Afro Samurai (2007) s01e05 Episode Script


A man with no friends, only live for revenge Live his life off the henge, cut, through a thousand men Blade swing with the force of a cyclone Cut crystal and bone, pistol and chrome Stand in my path, you're a dead man I cut the whole world in half for the Number One headband Quest of a lonely soul, on a lonely road What it is, what it is, What it is! Shit, No tears Come on Afro, Cheer up! I know how you feel, baby.
Lots of your peeps died! But, Hey! At least You got me now… I'll be your road go.
Like I told you We might not make it this time baby.
Didn't I say to be careful? Come on man, get that damn look off your face.
You know No use of regretting now.
You came to be what you are Because you are stuck to your convictions, dog.
So go on and take care of your business wack that motherfucker! even if he is your old pal.
You of all the people should understand that.
Don't forget your goal.
If your opponent do a swording, You've got to do twice as many moves in order to win.
The force of the blow is twice as powerful for the double-handed grip.
Ok, If you say so.
You just don't listen to people, Do you? hey, dog.
You're on your own from here.
I guess this is goodbye.
Oh, man, it was the bomb hanging out with you! Afro Samurai… Yes, what you say may indeed be true.
against any normal foe with two single hand blades, the raw power of your style would be greater.
but I am no ordinary foe! I have speed, grace and power far beyond yours.
Watch as I strike with both hands holding a single blade and end this game once and for all, Afro Samurai.
See you in hell! Wonderful Kuma, you are my greatest creation.
Your anger increased your power beyond that of the Afro Samurai.
Strike now, defeat our hated enemy! tear the number 2 warrior limb from limb! This is terrible… severe injuries to the neck, and the back of the head and all this deep gouged cuts on the rips, it is quite He's got deep laceration from the blades and badly broken bones from falling off the cliff.
and his limps, with this degree of damage.
they're useless.
Can we revive his tortured soul? I need at least 450 micro mini actuators a 100 super slim control CPUs some sensors and fuel cells.
understood, brother.
Why are you granting me this honor? because you have the perfect technical expertise.
and you have no morals.
ah! But you are smearing my good name.
My twisted brother, create us a samurai with extreme power.
but I sense his rage, his grief Should we not just let him die, brother? Quit playing, you fool.
finish off that Afro-headed idiot.
Do you hear me? My dearest Teddy bear.
I sweat with anticipation for your kill? Can you smell me? What do we have here? wait at the main gate of mount Shune.
The Afro Samurai will come to you in time You killed our master! You killed Sasuke! You killed Jiro, Keikichi, They're all dead! and little Otsuru! You killed her too.
Now Kuma.
Now! Your life support circuit has been damaged, You don't have much time left! Strike, strike! Life has made you a killer.
So kill me or die, there is no going back.
Impossible… Never mind… at least injured as you are, you will die in the hands of the number 1.
What took you so long, kid? I got tired of waiting, so I was just thinking of calling.
and leaving you a voice mail.
I've watched you.
I saw you kill your childhood sword body.
I even chuckled when you shed that imaginary friend of yours.
You've grown into a fine killer.
but you still vulnerable.
Like your daddy, You're soft in the inside.
He couldn't handle all the blood on his hands.
from the constant headband wars.
He actually wanted to just hide the number 1 band.
and seal that legend from the world.
but all he did was turning his opponent into a lustful power.
People just get killing each other! Death race is on.
Those headbands.
can make a man crazy.
Not a single loser who put that dumb ass number 2 headband cloth on his head.
reached the number 1.
They just kept dying over each other but no one's taking the world by the rains.
a tornado, chaos and killing spun out of control.
Don't you know that absolute power leads to ultimate peace? Power is nothing if you don't use it.
I call it a sin Not to rule the world.
if you blessed with the strength.
The world is lost… all of chaos, pain.
It's time for someone to take control.
It's time for a man to use absolute power for the cause of ultimate peace.
It is time for a man to rid the world of conflict.
and allow all men and women.
young and old to live in tranquility It is time for man to become god.
where god has failed.
First, I took the head of the most powerful samurai in the world.
a man feared and respected for his sublime skills your daddy then.
when fate led me to the sacred place a great ancient secret was revealed to me.
obtaining the number 1 headband.
just ain't enough, boy You think it's a mere coincidence that you don't have a father, Friend or master? All of them were sacrificed You stand before me now, for the same reason.
Destiny designed me to posses all the headbands.
how you get it? You gotta have just one, you gotta have more then and only then, will ultimate power be bestowed.
from a mystery beyond human understanding.
I think your daddy knew, I think the only reason He accepted my challenge was to prevent me from learning this truth.
Now here, secluded in this holly place, I will defeat you, and take both headbands in my possession you're here to hand me the number 2 headband, Afro Samurai so that I may rule the world.
I will be god Are you ready to die like your pappy? This is it, kiddo.
Here's where you go down finished is that it? and I thought you loved your pappy… I thought all the souls you sent to heavens behind you mattered but only now you see, your little anger is just a sea spray of blood in the endless oceans of this world of killing It's got no end.
and no beginning.
Just a strong and dead.
only cursed one like you and I can stomach this truth.
but just like your daddy, you could never finish me, Afro Samurai.
I finally got all the headbands I'm finally becoming God! Damn! Number 1… Time passes by Many years later.
Jino… It's been a long time eh, Afro Samurai? You will only die again my friend.
Perhaps, or maybe we finally just tie this up Alright.
Let's do this.
and so.
the never-ending battle continues