Airwolf (1984) s02e02 Episode Script


1 (Sandhower) Tell me a story, Mr.
Tell me about Firestorm.
(Narrator) Next, on Airwolf.
(Eddie) Don't leave me! Easy, Eddie, easy.
You remember I told you about the light? Well, this time it came back.
Can't imagine anything being out here we don't know about.
Something's throwing out interference.
Get down! Hold on.
Mother of God! (Stringfellow on radio) Hey, there's nothing wrong with this chopper.
It's got no pep, no pizzazz, I'm telling you, it's got no beans.
Well, it's not Airwolf, but that's not your problem.
That's the subject we should be discussing.
Any piece of machinery gets rusty unless you use it.
Dom, that's a very special piece of machinery.
You don't just taxi it around.
Regular maintenance flights, that's all I'm proposing.
You're incurable.
I miss my baby.
What the hell do you do with a man who falls in love with a machine? Hey, String.
Ev, how you doing? Good timing.
You just got a call, Mr.
- Angie, down at Four Corners.
- Oh, thanks, Ev.
You got it.
Keep me company? Mother Santini.
I swear, you're gonna qualify for sainthood.
[country music playing] They are out there, and nobody listens.
Nobody listens! There's something going on, there's lights, and don't nobody say different.
You're gonna be damn straight about that.
Nothing gets past me.
Instead of the shot, Eddie, how about a sandwich? I make a mean ham on rye.
What are you looking at? Hey, you think I'm maybe crazy or something, is that right? What, are you deaf? Hey, I'm just minding my own business, okay? (Angie) Eddie, leave it alone.
Soldier? Weekend warrior.
I was a soldier.
I'm telling you (Angie) Come on, don't.
Hey, let me pour you another beer.
There is something out there in the desert.
Lights on at night.
Hey, I'm talking to you! Okay.
Whatever you say.
I'm gonna kill you now! Hey, stop it! Come on.
Come on, come on, you guys.
3 on 1.
Come on, nice guy.
Hey, he picked it, not me.
Hey, look, why don't you guys just sit down and enjoy your drinks.
Come on, let's get some fresh air.
Yeah, why'd you call Laurel and Hardy here? Eddie, every time you start muttering about UFO's I didn't say that.
I know what's coming next.
All right, all right, come on.
You won another war.
Let's go.
(Eddie) I don't need a nursemaid! Why don't you guys get lost? I'll follow you.
Follow yourself.
I'll be fine.
If I need a ride I'll phone one of my friends from Mars.
Look, you're not gonna get behind that wheel.
- Give me those.
- Come on.
Now, look, I'm your friend, but you want me to break your arm to prove it? Now, come on, get in there.
Come on, Eddie, let's go.
There you go.
Dominic, how many times has it been that you put me to bed? How many times have you promised to give up? You just think I'm a drunk with the DTs.
But I I'm not a lush that sees bugs, I see things in the desert.
[groaning] Yeah, the only monster is the bottle from outer space.
I see things in the desert at night.
Sure you do, Eddie.
Sure you do.
[fly buzzing] You making this a life's work? Believe it or not, under all that booze is a good man.
Or once upon a time, he was.
Yeah, once upon a time.
(Dominic) Of course, you and I are perfect.
Of course.
[sighs] [crickets chirping] [wind whistling] [wolves howling] Bottoms up.
[groans] Oh, baby.
[wolves howling] [crickets chirping] [loud whirring] Oh, no.
No! Stop! Go away! No! No! No! No! Get out! (woman on PA) Dr.
Lusan to OR.
Lusan, please report to the OR immediately.
[breathing heavily] [mumbling] [moans] You look like hell, you know that? I didn't wanna show up my friends.
I just thought I'd drop by to see if you needed anything.
Couple of magazines here and Thanks a lot, Dominic.
I'm sorry I can't shake your hand.
[panting] {woman on PA) Dr.
Burke, please report to the Visitor's Desk, Dr.
Burke, please report to the Visitor's Desk.
You know, the booze had worn off by the time they found you.
And still, you were yelling that snakes were crawling all over your body Yeah, Dom, I know the story.
You gotta get rid of that habit.
You gotta knock it off, or you're gonna die.
You gotta quit, Ed.
Maybe this time I'll dream of dancing girls.
What the hell's the use? You wanna commit suicide, go ahead.
Last night you fell in a ditch.
Maybe next time you'll hit your hard head just a little bit harder Hey Dominic, I wanna thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh, it's nothing.
I just want to know if I can do anything for you.
Uh-uh, no.
Just get well, will ya? Get well, you dumb donkey.
Dominic, I didn't fall in a ditch.
That is not what happened.
There was this thing.
[heart monitor accelerating] - Come on, come on.
- Dominic.
You gotta calm down, will you? - I swear to God, you - Eddie.
- I swear to God.
You gotta listen to me.
- Calm down.
- You gotta listen to me, Dominic.
- Calm down.
You remember I told you about the light? Well, this time it came back.
And not far this time.
It came for me.
Easy, Eddie, easy.
It was blinding me.
And the sound, the sound was so bad.
I felt like my head was gonna crack open from the pain! - (Eddie) You gotta believe me! - (Nurse) Call Dr.
- I believe you.
- You don't believe me.
- I believe you.
- Dominic, don't leave me! - Sir, please.
- All right, all right.
- I believe you, Eddie.
- I felt it inside of me! Dominic, you gotta believe it was nothing like this earth.
I swear to it! You gotta believe me! Dominic, it's like nothing on this earth, I swear to you.
(Stringfellow) Come on, Dom.
Eddie's a nice guy, I like him too, but he's a drunk.
I mean, who knows what he sees.
Pink elephants? Well, if he says he saw something, then I say we ought to check that something out, as a favor to me.
You know, when he first started talking about these things he was seeing in the desert, you drove out there.
And what did you find? Nothin'.
That's a big desert, String.
There's miles and miles of miles and miles, you know that.
And if you're gonna take a look around there's only one way to cover that kind of country.
You're incurable.
I miss our baby.
Hey, wait for me.
Ready? (Dominic) Ready.
(Stringfellow) I don't see much out there but cactus.
An old abandoned mine.
We're just spitting distance from the lair.
I can't imagine anything being out there we don't know about.
(Dominic) Yeah, the scope's out, like something's throwing out interference.
What did I tell you about maintenance? Especially with this little lady.
She's a prototype of which there ain't any other.
Parts break down, you know.
Well, then we'll run video.
Just like they did back in your day.
Stick it in your hat.
[Stringfellow chuckles] (Stringfellow) Run infrared, thermal, and standard.
Infrared, thermal, and standard.
We're approaching the mining camp.
Let's start taking pictures.
[Dominic exclaiming] You know, all anybody sees now in him is an old rummy, but Eddie Donahough was one of the best pilots I ever saw.
There was a crash and a lot of people were hurt.
It was a mechanical malfunction, but go tell Eddie about the screams.
The doctors managed to put everything back together again.
Everything but his nerve.
He tried to fly again, but he couldn't.
After a while, all he wanted to do was disappear.
What are you gonna do about it? I don't know.
I suppose when I pick him up at the hospital tonight I'll give him lecture number 111.
[sighs] Good luck.
Yeah, that should get us a good look.
I appreciate it, String.
Let's head home and see what we got.
(Eddie) Dom, I want you to know I really appreciate this.
I don't wanna hear that.
All I want to hear is that you're getting' well.
- Yeah.
- You know, it doesn't mean you can - You hear what I'm tellin' ya? - Yeah, yeah.
Don't give me the "Yeah, yeah, yes, yes.
" Other people have beaten this! You can, too, if you just get rid of the stuff.
Then you won't see monsters out there anymore.
Well, good night and thanks a lot, Dom.
[wind whistling] Now I'm not so crazy, huh? I'm not so crazy, huh? You see, I told you! Get down! [loud whirring] [printer whirring] Hey, Ev, you know where Dom's hiding? No.
I was looking for him myself, earlier.
I know last night he was headed down to Eddie's place.
Say, listen, if you see him tell him I need authorization for these new parts.
Yeah, I'll tell him.
(man on loudspeaker) Hold it right there! You're trespassing! Get in the jeep.
[man announcing on PA] Dr.
Grays to the launch pad.
Grays to the launch pad.
All crews, please notify your Section Chief before leaving the compound.
I repeat, all crews, check in with your Section Chiefs before leaving.
All coordinates confirmed, General.
What do you want here, Mr.
Hawke? You know me? Let's say we make it our business to know who's who in the neighborhood.
Now, what do you want here? You've got a friend of mine here.
Tell me a story, Mr.
Tell me about Firestorm.
Firestorm, Mr.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Bamboo shoots under the fingernails are passé.
But in a few moments you will tell me all I want to know about Firestorm, or about Stringfellow Hawke, or anything else I want to know.
I I think I know you.
Tell me a story, Mr.
Tell me about Firestorm.
[echoing] Tell me a story, Mr.
Tell me about Firestorm.
Talk to me, come on.
I don't know.
Your friend Eddie liked to talk about lights in the desert, didn't he? Eddie, Eddie's a drunk.
[echoing] A resilient drunk.
A drunk with a voice.
[echoing] We thought we'd killed him.
[echoing] What did he tell you? Lights were out of this world.
Any more could kill him.
(Sandhower) [echoing] Firestorm, Mr.
What did your friend see? What does he know? Did you tell anyone else? Who will be following you here? [guns firing] (in distorted voice) Firestorm.
[crowd clamoring] [echoing] Are you still with us, Mr.
Hawke? (Sandhower) America is on fire, from within and without.
It's a firestorm, and make no mistake, it will engulf us all.
[stammering] You're Sand (Sandhower) The enemy is winning the war from within.
They've subverted our media, our youth.
The time is now or never for a surgical first strike.
Guy scares me to death.
[stammering] Sandhower.
[echoing] Talk to me, Mr.
What is your connection with the intelligence community? (male reporter) General Sandhower.
It's now "Mister.
Sandhower, you have been relieved as a General of the Army because of your extreme views.
All I will say is God bless America.
And God help her.
Will you now retire to private life, sir? I will serve my country, my way.
I'm a soldier.
And I'll save you once more.
[crowd booing] [echoing] You're him.
I'll make one final statement.
Day by day America plays the peacemaker, while the enemy grows stronger.
Now, ultimately, where do you think this will lead? I will tell you.
To a Firestorm.
You're Sandhower.
Tell me a story, Mr.
Get up.
Walk around.
It takes a while to wear off.
(man on PA) All crews, please notify your Section Chief before leaving the compound.
I repeat, All crews, check in with your Section Chiefs before leaving.
[Stringfellow coughs] Am I the guy who said you were seeing pink elephants? All is forgiven.
Now what? Anybody know you're here? Well, I couldn't go show the pictures around we took from Airwolf.
That guy Sandhower is crazy.
He may seem crazy, but he knows what he's doing.
Did they bring you past a missile on the way in? Would you believe it's nuclear armed? And they're getting ready to fire it, at Moscow, no less.
(Stringfellow) A tactical first strike.
World War III.
You got it.
(man on PA) Dr.
Anderson, to the launch pad.
Anderson, to the launch pad.
Is that the only guard? Yeah, and he's armed.
Boy, I need a straightener.
I need a drink! (Stringfellow) You and your damn drunken friend.
[metal clanging] (Dominic) Hey, lay off! Your friend's a lousy lush.
Cut it out, in there! (Eddie) Who are you calling a lush? [crashing] Your drunken friend is gonna get us killed! Drunken old fart.
[grunting] - Okay.
- Freeze! [machine gun firing] [alarm blaring] - Thanks.
- You take that jeep.
I'll give you cover.
Stop them.
Stop them! Stop them! Get out of the way! String! Set for launch! But you said you were going to alert the media.
They'll know it soon enough.
But we have to explain.
We have a purpose.
Alert the launch crew.
I said hurry, eject this! (Stringfellow) Get outta here.
I'll pick you up at the trailer.
Get outta here! Go on, go on! [groans] Disconnect the umbilical lines.
Make ready to launch.
[machinery beeping] Attention, stand by for countdown.
Repeat, stand by for countdown.
We made it! Dom, we made it! We made it! Dom? Dom, you okay? Dom, you all right? - Can you get me inside? - Sure, sure, sure.
Put your leg there.
Come on.
The other leg, come on.
Easy does it.
We made it, baby.
Put your arm up here.
Take it easy.
Just easy.
(Eddie) Yeah, thanks.
Mercy General's on its way.
Now, let's improvise a little first aid here.
Eddie, no booze.
No lectures, Dom, we have been through one hell of an afternoon of activity, pal.
Eddie, just sit down and shut up and listen.
I'm listening, I'm listening.
Eddie, if String got away, he's gone for help.
You think they'll get there in time? There's no "they.
" You and him are gonna have to get rid of that madman yourselves.
Me? Hey Dom, me? He can't do it alone.
Dom, look at me.
You're gonna have to help him fly, Eddie.
Fly? No way.
No way.
It's only a chopper, sort of.
Here they come.
They're coming after us.
You've gotta help.
[moans] We've gotta get outta here.
- Here, come on.
- Help me.
- Put your hand - Help me up.
My shoulder, here.
Going out here.
Come on.
- No, no.
Put me down.
- Easy now.
Never seen anything like it.
Dom, you okay? - Did you call for help? - Yeah, and they're on their way.
Meet your new copilot.
What are you talking about, Dom? I can't fly that plane.
I'm sorry, I can't help you, but I'd probably be unconscious when you needed me.
I can't fly that.
I haven't flown in 10 years.
What're you saying, Dominic? Hey, you've seen what's going on out there.
We got one chance in a million to stop them.
If I go alone, we got none.
You just do what I say.
Dom, I can't go.
Eddie, you've always kept crying that you wanted to turn it around if I hung in there with you.
But now, now's your chance.
Go on, turn it around.
Go on, boy.
I can't.
I can't do it.
Oh, forget it.
All right.
All right, I'll go.
Hold on.
Mother of God! (man on PA) 3 minutes and counting down.
Unidentified aircraft approaching.
Approximately 18 miles out, speed Mach 1-plus.
That fast, it's military.
They got the word out.
No matter.
We have Air Defense Systems.
Now's the time to use them.
Go! Launch as scheduled.
2 minutes and 30, counting down.
[computer beeping] Can't count on me.
It's flying too fast.
(Stringfellow) Listen, I can fly this bird all by myself.
I just need you to bring the weapons on line.
Anyone who depends on a drunk is a fool.
Unless you gotta count on that drunk to save millions of lives.
Buddy, you're it.
(Eddie) Rockets.
Rockets! We'll be killed.
The panel on the right, It says "sunburst.
" Pop one now.
On the right.
What? On the right, it says "sunburst," give me one.
Give me another one.
(Eddie) I thought we were goners.
(Stringfellow) It's no time to celebrate yet.
What is it? They've got ignition.
I'm gonna lock on.
Gotta get it while it's on the ground.
Bring up a Falcon.
That panel, right in front of you, you remember? Right.
We have liftoff! [all cheering] [chuckling] We did it.
[chuckles] We sure did, Eddie.
Yes, we sure did.
(man on radio) Government spokesmen today confirmed reports about the nuclear test in the remote Crystal Sands desert basin.
It is stressed that the test was routine in nature and did not constitute any shift in administration policy.
In other news from Washington, your taxes are going up Well, Eddie, here you are.
Well, guys, it was a great experience.
But the next time you go, don't call me, I'll call you.
(Dominic) Oh, you loved it.
Yeah, you did good, Eddie.
Present and accounted for.
I got to admit I felt pretty good in that machine.
You know, it'd be probably the best not to mention the machine.
I understand.
Now, you dumb donkey, you know what it is to get it all together? I'm gonna be trying.
Trying? I'm gonna take this one good wing and I'm gonna Uh-uh, we wouldn't want that would we? (Dominic) See ya.
[chuckling] Eddie, I forgot to tell you, we're gonna Eddie, nobody can live your life for you.
You have to figure it out for yourself.
When you do, call me.