, basically losing her entire community.
Just think that a triple whammy might be too much.
It's too much for anybody to put up with.
I think I could feel better.
That's the thing.
I didn't realize that I was getting sicker.
I mean, and then I was like I could smell my clothes.
You don't really know me if you think I would suddenly take up a hobby of being sick when I have found somebody I adore, I'm making money, I have hit my stride professionally Everything's working.
Why on earth would I suddenly decide to flush all of my money down the toilet and become miserable? Someone's smoking.
If it's a waiter, I'm not gonna say anything.
It's not.
None of this makes sense.
Something is off, and I can't quite put my finger on it.
Physically, she's here, but mentally, you can tell she's someplace else.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm smelling that inside.
- Do you mind? - No.
- Thank you, I appreciate it.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
From Jake's house to the Hansa Center, it's at least 10 hours.
Driving for so long, it's extremely difficult for Jake.
I did a lot of research on the Hansa Center.
They treat you specifically for what's wrong with you.
The Hansa Center focuses on naturopathic and homeopathic treatments to stubborn illnesses, Lyme being one of their main focuses.
They do a lot of alternative medicine there.
I want to beg them to just help me.
Like, I just want somebody to help me to just give me a little bit of relief.
Just a glimmer.
What time do you have to be there tomorrow? 8:45 a.
So, I think my role during Jake's treatment is make everything as easy as possible.
While we're here, my plan is just to record his symptoms every single day.
Jotting down notes about what treatments I'm getting on what days helping me walk down the hallway if I need it.
Make little grocery trips, whatever we need.
I don't mind doing all that.
The Hansa Center does a bunch of things that I had never even heard of, but all of the doctors at Hansa Center are MDs.
Many of them have multiple medical degrees.
B and I, I think we're both operating under the assumption that I'm going to get better, and I move back to Nashville, score the TV show.
We get married and move in together.
I hope I get better.
It gets difficult some days to think about him getting better because it seems like he's plateaued a little bit.
If Jake doesn't get better I try not to think about that.
I just kind of sit here, and I have to squeeze it.
It's from my PT, and she wants me to focus on my abdomen.
It's definitely a workout.
As far as my healing journey goes, I feel like I've made lots of improvements.
I feel like I'm in that point because I've been doing treatments for over two years now.
It has been very difficult.
But, um, now I can drive myself.
I can go to the store.
Of course I'm very limited.
I don't walk into any type of stores.
I have to go to the ones that are organic, of course.
I can see that my body is responding better as far as the lymphatic system goes.
I feel like I'm seeing the results that I want.
Today has been a really good day.
Um I had my up and downs.
Okay, one thing that I haven't mentioned it's my code.
I have them right here.
I tell myself, "I love you, I love you, I love you.
" If you set that intention, it will happen.
And that's where, you know, the mind and body connection truly works.
And it does.
It does.
The brain, the mind, is connected to the entire rest of the body through nerves.
We are our brains, and how we feel depends on how we perceive things.
So, it's not surprising that people do feel better if they feel like they're taking some kind of action.
If you can work in your inner environment, it's really working in your brain and your mind, your heart, your body then the body does heal and gets stronger.
I do feel, and I do believe, and I'm very hopeful that I will get to that 100%.
And I will do it.
- Okay, Leonard.
- Yes, my dear.
What? - Your moment has arrived.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Remember this? - I do remember this.
Is this up your alley or what? Up my alley, yes.
So, this is a extremely stinky oil, but this is major for knocking badness out of you.
- What is it? - Oh.
This was $100.
- Are you freaking kidding me? - Yeah, I mean - I'm not kidding you.
It's so smelly.
- A hundred dollars? Yeah.
One, two, three.
Whoa! - There we go.
- Okay.
Oh, God.
It smells so bad.
Now, you know that's not enough.
You have to fill that in, like Yeah.
I worry greatly about Jill's money.
She's a dear friend.
She's in a really crappy place right now with a disease that doesn't seem to have as much science devoted to it as, you know, let's say battlefield injuries, which we've got 3,000, 4,000 years of science behind that.
How are we supposed to know this stuff is working - if we don't have any history? - "Working" it's sort of like - It's all so synergistic.
- Yeah You can't be like, "This thing's working.
That thing's working.
" - It's more like the totality of it.
- Yes and no.
We have to get some data, all right? I have the experts of experts - of biotoxin illness on the on the case.
- Right.
So, with respect, what makes you think they're giving me anything that doesn't work? You're doing an entire cabinet's worth of stuff - to make yourself feel better.
- Right.
Some of that stuff is not doing you any good at all.
- Okay - Some of that stuff Hold on.
Some of that stuff is doing an amazing job, and some Where do you get that information from? - What makes you think that's true? - Let me finish.
And some of the stuff is working in synergy with other stuff to make all this work.
Why do you think stuff is not working? This is new.
This is a 21st-century invention.
And so me, I want If she's going to do this, if she's gonna go to all these doctors, I hope that there is at least a whole lot of data being taken from this so that they can tweak what they're doing and how they're doing it.
more accurate information, with even time and date and whatever, - what you did and what you didn't do - Right.
he's gonna be able to make a much better diagnosis.
It's awful to be doubted.
It's hard, because you can't see it.
People don't think it's real.
I'm like I'm disabled.
This is not just a polite cotton mask that you wear 'cause there's some dust or construction.
This is heavy-duty.
It makes me nervous 'cause the sickness makes her brain foggy, and I'm afraid that that brain fogginess will lead her to follow some guru who will do something crazy or stupid and take all of her money basically and leave her with false hope.
You have no data.
You've got a lot of people telling you, "Try this.
Try that" Well, the data is that I'm getting that I'm better.
So when people think, "It's in your mind.
You need to change your thoughts," or "There's nothing wrong with you," I'm like, "Yeah, okay.
You know.
You know exactly what this is and what it isn't.
" Like, "Don't quit your day job.
" So, we're heading to the Hansa Center right now, and we'll see the doctor first.
They're mostly focusing on my lymphatic system, so getting essentially electromagnetic therapy.
They shock you, but it's very subtle.
A lot of it is different kinds of light therapy.
They're targeting lasers and all kinds of stuff.
The doctor didn't really have much to say at all.
It seems like the one thing that I was concerned about, my white blood cell they are dropping which means that my immune system is majorly suppressed.
Today, I did something called head magnet.
You lay down and put your head in this very large magnet that would be pulling on any heavy-metal toxicity.
I walked away from that thing feeling like my head just got pulled apart.
Today has been extremely difficult.
I don't know if they're helping me.
Last night my whole body was numb and buzzing.
My head I mean, I didn't know where I was.
I had a dream that I had been shot repeatedly in the chest, and I felt the real physical pain while I was asleep, and then I woke up, and my heart was pounding out of my chest, and I had difficulty breathing.
I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.
I have had that for almost 15 years now.
But I've heard about Lyme doing really bizarre psychological things.
Chronic anxiety produces lots of physical symptoms.
They're real.
The body and the mind are communicating with each other.
This is why, when people are emotionally upset, they have an upset stomach, the gut is getting signals from your brain that you're upset, and it responds accordingly.
Do you have any questions about the equipment or Um Nope.
- Cyborg.
- I don't like it.
You like it? She wants to go next, right? No? I'm not used to seeing him hooked up to things.
It's scary-looking.
What does he look like to you right now? Sick.
See you in the morning.
- Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Bye.
I really don't want to drive away from Kansas feeling like this.
I'm desperately hanging on to hope but I'm really scared.
Umm Oh, shoot.
I can't.
You just want to do, like, normal stuff and not have to be worrying about what chemicals might be there.
Oh, no.
I'm not going over there.
No way.
I don't want it to be true.
I don't want any of this to be true.
Thank you, sir.
Have a good day.
You okay? - Yeah? - Ish.
- Huh? - "Ish.
" It's okay.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
I just I feel nauseous.
I feel out of it.
It just makes my brain go like Just like I have no control over it.
It's just like my body doing it.
I have nothing to do with this.
I know not to take this seriously and develop it into some kind of issue.
It's not an issue.
It's just, like, the chemicals It's just chemicals.
I may always be really sensitive, but some days, I just get, like "Fuck this shit.
I'm not doing this.
" It gets too hard.
It's just too hard.
I have been feeling like such crap lately.
Really bad, so sensitive.
It's really hard to believe.
My understanding is that my toxic load is to the top and spilling over.
My body is not detoxifying well so it means I need to up my game.
- Hi! - Hey there.
- How are you? - Good.
How are you doing? I'm doing good.
Good seeing you, Dr.
How you been feeling? I've been okay.
I'm Dr.
Peter Osborne.
I run a functional medicine clinic.
My mission and goal in life is just to help people with chronic illness really find answers beyond medicine when medicine has failed them.
You know, you recall a number of these things that we had tested you for.
The zinc, uh, particularly.
I had you supplementing with several things - Yes.
- to get correction here.
You're tolerating everything really well.
These things are correcting.
You look like you have also been out and about.
Yeah, for sure.
I can stay um, a lot longer than before in natural environment, right? I mean, the chemicals still there, but just being able to go outside and even tolerate, um, the weather.
So, that's a plus.
That's huge.
That is huge.
The first time I met you, you had a mask on.
- Yes, yes.
- Yeah.
You've been working up the mountain.
- That's right.
- Okay? I'm a big fan of perspective.
What your reality in your mind is is your reality in our physical world because the mind is where it starts.
It's very, very powerful.
Not quite as flat.
I don't know if you remember.
- I don't remember.
- So, this nail bed - was somewhat spooning.
- Oh, really? Let me see your other hand.
That's what was happening.
Now the Yeah, so this is definitely more rounded.
- It's still See how flat that is? - Yeah.
It should be more rounded than that even still, but it was much more scooped in before.
Oh, I remember.
Placebo is a tool we can use as doctors, and that doesn't mean we lie to our patients or mislead our patients, but I think, as doctors, we have to start from the premise of giving our patients the ability to heal.
- Yours originally was dipping in.
- Oh.
The power of belief is so strong.
There's a huge connection with mind and body.
This is what placebo is.
And I think a lot of doctors fail to activate placebo in their patients.
My anticipation is that you'll have much more functionality in your day-to-day life, and I want you to challenge that.
Try to be around some other people - Yes.
- slowly, subtly.
Let's see about getting you into the real world.
Ultimately we have to be able to do that.
Oh, yeah.
For sure.
- We can't live in the bubble forever.
- No, no.
Coming back from that state of, "This is my water.
This is my air.
These are my clothes.
Don't interfere with my bubble.
" We've got to take her out of that environment when her body can handle it and allow her to not have a psychosomatic response.
For Pilar, I think the reintroduction to more and more social environments is gonna be a very important part of her final steps toward recovery.
Have you been able to be around your husband more? That is still a challenge.
There's no other person in an adult's life beyond their spouse that plays a more pivotal and important role, good or bad.
Couples have to be on each other's team at all times, so that requires an ongoing relationship.
A lack of a relationship is a form of toxicity.
You still have some struggles to go through.
We can't stay in this limbo mode forever.
- Yes, yes.
- Yeah.
Based on my prior experiences with other patients, I expect to see just as many improvements over the next four months, probably more as what we've seen in the last two.
You know, the big thing was I was worried about how well you would tolerate even just what I put you on.
Because of your ultra-sensitivity.
But, um, as long as we keep nourishing your body, at this point, all we really can expect is you to recover.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome, see you next time.
- Yes.
Can't wait.
- All righty.
I'm excited to be able to see myself better.
I'm seeing results, and I can definitely feel and see things differently.
And that's huge, you know? Yeah.
That's wonderful.
Look, it's all gonna work out, Jill.
It's all gonna work out because it has to.
That's the way it goes.
That never worked for me, that whole time of my life.
It just doesn't work that way.
- Are you upset because I said that? - No.
I'm just stress-y.
What's the point You telling me not to stress is stressing me out.
Oh, goody.
So I found Nag on the Internet.
She's a highly respected environmental medical physician.
She is one of the few real experts.
Yay! She does a very full screening.
So she just There's nothing she's not gonna find.
Her greatness is very much worth traveling for.
Hey, good dog.
- Yeah.
Hi, sweet boy, girl.
- Do you want me to throw? Look at that.
- Leave it.
- You're gonna touch that? - Drop it.
- No crotch sniffing now.
- Drop it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Sit.
Don't put that spit-covered toy near me.
- You're grossed out by spit? - Well, dog spit, yeah.
- Chester, come.
- No, that's not We're not doing spit today, okay? So actually, let's do your thyroflex test for thyroid insufficiency.
Marcia's gonna put the little band on your hand.
Fingers only.
There are people around the country that do this medicine, but not enough.
Right now, a lot of They're all out of network, and they're all completely inaccessible - to most of the population.
- I know it seems like a lot, that you're gonna spend $200 to $1,000 to see a doctor and do some tests.
But if you feel stupendous for the rest of your life because you got four hormones adjusted, it's worth it.
I'm just gonna, um, mark with a Now sometimes Oh, that's it.
We're just gonna take this thyroflex machine.
It's hooked up to a computer.
- It's gonna go boom, okay? - Yeah.
So usually, I say, "What did you have for lunch today?" What did you just eat? Okay.
So, that's not too bad.
So what I'm gonna do is clear the ones that are erroneous.
Okay, ready? Okay, so I'm just gonna touch right here.
Thirty, current of one, and energy of .
I'm going on the other side of the mouth.
General medicine has become watered down with information too broad and not enough specifics about how to approach a patient who comes in with chemical sensitivity.
Okay, that was a good one.
120, 1, and .
Doctors just don't have the tools.
You can't do a basic blood count and find out about all the pathology in a patient.
On your Can you hold them on your head like that? And then you take the band and put the band.
Environmental medicine gets deeper to the cause than traditional medicine.
The other thing I wanted to do was to talk about your result.
This is your heavy metals post-challenge after we gave you DNPS and EDTA drips.
We checked your urine after six hours six hours of urine and we measured lead, mercury, and other heavy metals.
So, let's talk about the relationship of this test to being electrically sensitive.
Here's the deal.
We become electrically sensitive because our cells are poisoned by usually mold or something else, and it damages the membranes.
The main concept to understand is if you are EMF-sensitive you need to be careful to take this very seriously, 'cause you could get much worse.
Thirty percent of people who are chemically sensitive develop electrical sensitivity.
Oftentimes, they'll become electrically sensitive very severely.
They can't be near Wi-Fi.
That means they can't go out in public.
Electrical sensitivity is horrifying.
It's overwhelming.
If I looked at the reality of these things, I couldn't leave the house.
I'm, like, kind of a little bit flooded right now.
I just want to understand.
When I look at your oral potential meter reading, it seems that the implants were high.
You have a battery effect in your mouth, and that battery is basically producing current close to the brain stem, and the brain stem is leading to the spinal cord, leading to the nerves that go to the veins in the legs.
So, if you have a battery in the mouth like me, and you remove it One crown I removed it My electrical sensitivity got 90% better, and my chemical sensitivity almost went away instantaneously.
Oh, yeah! This is Yeah, baby.
Do you have any sense of how much it costs? People spend $10,000 or $20,000 redoing their mouth, if you have crowns, it's expensive.
If you're just doing fillings, it's not that big of a deal.
But you have at least 10 things.
Yeah, like, it looks like you have at least 10 things So it costs three grand if you were just doing the fillings as fillings.
With the house and what it takes to remediate, it's been very difficult.
It's It's been a very rough ride for both of us.
This disease will progress unless you halt the progression.
How do you halt the progression? By diving into treatment a little bit more than you are.
So, I'm telling you.
- You can get really sick.
- Okay.
If you don't buckle down, it's gonna happen.
We're out of money, but I think this could be a complete game changer.
I've heard people say that you get your brain back.
So, God, that would be so wonderful.
I thought I would get better, not worse.
Did Hansa give you hope? I was definitely wanting to see something while we were there.
It scares me when Jake is scared because then I know that maybe I really do need to be scared.
Watch out, watch out.
I don't know if it's the new treatment or something else but I just had a nasty resurgence of symptoms.
Oh, my gosh.
So think it was productive? Um, maybe.
- Hey.
- Hey, B.
- Oh, how you doing? - Okay.
- Are you? - Yeah.
- Been a rough week? - Yeah.
When he came back and I didn't see He didn't even say hi to me when he got back.
He just went to his room, and I haven't said two words to him in two days.
Are you getting hungry? I'd like to make you a piece of tomato bread.
I hear you can introduce a little bit of cheese.
- Can you eat this? - Yeah.
All right.
Well, we have some fresh tomato out of the garden you can have anyway.
I just won't put it on bread for you.
How I feel it's impossible for me to score Final Space.
Which is just sort of the equivalent of letting go of my dreams.
It would kill my spirit to not be able to do the thing that I love most.
Recently, I've just had to come to accept that, like, this is my life now.
But I've seen how much it hurts my family and my friends and people that care about me.
Watching me suffer and feeling totally helpless is hard for them.
The person that I was before he'd do anything for his family and I want to try and be that person as much as I can.
My relationship with Jake is difficult.
He's disconnected.
But I got a text from Jake.
"Hey, Mom and Dad.
This last year has been quite a storm, huh? I know you don't think of it that way, and that's sort of the reason I wanted to send this message.
I want you to know that I see it every day, giving, sacrificing, struggling.
I just wanted you to know I love you.
Thank you.
Your son, Jake.
" And, I mean that just meant so much to us.
That, um That's what it's about you know? You can't give up on your kids.
You just can't give up.
It's It's hard to say exactly what's next now.
Um I mean, I feel like I'm just gonna keep doing what I was doing, just take the treatments and trust that it's helping.
I hope I get better even if I don't feel it, and the plan is just keep on.
Just keep treating and keep fighting You know, try to find those days where I can do something.
Subtitle translation by: Arvind Vishwakarma