Agatha Raisin (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

The Deadly Dance

1 James! Why did you let me sleep in? I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.
Why? Does there have to be a reason? Well, you only bring me flowers when you've done something wrong.
Or buy me chocolates when I'vedone something wrong.
But breakfast? This is a whole different heap of sorryness.
What? - What? - What? What? Oh.
The article.
The The interview.
What's it like? Yeah.
Yeah, it's okay.
"Super Sleuth or P.
Stunt? This This is a hatchet job.
That's what this is.
Wilkes! They're quoting Wilkes.
Listen to this.
Raisin tends to hinder rather than to help the very important work that the police do.
But what would you expect from an amateur?" Amateur?! Right.
Well, I'll show them.
Didn't make it to bed again, then, I see? Well, the book on the Civil War must be going great guns.
20,000 words and counting.
Deadline end of the week.
You'll be brilliant.
You know what you're doing.
- You'll smash it.
- Hopefully.
Actually, uh, I wanted you to read something.
It's our letter of engagement, Mrs.
We need you to sign it.
Well, you shouldn't believe everything you read in the paper.
Or your husband, for that matter.
Miserable old goat.
- Ah, morning, Dottie.
- Morning.
Still no news on Red, I'm afraid.
But we are trending on social media.
We got some posters made.
Red'll turn up.
Uh, hello? Tiggy Laggat-Brown to see Mrs.
How about you take a seat? I'll be right with you.
- How about I don't? - Morning, team.
This is my old friend Tiggy.
Less of the "old," Chas.
We've known each other since our 20s, and I've promised her preferential treatment.
No such thing.
We have crimes to solve.
And by that, I don't mean missing dogs and honey traps.
I want something nice and juicy to get my teeth stuck into.
Death threats juicy enough for you? Agatha Raisin.
Very pleased to make your acquaintance.
Do tell me all about it.
Yeah, a touch-up and you'll be fine.
Excuse me? No, I-I meant Marilyn.
Uh, just checking you're okay for tonight's talk to the historical society.
All set and raring to go.
Do you want, uh, PowerPoint, slides, or virtual soundtrack? Could cover all bases if you like.
Your call.
Just a talk would be okay, I think.
Ah! Okay, okay.
How many are we expecting? At the moment, three.
Including me.
Four if you include yourself.
See you at 7:00 at the village hall.
Actually could we make it 6:00? And if you could come to the vicarage.
It'll just be more cozy.
And it's my daughter's 21st tonight.
We live at the manor house at Herris Cum Magna, and we've organized a party to celebrate and to announce her engagement to Perry Peterson.
It's all gone horribly wrong.
The caterers have let me down, the ice sculpture has melted Listen, lady, I was promised a death threat.
Show her the note, Tigs.
This arrived yesterday.
"If Cassandra marries Perry she will die.
Don't tell police.
" Why not tell the police? - Because it says not to.
- So? If someone threatened my daughter or me mum or Gemma or whatever, I'd be legging it to the cops, simple as.
I don't want the police involved.
Imagine what people would say.
Gossip would be rife.
And that isn't pleasant, is it? So I turned to Charles here, as always.
He's regaled us at the country club with his colorful accounts of his work here.
So, naturally, he came to my rescue.
Although I hope you're not the amateur busybody that the police say you are.
Oh, no, not at all.
In fact, I can assure you, Mrs.
Laggat-Brown, that I can get to the bottom of this.
For an ever-so-professional fee.
Of course.
Whatever it takes.
I'm sure with Charles at the helm we'll get results.
Uh All clear here.
Looking good.
All set this end.
Rogering that.
A big welcome to you all.
It'll be fine.
Thank you.
Um, there will be speeches and fireworks to follow.
Uh, and in the meantime, please do help yourselves to food and drink and enjoy Cassandra's favorite dance, the Argentinean tango.
So, tell me boys, how's the sleepover going? Is this the beginning of a beautiful, blossoming bromance? So far so good.
Although I wouldn't exactly call it a bromance.
It's only the weekend, isn't it, Roy? A change is as good as a rest, Aggie.
Oh, gosh.
These two are fairly going for it, aren't they? Oh.
I see Gorgeous George has caught your attention.
He's an old school friend, you know? And we used to hang with Tiggy back in the day.
The three of us were thick as thieves.
You know, he's an ex-hedge-fund manager.
He gave it all up just like that, to pursue his lifelong passion for the Argentine tango.
Is that even legal? Ohh.
What's he doing now? Mirada and cabeceo.
Wha? A-whatty-and-a-what-what? Mirada.
He looks into her eyes, asking if she would like to dance.
He cocks his head, beckoning her to him.
Of course he does.
Now I see where youget it from.
Toni, avert your eyes.
What's happening here, then? Well, I know exactly what's happening.
It's the Is it? Good God, he looks like he's seen a ghost.
Actually, you know, he has.
What do you mean? His wife, Helen.
You're a dead ringer for her.
"Dead ringer" as in? As in she's dead.
Ah And remember, this was Cromwell's first command.
He rampaged across the field, pulverizing Prince Rupert's right wing.
Rupert's defeat was severe.
He was on horse, and legend has it, was forced to hide in a bean field.
Quite a pile, isn't it? Used to belong to your friend George.
When Helen died, he sold everything.
He and his daughter moved to a cottage on the estate, and he turned to dance.
Lord of the manor to lord of the dance.
A much happier lord, I might add.
- Charles, good to see you.
- How are you doing? - Very well.
- Agatha.
Very pleased to meet you.
George? George? Sorry to interrupt.
We're back on.
We still have work to do.
Yes, thank you, Emma.
Be right there.
It's good to meet you, Agatha.
You too.
I am actually vegan, but salmons don't have eyelashes, I don't think, so Excusez-moi! No scoffing.
And absolutely no drinking.
Come on.
Look lively, mister.
Eyes, ears.
What? I'm the master mingler.
I'm the master of mingling.
- Watch and learn, sweet chuff.
- Mm! So how are things really going at Charles'? Yeah, it's all right.
It's a little bit cold and damp and lonely in the attic.
Well, if you if you want to come home where it's warm and cozy and friendly, you know, you know where to come.
It's fine.
I'll leave you two lovebirds to it.
Uh! Geh-geh-geh-geh! I said no drinking, didn't I? Go.
Can I buy you a free drink? Yes, you can.
Captain and Mrs.
How are you? Lovely to see you.
Do go through.
Let me introduce you.
This is Felicity, my darling goddaughter.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Cassandra, my daughter.
- And Perry, her fiancé.
- Cassie, look who's arrived! Oh, good God! Mummy, Mummy, look! It's Trudi! Sorry, it's Cassie's big day.
She's She's just a bit excited.
- She is.
She is.
- It means the world to her.
Perry, is there anyone that you could think of that would maybe Would possibly harm Cassandra? I don't know, an ex-boyfriend maybe? No.
Cassie, no, no.
Cassie's an angel.
Her mother, maybe.
Are you ill? Got to practice my big number.
See, what it is, is I stupidly agreed to do this tango routine after the speeches by the swimming pool 'cause, well, that's where I proposed to Cassie.
- By the swimming pool.
- Aww.
Tell you the truth, I'm absolutely dreading it.
I've had lessons with George, right, but Do I have two left feet? Uh Well, not, predominantly.
Well, no.
See, well I'm more of a two-tone man, myself.
- Right.
- Ooh! Just a bit of ska, you know, bit of reggae.
If I mess this up, Cassie's gonna kill me.
Or her mother will.
Good evening, sorry, thank you.
He's a nice big boy, isn't he? Not really.
Wrong side of the tracks.
His father, Harrison, has done time.
- Regular family of jailbirds.
- Really? Well, why didn't you tell us this before? - Is he here tonight? - God, no! Criminals in my house? No, he was banned.
Didn't go down well.
He was spitting.
Enough to harm Cassandra? That type are capable of anything.
Where will I find him? In a gutter somewhere.
So is it just Harrison Peterson that you object to, or is it pretty much everyone from the wrong side of the tracks, Perry included? Well, obviously he wouldn't be my first choice for Cassandra, but what can you do? Cassandra wants to be a professional dancer in the West End.
She's already started auditioning.
Cassie is amazing.
Much better than me.
Oh, Fliss.
Cass and Fliss have been dancing together since they were knee-high to a grasshopper.
Isn't that right? Do you remember, we used to drive you insane by playing the same song on repeat practically all the time.
So is, uh, Cassandra's father here tonight? Jeremy works away a lot.
He's in the middle of a big deal.
Travel industry.
He's securing contracts with a major five-star hotel.
On his daughter's 21st? Can't be helped.
Oh! Time for the speeches.
Oh, Dad, can I have a mo? Not now, darling.
I'm too busy thinking about the dances.
Ooh, couple of sightings of Red.
- Who? - The dog.
What dog? Roy, are you, uh Are you in position? How is it? Everything seems to be good up my end.
- Charlie boy? - So far so good.
Flank the chairs, Charles.
Assume position.
Ladies and thank you so much for coming to this happy celebration.
No one can Perry, sort it out.
Where's the - Test.
- No! Ladies and gentlemen Gun! Gun! Will someone open the bloody door?! Sorry, sorry.
Give me that! There was a gun.
In that room.
At that window.
- I swear.
- Well, there's no one there now.
Well, they're not gonna hang around for a cozy little chat, are they? - I heard a gunshot.
- Or a firework? Could you have imagined it? Charles, I know what I saw.
Who set off the fireworks? Get out! You frightful woman! Look at me! You've ruined my dress! I saved your life! 'Cause there was a man up there, a gunman with his sights firmly set on you! - I know what I saw! - You saw nothing! Because there was nobody there, you ridiculous creature! I should've known you'd be trouble from the story in the papers.
All right, so what about Tango George? I saw him trotting along to the house just as the speeches were starting.
Dad?! I'm sorry, you have got that totally wrong! It's ridiculous! We've known each other for yonks, haven't we, Charles? Tell her! Oh, look, the police.
Well done.
- Here they are, on time.
- Who called the police? Me.
I did.
Why did you do that? Oh, everyone's leaving! W-We won't get to do our dance.
Cassie, the party is over.
Get out! I do not want you here! You hired me.
And now I am firing you.
All right.
And as for you, I read the article.
That's D.
Weasel to you.
- She needs to be stopped.
- Yeah, that's music to my ears.
If people didn't choose to engage a private investigator, Mrs.
Laggat-Brown, then the need for them would be significantly reduced.
I know what I saw, Bill.
In fact, I think this might be rather a good time for you to tell the police exactly why you hired me.
Just go, you crazy woman! Tiggy, Tiggy.
Listen, I've got this.
Don't worry.
I think we should leave.
All right, all right.
All right, Charles! I'm going.
For now.
But someone let off those fireworks early.
And I think you should just check out Harrison Peterson.
Hmm? Charles.
Wild imagination, that one.
She's a crazy woman.
So, who did she kill? Ha ha! Your face.
Just joking, yeah.
- How did the thing - How was the - No - You go.
- Well, what I was going to - How was the Good morning! Boy, have I missed central heating.
Fraith's was very drafty.
And someone didn't lock up properly last night, so I'm back.
Carry on.
Don't mind me.
Well, I was just going to say, how did the talk go last night? Because you were in bed when I got back.
Great, great.
How was work? Good, good.
Agatha dodged a bullet.
You mean by not coming to my talk? - No, I mean an actual bullet.
- Roy! What? What happened? Well, someone shot in her direction, and she dodged it.
- Nine lives, this one.
- Roy! Agatha? It was just a little bullet.
And it wasn't aiming at me, per se.
It just sort of went And I went - Whizzed.
- And it just You have somewhere to be, Roy.
- Office.
- Okay.
Agatha! Talk to me.
James, I'm fine.
Look at me.
I'm absolutely fine.
Roy Silver! Why don't we do, uh, four ganchos, and then I could come in close and we can do I'm so sorry, I don't know what's up with me today.
- My head's all over the place.
- Ohh Hello! Agatha.
To what do I owe the honor? You're not about to take a running jump at us, are you? No! No.
Well, not unless you've got a swimming pool.
No, actually, I was just passing.
I thought you were Carsely based.
I am.
But I just wanted a quick word with George.
- In private.
- Ah.
No, uh, no problem.
Uh, George, shall I come back later so we can finish rehearsing that routine? Actually, let's, um Let's Let's leave it for today.
I need to think about the duet thing, and I'm not sure it's working.
Really? Okay.
Um, I'll see you later.
Nice to see you.
You too.
Are you and she? - No, no.
Just friends.
- No? Just friends.
Fellow widowers.
That's all.
Oh! Goodness.
Look at all this.
Yes, I have a passion for passion.
Have you ever felt that, Agatha? That That burning desire? That fire in the belly? Yes, I have.
But only when I drink sambuca.
That's my late wife, Helen.
Did you know that the tango arose from the seedy waterfront areas in Buenos Aires? Uh, n-no.
I did not.
The mating dance between barmaids and their customers in shady nightclubs.
And with very few women around, the young men found themselves looking for excitement and joining in too.
Hot and smoky, they would dance late into the night, reckless, provocative, and Deadly.
"Sensual," I was going to say.
And that.
Deadly and sensual.
Such a deadly, sensual dance.
So how can I help? Yes, well, uh, let's get straight to the point.
What were you doing sneaking into the manor house just as the speeches were starting? - Sneaking? - Mm-hmm.
No, the speeches were of no real relevance to me, and I I needed a comfort break.
Well Still, I mean, it it must be a little odd.
I mean, your old home.
And this place is It's quaint It's really just bricks and mortar to me.
After Helen passed, I lost all interest in material things.
Life's too short.
Why waste it? Now I live to dance.
Have you ever tried tango? Uhh, no.
No, I have not.
Well, you should.
I do classes, and you would be more than welcome.
Got to cover the basics, Detective Constable Wong.
Did you check if they have security cameras? I did, and they don't.
SOCO have been busy with the plastics.
I think we'll be all right.
We've requested phone coverage from the guests, see if someone caught the gunman on camera.
Yeah, as if there was a "gunman.
" Right.
Oh, oh, careful now.
I've been doing this a long time.
Let's have a look.
- Sir? - Yeah? We're wearing gloves.
How'd that happen? Silly things.
If Agatha said she saw something, she saw something.
Yeah, or she thought she saw something.
Attention seeking, that's all this is.
"Ohh! I need more attention.
I cannae bear it if I haven't got all the attention on me.
" - Resin? - Yeah, Agatha Raisin.
Yeah, I'm good, aren't I? Boys at the station "Resin.
" Or it could be gun oil.
I-It could be a million different things, that.
It could be oil for for hair or body oil.
Ooh, you know, that sort of shimmery stuff.
The glittery stuff that gets everywhere.
Right in your crevices.
- And that? - That's my glove.
That! Well, that could be a million different things too, although it does look suspiciously like the spent cartridge from a gun, yeah.
- Here you go, sir.
- Yeah.
I just nicked us some vol-au-vents.
I've got hundreds of statements to follow up on.
Yeah, well, the quicker you get started Whoa, whoa.
Be careful, Detective Constable Wong.
Don't worry.
Comet's bombproof.
He's a beaut.
Aren't you, boy? - And you are? - Oh, Tiggy's goddaughter.
Grew up here, didn't you, darling? Before we bought the place.
- Must be a bit strange.
- Not really.
Tiggy's always treated me like one of her own and made me feel part of the family.
Her Mum, Helen, was a dear friend of mine.
Comet was hers, and when she died, I saw to it that Fliss could spend as much time as she liked here.
Which was a massive comfort, to be fair.
I don't know how I would've coped.
Anyway, how can I help you? Agatha Raisin was right.
A shot was fired.
We found a spent cartridge in the bedroom.
- She saved Cassandra's life.
- Unfortunately.
I didn't mean it like that.
She was also right about the fireworks.
I spoke to your gardener.
He'd gone off for a cigarette, so someone else set them off early.
To cover the sound of a gunshot.
Hello, darling.
How could you not be here, Daddy?! Ouch.
What do you mean? What's going on? Uh, hello? Me and Perry.
Engagement party.
No, no, no.
That's next week.
Oh, next week? Right! Change of plan.
I did tell you, didn't I? Did I? What, the actual? Oh, you two are ridiculous! Oh, darling.
Seems you were right all along.
We found an empty cartridge in the bedroom.
Huh! Quelle surprise.
I presume she wants to rehire me, then.
We'll take it from here, thank you.
When hell freezes over.
I'lltake it from here.
You've got paperwork to do.
Excuse me.
Where are we at on the letter? Nothing.
No fingerprints.
Perry's dad? Harrison Peterson.
He went down for three years.
Financial irregularities centering on a nightclub.
But why would he take a potshot at his future daughter-in-law? Good question.
Seems a very extreme reaction to not being invited.
But there again, they are an odd bunch.
Well, I'll second that.
Laggat-Brown tried to hide the whole event from her husband.
What is all this lot? I thought I might take up a new hobby.
What are you doing here? Reporting for duty.
I thought I could help.
"If you can't beat them" and all that.
And those that solve together, evolve together.
I, uh, thought you had a deadline.
You know me.
I can multitask.
Okay, so, uh, where are we at on everything? Well, I found Perry's dad.
He's staying at Pillows B and B in Dembley.
Good, well, maybe we should give him an early morning wake-up call.
I've had a few sightings of Red, so I could go with Bill, and we could check that out after? - Who's Red? - The dog.
Oh, right.
Well, Redrum is his official name.
Dottie named him after a racehorse.
Redrum? Really? "Murder.
" "Redrum.
" Spelled backwards.
How come we didn't use the blues and twos? We save them for emergencies.
So, Billy the bobby.
Might have known you'd end up in the police.
- Do you love it? - Yeah, I do.
No two days are the same.
Well, not since Agatha moved to the village.
Hold on.
Problem? - Just Wilkes chasing me.
- Welcome to myworld.
Right, you better let me speak to him first.
- What are you doing? - I think you might need backup.
Come on, then.
Right, I am gonna do the talking.
You just look important.
Hello? Mr.
Peterson? Police.
Open up, please.
- Thanks, Peter.
- All right.
Okay, we've notified his son, Perry.
Any thoughts on the suicide note? Only that it doesn't make any sense.
"I tried to kill Cassandra because I wanted Perry to get her money and give it to me.
But I can't live with myself.
" Why can't he live with himself? He missed.
Right, I need to give H.
a ring and update them on the latest.
Hey, it's me.
I've got news.
You're really doing it, then? I am indeed.
I am tripping the light fandango in order to loosen a few lips and sink Tiggy doodah's ship.
Are you all set? If you let me finish this paragraph.
Right, go on, then.
What news? Dead? Come on, James.
We're leaving.
Right, talk to me.
I'm listening.
It was after a knee injury, actually.
- Busy.
- Ish.
Don't nod.
That's like an invitation to dance.
Look who's just arrived.
Perry Peterson.
Father died earlier.
Clearly not that devastated about it.
What are these two doing here? Aggie, James.
Didn't expect to see you two here.
Especially not you, James.
George said he needed extra men, so Don't.
We thought as we're young, free, and single, we might find some action.
- Good luck.
- Well, we are actually working.
So now that you're here, I suggest you might do the same, with a little light digging, perhaps? Good afternoon, everyone.
Let's get started, shall we? We'll start with the basic steps.
Now, for those who are new, just try to go with the flow and try to follow my lead.
Now, when the music changes, we'll change partners.
Oh, and of course, enjoy.
Ooh, ooh, ooh! Don't mind me.
I'm just here to keep an eye on certain people.
You carry on.
Well, let's do this.
And remember, it is our real emotions that are exposed when we dance.
Now, gentlemen, take your ladies in, hold hip to hip.
Gents, you'll be going on your left foot, forward first.
Ladies, on your right foot, back.
And it goes.
And Step, step.
Step together, step and turn.
Step, step together, step and Good.
Step together, step Very nice.
Very good, Agatha.
Closer embrace.
More passion.
- Think of your husband.
- I am.
He is.
Well, sort of.
Let me show you.
You see, it's all about the rhythm.
You've either got it or you haven't.
Yes, yes, I get it.
And change partners.
Now, gentlemen, take your ladies in.
Hold hip to hip.
"What gun is this bullet from?" Gents, you'll be going on your left, forward first.
Ladies We'll have the results in a couple of days.
James'll know.
Right, Red is definitely covering some distance.
Sightings placed him here two days ago and here yesterday.
Any news your end? Well, the pills bottle came back clean.
Mm, that's a shame.
Not really.
Useful information.
If it was a genuine suicide, it would have had prints all over it.
Good point, Sherlock.
Also, according to the autopsy, the barbiturates found in Peterson's stomach were barely dissolved, as if they'd been shoved down his throat after death.
It's looking more and more likely he was smothered.
Hang on, there was no sign of forced entry.
So doesn't that imply that the killer was someone he knew? Good point, Watson.
What about the note? What does your handwriting expert say? Handwriting expert? Evesham Police doesn't really stretch to that kind of thing.
Something for us to look into, then.
Ooh! It's James.
Told you he'd know.
Oh, my God.
You'll never believe it.
It's a .
50-cal shell from a sniper rifle.
A Barrett M107? Capable of effective fire up to 1,800 meters.
Look, the type a professional would use.
Professional what? Assassin.
Your bodies should be like one.
Starting with a promenade on the right.
Step, and over.
Quick, quick, quick, boleo.
Very nice.
Quick, quick, into the ochos.
Twist, twist.
Twist through the hips.
Always go to dance classes when you're grieving? No.
Um, but I need the practice.
The party's back on next weekend.
Why all the rush? Um, the marquee's still up.
People are still about.
And Tiggy's on one.
So you and your father obviously weren't that close, were you? No.
But I still loved him.
I did.
It's just he didn't always get things right, that's all.
Rubbish with money, mainly.
You know that he left a note? Saying that he hoped that you'd inherit all of Cassandra's money.
Oh, well, I'd told him that, um, me and Cass, we'd sorted out our wills already, leaving everything to each other if anything happened.
And change partners! - Ah! - Very nice.
Lines up and down.
Five, six, seven and step.
You're rather good at this, Charles.
It has been said.
Terrible business up at the manor.
Oh, awful.
Mind you, you reap what you sow.
I've known them both for years.
The Laggat-Browns rub people up the wrong way.
Change partners.
Some people seem rather keen on it.
And walk.
Mm, not at the party but at tango? Not to mention your wife forgetting to mention your daughter's big day.
Trouble at paradise? Hardly.
A misunderstanding, that's all.
Tiggy thought she'd told me.
Oh! Ow.
Well, that certainly got the blood pumping.
I know.
Can't you just feel it coursing through your loins? I can't really feel anything, I think it's my spine.
Thank you.
Ah! I have an idea.
Seeing as the Laggat-Browns' engagement party is back on, I want to do a duet, and I think you would be perfect.
Oh! Really? Me? No, no, I I couldn't.
You would be in good hands.
And as for our newcomer Bravo! Definitely the man of the class.
Never saw you as a man of any hidden talents.
Or any talents, for that matter.
Where did you learn? From watching George at the engagement party.
Well, you weren't there.
No, but we requested mobile-phone video from some of the guests at the party.
And some of them had footage of George dancing.
I've watched it a hundred times.
No, but my favorite moment is when they capture you when you pushed Yes, yes, yes, yes! All right.
Hold on.
Just scroll back.
When you pushed Stop.
At the moment the gun is fired, the laser sight is not pointing towards Cassandra.
It's Tiggy! The shooter! So if Tiggy is the target, who wants her dead? Apart from me.
Okay, everyone.
Spitball time.
Sick of being disapproved of by his soon-to-be mother-in-law.
Although Tiggy really isn't that bad.
Don't you just love it when she plays hardball? Roy.
My money's on Jezza the hubster.
Marriage clearly made in hell.
Midlife crisis written all over him.
Designer clothes.
Smells very trendy.
Ah, but he claims he was away.
I mean, thanks to James we now know the hit wasn't some random.
It was professional, carried out by an assassin.
Won't be a minute.
Well, it certainly gives Jeremy a perfect alibi.
He hires a hit man and then takes off.
Bam! Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt.
What? But why? Why take yourself off and attract suspicion? I mean, if he's hired someone to do all his dirty work for him, why not just stick around? What if he inherits everything when Tiggy dies? Hmm? Have we thought of that? Roy? Can we just? Flat white, sir? Roy? Have you been in touch with financials? Nothing, not as yet.
Not the full picture anyway.
Worst-case scenario, end of play tomorrow.
At a push, first thing in the morning.
Mm Later this afternoon? A couple of hours should do it.
Okay, okay! I'll call Bill now.
Hang on.
We know the whole suicide thing was fake, right? Well, pill bottle clean, pills forced down, plus footage shows that Tiggy was the target, not Cassandra like the note said.
Never a dollar short or a day late, this one.
Why kill Harrison Peterson? I mean, unless he knew the shooter, of course.
We know that Perry has a motive because Tiggy disliked him and his father.
But why would he want to kill his own father? All right, picky.
Anyone else? George? Regrets selling? Maybe he was forced to sell.
No, I can vouch for him.
Helen's death hit him really hard.
He just wanted out of the rat race, that's all.
I totes get that.
Plus Tiggy lets Felicity hang around anyway.
Oh, we should check out that flibberty Felicity.
For shizzle.
What? For sure.
I'll scope her out.
Or I could.
Since I know the family.
I like your thinking, Charles.
We will make a P.
out of you yet.
You, I want you to stay here and man the fort.
Or woman the fort or whatever.
Just, you know, concentrate on finding, uh, the It's Red! Dog.
We've identified the face in the footage.
Well, that was quick.
I mean, is that some sort of face-recognition thing? No.
Tulloch once nicked him.
Johnny Sullivan, known gun for hire.
But who would hire him? Oh, we need to find more about this Tiggy.
We've got men on it already.
We need to do it quicker than that, Bill.
We need to do it now! Right, everyone.
Herris Cum Magna pub right now.
And I want you to come with me.
- Marvelous.
- Yes! Ah.
I see.
Ah! My publisher's been contacted by a Civil War expert who wants to talk to me.
Oh, well, that's great news! Snag is he's only in London tonight, and he's going abroad tomorrow.
I can't really leave you alone here, can I? Yes, you can.
I'll look after her.
We're like Cromwell's army, aren't we? Except, of course, I'm a Cavalier.
Did I tell you I was related to Charles II? - Charles II.
- Charles II.
Well, that's that settled, then.
You must get the next train out of here.
Hello? Hi.
Just wondered if the vicar was in by any chance.
No, I'm afraid not.
He's away.
Mission work.
He'll be back very soon, though.
Just, heh, not yet.
I'm his wife.
Can I help? I need to speak with someone.
Maybe there's another church? No, not for miles.
Uh, you can talk to me if you like.
A cup of tea? Okay, everybody fan out.
Charles, conservatory.
Roy, saloon.
Toni, you and I will take the bar.
I feel invigorated.
God, it's great to be alive.
Must be all that dancing.
Rush of blood to somewhere? - Thanks for this.
- My pleasure.
- How can I help? - Hmm? Listen, about confidentiality Of course.
Anything you say will be in complete confidence.
It's as if you were talking to my husband.
I promise.
It's just I have I have something to confess.
Chunky chips.
Okay, then, so, Tiggy Who wants to start? Not hugely popular in the village on account of her high-and-mighty, hoity-toity demeanor.
- Don't you just hate that? - Yeah.
Exacerbated by the fact that she doesn't really belong.
Well, she needs to just get over herself, doesn't she? All Bill could tell me about her financials is that everything is registered to a company called CDF Cotswolds Ltd.
Dog food.
I think they're quite nice.
- No! Tiggy.
- Oh.
She's an actual dog-food heiress.
Chunkies for real.
- Chunkies?! - Mm.
- Chunkies?! - Chunkies Dog Food.
Chunkies?! CD CDF.
Chunkies Dog Food.
- Chunkies?! - Irish stock.
Her real name's Betty Ryan.
Dog food! No wonder she's keeping that one under her hat.
Charles, anything to offer? Well, not really.
She's not what you think, you know? She's actually quite vulnerable, insecure.
And she makes this strange whimpering noise whenever she makes love.
- Ugh! - Who told you that? - You didn't? - Of course he has.
It was a one-off on the glorious 12th.
Glorious it was.
Why didn't you tell us this before? I assumed that you could find out these things for yourselves.
What, that she makes a strange whimpering Oh, no, no, no, no Anyway, you knew that her marriage wasn't perfect.
Well, we didn't know it had been "Fraithed.
" The strangest thing, though I think that she still loves Jeremy.
She was just using me to get his attention.
She tossed me like a wet rag when she was done.
All right, well, on that note, then, I'll go and have a quick word with her, shall I? Okay.
You all right, Roy?
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