Airwolf (1984) s02e04 Episode Script

The Truth About Holly

1 Action! Don't be afraid.
I came to take you out.
[alarm wailing] [guns firing] Come on, String.
Come on, move it! Where do you keep it? What? That monster machine of yours.
I don't know what you're talking about.
String, I've got a heat-seeker targeting the Jet Ranger.
Cate, pull out.
Pull out! (Aarons) Mr.
Mayor, I very much appreciate your intercession with the newspapers.
A small contribution to your upcoming campaign.
Tony will see you out.
[speaking spanish] Sorry about that.
[speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [door opening] Don't be afraid.
I'm a friend of Dominic Santini's.
I came to take you out.
Come on, let's go.
You won't tell him? No, señorita.
Thank you.
[speaking spanish] Come on.
[alarm wailing] [guards yelling] Come on, String.
Come on, move it! (Dominic) Oh, come on.
Don't cover your eyes and shake your head.
(Stringfellow) Hey Dom, the guy's just trying to do his job.
Oh well, the next time, I'll buy a couple more tickets from the policeman's ball.
Santini, I need information.
So, what am I, a hostile witness? Was she forced by Aarons down there against her will? We can call the Mexican Government.
Well, not exactly.
"Not exactly kidnapped" doesn't print very well on extradition papers.
He invited her.
Oh, he was her lover.
I thought you said she was his prisoner.
He's a hood.
He beat her.
He wouldn't let her go.
He kept armed guards around the house to keep the hitmen out and her in.
Now, is that clear enough? Yeah, apparently, she lived in Argentina with her grandmother.
He met her, invited her to Mexico, complete with a sister for a chaperon, no less.
Nice touch, it worked.
When she wanted to leave, his ego got in the way.
I don't know.
Now, you're describing a lovers' quarrel.
When we went to pick her up, there was a lot of firepower.
It wasn't exactly a lovers' paradise.
And how'd you manage? Luck.
Well, luck isn't gonna help our case.
Mexico's out of local jurisdiction.
So, what are you doing here? Mr.
Santini, I'd love to get this guy.
He's into every racket in town, and he runs them all down there.
Now, unfortunately, he has contacts south of the border, which makes extradition very hard to come by.
But if we could make a kidnapped girl case work, we could put him out of business.
Hey guys, how do I look? (Grodin) You got her statement? You look great.
I feel great.
Now, first of all, we're gonna get you some clothes, and then we're gonna work on getting you home.
Let's go, Uncle Dom.
See you later.
Is she staying with you guys? Yeah, for a couple of days.
I'll put her on a plane.
Yeah, you better keep her out of sight for a while.
Airports, crowds.
A guy like Aarons can get away with murder.
That's the thing about these old Stearmans.
You think getting the oil pan cover off is trouble enough, then you drop a wing nut and you have to be a contortionist to get it.
My pleasure.
There something I can do for you? "Something I can do for you"? Well, I thought I'd get a much better welcome than that after traveling all the way from Pope County, Texas, just to find you, Stringfellow Hawke.
You know, you could wear this around your neck.
Deputy Caitlin.
I know that.
How'd you find me? Chopper pilot with a name like Stringfellow Hawke? I just called the first 300 "S Hawkes" in the phone book.
What is that? That's a Tyler mount.
Use it for shooting film out of choppers.
You do that fancy flying stuff? Yeah, sometimes.
So, what brought you here? Oh, I had some time off.
You know, after you shot up the town and everything, I took a leave of absence.
Didn't wanna be a flying meter maid anymore.
So, where do you keep it? What? That monster machine of yours.
What monster machine? You know, that black battleship with the rotors.
It's the most incredible helicopter I've ever seen in my life.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, you don't wanna talk about it.
Nothing to talk about.
There's one thing I have to tell you.
I brought your friend back.
We found his remains out in the desert.
I'm real sorry.
Hey, you saved my life, even if you don't wanna admit it.
Stop when you get to the plate.
I can't.
It's free.
I don't mean free like money.
I mean free like, "Land of the free, home of the brave," free.
He must have fed you.
Oh, the best.
Flown in fresh daily from everywhere.
When I talked to your grandmother, I just couldn't believe it.
I can't figure out how you could take up with someone like that.
He was charming.
And he was romantic.
And I guess that's why I feel so dirty now.
No, honey, no.
No, not dirty.
Young, yes.
Maybe even a little innocent.
Not dirty.
Holly! Holly! Holly.
Look out.
Holly! Holly.
It was Aarons! No.
No, it wasn't.
No, honey, no.
Oh, Uncle Dom.
It was a nightmare, and it won't end.
Little by little.
Little by little, sweetheart.
This isn't a contest.
We're friends.
I haven't seen her.
She has an uncle named Santini.
Oh, yeah? No kidding.
My friend misses her.
Well, if I see her, I'll tell her.
You tell her if she comes back, my friend will forgive her.
But if we have to come back and get her, somebody's gonna get hurt.
No deals, no promises.
I just don't have enough work for another pilot right now.
But if you wanna hang around part-time It's a deal.
What's a deal? What you're offering.
I'm not offering nothin'.
Except to hang around.
And maybe fly a stunt in the movie.
You mean it? Oh, I don't know, I said maybe.
(man) I'm so sorry.
- (man 2) It's a shame.
- (man 3) Come on, let's go.
Some people say, after a funeral, you should go out with friends and think of the living.
She's somethin', isn't she? A bad dream like she just came out of, and she's encouraging him.
Well, that was a pretty philosophical mouthful.
What kind of a crack is that? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, okay? No, it's not okay.
If you got an attitude problem, just keep it to yourself.
What did I say? I got something else to say.
This is a fine way to start a job.
Well, if I can't say what I think, then I'm gonna pack up my things and be on my way.
The hell you will.
I'm not through chewing you out yet.
Well, how long is that gonna take? I don't know.
Maybe not till after you finish that movie stunt.
(Carlson) Come on, fellas, over here.
Come on.
We're losing the light.
Now, when you get up here, crab over there.
Check on the girl, will you, for me? That's it.
That's great.
Now, Carl, what I'm gonna want here is a full shot of the helicopter, and then zooming in to a 2-shot of them by the door.
Can you do that? Is that gonna be a lighting problem for you, Sam? You got it? All right.
This is the 15mm on here? So, what do you do in Pope County? Oh, well, I was flying traffic for the Highway Patrol.
But you see, this town was more like its own country.
The Sheriff and the Judge and the ranchers and everything, they could do anything they wanted.
Then Hawke came along.
But I thought you were his girlfriend.
We just met out there.
He's so sad.
I mean, his friend's death really shook him up.
Yeah, well, if he'd been there a day sooner, his friend'd still be alive.
Hawke knows that.
It's a tough thing to carry around.
(Dominic) Hey! I'd like to ask you a question.
Do I look as dumb as I feel? Dumber.
Boy, you sure know how to butter up the boss, don't you? Hi, there.
Are you the fellow who saves girls' lives? Well, when I'm not out fighting famine and pestilence, señorita.
Pestilence and Where the hell have you been? Every time I tried to leave, the phone would ring.
Nobody was ever there.
Must've been crossed lines.
You know, I saw the results of your shopping trip.
Did you leave anything for the rest of the city? Not a shoe.
I broke Dom.
I thought I'd have to hock a chopper.
Good of you to join us, Mr.
Real happy to be here, Mr.
Yeah, good.
Look, we got problems.
Big ones.
We're over budget and we're over schedule, and we gotta be out of here by Saturday.
Making movies is not our job.
Yeah, we just do those little magic things that add to the excitement, you know.
Oh, is that what they do with what we do? (Carlson) Look, fellas, please.
Just do your air stunts in one take.
Okay? Bless you.
Nice outfit.
Come on, Dom, let's go.
All right, honey, do you know what to do? Just mark the spot in the sky.
Everybody's a comic, right? Places, people! Forget it.
Forget it.
I changed my mind.
It's too dangerous, and you never did the stunt before.
Well, I never kissed a boy before, either.
Till the first time.
Somehow, I managed.
Hey, Dom, could I see you for a minute? [buzzing] All right, rehearsal, people! Settle.
Come here.
Come here, kids.
Right over here.
Stand on that mark.
And you stand right there.
Now, this is a pickup from where the stars left off.
It's right before your big air act.
So, Hawke and Caitlin? Okay, this is your last moment together.
So, hold her.
Oh, joy.
Go on.
You're gonna miss me.
Oh, like a toothache.
Right, right.
Now, say goodbye and kiss her.
Remember, we're trying to match this with the stars' exit.
Do it! [stammering] Let's walk through this again.
Come on, let's have some feeling in it.
You do, and I'll bite your lip.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, great, great.
That's it Now you move over to the Kids? Kids! Great, great.
Now you move over to the chopper.
That's it.
All right, now, Caitlin, this is where you are flying in to rescue you're war-correspondent boyfriend, and suddenly, bang! - I got it.
- You got it? The revolutionaries shoot, and suddenly you're hit.
Then you spin around a couple of times, you land behind that building, and Whitey's gonna send up a fireball so that we all think you're blown to smithereens.
You got it? Like I said, piece of cake.
Piece of cake, huh? I'm scared to death.
Lookit, this is your first time up.
Just take it easy.
Play it safe.
And make sure you get back in one piece, in case they need a 2nd take.
Very funny.
(Stringfellow) How does it feel? Cyclic's a little stiff.
Just play it safe all the way.
Come on, boys and girls.
Come on.
We haven't got all day.
All right? Okay.
All right, roll it.
We're rolling.
And action! All right, easy as pie now.
(Carlson) Ready? Ready.
All right, now dive! Make me believe it.
Come on, Caitlin, dive! Damn.
Dive! Beautiful! That's it! Beautiful! Caitlin, pull out! Pull out now! Oh, she's got trouble.
Use your collective.
Pull your nose up.
The cyclic's jammed.
- Come on.
- What are you doin'? She's wonderful.
I finally get a stunt woman with some guts, and Nervous Nelly More! Get this reel! Good girl! Hey, what happened? I told you, the cyclic jammed.
No way.
I checked it.
Did I break anything, fellas? No.
Am I fine? Yes.
Yes, thank you.
This nut didn't just jump loose from the push-pull tube on its own.
There's wrench scars on that.
That was the greatest stunt I have ever seen.
We got it all on film! Are you sure you wouldn't like another take? Welcome back to tierra firma.
You did great.
Hey, those were those 2 guys back there.
- What guys? - I tried to tell you before.
They had a message to deliver for Holly, and damn near broke my arm doing it.
(Both) Hey! - Keep your eye on Holly.
- All right.
[ship's horn blaring] What can I do for you? I wanna see Aarons.
He's not here.
Hey, didn't you hear me? Hey, hold it here.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Hold it, hold it.
What is this? Hey, I wanna see Aarons.
I tried to tell him.
Well, forget it.
Forget it.
You wanna talk business, you talk to me.
I'm his associate.
This is personal.
Well, he's in Mexico.
When's he coming back? Maybe never.
You tell Aarons, wherever he is, to leave that girl alone.
What girl? You tell Aarons to stay away from Holly Matthews.
He's done her enough damage.
If he bends a hair on her head, we'll go back down there and tear him apart again.
He'll understand what you mean.
Come on.
[vacuum cleaner whirring] Caitlin.
What? You've been very nice to me.
Well now, why wouldn't I be? I wouldn't blame you if you were angry.
I mean, String's a special guy.
And you just got here, and suddenly I come prancing into the picture.
I got a great idea.
Let's just divide him up into sections.
You know, like a bull.
You take the rump and I'll take the shoulder.
[door closing] Hawke.
Hey, what are you 2 guys talking so seriously about, huh? Beef.
What are you 2 guys talking so seriously about? Turkey.
We're gonna have a little talk with Aarons.
Are you out of your mind? He's a killer.
Well, he wasn't home.
We just left a message.
Hey, I'm leaving.
It's that simple.
I can't do this to you people.
Now, just stop that.
Stop that talk.
(Delivery boy) Hello? I got a package for a Miss Matthews.
That's me.
If you can just sign here on line number 5 Here, I'll sign it.
All right.
Which one of you guys sent it? Well, not me.
I work for a living.
Get out of here.
Beat it.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, wait.
Let me check this thing.
Stop teasing me.
You're getting paranoid.
I'm sorry, baby.
"This spider doesn't kill.
" "It produces pain.
" "Come back, Holly.
" Hey, Dom, we've gotta get her as far away from here as possible, right now.
No, please, I I just don't wanna cause you any more trouble.
[shushing] Easy does it.
Maybe we should call the police.
No, no.
I'll take her to the cabin.
You get her up there.
I'll check Aarons out.
To here and us.
And all of this.
You love it here.
You know, you ran away once.
I do it all the time.
But you have nice friends.
I'm lucky.
Especially Caitlin.
She sure is.
She's not for you.
Who said she was? [wolf howling] Ah, it's a wolf.
It's kind of nice to hear.
There aren't many left, you know.
And it probably won't be very long Holly.
Holly, no.
Don't put me on the spot like that.
It's Caitlin, isn't it? It's no one.
Yeah, I know the type.
Pretty smile, jokes, one of the boys.
Sure she is, until she gets you.
Come on, knock it off.
Hey, I saw you on the movie set.
- It's a scene in a picture.
- Don't give me that! The Director had to practically pull you apart.
[door slamming] Hey, Holly.
I didn't mean to say anything that might make you misunderstand.
It's not you.
Just as soon as you get back, I'll go up and relieve String.
But be careful going up there.
You need clearance when you cross north of Santa Barbara.
Why? "Why?" Didn't you read your map? 'Cause it's a restricted zone, that's why.
Uncle Sam says, "Keep out.
" Oh, yeah? What's the military throwing up at us these days? They'll shoot you down, little girl.
No doubt about that.
Gee, a boss who worries.
About my chopper.
That's it.
Oh, shoot.
I forgot my map case.
Crank her up for me? Don't forget your powder puff.
[grumbling] Dom? Dom, get out! It's burning! Get out, Dom! Look at the chopper.
Get out! Dom.
Thank God.
(Fireman) Let's get some more foam over here.
Looks like there's another hotspot.
Hey Sebastian, come on over here.
This didn't just happen.
Well, we checked the copter.
There's no indication of foul play.
And the other incident, we checked the engines.
The bolt was old.
2 accidents in one week? Hey, you couldn't buy a coincidence like that.
Well, unless we find otherwise (Dominic) What do you guys want, a dead body on your desk? Look, I'm not deaf, dumb and blind.
Yes, I think you guys have trouble.
But what I think doesn't matter.
Proof matters.
Now, if you've got any indication that somebody's involved in this, that's another ball game.
Hey, you know who did it.
I don't know, and neither of you guys know.
Not in this country.
Now, I wanna get Aarons in the worst possible way.
And if you can tie him in with this, I'll hang him from the highest tree.
Until then, well, have a nice day.
(Fireman) Hey, Casper, let's get the hose back on the truck.
His hands are tied.
Yeah, but ours aren't.
Look, I'm not gonna sit around waiting for Aarons' next move.
What are you gonna do? Get Airwolf, go south.
(man) Danny, wrap up the reporters.
- (Ev) Mr.
- Huh? Phone.
Yeah, Santini here.
This is Ed Aarons.
I understand you're looking for me.
Speak of the devil.
Yeah, I know where it's at.
Sure, we'll be there.
He wants to meet us.
He's on.
Ev, see you later.
(Reporter) Again, fortunately, no one was injured.
This is Barney Cabrel, reporting live from the scene of the helicopter explosion at Santini Air.
So, did they find anything? No.
No sign that it's been tampered with.
But that doesn't mean it wasn't, that's for sure.
Hey, do you know where Hawke and Dom went? I turned around and they disappeared.
It was a funny thing.
This guy Aarons that you're having all the trouble with, he called here.
He wanted to talk to 'em.
What? No, they can't.
They can't talk about me.
Hey, they know what they're doing.
Look, if you're ever gonna be free of this Aarons fella, maybe now is the time.
They'll get hurt over me.
I can tell you something about those 2.
They can pretty much handle anything, Aarons included.
He's in this syndicate, and he's a killer, and he lies.
He lies? (Fireman) Teddy, get the Captain to check it out.
Hawke made love to me last night.
Well, that's really none of my business.
He wants to marry me, of course, but it just can't be.
You know, I know we didn't like each other at first, but now I feel like we're practically sisters and I can tell you anything.
It just wouldn't work out.
Well, like I said, it's between you and him.
I wanna leave.
It'll be better this way, I know.
Will you help me? - Wait for the guys.
- No, I wanna leave now.
Maybe they worked something out.
It'll be better this way, I know.
Will you help me, please, Cate? What do you need? I wanna go home to Buenos Aires.
But first I wanna say goodbye to Hawke, alone, at his cabin.
Would you take me there? Please? I'm sure Santini wouldn't mind if I stole one of his helicopters.
So that's the machine, huh? You said no cops, just didn't wanna get caught shorthanded.
Well, I gave you my word.
Hey, whatever else you think of me, I am a reasonable man.
Reasonable enough to haunt a young girl out of her mind with your threats? Threats? Mr.
Santini, I only wanted 2 things from Holly Matthews, my coded account book, which she stole when she ran away with you, and some peace of mind with her, out of my life.
Out of your life? She was your prisoner.
I tried to get rid of her a half a dozen times.
I would have dumped her in the street if it hadn't been for that book.
Hey, haven't you caught on yet? I mean, she's crazy.
She makes it up as she goes along.
Everything with her in life is a drama.
And you spiced it up lately.
Well, sure I did.
She's a good-looking woman, and, you know, when we first got together, it was glorious.
But after a while, I couldn't breathe.
I mean, if I smiled at a waitress, if I tipped a dancer, she was all over 'em.
You sure you just smiled? Oh, come on.
She tried to knife one girl! I mean, my friends were hitting on her, there were spies, her life was in danger.
She even sent herself a dead cat once in the mail.
Ah, I see that rang a bell.
She try to kill herself yet? Has she tried to kill you? She will.
She even cut the brake lines on my car once.
She sent out notes saying her life was in danger, she wanted to be rescued.
Oh, no.
No, I don't want that.
No, thanks.
Well, what do you want from us, huh? Why'd you call us here? What, to get back your book? I gotta tell you, Aarons, if we had it, we'd have turned it over to the police.
I got my book.
I found it in your trailer on the movie lot, in her bag.
No, no.
I'm going home.
And I don't want you guys chasing me in that machine.
I don't need that kind of trouble in my life.
Not from her fantasies.
So, what do you say, huh? Let's part friends.
That's for saying you would've dumped her in the street.
You and Hawke must be very close for him to risk his life to get you out of that town.
We'd never met.
That gang just had me down, and Hawke flew over.
I've had a lot of men close to me.
Of course, they never stay close.
Always something happens.
They get together, make up lies about me.
Or there's someone like you.
(man) Helicopter squawking 1200 at Angels 7, you're about to enter a restricted zone.
Hey, that's us.
This is 44 Charlie.
Lady, you're flying into a no-no zone.
Roger, Listen, we'll just do a 30° left, with your permission, cut your corner.
We're a little low on fuel.
You girls'll never learn.
And out.
What's that for? Just keep flying.
You heard the man.
That's a restricted area.
Straight ahead.
They'll shoot us down, Holly.
Then String won't have anybody, either.
They took the chopper? Where'd they go, they needed a chopper? The 2 of them were headed up to String's cabin.
They took off just a couple of minutes ago.
Thanks, Ev.
Dom, give me both turbos again.
Both turbos.
Here we go.
Give me a magnetic.
265, magnetic.
I warned Caitlin to stay away from that area.
Damn that woman.
She's still comin' right in.
What if it's not just a woman? Mother of God.
Holly, what good is this? Hey, come on.
This is crazy.
We can put down, talk to Hawke Just keep flying.
She still hasn't turned off.
I can see that.
[phone ringing] Yes sir, we have them on Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
That's it.
We scramble jets for a closer ID.
But if we can't turn 'em, we shoot 'em down.
44 Charlie, this is Air Force Coastal Defense.
You're instructed to do a 90 left to 175 and get the hell out of there, or we're gonna blow your fanny off.
Damn! Another bogey just penetrated.
Where are those jets? It appears to be another helicopter.
"Appears"? What kind of an identification is "appears"? Tell our guys to shoot to kill.
Radar configuration says that thing's a chopper, but no helicopter can do 1.
5 Mach.
Tell him that.
(Pilot) Angel flight to station, commencing fire.
There they are.
String, I've got a heat-seeker targeting the Jet Ranger.
Pop up a sunburst and raise our IR suppressor.
I'm trying to radio the military Air Command.
Don't waste your time.
They'll think it's a trick.
Cate, we're between you and them.
You go home.
We'll play catch till you're safe.
Easier said than done.
It didn't take that sunburst.
It's a sniffer.
Give me a Hellfire.
Pull out.
Come on, pullout! F-14's behind us.
Where'd it go, Tango flight? (Pilot) You just wouldn't believe it if I told you, sir.
My grandmother says it's beautiful, where I'll be vacationing.
She said there's a lake and trees, just like your cabin.
That's what I understand.
I was happy at your cabin.
I loved it there.
Thanks, Doc.
Well, with a little love and care, she's gonna be all right.
Yeah, just gotta keep a good thought.
(Ev) Hey, Mr.
Huh? That new 500's ready to check out anytime.
Back to business.
Who cares about business? I'll take your chopper up.
Hold on! She's just moving right in.
Hey, I'll help you run her out.
- We're a lot bigger than she is.
- Hmm.
Did I definitely say that you were hired? - Well - Did I even say maybe? You definitely didn't say maybe.
I'll work cheap.
Magic words, Dom.
You're hired.