Age of Youth (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

I Saw Myself #All Beautiful Words

1 (Apologies in advance for any errors.
Enjoy!) [ Names of characters and places in this drama are fictional ] What is it? What did you want to tell me? I'm sorryabout before.
And sorry about suddenly texting you.
I'm sorry about a lot of other things too.
It's because this was my first relationship and my first breakup too.
That's why I did all of that.
It was my first time feeling those emotions.
But still, it would have been better if I hadn't done those things.
I'm sorry.
And thank you.
For letting me know how it feels when someone loves you.
And what it feels like to like someone.
I wanted to say thank you.
I had to say thank you.
Thank you.
Can I ask you for a favor? Mmh.
When you date another girl, don't tell her that she disappointed you.
If you date another girl, wait a little bit before you start dating.
Don't treat me too well, or I'll get confused.
But don't treat me too poorly either.
I'm so glad that you were my first love.
I'm sorry.
I'm going.
EPISODE 13 I See Myself EPISODE 13 #They're all beautiful words I have to do at least this much.
Did you find it? Here it is! Later, we'll talk later.
I'm busy.
- Later - Hurry and go.
Is she playing hard to get? She should be back by now.
Should I call her? She's coming! Congrats! What's all this? Did you guys have a good talk? I forgot to say a few things.
"Even if we become strangers, you have to be happy.
" I wanted to say that.
Let me borrow it.
I'll study for when I break up later.
Forget it.
When are we opening this? Hey, you should have opened that when she came inside! I don't know how to open it.
You'll have to come back in again.
Be careful.
To our youngest's first breakup! Bottoms up! Your eyes are all swollen.
You'll have to ice them a bit.
Even though I'm only saying it now, you're really incredible.
If you kept going, you'd have become a stalker.
Really? I was the only one who didn't know? Yoon sunbae, you knew too? You were having a hard time then.
Really? He's very famous? What's the address? Mmh.
Why won't you eat, butterfly? What are you doing? Mom, the butterfly isn't eating.
Let's go and get ready to go out.
Who are you? Is this where Mr Han Gwanyeong lives? I don't drink coffee.
Is oolong tea okay? Yes, anything will be fine.
Which elementary school did you say you were from? Ganhae Elementary.
Ganhae Elementary in Gwancheon.
Ganhae Elementary The mountain path behind there is beautiful.
You said your name is Song Jiwon? My memory isn't so good.
Were you an arts student? No, I was terrible at drawing.
I was chatting with my friends about the past, and your name came up.
Do you remember Jung Yeonhoo? He was the class president for year 3's Class 2.
His father had a chicken farm.
Jung Yeonhoo I'm not sure.
What about Jo Sangeun? Her family ran the supermarket near the school.
Jo Sangeun? Goodness When you get older, you don't really remember the past well.
I'm not sure if I'm still young or my head's just not quite right.
Do you remember Moon Hyojin? Her father passed away, and her mother worked in a restaurant.
Dad, I'm going out.
Dinner's prepared.
You just need to warm it up.
Your wife? She passed away two years ago.
So, how's the tea? It's very good.
Goodbye, Mr Han.
Be careful getting home.
Did he recognize you? Not at all.
He's just an ordinary old man.
His hair's gone white, but his face is still young.
He's not exactly what I expected.
What were you expecting? I thought he would be much more— Oh yeah.
Look at this.
Which elementary school did you say you were from? Ganhae Elementary.
Ganhae Elementary in Gwancheon.
Do you remember Moon Hyojin? It's weird, isn't it? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? He's startled when I asked about Moon Hyojin.
Watch it again.
Do you remember Moon Hyojin? Her father passed away, and her mother He might have just been trying to recall.
Watch again.
What's this then? I know that you feel frustrated, but this alone is insufficient.
We have my memories too.
Memories can be distorted.
Then are you saying I made up the memories to make myself feel better? We need some kind of impartial evidence.
[ Find a teacher ] [ Han Gwanyeong ] I can't keep this, right? You want to get rid of it? You'll have to put it in a trash bag.
A trash bag? It's going in the trash anyway.
I know I wish there was a place to store these things, so you could throw them away after some time passed.
A memory keepsake firm, or something like that.
- Are you going out? - Yeah.
What are you doing? Apple jam.
It's hot.
Don't accept a big present from Janghoon.
How big is big? Shoebox-sized.
If it's bigger than a shoebox, it'll be difficult to take care of later on.
Does that count as her mocking me? She probably thinks her love will last forever, that it won't change until she dies.
You think what happens to others will never happen to you, right? She was like that last year, and I was like that before too.
Something smells delicious.
General Jo! Whoa General Jo turned into a female general! And I thought something was up with you.
I'll be back later.
You saw it before too.
When? When we went to pick apples.
She wore my mom's dress.
Really? Even if you were having a hard time, aren't you being too much? But where's she going dressed so prettily? To meet with the landlord.
Seo Janghoon? Why? What?! That's enough.
What?! What's going on? Nothing.
One of the girls I live with recently broke up with her boyfriend.
Actually, they broke up a few months ago.
But it wasn't until recently that she sorted out her feelings and properly ended things.
So we had a party that day.
And so? I was just mentioning it.
If you do the same, I'll hold a party for you.
I don't know what you're saying.
It doesn't suit [you].
Those shoes don't match with that dress.
Wow, you did a good job.
Who did you draw? Unnie.
Ah, so you drew your sister.
It's Unnie! You're here? Unnie, you're wearing a dress.
It's really pretty.
You look like a princess.
Why did you laugh? Oh, nothing Why haven't you gotten discharged yet? I'm going to have an examination while I'm here.
You should quit smoking.
And exercise.
Look how big your stomach is.
You even fainted in front of your kid.
You're right.
How's school? Everything going well? Yes.
How's the rental? Are you getting used to it? Who calls it a rental? You're not even a grandpa yet.
So what's it called? A sharehouse.
It's fine.
Do you have a boyfriend? I'm going now.
See you.
You're leaving already? Unnie was crying when she came last time.
Why? I said I didn't like my hair.
And then she suddenly started crying.
It was such a surprise.
What does that mean? Gosh I'll tell you slowly, so listen up! Okay.
- Last time.
- Mmh.
I said I didn't like my hair.
And then Unnie started crying.
So why would your sister start crying because you don't like your hair? Where are you coming from? Huh? Who did you go meet, looking like that? It's nothing.
Look at you.
If you were going to dress up, you should have come to show me.
Turn around.
Come here.
Gosh Bring your face closer.
You wanna die? Ah, I almost forgot.
What did I forget Ah I should have bought the set.
Mother-in-law is 80 years old.
I've never seen her wear earrings.
Does she have to wear them just because I give them to her? It's about the thought.
Right, the thought.
Do you have to show that kind of thing off? I'm just worried that my sister will beat me.
We have to be even.
Change the color of your lipstick.
Ah, you're here.
- When did you get in? - Last night.
Yeeun! How have you been? I heard you're busy with your thesis recently.
I'm just waiting for the results now.
- Let's sit.
- It's been a long time.
Mom, you're looking good.
I heard you took time off from school.
Did something happen? What could have happened? She just went to learn some other things for awhile.
It's hard to get a job right away now.
To get your qualifications up, you have to take time off from school.
How's the employment rate for your major? It's all sciences.
Good thing she chose the science route in elementary school.
She would be in humanities if she chose what she liked.
And then, what kind of job would she able to get now, right? Yeeun, you've gotten prettier.
Do you have a boyfriend? She doesn't know about that kind of thing.
She's very introverted.
When she graduates and gets a job, you should introduce someone from your company.
Yeah, yeah, I understand.
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, our dearest mother! Happy birthday to you! Mom, happy birthday! Happy birthday, Mother-in-law.
Thank you.
Mom, here's something nice.
Thank you, my daughter.
Why aren't you eating? I am.
Yeeun's gotten thinner.
Thinner? Young people nowadays— I didn't ask you.
Are you eating well? Yes, Grandma, I'm eating well.
Is school fun? Of course.
I'm attending school well.
Alright, it's good that there's nothing wrong.
Whose milk is in the fridge? Not mine.
Not mine either.
It's Yeeun's.
It expires today.
I can drink it, right? Go ahead.
Yeeun is going to a family dinner tonight, so she'll have a lot of expensive food to eat.
Ms Jung, pack a bag home, please! Please! Actually The reason I took a break from school Yeeun! wasn't to increase my qualifications or get experience.
Uncle, I had a boyfriend once.
We dated for three years.
It shows up on the news sometimes.
Dating violence.
I've gone through that.
What are you saying right now? So I took a break from school to get treatment.
I haven't recovered fully yet, but I've gotten a lot better.
You're back? Did you have fun? You're back, Yeeun? What's wrong? Nothing.
I'm hungry.
Is there anything to eat? Didn't you go to a Chinese restaurant? Didn't you say there was a meal course? Yeah, I ate a bit Ms Jung, be careful or you'll get fat.
So what if I get fat? Who else wants to eat? Me! Did you find out anything? No, not yet.
I wonder how great this teacher is, that his students are even giving him a thank you party.
This makes things difficult.
The wind at sunset blows strongly.
On the way home, sitting by the window on the bus The wind blows and I don't know what to do.
You sing well.
I was an idol.
Noona, I'm heading home next week.
- Next week? - Yeah.
You're delighted, but also sad, right? Let's all have a meal together before you go.
You're treating.
We can all eat together, and you can put on a farewell stage.
Farewell stage? Yeah.
It'd be a shame to see you leave otherwise.
Farewell stage? Excuse us.
Thank you.
Huh? We heard from Heimdal.
- Go ahead and talk.
- Okay.
We always felt kind of bad that only the two of us got to stay.
And we were too ashamed to contact the others.
Heimdal contacted us earlier.
He said he wanted to put on a farewell stage.
Oh, that Thank you.
Jinmyung! Jinmyung! Yes! Just a minute! Jinmyung! Yes, just a minute! What's going on right now? I don't know.
They've been doing this since I got back.
Everyone, have a drink and cool down! Thank you.
To wipe your sweat.
So cool.
If you're hot, you can take it off.
I really want to help you wipe your sweat! Noona! What are you doing? Practicing.
We're going to be on stage.
We should practice.
What? Don't worry.
The company agreed.
Thank you, Noona.
It was really upsetting to leave that way.
This kid's so old-fashioned.
Thank you.
We're having a farewell stage.
I never would have imagined it.
Thank you.
We'll work hard.
And Sorry about cursing at you before.
- Alright, let's practice! - Okay! Let's put on the best final stage for Asgard! Okay! Awesome! Don't do this.
Why? Ah, it's too late, right? What do we do You can come into my place.
Is that okay? It's not that spacious, but it's not that small either.
Is it really okay? Let's go! Let's go inside, everyone! Let's go inside together! Hey, where are you going? Get back here.
That way.
I have to show them the way.
- No need.
- Let's go together! It's not often that men come over.
Karaoke? Mmh.
I just meant that we should have a meal together and go to a karaoke place.
I don't think we can go to a karaoke place.
Of course not.
No way.
Definitely not.
What do we do? What else can we do? They're really excited about it.
It's not too late to tell them now.
The longer we drag it on, the harder it will be to say it.
Asgard! Good work, everyone! Get home.
Come over after breakfast tomorrow.
- We're meeting at 10 tomorrow.
- Okay! Noona! I have something to tell you.
I'm sorry, but the farewell stage I mentioned isn't what you're thinking.
I just wanted the few of us to get together— Noona, did you think I was a fool? Did you think I was imagining performing at the Sejong Center or something? It doesn't matter how small it is.
We just want to stand on stage with mics.
We're Asgard! This is our finale! We just want a stage where we can make that declaration.
A stage with mics At least 5 million won? (~5000 USD) 5 million? Why is it so much? Even with the basics, you'll need amps and lighting.
Ah A place like the National Hall would be a bit cheaper.
They're booked for the next 2 months.
Oh Good job, everyone.
What? I'm sorry, for lying.
I'm sorry too, for being burdensome.
Are you angry at me? No.
What are you doing this weekend? I'm not sure Want to go read manhwas? I'm tired.
I'm just going to rest at home.
What is it? Is something wrong? Where's Heimdal? He went to meet his friends.
Then, can I come in? Okay.
Come in.
Yeji What did Yeji say? She won't say anything.
She just stays away from me.
than when we were arguing and fighting.
Did you two ever make any kind of friendship oath when you were younger? That you'd be friends forever? So you did.
Back then, we always had fun, even without anyone else.
We've been friends for 12 years.
Wow, 12 years That must be even worse than when lovers break up.
I used to be annoyed by how clingy Yeji was.
Now I'm annoyed by how she keeps her distance.
I'm bad, aren't I? Everyone's like that.
You want a drink? And you two spent too much time with just each other.
Whether it's love or friendship, that will Will what? It'll be hard to bear.
When I said that I had a girlfriend, my friends all said I should take you somewhere and do it before I have to enlist.
In the past, I would casually joke like that too.
But I didn't like hearing it from someone else.
After I enlist, I don't want you to have any suspicions about my feelings for you.
Do you get what I'm saying? You might say that enlisting in the army isn't a big deal, but for me Hey, stop scratching.
What's wrong? It's itchy.
And I'm kind of nauseous.
Are you allergic to alcohol? My head hurts.
- Be careful! - General Jo! Move.
Hey! How much did you let her drink? Three bottles?! No, no! 3 sips, 3 sips! I swear it was only 3 sips! Did something happen? We broke up.
but now I know that we broke up.
Huh? That's it? Yeah, that's everything.
Other people don't get it, what our relationship was like.
I spent two thirds of my life with Yeji.
I'm closer to her than to my parents.
Yeji used to be my everything.
So, would I be sad right now or not? Sad.
Definitely sad.
That's normal.
So, let's go in and sleep.
Why are you treating us differently?! What? When Eunjae broke up, you set off firecrackers and had a party.
Why aren't you doing it for me?! Do it for me too! Do we still have any firecrackers? Yes.
Bring them here.
Everyone, take two.
Ready? 1, 2, 3! Congrats! - Goodnight.
- Sleep tight! She's drunk.
Isn't she super cute? Goodnight to all of you.
Get going.
It's my first time seeing Eunie drunk.
We'll have to make sure not to let her drink in the future.
[ You're invited to Han Gwanyeong's teacher appreciation banquet, ] [ recognizing his 38 years of devotion to teaching.
] Hello? I'm calling to inquire about Mr Han's appreciation banquet.
Go ahead.
My name is Song Jiwon.
I received an invitation, but I'd like to know how you knew my address.
Wait a moment.
You signed in the last time.
Last time? Yes, in the spring.
The spring? March 2nd.
The banquet is happening a lot later than expected.
We planned to have it in May, but my dad was adamant against it.
Hello? Yes, I understand.
Thank you.
Noona, what is it? Where's Heimdal? He hasn't returned yet.
He said he was going to try on clothes for the performance.
Since you're here, would you like a cup of tea? No, that's okay.
Where are you going? Oh Did you tell Heimdal yet? Not yet.
Then don't tell him yet.
I think I've got a solution! What is it? I'll tell you later! What are you doing? I asked you what you're doing.
Um Did you happen to receive an invitation? For Hyojin? You mean this? How did you know about this? What? Did you get one too? Um Who's Han Gwanyeong? He's your teacher from 3rd grade, isn't he? It wasn't you.
It was Han Gwanyeong.
The person who ruined Hyojin's life.
Wait! Where are you going? What are you? I can't let you into this house.
Says who? Song Jiwon? Get lost.
I can kill you.
What are you planning to do? I'm going to kill that bastard.
- No! - Why not? Because that's not what Hyojin wanted.
How do you know? Because she used my name.
She wanted us both to attend the banquet.
Hyojin wanted me to attend too.
When she met Han Gwanyeong, she wanted me to be there.
Then you go do what you want.
And I'll do what I want.
If you go there like this right now, I won't be able to do what I want to do.
If I can't do what I want, that means we can't do what Hyojin wanted.
You think I've never thought about it? I've thought about getting him in the middle of the night too.
I've even thought about stabbing him.
I've thought about those things too.
If I've thought about them, then Hyojin must have thought about them too.
But she didn't do them.
Why? Because that's not right.
That's not what Hyojin wanted.
Hyojin decided to attend the banquet with me.
Although I don't know why she's dead, I have to carry out the rest of her plan.
So let me do it.
If you're going to do it, do it well.
What are you doing? It was noisy outside.
How's Mijoo? She finally went to sleep.
I don't know who she gets her unruliness from.
Who else? You, of course.
Me? Yeah.
The moment I picked you up, you'd never get down.
That's ridiculous.
Sleep well.
Does it hurt? Why? Are you hurting too? After meeting you, nothing's gone right.
Sorry, but I had no one else to ask but you.
But everything's almost over.
What are you planning on doing? I'll have to do what Hyojin wanted.
Will you be okay? Even if I won't be, I have to do it.
What must be done has to be done.
Don't worry.
What kind of future did that child once dream of? Was it an ordinary life? Or a special life? To be provided for? Or to be loved? Though I'm a bit late, I grieve for her.
I grieve for her dream that's now become nothing.
The things I remember, the things I can't remember, the things that can't be helped My friend, Moon Hyojin.
Today, I pray for them.
I hope that they don't have to suffer, that they won't have to go through more than they can bear.
Even if it may seem boring, I hope they can live an ordinary life.
And I also pray, that even if they have no way out, they will get through it.
Even when they're scared to death, I hope they can walk forward.
I'll do my all to become the person I wanted to be.
[ Moon Hyojin | Song Jiwon ] [ Song Jiwon ] [ Moon Hyojin ] SUBS BY A DRIFTER (Preview and epilogue after credits) SUBS BY A DRIFTER (English subs adapted from TSKS Chinese subs) PREVIEW You don't want to enlist? You wouldn't understand how a man about to enlist feels.
Who is it? My girlfriend.
Come in.
Kids, I'm here! Welcome! Hello.
I can't do it.
Be quiet! So what if you mess up? Come down after the performance ends.
Yoon Jinmyung! Who are you looking for? Song Jiwon You met Choongwon today, right? I heard you changed a lot.
I must be right.
Choongwon's not bad.
We looked into Song Jiwon a bit.
As her friends, what do you have to say? If [he's] an ex-convict, we'll have to stop [them].
You should tell me if you're going to do something.
If I told you, you would have stopped me.
You're 100 percent sure? Not even 1 percent of doubt? I won't apologize.
I cannot apologize.
EPILOGUE [ 8 years later ] [ Why an apple, of all things? ] [ No double eyelids? ] [ Pink? ] [ Super long legs? ] Let's go.
Did Mom used to live? Mmh.