After The Party (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- This year, I'm recruiting for the
National Development Training Camp.
- Phil is not your problem any more.
- If he's going away with more boys,
he is.
That graffiti out there proves that
there are more victims. This could be
happening right now underyour watch.
Has Phil been in contact with Ollie?
- You just leave us alone.
- Ollie, you need to say something.
There could be other kids.
- I don't want you in my life any
more. Stay the hell away from me.
- Zach.
- Did it work?
Is he gonna get arrested now?
- Did you paint that field?
- NIX: Ooh, excuse me.
Don't you walk away from me.
- Excuse me, please.
- Don't fucking walk away from me.
Phil, answer me. Don't do this.
Look at me!
- Penny. Penny!
- What the fuck were
you doing up there?
He was naked, you sick fuck.
- JOY: Stop it, Penny.
You've had too much to drink.
- Mum, I know what I saw.
- Whatever you saw, it wasn't that.
- The door was open.
- Yeah.
I mean, it w it was closed, but
it wasn't shut, because I remember
opening it.
- So you opened the door. Mm.
- Yeah.
- Was the light on?
- It must have been
because I saw them.
Phil was lying there, and
he was touching him, and he
and he was caressing him.
- Ollie was caressing Phil?
- No, no, Phil.
Phil was caressing
- Did Phil see you?
- Yeah.
And he acted like it was all OK.
But he w
he was lying in bed with
a half-naked kid. How can that be OK?
- It's not.
What do I do?
- I'll support you whatever
you do, Pen. But, girl, this
is gonna get really ugly.
You know that, eh?
- # Crazy days of crumpets
in a crazy raisin rhyme.
# Sell it for a nickel
when you buy it for a dime.
# Underneath the water
is a crackle and a line.
# Lay upon your belly
like a stone along your spine.
# I see you.
# I see you.
# Oh, yes I do.
# I see you.
# I see you.
# Ooh, she's not Jamaican.
# See, I told you so.
# She's all white; she's not black.
# She doesn't have any soul.
# Get soul. #
- It never occurred to me
that Zach would know anything.
- And he never said
anything at the time?
- Nope. Not a thing. Nothing.
So I need him to make a statement
today to the police. Can you come?
- I've got a friend who's a trauma
counsellor. I'll contact her first.
- OK. What's her number?
- Taihoa.
I'll get hold of her later.
Phil will still be a paedophile this
afternoon. Let's do this properly.
- KAHU: Who's a paedo?
- Go and get dressed.
You'll be late.
Penny, wait for me
to get back to you.
Don't do anything stupid.
- No, I won't. I promise.
Thanks, Nix.
- Ow!
- Shh! Gotta be quiet.
Let's get a drink.
Wanna get a drink?
- OK.
Guess what.
- What?
- I think I've finally got Phil.
- Really? What do you mean?
- Hey, Penny.
- Jules, I thought you
were sleeping, mate.
- Need a drink.
- Hi, Jules.
- Uh
There you go.
- Oh, you're a lifesaver.
- What about my breakfast?
- Thanks.
- Night.
- Night, Jules.
Stay low.
- STUDENT: Oi, I'm open.
Go, go!
Come on. Come on, boys.
Get it, get it.
- Chest passes. Go.
- JULES: I made the team.
- BRIDGET: Yeah, well done.
- Congratulations, bro.
- You guys wait here, OK?
Hey, Pen. Pen!
- What's up? You're back.
- Um Jules just told me
that, um, Phil selected him
for that squad thing.
He just got a message from him now.
- You're fucking kidding.
- I didn't even know
he was trialling.
I mean, I know that he can't go, but
he is so excited. I just had no idea
that he was such a good player.
- Yeah, well, he's not.
Sorry, Bridge, but he's not.
Fucking arsehole.
- What am I gonna tell him?
- That he can't go.
- Look, don't forget dinner
on Thursday, yeah?
- OK.
- All right, bye.
OK, in you get.
- VOICEMAIL: Kia ora. This is Ruth
Nixon. Please leave a message.
- Nix, it's Penny. Have you managed
to get hold of your friend yet?
Call me back.
- Hey, I told you to leave Ollie
alone. If you keep hassling us,
I'm gonna call the cops.
- I just wanted Zach to mow my lawn.
- Mow your own lawns.
- ON PHONE: Yo. What's up?
- Zach, it's Penny Wilding.
Can we talk?
- No.
I've said all I've got to say.
- Zach, listen, I just―
- No.
- Hey. How you doing?
- Hey, good.
- Uh, I just got your message there
about Jules not joining the camp.
- Mm.
- Wondered if we could maybe
have a chat about it. That'd be OK?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, come in.
- Cheers, man.
Seriously, he is. He's the
real deal. He's got the talent.
And with the right coaching,
he could really go places.
- OK, is this about Jules' talent
or is this about sticking it to
sticking it to Penny?
- I'm not interested in
sticking it to Penny.
I didn't come here to do that.
I came here to talk about Jules.
I think it's a real shame that
my ex-wife's vendetta against me
should impact on your son.
- Come on. If you're gonna use
that word, then (SCOFFS) I want
- There's been some pretty
vicious graffiti written
about me at the school.
They're gonna have to dig up
half the lawn to get rid of it.
- She wouldn't do that.
- And what about the Walt incident?
She took him out of daycare
without asking
permission from anyone.
She disappeared ― disappeared ―
with my grandson
for the entire day and most of
the night. Grace was beside herself.
She's now talking about bringing
a protection order against her own
- That is ridiculous.
- Mm-hm.
- It's ridiculous.
- I'm not―
I didn't tell her to do it.
- It's ridiculous,
because even if she did it―
- She's decided to do it.
- Even if she did it,
she would never hurt Walt.
- OK. OK.
I'm not here to badmouth Penny.
I came here to talk about your son.
I think this is
a great opportunity for him.
I'll leave it with you.
- OK.
- Looks a bit sick, Miss.
- I nicked them from the staffroom.
Hey, you know that essay you finally
handed in? You know you got a big fat
zero for that.
- I'm leaving school anyway.
- What are you gonna do?
- Thought I might go WWOOFing.
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah, it's this thing where you
work on an organic farm, and you―
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know what WWOOFing is, Kahu.
I've got some mates in Nelson
who own an organic farm.
Do you want their number?
- Yes, please.
- You'll love them.
They work with permaculture all the
time. They grow walnuts ― all sorts
of stuff. They're great.
Told your mum?
- Waiting for the right moment.
- Good luck with that.
- Thanks.
- I mean, seriously,
good luck with that.
- Hey, I heard you and Mum talking.
Have you seen this?
It's the paedo thing, right?
- Would you mind if I
borrowed your phone for a tick?
Just a quick phone call.
I won't be a minute.
- Yep.
- Thanks, Kahu.
WHISPERS: 8-8-7-7-5-4-9.
- Hello.
- Zach, it's Penny. Don't hang up.
Please? You need to hear this.
You could be in serious trouble.
They've got CCTV footage of you
doing the graffiti.
- So what?
- Well, it's online.
Someone could dob you in.
It's only a matter of time.
I've got a mate who's a lawyer, OK?
She'll help you.
- So, why'd you do it?
- What, are you a fucking moron?
Why do you think I did it?
- Zach, did Phil do something to you?
- No. I just knew he was a creep,
so I stayed clear.
Why do you think he took boys up
to Gibbons Beach all the time?
Huh? I was there. I know.
- The surf camp.
- What are you doing?
Shut the fucking door.
- Not until you tell me
what happened.
- What fucking difference is
it gonna make? He just gets
away with it.
- It'll make a difference
if we go to the cops, Zach.
- Go to the cops?
What the fuck are they gonna do?
What have they ever
fucking done, Penny?
They didn't listen to you;
why would they listen to me?
- Because you are Ollie's brother.
- You know he tried to
kill himself after that cunt left?
He tried to fucking kill himself.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
- That's why I did the graffiti. OK?
What are you doing?
- Listen, just― just―
- I don't want to talk to you.
- Look
- I don't wanna talk.
- I know. I'm really sorry
about what happened with Ollie.
You know
he's taking some boys away
again soon.
Can't stop it unless I
go to the police, and I can't go to
the police unless you come withme.
It will be OK, I promise you.
- Can you meet us there?
We might need some legal advice?
- NIX ON PHONE: We need to involve
a counsellor. Oh, why couldn't you
- Cos it has to be now.
- Oh, fucking hell, Penny.
- Please, Nix.
Come on.
- So, when you came
back to the camp,
can you tell me exactly what you
saw when you entered the tent, Zach?
- Um
Scottie was
lying beside him
touching him.
- OK.
I know this is hard, Zach, but can
you describe to me how they were
He was, um
touching him ― touching his
rubbing his dick.
- How old were you?
- I don't remember.
- He would have been 18.
- No, I was younger. I was
I was still at school.
I must've been 16.
- How old was Ollie?
How old are you now?
- 24.
- And Ollie?
- 19.
- So that would make Ollie 11.
Why was he on
a secondary school trip?
- No. He was older.
He was 14.
- OK, but that would
make you 18, 19 at the time.
- Look, it fuckin' happened. OK?
- Zach, we're just trying
to get the dates right here.
- You're not listening to me.
I'm telling you it fuckin' happened.
- OK.
Do you wanna tell me why you're
volunteering this statement now?
- Fucking unbelievable.
It's fucking unbelievable.
You wanna know how old people were,
what fucking dates are what, why I'm
saying this,
why I'm coming forward and
telling you what happened.
Fuck. I
Because she said that
I should and that I needed to.
And cos of the graffiti.
- Sorry, what graffiti?
- The graffiti.
That― That's why she's here.
She's my lawyer.
- Yeah, look, there has
been some confusion here.
- OK, wait. (SIGHS)
Sorry, what's your connection?
- I'm Phil McKenzie's ex-wife.
- OK, we need to stop.
You shouldn't be here.
- Are you gonna charge me?
- Why don't you tell me
about the graffiti?
- Simple fucking question.
- Why don't you tell me
about the graffiti?
- Fucking
- Zach, did you make that up?
Please stop.
- Fuck off.
- Zach, why would you do that?
- Fuck off!
- Stop.
- Fuck you. Get out of my head.
Fuck you!
- Fuck!
- How could you put him up to this?
- What he said― What he said was
the same as what I saw that night.
- Exactly!
He just repeated what you
claim you saw and broadcast to the
world. How could you be so stupid?
- What I claimed I saw?
What I claimed I saw?
Don't you believe me?
- Oh, and another thing ―
are you trying to help
Kahu drop out of school?
Because he is my son.
You back off.
- Hey. Sorry I'm late.
I would've thought Dad
would be back by now.
- Oh, it's all good. I read Walt
a couple of stories, and he just
crashed out.
Just been sitting here
enjoying the silence.
- Yeah, I just feel bad
for taking you away from Eli.
- Can't do anything right anyway.
- All new parents feel like that.
- I just feel scared the whole time.
You know?
I feel like something awful's
gonna happen to him.
- Like what?
- I don't know, like something
bad's gonna happen to him, and I'm
not gonna be able to protect him.
- Tom.
- PHIL: Hi.
- Hey.
- I thought you had squad practice.
- Yeah, well, I thought I'd
stop off at Lyall Bay fora surf.
- Well, Tom's got
his own kid to get back to.
- Oh, it's all good.
- I tried calling you,
but nobody picked up.
- Yeah, my phone's off.
Mum's being a psycho.
- She was at the station
last night with Ollie's brother.
- What was that about?
- Oh, the graffiti.
It was him, apparently.
- Zach?
Why would he do that?
- Do you even have to ask?
I mean, she's obviously put him up
to it. It's, like, exactly what she
would do.
Fuckin' hate her. Honestly.
- I can find out what
he said if you want.
- Yeah. Yeah, that would be good.
Thanks, man.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, hi. What are you doing here?
Sorry, that came out wrong, eh?
- Hi.
- I was just out on the boat this
morning, so doing some packing up.
- Uh-huh.
I just need to see you.
- Yeah, me too. Um
Yeah, I wanted to see you too.
- Oh, wait.
Hey, just hold up a minute. Um
I've been thinking
I just― I can't stop thinking about
this, and I think it's making me
feel like, kind of
I feel sick. Like, I just
think this is a mistake.
- OK.
- I mean, you love Bridge
as much as I do, right?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
I do.
- Oh man, I'm sorry, Pen. I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no, it's fine.
It's fine. It's allfine.
Do you think there's
something wrong with me?
- No.
Pen, no, I do not.
I do not think that.
- Cos the only real relationship
I've ever had is with a man who
fucks boys.
- This is nuts.
Pen, this is nuts.
I know that you know that.
All this lying to Bridge for
some fucking sex ― it's not us.
- Stupid fucking sex.
- Yeah, stupid fucking sex.
Just come over tomorrow for dinner.
- You're kidding.
- We can put this behind us,
you know, before someone gets hurt.
Like none of it happened. I mean,
just― we can― we can just go back
to how we were.
- Yeah, before anyone gets hurt.
- Pen. I love the sex.
- Me too. I'll bring desert.
- GRAHAM: Evening, Penny.
Need a hand with that?
- Ah, no, I'm OK, thanks, Graham.
- That young man dropped it off.
He lived with you for a bit when
he was a boy. Your nephew.
- Sorry?
- Your nephew.
- Uh No. No, no.
Uh, Tom, my cousin.
- He was in a police car.
I thought, 'Ooh, now she's
finally done it.' (CHUCKLES)
- Well, they haven't
got me yet, Graham.
And now I've been meaning
to say about the wasps ―
I don't mind toxic sprays, but
if you object, there are plenty
of home remedies.
- Can we talk about it tomorrow?
Thanks, Graham.
- Any time.
- All the teachers at school are
going sugar-free at the moment.
I would lose the will to live.
Honestly, is this OK? I bought it.
- Yeah. It's good.
- I did the blueberries myself.
- It's good.
- Oh, and everyone is getting dogs
now. I think it's got something to
do with menopause.
You know, you and I could get a dog.
- No, no, no. I'm not there yet.
- No, I know, I know, I know,
but when you are, we can get one.
We could share a dog.
- Yeah, like a dog share.
- Dog share. (CHUCKLES)
- So So, tell me ― how did Jules
cope not getting into the team?
- Oh, did Simon not tell you that
Phil came over to talk about it?
- No, no.
That's― No.
- Well, that's because I didn't―
I thought that you didn't want―
- I just thought that
he might have shared that with you.
- Mm-mm, no.
- Is everything OK with Grace?
- Why?
- Well, Phil told me that
she was thinking about getting
a protection order against you
because you took
Walt out of daycare.
- It was not like that.
- What about the graffiti?
- I had nothing to do with that.
- Hey.
- OK.
- I had nothing to do with that.
- Penny's not gonna do that.
- I know. I know. It's just that,
hypothetically, if you did
would you tell me?
- Yes.
Yes, of course.
- Would you?
- What? Do what?
So, when I first got that,
I thought there must be a mistake,
cos we don't own a kayak.
But that―
that is definitely your truck.
- Can I see that?
- And then I look at the date, and I
realise it's the night of your mum's
So then I'm thinking
what, you went kayaking after or?
It's (SIGHS) It's kind of a
sort of a funny story, if you wanna
hear it.
- I would love to hear it.
- OK.
Penny, can I just tell her?
- Go ahead.
- OK, so, you know the attack on
that Burley fishing boat thing?
- What's that got to do with it?
- It was Penny!
- It was me. I did it.
And then they stole my kayak, so to
get them back, Simon helped me take
it from them.
It was chained to the fence.
- (CHUCKLES) So, what, you're some
kind of, like, secret activist now?
- Why couldn't you
trust me to tell me?
- Well, I
- No, you can trust Simon.
- Yeah, but―
- Yeah, and then you
have to keep it a secret.
Why does it have to be a secret?
- No, Bridget, it wasn't a secret. It
wasn't. It was just It was just
I-I don't know.
I don't know. It was like that
It was like the plankton thing.
- What the fuck are you talking
- It's like, you know, the
I don't know. It's just like
the environmental thing.
Like, you know, you just don't―
it's not your thing.
- I don't think the environment
is the issue here.
- Listen, I'm gonna
leave you guys to it.
I think I'll head off.
See ya later.
- Oh, fuck!
You bitch, you bitch, you bitch.
Start us off, Chris. Come on.
Throw to the hands.
Don't fall― You're asleep, Xavier.
Focus. That's it. That's it.
Throw to the hands.
Hands up. Hands up.
- STUDENT: Come on, boys.
- Drive it in.
Nathan! Wake up.
What's wrong with you?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- So, I think we're
about half an hour away.
- Yup.
- They're looking good.
- Hi.
All right, so
Just a signature,
and I've got your contact details.
- We can do this, Central.
Come on. Come on. Stand up.
Where are you going? Up, up, up,up!
Drive through. Drive through.
Come on. Where's your passing?
Where's your passing?
Good work. Jules, come up.
- Yes, Jules.
- That's it. Good, Dec.
- STUDENT: Go, go, go, go.
- SIMON: Go, Jules.
- Up the court. Come up!
Come up!
- Here they go.
- All right!
- That was a foul, ref.
That was a foul.
Are you blind?
- Sit down.
- No way.
- Shooting foul.
- No way. Oh my God.
This game is totally biased, ref.
- WOMAN: Sit down, Penny!
Get off the court.
- PHIL: Yes.
- Good shot.
- No. No.
- REF: Game.
- That shot― No. That's not game.
He shouldn't have made that shot.
That shouldn't have happened.
That was a bad call
right back from there.
- Go and sit down.
- You shouldn't have called that.
- Calm down.
- That was a bad―
Are you filming me?
- You're bullying the ref.
- No, I'm― Put that phone down.
- It's a public place. I've― No!
- Put it down! Give me that.
- He was filming me
without permission.
Can I have some support here? Please?
Bridget. Come on.
I need to talk to you.
- Jules, go to the car, buddy.
We'll meet up with you, mate.
- Just get in the car, guys.
- Oh, for fuck's sake. Bridget.
- Penny.
- Listen.
- No.
- Look, I know you hate me.
I know you do. But I don't
understand why you would let
your son go away with Phil.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Why would you do that?
- Stop it! Stop it!
- This is what he wants,
for God's sake.
- Stop it!
- Look―
- No, stop it!
I defended you. I stood up for
you for years, Penny ― for years.
- I know you did!
- I didn't listen to what anybody
said about you, and you reward me
by fucking my husband.
You have destroyed your own family.
But I'll be fucked if I let you do
it to mine.
- (SOBS)
- Simon.
- (SOBS)
- Yes, wonderful. The shading in the
lower back there looks really good.
Yeah, the shadowing
you've down here is great.
Looks great.
- Are you OK, Penny?
- I'm so sorry. I can't
I can't do this today.
- It's not just about you now.
Now the school is in disrepute, and
I have to wear some of that on me.
- What if I apologise?
- People are calling
for you to be sacked.
Now, that's a decision
for the board, but for now,
you're being stood down.
You need help, Penny.
- Phil tell you to say that, did he?
- Penny. Listen to yourself.
- No, you listen to yourself.
Listen to yourself. You were a coward
back then. And you're being a coward
Oh fuck!
Fuck you!
Fuck you! (SHOUTS)
- Hi, Penny!
- Fuck!
Ollie. How did you get in?
- The spare key's still outside.
- You can't just walk in here and―
- What, so it's OK for you to just
walk into my house but it's not OK
for me?
- What do you want?
- You wanted to talk. Let's talk.
- OK.
- OK.
- All right.
I'll― Just go downstairs,
and I'll put something on.
I'll go find myself a drink.
Don't worry. I'll try not to spew.
Oh, very bougie. (CHUCKLES)
You know, I used to love coming
here, with the books and the music.
You guys were always
debating everything.
My house was like a fucking morgue.
Do you still have parties?
- No.
No, not any more.
- Guess Phil was the sociable one.
- Hey, no, no, no. No, I love
this bit. Hey. (CHUCKLES)
- Ollie.
- # Anything could happen.
# It could be right now.
# The choice is yours. #
Oh, you are such a party pooper.
- Ollie, why are you here?
What do you wanna talk about?
- How about you bullying my brother
into lying to the cops?
- I didn't bully him.
I didn't. Why would he
make up a story like that?
- Uh, because he's fucked up, Penny.
And do you know why?
Because he was the one that found me
when I tried to kill myself.
And he's got this whole story going
on in his head about why I did it.
- Ollie, I'm so sorry about what you
and Zach went through. I truly am.
- No, you're not. (CHUCKLES)
All you care about is trying to
prove that you were right about
- I know what I saw.
- What did you see? What?
- I saw him in bed with you.
- Oh my God.
He was just being a nice, kind man,
and you
you fucking crucified him for it.
- It wasn't kindness, Ollie; it was
abuse. For God's sake, it was abuse.
And you tried to kill yourself
because of it.
- Oh, fuck you. I didn't do
it because of Phil; I did it
because of you.
You're the bully.
You're the fucking abuser.
You made my life hell.
Constantly hounding me to go to the
cops. I had to leave school because
of the bullying.
And then my dad left,
and my mum fucking struggled.
How can I make you get it?
Should I try again?
And do it right this time. And―
- No.
- if I died, would you believe
me? Is that what I have to do?
- No. No. No. Stop.
- Because what else can
I fucking say to make you stop?
Do you know why he looked after me
that night?
Because he's a good human.
Why can't you just admit it?
You were wrong.
You were wrong.
- I have an announcement too,
- This is not the time or the place.
- TOM: I'm so sick of this family.
You all just fucking use me when
it suits you and piss off when it
- Nope.
- Please don't.
I need to say something.
When he came to see me,
he talked about suicide.
No! No, no, no, no, no!
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