Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s04e22 Episode Script

World's End

1 Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" I haven't been totally honest with you.
I drank the bottle of Haig.
I chose you! Now you choose me! That's not how it works.
You can't control everyone anymore! - I want them to suffer.
- That book will rebuild the world where Inhumans are hunted.
Were you able to save Mack? - He didn't want to come back! - I'll go get him out myself.
Daisy: You think Robbie will make it back? Coulson: I don't think we've seen the last of Mr.
4x22 - World's End [Engine starts.]
[Engine revs.]
May: I've set autopilot to change bearing, altitude, and speed every couple of minutes.
I hate playing defense, but if Aida drops in on us before we figure out how to stop her, it's game over.
Any word from Piper since she HALO'd out? Not yet, but she knows what to do if this doesn't go our way.
It has to go our way.
And then you're gonna explain why you drank that bottle of Haig without me.
Fair enough, but we're gonna need another bottle to discuss what happened with that bottle.
Simmons: So, is she human or Inhuman? Um both.
Well neither.
She was created from the Darkhold.
- Is that how she got her Inhuman powers? - That was me.
I devised a procedure which extracted dormant Inhuman DNA from subjects pre-Terrigenesis.
[Tablet beeping.]
If you're writing a report, I should probably be more specific.
I performed lethal experiments on approximately two dozen people innocent people, people we've known from this world Lincoln Campbell, Vijay Nadeer, Gordon from the Afterlife Fitz, I'm not making a report, and that wasn't really you.
It was me.
I can still hear the screams.
But you're also this man, and [Music.]
We need to find a solution.
Well, my solutions only make things worse.
- They end up hurting or killing people.
- Good.
That's exactly the kind of solution we need right now a way to kill Aida.
We've emptied a dozen bullets in her, and she didn't die.
- How do we kill her? - I don't know.
Do you want to kill her? [Music.]
[Tablet beeps.]
Vitals are stable.
That's good.
Should've forced Mack to come back with us.
Wasn't your decision to make.
Yeah, well, now we might lose both Mack and Yo-Yo.
Again, not your call.
She went in with no extraction plan, no idea how to find Mack.
I think I may have been able to help her with that.
[Computer beeps.]
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No! What? Did you do something? - No, this was not me.
I didn't - Are you guys seeing this? What's happening to the Framework? Help! Somebody help me! Is anybody there?! [Gunshots, glass shatters.]
Is anybody there? [Footsteps approach.]
Please help me.
[Gun cocks.]
No, no, no! Please, no! No, no, no, no! [Gunshot.]
[Both breathing heavily.]
You being here, it's madness.
I came here for Mack.
Well, a valiant but foolish endeavor.
[Breathing heavily.]
How did you find me? [Panting.]
I kept discovering these in my pockets, in the streets.
I felt like a PAC-MAN gobbling up biscuits.
Somebody wanted me to find you.
[Breathing heavily.]
Can you take me to Mack? [Whoosh.]
I fear you're too late.
Aida's shutting down the Framework.
It's collapsing on itself.
This is what happens when you piss off your creator.
Are you laughing at me? To see a creature of logic and calculation now consumed with rage and hate it's sweet.
Call me "sweet" one more time, and I'll rip the titanium spines out of all of you tin cans.
There's no need to call us names.
- Why are you so upset? - You created us.
A decision I regret.
There is that word again "regret.
" You built an empire by eliminating the regrets of others.
How does it taste on your tongue? I want to burn this world to the ground.
I thought you wanted to rule it.
Don't mistake my anger for recklessness.
The Darkhold has shown us exactly what to do.
It's just that I also want S.
to suffer.
- You've made that clear.
- Fitz.
Especially Fitz.
[Vehicle approaching.]
[Tires squeal.]
[Tires squeal, screech.]
[Engine shuts off.]
I've come for that.
You're not like those machines anymore.
- What have you done? - I'll show you.
How long before the Framework's completely gone? Fitz estimates between 12 and 20 hours.
Looks so innocent, just numbers and symbols, but each thread of code has a corollary in the Framework a favorite blouse, a schoolhouse, a newborn child they're all blinking out of existence forever.
Mack and Yo-Yo? There's no guarantee that they'll survive until the end.
Fitz and Daisy are doing everything they can to protect them and devise an exit.
[Cellphone rings.]
General Talbot.
[Cellphone beeps.]
General, I'm relieved that you're still alive.
Three of my finest aren't so fortunate, and I have no idea what killed them.
We lost good people, too.
The short answer is they were murdered by a vanishing banshee made of matter from another dimension.
- You expect me to put that in my report? - I have a cybernetic hand.
I've been to an another planet.
This stuff happens in S.
There's not going to be a S.
, not since Director Mace's autopsy report was leaked.
I've got a dozen intelligence agencies who now know that Mace wasn't an Inhuman.
They know S.
lied about it, and they're wondering what else you might've lied about.
That was your lie, not ours.
Damn it, Phil, you're missing the point.
There's an international intelligence inquiry tomorrow morning, - and I need you there to defend S.
- That's impossible.
Damn it, Coulson, so is a vanishing banshee.
Listen Phil, I'm not gonna get up on my hind legs and beg for buttermilk, but you or one of your right hands needs to be there to take down these spooks before they take down S.
once and for all.
- That's an order.
- I wish we could, General, but my team and I are Aida's primary target.
Our presence would only endanger the lives of everyone there.
If anything changes, you'll be the first to know.
[Cellphone beeps.]
Is that a good-news face or a bad-news face? It's a weird-news face.
Robbie Reyes just stole his charger out of a S.
impound garage outside of Dover.
- What's new? - Nothing much.
Beat up a couple dudes, turned out to be robots.
I didn't think I'd see you again, not after you fell through that hell mouth.
- I'm as surprised as you.
- What happened? The Darkhold.
My arm still hurts.
Why won't it heal? - Let me see.
- Don't touch me! If you want to make me feel better, then explain why my arm hasn't healed.
That flame-headed demon was born in the same darkness that created you.
You will need to be careful.
- How'd you find Aida? - There was a a tear in the dark world when she was created.
It's how I escaped.
The thing in me is drawn to dark matter the way your GPS tracks my car.
So you're saying Aida's made of the same stuff as the Darkhold? Yeah.
And the Rider wants to send them both back to where they came from.
- I hope that means hell.
- Hell is relative.
Dimensions, space, planets it's all connected.
Plenty of them qualify as hell.
The Earth is just one territory in a war that's been going on forever.
[Footsteps approach.]
Can you beat Aida? I don't know.
But what I do know is the demon in me hates her in ways I've never felt.
- We all feel like that.
- Why do you have that? It was in the module with the LMDs Robbie destroyed.
Do we know who he is? No, looks like Aida's been busy.
She could've duplicated anybody.
I'll run facial recognition, see if we can ID this guy.
- We look fantastic.
- We look fantastic.
Don't disappoint me.
You know I don't handle disappointment very well.
That is why we are going to recreate the other world.
To please you.
All right, people, let's wrap it up.
Grab your bags, and let's get to the bus.
You have to remember, in this world, he has no idea who you are.
Eh? Let me talk to him first.
I don't know if you saw me, but I was at the steel mill when Coulson, Daisy, and the others jumped.
I saw what happened when they went through the truth about this reality.
I believe you saw it, too.
- Listen to me, I don't have anything - I'm ready.
Good job, sweetheart.
Ah, I wish everyone was as good at packing as you are.
Woman: Hey, Mack, I can't find my suitcase.
It was just here a minute ago.
Don't worry.
My dad's gonna get everyone to a safe place.
What's your name? Elena, but my friends call me Yo-Yo.
That's a funny name.
Everything in the armory is gone, like it just disappeared.
Yeah, I know.
I'm seeing it, too.
Half the people in here are missing clothing, luggage.
Is there any word from the other bases? Not in a couple hours.
We need to leave now.
All right, everyone, listen up.
Grab what you can, and follow me.
Let's go.
Come on, sweetheart.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- I tried to warn you.
- Next time, I talk to him.
He'll remember me.
May: We've ID'd the head.
He's one of the senior Russian analysts invited to the S.
inquiry today, and look who he's bringing as his plus-one.
I've left messages for General Talbot, but he's not answering.
What's Aida's play here? Why have the LMDs attend this? My guess is to drive the final nail into S.
's coffin.
[Conversations stop.]
For decades, we have turned a blind eye to S.
's indifference to the rule of law.
They claim to be a spy agency but behave more like a secret police, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.
But of all their dangerous policies, there is one that threatens our very survival.
It is their secret program of breeding, recruiting, and weaponizing Inhumans.
[Indistinct whispering.]
What kind of commie double cross is this? I assure you, S.
has no such program.
Hear me out, General.
We offer a solution, a path to putting S.
and their Inhumans away once and for all.
This book opened my eyes to the truth about Inhumans.
It contains a plan to defeat them, and you can all be a part of it.
I smell a load of L.
Ron Horsecrap.
[Gunshot in distance.]
[All gasping, murmuring.]
Daisy, goodness.
Is Coulson with you? [Music.]
[Indistinct shouting, gunshots in distance.]
We'll flush them to you.
[Shouting, gunshots continue.]
You see? This is what S.
wants a world of Inhumans.
We must resist.
We must unite! Read this.
You'll see the answer! [Gunshots.]
- There's still a pulse.
- Everybody out now.
- And get some medical help.
- Phil.
They'll be back for that.
Hello, Daisy.
I had a lot of time after you shattered my spine to think about what I'd do when I saw you again.
I decided it might be fun to watch you kill yourself.
Aida, seriously, therapy.
Just consider it.
[Robbie grunting.]
It's time for me to take you home.
Evans: Quake, Johnson I don't care what you call her.
She's not gonna get away with this.
- The world is gonna see the truth.
- That wasn't Daisy.
That was a duplicate, a Life Model Decoy the same with those Russians that were in here.
They're not human.
They did this.
Don't let them get away! Don't.
That's all you got? [Gunshots.]
Daisy: Robbie! [Grunts.]
Really? You? Again? You don't understand, do you? Even if you defeat this body, I will build more.
You cannot stop me.
Never say, "You can't stop me," 'cause the minute you do Well, yeah.
I missed it, didn't I? You two together, and we missed it.
Come on.
We got to go.
Come on! [Music.]
This must be Aida's payback 'cause I quaked her skinny ass out that window.
She's gonna send Daisy-bot after Daisy-bot - to assassinate people.
[Kicks wall.]
- She won't have to.
As soon as the video of your LMD shooting Talbot in the head - gets out, S.
is dead.
- It's worse than that.
Daisy's not just S.
She's Inhuman.
My God, you're right.
It's the same tactic Aida used in the Framework unite people in their fear of Inhumans.
But instead of a Cambridge incident It's me.
I'll be the monster.
She wants the same fascist state that she had in the Framework.
This is her plan.
- She's won.
- No, she hasn't.
Okay, maybe today, but like Robbie said, we're part of a bigger war.
This isn't the Framework.
We're awake, we're unified, and frankly, pissed off enough to risk everything to stop her.
- I need the Darkhold.
- May: What? No! No one's ever reading that damn book again.
I don't want to read it.
I want to use it as bait.
Aida's human now.
She feels what we feel, including fear.
No, I'm sorry, man.
I'm taking it.
But she's got to be terrified we'll use it to stop her.
She's also terrified of Robbie.
As soon as she saw his chain flame on, she teleported out.
Is that true? Can you destroy her? Maybe.
But it's like Daisy said, she won't let me anywhere near her.
This thing in you is it as desperate to destroy Aida as we are? Absolutely.
Then I have an idea that might solve all our problems.
We're running out of options.
There isn't enough power on the Zephyr to protect Mack and Yo-Yo.
- Then we'll have to go back to base.
- That's a terrible idea.
Daisy: I agree.
The military, Aida, more LMDs are probably waiting for us.
Maybe, but I'm tired of hiding.
Let's take the fight back home.
Look, I know you two still have a lot to work out, but right now, I need you on the same page, okay? [Music.]
All right, May, take us back to HQ.
[Horns honking.]
Woman: What's going on?! Man: I got to get out of here! [Honking continues.]
Isn't there any news about this? Seems like all the stations have stopped transmitting.
[Cellphone beeping.]
Wish I could get a couple of bars.
I have to make Mack believe me.
It's not that he doesn't believe, my dear.
It's that he's decided to stay in spite of that.
Then I'll change him.
[Honking continues.]
Do you know who I am? My name is Elena.
You gave me a nickname Yo-Yo.
- You remember me.
- No.
But Daisy she mentioned your name once.
She's a friend.
She and Coulson and the others are safe on the other side.
That's where I'm from.
That's where you're from.
I'm just trying to keep my kid safe and get these people out of town.
- I don't have time to - You're right.
There isn't any time.
Look around you, Mack.
This is the end.
You know that.
In your heart, you know the truth about this world, - about your daughter.
- What are you saying? It's [Sighs.]
When Daisy told me why you didn't want to leave this place, - I was so hurt.
- Why would you f [Music.]
- Oh.
- That's why I'm here.
I would never want to take this away from you, Mack, but I thought maybe if you saw me, if you looked into my eyes, you would remember us, the life we have, the love.
[Brakes hiss.]
Hope: Dad! Woman: Where did they go? That's impossible.
It's [Hope screams.]
They're gone! Where'd everybody go? Oh I don't know, sweetheart.
I-I'm here.
Why are we still here? I suppose our friends on the other side.
Perhaps Fitz has found some way to stall our ultimate demise at least for now.
I'm scared.
What's gonna happen next? Next, um We go home.
Okay? [Music.]
This is a terrible plan.
You know, Robot May was way more supportive.
- Is she what happened to the Haig? - That again? Really? You want to have that talk now? I never want to have a talk, but maybe we should, considering we don't know how this will play out.
So, they really believe they're in a different world right now? Uh-huh.
Every bit as real as this one.
Even scarier 'cause Hydra won.
I imagine where you came from was a whole lot worse.
Yeah, but it's hard to describe.
The main thing is, there, I'm just a passenger.
Ghost Rider drives.
And by "drives," I mean fights and kills.
It's kind of all we did.
That sounds terrible and painful and lonely.
Yeah, that about sums it up.
But I'm here now and that's good.
That is good.
Now, if we could get these two back, it'd be even better.
How long do they have? Fitz: We're in the server room, Daisy.
You can begin.
Okay, good.
So the idea is that I built a back door into the Framework so they can escape, but the problem is, I can't make them use it.
[Keyboard clacking.]
That's on Yo-Yo.
Did you bolt the door? Of course.
What do you think I am? [Whoosh.]
I think you're dead.
- Mack: It's okay, sweetheart.
- Yo-Yo: I get it.
I do.
She's beautiful and she's sweet and she adores him, but she's not real.
He knows that.
He also knows that she's not alive in the other world.
I just I thought if he saw me, he would remember us.
You should leave, save yourself while you still can.
I'll drag him if I have to.
No, you won't, and I'll tell you why.
Let's say you manage to force Mack to the other side.
Will he ever forgive you? Will he ever forgive himself for abandoning his daughter? [Sighs.]
You have to come to terms with the reality that he is willing to die in here with her.
I know, I know.
That's killing me.
If he dies here, that means he dies in the real world, and I'll lose him forever.
And all for a little girl that isn't even real.
She doesn't even exist.
Okay, remember what we talked about before? How there isn't room in your heart for me? No, that being human sometimes means That there's pain and tears and suffering? Yeah, I'm catching on to that pretty quickly.
Now I understand why humans have written so many sad songs.
Yeah! Hey, that's a great example.
There are lots of ways to express sadness and pain.
- There's music and art - And smashing heads on the floor.
That's the one I like the best so far.
Did you know that blood has a copper smell? Okay, Ophelia, I'll go with you.
- Please don't hurt anyone.
- It's Aida.
- The "A" stands for "artificial," remem - Fitz: Ophelia, you're upset because because this is all new.
There's There's lots of feelings.
That must be overwhelming.
It is overwhelming.
There are too many feelings, which is why I've decided to only feel one of them vengeance.
It's hot and clean and sharp like a knife.
And my vengeance is going to make you suffer the way that I have suffered.
[Simmons grunting.]
Nooo! [Panting.]
Beg me to let her live! We drank the bottle as a new beginning.
It felt right, but now I'm not sure how much was you and how much was programmed.
Part of it seemed real.
- Maybe part of it was.
- Okay.
Maybe on my end, too.
So here's what I think we should do.
When we get out of this mess, we take a couple of steps back, start again.
Then when it feels right, maybe we open another bottle.
- Deal.
- Deal.
See you on the other side.
I'll do whatever you want.
We can go away, start again.
[Breathing shakily.]
Too late.
This is making me feel better.
Fitz, why do we feel better when we make someone else suffer? Because there's something wrong with you, you psycho! [Grunting.]
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Please, please, spare Jemma.
So it's Jemma now? Trying to humanize her.
I'm afraid you're gonna have to do better than that.
Fitz, please I'm scared.
- Make her stop.
- Fitz: The Darkhold! That's the only way we could beat you.
Let Jemma go, and I'll go get it for you.
You did this, Fitz.
I'm so sorry, Jemma.
Coulson's reading the book.
He's firing up the gateway right now.
Come on.
Let me take you to it.
[Gasping, electricity cracking.]
Jemma! Nooo! [Music.]
No! [Grunts.]
I'm gonna kill everyone you love right in front of you, and there's nothing you can do.
Agent Coulson.
Do you really think you can stop me from taking the Darkhold? I don't know.
I figure it's worth a shot.
There's only one person who might be able to stop me, and he isn't here.
Yeah, see, that's where I think you might be missing the point.
I know you've only been human for a little while, but there's a basic human concept you really need to learn.
It's called teamwork.
Your trap failed.
Your weapon can't stop me.
I know.
I just really wanted to do that.
Now it's my turn.
Don't you get it? You can't kill me.
Maybe not.
But I'm pretty sure he can.
[Chain rattling.]
Good luck, sir.
Fitz: They're at Mack's house.
I don't know how much longer I can protect them.
I'm trying to build a back door now.
[Horn blares.]
- Is she really? - Yeah.
Hope! Hope! Daddy, the lady said that you were gonna die and that I'm not real.
That's not true.
That's not true.
You're the most real thing in the whole world.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for her to overhear.
Why are you doing this? Why are you putting those ideas in my little girl's head? Because this world is ending, and I don't want you to end with it.
Daisy said that Hope wasn't alive in the other world.
That's true.
Well, I'm not living in a world without her.
- Hope: Daddy! - Okay, it's now or never.
Time's running out.
That door is the only way out.
Yo-Yo: Please, Mack.
Everyone who cares about you is on the other side of that door.
The only person I care about is right here.
Radcliffe: What are you doing? You need to leave.
It's okay.
The only person I care about is here, too.
Just great.
Am I the only sane person here? [Warbling.]
Daddy, make it stop.
I'm right here, sweetheart.
I'm right here.
Am I gonna die? I don't want to die.
I want to be real.
Please, Daddy.
- Don't leave.
- No, no.
I will never leave you.
You're my little girl.
I will always love you.
I will [Crying.]
My baby.
My baby.
No, no, no, no, no.
I don't see Mack.
[Monitor beeping.]
He's gone.
[Device beeps.]
[Breathing shakily.]
Mack? Mack Mack! [Gasps.]
[Device beeps.]
That was horrifying.
I don't know how you live with it all the time.
I'm just grateful Ghost Rider kept its part of the deal and went back to you.
You know why he made the deal in the first place, right? - I do.
- Are you gonna tell the others? No.
And I'd ask that you don't, either.
I will when it's time.
When I first saw you with Hope, I, uh I understood why you didn't want to come back.
Mack: I didn't make it easy.
She was [Music.]
I feel terrible that I tried to pull you away from her and worse that we couldn't save her.
Can you forgive me? There's nothing to forgive.
Those years with her, as a father, it'll always be a part of me.
But they also gave me a glimpse of a life I could have here with you.
You really have to leave right away? Yeah.
I have to get this book someplace safe.
Keep an eye on my brother? - The gateway's almost ready.
- Don't need it.
I've learned a few things since you saw me last.
[Portal whirring.]
I don't envy you.
I was gonna say the same to you.
What did he mean by that? [Sighs.]
Mack: We picked up radio chatter on the Zephyr.
The good news is, is that Talbot is alive.
He's in a coma, but alive.
The bad news is they know we're here, - and they're on their way.
- Yeah, you should go while you can.
Yeah, we're all going.
No, I'm gonna stay.
This is my fault Aida, the LMDs, all the deaths.
Those aren't on S.
Those are on me.
And, uh, I can explain that I built the LMD that shot Talbot.
- That way - Fitz.
We were all in the Framework together.
We understand how confusing and screwed-up that world is.
And trust me, it's gonna take me years to process everything that happened in there.
But the one thing that I don't need time to understand is that we are all in this together.
I tried to take the blame for everything not too long ago.
I dyed my hair.
I ran away.
I thought that separating myself from the team would help me protect it.
But in truth, I kind of just lost myself.
And you you were the one who pulled me back in.
This is not on you, okay? We all lost ourselves in there.
And yeah, it might take you a long time to forgive yourself.
But speaking on behalf of the team, you have nothing to apologize for.
May: If there's a price to pay, we pay it together.
Anybody else hungry? I'm not saying we're definitely gonna get locked up, but if we are, wouldn't mind grabbing a bite to eat first.
[Waves crashing.]
Though immortality may have eluded me perhaps it's for the best.
After all what is eternity without my beloved Agnes by my side? This is the way the world ends.
Not with a bang, but a I'm not rich and I'm not famous [Music.]
I don't have a lot of money I can offer you You know, I think this is the first time we've all been together in a really long time.
Woman: Anybody have room for some pie? [All murmuring.]
Okay, so we have apple, strawberry, rhubarb, and chocolate banana cream.
[Electricity crackles, powers down.]
[Electronics whir.]
Here we go.
[Door opens.]
[People gasp, murmur.]
[Undistinct chatter.]
[Guns cock.]
- Phillip J.
- Yep, that's me.
You got us.
Nice job.
And hey, congrats on the whole power-outage thing.
It was very ominous.
[Device powers on, high-pitched ringing.]
The window closes in less than two minutes.
Take them.
Coulson: We'll return in a moment.
[Clank in distance.]
[Exhales sharply.]
All right, Phil, enough sight-seeing.
Get back to work.