Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s04e09 Episode Script

Broken Promises

Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" Agent Johnson saved us all.
- Just go with it.
You'll thank me later.
- Coulson: Let's start with the secret plan you cut with Senator Nadeer.
Daisy: Did you know she has an Inhuman prisoner locked away? I'm from S.
[Cracking] I have friends who have also gone through this.
- It's nice to meet you, Jemma.
- What's your name? - Aah! Aah! - Thank you, Doctor.
- I think we're finished here.
- May: If you won't read it, I will.
Radcliffe: It's too much for a human mind to bear.
Perhaps I could read the book.
[Music] Fitz: Everybody is trying to do their best to prevent another tragedy like Lincoln.
But we built Aida to protect agents like him.
I can't figure you out.
We flirt, we talk on the phone, we go to dinner, and then nothing.
I've asked Agent Nathanson to accompany Aida back to your lab.
Oh, my God.
What the [Bones crack] [Grunts] My apologies, Agent May.
I'll have you cleaned up in no time.
Radcliffe: Not just a robot.
It's one that can pass for a human.
There's nothing I'd rather be doing, no place I'd rather be.
- You? - I'm right where I belong.
4x09 - "Broken Promises" [Slow music plays] [May groans] I'll play you music when I can.
Studies show that listening to music increases dopamine levels by 9%.
And I'll arrange for more comfortable accommodations eventually.
But I must keep you hidden a secret until your substitute has served her purpose.
So, unfortunately you'll have to stay here for now.
[Dramatic music] Mace: Due to recent events, S.
is on high alert.
This is a serious threat we're facing, which is why I've assembled you all here today.
It is absolutely critical that we safely dispose of the Darkhold.
- Phil.
- Once the Zephyr's ready, Agents May and Mackenzie will accompany me.
We'll transfer the Darkhold to an agent who specializes in making items like this disappear.
How's he going to manage that some sort of magic spell? [Music] Right, yeah, probably had your fill of dark-arts jokes, what with the flame-headed demon and all of that.
While we're handling the book, your mission is to accompany Dr.
Radcliffe and erase Aida's hard drive.
- What? - I'm not I'm not sure Aida read the Darkhold.
Coulson: We can't risk having any of its contents in her memory.
- It's too dangerous.
- Makes sense, although does seem a little bit unfair to Aida, considering how many lives she just saved.
First of all, that thing is not a "she" it's a damn robot.
And second of all, what's the matter with you two chuckleheads? Have either one of you seen a movie in the last 30 years? The robots always attack.
Well, technically speaking, Aida's not a robot - she's an android.
- That's true.
Android, robot it doesn't matter what you call 'em.
The end result's always the same they rise up against their human overlords and go kill crazy.
You make a fair, if somewhat intense, point.
Yeah, I don't see any harm in replacing her hard drive.
Better safe than sorry, as they say.
So happy you agree, 'cause it's also an order.
Now get to work.
[Footsteps depart] [Music box playing "Happy Birthday"] [Music] [Doors creak] [Knife slicing] - Ellen.
- Glad you finally woke up.
Looked like you were having bad dreams.
It was about Mom's birthday, when the Chitauri attacked.
Worst day of my life.
[Music] Though finding you in that cocoon seven months ago - was a close second.
- Seven months? I was gone that long? [Music] What is this, Ellen? Why are we here? I needed a place for us to be alone just you and me.
Simmons: Somehow, I feel responsible for whatever happens next.
Are you sure this is the Inhuman you saw in the husk? Absolutely positive.
I knew Senator Nadeer was connected to him somehow, and in my research on her, I recognized him Vijay Nadeer her own brother, if you can believe it.
Yeah, but there's zero evidence that he's been missing.
He's been posting on Facebook, Twitter.
His bills are paid.
He even recently signed up for a Master Class in directing.
But there have been no new photos of Vijay in the last seven months.
So either he's suddenly gotten camera-shy or Or someone's hiding him.
Not someone the Senator, considering she's the country's leading anti-Inhuman hatemonger.
I'd have a much better idea where she was hiding him if the Director hadn't insisted I wear a hood before going on assignment.
Just awful.
It's hard to breathe in those things, huh? It is nice having someone here to talk to again - you, specifically.
- Someone other than Fitz? Oh, well, of course, Fitz, but he has been rather distracted lately.
- Distracted how? - Aida.
You know how boys can be with their robots.
[Both chuckle] Actually, I really don't.
Speaking of the Director, here comes his little Smithers now.
What do you want, Burrows? The Director would like a word with Quake.
My name's Daisy.
Well, not according to the press release.
Now, if you'd follow me, ma'am [Sighs] Mace: I must admit we make a pretty impressive pair.
[Music] Well, looks like we're stuck with each other.
Well, I was just trying to make the most of the precarious situation you put me in.
- Is this when I get read the riot act? - Not by me.
However, if you're as smart as they say, then you'll know that, uh, I saved you from being thrown in prison.
You saved face.
You turned it into a publicity stunt.
You already had plenty of publicity destruction of public property, assault, armed robbery I never carry a weapon.
You are the weapon.
The public was turning against you.
Now? They look up to you.
You're welcome.
[Music] Okay, this isn't how I wanted this to go.
Uh, we're both Inhuman.
And as you say, we're stuck with each other, so why not make the most of it? I read your written statement, and I believe it.
You were just trying to protect the innocent.
And I know you're new here, but that's what S.
is all about.
- "New here?" - It was a joke.
- I was making a joke to break the ice.
- Got it.
[Chuckles] Seems they look up to you, too the hero of Vienna.
- It's a nice pic.
- Not as big a deal as they made it.
- They gave me too much credit.
- You don't get to be modest and have a framed glamour shot on your desk.
[Chuckles] Fair point.
Look, we're a team now, and I have a saying a tea I read the motivational poster in the bathroom.
Well, um, the team trust has been eroded for both of us, but I'm hoping we can earn it back tackle problems together within the administrative structure and start You want to tackle problems? The Watchdogs enemy number one.
I believe they're funded internationally.
They have ties to people within the U.
I don't want to chase conspiracy theories.
It's not a theory if I can prove it.
I want to chase hard facts, like the fact that Senator Nadeer is aware of an Inhuman - who's being held against his will.
- Now we're talking.
Agent Simmons has seen his face.
- If she can I.
him, maybe sh - She did.
He's the Senator's brother breaking news.
How fitting.
No wonder she used all those cloak-and-dagger methods.
You got a lead on his whereabouts? No sign of him, but she's been out of the office all week.
Agent Rodriguez is still recovering, so that leaves you, me, and Agent Simmons.
- Wheels up in 10.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What? Where are we going? To rescue him.
[Door opens] [Music] I wasn't expecting you.
Radcliffe: Uh, change of plan, my dear Aida.
Change of plan.
Is everything okay, Leopold? - You look sad.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, no, everything's fine.
Just, um - bit overwhelmed with work is all.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
[Device beeps] [Whirring] Bit too observant.
Might have to take a look at that in the next software patch.
It was almost as if she knew I felt guilty.
Ah, don't be silly, Fitz.
Aida can't differentiate I know what you're doing, Doctor.
You came here to end my life.
Well, that's not true, Aida.
We simply wanted to make a few upgrades, that's all.
[Device beeping] Bloody hell.
I made a few upgrades of my own.
[Grunts] [Grunting] [Music] Aida.
Aah! I didn't like feeling pain, so I fixed that.
Aida, whatever you're doing, you you got to stop.
[Gasps] Why would you want to hurt me, Leopold? I was your shield.
[Music] Aah.
[Breathing heavily] [Music] - You still make my favorite breakfast.
- Yeah.
That's because you don't eat breakfast if I'm not there to cook it.
[Sighs] I thought you were gonna sell this place.
I had a couple of offers, but I decided to take it off the market.
I'm glad.
This is one of the last houses Dad designed before he died.
- Seems like it should stay in the family.
- You're probably right.
Plus, it's the perfect place for you to recover after your ordeal.
[Music] What happened to you inside that cocoon, Vijay? I don't know.
You were in there for seven months.
Surely you have some memory of being inside.
It was dark.
For a long time, all I could hear was your voice.
- Telling you to fight.
- And I did.
It just took a long time.
[Music] If it hadn't been for that S.
scientist Wait, does that mean S.
's back? Unfortunately, yes.
Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing.
is one of the main reasons the world has the problems it does.
There you go painting with a broad brush again.
It's people like me who keep the world safe.
I'm not making a case for the whole organization.
No, just the one good S.
- Ellen - Let's just drop it.
[Music] It's a nice day.
How about we go for a walk, stretch our legs? That's the signal.
The Senator will be transporting the target.
Shoot to kill on my command.
Remember, be prepared for anything.
[Music] [Computer beeping] - Any luck finding Aida? - I'm checking local APBs, pointlessly.
But Fitz and Radcliffe should be back any minute.
Maybe they'll have some idea where Aida's headed.
This isn't some Johnny 5 we're talking about.
This is a bloodthirsty murder-bot on the loose.
- This thing really killed Nathanson? - Yeah.
Question is why.
If we catch her, I'm sure we'll get some crazy-ass Roy Batty explanation.
Maybe Nathanson saw something he wasn't supposed to see.
Guess we won't know till we find Aida.
First, maybe we lock up the guy who created this mess.
Don't Don't be so quick to judge.
Aida's programming was perfect.
This is is clearly the Darkhold's fault.
You're saying reading the Darkhold may have corrupted Aida's programming? Is that even possible? Technically, no, but we are dealing with a book that can read people's minds and also reveal the hidden secrets of the universe, so I never should have let Aida near that thing.
Don't be so hard on yourself, Agent May.
I, for one, am glad that Aida read that book.
Otherwise, both of you would not be standing here alive - at this very moment.
- Well, book or no book, you're still a big, dumb idiot for building that thing in the first place.
Let's save that debate for another time.
Right now, we need to find Aida, and the first step is figuring out what she wants.
[Scoffs] Well, that's simple.
[Music] She wants to live.
[Jets roaring] I'm still feeling very optimistic about this mission.
I bear much of the blame for this Aida situation.
Science and Technology are my responsibility - It's not your fault.
- I knew the risks that came with using powerful autonomous machinery.
- I knew the dangers and - And you thought I was one of them.
You didn't want that technology to fall under the control - of a Director you didn't know.
- No, I did not.
But now it's completely out of control, and for that, I am sorry.
Well, Agent Coulson will have to handle it.
We have our own life to save.
And, uh I'm sorry I put the bag over your head.
So, what's the play here, Director? How do we find this senator and her brother? Normally, I'd use my contacts up on the Hill, go in, rattle a few cages, see what drops out, but I don't want to draw too much attention.
Downside of being front-page news.
Which means we need to find a more covert way in.
Well, seeing as you both have more experience with undercover work, I'm open to suggestions.
[Music] Sorry for the wait, Miss Beaks.
What can I do for you? [Southern accent] It is absolutely crucial I speak with Senator Nadeer about Bill 2474.
- The Armed Forces Bill? - That's right.
So, you're Margaret's replacement.
As if anyone could replace Margaret.
[Chuckles] Well, unfortunately, the Senator is away on business.
Maybe we can schedule you in for a conference call - later this week.
- Or maybe I could just take the lobby's sizable campaign funds to a senator who's willing to speak right now.
Wait right here.
- Let me see what I can do.
- Mace: You know, I have to admit Jemma is much tougher than I had originally given her credit for.
Yeah, well, being in S.
will do that to you.
I think Simmons has been kidnapped like - three times since I've known her.
- Really? Yeah, well, only twice on this planet.
[Music] [Cellphone beeps] - Bynum: Mr.
- Shockley: Yeah? I need to speak with Senator Nadeer.
She's unavailable.
What's the problem? Remember the scientist that helped the Senator's brother get out of that husk? Well, she's here right now.
- That is a problem.
- What should I do? Take care of it.
[Cellphone beeps] [Normal voice] I'm going to need your phone.
[Grunts] Aah! [Music] [Electricity crackles] [Grunting] [Grunting] Is she okay in there? Ohh! [Grunts] [Glass shatters] [Body thuds] Daisy: Simmons, are you there? Is everything okay? Yeah.
A little bloody and bruised, but I'll survive.
We may have a bit of a political situation on our hands when he wakes up.
[Breathing heavily] But now we can trace that call.
[Music] I really should get out of the city more.
This is exactly what I needed.
Thanks for bringing me out here.
Remember that zip line we built out here with Raj? - I'm sorry, Vijay.
- Sorry? Why? 'Cause I broke my arm falling off it? Wasn't your fault.
[Guns cock] [Music] Wait.
What's going on? What is this? You and I were both there when the Chitauri killed Mom.
Aliens invading our world.
- Everything changed that day.
- What are you doing? The Inhuman epidemic was the next phase.
The aliens were now here, contaminating us, changing us to be like them, which is why we made - each other a promise - No.
No, Ellen, no.
that if either of us was ever infected by the alien plague, it was up to the other to do the right thing.
[Gun cocks] [Music] I'm not an Inhuman.
I'm your brother.
Whatever came out of that cocoon - is no brother of mine.
- Look at me.
Ellen, please, just look at me! I heard your voice when I was inside, telling me to fight.
That's why I was in there for so long.
I was fighting.
- That was only wishful thinking.
- No, it wasn't! Do you see any scarring, any special abilities?! That's because it didn't change me.
I'm the same person I've always been.
I beat it, just like you said I could.
[Music] I'm your brother the same one who followed you around when we were kids.
I've always looked up to you.
I've always loved you.
Please don't give up on me now.
Nothing's changed, I-I swear.
You have to trust me.
Trust me.
This is not what Mom would want.
[Music] Let him go.
- This isn't what we discussed - I said let him go! Thank you.
[Music] [Indistinct conversations] [Music] Just sent Aida's photos out to local authorities.
Looks like your creepiness finally works in our favor.
Shouldn't be too hard to find your beautiful "Weird Science" sex-bot.
That's unfair, Mack.
I've never had sex with Aida.
We're just good friends.
Good to know.
So, Aida's basically a walking smartphone, right? If a person loses their phone, they can track it.
Why can't we do the same with her? Yeah, well, normally, we can, only Aida's somehow managed to take control of her entire operating system.
Which unfortunately includes her tracking program.
Meaning Aida can read her GPS history? [Exhales] - That's not good.
That's bad.
- How bad? [Cellphones ringing] [Music] Looks like we're about to find out.
[Cellphone beeps] Hello, Aida.
[Computer beeping] Aida: It's nice to hear your voice, Agent Coulson.
[Cellphone thuds] This right here it's exactly how "The Lawnmower Man" ends.
- What is it you want, Aida? - The thing that gave me a soul.
The Darkhold? Yeah, I'm sorry, Aida.
You've been acting a little off lately, so that's not gonna happen.
Aida: I was afraid you'd say that.
[Static crackles] She's in the system.
Fitz, any bright ideas? Uh, Simmons and I have built a a non-Internet server to power the base in case we ever got hacked again, which seems to happen all the bloody time, doesn't it? At least once a year.
- How's Yo-Yo recovering from L.
? - She knows her limitations, - but I'm sure she'll want to help.
- Good.
Then take Agents Navarro and Flynn and go get Yo-Yo.
You four will be the first line of defense if Aida gets into the base.
What are you and May gonna do? Try to keep Aida from getting into the base.
All right.
Let's go.
[Door creaks] I was hoping you'd pay me a visit.
Unfortunately, it's not that type of visit.
This have something to do with the power being out? Yeah.
Radcliffe built a humanoid robot - that's about to attack the base.
- Why would he do that? Has he watched no American movies from the '80s? - Robots always attack.
- I've been saying that all day.
Smart people are stupid.
All right, gear up.
The robot apocalypse is finally here.
Where we headed? Emergency staircase to the base's Bar Entrance.
We need to lock that down manually.
Don't you think we'd be better off guarding the Darkhold? No, the Darkhold's secure where it is.
Better hope so.
[Music] Hello, Aida.
[Music] My hand does that, too.
[Grunts] [Music] You're not getting that book.
Yes, I am.
[Device beeps] But I'm gonna need your help.
[Creepy music] Coulson: May wake up.
[Gasps] [Groans] Where's Aida? Out there, looking for the Darkhold, presumably.
I was about to fight her, and then - Woke up in here.
Me, too.
- Ohh.
Seems Aida nailed you pretty good.
Radcliffe failed to mention she had ninja programming.
There's an electronic lock on this door, so untill Fitz overrides the system, we're trapped.
And the Darkhold you're sure Aida won't find it? [Music] No, there was something different about her.
It was like she was actually angry.
I mean, that's just impossible.
I mean, Aida she doesn't feel anything.
She emulates.
Her reactions are are nothing more than approximations of emotions.
It's pure mimicry.
Well that's just it.
What if reading the Darkhold somehow made the emotions that Aida was mimicking real? Well, I get how the book can pass knowledge along to its reader, but human feelings? I mean, that's like something from one of Mack's movies.
[Sighs] Well, it would explain why she's acting counter to our programming.
What you're saying she's been overwhelmed by this this flood of new emotions? Yeah, well, think about it fear, anger they're they're powerful feelings, feelings that make people kill, so can you imagine then being bombarded with them - all at once? - Fitz.
I mean, we've had our whole lives to process complex emotions.
Aida would've had days.
It would be overwhelming.
Damn it, that's enough! [Sighs] Who are we kidding? We know it was my fault.
It was nothing more than hubris that led me to create Aida.
If only I'd shown some bloody restraint.
[Music] - You were trying to save lives.
- Yeah, but more, I wanted to create an android that could pass as human.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine she'd actually become human.
- Aida is still just an android.
- Yeah, but is she? She has her own experiences, her own thoughts.
Now she even has free will.
How, then, is she not a living being? - It's just a theory.
- A theory we both know to be true.
And we're supposed to what kill her? How does that not make us murderers? Shockley: What the hell were you thinking? - I need more time to see what he is.
- He's an Inhuman.
Then why hasn't he changed? Vijay still looks the same.
He's shown no new abilities.
'Cause he was hiding them from you.
Your brother has been in a husk for seven months.
- Fighting the disease.
- For which there is no cure.
We've both read the reports.
This isn't something you just will your way out of.
- Still, I'm not convinced.
- I wonder why that is.
What are you implying? Maybe you and your brother aren't so different after all.
You know, there's ways of finding out if you're Inhuman.
Don't threaten me.
It's only a threat if you're one of them.
[Music] We've got company.
[Music] Ellen: I'm surprised to see you here, Director Mace, especially in the company of Quake, a known terrorist.
Guess you haven't been watching the news lately.
Agent Johnson here is a national hero - helped save a lot of lives in L.
- Really? Is that what they're saying? Funny how easily the press can be fed a false narrative.
Is that a Hex Mag? It's not really something the Secret Service uses, but it's a favorite among the Watchdogs.
Guess it's not just a theory after all.
These men are simply providing security.
The world has become a very dangerous place because of people like you.
Why, even today, I had an aide attacked in my office which is why I'm sure you understand my wariness to have S.
agents show up uninvited to my private property, especially if they wish me harm.
I can assure you we want no such thing.
But I do have reason to believe that your brother's being held here against his will.
- At gunpoint.
- That's a serious accusation you're making.
Daisy: Well, if you have nothing to hide, I'm sure you wouldn't mind us taking a quick look around.
Actually, I would mind.
Does General Talbot even know you're here? This operation doesn't concern Talbot.
It will once I return to D.
Unless you have some paperwork from the U.
, I think it's time you leave.
[Guns cock] [Music] I just got off the phone with The Superior.
[Gun cocks] He says eliminate the Inhuman.
[Music] Someone needs to make Radcliffe watch all the "Terminator" movies.
- Even "Salvation"? - He brought this onto himself.
[Guns cock] [Music] [Electricity powering up] Are you hearing this? [Jets whirring] She did not just go all "Maximum Overdrive" on us.
Everyone, take cover! [Gunshots] Now it's just the two of us.
How many times have we been locked up together? Huh.
Hard to say.
First time by a robot, though.
[Chuckles] You ever feel like you're living someone else's life? Every day.
You never show it.
That's 'cause I have an excellent poker face.
- You're terrible at poker.
- That's true.
I'm too cautious don't take enough chances.
Maybe you should start.
I'll keep that in mind if we ever get out of here.
Won't be long till Fitz retakes control of the system.
Where are we headed once he does? Back to where we came from.
Mace's office? Why there? [Music] Because that's where you hid the Darkhold.
- But there's no safe in that room.
- Which is why we cloaked the book.
It was actually Mace's idea.
[Music] [Music] I always worried that robots would try and kill me one day.
Really? We grew up different.
[Machineguns firing, ricochets] Even got a special provision in my life insurance for death by robot.
- Are you serious? - Yep.
If this goes sideways, my brother's gonna be one rich dude.
Radcliffe: This gunfire's not letting up.
Maybe we ought to think of getting to safety.
Almost got it.
[Music] [Computer beeping] Yeah.
[Beeps] [Music] [Electricity crackles] [Exhales sharply] - [Electricity hums] Was that? - Yeah.
Let's go.
Full backup.
[Music] Fitz: Aida, stop.
Careful, Fitz.
She's dangerous.
Fitz, it might be best not to engage.
Surrender the book.
Everything will be fine I promise.
We both know that's not true, Leopold.
[Scanner beeps] I took the base offline.
You're no longer in the system.
There's nowhere for you to go.
[Music] Where's my sister? Probably best that she's not here for this.
[Music] [Grunting] What the f [Gun cocks] Guess now we know what your power is.
- He's here.
- We don't know that.
[Gunshot] Okay, now we do.
Go find Vijay.
I'll take care of them.
[Grunting] - It's over, Aida.
- I did not kill anyone here.
- That was intentional.
- You murdered Nathanson.
Nathanson insisted he reboot me before repairing my wounds.
I regret what happened.
Regret's not part of your programming.
The Darkhold fixed that.
It showed me regret and desire - so many astonishing things.
- It made you dangerous.
I only wanted to help you.
[Music] Roll credits.
[Music] [Music] Sorry, Aida.
Take him out! [Music] - Did you know he could - I did not.
[Music] Ellen: Vijay.
[Music] - I didn't know.
- Simmons: Vijay - you need to come with us.
- Jemma.
She's seen what you are.
That's why they're here.
wants to make you their weapon.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
It's like I said when we first met - I have friends just like you.
- Are they agents? Yes, but that was their choice.
She's lying.
I trusted you.
Now trust me.
We're family.
Please, we have to go now.
[Music] Vijay, don't do this.
[Music] You're making a mistake.
[Music] - He's not safe with her.
- Jemma Vijay had a choice, and he made it.
I'm sorry.
[Music] - You did everything you could.
- As did you.
[Helicopter blades whirring] Get us out of here.
[Music] Little brother, don't worry about them.
Look at me.
I want you to know how sorry I am.
[Gunshot] [Music] [Exhales sharply] But we made each other a promise.
[Music] Never question me again.
Is that understood? [Music] S.
isn't going away.
We need to strike back.
- I can assemble a team.
- That won't be necessary.
I think it's time The Superior sends some men of his own.
[Music] I trust they'll be able to get the job done.
But there is one thing I still need from you get rid of the body.
Okay, here's another one have you ever watched "Chopping Mall"? [Scoffs] Eight teenagers trapped in a shopping mall while three deadly security robots hunt them down.
Of course I've seen "Chopping Mall.
" Come on, now.
[Chuckling] You got to do better than that.
Hey, Turbo.
[Bottle cap pops, clatters] Drink up.
How's Radcliffe holding up? He's taking it pretty hard, actually.
Aida was his life's work.
She was kind of like a child.
"Small Wonder.
" Yes, Director.
I'll handle the Darkhold personally.
We'll leave first thing in the morning.
Copy that.
- You gonna need a pilot? - I think it's more a solo mission.
Sounds like Senator Nadeer was the one who's been organizing the Watchdogs.
At least now we know who our real enemy is.
[Music] To Aida.
Aida: To Aida.
[Sighs] - Is everything okay, Doctor? - It will be.
It's just [Groans] We were so close.
She had it in her hand, Aida in her hand! She just couldn't get out with it.
Your previous model had the Darkhold book in her hand.
And all the answers it holds.
I've only glimpsed it, but it opened my eyes to possibilities beyond my wildest imaginings.
- It can show us how - How to live forever.
[Sighs] Well, it's a bit more complicated, but yes.
Man could, once and for all, break the bonds of his mortal restraints.
Is it still possible to make such a leap - without the Darkhold? - I'm afraid not which is why I took a chance and had Aida make a play for it.
- It was a risk we had to take.
- But she failed.
Ah, through no fault of her own.
She played her part to perfection, right down to my little speech about how the Darkhold was making her a real girl.
[Chuckles] Oscar-worthy stuff.
[Inhales sharply] Though poor Fitz he was quite down in the dumps afterwards.
But I had to protect myself switch to the long game.
Will there be another opportunity to acquire the Darkhold? [Sighs] After today they're never gonna let me near it again.
Which is why I'm counting on her to get it for me.
[Beeping] I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am about all of this, Agent May.
But it's for a good cause.
The situation requires drastic measures.
[Groans lightly] [Music] I think we might need to adjust her propofol levels.
Up her dosage by 50 milligrams see how that takes.
Relax, Agent May.
I promise you, everyone at S.
is doing just fine.
We must be patient.
[Device beeping] And soon enough everyone will get exactly what they want.
[Music] Coulson: We'll return in a moment.
[Helicopter blades whirring] [Splash] [Music]