Ahsoka (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Part Two: Toil and Trouble

I found it.
The map?
This one holds
the secret Morgan's after.
The location of the last missing
Imperial Grand Admiral. Thrawn.
You know who could help you with this?
I'm not sure she'll want to help.
She'll do it. For Ezra.
Sorry for disappearing on you.
But I'm counting on you
to see this through.
I think I know how to find Ezra.
Can I take this?
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
This isn't just about finding Ezra.
It's about preventing another war.
You think I don't know that?
The map stays here.
She took the map off the ship
when I explicitly told her not to.
But you and I both know
Sabine gives you the best chance
of reading that map.
Think I'm going on a trip.
We've been looking for this.
You really think Ezra's still out there?
I'm counting on you to see this through.
This isn't just about finding Ezra.
It's about preventing another war.
We've been looking for this.
That's too bad.
- The droids. They took the map.
- Relax.
You don't understand. I
I unlocked it.
There were two galaxies.
And then a pathway appeared between them.
Where did the path in our galaxy begin?
What planet?
They took the map
before I could decipher it.
Did you keep a record of what you found?
The droids destroyed it.
How many droids were there?
Two. I took one out.
- Ahsoka.
- Get some rest.
Wait. You need my help.
No. You've done enough.
Contact Morgan.
Tell her I believe we have
located the reflex point on Seatos.
We've been looking for this.
That's too bad.
I was hoping you were still here.
As long as you didn't short out
its capacitors when you sliced it up,
I should be able to work with it.
Are you sure you're up to this?
Like me, this kind of droid
is incredibly resilient.
Take off an arm or leg
and it just keeps coming.
That means they have several
built-in backup systems,
and as a result
Its memory core stays partially active
even after termination.
And if you get the power levels right,
you can recover the droid's memory.
And find out where it came from.
Very clever.
So, what happens if you get
the power levels wrong?
- The head will explode.
- "Explode"?
Calm your circuits. I can pull the plug
before it gets to that.
Perhaps we should perform this
somewhere else.
- I say go for it.
- Because you're a hologram.
There's no time to relocate.
We're falling behind as it is.
It's now or never.
Here we go.
The circuit temperature is rising.
It's encrypted. I need a minute.
I'm not sure we have a minute.
It's overheating. Switch it off.
Not yet.
We are out of time!
- I'm pulling the plug!
- No. Wait!
What is it?
This droid came here from Corellia.
The New Republic shipyard?
Morgan Elsbeth had factories on Corellia.
Her Imperial operations should have been
dismantled after the Rebellion.
Anyone check on that?
I'll meet you there.
Let's get going.
No. You need to recover.
I'm fine.
You did good.
Tell that to her.
I do. But she's not the one
who needs to hear it right now.
I haven't seen her in years and
the first thing I do goes sideways.
You're both difficult.
I always thought that made it work.
Until it didn't.
You need to help each other.
You heard her. She doesn't want my help.
Yes, she does.
Now get some rest.
You're gonna need it.
Thanks, Hera.
Show me what you've found.
This place was not built by the Jedi.
Whose work is it?
An ancient people from a distant galaxy.
Would you like to see it?
This is our galaxy.
That is our destination.
Where Grand Admiral Thrawn is banished.
Pathway to Peridea?
Some call it that.
The children at the Jedi Temple
call it that.
It comes from old stories, fairy tales.
Tales which are based on truths.
You're certain of this?
I feel the path forward is clouded.
Thrawn calls to me.
Across time and space.
You speak of dreams.
Vague and fractured hopes.
The threads of fate do not lie.
The Eye of Sion is on its way here.
Make sure that everything
is ready for its arrival.
Marrok will complete his task.
See that he does.
What happens when we find Thrawn?
For some, war.
For others
a new beginning.
And for us?
Power. Such as you've never dreamed.
Go to Corellia.
Assist Marrok with the final transport.
Yes, Master.
Ahsoka Tano, this is Myn Weaver,
Regional Supervisor.
I was just telling General Syndulla
that when the Empire fell,
all Imperial assets were
dissolved and redistributed
including those held by Morgan Elsbeth.
All the same, we'd appreciate a look
at her former facilities and operations.
Well, I am quite busy at the moment.
I could make this a more
formal inspection, if you'd like.
That won't be necessary, General.
Please, this way.
This was one of Morgan's facilities.
She supplied raw materials
used in the construction
of hyperdrive generators
for Imperial-class Star Destroyers.
Now we're taking them apart
and using the cores
to power the new ships
in the defense fleet.
Do the facilities still employ
any of her former staff?
Of course, there was no other way
to remain operational.
An Empire doesn't just
become a Republic overnight.
You will still find ex-Imperials
at every level
of the New Republic government.
- Don't you worry about their loyalty?
- Not at all.
The average worker doesn't care
about the nuances of galactic politics.
They have loyalty so
long as they're paid.
And you?
I'm a businessman, General.
My loyalty is to my investors.
I'll leave the politics up to you.
Looks like connecting
with Sabine paid off.
Until she lost the map.
Well, at least she unlocked it.
Which doesn't do us a lot of good
if we don't have it.
She got us here.
What are you getting at?
I was wondering if you would consider
bringing her back on as your apprentice.
Maybe we're both past that.
I think she could use some structure.
- And so could you.
- She's not ready.
I'm curious.
What makes someone ready?
You just know.
So do they.
I heard your repairs were complete.
Ah! I see you still have
your lightsaber.
Ezra's lightsaber.
True, he constructed it, and by
all accounts it served him well.
Then he passed it on to you.
You have since made
your own modifications.
So it is now your lightsaber.
For all the good it did me.
Have you kept up with your training?
Obviously not.
Well, perhaps it is time to begin again.
I don't think that's up to me.
Really? Explain.
I can't train if Ahsoka
doesn't want to teach me.
That is an excuse, and a poor one.
Hey. She quit on me.
The past is the past. Move forward.
Okay, but answer this.
If you could've unlocked
the map yourself,
would Ahsoka have come here?
It's very relevant.
Was I part of the plan?
Was she going to tell me about Ezra
or was this little reunion Hera's idea?
General Syndulla thought your insights
would be valuable.
And Lady Tano agreed.
She doesn't want me back.
She wasn't even thinking about me.
To be fair, you have never indicated
that you wanted to come back.
Forgot how annoying you are.
It doesn't matter.
I never had the talent, the abilities.
Not like Ezra.
That much is true.
I have known many Padawans
over the centuries,
and I can safely say
your aptitude for the Force
would fall short of them all.
Well then.
I won't waste any more of her time.
The only time you are
wasting is your own.
Welcome to the control center.
From here, we keep track
of the entire inventory
being created from the dismantled
Imperial Fleet.
We're able to find a use for everything
in many different sectors.
The profits generated
from a single Star Destroyer
are enough to fund various
New Republic reconstruction programs,
- among other things.
- Other things like?
Well, our board and primary investors
have first look at all unique hardware,
its price point, and distribution.
Is that a hyperdrive core?
Refurbished from an SSD, ready
for its new life serving the Republic.
This facility has produced
nine of these new models.
The New Republic defense fleet
isn't building anything that big.
What class of starship are they for?
Uh. Let's see.
Oh, there it is.
I'm a General. Nothing's
classified to me.
I'm sorry. I cannot unseal a document
without authorization.
Well, then I'm authorizing it.
I'm not sure you can.
Wanna bet?
C-1, can you come over here, please?
Perhaps you can help
with the protocol here.
What other types of droids
do you have in operation?
Standard protocol types as well as CCLs,
IW-37s, HV-7s, and other load lifters.
Why do you ask?
No HK-class?
Assassin droids?
I should think not.
Not even repurposed?
You know, to stay on schedule?
No, I'm sorry.
I have seen such a droid.
I catalog inventory
on arriving transports.
An HK-class droid recently prevented
me from completing this task.
When was this?
Five rotations ago.
Why didn't you log a report?
The droid carried
a high-level security clearance.
I could not object.
Where is this droid now?
I believe it is departing
on that transport.
Stop that ship.
I can't do that, General. They've
been cleared for departure.
I said, stop that ship! That's an order!
For the Empire!
- Get the Phantom.
- Right.
Fire up the engines, Chop!
Transport CT-05,
this is General Syndulla.
I order you to stand down
and return to port immediately.
I repeat, CT-05, return to port.
Keep your lid on, Chop.
I can't just shoot it down,
it would crash into the port city.
Just ready a tracking device.
And don't miss this time!
No, I did not go through your stuff.
Did you look under the backup battery?
Great. Now hurry up, they're gonna
make the jump into hyperspace
as soon as they clear the atmosphere.
Get ready.
Now, Chop!
Good work, Chop. You got them.
I'm here.
Tell me you have good news.
We got a tracking device
on that transport.
All right, then.
What a mess.
How can they still be
loyal to the Empire?
Let's go, move. Move.
It's not loyalty.
It's greed.
Hey, Chopper, what's the update
on that tracking beacon?
Well, keep working on it.
When Chopper has something
more definitive, I'll let you know.
I'm ready.
Nice haircut.
It's more me.
I have just received a transmission
from General Syndulla.
It appears the transport was traced
to the Denab system.
It has remained in orbit
around the planet Seatos.
We better get moving.
Calculations are complete.
You may proceed.
Take us out.
Installation of the final hyperdrive
has begun.
Soon the Eye of Sion will be complete
and we shall deliver Grand Admiral Thrawn
from his exile in the far galaxy.
The sooner the better.
The appearance of Ahsoka Tano
on Corellia troubles you?
It does.
We made a clean escape. She
couldn't have tracked us here.
Baylan, what do you see?
Her presence in the Force is elusive.
Yet her determination is vivid.
She is coming.
Nothing can prevent our journey.
To kill her will be a shame.
There are so few Jedi left.
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