Agent Hamilton (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Avsnitt 1

Lambert, failed.
Turner, failed.
Henderson, failed.
Mickelson, passed.
And Hamilton, passed.
Too bad you have to leave us, son.
Officer on deck!
Carry on, Sergeant.
At ease!
Hamilton, you're up.
Three point fourteen.
New record!
Good job, son!
- Sissela, I need a minute.
- Arvid, I'll be on stage in ten minutes.
It's not about that. I have
new information from my source.
We'll deal with it
once we're finished at Kungsan.
Did you change "anti-democratic"
to "anti-liberal"?
1 MAY, 3.25 P.M.
JRCC's D19 in position
over Lilla Värtan.
ROG at Strömgatan,
status unchanged.
Motorcade, H-11 and 12.
Subject leaving base,
green light from 81.
I'll say "anti-liberal". It'll be fine.
The Home Minister has arrived
at Kungsträdgården. Note the time.
Thank you, band members,
for a great performance.
It's great to see
such a huge crowd here today
on this sunny first of May.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
we're proud and excited
to hand over
to Sweden's Home Minister,
Sissela Lindgren!
They're welcome here, right?
Everyone's welcome.
Friends and rallygoers,
we know how devastating the forces
of populism and fascism can be.
History has clearly shown us that.
A common feature of populist parties,
which are making gains in Europe
but also in the US
through Donald Trump,
is that they claim
to side with the people.
They claim to speak for the people.
But that, my friends,
is nothing but lies and deceit.
I'm happy to debate,
but it will have to wait.
Nordic Resistance Movement
close to the stage.
Okay, get rid of those idiots.
Try to stay calm.
Take it easy, everyone.
Don't panic, take it easy.
Take it easy, friends.
Good, I don't want those little Nazis
anywhere near the stage again.
What's going on?
- What's this?
- Get me the duty officer.
It's the cameras at Hamngatan.
- Everything's down.
- What's going on, Birger?
They take to the parks and squares
and celebrate,
just as we've gathered
to celebrate today.
I want the camera feed
back up in 30 seconds.
- Come on, Birger!
- The software seems fine.
Some parties in Sweden
want to turn back the clock.
that squashes freedom of speech
and workers' rights.
The need for constant change
for equality and solidarity.
An explosion. Jakobsgränd,
150 metres from Kungsträdgården.
I want Lindgren off the stage
right now.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Take it easy.
- Sissela, we have to go now.
- Come on, Sissela!
It's not safe here.
- Birger, it's me.
- What?
It's a bomb. A fucking bomb,
close to Kungsträdgården.
Näslund! Kristin is there.
- Let's go.
- Wait
Sissela, come on!
Arvid! Arvid!
- Come with me.
- What?
What do you mean, what?
What do you mean?
- Lena
- Do you want to get married?
Dima! Dima!
What should I do? Dima!
Norling he's a friend.
Find him. Norling.
So, report on your
very first commission.
Target deleted.
Okay, confirmed.
Any complications?
One explosion caused by target
after the termination
and, uh, one more explosion.
Caused by an unknown party.
Okay, your commission is now
completed. And we will get it
I want more extensive information
about the object.
No. You have all the intel
you need right now,
and we'll get in touch with you,
all right?
I need more information too.
No, Carl. You will not get
any more information right now.
And what now?
Now you sit tight and wait.
I don't care what you do.
Get a hobby.
Get a hobby
Over and out, Carl.
There were two explosions
during the May Day celebration
in Kungsträdgården today.
According to initial reports,
there were two explosive devices.
The police aren't saying much.
We don't know
who is behind the explosions.
Nor do we know
the number of casualties.
There were chaotic scenes
as many people tried
to escape the danger.
I'm okay, Rikard.
You needn't worry.
I have to go, darling. It will be
Over on the left. It's secure.
Don't wait up, I'll be late.
Kiss Ida from me.
Ljungberg has cleared
Jakobsgatan and McDonald's.
Are you finished? Thanks.
- Tell me you have something, Kristin.
- Who do you have in Kungsan?
A few people, but I need more.
A mobile was found
beside the woman.
It's on its way to you now.
I'm staying here.
- Okay.
- Pass the phone to Birger.
Here, it's Kristin.
Birger here.
- How are the cameras?
- The cameras
- We're working on it.
- What do you mean?
- I'll call you later, Kristin.
- No, wait
The five most damaged ones
are from Kungsträdgården victims.
Kristin found the more intact one
beside the dead woman in Jakobsgränd.
Keep track of the labels and bring them
to Forensics when you're finished.
About an hour ago, two bombs exploded
in Kungsträdgården in downtown Stockholm
during the May Day speech of
Home Minister Sissela Lindgren.
The police aren't saying much,
but six people have lost their lives
and about ten people have been
hospitalised with severe injuries.
The police won't comment on
who is responsible for the act,
but the terror alert level
has been raised to 5 out of 5.
How could the cameras
be down for half an hour?
Whoever they are, they must have
had outside help. Or inside help.
It mustn't get out that we lost vision
when we needed it most.
We'll inform ministers and military brass
in due course.
Once we know more.
People are scared enough as it is.
Our working theory is that
the perpetrators are on the run.
We've stopped all public transport
and blocked all roads leading out.
Our bomb technicians have just now
secured the area around
Kungsträdgården and Jakobsgränd
and we're working intensively
on trying to identify
Are there any concrete leads?
I'm afraid not.
Not yet, Prime Minister.
Bloody hell
I advise having the military
join the search at this point.
We've had indications
Sissela, how are you?
Who did it?
Karolinska Hospital is full of wounded
and six people are dead
- Sissela, we're doing all we can.
- My own press secretary
One minute.
What's military intelligence doing?
We're sorting through incoming tips
from the Middle East,
especially from the PLO.
But what do you think?
ISIS? Al Qaida?
We don't think anything.
Loud speculation
has never been our thing.
But of course we'll activate
our foremost operative resources
to shed some light on this.
Welcome home, Carl.
A lot has happened
while you've been away.
She insisted on being upstairs,
so she has your old room now.
It's possible she won't recognise you.
Wait here.
Carl is here. Your son.
At least seven people have died
with 32 injured, several seriously
- I'll be outside if you need me.
- Thanks.
Hi, Mum.
It's me. Carl.
Look here.
This is you and me, many years ago.
Out by Dalarö.
No, it's Carl.
That's Ludvig, and that's Carl.
- Ludvig
- Yes, and Carl.
Nice weather today.
I've been studying in the US.
But now I'm back home.
I've moved into Grandma's old apartment.
- Grandma
- Yes.
In the Old Town.
Do you remember it?
Elvi called it "the party crib".
Can I get you anything, Mum?
Should I make some coffee?
I'll do that.
Nazzir, listen. I said wait.
- What do you want?
- I told you, I put it in the bin.
There is another way.
It seems two of the phones were
in the same location earlier today.
One is the phone you found
on the woman in the alley.
The other is
It's from one of the victims,
close to the car
- Where?
- Södertälje Harbour.
I can narrow down the radius
to ten metres.
- So what's there?
- No current activity.
- It's some industrial unit, seems deserted.
- How's it going?
Bring the key!
Hang on.
This is weird. Someone there
is trying to get in touch.
- Send me the coordinates, Birger.
- Okay. Be careful.
We have a lead.
Södertälje Harbour.
to hear Home Minister
Sissela Lindgren's May Day speech.
During the speech,
an explosion occurred in Jakobsgränd,
followed by a second explosion
dose to the stage in Kungsträdgården.
Eight people have lost their lives
and around 20 are being treated
for severe or life-threatening injuries.
One of these is the minister's
press secretary, Arvid Norling,
who was standing dose to the car
with the minister's bodyguards
where the second explosion took place.
Hey, are you all right?
How are you?
What's happened?
Help me.
Get the first aid kit.
Let's get this off of you.
It's all right.
There, you'll be fine.
No, please don't call anyone.
Please don't report this.
1 MAY, 8.05 P.M.
- Green section 200 metres from target.
- Understood.
- Blue?
- Blue section here. 611 will block the exit.
- 619?
- We 're approaching the rear.
- Ready to proceed.
- We're moving in on the ground floor.
609 and 601,
cover the exit to Malmgatan.
- 608 beginning search.
- Clear, proceeding inside.
It's empty.
You can send in Forensics.
Damn it!
One more, please.
Shit, Carl! Is that you?
- Hi.
- Hi!
- It's been a long time.
- What are you doing here?
I came home a few days ago.
Are you back for good,
or is it temporary?
I'll probably be here a while.
My mum has Alzheimer's.
Shit, Dad told me about that. Sorry.
It's all right.
What about you?
Still working at that coffee bar?
- Do I smell like coffee?
- No.
Stand a bit closer.
Shit, that was a bad pick-up line.
- I fell for it.
- Of course you did.
But it's great to see you.
- You, too. It's been a long time.
- Yes.
It feels a bit weird
being out having fun
after what happened today.
But I suppose they wanted us
scared to go out.
Let's think of it
as a resistance movement.
- Can I get you anything?
- No. Or yes.
- Two tequilas, please. Shots?
- Sure.
Blue Passat. Nothing else?
No number plate or anything?
Kristin! We have a witness.
- How the hell did we lose them?
- A blue Passat was seen driving away.
It's tricky,
but we're tracing owners now.
- Okay.
- So maybe
What do you have from Kungsan?
- The cameras went down before the attack.
- What do you mean?
Someone hacked the cameras
and shut them down.
- I don't know yet. I'm looking into it.
I have something to show you
from before they went down,
right before the attack.
I hope I didn't scare you.
The Arlanda police notified me
that you were back.
I thought I'd find you
in this crow's nest.
- Couldn't you have called?
- Yes, I could have.
Should we talk about
what happened, Carl?
Sit down.
I didn't want to let you go.
But when the department got wind
of the program with the Americans,
all hell broke loose.
All the money was diverted to Säpo.
Your funding was pulled.
Nothing strange about it.
I suppose it hasn't escaped you
what's happened in the last few hours.
No. So why are you here?
It's like this, Carl
Our friends in Palestine
sent us a warning.
About a defected PLO agent.
A description and information
were given to Säpo and Border Police.
- We haven't heard any more about it.
- Is this person connected to the attack?
I don't want us to lose contact
with our friends in Palestine.
They can give us the motive
for the attack.
I want you to go there
and talk to them.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
- You're one of us, Carl.
- Us?
- OP5.
- Since when?
Don't be such a prima donna.
You're looking at an old man
with arthritis in his hips and legs,
offering you the finest task
this country has to offer.
How about we raise
these fancy glasses to that?
I'll have to sleep on it.
Sleep tight.
The flight to Tel Aviv leaves
at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.
Find a hobby yet?
The Old Man, Petavissa,
wants me to join him.
So now he needs you.
Where was he when you needed him?
What do I do?
This could be good for us,
if you think you can handle it.
But it's your call.
You decide.
3.07 p.m.
He arrived at 10.30 a.m.
I haven't yet worked out
how he got there.
Probably public transport.
I'm looking into it.
Here we have some kind of transfer.
Then he walks away.
Then the woman
from the alley appears.
She follows him.
Here she goes behind the stage.
We don't have any footage
from behind the stage.
Then she quickly walks back out
and heads towards Jakobsgränd.
It's the last thing we got
before the cameras went down.
- What was she doing there?
- Behind the stage?
Good question.
Can you zoom in?
Pan right. Keep going.
Hang on. Go back.
I want to know who that is.
The police have released
little information
regarding who is
behind the attacks.
But the majority of
Stockholm's public transport
is still closed at 10 p.m. today.
Several government buildings
are under extra surveillance
and the death toll has risen
to eight people
as of a few hours ago.
add to why some are still
in shock about the attack.
Others are trying to gather
what happened.
People were in panic.
You know, they were
They were just all running
in different directions
and no one knew
what was happening,
we just knew we had to
get out of there.
And I looked back for a second,
and I noticed there was
- Is he all right?
- He'll be fine.
Get in!
No, Mum. It's me.
Are you off to play handball?
Yes, we have a match.
Against Nacka.
I have to make lemonade.
No need. The away team's parents
are supplying the snacks.
Do you want these?
There you are.
Bye, Mum.
- Hi.
- Hi, Astrid.
DG is on a plane to Moscow.
Good to see you.
And welcome to OP5, young man.
- Do you have your passport?
- Yes.
You'll travel as Finn Larsson.
If the Israelis find out why you're there,
you might never return.
Anything else important
you'll find in this folder.
When you meet the PLO,
try to get as much information as possible
about the defected agent's background
and any dealings related to
Sweden and Lindgren.
Nehama Vahetzi is a coffee shop
on Ben Tsiyon Boulevard.
In the right-hand toilet in the courtyard,
inside the ceiling, there's a phone.
Our contact, Riham,
will ring you on it after 3 p.m.
He'll then take you to Ramallah,
and to their leader, al-Houl.
Good luck, Carl.
We're working on two parallel theories.
The first is that it was an attack
on Swedish democracy generally.
Hence the targeting of May Day
and the Home Minister.
The second is, it was an attempt
on Sissela Lindgren's life.
Come in.
A witness claims to have seen three men
get into a blue Passat in Södertälje.
We're now mapping all owners
of that model in Sweden.
We have ascertained
that the second bomb
was placed
underneath Lindgren's car.
We have two persons of interest
related to that explosion.
Here's one of the men
getting out of the van
and meeting with someone
in what looks like a potential transfer.
Then we have the woman
in Jakobsgränd.
At present we're assuming
she acted with the others
and was carrying the first bomb
towards T-Centralen or Parliament
but it detonated early.
ISIS or al-Qaida.
No, we have no connections
to any group.
- In what world?
- Christer
They're obviously Arabs.
Sure, but Nordic Resistance Movement
members were at the speech.
Yes, and we have this individual
some distance from the stage.
But we haven't been able
to identify him yet.
What's the status on the cameras,
- Nothing new.
- What did you say?
- Nothing new.
- Nothing new?
- No.
- Oh okay.
We have work to do.
First, we'll find out what the hell
happened to the cameras!
And you, Kristin,
go and see Lindgren.
Map what she did on the days
leading up to May 1.
We'll get these bastards,
even if it means sending up
every bloody helicopter we have!
We're never getting out
of the country.
If you hadn't made that call,
we'd be on the boat by now.
Who the fuck do you think
you're fooling?
We're alone now!
There was no money in this
to begin with!
We were only to supposed to do this
to then get killed!
May you and Abdullah burn in hell!
Ah! Ah!
If you keep talking, I'll make sure
you don't get out of the country.
Write this down.
One, one, three
Six, six, B, W
- Yes?
- Where are you?
Heading to see Lindgren.
What is it?
- Carl Gustaf Hamilton.
- Okay.
That's the name of
the guy in the cap in the video.
28, unemployed. Registered in Stockholm
at Köpmantorget 1 in the Old Town.
Went to Lundsbergs boarding school,
so his family has money.
Combat diver in the armed forces.
He quit after four years
because of some disciplinary violation.
Then three years of studies
in the US, San Diego.
Computer science and engineering.
Data visualisation, machine learning.
A nerd, but also a tough guy.
- Nothing else?
- One more thing. He arrived yesterday.
Direct flight from Los Angeles,
landed at 11.45 a.m.
- Just in time for the May Day speech?
- He was there three hours later.
- Thanks, Birger. Send me the material.
- You're not going there, are you?
MOSCOW, 2 MAY, 11.15 A.M.
Arman is my new driver.
I examined him,
but without a pot belly.
I heard about the attack
in Stockholm. I'm sorry.
What are you thinking?
That you know something.
Otherwise you wouldn't have
forced me to go flying
with a national state of emergency
back home.
Dmitri Barisov, cultural attache
stationed at the Stockholm office.
He was home on the weekend
to spend time with his fiancee.
He was shot by a sniper yesterday,
not far from here.
At Senezhskoye Lake.
An encrypted message was sent
between the place of
the attack in Stockholm
and a phone at the lake
just seconds before Barisov was shot.
This farm is one of the few houses
close to Senezhskoye Lake.
There is something
I want to show you.
It's in here.
The couple who own this farm,
both killed close up.
TEL AVIV, 2 MAY, 2:05 P.M.
- How much do you want for the day?
- A hundred dollars would do.
- A hundred dollars?
- Yes.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you very much.
- Take me to Ramallah.
- To Ramallah? Yes, sir.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi. Kristin, Security Service.
I know. Last name Ek?
They said you were coming.
Should we?
I have asked to visit Norling.
The threat level
is too high right now.
It's too dangerous to move you,
but eventually
- Eventually?
- When we know who
I'm cooped up in a hotel,
making it look like they succeeded.
Once we know who organised it,
we can make a better risk assessment.
Then you'll be able to see Norling.
I need your help with that.
From my sister's daughter.
It's her seventh birthday.
It arrived this morning.
Because her aunt couldn't come
to the party and see the bunny,
she sent a drawing.
It's so sweet.
- Do you have children?
- Yes.
- How many children?
- One.
- What do you say about all this?
- I don't know.
She's pretty young.
Tell me what you remember
about yesterday.
Were there any deviations?
Any changes to your routines?
I had the speech scheduled
and was at the ministry before that.
I can't remember any deviations.
I waited for Norling.
Was he running late?
Yes, he was working on my speech.
There was a problem with the printer.
We were late leaving.
We'll talk more later.
I'll arrange for you to visit Norling.
- I was with Lindgren. What is it?
- About this guy Hamilton
I ran him through facial recognition
and got a hit in the departure hall
at Arlanda.
- Earlier today. Around 10 a.m.
- Where was he headed?
- That's the problem.
He's not registered on any flight.
- Pull up passenger lists for all departures.
- That could take hours.
Hang on.
Start with Israel and Palestine.
2 MAY, 4:15 P.M.
Border Police.
Get your documents ready.
Think I remember this place, but it
didn't have a roof back then, huh?
It was finished 40 years ago. Now
it's filled from morning till night.
Oh, nice.
When was the visit in Sweden?
How could we have been there?
I don't know. Eleven, twelve?
I remember. We borrowed those
bicycles and ran around all night.
And we were shown around Parliament.
Max Andersson.
But what are you doing here?
You look like you're heading for
a business meeting.
What I'm about to tell you
stays between us.
Till death.
I work for Swedish Intelligence
and I'm here on a mission.
I was to meet with al-Houl about
the terror attack in Stockholm yesterday.
Something happened to the middleman
who was to take me to him.
I need your help.
I must get to al-Houl.
Carl I'm just a handball coach.
With all due respect, Hisham,
no one here is just a handball coach.
I'm trusting you with my life.
You know where I stand. I've known
this place since it was just a crater.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Elena Beljajeva, Barisov's fiancee.
35 years old.
Born in Smolensk. Stayed in Moscow
for the last two years.
Barisov's body has been found.
Hers we are still looking for.
What was Borisov's mission
in Stockholm?
One moment.
We're on our way.
Take us there.
Show us.
I'll keep it short.
That woman is not Elena.
She's just part of an operation
I staged here before you arrived.
Again I have my people.
In safety for now.
But I need your help
to take her out of the country.
And protect her until we know
who was behind the encrypted message.
Her life is important to both of us
if it turns out to be a link
to the attack in Stockholm.
Do you think she knows anything?
Come with me.
Come on, follow me.
- Hi.
- She's sleeping.
Nice set-up.
- How are things going?
- Well not great.
- Have you eaten?
- No. Thanks.
Sorry, I have to
Yes? At home.
Have you found anything?
- A name surfaced.
- Okay.
A Finn Larsson, with a return ticket
to Stockholm from Tel Aviv tomorrow.
He'll land just after 4 p.m.
- Hamilton.
- Yes, it has to be him.
Okay. I'm coming.
Are you leaving?
- What are you doing?
- Building a civilisation.
Are you the guy with the donkey?
The guy with the donkey.
Where's al-Houl?
The Israelis martyred al-Houl
three weeks ago.
I'm Mouna, his successor.
You must be Carl Gustaf Hamilton.
- I was supposed to pick up a phone
- Rahim was arrested by the Israelis today.
Good thing you found
a way to get here.
- You have information about an agent.
- That's right.
Nazzir al-Hasani.
He was one of our best agents.
What a waste. The pig sold out.
We caught him
but he managed to escape.
He surfaced in Germany a week ago,
but went under again.
We had to intervene with one of our agents
in Europe before Nazzir incriminated us.
Sadly, we were too late. He had already
got to Sweden to carry out his attack.
Was Nazzir involved
in the Stockholm attack?
Involved? It was his plan all along.
What are these?
We found them in Nazzir's hideout
in Germany.
If you knew where he was,
why didn't you arrest him?
Why would we attack a country
that has supported us for years?
- I didn't mean
- Yes, you did.
We depend on our agents and allies.
So their opinion is important to us.
You understand?
Here you are, Carl Hamilton.
We'll let bygones be bygones.
On this you'll find everything we've got
on Nazzir and his three dogs.
- Who are the others?
- Two of them lived in Germany.
A Kazakh and a Syrian.
The third, Fouad, is also a Syrian.
Recruited in southern Sweden,
we think.
We have intel that a woman
was involved in the attack.
Rashida was the one
trying to save the politicians.
She was killed by the bomb she was
carrying. Probably detonated remotely.
Rashida was our solution
to your negligence, you idiot.
Everything you have on that USB
is because of Rashida.
- Are those wounds from one of my men?
- No.
I was skinning an animal.
- Skinning what?
- I hunt moose.
- Hi.
- Hi. What are you doing?
Watching a movie. And you?
Doing the dishes.
- Thanks for last time.
- Were you hung over?
Yeah, maybe a bit.
But it was worth it.
- I think we kissed, right?
- I think so too.
- How do you feel about that?
- It was it feels good.
Big words, Carl.
Do you want to meet again?
Yes, I'd love to.
- Lunch tomorrow?
- Dinner.
- An actual date?
- Yeah.
6 p.m.
- Where?
- Bardot.
- What should I wear?
- Are you asking me?
Yes. Red, black, or white?
Black? Okay.
- Why?
- I don't know. It feels right.
- Then I'll wear white.
- That's fine.
- Good night, Carl.
- See you.
Yeah, meet me at the corner.
memorials where people show sympathy
for victims of yesterday's terror attack.
The death toll
has now risen to eight.
The terror threat level is at 5 out of 5,
and the sites of the explosions
Hello? Get me the police.
- What's going on?
- Östergötland.
- Have we found them?
- Yes.
They were spotted outside Åtvidaberg.
We're setting up roadblocks
and have helicopters in the air.
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