Alert: Missing Persons Unit (2023) s02e03 Episode Script

Gemma & Isabel

[GEMMA] There she is. Isabel.
I can't wait to meet her in person.
She's gonna be so lucky
to have you and David.
He's gonna be such a great dad.
It's totally not a crisis,
but I see why the heartbeat is slower.
She has a problem with her heart?
No. Her heart is perfect.
The problem is the umbilical cord.
It's wrapped around her neck.
[CHARLOTTE] Oh, my god.
It's gonna be fine.
Gemma is at 39 weeks.
Ready to go.
We'll schedule in a C-section
for tomorrow.
And the baby will be okay?
[DOCTOR] I'm gonna put
this monitor on your tummy.
If Isabel is in distress,
it's gonna send me a signal
and I'll step in,
but tomorrow should be fine.
It's gonna be okay.
I've known Hana my whole life.
If she says it's fine, it's fine.
I know.
She's the best.
You've made this all so easy.
Isabel's gonna have an amazing mother.
I think she's terrified.
I'm terrified.
It's gonna be fine, Charlotte.
You've already done the hard part.
Getting her to do prenatal care,
taking care of herself
trust me, this is not
how most adoptions go.
I love her.
Gemma, I mean.
I do.
Well, tomorrow
I'll hand you Isabel,
and you'll have someone else to love.
Thank you.
I come with gifts.
These are the greatest
breakfast burritos
- in maybe the entire country.
- The greatest?
Yeah. And I should get a tip.
Well, this is interesting.
Yeah, it's very interesting.
They have Tater Tots
inside the burrito,
which I'm a fan of.
- Do they?
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, I meant
that there's two of them.
Yeah, well, I get to eat too.
I'm hungry.
Mm-hmm. I think that you
are using my forced confinement
to hang out with me.
That's ridiculous.
Just admit it.
I'll admit, um,
that you have cabin fever
and that I'm hungry.
Okay? Will you stop?
[LAUGHS] Can I have a burrito, please?
Okay, well
what's going on with our case?
Excuse me. "Our" case?
Yeah, the car bomb.
What other case have we worked on?
Mm. Yeah, that's, um,
that's not my thing.
That's Homicide
is handling that now.
No. I know you.
Somebody blew up your guy
after a bus-napping.
There is no way
that you're letting that go.
Okay, you got me.
I asked for the report,
and, uh, if it's up on the portal,
I'll get a notification.
Great. I think you should
still bring me into the MPU.
You know I could bust this thing open.
I can make myself useful
while you run around chasing cats.
Obviously kidding
I know you don't do cats.
- Hmm.
Is that it? Is that the report?
It's a wedding invitation.
Ouch! The ex is moving on.
No ouch. I mean, "ex," is the keyword.
Okay, so there's
there's no hard feelings?
There's no lingering sense of failure?
Or running around with randos
just trying to dull the pain?
Oh, okay?
You're just
You're just happy for them?
I'm just happy for them.
I am so happy for you!
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Oh, it's not like the actual ceremony
will change anything.
Oh, no, but it will!
I mean, ceremonies are so important.
I'm so glad to hear you say that,
Mike and I want you to officiate.
It would mean a lot.
Yes! Wow!
Yes. Duh, yes!
I I would be truly honored, yes!
Is there a world
where that gets me a plus-one?
A plus-one? Plus-who?
That's exciting.
I didn't know you were dating anyone.
I am,
and, yes, before you ask,
it is a real person,
and yes,
he does exist in this century.
He just has, you know,
a bit of a high profile,
and we're not ready to go public yet.
Who? Come on!
When you get a second. Please?
You may have been saved by the bell,
but this conversation isn't over.
[CHARLOTTE] The umbilical cord
is wrapped around the baby's neck.
Gemma needs a C-section
before she goes into labor.
If that happens, it may be too late.
Oh, I can see
how this might've scared her
the reality of what she's giving up.
Just before she disappeared,
she got a text message.
It seemed to bother her.
I don't know if this means anything,
but it's been two hours,
her phone is going right to voicemail,
she's not at her place,
she's not anywhere.
You know, maybe she just
needed time to process.
Not like this.
Not with the baby in distress.
Gemma would never risk Isabel's life,
not not intentionally.
I understand.
I adopted two kids myself
it's a whole extra layer of worry.
It's not just about the baby.
Gemma's become family.
I'm worried for her.
What about you, David?
Any clue what happened?
I'm scared, too,
but not that someone did something.
I'm scared
that Gemma changed her mind.
She wouldn't.
We said this wouldn't happen
the first time we tried to adopt.
It was different.
I like Gemma, I do.
We both know how this goes.
She walked out of that office.
If she chose to leave,
there's nothing we can do.
Well, I hate to say it,
but he's got a point.
A baby's life hangs in the balance,
and we shouldn't put out an alert?
I think we should. All right?
But we have a new boss that
what did he say?
"Makes problems go away."
And you don't want MPU
to be a problem.
I don't want you
to be a problem. Okay?
If you put out an alert for somebody
who leaves a doctor's office
under their own free will,
I'm worried
he's gonna hammer you for
For what? Being an emotional woman?
Hell, no, all right? I value my life.
- Good.
- I'm just asking
you really want to antagonize him?
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
"Más moscas se cogen con miel
que con hiel."
"You catch more flies with honey."
- Honey, yes.
- Okay.
I'll go drizzle on the honey.
Español, mi amor
you're supposed to be
learning Spanish!
What happened to that?
Captain Batista.
I was just coming to see you.
That's weird.
The mustache?
I know, it's weird, right?
No, I mean it's weird,
because I was actually
coming to see you.
I'll push 18,
and we can talk on the way up.
It's nice the no mustache.
It's a good look.
The wife said
it was scratching the baby.
Congratulations, again.
Um, you said that you were
actually coming to see me?
Is there a problem?
Detective Grant
requested a homicide file,
and I'm just wondering
if that was an MPU ask,
or your cowboy being a cowboy.
I'll circle back on that.
Well, that would be Helen.
She likes her show tunes.
Helen. Yeah.
I remember. Odd duck.
Well, I'm, uh, gonna head back down.
I'll ride down with you.
I wanted your blessing on
this case that just walked in.
We have a missing woman, pregnant
the baby's in trouble.
I didn't see an alert go out.
No, it hasn't yet.
We're still trying to clarify
her situation.
I waited a long time
to become a dad, Nikki,
and that makes it even more precious.
Like I said, babies come first.
Issue that alert.
I know there are privacy issues,
but you're about to have
an adoption end very badly.
I need the name
of the biological father.
Fine. You'll have a warrant.
We just got a hit off the alert
Gemma was spotted in a diner
in South Philly.
- So she did walk away?
- No, it's unlikely.
Gemma ordered an "angel shot"
in her coffee.
- Oh, God.
- I know.
Bar code for "S.O.S."
She's in trouble.
And before the waitress
could get help,
the man Gemma was with
hustled her out of there.
Any CCTV? A description? Anything?
No footage,
and the description is vague.
And she's about to deliver
a baby who won't survive
without a C-section.
Get everyone in
the conference room now.
Okay, so Gemma was last seen at 9:15
at a doctor's office here,
in Rittenhouse Square.
We pulled CCTV, and she didn't
walk out of the front door.
What about the parking garage?
I mean, it's hundreds of cars
in and out,
and the CCTV can't pick up the plates.
There are a lot of people
who'd do anything to get a baby.
Targeting an OB's office
it's disgusting, but logical.
Yeah, I don't buy a stranger
takes her to a diner.
Had to be someone she knows.
Um, what else do we have on her?
She's 23, born in Pittsburgh,
she hasn't spoken to her family
since she dropped out
of community college.
Not big on socials,
and no profiles
on any of the dating apps.
That's good for her,
but she had to find
a baby-daddy somewhere.
Yeah, we're serving a warrant
on the adoption agency now.
His name will be on the paperwork.
What is her employment status?
She's a sales rep at The Punch,
and they make performance supplements
for athletes and bodybuilders.
Let's track her routes
regular customers, stuff like that.
We need to be
looking at the adopting father,
too David.
I mean, he didn't
want us looking for Gemma.
I mean, I know his wife wants a baby,
I'm a lot less sure he does.
Maybe he didn't want
a kid that's not his.
That's good. That's really good.
I mean, it's right,
who wants a kid that's not
biologically theirs, right?
Look. I didn't mean
I didn't, uh, I didn't
read David that way at all,
but, you know,
we should look at everything.
You guys, dig in. Jason, my office.
Am I in trouble for being sarcastic?
Yeah. Good luck.
Mike is thinking like a cop.
That's the job in case you forgot.
I'm giving him a hard time, Nik.
That's it, okay?
I mean, truth be told,
he is stealing my wife!
You got the invite?
Yes, I got the invite.
It's good, Nik. I like it.
It's beautiful.
I'm happy for you both.
Good, good, good. I just
I was a little worried.
Worried? About what?
What, you think I'm not over you?
- I'm relieved, okay?
I don't have to pay alimony
anymore, so, that's great.
You don't pay alimony, Jay.
I make more than you.
That's because you forced me
to take this job.
Yeah, it's a job with MPU,
which makes me wonder,
why are you requesting
a homicide file?
Someone used us to spring a guy
so they could blow him up.
I want to know who did it.
Well, so do I, but it's not our case.
I have a brand-new boss
who is giving you the benefit
of the doubt for now.
Maybe you just want to color
and stay inside the lines
for a change?
[KEMI] Knock-knock. I got something.
All right, so, the adoption
agency info came in,
and the biological father is a gem
we're talking petty theft,
drug conviction,
and he works at a boxing gym
that's on Gemma's sales route.
He also had a meeting this morning
with his parole officer,
four blocks
from where Gemma was taken.
Text me the address to the boxing gym.
I will.
This place smells like a jock strap.
Yeah, that's, uh,
that's soul you're smelling.
This place has a lot of history.
Got two Golden Glove champs
come out of this place.
Got the third guy in line
for the WBC Welterweight title.
- That's all you got?
- That's why he's here.
You see the guy in the corner?
You're wasting my time!
- Is that Avery Hawk?
- Yes, it is.
The guy makes Don King
look like a pussycat.
If you're a fighter in Philadelphia,
there's a good chance
this dude owns you.
All right, Joe Rogan.
I didn't realize you
were such a fight fan.
Yeah! Man, I grew up on Tyson,
Hagler, Hearns, Sugar Ray
Come on, Golden Gloves. Look. Watch.
Hey, this is my move.
You ready? Watch. No, just wait.
Watch out. Touch, touch, duck.
All right, all right, all right!
I'll take your word for it.
Oh, oh. Come on, come on, come on.
[JASON] Hey, Marvin!
Marvin, Marvin, Marvin.
Marvin, Marvin.
Don't be anti-social. Please.
Sorry. Do I know you guys?
Philly PD. Have a seat.
I need to ask you some questions.
Yeah. Sure. Right. I'm all yours.
Okay, uh
Gemma Stephenson.
Why you looking at him?
I know you know her, right?
You know, I can see that you know her.
Nah, look. I mean, I know her
You "know" her means like,
"Hi. How are you?"
I'm saying you know her, Marvin
like, you got her pregnant.
Whoa, whoa
well, see, the thing is
You change your mind
about giving up the baby?
Is that why you took Gemma?
No! No. No-no-no-no-no. No.
We dated, she got pregnant,
she made a choice.
I was fine with it.
I am fine with it!
Okay, then, w-why are you shook?
- Why are you scared?
- What'd you do after
you left your parole officer
this morning?
Sudden urge to get the kid back?
I swear, man! Look.
I left the parole office
and I Ubered right here,
and I was running late.
If I'm late, they gonna fire me,
and then my parole officer
who's on my ass, by the way
he gonna send me
right back to Frackville.
But I made it clocked in at 9:29,
and I been here ever since.
Okay, can you prove that?
[LOUDLY] Hey! Hey! Guys!
I been here all day?
He's been here.
I know, because he spilled
coffee all over my gloves.
Sorry about that. Again.
[NIKKI] So we're back to square one?
No, not quite.
Whoever took her
is someone who knows her,
and the answer might be on her phone.
Which we don't have,
and getting it from the carrier
takes time.
I mean, usually,
but I might have a workaround.
Julio Jones?
- Who?
- Your mystery date?
Oh. Oh, no!
Why would I keep that a secret?
And, honestly, why would he? I mean
Okay. My other guess
Cory Booker.
Do I look like I like
spending time in New Jersey?
Is there a problem?
I'm getting married.
Why would I care
who Jason hangs out with?
Why would you?
- I don't.
- Nikki!
I know I don't seem like much
of a lace-and-bling kinda girl,
but, man, I love a wedding.
I mean, I will cry,
like a baby, every time.
I know what you're gonna say.
That having a convicted hacker
in the office, again,
might be a bad look?
Uh, she was my idea.
She's "the workaround."
- Thank you.
- Great.
If Gemma goes into labor
before we find her,
that baby could die, so just
Promise, I won't break any laws.
Might bend them a teensy bit.
I can see why you two get along.
Bend, don't break.
Copy that, Captain.
See? I'm a problem-solver.
[HUSHED] Braun.
If this blows up, it's on you.
Any progress with the baby?
Why don't I come downstairs
and fill you in?
- It's quieter down there.
Can't you just have her turn it down?
Sure. But she works faster with it on.
Don't worry.
I have a VPN routing us
out of Turks and Caicos.
Why Turks and Caicos?
Because if I can't be there,
I can at least be there.
I know how Gemma was taken.
She got a text message at 9:12 a.m.
"I know you lied.
Meet me in the parking garage now."
Do you know from who?
A burner
it just went live yesterday.
I can't trace it,
but check this out.
When the adoption first started,
she was calling this number,
Charlotte Ravelle,
about three, four times a day.
That makes sense. They're close.
Mm-hmm, and then
six weeks ago,
this number crops up.
There are a lot of calls.
Back and forth.
Long calls.
You're milking the moment, Wayne.
[WAYNE] Yeah,
'cause it was a good moment.
The number belonged to
a drumroll, please?
A company owned by David Ravelle.
Charlotte's husband.
You think there was something going on
between him and Gemma?
There was.
After Wayne found that,
I did a deep dive.
Guess who wired Gemma
payments of five grand
each week for the past six weeks?
What the hell was
David Ravelle paying her for?
You can't do this to Charlotte!
I know you don't want to hurt her!
Why'd you lock me in here?
You said there was no point
to look for Gemma,
but she could go into labor
at any moment,
which means the baby could die,
and you don't want us to look.
You don't find that suspicious?
That's not what I said.
Also, why do you have a burner phone?
Got a couple text messages to Gemma
that you don't want
traced back to you?
I don't know what you guys think
See, what I think is, is that
you paid Gemma to disappear
and when she didn't,
you made her disappear.
Now, just I can't figure
if you changed your mind
about wanting a kid, or you
didn't want the kid in the first place.
I think he definitely wanted the kid.
I have an adopted daughter.
When Sid was coming,
I was a little panicked.
I didn't have nine months to prepare.
I had one week to cram,
so, books like this
I bought 'em all, read 'em all,
dog-eared the pages.
Yes, I paid Gemma
but not to leave.
When the last adoption fell through,
Charlotte didn't get out of bed.
She wouldn't eat.
Being a mother's all she ever wanted.
So, I paid to make sure
that Gemma stayed.
Well, Pennsylvania law makes it
illegal to pay for babies.
- You know that.
- Of course.
So we did everything
that we were allowed to do
we paid for medical expenses,
supplements, counseling, but
all I could think was
that, if Gemma changed her mind,
Charlotte would just
So, I sweetened the pot,
without telling Charlotte.
All I wanted
was for Charlotte to be happy.
What? Is it her?
Is it Gemma?
[JASON] It's a ransom note,
and whoever it is,
[MIKE] Looks like
you gave somebody the idea
that you'd pay anything for a newborn.
We are pursuing every means we have
to find Gemma.
We We talked to her work,
we're looking at
every point of contact.
This has to be someone
that knew her well enough
to know about the adoption.
I just need to know.
If we pay the ransom,
will they release her?
Ransom demands are always a gamble.
They're counting on your emotions,
that you're willing to do anything.
I will do anything.
[NIKKI] I know.
And I say this as an adoptive mother,
most times, if the ransom is paid,
the subject is released,
but you are being asked
to pay ransom for a baby
that isn't yours.
Pennsylvania law
allows the birth mother
30 days from birth
to change her mind.
So you could pay
and wind up with nothing.
Then they'd release Gemma?
But that doesn't mean
you get the baby.
Gemma's not gonna change her mind.
It's not her behind this. I know it.
So do you the S.O.S. at the diner.
She's just telling us
what we need to consider.
There's nothing to consider.
We saved for this baby,
we put money aside.
We can do this. We have to.
We can't.
I spent the money.
I paid Gemma $30,000.
What are you saying?
So that she would go through with it.
She was going through with it!
She took the money, Char.
What was she supposed to do?
She's a kid! She's got nothing.
You thought we had to bribe her?
We did it the right way
the first time
look where that got us!
Hey, hey.
I know that this is difficult,
but right now,
we need to discuss
how you'd like to respond
when they set conditions
for the ransom drop.
We'll find the money.
We have to.
I'm not doing this just to get Isabel.
I'm doing it for Gemma.
What she's done
it saved my life
and now we have to save hers.
- Detective Grant.
- Hey.
Hollis Braun.
- Good to see ya.
- You got a minute?
Yeah, I'm on my way out.
Can we talk on the way down?
- Sure.
- Great.
All right.
How How can I help?
It's more how I can help you.
More specifically, how I can
help you help Captain Baptista.
She's doing good work here.
There's only one thing
standing in her way,
and that's you.
I'm standing in her way?
I get it
where you used to work,
cutting corners, going rogue
that was rewarded.
Here? It's a problem.
Is this 'cause
I asked about that file?
It's about you doing things
that reflect badly on your team.
I get it Nikki's your ex.
Maybe Maybe she doesn't
feel like she can tell you.
So I will.
What you're doing
is hurting her standing.
And if that doesn't change,
we will have to make it change.
Uh, I'm I'm sorry.
I asked about a file.
Th That's all.
"That's all"?
You mean, there isn't
a convicted computer hacker upstairs,
doing things our department
would never allow?
We all want Captain Batista
to succeed, Detective Grant.
Just try staying in your lane.
Gemma's job is a bust
no real friends,
no real enemies,
and I've run through all of the places
that she delivered supplements to.
No one stands out.
Same with the phone.
All of the blocked numbers
are standard.
You've got spam, bill collectors
the usual garbage.
Wait a minute.
I like the sound of that!
Hmm. The payments
that David made to her
I'm in Gemma's account.
So, before those payments,
on the day that she signed
the adoption paperwork,
there's a $1,000 payment,
outgoing, to Marvin Donald
the baby-daddy.
And why is she paying him?
I don't know.
I had his stuff up earlier,
but I dropped it when he alibied out.
You got something?
Oh, Marvin
you sweet little liar.
Told you guys I got an alibi.
You also told us that
you were the baby's father.
I am the baby's father.
Marvin, listen to me, okay?
My boss is riding me,
her boss is riding her.
I'm in no mood. Okay?
Okay, look
turns out, when Gemma got pregnant,
you were in Indiana, for a month.
And then you come back,
and she gave you $1,000.
I don't understand what that's for.
Is that to buy a lie?
Look, I couldn't tell you. All right?
I just wanted to see my mom
in Terre Haute,
so I told my P.O. I had Covid,
so we could do our check-ins by phone.
Okay, so that was one lie,
you being the father was another.
You keep racking up the lies.
Okay, if you want us to help you,
you gotta help us,
you gotta be honest with us.
That's it. It's easy.
Okay, look, I just felt bad for her.
All right? She's trying
to do the right thing,
and she just needed somebody to sign
so she could give up the baby,
and she couldn't tell the real father.
- Why?
- He scared her.
I mean, she said he was violent.
Okay, so who's the violent guy?
She wouldn't say.
But she started wearing one
of them jackets from the gym
you know, the ones
with the tiger logo on it?
So my money it's gotta
be one of them boxers.
So who's the best?
I-It's obvious.
Creed, obviously, is the best.
Adonis or Apollo?
A Apollo!
Apollo, okay? He beat Rocky twice.
No-no-no-no-no! That first fight
was a split decision. Okay?
And if you ask me, it was fixed.
Rocky won both of those fights.
Okay, I disagree, but
so, then, who do you like?
Do you like Drago?
You like Clubber Lang?
He studied his dad,
was coached by Rocky.
It's a perfect combination.
In what world
does Michael B. Jordan
beat up Carl Weathers?
- It doesn't happen!
- Why you making it personal
- with the actors?
- Watch Rocky I!
- That's my opinion.
- That's your opinion.
I'm talking here!
- Go ahead.
- Here's the list.
Everybody that bought a jacket,
but don't let 'em know
it came from me.
Okay. Can I tell you something?
Don't sneak up on people like that.
Now, go away, please.
You've done enough.
So what do we do?
Pull everybody on the list,
one by one?
Yeah, let's do that, Mike,
'cause we got all day.
Come on! We got a baby to think about.
[MAN] You can't ring the bell!
Excuse me!
If I could have
everybody's attention, please?
Philadelphia PD.
one of you fine, young pugilists
got the supplement delivery girl
and we need to know who you are.
You arresting people for sex now?
No, but you're very funny.
You should try stand-up,
'cause your boxing is atrocious.
Anyway! Like I said,
someone's gotta fess up,
otherwise we're gonna
have to shut down training
for the rest of the day.
And since four of you
are on the main card tonight,
that's gonna suck, all right,
so I'm gonna pass this photo around.
Just need one of you
to man up and own it.
Come on, guys, like he said,
sex is not a crime.
It's just sex. It's not illegal.
Just need to know who you are.
You got a name?
Dante D'Andrea.
"Dante D'Andrea."
Yep, he's on the list.
- Oh, look at that.
- What list?
Tell us about you and Gemma.
Was that her name?
I mean, I've seen her,
but, yeah, I don't know her.
All right, I really hope
you're a better boxer
than you are a liar.
I think I think
that this might be the guy.
Gemma said
that he was, like, a bully
like one of those
insecure, wanna-be tough guys.
Said she never even really liked him,
that he had like a, um uh
the sex was terrible, right?
Total waste of time kinda thing.
[JASON] Assaulting an officer.
Mike, what do you get
for that two years?
No, it's actually up to 40.
40 years! 40 years.
Brother, I can help you,
but you gotta help me.
You gotta start talking. Okay?
All right, look,
I went out with Gemma,
but I didn't know she got pregnant.
Then I saw the alert, so yeah,
I did the math,
and I wondered.
I mean, that's why
I didn't say anything.
I knew what you'd think.
Let me Let me
tell you what I think. Okay?
I think you texted her this morning.
We saw the text.
She lied about something, right?
Then you told her to come meet you,
and then you took her
that's what I think.
Now you're looking
for a quick payday, right?
I didn't text anyone,
and I don't need the money.
I won my last three fights
I win tonight, I'm gonna be flush.
Just I wouldn't risk that.
Th-This is all
I have left to offer. Okay?
You tell us where Gemma is
right now right now
and when you get out,
you will fight again.
I'll make that happen
you have my word.
What's it gonna be, Dante?
Look, you wanna know if I'm the dad?
Yeah, I probably am.
But I didn't text her,
and last I checked,
getting someone pregnant,
it ain't illegal.
So, look, I'm sorry I hit you, I am,
but, uh, I'm not the guy.
Okay, all right.
We had nothing to hold him on.
I mean, at least
we got to search his place.
Yeah, which got us nothing.
Well, no, we know Gemma's not there.
You're just mad 'cause you got hit.
You got me hit!
It's not my fault
your reflexes are slow.
Whatever, you were blocking my view.
Hey, let me ask you a question.
Do you think Nikki knows
that her next marriage
is gonna be a downgrade?
Athletically speaking, I mean?
- Are you done?
- Yeah.
[JASON] Hey, Nik.
What happened to you?
Nothing. It was an accident.
He forgot to duck!
- You found the baby's father?
- Yes.
His name is Dante D'Andrea.
We searched his place
couldn't find anything.
You searched his place, based on what?
Tell me you had probable cause.
"Probable" he hit Mike in the face!
Which seems, you know, "probable."
And-And he's probably the guy.
Look, I know it was questionable,
but we're running out of time.
Yeah, no kidding.
The ransom drop is set
at the boxing match tonight.
Charlotte makes the drop.
Okay, and he's on the card.
He will be there.
It's gonna be fine. We'll nail him.
Yeah, we better, 'cause
according to the fetal monitor,
the baby's heart rate is dropping.
If we don't find Gemma tonight,
it may be too late.
Okay, we got it.
You trying to hide from me, Dante?
I'm not hiding from you.
I know I can't hide from you.
Yeah. You damn right.
I don't even know
what you're doing here.
You ain't getting in the ring tonight.
This is my event,
and I'm letting you know
it's over for you in Philly.
All right, look, I know I messed up.
"Messed up"? Like it was an accident?
All you had to do
was lose a fight, man.
Instead, you beat my guy into a coma.
You know how much time
and money I put into Kwan?
That was instinct.
Nah, man, it was stupid.
We had a deal.
Man, you knew I was betting
on the other side!
I know, and I-I have a plan.
I'm gonna pay you back,
every penny. Tonight.
You ain't making
100 grand on that fight.
Nah. I'll pay you
before the fight even starts.
I swear. I just
I need you to keep
me on the card. Please.
Hey, whoa!
You kill me now, and you get nothing.
Look, I have a plan.
No, no, it's good, Gem.
Look, I pay Hawk,
he won't come after me.
I-I he gets his money,
and I'm gone,
I find another city, another name.
I know we're no good
for each other, Gem,
but I care about you, I do
I just I didn't have a choice.
You did have a choice! I told you, no!
These are good people.
Just a couple more of hours,
that's all I need.
I don't have a couple of hours, Dante!
My water broke.
The baby is coming,
and if I'm not in a hospital
right now,
she is going to die.
You don't want that! She's your baby!
Look, I-I'll call 911
the second it's done. Just
If I let you go now, I'm dead,
so, please, just hold on.
Okay? Just a little bit longer.
If Dante is our guy
and I'm telling you he is
you gotta know
what we're dealing with.
I was able to track down
Dante's last fight.
Someone posted it here.
[MIKE] His opponent was Kwan Ju-Won.
It was supposed to be
a tune-up for Kwan,
but watch what happens.
I can understand why Gemma was scared.
That was two weeks ago.
Kwan's still in a coma.
Notify everyone covering the fight.
"Approach with caution."
I have the schematics of the arena.
All right.
Let's go over the plan.
As soon as the first fight starts,
Charlotte puts the cash
in a duffle bag
and walks into the arena.
No police anywhere in sight.
Mike and Jason
are in the security room.
We'll have eyes on the money,
eyes on Dante, eyes on everything.
Charlotte puts the ransom
into a firebox
when no one's looking,
then walks away.
We've got uniform backup.
And we have our secret weapon.
The kidnapper will take the money,
and we won't take down the guy
until he leads us to Gemma,
because the bag is wired.
He's gonna use the crowd
as a diversion.
So what? We follow the money.
He's got his robe on, he's taped up,
his fight's not for another hour.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Look at the way
that robe's sitting on him.
He's a lightweight
now he looks like a heavyweight.
What, you don't think
he's gonna make weight?
No. I think we just got played.
Come on.
Hey. What are you doing?
Kemi's on the tracker,
the money hasn't moved.
The money has moved.
He wasn't just taping his hands
he was taping the money to his body.
That's why he looked big.
The suspect's name is Dante D'Andrea.
He's in the building.
We need eyes on him immediately.
It's a false back.
He got the money from the other side.
Hey, Kemi, what's on the other side
of this firebox wall?
A service corridor.
One way leads to the east stairwell,
the other to the lower concourse.
All right. Lower concourse.
Let's split up.
Dante never intended to fight.
The whole thing was a diversion.
Bring the security feed back up.
[WAYNE] Yeah.
Charlotte, there!
[NIKKI] All uniforms,
be aware you have a civilian heading
toward the service corridor
white female, late-30s,
wearing a plaid scarf.
I got him!
He's in the lower concourse.
I'm on it.
[KEMI] Wait!
He just spotted the uniforms
at the northwest exit.
He's heading back towards Mike.
Yeah, I'm here. I don't see him.
Police! Dante, freeze!
I got him! He's going east.
I'm coming from the other side.
He's in the supply room.
East corridor.
Hey, hey.
Dante! Hey!
Right there!
- Just let me walk away.
- Don't move.
Where is she?
- Charlotte
- No, no, no, no, no! Hey!
Hands up!
Hey, listen to me.
Let's just talk.
Let her go and we'll talk.
I can't do that.
Dante, hey, listen to me.
We can help you. Okay?
That's the woman
who's gonna raise your kid.
She doesn't deserve to get hurt.
All right, shut up!
Back off! Up against the wall!
I'm walking through that door.
Okay, okay.
Guns down!
Put 'em down! Kick 'em away!
Both of you.
Just stay still.
I ain't gonna hurt you. Okay?
- Relax. You're good.
- Take it easy.
I didn't want any of this.
I swear, I just
I'm gonna let you go, okay?
As soon as I get to that door.
[MIKE] Hey. Hey. You okay?
Hey, Dante. Hey! Dante. Stick with me.
Hey, get a medic in here right now!
We're not getting anything from him.
He's the only one
who knows where Gemma is.
Hey, buddy! Aw, man.
[CHARLOTTE] Oh, my god!
What is it?
The fetal alarm just went off.
The doctor says Gemma's in labor.
Hey, we found his car.
Any idea where he's holding her?
Uh, nothing we can see.
What about what you can't see?
You wanna elaborate on that?
Get me the V.I.N.
- All right.
- You got it?
Here you go.
V.I.N. coming at you right now.
Gimme that please.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Cars these days
are like smartphones on wheels.
The data they collect
uploads automatically
to places you do not wanna know about.
So, you're getting the location data?
Uh, I'd have to hack OnStar for that,
and they have upped their game,
um, but I have a workaround
everywhere that the car has parked
since Gemma was taken.
Thankfully, the parking
cam saves the data.
All right,
so that's Barella's
you can lose that one.
The O.B.'s office,
where he got to Gemma, not that.
Okay, and that's the diner
what comes next?
I don't know where that is.
Neither do I,
but the car comes back here
right after Jason and Mike
talked to Dante.
Can you pull an address
off that thing?
Oh, no, now you are
asking for miracles.
Oh, baby, I do miracles.
Send me the image.
All right.
Let's get it up here.
Let me enhance that.
Take a look
at that sign in the background.
Is that Korean?
[NIKKI] Maybe. How does that help?
Kwan, the boxer
that Dante put into a coma
he lives in Koreatown.
He's still in the hospital.
Dante would've known
his apartment was empty.
Get me his address! Good job!
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
Good place to keep a hostage.
All right, watch out.
All right, get out of the way.
What are you doing?
What do you mean, what am I doing?
I'm gonna shoot off the door hinge.
Oh, yeah. Good idea.
With a pregnant woman
and possibly a baby inside.
What are you, outta your mind?
Watch out.
Proud of yourself?
My way would've worked too.
Go! Go, go, go. Come on!
Hey, Gemma, Gemma.
Hey, you're gonna be okay. All right?
- The baby!
- It's all right.
Nikki, we're in.
This thing's
definitely happening right now.
We've got the doctor on the way,
we sent a call for her.
I know. I know, I know.
Okay. Keep breathing.
Look at me, look at me, look at me.
You're gonna be fine.
All right? You're okay.
Okay, give me some room!
Gemma. I'm here. I'm here.
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'm so
There's no time for an ambulance.
We're doing this now.
You should come inside.
Thank you, Hana.
She cleared the cord just in time.
Would you like to hold your daughter?
Thank you, Gemma.
Thank you.
You must have loved
watching her hold that baby today.
Yeah, it was pretty incredible.
Well, I remember
the first time I held Sidney.
We brought her home
and, uh, she was so scared.
I wrapped her in my arms.
It calmed her, sure, but
it changed me.
It changed everything.
Now Keith is gone, and Sid's away.
I miss it.
I know.
I know. It's okay.
I-I know that that's the cycle,
you know?
But I miss it.
That's the thing about cycles.
There's always a chance for new ones.
I know we never, uh, settled on it.
You know, we had
the whole chaos with Keith,
and, you know, that was enough, but
you know, maybe we should consider it.
Do we start down that path?
Start our own cycle?
I don't know.
we start with the wedding,
and then,
then we go from there.
Is it wrong for me
to want somebody else
to get taken tomorrow?
Yes, that is very wrong.
Yeah. Yeah, well, I had fun today.
One hell of a date.
I mean, call it whatever you want,
but next time you want to see me,
you could just ask.
Sorry. I'm not into bondage.
Can you sit down, please?
So bossy!
Thank you.
You know, you could leave it loose.
I won't tell anyone.
You were not this much
of a handful in Kandahar.
Yeah, well, you were married
and I was on my best behavior.
I should go.
I really gotta go now.
It's good to see you.
Hey, what about that car bomb file?
Look, you were right.
I clearly have cabin fever.
Okay. Here's what's going on
with the car bombing file.
Okay? Our new boss is, um
a handful.
He was mad that you were
in the office again today.
Nikki asked me to stand down,
so that's what I'm doing,
I'm standing down.
Dude, she is marrying another guy.
What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
It means that the Jason that I knew
would never let
a boss stand in the way.
Okay, you win. Go ahead.
Thank you.
You're gonna need a username
and a passcode to get into
- Honey, I'm already in.
- Okay.
Look, I spent the entire day at MPU.
It's a force of habit.
You have a case number?
Yeah, it's, um, Hotel-Oscar
It was the file
but as soon as I opened it,
it triggered a virus.
The file is whitelisted.
If your IP's not on that list,
it poison pills.
There is somebody
that really doesn't
want you seeing that file.
Okay, one other person
other than Nikki
told me to stand down.
It's the Inspector.
What does Hollis Braun
not want me to see?
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