Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s05e14 Episode Script

The Devil Complex

1 Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" What I was in the Framework wasn't programming.
Every light needs a shadow.
You just have to learn how to control it.
Mom? The steps you take don't need to be big.
TOGETHER: They just need to take you in the right direction.
You always used to say that.
My mom said it to me.
The steps you take don't need to be big.
They just need to take you in the right direction.
When the monoliths exploded, they tore open a fear dimension.
It's our fears come to life.
FITZ: The Gravitonium device that we used to seal the rift is barely strong enough.
So, we need more Gravitonium to seal the rift for good.
DEKE: If you can box it up without touching it, you might be able to get it off the ship.
[LATCHES CLICK] One ball of Gravitonium.
Thank you.
Guess what I got you.
I can search the stock for biscuits.
I want the real thing.
I want proper British junk food.
I want Maltesers, and I want Twiglets! Remember when care packages were the only way you could get through cramming at the Academy? Yep, but those were problems we could actually solve.
The Gravitonium needs to be compressed to work with this.
I've no idea how to do that.
I don't know how Why'd it have to be a fear dimension coming to life? Why couldn't it be dreams or wishes? What would your wish be? An extra day between Saturday and Sunday.
You? Speak any language.
Or a honeymoon.
Uh, uh, can you grab me the crimpers? Yeah.
Now, if we had more than one wish, flying wouldn't be bad.
Or a pony.
[SIGHS] Or a flying pony [GASPS] Jemma! [GRUNTS] Hyah! [BODY THUDS] [SIGHS] [YO-YO GRUNTS] MACK: Good.
That's good, but don't push yourself.
If I'm not pushing myself, then what's the point of this test? Crank it up.
Let's see what I can do.
Right now, you're at 10 percent feedback to your nerves.
If just this level's causing you that much pain, then maybe you should - [GRUNTING] - Okay.
I think that's enough for today.
MACK: This arm is just a prototype.
Fitz and I only had so much to work with from the salvaged clangers we brought back, but we'll figure something out.
[FABRIC PEELING] In the meantime, I'll get these diagnostics to Fitz, and then, uh, maybe we could add some additional I don't need any bells and whistles, Mack.
I just need to be able to punch things.
Your arms aren't fully healed yet.
What you need is time.
My arms may not work, but my eyes do.
At least let me sit in Control, keep an eye out for anomalies.
Maybe, but you have to allow yourself to heal.
We'll handle the fighting for now.
We've already got an op up and running to find the people who did this to you.
We'll protect you, mi amor, even if it's from yourself.
That's what family does.
The Gravitonium from Deke's gravity gizmo was intensely compressed.
Refined in a way that I cannot duplicate with the raw element we got from the Principia.
Let alone inserting it into this new device.
So I was hoping that That Deke might be able to have some more insight into exactly how it works.
Deke? [POUNDS TABLE] Deke! Okay.
Well, I don't know much about the stuff inside.
I just know that it's saved Saved my ass like a thousand times.
Okay, well, the short amount of time that we bought ourselves is up.
So, what's the plan? Well, I've temporarily plugged the dam, but it could burst at any minute, releasing more of these anomalies into the base.
Or worse, out into the world.
Are you okay, by the way? That could not have been easy.
I'm fine.
The astronaut isn't even my greatest fear.
Goodness knows what else could come crawling out of there.
Just trust me.
I can figure this out.
I just I need to I'll experiment all night if I have to.
So, what do we do? Maybe I can find some of Dr.
Franklin Hall's original notes.
Yeah, that could give us some insight into the nature of the element.
I'll see what I can find on the database.
And please be careful! Just because we keep putting ourselves in increasingly perilous situations, which is worrisome, and I just don't want anything to happen to you Your to your brains.
'Cause they're so smart that, if we we need those to survive.
Thanks, Deke.
Come on.
They're okay, right? Like, they're gon Like, they're gonna be They're gonna be fine? They'll figure it out.
Have faith.
Or a, you know, Xanax.
Guess I was just super moved by their nuptials.
Become very invested in them as a couple.
I just want them to, you know, last for, like, a long, long time.
Oh, hold on.
Looks like we've got a tracking hit.
Our intel was right.
Everyone slips up sometimes, even Air Force Generals.
I'll send him the coordinates now.
[KEYS CLACKING] HALE: I was unaware that the timetable was so strict.
I'm not making excuses, but there's no reason to [SIGHS] Yes, we're close.
Good first stop on your redemption tour.
Thank you, sir.
Feels good to get one over on Hale in return.
[SIGHS] You'd think our military would have better encryption on their phones.
Radio home.
Tell them we bagged us a general.
They They told me to tell you that they got her General Hale.
[TOOL CLACKS] All right, well, wasn't really expecting confetti or anything, but maybe like a "blimey" or, like, some kind of acknowledgement.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] You need a hand? I'm pretty good with metalwork.
I guess it runs in my DNA.
All right, man, well, I'm no doctor, but that looks like the opposite of what you're sup [BODY THUDS] [WRENCH CLATTERS] No.
[SIGHS] I'm the only doctor here.
[DOOR CLOSES] Soundproof walls.
Low lighting.
Sensory deprivation? Wow.
What's next, blasting death metal? I'm not here to torture you, General.
I just want to sit down and talk, ask you some questions that have been bugging me lately.
Where's my driver? Let's start with why you've declared war on my people.
That's a tad dramatic.
I'm a general in the United States Air Force.
You're the leader of a domestic terrorist organization.
I'm just trying to bring you to justice.
I missed the part where "bring to justice" and "blow up with beacon bombs" are analogous.
I have orders not to let you escape by any means.
I'm simply doing my job.
Is it your job to cut the arms off one of my agents? For that, I do apologize.
One of my subordinates got a bit overzealous.
I'm sure you can understand.
I mean, after all, wasn't it your Agent Johnson who shot our mutual friend Glenn Talbot in the head? That wasn't Daisy.
Ever the guardian, huh? "Get behind my shield.
I'll protect you.
" I can see why people follow you so blindly.
- It's called loyalty.
- But only to a point.
You need more than that for what I'm trying to do.
And what would that be? Prevent our extinction.
I need to access the main terminal.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I couldn't find any physical notes from Dr.
Tell me someone scanned them into the system.
I-I already did, and I couldn't find anything.
Nothing? We have zero records of his actual research? Nothing.
[POUNDS COMPUTER] Fitz! Oh, my How is that possible? Okay, you don't need to beat yourself or the computer up over this.
Are you okay? Have you even slept? During what possible period of time, Daisy? Okay, Fitz, you don't need to carry the weight of the world.
We are all here.
I mean, even Yo-Yo wants me to set up a security feed in the med bay so she can watch out for anomalies.
- What am I missing? - [CONSOLE BEEPING] I No, no, no, no, no.
We just lost two cameras.
That's 10 levels below us.
Do you think it's another anomaly flare? We know it can reach beyond its origin point.
If we don't contain it soon, there won't be any safe levels in the whole base.
[SIGHS] Okay, well, I'll I'll go check it out.
We're all doing our part.
Just take it easy, okay? [FOOTSTEPS FADE] [SIGHS] Okay.
Just run possible simulations to compensate for the uneven distribution of [SIGHS] Come on, Fitz.
Think! THE DOCTOR: You're on the right track.
[FOOTSTEPS] You're not quite there yet.
No, you cannot be here.
There's work that needs to be finished.
What What work? What are you What are you doing here? What you are unwilling to do.
YO-YO: Wait.
What's going on? More anomalies have begun occurring.
Until we get a better handle on the situation, we're moving you to another floor out of the line of fire.
And what's my say in all this? I'm not brain-dead.
I can speak for myself.
We think you'll be safer on another floor.
Stop treating me like a child, Mack.
I'm an agent.
Same as both of you.
If things are getting crazier around here, then you need me more than ever.
I don't need you to protect me.
[DOOR OPENS] Don't move.
FITZ: This can't be real.
Like the astronaut wasn't real? Like the world My world That you destroyed wasn't real? Come on.
We both know better than that.
I'm very real.
And I am gonna finish what you started.
I didn't start anything.
That was all you.
Not me.
That's not me.
But you and I are the same, aren't we Fitz? That's what they call you here, isn't it? So familiar.
No, 'cause No, whatever it is that you're plotting, I'll stop you.
Come on.
You couldn't stop me if you wanted to.
Plans are already in motion.
- [GUNSHOT] - SIMMONS: No! You can't escape me, Fitz.
We're not finished yet.
Saving humanity That's usually my line.
I don't think you understand the forces at play here.
My vantage point is much higher than yours.
What are you trying to save the planet from? Why do you need the Gravitonium? No.
I understand you, Agent Coulson.
I even admire you a bit.
But I don't trust you yet.
That feeling is becoming increasingly mutual.
You're not exactly giving off benevolent vibes here.
Benevolence is not enough.
Your charisma and empathy is only gonna get you so far.
I don't lose sleep at night worrying about the difficult calls.
I do what's necessary.
And, yes, sometimes, people have to die.
But I'm willing to pull the trigger.
Are you? If the right person's on the other end of the gun.
Then let me point it in the right direction.
Let me show you what we are really up against.
Come with me.
No, thank you.
I don't like taking orders from backseat pilots.
[CHUCKLES] But I've always been in the driver's seat.
Oh, come on.
Do you really think that hacking my phone was [CHUCKLING] some sort of stealthy exploit I was unaware of? You underestimate me.
What is it, Piper? We tried to pull the sleeping driver out of the car.
- And? - We couldn't lift him, ma'am.
He's too heavy.
An android? More like a statue.
It hasn't moved.
What is it? Get out of the car, Mr.
You're working for Hale? I suggest you listen to what she has to say.
She can be persuasive.
[ENGINES ROARING] [METAL THUMPS] Don't beat yourself up.
You did what you were told, gave us the contact numbers The rest is on me.
I acted too fast on the intel.
Another trap.
Feels like you'd be safer if you just tossed me out of the plane.
We should at least consider it.
So good to see you again.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] What the hell happened? That robo-assassin burst in and shot Mack.
[GROANS] Yeah, but I won, though.
Gunshot wound to the leg.
No major arteries hit.
[STRAINED] I'm fine.
I thought you deactivated those things before bringing them back.
It's not an anomaly? No, it would have disappeared.
That thing is real.
How the hell could that have happened? How did he get put back together? It was him.
Him who? The other.
[SIGHS] The The Doc The Doctor from from the Framework.
[SIGHS] He's here.
You didn't really think you'd seen the last of me, did you? I should have known there was more of you out in the wind.
You squash one cockroach, there's bound to be others nearby.
Although I think you will find I do not squash so easily these days.
So much for the "superior humanity" schtick.
I have simply redefined what that means.
Parts of me will always be human.
But I have gained so much more with this new form.
How's that for a cool origin story, bro? MAY: So, what? You turned over a new leaf? Or just another Russian infiltrating our democracy? Humanity still stands threatened.
I will ensure this planet's survival for generations.
But Hale is an important part of that.
So you're the one holding her leash? You will bring her to me.
Or Mr.
Creel will blow this lovely plane out of the sky.
He and I will survive, of course, but I am less confident about your chances.
I'm sorry.
This is my fault.
This is my fault.
If I'd just If I could have just worked out how to s-shut the rift sooner, then then my greatest fear wouldn't be Who says it's your greatest fear? YO-YO: Who cares whose fear it is? What matters is stopping him.
[GRUNTS] What does he want? I don't I don't know.
[SIGHS] But you do, Fitz.
He is you, so just think.
No, I No.
I-I don't know.
[INHALES DEEPLY] You have to try.
This is our only lead to gain some insight into into what he might be after.
He said that he wanted to do what I was unable to do.
To finish what was started.
W-What does that mean? What Is he trying to bring back Aida and make her another body? After Ghost Rider? I don't think there's any coming back from that.
That wasn't his only operation in the Framework.
He was also in charge of Inhuman experimentation.
That's why he sent that Terminator after Yo-Yo.
And that means he's also after Daisy.
Where is she? There was a surveillance shortage on one of the other levels.
- She went to check it out.
- Okay, we have to We have to lock down the base, close the Doctor in.
I'll find her.
[GRUNTS] What the hell? There's nothing wrong with you.
[SIGHS] Okay, wild goose, one.
Daisy Johnson, zero.
[CHOKING] [GASPS] That moral high ground is eroding at your feet.
Utilizing robots built by terrorists? You're standing next to the man responsible for shooting Talbot.
Daisy Johnson shot Talbot.
I saw the tape.
That was an android.
And programmed by him.
He's an android programmed by Leopold Fitz.
You want proof? Let's tear Anton apart, limb by limb.
His electronic parts look remarkably like S.
- That's not what happened.
- What's your proof? You see how little you control? Yes, there's much to understand.
But I can help you with that.
Coulson, come with me.
He's not going anywhere.
I come with you, my people get away unharmed.
I can agree to that.
Excuse us.
[WHISPERING] You can't be serious, Phil.
[WHISPERING] We've been behind her this entire time.
If I can get clarity on what we're dealing with, then all the better.
Oh, and we don't discuss it? - We know this is a trap, Phil.
- Yeah.
- And it's a really good one, too.
- Don't do that.
Not now.
Not when you're turning your back on me.
Turning my back on you? What other way out is there? - This is unavoidable.
- It's suicidal.
Which is now a recurring theme for you.
I'm not airing our dirty laundry in front of the bad guys right now.
How considerate.
[SIGHS] He's all yours.
- [FLASHLIGHT CLICKS] - [GRUNTS LIGHTLY] Oh, come on, Agent Johnson.
[FLASHLIGHT CLICKS] That's not how you address a Hydra superior.
What What What's going on? THE DOCTOR: Escape is unlikely.
Between the restraints and the carisoprodol, your energy would be better spent making yourself as comfortable as possible.
I'm afraid I didn't have too many painkillers.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You're not Fitz.
You are another anomaly.
Where is Fitz? Where's the real Fitz? Oh, believe me You're looking at him.
Okay, so, what is this? Uh, is it payback, huh, for the Framework? I know you like your Inhumans alive when you turn them inside out.
My Inhuman work not only took threats off the streets deepened their understanding of their powers.
That's a Nobel Prize speech.
My work helps people which is precisely what I'm doing now by restoring your powers.
What? No.
- No.
No! No, no.
- Ah, ah, shh.
I've told you.
I've told you.
Try and make yourself as comfortable as possible.
No, you can't No, no, no! - [SCREAMING] - [FLESH TEARING] Put it on.
I'll need to scan your hand, too, for weapons.
You know, somehow, this is only the second-worst party invitation I've ever received.
Just put the damn hood on, Coulson.
You know me, Carl.
Whatever lies Hale is selling you Look at how he scrambles to save face.
You're still here.
Hey, speaking of faces, how come your robo-warriors don't have any? They are merely soldiers.
Tools for battle.
'Cause, see, I think, when you lost your partner Aida, you lost the ability to make convincing LMDs.
That's why Hale isn't one.
And you know what else I think? You're not the one calling the shots here.
What happened, bro? Hale must have your balls in a vise.
Actually it's his head in a jar.
[ENGINES ROAR] [CRYING] Please, don't do this.
Please, don't do this.
You know what restoring my powers could do.
You No.
- Conversely - [GROANS] this rift could be what destroys the world.
Your powers could be what save it.
This is the path to destruction.
You [GROANS] are what's needed to compress the Gravitonium and insert it into the device to shut the rift for good.
[GROANS] My hypothesis has science to back it up.
[BREATHES SHARPLY] What does yours have? Stop! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Fitz? What are you doing to her? How many times do I have to say it? What needs to be done.
YO-YO: Mack, you need to sit down.
Take the weight off that leg.
Not a chance.
Not when more of those things could be coming after you.
Nothing's going to happen to me.
You're damn right nothing's gonna happen to you.
Not on my watch.
No, Mack.
Nothing can happen to me.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, think about it.
You saw me in the Lighthouse.
You know I make it to that point in the future.
Nothing can happen to me until then.
You just lost both your arms.
- That's not nothing.
- But I didn't die.
The future we saw isn't guaranteed.
We're actively working to make sure it doesn't come true.
That means you could still die.
I could still lose you.
What then? Well, then, we would have broken the loop.
You need to stay off that leg.
I tried to tell him.
Well, you just don't want to re-aggravate that injury.
Have Fitz or Daisy checked in yet? No, he's still out there, looking for her.
Stay with her.
Ev Everything Everything's gonna be fine, Daisy, okay? It will be if you let me finish.
You are a monster.
You programmed those robots to attack Yo-Yo, and now you've got Daisy lying on an operating table.
If the robot attacked, it must be because it was provoked.
I simply programmed it to keep Mack and the others at bay while I set to work removing Daisy's inhibitor.
What? Well, her powers are the missing key to manipulating the Gravitonium.
What's going on? They're They're Wait.
Just stop, stop, stop, stop.
You know that I'm right.
[BREATHING QUICKLY] Because Because Because Because I'll [STAMMERING] You'll what? Look at you.
You are weak! But together, we can fix it.
Who are you talking to? No.
Finish what we started.
No! SIMMONS: Fitz! Simmons help me Put the scalpel down.
Fitz What? It's not me.
It's not me it's He w He was He was right here.
He was right What is happening? [SNIFFLES] Fitz it wasn't an anomaly.
It was you.
Programming the robots.
Keeping everyone else occupied.
I couldn't find any physical notes from Dr.
DAISY: We just lost two cameras.
That's 10 levels below us.
To isolate Daisy.
All part of his plan.
Of my plan.
Hey, look at me.
We can work all of this out.
You just need to let Daisy go.
There's no turning back.
Of course there is.
He planned for that, too.
[GUN COCKS] You would point a gun at me? The Doctor would.
He programmed it to make sure I'd go through with it.
[WHIMPERING] He didn't want to hurt you.
Just like he didn't want to hurt Mack.
But it's just I wouldn't have done any of this if I didn't believe it was going to work.
You don't know it's going to work.
The science is sound.
There are always risks involved.
You know that, Jemma.
You're right, but [SNIFFLES] potentially paralyzing Daisy or destroying the world are two massive risks, Fitz.
Let's hope that that doesn't happen.
No, no, no, no, no.
Fitz, Fitz, Fitz! No, please.
Please, Fitz.
Fitz, I am begging you.
Please, you do not want to do this.
[SIGHS] No I don't.
- But I have to.
- No, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no! [SCREAMS] [SCREAMING] [CRYING] [RUMBLING] [DAISY BREATHING HEAVILY] I will I will never forgive you.
I suspect you won't be the only one.
[GRUNTS] [RUMBLING] The adrenaline will help jump-start your powers.
Here's what you need to do.
You need to compress the Gravitonium down as much as possible.
[RUMBLING] Then carefully guide it over and insert it into the sphere.
[RUMBLING, PULSING] How long have you been seeing him? My mind's been through a lot.
[SIGHS] Been hearing him for a while now.
Since we left the Framework.
Only just started seeing him.
It's your injury acting up.
You used to see me, too, when I wasn't there.
You were my conscience.
Then what was he? [SIGHS] You had a psychic split.
But that dark persona, that's not you.
It is me.
It's not an apparition.
It's not some evil doppelganger.
It was me.
How are Daisy and Mack? You have to talk to them.
They can come to forgive you if you just explain I don't deserve forgiveness, Jemma.
Just like you don't deserve me? Mack's injured.
Daisy's traumatized.
Do you know what the worst part about all of this is? I still believe that it was the right thing to do.
It's such a confusing gray area.
But if we are going to change the timeline, we have to do things differently.
Make harder choices.
What does that make us? I don't know.
I really don't know where we go from here.
[SIGHS] I don't know really what to say.
That's a first.
I guess I don't have to ask how you're doing.
I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
You're a victim in all of this, too.
[CRYING] I just don't I don't really know how to process it.
He's losing himself.
I feel like I'm losing him, too.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] You haven't lost him.
You know him better than he even knows himself.
He's complicated.
And he's stubborn.
[SNIFFLES] That's why you let him win arguments sometimes, right? He can be a real baby when he's sick, so that's why you got to take care of him.
And he's always got the weight of the world on his shoulders.
That's why he needs you there to help lighten the load.
Oh, and he loves his prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches that no one can make right except you.
How could you possibly know all those things? Because my mom used to tell me about her parents all the time.
She always spoke about her dad with so much love and admiration on her face.
Said that he was the best man she ever knew.
So I know that you can help Fitz.
And I know that you two are gonna be okay because the steps you take don't need to be big [INHALES SHARPLY] They just need to take you in the right direction.
W [INHALES SHARPLY] You're our grandson? [BREATHING SHARPLY] [COUGHING] We'll return in a moment.
Apologies for the delay.
MAN: Still empty-handed.
You see how your lack of results could be construed as ineptitude.
If you thought less of me, I wouldn't be here.
You're here because the Confederacy allows it.
You want a seat at the table, you must prove you are deserving of it.
I've secured what I believe to be the final piece.
It's all within reach.
Always said prior to failure.
No, I'd die before that happened.
Well, before you do that, there's a tradition within the Confederacy.
If one faces failure, you drink the Odium.
Fight your last in a wave of savage glory.
But if your resolve is as strong as you claim, you'll have no need of it.
I hope fortune turns your way.
And, of course Hail Hydra.