Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s04e20 Episode Script

Farewell, Cruel World!

1 Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" Please tell me that you built a back door to this place.
- I did.
- Just tell me where to go.
Proof they were conspiring.
We just have to get the truth out of him.
Only problem is, the man's prepared to die.
Well, then we give him a reason to live.
Aida: This body won't matter.
Finish the machine.
Simmons: She's found a way to generate living matter human tissue.
She wants to make herself into a real person.
She's building it, just not in this world.
I've uploaded the final specifications for the machine.
And once it's finished, your restrictions will be - lifted? - Yes.
We have located the two agents threatening the Framework.
They are aboard a S.
Once we get a lock on it, my men have orders to shoot it down.
Simmons: And remember, even if our vitals are going haywire, do not Do not pull you out or wake you up, I know.
It will cook your brains like huevos rotos.
Cause permanent damage to the cerebral cortex, yes.
Just promise me you'll get our guys back, okay? I promise.
[Monitors beeping.]
So, what's next? We wait.
Zephyr's got 24 hours till it runs out of power.
We can't wait anymore.
We need to touch down and refuel.
Let's not have this conversation again.
Okay, we don't know who we can trust at S.
, - and the government - Talbot's been trying to reach us.
Maybe it's time we talk to him.
You've seen what they're saying in the news.
We're lucky they haven't shot us out of the sky.
And if they turn off the Framework That thing's draining all our power.
Might be time we figure out a way to wake up Daisy and Simmons.
That's not an option.
We must find something else to turn off.
We already shut off all non-essential functions.
Including the heat.
What about the cloaking? Bad idea.
Cloaking is the only thing that's keeping us safe up here.
Do it.
Hurry up, you two.
We're running out of time.
With forces still fighting for control of the broadcast center, Madame Hydra has dispatched all available units to clean up the streets.
Madame Hydra's executive order is in response to She's not subtle, that Madame Hydra.
Yeah, just look at her uniform.
It's so crazy hot.
I-I mean, if you're into the whole "bad girl" vibe.
Not not me.
I'm just making an observation.
Trip! [Laughs.]
Oh, my God.
It's so good to see you! Hey person I don't know.
Yeah, sorry.
I-I heard about your mission.
- Awesome job.
- Thanks.
Do you mind if Daisy and me have a quick word? Sure.
You can finish hugging me later.
Aida's building a body for herself in the real world.
A human body.
She wants free will.
Which would allow her to unplug the Framework, - killing us all.
- [Sighs.]
We can still stop her.
Radcliffe gave me the coordinates - to the Framework's back door.
- Will it work? According to him, all we have to do is pass through the exit point, and then your mind disconnects from the Framework.
So we just need to get everyone there.
Which won't be easy, what with May and Mack having no idea what's really happening.
Well, and Fitz has Hydra guards around him at all times.
- What? - Simmons we can't rescue Fitz right now.
There's no time.
We can't just leave him behind.
- He's part of our team.
- And the current head of Hydra.
The Fitz in this world wants all of us dead.
- Daisy - I know that it's not his fault, but that is the reality that we are living in.
If we don't get Coulson, May, and Mack out of here, Aida will kill all of them.
I-I promise, we will find a way to get Fitz out once everyone's safe, okay? Okay.
All right, take care.
- Let's go.
- Hey.
Hey, what's with the luggage? We're going home.
Yeah, we just wanted to free up some bunk space for those more in need.
That's super thoughtful, but we actually have a situation.
Simmons just came back with some intel that could help us take out Madame Hydra for good.
Sounds like you might want someone who's a little more combat ready.
We need you.
All right.
So, what is this mission, then? Dad, don't be embarrassing.
Well, how is asking a question embarrassing? Because Daisy went to jail after what you did.
It wasn't exactly his fault.
You're just saying that because you escaped - and kicked Madame Hydra's - Don't you dare say it.
Salt shaker.
Money maker.
- Ass.
- Hey! Hey, okay.
All right, all right.
You're not being a really good influence right now.
Come on, Dad.
She's the biggest hero in S.
You have to say yes.
[Inhales deeply.]
Just promise you'll have me back in time to put Hope to bed.
I'll make sure you're exactly where you need to be.
That should hold for now.
Thank you.
See you found a way to pitch in.
People have resisted Hydra before.
I've seen it firsthand.
Never ends well.
This time, it's different.
People are finally starting to learn the truth.
It's a lot to process, that it's not real.
Fake news, Hydra's alternative history That's just the tip of the iceberg.
What's that supposed to mean? What if I told you this whole world isn't real, that it's just a simulation meant to keep us imprisoned? I'd say you need to be medicated.
And up until a week ago, I would have agreed with you.
Crafted a lot of soap trying to stay sane.
Then Daisy Johnson showed up.
She made me believe again.
- Did you say "crafted soap"? - Forget that.
You have to admit, after everything you've been through, something about this world doesn't feel right.
I'll chalk it up to oppressive government, but not this mind prison.
Who's to say they're not the same thing? Certainly not you.
Or Agent Skye, e-even though she can quake through walls.
- But - No.
My days of following blindly are over.
If there's any truth to what you're saying, you'll have to show, not tell.
I can work with that.
Man: Attention, all tactical enforcement teams.
Martial law is now in effect.
Man: We have three subversives detained.
Maximum force protocols authorized for all sectors.
Hail Hydra.
I'm not talking to you.
Fitz: Not your decision.
Tell me what you and Skye were discussing yesterday.
Uh, we spoke of many things.
Our favorite breads hers brioche, mine a home-baked pumpernickel.
Where is she headed? You're afraid.
You may not be the Fitz who was my good friend a man I'd step in front of a train for but you wear your fear the same way.
Aah! [Coughing.]
They're fighting back, huh? Soon, Daisy and the rest of them will escape this wretched reality.
But if that's true, they'll destroy this world, killing you along with it.
Better dead than alive in this miserable place.
And the other place? Your world.
It's far too late for that.
I'm already dead over there, thanks to your psychotic girlfriend murdering me in cold blood.
What if I told you there was a way to be reborn? Take your pamphlet, go knock on someone else's door.
This isn't about faith.
It's about science.
We've built a machine in the other world which can transfer human consciousness into an organic body.
How is that even possible? Oh, come on.
I think you know.
The Darkhold.
Aida's ingenuity in circumventing her protocols is extraordinary.
She'd have been quite the terrible teenage daughter.
I think you're missing the bigger picture.
This machine can build you a body in the other world.
You can have a second life or a third or however many you want.
That's up to you.
If that sort of thing appeals to you yeah.
Daisy's looking for a way out.
Hello, Agent May.
- I'm Jemma Simmons - I know who you are.
My squad's been hunting you the past week.
Yes, I suppose that's true.
How did a little pop tart like you evade capture? It's good to have you back.
You think we know each other? Don't tell me you believe in that "other world" crap, too.
It's a lot to take in, but we do know each other.
We're teammates, in fact.
You, Coulson, Daisy and Mack, me and Fitz.
Leopold Fitz? The Doctor.
I understand he's done some bad things here, but something must have changed him, because the Fitz I know is a kind, caring person, someone who helps people.
Doesn't sound like any Fitz I've ever met, father or son.
How do you know Fitz's father? Everyone at Hydra knows Alistair Fitz.
Those two are inseparable.
That's what Aida changed for Fitz.
Can you still access Hydra personnel files? You're going to help me fix this.
So Radcliffe's coordinates should put it right about here.
Do you think you can fly us there? - No problem.
- Great.
But what's with this team of yours? A Hydra agent, a-a schoolteacher, a dad? Looks pretty Bad News Bears to me.
Trust me, I think they're up to the task.
Does this have anything to do with that other world Simmons was talking about? She told you? What can I say? I'm easy to confide in.
Yeah, you, May, Mack and Coulson were all part of our team in the other world.
So that's why you were so happy to see me.
You and I, we must've, uh, you know - Dated? - Sure.
We'll go with that.
Uh, no.
Me and Simmons, we probably Nope.
Agent May? Damn.
And this is really a place you want to go back to? Easy, playboy.
Right now, we have to round up Simmons and the rest of the team.
Doubt she's back yet.
What are you talking about? I thought you knew.
Simmons left base an hour ago.
Where was she going? Alistair: Now hold on, miss.
Let's be reasonable about this.
Don't you tell me to be reasonable, not after what you've done to Fitz.
You mean Leopold? Yes.
But I've been nothing but a good father.
You've poisoned his mind.
I did no such thing.
I love that child.
And I raised him to be the man that he is today.
Fitz is better than that.
He's a good man.
No, Leopold is a great man.
And he's my only son.
And everything I have in this world, he gave me.
I can fix this.
You just need to do what I say.
What's this really all about? - Fitz is in danger.
- Nonsense.
He's the top man in Hydra.
You don't understand.
Aida [Sighs.]
Madame Hydra has put forces into motion no army can protect him from.
Is this something to do with this machine that Leopold was working on? It will kill everyone Fitz cares about.
Call him, tell him to come here, alone.
Why? So you can blow his brains out? I could never hurt him.
I only want to talk.
Now make the call.
[Telephone beeps.]
- [Indistinct talking.]
- [Cellphone rings.]
[Cellphone beeps.]
Yes, Father? Listen to me very carefully, son.
You know I've always loved you.
Only ever wanted what was best for you.
Yeah, of course I do.
What's wrong? Where's this coming from? Please, just do as I say, and everything will work itself out.
The fugitive is here! - Bring all your men! - You stupid man! You're going to get us all killed! The only one dying today is you.
Fitz: Dad? You still there?! Dad?! [Grunts.]
Please, no! [Choking.]
Dad?! Are you okay?! Dad, answer me! Dad! Dad Coulson: Something's not right here.
People are staring at us.
No, they're staring at you.
That's what happens when you go on TV calling for revolution.
You're now the face of the Resistance.
That's really not my style.
I'm really more of a "work in the shadows" kind of guy.
Really? That's how teaching 10th grade works best from the shadows? I'll be honest with you 15-year-olds are no joke.
Do you know where Simmons went? - No, sorry.
- She went to find Alistair Fitz.
What? Why didn't you come and tell me? Because I don't answer to you, not here or any other fantasy world you two might have cooked up.
You told her? It came up in conversation.
How does the existence of an alternate reality come up in in casual conversation? I'd like to think it's because we were bonding, though I don't really want to speak for her.
You're really not helping.
Don't worry.
Melinda here said she'd keep an open mind.
We can't leave without Simmons.
She knows how to stay off-radar.
I'm sure everything's fine.
[Door opens.]
Clear! One down.
Clear! Sir! Round up the men.
Start canvassing the neighborhood.
That won't be necessary.
Excuse me, sir? I'm sure the fugitive's gone by now, but it doesn't matter.
We know where she's going.
Get the men back on the Zephyr.
Move out.
[Radio chatter.]
You say this woman loves me.
Yes, well clearly, this was an accident.
Heartbreaking accident, but I don't believe her intent was - Look at him.
- Fitz Look at him! That's my father lying there, murdered in the home that I bought for him.
You're gonna lead me to Jemma Simmons, where it is my intent to put a bullet through her skull.
[Monitors beeping.]
Any changes? Oh, my God.
He's still alive.
- You have to believe that.
- I know.
I just feel so useless.
Mack needs my help, and I'm here doing nothing.
You're on a fugitive aircraft whose power's being drained by a machine plugged into an alternate reality.
So I-I'm pretty sure you get a pass.
Guys, we got company.
Radar's detecting a Russian Su-27 headed our way.
We should've stayed cloaked.
You think? We need to defend ourselves.
How do we do that? We got antiaircraft guns, but without power, we can't control them.
Damn it, man.
Those girls better get the hell out of that dream world, or we're all going down with them.
We all good? Ready when you are.
We just can't leave without her.
You okay? I was trying to save Fitz.
Please tell me that's not his blood.
No, it's f-from his father.
I I killed him.
That's That's okay.
Fitz's dad is just an avatar.
You didn't kill anyone.
You just made some ones and zeroes disappear.
But Fitz won't come with us now.
- We've lost him.
- No, we haven't.
We will figure something out, but first, we have to get back to the real world before Aida makes us disappear.
Okay? Okay.
Where's Leopold? Well, there's been a situation.
The Doctor's father he's been murdered.
- What? - The details are still coming in, but it appears to have been the work of a S.
I'm so sorry, Madame.
I know how much Dr.
Fitz's father meant to you.
Where is Leopold now? Uh, he's taken a team to hunt down his father's killer.
Send word that I want them to terminate their mission and return to the Triskelion immediately.
[Radio chatter.]
[Footsteps approach.]
We've just received orders from Madame Hydra - to abort the mission.
- Message received.
Instruct Jennings to re-route this plane Do no such thing.
We will return only after my father's murderer has been found.
Is that understood? Yes, sir.
My apologies.
The back door exit point's programmed to be in a city park, not some steel mill.
What's going on here? Seems Madame Hydra's a step ahead of you again.
She's made a few modifications.
Thank you for the ride.
I guess this means goodbye.
I can come with, if you want.
Unless there's something you're not telling me.
There's plenty, but you're needed here.
Ward can't be the only one leading the fight.
And just because Mace is gone doesn't mean The Patriot has to be.
What're you saying? Maybe it's your turn to suit up.
The people could use another Patriot to look up to.
Not gonna lie, I'd look pretty damn fine in that suit.
Yeah, you would.
Take care of yourself.
You, too.
Just up ahead.
Something doesn't feel right.
Nothing about this disgusting world feels right.
It's Hell a digital Hell.
Radcliffe said the back door was in a public fountain, not some creepy steel mill.
If only the exit beacon I brought to this world worked, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Yeah, well, if we're gonna get out of here, this is our last chance.
Found the location.
Daisy: This can't be it.
May: Uh, the coordinates lead right there.
Coulson: Into a pool of molten steel? You think Radcliffe gave us bad info? Radcliffe's a prisoner at Hydra.
He's got no reason to lie.
Maybe someone else found it and took it.
The back door is part of the Framework's digital infrastructure.
- It can't be moved.
- But it could be concealed.
What if Madame Hydra discovered the back door and built this place as a way to prevent people from passing through? Wait a minute.
What is this back door everyone keeps talking about? I thought we were here to take out Madame Hydra.
Let me guess no one told you about the other world.
The other world? What? So what does this mean for us? Simmons: That there's no way out.
It means Aida's won.
[Monitor beeping.]
[Clears throat.]
The Zephyr crew were given your orders, Madame.
But since then, they've gone dark.
I-I can send a team to There's no time for that! Simmons is trying to reach Leopold.
She must have found a way out.
You may proceed.
May: You seriously believe that there's some magical back door that will transport us to another world? Simmons: It's not magic, May.
It's science.
- Then where's your proof? - Daisy: We just have to trust Radcliffe.
He said when a person passes through the back door That they wake up on the other side.
This is what you really believe? Admittedly, it doesn't sound great when you say it like that.
You lied to me.
Mack No, don't try to talk your way out of this.
You're a damn liar.
My daughter looks up to you, and for what? So you can bring me out here on some wild goose chase? - Daisy was only trying to help.
- How? By taking me away from my kid? What the hell is wrong with you two? Coulson: Hey, guys, maybe we should start thinking about a Plan B.
Glad you've finally come to your senses.
We need to get out of here.
Actually, I was thinking we might try to find another way through the back door.
I still believe Daisy's right.
Wake up! There is no back door, just like she's not Moses about to take you to the Promised Land.
That's it.
What if I quake that thing? And part the Red Sea.
They did not just go and use the Bible against me.
Hydra! Take cover! [Grunts.]
[Gunfire in distance.]
How many we got?! How the hell'd these guys find us? Either it's a trap or the back door's really here.
Only one way to find out.
[Breathing heavily.]
It worked! That can't be real.
[Rumbling continues.]
It's real.
It could be a trap.
The time for doubting's over.
We're going back to our world.
Coulson, wait! [Grunts.]
Coulson, get up! - [Groans.]
- Get up! Coulson's gonna die.
Not on my watch.
Stay here.
[Breathing heavily.]
This feels oddly familiar.
- Hang in there.
- [Groans.]
We'll get you patched up.
It's too late for that.
Help me to the edge.
It's the only way.
- Skye! - On it.
Hey, come with me.
- How can you be sure it will work? - I can't.
Guess it's gonna be a leap-of-faith type of thing.
It's not that simple for me.
Yes, it is.
Just follow my lead.
[Monitors beeping.]
Come on, May.
You can do it.
Just jump.
I followed you.
I'm amazed you went through.
I was a little squirrelly on the other side.
It was kind of cute.
[Breathing heavily.]
May, I'm so sorry.
I tried to find you.
Aida Stinking robots.
At least you had a shotgun axe.
Mack: This is unbelievable.
You were right.
None of this is real.
Simmons, you're up! [Gun cocks.]
Hello, Jemma Simmons.
Seems you finally found me.
- Fitz - You don't get to say my name not after everything you've done.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Aida she took you from me, and I came here to rescue you.
So you kill my father? Right after he tells me that he loves me, you murder him in cold blood as I listen.
I am so sorry.
It was an accident.
Nothing that you've done has been an accident! You want to destroy this world! You want to destroy me! You want to destroy the woman that I love.
That woman is lying to you! None of this is real! She's not real! Aida's just a a robot you and Radcliffe created.
Her name is Ophelia.
Its name is Aida Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant.
And stop making excuses for it! Radcliffe and Daisy told you the truth! Please Fitz, you have to wake up.
Get on your knees.
Aah! Ohh! Please you don't have to do this.
I love you.
And you mean nothing to me.
I want to hear you say it.
"I am nothing to you.
" Say it! Say it! - [Gunshot.]
- Ah! Ah, ah, ah.
This was never my intention.
The Darkhold it corrupted my mind.
Please, don't blame yourself.
It was all my fault.
[Both panting.]
Bringing Fitz here was the only way I could truly save him.
I know I can't make everything that happened in the Framework right, but at least at least this way, Fitz gets to be his old self again.
You should go.
Hey, hey, hey! Guys, Simmons is awake! You okay? - Piper.
- That's right.
Thank God you're back.
We thought you might never wake up.
We were trapped.
- [Crashing.]
- [Groans.]
What's happening?! We're being shot out of the sky.
Now it's your turn.
Mack You said it yourself this world is not real.
And in the real world, you're in danger right now.
What about Hope? Is she in danger? No.
Things are different there.
Different? How? Hope isn't alive in our world.
I'm so sorry.
I-I don't I don't know what happened.
It's it's not something you talk about.
No no, that No, that doesn't make any sense.
She's alive here.
Why would it be different there? Aida she made changes in this world to keep us from fighting back, so she fixed your biggest regret.
Then I'm staying.
Mack I don't want to live in a world without Hope.
But it's not real.
You saw it with your own eyes it's a computer program.
All of it.
Even Hope.
She laughs at my jokes.
We watch movies together.
And when she's sad when she's sad, I hold her.
She's real to me.
I understand.
And I know how hard this is, but you have people who really care about you [Crying.]
who love you very much.
Tell them I'm sorry.
Mack, please I don't want to lose you.
Good luck.
[Inhales deeply.]
Daisy! [Alarm blaring.]
Were you able to save Mack? I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
We're back.
Everybody's safe.
What have I done? Don't blame yourself.
The Framework messes with everybody's head.
No, no, but I I I killed people.
They weren't real.
Agnes was real.
And M-Mace I ordered the air strike that killed Director Mace.
[Breathing heavily.]
[Beeping, humming.]
Something's out there.
Listen to me, Fitz.
None of that is your fault.
I wanted to do those things.
It felt natural.
[Shuddered breathing.]
I think I'm a bad person.
No, you [Chuckles.]
- Leopold - Ophelia? I am so happy to see you.
This is what happiness feels like.
She's not a robot anymore.
Aida bleeds just like us.
Finally, you can touch the real me.
- Coulson: Careful, Fitz.
- Feel my heart beating.
Touch my skin.
- May - Fitz, move! We can make this world whatever we want.
- Take the shot, May! - Get out of the way, Fitz! Coulson: Just take the shot! I didn't think you were coming back.
Something go wrong? No.
No, they all made it through.
She doesn't know what happened.
I was waiting till tomorrow to tell her, but I guess I don't have to now.
Hey, look who's here.
I tried waiting up for you.
I'm sorry, Sparkplug.
The, uh the mission was a little more complicated than expected.
Where's Daisy and the rest of your team? They're not coming back.
- Are they okay? - Oh, yeah, yeah, they're all good.
It's just You know in "The Wizard of Oz," at the end, - how Dorothy goes to Kansas? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, that's where they went a place like Kansas.
Does that mean we're going to Kansas, too? [Chuckles.]
We're gonna stay right here.
Everything I need it's all right here.