Ahsoka (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Part Five: Shadow Warrior

Your legacy, like your Master's,
is one of death and destruction.
Destroy it!
You and I share a common
goal. To make this journey.
You, to be reunited with
your long lost friend,
and I, to serve a greater good.
Come with me. Willingly.
Do it.
For Ezra.
No one will be following us.
What can you tell me?
The enemy has built
a massive hyperspace ring.
Do not let it escape.
Engage the hyperdrive.
- That's a tremendous surge in power.
- They're gonna jump.
Mom. I've got a bad feeling.
Hello, Snips.
I didn't expect to see you so soon.
Carson, come in.
I got nothing down here.
Looks like we missed the party.
Copy, General,
there's nothing on the scope.
Where is everyone?
That's what worries me.
Do a full sweep and report back.
Copy, over.
Can I come out now?
All right.
But don't wander off too far.
We don't know this planet,
so keep Chopper with you.
Come on, Chop.
I told them to stay together.
But they never listen.
They never listen.
You look the same.
You look old.
Well, that happens.
Actually, what happened?
You lost a fight.
I don't remember.
Trust me.
You lost.
Baylan Skoll.
So, you do remember.
That's good.
It means you still have a chance.
A chance?
To live.
Tell me what's going on.
I'm here to finish your training.
It's a little late for that.
One is never too old to learn, Snips.
All right.
What's the lesson, Master?
or die.
I won't fight you.
I've heard that before.
No, I'm afraid the map
is broken beyond repair.
Wherever their destination was,
we have no hope of following.
Well, once we find Sabine and
Ahsoka, we can worry about that.
Unless the one thing answers the other.
You think they were aboard that ship?
Every minute that passes
without finding them here,
the alternative becomes less desirable.
We're overdue at HQ.
Senator Organa says she can
only give us cover for so long.
Well, we're not going anywhere until
I know exactly what happened here.
If we stay out here any
longer without reporting in,
people are gonna start asking questions.
Not now, Jacen.
Well, we might benefit from
people asking a few more questions.
Not if we don't have any answers.
But, Mom, there's
something about the water.
- What is it, Jacen?
- There's something out there, Mom.
I can feel it.
Jacen, if there was anything out there,
- Chopper would pick it up on his scanner.
- No, Mom.
General, we need to figure out
what we're gonna tell command.
I'll cover it.
What good is a high rank if you
can't use it every now and then?
- Mom. Listen.
- I am.
No, listen to the waves.
What are we listening for?
Don't you hear it?
The waves crashing?
No. The lightsabers.
Carson, get your squadron airborne.
I need you out over the ocean,
low altitude, full sweep.
- We already did that.
- Well, we're doing it again.
- Huyang, you're with me in the Ghost.
- Right away.
Jacen, good work.
Chopper, stay with him.
What am I missing? What just happened?
Jacen has abilities.
His father, Kanan Jarrus, was a Jedi.
Okay. We better get on it then.
Lander, get everyone moving,
we're going back up again.
Looks like you don't
have much left to offer.
I haven't taught you everything yet.
Come on!
Hurry up, Snips!
This is the Clone Wars.
Yeah, no kidding.
This was one of our first
missions. Why are we here?
You tell me.
I don't understand.
That's your problem.
Master, wait!
Gotta keep up!
What about my training?
This is your training!
I'll be right back.
Come on, Snips.
The battle's not over yet.
There are more Separatist
droids approaching.
Is there a problem?
We lost so many.
There's always a price to be paid.
It was my fault.
They were following my
orders. I got them killed.
Come here.
This is war, Ahsoka.
As Jedi, it's our job to lead.
That doesn't mean we
don't make mistakes.
But our mistakes cost lives.
That doesn't bother you?
Of course it does.
This isn't what I trained for.
We must adjust to the times.
Look, when Obi-Wan taught me,
we were keepers of the peace.
But now, to win this war, I have
to teach you to be a soldier.
Is that all I'll have to
teach my own Padawan one day?
How to fight?
Do you even want a Padawan?
You know, teaching's not
all it's cracked up to be.
Really? What makes you say that?
I'm joking.
You're joking?
Yeah, I'm joking.
How can you joke at a time like this?
What would you prefer?
I don't know.
Tell me. What do you want?
You want me to be more serious?
I'd prefer it.
Listen, I'm teaching you
how to lead, how to survive,
and to do that you're
going to have to fight.
What if I wanna stop fighting?
Then you'll die.
Let's go.
General, how many more times
are we gonna make this circuit?
There's nothing out here.
Try widening your sweep along the coast.
We're gonna press our fuel reserves.
I appreciate that,
Carson. Now, widen your search.
Copy, over.
Carson's not wrong.
Sabine and Ahsoka seem lost and
soon we'll be stranded out here.
Luckily, the New Republic is
only a short transmission away.
I was surprised they changed their
mind and approved your mission.
Oh, they never changed their mind.
No, I just came anyway.
For all the good it did.
I see. So, this mission is unauthorized.
Yeah. Some General I am.
Maybe those Senators were right.
I got us out here chasing ghosts.
You do things your way because you care.
This is why people like you.
Huyang, where are they?
People don't just vanish into thin air.
Well, no. Normally, no.
Is there a chance they're out here?
Always. Especially with Lady Tano.
Yeah, she is tenacious.
So was her Master.
Yeah? What was he like?
Yes, Jacen, what is it?
Chopper thinks he
has something heading
Three-two-three mark one-five-seven.
Copy, we'll check it out.
Chopper says you're
gonna have to get low.
How low?
She wants to know how low.
Pretty low, as low as
you can. Just go, Mom, please.
All right, the droid said low.
Oh, wonderful.
Nice work, Commander.
We'll secure the perimeter.
Come on, come on, let's go!
I don't know this battle.
This was the Siege of Mandalore.
We had parted ways by now.
- Looks intense.
- It was.
You did well.
You're a warrior now,
as I trained you to be.
Is that all?
Ahsoka, within you
will be everything I am.
All the knowledge I possess.
Just as I inherited knowledge
from my Master and he from his.
You're part of a legacy.
But my part of that legacy
is one of death and war.
But you're more than that,
because I'm more than that.
You are more, Anakin.
But more powerful and
dangerous than anyone realized.
Is that what this is about?
If I am everything you are
You've learned nothing.
Don't say that.
Back to the beginning.
I gave you a choice.
or die.
You lack conviction.
Time to die.
I choose to live.
There's hope for you yet.
We got her, we got her.
Get her inside.
Copy. You are clear. Repeat, clear.
They got her, Chop!
Welcome back, Lady Tano.
How long have I been out?
One rotation.
However, you might have been
lost for good, if not for Jacen.
Jacen is here?
With his mother and
a squadron of X-wings.
All unauthorized, of course.
And Sabine?
No, we have not found her.
We were hoping you could
explain what happened.
I owe you my thanks.
I heard you fighting.
You did?
Yeah, lightsabers. Who
were you fighting with?
Hey, I have an idea.
Huyang, why don't you show
Jacen inside your starship?
I've been in a starship before.
A Jedi starship?
Come along. I'll show
you the training room.
You have a training room in
your starship? Will you train me?
- Do you know how to build a lightsaber?
- Yes.
- Will you teach me?
- No.
I know you've just
recovered, but I have to ask.
Where's Sabine?
The last time I saw Sabine,
she was holding this.
And that's significant?
She might have left an
impression on it. Like a memory.
So, we'll know what happened.
Step away from her!
Sabine Destroy it!
Stay back!
But you're not like her though, are you?
More than you know.
You and I share a common goal.
To make this journey.
Come with me. Willingly.
And I give you my word,
no harm will come to you.
Sabine, you will be
reunited with your friend.
Do it. For Ezra.
They took her with them.
Then she's alive.
Yes. At least she was
when she left Seatos.
We have to go after them.
I'm afraid
it's not that simple.
General, we have a problem.
- What else?
- It's the fleet. They're on their way.
- They're a little late.
- I don't think they're coming to help.
I'll deal with this.
You can work out a way to find Sabine.
You can't be serious.
Do you have Morgan Elsbeth in custody?
Do you have evidence of
Imperial Remnant activity
or of Grand Admiral Thrawn's return?
Then I'm afraid there's
nothing more I can do.
You and Ahsoka Tano are to return
to Coruscant with the fleet.
I'm not sure she'll agree to
that. I'm not sure I agree to that.
Hera, the Senate oversight
committee is going to determine
if your command should
be permanently suspended.
You are going to need her
testimony to help you.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how you score
this, but we're losing right now.
I know how to follow Sabine.
I'm not sure I like this plan.
Yes, I would like to second that.
There's no other way.
Without the map, we don't have
the proper hyperspace coordinates.
And you think they do?
Only one way to find out.
Up ahead. I think that
is one of the larger ones.
That'll do.
Wish me luck.
General, we got incoming.
No good, Carson. They can't
interrupt, they'll frighten the pod.
- How much time do you need?
- I don't know.
- Just don't let them approach.
- Copy.
This is Captain Teva out of Adelphi
Base, please identify yourself.
Captain Teva. My,
aren't you far from home?
Repeat, please identify yourself.
Captain, you know very well
who we are and why we are here.
Now, where is General Syndulla?
I'm afraid that's
classified information.
In fact, you're gonna have to
halt your approach to the planet
until I receive
confirmation that the general
has indeed completed her mission.
Captain, the reason we are here
is because there was no mission.
I respectfully disagree.
Look, we're all on the same side here.
Tell us what Ahsoka Tano and
General Syndulla are up to,
and perhaps we can help.
The best way you can help
is to maintain your distance
until I can confirm that General
Syndulla has completed her mission.
Arm the tractor beam.
Tractor beam powering up, Captain.
I'll give you one last
chance, Captain Teva.
Explain the nature of this mission
or I will see to it that
you are stripped of your rank
for resisting a direct
order from Fleet Command.
Okay, but you're not gonna believe me.
Mom, is she really gonna talk to them?
That's the idea.
It's just like the stories you told me.
How the whales took Ezra and
the bad guys far, far away.
And they saved us.
Now they'll take
Ahsoka to where Ezra is?
That's the hope, kiddo.
Get in there.
Move us in.
All right, all right. But
you best come back inside.
You're certain they know
where Sabine was taken?
I have no idea.
- What?
- No idea.
We'll just see where it goes.
It could go anywhere.
I know.
But that's better than going nowhere.
Correct. The whales
will transport her and her ship.
Or, at least, that's the plan.
Captain, I'm receiving a
signal from the Ghost.
Captain Girard, this
is General Syndulla.
I'd move your fleet out
of there if I were you.
Evasive maneuvers, get
clear of their path.
Ahsoka, looks like
they're about to jump.
Sorry you can't make the trip.
Nah, it's all right. Jacen's too
young to travel between galaxies.
Hera, I'll find them.
I promise.
May the Force be with you.
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