Alert: Missing Persons Unit (2023) s02e09 Episode Script

Paul Miller

Come on, Dad. You have to find it.
Orion should be right there.
The belt stars burn
blue-white at 30,000 degrees.
Betelgeuse is Orion's shoulder.
Red. 3,500 degrees.
[CHUCKLES] I'm trying
my best here, Nolan.
They all look the same to me.
Dad! It's where the UFOs are.
It's not just UFOs, son.
I rented an RV for this.
I know how much you love vehicles.
Tonight's gonna be fun!
You said that we would see a UFO.
Uh, I-I said we'd try.
Aliens! I wanna go see.
- Nolan, stop!
- No. Don't touch me!
How do you always get away from me?
The weakest part of your
grip is where the fingers meet
and the thinnest part of my wrist
is at the thumb side.
I can escape easily, with a
wrist rotation and a pivot.
Come on, Dad! Can we go see the lights?
[DAD] Okay.
Just stay behind me. All right?
I don't know what it is,
let's keep our distance.
Come on.
Stay close to me, Nolan.
[NOLAN] I knew we'd see aliens tonight!
[DAD] Shh, shh! Whatever is out there
we don't want to scare it.
I wanna see. I wanna see aliens.
Ow! Don't.
Run. Nolan! Run!
- I cannot believe that.
I'm serious.
Hi, Ronnie.
You're right. He does look
like the Old Spice commercial.
- Thanks.
- The body spray.
Not the stuff you put on the loofah.
I told ya so.
How can I help you, Ronnie?
I'm shocked you're still here.
Y-You're shocked I'm still here?
I'm shocked you're here.
What are you doing here?
You're obviously not cleaning.
What is she doing here?
I'm not. I'm gone.
Always great to see you, Ronnie.
Look, I think you've upset her.
- I upset her?
- Mm-hmm!
And I would be careful if I were you.
She is rooting for the
pool boy to win me over.
Oh, is that, uh, Six-Pack Jack?
He's flirting with you
again? I'll kill 'im.
Uh, it's "Jacques," and
he has an eight-pack.
Here. It's done.
I see you're changing the subject.
We'll get back to Jack later. Um,
how does this work?
It's a R.A.T remote-access trojan.
You upload the file, and
I will get a C2 channel
that hides under
maintenance diagnostics.
Fantastic. You wanna
try that in English?
Put that into Braun's computer
and I will get to see
everything he's trying to hide.
Now, you sure that you want to do this?
I mean, spying on your boss
you could get into
some pretty big trouble.
Right. Well, technically,
you're gonna be the
one spying on my boss,
so I'm not too worried about it.
You know what I mean.
Look, he is coming at us
very aggressively. All right?
Um, he's hiding something. You
tellin' me this little thing's gonna
tell us what that is?
Yeah, I know.
All right. All you gotta do is
get this in Braun's computer.
- All "I" have to do?
- It's gotta be you.
Hey, in case you forgot
I'm getting married tomorrow.
I understand, but if we figure
out what Braun is hiding,
then we got him. You understand?
All right. What happens if I get caught?
He already banished me to Homicide.
That's why it's gotta be you.
Because he banished me to Homicide,
his office is on Homicide's floor
nobody's gonna question why I'm there.
All right, yeah. It's gotta be me.
All right. How you gonna
get into his office?
I mean, getting in,
that's not a problem.
It's keeping Braun out
that's what I'm worried about.
- Leave that to me.
- Captain Batista.
There's a woman here who
needs to file a report.
- Troopers brought her in.
- Thank you.
All right. I'm gonna
need your help on this.
- I got you.
- We're all in this together, okay?
Yeah, we better be, because once
we do this, there is no going back.
Are you sure you're okay with this?
[KEMI] Let's give them a moment alone.
Look. Braun took the gloves off
when he transferred me, okay?
He's going down.
Just be a lot better if
tomorrow wasn't, you know
The most important
day of our lives? I know.
But we got this.
Yeah, we do.
Paul and Nolan went camping last night.
They saw something in the woods,
and Paul went to investigate,
and Nolan said that he
he had to run for his life.
Run from what?
He didn't see, just
just a green light.
Paul sent Nolan back to the RV,
and when he didn't come
back in the morning,
Nolan said that he had to
drive himself to find help.
Nolan can drive?
[SARAH] He likes cars,
so Paul's been teaching
him how to drive
just-just GoKarts and ATVs.
When he's interested in something,
Nolan picks it up really quickly.
Eventually, he veered off the road,
- and a state trooper found him.
- Mm.
You're very brave.
He has autism, so he has
trouble communicating.
Paul's been trying everything he can
to try and bond with him
driving lessons and car shows.
Camping trips.
They were stargazing.
No! We were hunting aliens.
- Did you say aliens?
- Nolan,
what did we talk about?
You like that light, huh?
[SARAH] He's fascinated by light.
He could tell you the color
temperature of every single star.
It's pretty much all he talks about.
and aliens.
That one is 2,500 degrees
instead of 2,700.
Nolan, you can see that?
It's going to burn out.
The woods glowed green.
It was scary.
They took my dad.
Get Jason and check out that RV.
[JASON] I'm tellin' you I saw a UFO.
This guy next to me is honking his horn
like a walrus in heat,
and then Bellisario's
screaming "look up."
I look up, okay?
I see something
zig-zag across the sky.
I don't know what it is
I checked flight plans,
off-book sources. Nothing! No record!
I saw an Unidentified Flying Object.
- I saw a UFO!
- All right, slow down.
Slow down. So you don't
believe in past lives,
but you do believe in little green men?
Green men? No. I believe in
sexy pink ladies with pointy ears.
Anyway, you think Paul Miller
got overwhelmed with his kid
and took off?
Hmm, maybe.
Okay, so this kid was
here alone last night.
He drove this boat into a ditch,
and then we don't know where he started.
Right. And we have no idea where
our missing person disappeared.
That's 30,000 acres of forest.
That's too much for a manhunt.
Okay, so let's just
narrow the search down.
Okay, what do we got? We got
We got a kid who is
obsessed with aliens.
- Yes.
- Like, heavy. We have
an RV rental agreement
that was dated yesterday.
Yep. Oh!
And there goes our theory
that Paul ditched his boy.
- Come look at this.
- Ahem.
Paul's wallet?
- Yep.
- With
some green weirdness.
You're telling me you
don't believe in aliens?
Where am I?
Where's Nolan?
[ROARS] Where's my son?
No, no, no!
- [KNOCKS] Nik?
- Hey.
Did you get anything at the RV?
Okay, so Paul's wallet was left behind,
so we don't think that he ran.
But there was a strange
substance on the wallet
- Helen is analyzing it.
- That's not enough.
We need to find out where
Paul and Nolan were camping
before we can even start the search.
And since Nolan moved
the RV from the campsite,
it-it's gonna be challenging.
Maybe we need to work it
from the other direction.
There was a rental agreement in the RV
that puts Paul in Philly yesterday.
If I can retrace his steps,
maybe it'll lead us to the campsite,
- where he disappeared.
- Whatever happened,
this man's family needs him back.
- Issue the Alert.
- Yeah.
[KEMI] Hey, Helen.
The slimy substance
you found on the wallet
was tetraborate-decahydrate
polyvinyl acetate.
Okay. That sounds like
it's from outer space.
Outer space? I wish! Heh!
It's just basic slime,
like kids make in preschool.
Please tell me you didn't just say
"I wish it was from outer space"?
You're not one of those
E.T. fanatics, too?
I wouldn't say "fanatic," but
I definitely leave room for the
possibility of life beyond Earth.
But you're a scientist.
How can you believe in
aliens, with no evidence?
The ingredients of life are
common throughout the universe
hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon.
And Earth can't be completely unique
among the 100 billion stars
in each of the 100 billion galaxies.
With that many variants,
life must have formed elsewhere,
just like it formed here.
[WHISPERS] Aliens must be out there.
Science almost guarantees it.
- Well, I'm frightened. Thank you.
What's not to like about aliens?
[JASON] Nik, just stay off my case.
Please! Just stay off my case!
Sorry, man. My bad, my bad.
You got a lot of nerve,
asking me back up here.
You said it was an emergency?
I know that things got heated
the last time that we spoke,
but you are still my boss,
- and I have a problem.
- What is it?
The father of a neurodivergent child
went missing in 30
square miles of forest,
and I just don't have the
manpower for the search,
especially since you
transferred Sergeant Sherman.
I warned you. You should've listened.
Just hear me out, Hollis. Okay?
You don't like what I have to say,
you have my word I will
never say it again. Okay?
This is a question of resources.
We need to find this man,
and my people are doing
- the best they can, but
- That's where you're wrong, right there, Nikki.
They're not your people.
- They're my people.
- Excuse me?
[BRAUN] I'm in charge
and I have documented your
inability to accept that
breach after breach after breach.
So, let me say it plainly
I am done with Jason Grant
and I am done with you.
- Is that clear enough for you?
- Crystal.
It'll be by the book,
but I'm gonna do everything in my power
to end your tenure at the MPU,
and Grant's at Philly PD.
- You're done.
- Braun
Braun? Inspector!
- Yeah?
[NIKKI] Braun is on his way down.
Please tell me that you're outta there.
Stall him.
I'll send Jason.
Actually, something I've been
meaning to talk to you about
Yeah, what?
Um tch. I know you
have everybody fooled,
thinking that you are a good guy,
but you're not a good guy, are you?
You really don't like your
job, do you, Detective?
Yeah, you know,
you're hiding something,
and I'm gonna find out what it is,
because that's what I do.
You understand? Usually,
I find people, but for you,
I'm gonna make an exception.
- Uh-huh?
- Yeah.
[MIKE] Come on.
- See, the thing is, Jason
- Mm-hmm?
See, I've got the ear of
the Commissioner, the Mayor,
and they are both very clear
that your entire
department is on thin ice.
Oh, don't make it about the department.
It's not about the
department. It's not about MPU.
It's about you and me
you had a beef with me
the second I walked through that door.
Problem is, I'm curious why is that?
Are you afraid of me?
You're afraid of me, aren't you?
- When this thing comes to a head
- Mm-hmm?
Oh, man, and it will
- Mm-hmm.
- I want you
to remember something.
Yeah? Tell me.
You started this.
- I know.
- Now get out of my way.
Hey, Inspector.
Everything good?
You get your buddy off of my floor.
Yes, sir.
That was fun.
My man.
Copy that.
- Kemi?
- Yeah?
Mike did it.
Wayne has access to Braun's system.
Geez. And not a moment too soon.
I just got a credible
hit off of the alert.
Paul Miller got into a fight yesterday,
and you're never gonna guess where.
You haven't seen this guy at all?
No? Great. Thanks.
Thank you.
- Any luck?
- No,
uh, but I'm pretty sure you can find
one of your sexy pink alien ladies
with pointy ears here.
You think Wayne would be into
an extra-terrestrial thrupple?
- That's funny.
- I had to say it! I'm sorry.
That's good. So one
of these whackjobs here
saw Paul and his kid yesterday?
Yeah, they didn't give a name,
but, yes, they reported that
there was some sort of altercation.
- All right, let's keep going.
- All right.
[MAN] Authentic alien ooze!
Limited supply!
Direct from another galaxy!
Does that ooze look familiar to you?
Yeah. Helen said that it was slime,
like kids make in elementary school.
Don't let the government dupe you!
They've been hiding an alien presence
here on Earth for years!
- [THUD]
[JASON] Hey, Philly
PD! Move out of the way!
Out of the way! Make room!
[MAN] I won't be silenced!
the way! Outta the way!
Now what?
Okay. That's enough.
[KEMI] Freeze!
- [POP]
[JASON] Okay, folks. Move along.
Philadelphia PD, everybody.
Everything's fine.
- [JASON] Come on, you, get up.
Who are you and why did you run?
I j you guys don't know who I am?
I'm Terrance. Hashtag "TerranceTruth"?
Uh, whatever. Okay.
Have you ever seen this guy, right here?
W-W-Wait. This isn't about my
website "Truth by Terrance"?
No, this is about a missing person.
So, we understand that
you got into an altercation
- with Paul Miller yesterday.
- That guy?
Okay, fine. Look.
His kid opened up a
container of ooze. Right?
Once you open it up, it's yours.
That's it, but the daddy got
pissed off about the price
I'm just curious what is the price
of something that you made for 13 cents?
It's 39.99.
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, I don't like you.
Okay, great. Anyway.
Uh, he got it all over his hands
and he started freaking out.
And I get it, okay?
I got a neurodivergent nephew.
I see what my sister has to go through,
so I felt sorry for the guy
and I gave him his money back.
That's it. Even gave him
a primo campsite for UFO hunting.
Oh, that's good. Where is this campsite?
Okay. Don't spread it around, please?
There is an Area 51
right outside the city.
"Philly 51."
Okay? So much UFO traffic,
it's like, uh, an E.T. airport.
The military has been trying
to cover it up for years.
- Yeah, Philly 51?
- Yeah. Look at these burns.
I got them from the
UFO-radiated creek water.
Where is the campsite?
It's out by Ridley Creek.
Thank you. Stay right there, don't move.
- [TERRANCE] Can I at least
- You can do nothing! Just stay there.
All right, Ridley Creek.
That's gotta be where
Paul went into the woods.
Look at those burns.
You gotta take Helen
to get some creek-water samples,
but I'd set some ground
rules with her first.
No, no. You guys are gonna bond.
It's gonna be a great experience.
- It's gonna be fantastic. No-no-no.
- Jason!
It's gonna be great!
You're gonna have a blast.
[KEMI] I hate you.
What are you hiding
behind all these firewalls?
Hello. What's this?
Come on, Jay. Pick up.
One second. Hold on.
Hey, Wayne. What's up? Everything okay?
Yeah, um, I just
couldn't get ahold of Jay
and he told me to reach out to you.
I think I found what
Braun's been hiding.
All right, yeah, what do you got?
The guy that's in jail for
Maritz's murder, Logan Barlowe
you guys think he's a patsy, right?
I think I found the real bomber.
[KEMI] Terrance said this is
where he sent Paul and Nolan.
Thanks for bringing me with you.
- Sure.
- I'm usually a lab rat,
but today I get to be a field mouse!
Okay, no. What was rule number two?
- No singing?
- That was rule number one.
- Oh no puns.
- Bingo.
- [SINGS SOFTLY] Was his name-o ♪
- Okay. I heard that.
- Okay.
- Wait a minute.
We got tire tracks.
Back there.
And a tripod!
Yeah, this must be the place.
They might've gone
this way. Let's try it.
So I searched property records,
based on what Truther-Terrance told us,
and there is no "Area
51" near Ridley Creek,
but there is a paper mill
half a mile north from here.
Uh, Rasp Pulp and Paper.
Why would Terrance think
a paper mill is Area 51?
Maybe because they wanted
to do everything they could
to stay off the grid.
About 20 years ago, there was an
environmental protest at the mill,
and it got out of hand and
one of the mill workers died.
And then after that, the mill
disappears from public databases
scrubbed from internet searches. I mean,
the property records
require access codes.
They basically just
disappeared from public view.
So that's why the UFO crowd
thinks this is another Area 51.
- I mean
- Oh.
The The alien guy
said the creek water
- burned his hands, right?
- Yeah. You need some help?
No, I am good. I am fully prepared.
- Ah, okay.
- Ooh, look at those.
- Bonkers.
- Honk, honk. Honk, honk!
- Oh, oh! Okay, yeah.
Yeah, you just stand back
- and watch the expert. Okay
- All right, standing back.
- [KEMI] Have you done this before?
- [HELEN] Yes,
- I've done this.
- Uh-huh?
[HELEN] Many, many, many, many
Just kidding. I've done it once before.
Oh! Oh just once?
- Yeah.
- Uno
Ah. There you go.
I have to get this to the lab
to figure out exactly what it is,
but there are non-polar
molecules in here,
forming an emulsion.
Uh, so there's chemicals in the water?
You Kemi called it right.
- No.
- Get it?
- No. No.
- "Chemical." Kemi
- Called?
- Wait a minute, I got something.
All right, let's see.
Paul's telescope.
It's smashed. Maybe he used
it against his attacker.
- [♪♪♪]
- "Rasp Pulp and Paper."
So chemicals in the water
and Paul's telescope.
Yeah, we gotta get a search
team to that paper mill.
Captain Batista?
Sarah, did something happen?
Has there been any more
information about Paul?
No, there's nothing to share yet,
- but as soon as I have something I will
- Okay,
because, um, sometimes,
Nolan draws pictures
- when he's upset.
- [NOLAN] It's last night.
- The aliens.
- Uh, so, I think, um,
that the baseball one
is about regret because,
uh, Paul loves baseball and
and Nolan's never interested and
Paul's favorite player's Nolan Ryan
and he insisted that
we name our son Nolan.
You got a new bulb.
Are there any more going out?
[SARAH] If you look and the pictures
This is the green glow, right?
That That Nolan told you about.
But then, there's also this purple light
that he never mentioned,
and, I don't know, I-I-I
I thought that that that might help.
Hey, Nolan
can you remember anything else?
Anything at all?
Okay, well, thank you so
much for bringing these in.
'Kay, now
I'll be in touch.
[CRYING OUT] I'm running
out of air in here!
Help me!
Thanks for coming in, Mr. Rasp.
Um so, we searched the paper mill,
and, uh, looked in every broom closet,
every chemical vat.
No No Paul Miller.
Where's Paul Miller?
Sorry, Detective. I don't know.
I mean, I came in of my own accord.
You have my full cooperation.
Anything we can do to
help with your investigation, we'll do.
[CLAPS] Great!
Uh, we found, um, a rag
from your mill down at the crime scene.
Well, you have my employee
records and security footage, but,
I mean, we've been a family-run business
since my grandpa founded us,
so I'd be shocked if an employee
had anything to do with this.
That rag could've gotten
downstream any number of ways.
It could've. We're actually
currently running samples
on the creek water,
uh, where Paul Miller was taken.
- I don't understand.
- Okay, um,
well, here's what I think happened.
I think that Paul saw something
that he wasn't supposed to see.
What are you implying?
I think you know what I'm implying.
That water's not right, it burns,
and I'm gonna find out why.
We use an EPA-certified
wastewater treatment system
for our sludge disposal.
- My mill is clean.
- It better be.
It better be, or you're
in big trouble. Okay?
- You can go for now
till I find something
more actionable.
What's up?
[MIKE] Yo, I've been
trying to reach you!
Wayne called me.
What's going on? Is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine.
Look, she found something.
Braun might not be the only cop
who's involved in that Maritz bombing.
More cops?
Yeah, well, just one. Maybe.
But there's a witness report that
says there's a cop from the EOD unit
who was there before
the explosion happened.
What, you're saying a bomb squad cop
was on the scene before the car blew up?
Yes. His name is Sergeant Jordan Wells.
He used to work directly under Braun.
He might be the guy we gotta talk to.
W-Why "might" be?
Well, he could be the actual bomber,
or he's just a cop who
had business at lock-up
and was on the scene when
it happened because
Because, what he's a good cop,
and he just wanted to be helpful?
Come on, what do you think?
I think I gotta talk to Sergeant Wells,
figure out what he knows.
Okay, go do that. Be safe.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Is there something you
actually wouldn't do?
I realized that when
I said it. Okay? Just
Just be careful. Please.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
I got results from the
creek water we collected.
- Okay.
- It's contaminated,
but not by UFO radiation.
- By what?
- Oh. Xylan hemicellulose
a hazardous chemical
byproduct of paper production.
Confirmation the mill is
dumping waste illegally.
Yeah, Paul must've come across
someone dumping the chemicals.
They came at him. He
tried to fight them off
with a telescope, but couldn't.
But that still doesn't explain
the lights and sounds that Nolan saw.
He's convinced it was aliens.
That's what's so exciting!
- One of the properties of hemicellulose
- What do you mean?
- is that it reacts to UV light.
- Mm.
- It glows!
You know, Nolan described
every light he saw
by color temperature.
He knew the precise numbers
of each star in the sky
and light bulbs in this office.
But he said that he saw a "green glow"
and a "purple light" in
the woods last night
no color temperatures.
Ultraviolet light isn't
measured by temperature.
It's measured in wavelengths.
Maybe Nolan saw UV in the woods.
Special lamps are often used
to spot dangerous chemicals.
For instance, when you're dumping
them illegally in the dark woods.
We need to get the owner of
the paper mill back in here.
Great job, Helen!
[NIKKI] Okay, talk to me.
- Yep?
- Okay, so, the DNA that Helen pulled
off of the telescope belongs to
Steven Moore.
He did time at Allenwood
for manslaughter.
And now he has a
Class-C trucker's license
and works for Rasp Pulp and Paper.
Pull up the employee records
that Jason sent over
from the paper mill.
- Got you
All right, so it looks like Moore
is assigned to tanker truck 16.
It was clocked out end
of the day yesterday, but
it doesn't look like
there was a return logged.
Give me one second
Tanker truck 16 never
returned to the mill.
- Can you track it?
- Yes, I can.
I have the mill's fleet-tracking
GPS from yesterday.
[NIKKI] Okay, okay.
[KEMI] Looks like someone
stopped here and disabled the GPS.
Tanker truck 16 went into
the woods and never came out.
And, uh, we know that Paul hit Moore
with the telescope by the creek.
So if we can find the truck
Then Moore and Paul
Miller could still be with it.
Yeah, but we didn't see
any sign of a tanker.
I mean, if they drove
deep into the woods,
that's 30 square miles of forest
that we're gonna have to search.
In the dark, and under
a canopy of trees.
What a mess.
I have an idea.
Hey, Jay? Yeah. We think that
Paul's still in the woods.
Would you meet us at Ridley Creek?
But we're gonna need your friend
you know, the eye in the sky?
Okay. So have him meet us
there with his full fleet,
and-and bring as many
UV lights as he can.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Got you.
Our missing person's still out there.
So, we're gonna blanket the forest
with UV lights from 20 drones.
- Captain Batista!
- Okay, let's go.
what are you guys doing here?
We've been driving around the forest.
I didn't know what else to
do, and-and Nolan insisted.
My dad's out there somewhere.
Nolan saw the lights from the car, so
I mean, what's happening?
We think we know how
to find your husband.
- Just in drive.
- Okay.
Cody, I missed you, buddy. How you been?
So what exactly am I looking for,
and where exactly is the
2,000 you promised me?
Oh, you're cash-up-front now?
I thought you do the thing and
then I pay ya afterwards. Right?
Right? Thank you.
Okay, um there's chemicals
on and around the truck
- that glow green when UV light hits 'em.
- All right.
That's hopefully where our guy is.
Kemi and I are gonna jump on
the bikes and head out there.
You can ride a bike, yes?
- Try keepin' up, baby.
- Okay.
She's got nuggets. We
could've used her in Kabul.
- All right, I'm gonna go watch 'em go up.
- [KEMI] Yeah.
Initiating take-off now.
Step back.
Here we go.
Just watch, okay?
We're going to find your dad.
- We good?
- Yeah.
All right.
So the UV lights should be able to spot
the chemical signature on the truck.
[KEMI] Hopefully, that's where Paul is.
[STEVE] Where are you?
[RASP] There's cops everywhere,
you've gotta get out of there.
[STEVE] I see lights in the sky.
They're gonna find me.
You said I was just
gonna keep him out here
- till you figured out what to do.
- You were just supposed
to dump the sludge, not kidnap somebody!
If the police find you, the
whole company goes under!
Guy saw me dumping, hit me
with something, I hit him back.
He's almost dead already.
Can't I just leave him in
the truck to suffocate?
Can you help it along?
Get it done faster?
But not in the truck.
That will tie him back to the mill.
Kill him?
In the creek.
Make it look like he
fell in and hit his head.
- What about the truck?
- Leave it. I'll
I'll report it stolen tomorrow.
I can pay you.
Triple what I paid to dump the sludge.
It's gonna cost way more than that.
Whatever it takes.
You need to get ahold of yourself.
You're not thinking this through.
Whatever Grant learned from Barlowe,
it's a dead-end. We're fine.
Hold on.
They've been in my computer.
Yes, it's a problem.
No. No-no-no-no-no-no.
- Wayne, I gotta call you back.
- Mike! I
I can't get ahold of Jay,
but something's happened.
Listen, I'm at Jordan Wells' house
the bomb squad cop. He might
be the actual Maritz bomber.
He's been building bombs at home.
I'll call you back.
[CODY] Not seeing anything.
[JASON] It's there. Keep going.
Come on. You're getting outta here.
Come on.
Come on
That looks like the
outline of the creek.
What's that next to it?
Right there, right there.
Hold on. Right there.
That looks like it! That's it.
- Okay. Coordinates, coordinates.
- Sent it to your phones.
- All right, let's ride. Let's ride.
- Beautiful.
Tell Nikki we're on our way.
[CODY] Copy that.
Steve Moore!
The longer you drag this out, the
worse it's going to get for you.
[KEMI] Paul!
Paul, we're here to take you home.
Call out if you can hear me.
- Help!
- [JASON] Down, down, down!
[KEMI] Stay down. Stay down.
You're okay.
Hey, hey, hey. Relax, relax.
You're under arrest for the
kidnapping of Paul Miller.
Jason. You good?
Yeah. You got some handcuffs?
- Hi.
- I kept asking to see you.
They rushed you away so quickly.
Captain Batista had us meet you here.
- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.
Nolan, guess what?
When I was out there
and the bad man had me,
I remembered your wrist trick to escape.
You saved my life.
It is moments like this
that make me love this job.
According to Helen,
it's more probable than not
that there's aliens out there.
Something about "the
basic elements of life."
I don't know, maybe she's right.
Space is infinite,
infinite possibilities.
Well, in a universe of
infinite possibilities,
this was the best possible outcome.
We'll leave you guys a moment.
- Thank you. Thank you
- Of course.
Of course.
So you're a driver now?
[LAUGHS] He is!
- So sweet.
- Coffee?
Yes, please.
- Hey, Nik.
- Hey.
How you doing? You think
MPU could reimburse me
for a new phone or what?
On top of the $2,000 for
your very strange drone guy?
- Uh-uh.
- All right, I might be able to salvage it.
- Let me take a look, yeah.
- Thank you.
- [KEMI] Mm-hmm.
- So, the hazardous waste team
said that the water will
dilute back to normal
- as long as we stop the dumping.
- All right, well,
I'm going to go put
some jewelry on Rasp.
- The trucker ratted him out.
- Uh, Rasp was paying him
to dump waste from the paper mill
and then he freaked out
when Paul saw him dumping
and then Rasp gave the kill
order when we were closing in.
EPA fines are one thing,
but conspiracy to murder
that will put him away for a while.
- Great work.
- Yep.
- You sure you don't want any?
- No, I can't.
Uh, you hear from Mike?
Not yet. Why?
Where's that photo that Wayne sent me?
It's the same trigger
from the Maritz bombing.
Who the hell are you?
Jordan Wells.
I'm Sgt. Mike Sherman, Philly PD.
Do me a favor. Put that weapon down.
What're you doing in my
work shed, Sgt. Sherman?
I know you're the one that made
that bomb that killed John Maritz.
Who put you up to it? Was it Braun?
Say his name, we might
be able to get you a deal.
Cops live short, miserable
lives behind bars.
I get busted, my family gets nothing.
No insurance. No pension. Nothing.
When he told me people were
digging into Logan Barlowe,
I figured this day would come.
When who told you? Braun?
This is the only way
to protect my family.
I'm no good to them behind bars.
What are you doing? Hey, take
your hand out of that slot.
If I die in an accidental explosion,
my ex gets taken care of.
My kids have a life.
- Nothing personal,
but I can't leave you behind
to say this was anything
other than an accident
- Don't do it.
- I'd do anything for my family.
- Don't do it.
- Just like Braun. Family is everything.
- Oh, pick up, pick up.
Jason, I need you. He knows.
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