Age of Youth (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

I Survived #Selfish Gene

Ugh, that's from The Stone Age I really hate it.
Alright, let's drink with both of your hands.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Bottoms up.
- Bottoms up.
Alright, pour me.
It's a welcome party for the new employees.
Yet, he's the one who's excited.
Who goes to the secound round these days? It's annoying, isn't it? Life is so sad.
I don't know why it's so sad.
I never knew I'd live like this.
I thought I'd have a decent life.
- Wait here.
Wait for me here.
- Okay.
It's eight thousand won.
How do I go to work tomorrow? He really doesn't want to go home.
Then, why did he get married? I want to take day off tomorrow.
Then, you should resign first.
It's 16 thousand won.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Sunbae, call me when you get home, okay? - Okay.
- Drive her home safely, please.
- Okay.
[Episode 4, I Survived #Selfish Gene] What happened to her? She got a wedding invitation.
Who's getting married? An elementary school classmate.
- Her first love? - No, it's from a girl.
But, why does she reacts like that? I've never even do it.
While someone can do it everyday now and formally.
I'm falling behind.
Oh, Sunbae, come on.
- Do you want to be depressed to? - What? My friend's husband was her college sweetheart.
Her first love.
So, what? Our Eun-jae is changed.
I used to having fun teasing you.
Nothing goes the way I want anymore.
What is it now? They're throwing new semester party.
So, what? Are you dumb? Her boyfriend is coming.
Ex-boyfriend to be exact.
What do I do? Do I go or not? Go! You didn't do anything wrong.
Go and have fun.
Eat and drink a lot.
Don't go.
You'll feel awkward.
He's going to come so why shouldn't you? Why should the woman avoid the man after a break up? I don't like that.
So don't.
What can you do about it? That's how it is.
Everyone knows you were together and broke up.
You'll only make people feel uncomfortable.
Why would they feel uncomfortable? Go and tell everyone there.
"I'm single from now on.
Please ask me out.
" I think I shouldn't go.
What is it now? The Oh&Park company that Yoon-sunbae is working for.
Is it the Oh&Park that we know? Why are you following me? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
That Oh&Park is Yeah.
12 Constellations, The Fifth Column, Hot Place.
Unbelievable, he's here! Back to work.
They are Strategic Management Team.
- Mr.
Jo here is team leader - Yes, I'm the team leader.
Say hi to them.
- Hello - Hello.
- Please talk with them.
- Okay.
- Can I take a photo? - Sure.
[Financial Status and Improvement Plans] When they heart she got a job there, they all reacted like I did.
But, the only idol group she knows are H.
T and Sechs Kies.
Isn't that hilarious? You said she's old.
Yoon-sunbae is only 29.
Then, she's a granny.
Listen, even my mom knows The Fifth Column.
- But now, Song-sunbae is The Fifth Column fan.
- Song-sunbae? She's the talkative one.
The one that lies? Since when did you call her 'Sunbae'? She said it's okay to call her that, so I just do it.
What about Yoo Eun-jae? Is she 'Sunbae' too? I feel uncomfortable calling her by her name.
Now that I think about it, you and her have something in common.
What? You look like you'd read romance manhwa when you actually read Junji Ito's.
Do you know what game she plays? - A game where the limbs - Stop it! Sunbae this, sunbae that.
You must be happy to have so many 'Sunbae'.
I thought you said you didn't like them.
You said she's mean and talks too much.
Why did you move to that house? You don't even talk about that letter anymore.
What happened to you? You acted like a jerk.
This is annoying! [Pharmacy] Ah, so refreshing.
What is that? Was that sound coming from our house? It sounded like a man.
Did you just scream? It was a man.
Who is it? Did you bring a man home? No.
- What is it? - But, why he's here? Call the police.
112! Pervert! He's putting his clothes on.
He was naked.
Who are you? - The owner of this house.
- You're lying! I'm the owner's substitute.
The substitute? She didn't tell you I was coming? My great-aunt said she'll tell you.
She said someone was coming, but she didn't say it'll be a man.
Ask him why he's upstairs.
My dad told me it's upstairs.
Look, here's the text message.
Here it says, "Son, 22, Yeonnam-ro" [Second floor, 22 Yeonnam-ro, Mapo-gu, Passcode 1652] The owner lives on first floor.
There must be a misunderstanding.
Let me call my dad.
Dad, it's me.
Did you send me the wrong information? I came to the wrong place.
- But, why did you look so calm? - Look what you did! Yeah.
No wonder she's the general.
But what was he doing when you got here? So you're name is Jang-hoon? Yes.
He's the owner substitute.
Nice to meet you.
- Granny's nephew? - Yes.
- I thought it'll be someone older.
-That's what I say.
He's her grandnephew.
Please sit.
Is it one-syllable name? We have another one here.
Hoon and Eun.
My first name is Jang-hoon.
What's your last name? - Seo - Seo? Seo Jang-hoon? Oh, Seo Jang-hoon.
Yes, that's right.
My name speaks against me.
That's okay.
I have a cousin named Song Hye-kyo.
Oh, really? What? Are you sick? What's wrong with her? Congratulations, you're pregnant.
I'd better go now.
Good night.
- A man? - Yeah.
He's 22 years old.
He took time off from school to join the army.
Are you okay with that? Your roommates are insensible.
They know what you went through and they let a man in? She can't avoid men for the rest of her life.
She has to get used to it.
- You worry about yourself - Let's go somewhere else.
Why? Just because.
I got it.
I'll go there right now.
I'll be there soon.
See you.
Are you scared because it's alley or because it's dark? Both.
You don't get scared on the main street? Well, I get a little better.
But, I can take the bus on my own.
This weekend, I'll treat you.
What are you doing here? Were you watching this again? You sinful girl.
She's throwing up again.
General Jo, you should go see a doctor.
I think she's sick.
Do something about that! Stop! Geez.
Seriously! Excuse me.
Let me use your phone.
You know me right? I'm Heimdall.
- Heim what? - The sub-vocalist of Asgard.
We work for the same company.
Sorry, I'm in Strategic Management.
So frustrating.
No use of saying something very obvious.
It shows all over your face.
Please be quick.
Thank you.
Hyung, where are you? I didn't get in the car.
This isn't your first time.
How could I take the bus looking like this? Come and pick me up.
So why did you fall behind? We'll be late if I go back now.
Money for the cab? Yeah, right.
Then, just stay there.
Nobody knows if you're six or seven anyways.
What? No, I'm coming.
I'll go, so wait there.
Okay? I'll be there soon.
Just wait until I become famous.
Lend me some money.
100 thousand won.
- No.
- Come on.
We work for the same company.
I don't know you.
Hey, you're so adorable.
Clap, you're so gorgeous.
- Don't follow me - I'm going to take the bus.
Tell them to stop taking photos.
- Me? - Yes.
Why should I? You need to protect the artist of your company.
I don't know you.
Geez, seriously.
We'll se when I become famous.
I'm going to tell people this when I'm appear in shows.
That's you business.
Don't talk to me.
[Feast for Mapo Citizens Guest: Asgard] Sunbae! Sunbae.
Do you know this movie? - Eternal Sunshine.
- Right.
I see.
Eternal Sunshine What is the movie about? About a man that wants to erase his memory.
There is this man who lost his love and the memory of it so painful so he decided to erase his memory of her.
But, his subconscious mind still remembers her.
So I think he falls in love with the same girl again.
Something like that.
Right? Yeah, something like that.
I saw it long time ago.
I see.
A man that's heartbroken after losing his love.
What? Why? Did your ex post it on his social media? Did he say he liked it? - No.
- Yes, he did.
It's his profile photo.
Jung Ye-eun, how did you know that? Been there, done that.
Really? You've done this? That's how I started my day and how I ended it.
Didn't you break up? I did.
Then, why do you look at it? No reason.
Just because Are you a stalker? Hey! I just checked on his social media.
Yeah, you went too far there.
It's just a part of letting it go.
- Right? - Yeah.
- But - Yoon-sunbae! So you work for Oh&Park? - Yes.
- Did you see The Fifth Column? - No.
- What about Hot Place? I don't know them.
Though I saw some tall and skinny guys today.
How did they look? How many were they? If five, they're The Fifth Column.
If six, they're Hot Place Oh, I saw him.
- What's that? - You don't know Heimdall? No use of saying it.
No use of What was that? It's nothing.
Yoon-sunbae, tell me how they looked.
But, how do you view posts that are private? - You can't.
- I can't? Hang on.
Though you can guess what the post is about through his followers.
Give me that.
- See? This person liked it.
- Yes.
Then, you press this.
So far, we looked at the history of psychological evaluation and the process how it has developed.
Now, we'll talk about why we need the evaluation and how to analyze the result of it.
What do you think is the biggest reason for why we need it? There's this man who lost his love and the memory of it was so painful that he decided to erase his memory of her but his subconscious mind still remembers her.
So I think he falls in love with the same girl again.
I'll finish the class here today.
Thanks for the lesson.
Are you coming to the party? Cheers! How tall are you? Me? 187 centimeters.
I thought you're sports talent because you're very tall.
Don't you hear a lot that you look like someone? Do I? Like who? Jung Woo-sung? Hey.
Are you happy that I'm under academic probation? Sorry.
Let's be quiet for a second.
Let's be quiet.
Let's have fun from now on.
- Next.
- Okay.
Drink up! Drink up! Hang on.
- I want a black knight - Black knight! Black knight! Black knight! Sunbae! Okay, that's it! Next game.
Bottoms up.
Bottoms up.
He's pretty good.
- Ready, go! - One.
- Two - Three.
Forget about the game! Let's sing instead.
[A Past Love] Kim Jong-yeol! Kim Jong-yeol! ? Others don't know that I was crying ? ? The things that have passed are in my heart ? Passed? It's already passed for me too.
? Under the emply sky.
When the lights are on.
? ? A past love ? Yes, it's a past love.
So past that I can't even remember.
? A cold win blows ? ? I turn up my collars ? ? In regrets, I'm upset ? ? Tears run down my face ? You're upset? Upset about what? I didn't do anything wrong.
? All the memories ? ? I'll keep them in my heart ? ? Love can get boring sometimes ? Boring? Then, why did you choose that profile photo? Didn't she used to sing well? Did she? - Hey.
- What's wrong with you? I'm totally fine.
Drive them home safely, sir.
- I'm going home too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye - See you.
Are you alright? Yes.
Wait here.
I'll bring your bag.
Why? What? I'll take you home.
Get home safely.
- You look gorgeous, Jin-ah.
Awesome! Amazing.
The bride is doing her own dance moves too.
Mother, please stand up.
Give her applause.
Great We're taking a photo now.
One, two, three.
Jin-ah, the bride, wanted to be a backup dancer.
Really? Was she a good dancer? She was good at everything that requires using her body.
She's good at run and dance.
You wanted to be a good wife.
Really? Me? Yes.
I laughed a lot when I saw that.
How do you remember all that? What did I want to be? An office worker, I think.
Hey, do you know someone called Moon Hyo-jin? Moon Hyo-jin? Was she our schoolmate? Yes, I think we were in the same class in third grade.
Class two.
I don't remember her.
Friends of the bride and groom, please come on up.
Photo time.
Let's go.
Please hurry up a little.
What about her? I'm just asking.
I took a photo with a girl - but I can't remember who she is.
- Moon Hyo-jin Wasn't she the girl that liked writing? She even won in a composition contest.
That was Jung Ho-joon.
They have nothing in common.
Come to the middle.
This way.
Come down the stairs if you're shorts.
The lady with bobbed hair! Come forward.
- Perfect.
- I looked at our yearbook and she wasn't there.
- Who? - Someone called Moon Hyo-jin.
You look so beautiful.
- Thanks - So unlike you.
But, what about Moon Hyo-jin? Do you know her? I know.
She moved to another school after summer break in third grade.
Alright! Look at the camera.
One, two, three.
Smile! Okay! Okay.
One more time.
Why did she get transfered? Well Bride, look here.
Look at the camera.
One, two, three! Okay.
One more time.
Here we go.
One last time.
One, two, three! Excuse me.
Where's the food? Open the door.
You left this behind.
Let me help you.
About the girl that was abused by her boyfriend.
My dad told me about it.
He said she's scared of men, so I should be extra careful.
I'm sorry I made a mistake on my first day here.
I'm worried that I made things worse for her.
I didn't understand when she threw up but now I see that it's because she panicked.
What? She didn't tell you? Well, I had a shower and come out naked and unfortunately, she had to see it.
That's why, I don't know what to do.
Should I not talk to her? Can I say hello at least? How should I treat her? Thank you.
What? For being considerate.
No, I mad a mistake.
So, I need to be responsible.
The other day Why did you do that the other day? What? The other day when I was talking to my friends over there, Why you suddenly dragged me out? They're your friends? - I'm sorry - That's okay.
I'm not here to hear that you're sorry.
I just want to know why you did that.
Well I didn't know they're your friends.
I thought they were bullying you.
Why did you think that way? Well Their faces.
I got bullied in elementary and middle school and they looked exactly like the guys that bullied me.
Sorry, I misunderstood.
No, you didn't.
You're right.
I was having a hard time.
Right? I knew it.
That's how it looked.
But, that's not something to be happy about.
But, thanks for doing that.
What? Okay.
But, why are you always alone? I've seen you a couple of times and you're always alone.
I created a game app and it has bugs.
To be more precise, it's like a portable lie detector.
- Many lie detectors usually measures your pulse - Who is he? But, with this, you can measure it with your voice alone.
- Once you save your voice - Sorry.
We'll continue later.
My friend's here.
- Later? - Yes.
Thank you.
No problem.
I think Ye-eun's going to see a new guy.
Already? Hey, it's been a year.
But, still You worry too much.
She's quite strong.
Leave her alone and she'll get back up again.
- Don't be overprotective - What? - Who is it? - No one.
Never mind.
He's coming.
Excuse me.
Can I get your number? I'll need you number to talk to you later.
Give it to him.
010- It's well written.
You did a good job for your first time.
It doesn't matter if it's your first time.
You must do a good job nevertheless.
It's okay.
That's why you're interns.
You can learn one by one.
There are things you can't learn.
If efforts always paid off, I'd be Kim Yuna.
And you'd be Park Tae-hwan.
And you I'm talking to myself.
Never mind.
Just continue.
Let's take a 10-minute break.
You come out.
What now? You should stop coming here.
I have nowhere to go.
And outside is too hot.
Are you not looking for jobs? I don't want to get a job.
Then what? You want to stay unemployed? - I could get married.
- Does anyone wants to marry you? - Maybe you - Shut up.
How did it go in your friend's wedding? You said you'll get your memory back.
Oh, that She moved to another school after summer break in third grade.
- Why? - Don't you remember? We heard strange rumors.
The art teacher said she drew something strange.
Something strange? Naked.
They said she moved to another school in third grade.
That's why I don't remember.
That's it? Sort of.
Then, you're done.
Now, all you have to do is study.
Don't come here again.
Hey! That heartless man.
We talked about the acquisition of the second language and steps of how you learn it last time.
- Could you please answer me? - Yes.
This time, among many hypotheses of how you learn the second language, we'll take a closer look at input hypotheses.
Can you please stop that? Stop what? You're ignoring me.
Why do you do that? I'm not ignoring you.
You're doing it right now.
You look somewhere else when I'm talking to you.
What did I do? You aren't the victim of dating abuse.
I thought you were.
You made me get confused.
Why do you do that? Then, what do you expect? I saw that and I felt terrible.
It's not like I wanted to show it to you.
Why do you feel terrible? I should feel terrible.
Why do you look at it? I'm not looking at it! You have a dirty mind.
You keep thinking of it right? I don't! Why would I think of something so disgusting? Disgusting? - Listen, it's the way it looks - Geez.
Stop it! This is crazy.
Excuse me.
Where do you live? You can't be here like this.
You should go home.
- Shut up! - Ahn Ye-ji! Do you know her? - You jerk - Why are you here? You wench.
You're the worst of all, you know that? You wench.
You must've done something wrong.
What are you looking at? Go Inside! Hey, stand up! I'll take you home.
No, I'm not going home.
Why are you doing this? Come on.
- I'll take you home.
Let's go.
- I said I'm not going.
Seriously, get up! You're so annoying.
Why are you like this? Annoying? You're more annoying.
You've changed.
You weren't like this before.
Please get up already.
Please don't change.
- Let's go - Please don't ever change.
- Put her on my back.
- What? Put me down.
- No.
- You reek of alcohol.
You're everything to me.
I was everything for you too.
Sorry for barging at this hour.
Is she drunk? What's with all the fuss? What's going on? She's really drunk.
Where? Here? Why is she so heavy? Get out now.
- Good job.
- It's nothing.
That's why you need a man in your house.
I know.
It feels safer, right? - Good night.
- You too.
If only he was a little taller.
My back hurts.
What? You thank me? You heard what you wanted.
Be sure she lies on her side.
She'll choke if she throws up.
I'm sorry.
She's mad at me.
What did you do? I don't know.
The one that hurts never knows.
- Only the one that is hurt remembers.
- Are you talking about you? I'm just saying.
I hate you.
I really hate you.
You keep changing.
Don't change.
Please don't change.
The one that hurts never knows.
Only the one that is hurt remembers.
You wench.
- Hey.
You're the worst of all.
Don't you know that? - Let's go home.
No, I'm not going home.
- Please stand up.
- Don't change.
The toilet is clogged again.
Who is the last person used the bathroom? What the heck? Who ate my jelly again? - I don't even - I'm cooking only for one.
Don't ask me for a bite later.
We're going to grocery shopping.
Anything you need? Who did that? Go and unclog it.
- Why? - I'm throwing it away.
From now on, you don't have to pick me up at the station anymore.
Why didn't you come? - Sorry.
- Why did you leave in the morning? I was embarrassed.
So you know what you did is embarrassing? How much did you drink? Two bottles of soju.
You're crazy.
And half a bottle more.
Don't do that again.
What did I do? You don't do it again either.
What about me? Don't talk about other people when you're with me.
And get out from that house.
I don't like it.
Hey! Hey.
Hey! Go sleep in your room.
Go sleep in your room now.
I'm at the bus station.
I can't walk alone.
Ye-eun-sunbae messaged you.
Come on.
Wake up.
- I'm still at the campus - I'm working.
What a jerk.
I always keep a distance so I don't get too close.
What is it? Did you fight with your boyfriend? What's wrong with men? Why do they always put their family first? I always kee a distance so they don't get too close.
It's 4 thousand and 9 hundred won.
I'll take just this.
Keeping a distance is isolating oneself.
It's nine hundred won.
With that distance, one decides to be lonely.
This is my survival strategy.
I've run like a racehorse wearing blinkers.
Excuse me.
What is this? That's how I survived this far and that's how I'll survive in the future.
Eunjae-sunbae got drunk so she couldn't come.
If you're okay with me Thanks That's the plan for the first half of the year.
Lastly, the group that operated at the biggest loss last year is Asgard.
Actually, it's been three years they've incurred the largest loss.
We've been losing money ever since their debut.
Unfortunately we must vote to decide whether we'll terminate their contract or not.
From this year, you can't abstain from voting.
It's either you're for or against the termination of the contract.
I had to keep a distance.