Agent X (2015) s01e09 Episode Script


This is so great.
A perfect moment.
- _ - Just you and me.
But They're sending me back out.
Where? We still have attorney/client privilege.
Well make sure to bring something back for me.
Actually, I already have something for you.
What You wait for me? Yes.
I heard you're looking for a new job.
Just make a clean break.
You kill for flag and country.
You're living the same way I was.
They use us until we start asking questions, and then they kill us.
You betrayed your country, you betrayed the program, and you betrayed me.
You left me no choice.
You said so yourself, there's always a choice! _ And I'm in that place where I don't even know what to believe anymore.
I don't know what I've been doing.
And then then and you show up.
I'm gonna do this mission and I'm out.
I'm done.
John? I'm resigning from the program.
What? Why? I have doubts.
About what? My mission.
Your mission is to serve this nation.
I'm aware of that, ma'am.
Well, you need to be aware that this country is in crisis, - every last one of us.
- All due respect, Madam Vice President, I did not come up here for you to change my mind.
I came up to say goodbye.
I understand that you didn't choose this job, that this job chose you.
But you're a patriot.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A hero isn't braver than the ordinary man.
He's just braver five minutes longer.
" This is your five minutes, John.
My grandma Rebecca used to say, um, "Sometimes a man has to stop and fix what's broken.
" You don't quit on America, you don't quit being a patriot, and you don't quit on me.
We've all made hard sacrifices for this country, kid.
Don't call me kid.
Have you even bothered to talk to Malcolm about this decision? Malcolm and I have said all we're gonna say to each other.
Madam Vice President, it has been an honor.
Hey, Bo.
What are you doing, buddy? John.
Hey, buddy.
You really think I'd leave town without saying goodbye? Where's Pamela? I had plans for the Geryon.
Sorry to have wrecked those for you.
So is Pamela.
She'd be walking bogey if I had the device.
You think I can get that for you? It'll be in Ops.
Malcolm will be trying to clear any trace codes back to you and the program before handoff to D.
You think he's just gonna give it to me? Convince him.
You can watch her while I watch you.
You do your bit, I do mine.
If she gets a bruise, a scratch, so much as a traumatic memory, I'm gonna tear you apart.
Follow orders, you'll get her back safe and sound.
What if those orders get me killed? That's the point.
When you get the Geryon, you'll activate the G.
You'll download the first waypoint.
If you reach it within the allotted time, you'll get the next waypoint.
Hit all the waypoints on schedule, then eventually, you'll rendezvous with an insertion team and execute a tactical strike.
What's the target? Does it matter? All you need to know is you work for me now.
And you're gonna do exactly as I tell you.
Never figured you for a quitter.
Time to move on.
Is that a relic from our Osaka operation? It's my first mission.
It's a good time.
I thought we agreed not to open that until one of us was dead.
I am dead.
John Case is, anyway.
Aw, what the hell? Why not? I'm not interrupting anything, am I? No, no, I was just running some scans, looking for trace codes.
Wouldn't want Dante Kane to come looking for his little toy.
Actually, I wouldn't mind.
I'd love to punch that guy in the face.
Clean breaks.
Clean breaks.
Listen, John, I, uh I know you think I'm a son of a bitch.
Listen, don't.
You did what you did.
We don't need to talk about it.
Yeah, I do have to say this.
My family is the reason that I left the program in the first place.
Started thinking more about them than the mission, so I-I left.
President asked me to come back, so I came back.
But what the hell? If you can't save the people you love, what's the point, right? I don't blame you for saving your family, Malcolm.
I never would.
I blame you for lying to me about the program, Ray, and everything that I believe in.
Ah, John what the hell did you do to me? You were right, Malcolm.
We have to save the ones we love.
What are you talking about? Ray has Pamela.
Don't do this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'd do whatever it takes.
_ - Going somewhere, Malcolm? - John has gone rogue, ma'am.
He quit.
That's an entirely different thing.
He took the Geryon with him.
He intends to turn it over to Volker.
- But that could just - Yes, ma'am.
It is Pandora's box.
Why? Pamela Richardson.
Volker is holding her hostage.
And you're going to rescue her? No, ma'am.
I'm gonna stop John and retrieve the Geryon.
Last time I checked, I give the orders around here, unless something has changed.
This situation is a clear and present danger to the security of the United States.
I decide what's a threat to this country, and from everything I've learned lately, - that would be you.
- Excuse me? You've been lying to me, Malcolm.
This program isn't everything that you said it was.
This program is everything it can be.
The people within this program sometimes fall short.
John's predecessor, Raymond Marks, became a threat, a threat which needed to be eliminated.
And I followed my orders to the letter without hesitation.
This country was founded on the heroic efforts of unknown patriots, brave men and women of great integrity who chose to do the right thing, no matter what the cost.
I'm a soldier, ma'am.
I always have been and I always will be.
And I will follow my orders until someone tells me to stand down.
Well, I am the Vice President of the United States of America.
So unless you are choosing to go rogue, you will follow my orders! Is that clear? - Richard.
- Sergei? Dasvidaniya.
Dante put a bounty on you.
Now give me the Geryon.
Are we gonna do this again? I think so, Viktor.
You picked the wrong guy and the wrong time.
I do learn from my mistakes, Richard.
Meet my other nephews.
Ah, jeez.
Gotta say, oddly enough, I kinda respect this, Sergei.
"Cannot a plain man live and think no harm, "but thus his simple truth must be abused with silken, sly, insinuating Jacks?" "Richard III"? Really, Mr.
President? If you're gonna tell me that I don't have enemies, save your breath.
We both know that that's not true.
What's true is that Volker came at you with everything he had, and you survived.
You call this surviving, sitting here in this chair, stuck here like this for months? Maybe longer? You don't have to stand up to lead.
Good, because I can't.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt took on the Nazis, ended the depression, and pulled this nation back together when it was splintering apart.
Are you really gonna tell me you're not even gonna try? I I think we're done here.
But thank you for coming, Natalie, but I think you've forgotten who the President is.
When were you gonna tell me that Volker was one of ours? I needed to clean up my own mess.
Why did you send Malcolm to take out Raymond Marks? When Neese Rollins was the enemy of the state the terrorist.
Because I had orders from my president.
And now I'm gonna give you yours.
You stop digging.
Ray Marks tried to kill me.
And when John finds him, I expect him to take him out with extreme prejudice.
Even if I was willing to take those orders, I couldn't comply.
John has resigned.
Resigned? He can't resign.
I still have faith in him, sir.
Well, so do I.
The kid is a good kid.
But if he resigns, he's a traitor.
Don't call him "kid.
" Boarded the overnight train.
Identity confirmed.
I wanna thank you, Pamela.
We never had a way to get to John.
But thanks to you, I own him.
You're his Achilles heel.
You don't own him, never will.
You think you know him, but you don't.
John and I made a deal, an arrangement.
As you're a lawyer, you should appreciate that I consider the arrangement to be binding.
John isn't coming back from his mission.
No one can save you now but me.
Were you born like this? Or did someone break your heart and wreck you? Hmm? Tell me.
How did you become a monster? Nice try.
I can see why he's attracted to you.
But you don't know me.
You've never known a man like me but you're gonna get a chance to.
I worked for David Williams.
He knew everything about everyone, and he used to talk to me about men like you.
Told me that men like you are lost and afraid.
You're doomed to lose because you're on the wrong side of history.
Maybe you have a blind spot for men like John, men with a dark, ugly side like your father.
Oh, yeah.
I knew your father, when he was with the CIA.
My dad wasn't a spy.
He worked for the State Department.
The worst ones usually are.
Your dad was a true believer like John.
The CIA wanted it that way, so they got the best out of their operatives.
My father was a patriot.
He was lied to! When he found out what he was really doing, he took himself out of the game.
Hell, if Daddy knew you had a Black Ops boyfriend, he might blow his brains out all over again.
Go to hell.
Hello, John.
You are a very wanted man.
You think Sergei was the only one with a trace code? You tricked me.
I offered to help you, Olga.
And then you tried to steal the Geryon and you left me to get thrown around by that psychopath Uwe Heinwick.
Thanks for that.
I want it back.
You don't understand.
If I don't deliver it in time, Pamela's dead.
John And if I don't deliver to Russian intelligence, I'm dead.
Not much of a choice.
I guess we have to make a deal.
It doesn't look like you've got much to offer.
How about Nicholas Volker? I'm listening.
And this is the Oval Office.
Natalie, you're not on my calendar.
These are some of my new friends.
I'm giving them a tour of the White House.
Gentlemen, your Commander-in-Chief.
Get this next month, they're representing the United States in the paralympics in basketball.
Well now that that's impressive.
I know you like to shoot the rocks, sir, so we got you a ball signed by the whole team.
Thank you.
And we could use a new sixth man, Mr.
So what happened to you? If you don't mind talking about it.
Frank lost his leg in a-a rescue attempt in Nairobi last year.
Is that so? Yes, ma'am.
It was a really intense morning.
We were called over the radio that one of our Marines had, uh, gotten wounded by an I.
So severely that, um, you know, uh, he needed an emergency airway.
We weren't moving as fast as we needed to towards the patient, the wounded Marine, and he had minutes to live, if that.
And, uh, next thing you know, I heard the loudest explosion I've ever heard 'cause it was right below my feet.
And I ended up losing the lower half of my left leg.
But more importantly, that Marine never came home.
I was the one that recommended to my President that we send troops to Nairobi.
We're all on the same team, sir.
This country is worth fighting for.
You guys are an inspiration, to this nation and to me.
Thank you.
So that means you'll play with us? We have a game here in D.
in a few months.
We can use an outside shooter.
I'll tell you what.
I will have a hoop set up here in the Oval Office and I will practice my shots, just in case.
Sounds good to us, sir.
We'd love to have you out there, sir.
Thank you.
Gentlemen, shall we continue our tour? - I think that's his ball.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
You and Nicholas Volker used to be partners? I'd laugh if it wasn't so tragic in a very Russian kind of way.
I trusted the guy.
He was a friend.
And his name is Ray.
Whatever his name is, you have to kill him as soon as you get the chance.
Otherwise, it's a suicide mission for both of us.
If I don't do what he says, he's gonna kill her.
This woman she has done something no other spy agency in the world has been capable of.
What's that? Captured John Case.
John, how sweet.
Oh, you remembered how much I adore Champagne? No, I didn't.
I did.
This time we meet, I don't feel quite romantic.
Olga, Olga.
I've been looking for you, Olga Petrovka.
I knew you were close to the Geryon, and always closer to the money.
You know, the Russian Federation wasn't really happy when Olga didn't come home with the Geryon.
Put a price on your head? No thanks to you.
I was trying to get it back.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought you were on a date with an American.
When you left me in that Chechen hellhole, you showed no mercy.
And you better give me the device.
Not an option.
Not an option? You know how many freelancers are out there looking for it? Look who's got it me.
You can bet your ass I'm gonna take it to the market.
Come on, Nicky.
Be cool for old time's sake.
Be cool? You be cool, bitch.
- Language, Niko.
- With her? She's a snake.
Snakes bite.
We should go.
You game for a rematch, Johnny boy?! Oh! Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, watch out.
Ah! Aah! Door.
Door, door.
It's locked.
How about I kick your ass again, Uwe? Dante wants his Geryon back.
Aah! John! It says the next waypoint's coming up.
You will never survive.
I'm gonna try.
Is this woman really worth dying for? I'm jumping off this train, Olga.
Don't! I know who you are.
Really? You used to be like John.
John used to be like me.
He's not like you.
He's different.
Oh, Pamela, stop.
John and I were more than soldiers.
But I have a question for you.
Why John? What was it about him that made him so special? He cares.
About what? Everything.
You know I think the day he became John Case, he killed himself.
And you were all he had that still tethered him to the life he gave up.
You never really knew him the way I knew him.
He ever tell you about the men he murdered? The embassies he blew up? The so-called enemies of state he poisoned? John is a good man.
I knew that the moment I met him.
By the time your good man completes his mission, he'll either be dead or rotting in a cell in China.
And this time, I won't be there to save him, and he won't be here to save you.
Hey, John! Hey, John! You're missing all the fun! While he's sacrificing his life for you, what would you do for him? I love John.
I would sacrifice anything for him.
Has anyone ever loved you that way? Love is overestimated, unlike power and glory, the true treasures we seek.
Things you'll never know in your well-designed life of lies.
You know what your Achilles heel is? Your hatred.
You hate John because he rejected everything you believe in.
I hate him because he still sees the world in red, white, and blue.
I hate him because he still believes in the lies.
And he believes in you.
John, John, John.
So far away.
You almost didn't make it.
He doesn't look so tough.
I make up for it in sarcasm.
Didn't hear you coming.
Yep, I know.
I like it like that.
Listen, I appreciate your coming in out of the cold like this.
And I want you to know, I wouldn't have reached out to you except it was somebody in the brotherhood.
- No, I understand.
- Well - I-I appreciate you saying that.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, I was here a couple hours ago, looking around, - doing some surveillance as it were.
- Mm-hmm.
There's a hell of a lot of containers around here.
- You noticed that? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
- Anyway, you got a location on John? Well, I wasn't able to track his location, but I was able to backtrack the video transmission that he had been receiving.
See, when a MIL-SPEC G.
is activated, it emits All right, that's enough.
Enough already.
Enough already.
I'm assuming that we're gonna shoot everybody today except Pamela Richardson.
- And me.
- And you.
- And maybe you.
- Let's go.
Don't be fooled.
That plant is protected by a state-of-the art surveillance system.
You, however, will have no trouble getting inside.
Drop the security system now.
Once inside, you get to die a hero's death.
Your mission is to blow up the power plant.
Why? All you need to know now is if you don't do it, Pamela Richardson dies.
Well, if I do do it, we cut off clean water and electricity to a valley full of millions of people, and thousands could die.
And once they find the dead body of an American operative inside? Who knows what the Chinese will do? Things could get ugly.
It's okay.
If you don't wanna do it, we will.
But your girl is gonna pay the price.
Give me the bag.
Set the explosives next to the main generator.
So what are you packing nowadays? A laptop? No, it's a SIG Sauer 229, 40 caliber.
There's 12 in the mag, 1 up the pipe.
Well, that's 13.
That's bad luck.
Yeah, for somebody.
What do you got? Oh, old reliable.
Colt 1911.
Which is terrific if you're Sergeant York.
That thing only chambers seven rounds.
Well, you know what they say, if you're doing your job right, you only need one, buddy.
Oh, God.
Man, you boys and your toys.
You got a better idea? Yeah, 25 of 'em.
Uhh! Sneak.
John? I have Pamela.
She's safe.
He was using me to get to John.
- Hold it.
- Yeah, I know.
You're sitting on a pressure plate bomb.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Just be very, very, very still, okay? - Okay.
- And we'll take care of this.
Time to go to plan B.
Now these pressure plates are calibrated heavy, so this should work.
Very encouraging.
You know what we talked about, right? - Easy, easy.
- Right, right, easy, easy.
Just slide, slide, slide.
Slide and come on.
- Good plan, Mike.
- Works for me.
Thank you.
Where is he? Find him.
Where the hell is he? You're late.
And you're ungrateful.
There's hope for you yet, Olga.
_ "Is he dead?" - From Volker? - _ Looks like these two were headed to Paris.
Two of them.
Two of us.
We can impersonate them and take Volker by total surprise.
Why should I trust you? Trust we both want the same thing Nicholas dead.
Neither of us will be safe until he's taken his last breath.
Let's finish this.
Welcome back, Mr.
- I need your help.
- Of course.
Whatever I can do.
As you know, I am scheduled to appear at the emergency Nuclear Non-Proliferation Summit - in Paris next week.
- Mm-hmm.
I want you to come with me.
I am physically not the man I was at least not yet.
I cannot do this job alone.
Right? So I need someone to help me.
So please say yes.
Would be my honor, sir.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
These are very difficult times, with the Constitution missing and this John Case, he may very well be the last Agent X.
Have you heard from him? Not yet.
All right, so when you do, you tell him that I understand that those young shoulders are carrying a lot of weight, which is why I've been thinking, maybe we should have more than one Agent X.
I mean, maybe, we can't just rely on one man.
What are you suggesting? Just thinking that the executive branch creates its own Army of X's.
A team of patriots capable of doing anything so that what just happened to me will never happen again.
What? You're not serious? No, of course I'm not serious.
- No.
- No.
Just dreaming.
Well, Mike, thanks for making the trip.
Had the time of my life.
You know, one of these days John's gonna find out what really happened to his father.
That day comes, there's gonna be hell to pay.
Yeah, I know, for all of us.
Listen, Mike, maybe you oughta come in out of the cold for good.
This Vice President is different.
I mean, she can be trusted.
- When will you be home? - Soon, I promise.
There's just one more thing I gotta do.
I understand.
I'll be here when you get back.
I love you, John.
I love you, Pamela.