Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s06e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" SIMMONS: Tell us about these items you're searching for.
The Di'Allas.
They're made of stone.
They can create, move beings through space - and time and - Monoliths.
You robbed me of my family, and then you took the one thing I had left my memories of them.
It's not that I stole your memories, Sarge.
It's that you never had any to begin with.
- JACO: We can end this.
- You take the stairs.
I'll flank around back.
Where is she? Not here.
DAISY: That's an atom bomb.
Tell Sarge I completed the mission.
MACK: To those of you who've served since the very beginning and to those whose journeys have just begun.
Because without every single one of you, there is no S.
I knew it wasn't Coulson.
We all saw something in Sarge that wasn't there.
Should have killed him the moment I saw him.
You? Really? [GRUNTING.]
My God.
That is uncanny.
That's not our guy.
Remember that.
But do what you can anyway.
We'll keep you updated, Director.
- Is she here? - Yeah.
Won't talk to us, though.
No need to ask.
I did it.
I shot him.
Why? Because it had to be done.
Marvel's Agents of S.
6x10 Leap What the hell, May? Really? You're gonna shoot a guy in holding and then just go silent? Silenter.
Do you even know what he is? No.
But I do know what he's capable of.
He left our team and 100,000 innocents to die.
I know that he is definitely not Coulson No, he's not.
that he deserved it.
But I also know what you are, and "vigilante" is not on the list.
T-The face His face has nothing to do with it.
I know it rattles you.
It messes with me, too.
But this is not what we do.
This is extreme.
It was time for extreme.
MACK: May's been out of sorts since he showed up, had him in her sights.
She said she wanted to kill him.
Well, I can't blame her, but I still have to hold her accountable.
I mean, this is Well, did she crack? I don't understand.
I understand wanting to prevent future suffering.
She's done it before, and she's not the only one.
I know.
But this man was in custody.
May was my right hand these last few months.
I thought I was finally getting to know her.
I'm gonna look at the security footage.
You let me know if anything here changes, okay? I just heard what happened.
I don't believe it.
No, I don't believe it, either.
Got 'em.
Not that it'll make much difference at this point.
- Thank you.
We'll take it from here.
- Okay.
The resemblance is disturbing.
Is it freaking you out, how much he looks like Coulson? 'Cause it's freaking me out.
Well, that.
But also this.
He has a pulse? That is insane.
He was shot four times.
He lost practically all of his blood.
Why is it taking him so long to die? No, you don't understand.
It's getting stronger.
He's coming back.
YO-YO: Did she give you an explanation? Yeah Sarge, not a fan.
- Can't blame her.
- I mean, he did kidnap her.
- And locked us in with a nuke.
- Killed agents in cold blood.
Well, and he has Coulson's friggin' face.
I mean, that can't be easy for her.
The world's better off without him.
But why a gun? May doesn't like guns.
She'd beat him to a pulp in a heartbeat.
And she'd enjoy it.
It'd be fun to watch.
But an unarmed man in a cell? Even if you weren't a fan, you wouldn't It's a duck in a barrel.
I-It's not her thing.
We've all trained with her.
She wouldn't use a gun.
Piper, go check out May's quarters to see if there's anything out of place.
I'll retrace her steps after we got back from Sarge's truck.
- And I'll talk to her.
- Good.
You've been spending the most time with her lately.
Maybe she will talk to you.
Give us a minute.
- Finally.
Someone who knows something.
You gonna fill me in? May.
Why am I locked up? What are you talking about? And how the hell did I get in here? You don't know? Know what, exactly? I-I remember leaving the party, and the next thing I know, I'm in holding.
What's going on? You don't remember shooting Sarge? Doing what? [METAL CLANGS.]
Who's there? [METAL CLANGS.]
So, they're moving Sarge's body down to the morgue? Yeah.
It was hard seeing that guy's face.
I wasn't here when he [SIGHS.]
When the real Coulson died.
Did you Did you get a chance to know him? Not as well as I would've liked.
I left before it happened.
I needed to go find my place in a new world.
Or that was my thinking.
You're a man out of time.
And my double is in the ground.
A guy with Coulson's face shouldn't throw me, but I can explain us.
I can't explain him.
Have you tried? Here.
SIMMONS: I'm trying to I'm trying to piece it all together.
Coulson interacted with a monolith.
Izel told us that she was searching for monoliths.
And Sarge was chasing Izel.
But how are these two related? How does she figure into it? Those are all good questions, but literally, anyone who could answer them is dead.
You spent some time with Sarge.
Did you learn anything about him? Not much.
And he's not very nice.
Did a real number on my IPO.
Oh, yeah.
I heard.
Well, you also probably heard that, you know, the company was pretty successful, too.
Is that why you started the company? To make money? I-I No, it's for science.
Because money isn't everything, and it's actually pretty terrible, really.
Well, you know, scientific discovery depends on finance.
You do need money.
Yeah, well, it can also be a good thing.
Like, see okay.
Like, in the future, w-we had these devices on our wrists with tokens, and that's not a great system, you know? Probably had a lot to do with how I see materialism - [DOOR OPENS.]
- and the acquisition of goods And there's Piper! Let's Let's Let's talk to Piper.
- You hear about May? - Yes.
Did you notice anything off about her when she got back? Nothing.
She was normal, stoic, brooding May.
Till she wasn't.
What about you? Did you Did you sense something's off? Not that I noticed.
But my guess is May's gonna be just fine.
Yeah, I'll ask around.
FITZ: So, if you can help me with this equipment, we can take some samples of Sarge's tissue.
MAY: It wasn't me! I'm telling you, I didn't pull that trigger! I'm telling you that you did.
And you just confessed to it.
But you don't seem to remember.
So what do you remember? Jaco took the bomb and blew the aircraft out of the sky.
We got back to the Lighthouse, had beer, whiskey, made toasts.
Davis was hammered.
You and Mack were obviously about to have sex.
You asked what I remembered.
I was pissed.
But I didn't want to shoot Sarge.
I-I wanted to sleep.
So, you went to your quarters? Yeah.
I said "good night" and What is it? My quarters.
I don't think I ever got there.
How far did you get? [SIGHS.]
I, uh, got off the elevator Did you see anyone? Just Davis, trying to get his Huh.
- Diaz? - [GROANING.]
Who did this? I don't I don't know.
I was guarding May a second ago, and then this.
You called for me? Thought you'd want to see this.
Why are you hiding Sarge down here? Is he still hanging on? You could say that.
Well, I thought for sure he'd bleed out by now with all those wounds.
SIMMONS: What wounds? They've all healed completely.
That doesn't make any sense.
We expect things around here to make sense now? What is he? Fitz and I asked the exact same question.
We're working on it.
Well, you did the right thing hiding him down here till we know what's going on.
In the meantime, I'm gonna post a guard down here with you.
Absolutely not.
The fewer people that know about Sarge, the better.
I'm not gonna leave you down here alone.
If he's alive, he's dangerous.
With respect, sir, I'll be fine.
He's restrained.
I'm not gonna take that chance.
I fought him.
I know how strong he is.
Would you guys quit banging? You wouldn't answer.
Sleeping off the festivities or trying to, with the pounding in my skull.
You don't look so good, Davis.
I feel fantastic.
Can't party like I used to, I guess.
I thought I learned my lesson after the space puff incident of 2019.
How many beers did you have last night? Do not recall.
Did you, by any chance, see May in the corridor? Oh.
After I blacked out, she was the first thing I saw when I came to, so I was in bad shape.
She was cool about it sweet, really.
Melinda May was "sweet"? Is there a different meaning for that word? She said I looked like I was having trouble, couldn't argue with that, and I had to go rest.
And yeah, now that I hear it out loud, she usually is more gruff.
So you lost time, too? DEKE: Piper! - Hey.
- That's me.
Listen, I just wanted to pick your brain about something.
- I'm actually - How do you know if someone likes being around you? It's for an app.
I wouldn't really know.
Like, you saw me and Fitz chatting it up earlier.
Would you say that's a good example of a grandfather who really enjoys his grandson's company and doesn't hate him this time? Grandfather.
I guess so.
That's That's what I think, too, so Wait, is that a Shrike crystal? This is just something we have Those are really dangerous.
I don't know if you should be handling that.
Ask Jaco the Giant.
He was there.
He went up in flames with the ship.
He did? No, no, no.
We were chasing that, uh, alien woman, um - Izel.
- Right.
I chased her into this room, got a glimpse of her but That's all I got.
You probably don't know because you were in space, but that can turn you into a zombie.
I-I can I can take it back for you.
I really wish you hadn't noticed it.
Something is very wrong.
You okay? You don't look so great.
I, uh I might b-be missing some lucidity at the moment.
Well, you're not the only one.
They say that's been going around today.
You should take care of yourself.
Go rest.
May didn't shoot Sarge.
- It was Izel.
- How is that possible? Open door.
You need something? MACK: What do you mean, "could be anyone"? She's taking people over, possessing them.
- So she wasn't on that ship.
- She was in Davis and then she jumped into May and now who knows.
It would explain why people are losing time.
I did.
There seems to be a malfunction with the door.
It won't open.
Not a malfunction.
You don't have clearance here.
It's top-level only.
Keeps out people who have a history of stealing S.
tech for profit.
Top-level, such as yourself? Do I look like the Director to you? You don't.
But I've seen a few people who do.
Look, Mack, I know it sounds crazy, but if you just - What are you doing? - [KEYS CLACKING.]
I'm locking down the Lighthouse.
I'm locking her in.
Thanks for springing me.
Don't thank me yet.
We still have a body-snatching alien on the loose.
- Of course we do.
- Lighthouse perimeter secured.
All entry points locked down.
Floor access limited.
Snug as a bug, sir.
I got a 20 on all our agents in River's End and sent encrypted messages to shelter-in-place.
Working on a head count inside the Lighthouse.
All right, good.
Now, how do we find her? Do we know what she wants? She shot Sarge.
Maybe she just wanted him.
Yeah, but she could've slipped out after, and no one's been in or out since, so what kept her here? Maybe we should ask who she is now.
We isolate the agents, begin interrogations one by one.
No good if she's the person asking questions.
Maybe I should take a more technological approach.
She could be anyone in this place.
She could be one of us in this room.
No one saying anything makes it scarier.
Just pointing it out.
MACK: May's right.
Izel could be here right now, watching us.
We don't know the rules how she moves from person to person, how long she can stay there.
DAISY: We do know one thing.
When Izel was in May, it was clear that she didn't know about May's life.
She had to bluff.
So, you're saying she doesn't have access to her host's memories.
YO-YO: Great.
So everybody just needs to share a secret that she wouldn't know.
The more private, the better.
- Oh, great.
- Right, but it has to be something that one other person can confirm.
We'll clear everyone here first, then everyone else in the base.
It's the best plan so far.
DEKE: Is it the best plan? I talk a lot.
I don't have any secrets.
- You have any other ideas? - Okay.
I'll go first.
Um I, uh, tell people that the only time I miss Pitosí is during Christmas, but that's not exactly true.
- It's not? - No, it's not.
She told me.
There's one day every year where I miss him more.
Your mother's birthday.
That's May.
- She's good, too.
- Okay, um Daisy anonymously sends part of her S.
salary to someone every month.
Amanda Campbell, Lincoln's sister.
Mack's clear.
So are you.
Will you and Yo-Yo come with me for a moment? [DEVICE BEEPING.]
- Mack! - Mack.
What's this? Hear me out.
These are new security measures.
They're locked in.
I can still break through this glass.
But Izel can't I hope.
You just locked up our two strongest assets against her.
He locked the two strongest weapons she could use against us.
Imagine if she got in one of them.
If Izel got your powers, we're all dead.
You two stay in there until we catch her, no matter what.
You understand? Maybe this is a trick.
Maybe she's in you.
He knew what to ask Daisy.
Easy there, hotshot.
You're next.
I don't have any secrets anyone here would DAISY: Yes, you do.
When we were on Krylor, you took something.
You knew about that? I was running that mission.
I knew everything.
Also, you're not smooth like, at all.
I stole a pen.
A pen? A space pen.
I thought it was cool.
Aliens write things down.
I did not know that.
He's clear.
And also ridiculous.
Okay, you know, I-I don't feel comfortable with this anymore.
I think there's got to be another way of Well, of course he doesn't want to talk.
The alien woman's inside him.
What?! Why would you even say that? You have no idea.
I blacked out today for about an hour.
When I woke up, Deke was there.
I put together all the pieces.
Hold on.
I-I lost time today, too, and the last thing I remember before it happened was seeing Piper, so maybe she's Izel.
Oh, that sounds exactly like something Izel would say.
Well, so does that.
I know I'm me.
I don't know who you are.
What about you? Well, it's perfectly clear that one of these two needs to answer.
Yeah, but still Where was Simmons undercover the first time we met? [SCOFFS.]
You're asking a lot of questions.
Everybody knows the smartest thing she could do would be to go for the Director.
Wouldn't happen to be you by any chance, would it? MAY: Fitz.
Where was Simmons? You don't know the answer, do you? What happened? Things don't have to be painful.
They can be so easy.
I just need to know who has the most power.
You all seem like friends, so let's be smart about this.
Just give me what I want.
And I'll be on my way.
No, Mack! Mack.
Wait, wait.
Maybe if I hurt him, she'll come out.
Does that seem like a good plan, my dear? [CHUCKLES.]
I can kill any of you anytime I want.
Why don't you come out and stop me? What makes you so special? - [GRUNTS.]
- Don't.
They need us.
They're safer with us in here.
You heard what Mack said.
Things happen fast, don't they? [COUGHING, BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Hard to keep up.
I'm faster than she is.
And if you're not, we're all dead.
Oh, bad idea, love.
- No! Piper, no! - No! Do you understand yet? Do you see how things could be much worse? All I need is someone with access.
And then, poof I'm gone.
Davis, take the shot.
I can't shoot Piper, Director.
You just have to wound her.
I'll finish Izel when she comes out.
Don't make him do something we'll all regret Director.
Davis, now! [GASPS.]
I did warn you it could be worse.
Don't! What are you doing to him? [CLICKS TONGUE.]
So brave.
And so fragile.
No! - No!! - [THUD.]
- - Davis.
- Do not follow me.
I'd hate for there to be more casualties.
- Well.
You've come back to us.
What? Where am I? She shot me.
I know May.
But it wasn't May.
We think someone was possessing her.
Of course.
That's how she does it.
That's how she always gets away.
Our people are working on it.
Your people are gonna die if they haven't already.
Let me go.
Let me go! You're not going anywhere.
All agents, we need to locate Director Mackenzie now.
Do not engage.
He is extremely dangerous.
Report the Director's whereabouts to command staff ASAP.
We'll find him.
Why Mack? What does Izel need? She told Simmons and me she wanted monoliths.
But they're gone, right? They blew up all three.
There's no trace of them anywhere? Not a physical trace.
There was this light left behind.
You said it was a Fear Dimension.
- Wait, what? - When the monoliths exploded, it opened this Fear Dimension.
I fought a Kree, and I saw my mother, which was horrible, and and you got married in a forest a few floors down.
That was nice.
The other you.
It actually manifested living things? - Flesh and blood? - Yes.
Coulson went in, sealed it up.
Maybe it wasn't a dimension.
Izel said the monoliths had the power to create.
Now, we know that one monolith was "space", another was "time".
What if the third one was "creation"? That's where our fears came from? FITZ: Yeah.
Think about it.
The physical stones blew apart.
That doesn't It doesn't mean Doesn't mean that the energy went away.
It could The light could just be uncontained monolith energy.
We're looking for a link.
That could be it.
O-Okay, so so you're saying that, when Coulson went in there with it It's possible that the three energies combined to create another Coulson through space and time on some other planet years ago.
And And he was left there when our Coulson sealed the Gravitonium device.
MAY: If that's true, he doesn't know it.
Just saying, the other you thought it was a Fear Dimension.
Yeah, well, he wasn't the smart one.
- Sir, I - [GUN COCKS.]
- Uh - I need your cuffs.
Here we go.
DEKE: So, your Gravitonium device contains the energy of three monoliths.
And if Izel gets that power for herself Yeah.
Not good.
- MAY: Daisy, Yo-Yo.
We know where Mack went.
They're not here, but I can feel their presence.
Just as I can feel you.
And you could feel me.
You knew just where to find me, didn't you? I wondered how long it would take Bullets can't harm me any more than they can harm you.
Doesn't matter how.
I'll kill you.
Oh, sweetheart.
Don't you understand? You're not here to kill me.
You're here to join me.
You're wrong.
I know it's a lot for you to take in, but you and I You and I are intertwined, like two notes in harmony.
I promise, if you just listen to what you know is true inside I know you're trying to hurt me.
If it makes you feel any better, you are.
Perhaps not in the way you intend, but it still hurts.
Even so, it won't end me.
And you don't even want that.
Of course I do.
The same way you want to kill me.
Kill you? Oh, my poor dear.
If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead.
I was trying to wake you up.
Oh, I'm awake.
I'm awake enough to remember the people I loved, the family I had, and how it felt when you took them from me.
It's not true.
You're saying you didn't kill them? I'm saying you didn't have a family.
Those memories they aren't yours.
That makes no sense! Then how did I kill them? You can't recall because it didn't happen.
The family isn't yours.
It's a holdover, an echo from the man whose body you inhabit.
No, I I don't understand.
I'm only beginning to fully understand myself.
I always wondered how you got this form and where it came from.
But now, in this place, they recognize that face here.
Don't you see? The monoliths created your body, sent it back through time and space, back home to our realm.
Our realm? A planet where we have no form and yearn for it.
This human body arrived.
It had form.
You took it over and lost yourself lost me.
And in return, you got everything that comes with this unwilling vessel.
The memories aren't mine.
They're not.
But if if they weren't my family, if they didn't die, then why did I blame you? This host silenced most of who you are.
But you still remember my name like it's a song in your head.
You remember your name, too.
Even though our kind has no sound to hear it whispered.
I'm hunting you.
You're not hunting me.
You're longing for me.
This shell has confused you.
I'm one of the rare few who took my own form, left our realm.
You inspired me to do it.
- And your only chance - [GUN CLICKS.]
- No.
- to follow was to take this human husk.
You want to get in my head, but I know what I know.
I would never follow you.
You did.
And it's perfect.
We found the Di'Allas.
Our wish is about to come true.
Mack! Mack.
Mack, get up.
What are you doing here? We're kind of saving you, actually, so [RUMBLING.]
I gave you two a direct order.
We couldn't let her take you.
She could do anything.
Our wish? To give this gift to the rest of our kind, open the door, bring them forth, give them form.
The Shrike.
Created billions of willing hosts, waiting throughout this galaxy.
Just as you imagined.
So please, shake off the chains of this vulgar species and wake up! No.
I'm going to stop you.
I will stop you! I'm going to stop you.
I will stop you!! The only thing powerful enough to defeat me is inside you.
And you're afraid to let it out.
For now, anyway.
Hello, friends.
This is why you wanted her hidden away.
If you hurt her Hurt her? She's the perfect way for me to escape this place.
Who'd be foolish enough to stop me, when I could slice your throats before you even know what's happened? You really think we'll let you just walk off this base? Of course not.
You'll let me fly.
You can have our plane.
But I'm coming with you.
More human conceits of love and ownership.
Your plane has the room.
Come along.
Mack, no.
DAISY: He's making a mistake.
He's doing the right thing.
He's surrendering himself.
He's trusting his team.
IZEL: This human body arrived.
It had form.
You took it over and lost yourself lost me.
So, it's an entire realm of non-corporeal beings? And I thought we'd heard of everything, but nope.
We have heard of an entity like this before, actually.
Ghost Rider.
What, named that because he's a ghost that rides in someone's body? Yeah, I guess.
Pretty literal.
It's pretty deadly.
Which is why we need to keep an eye on him.
If he's something like that a holding cell will not be enough.
It's not true.
It's not me.
I know who I am.
And I know it's not me.